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Chapter 2271

You must know that since the reshaping of the body, his strength has not been what it used to be. Even if he is not in the peak state, it is more than enough to deal with Anthony , but the palm just now did not fight the opponent.

“Jade boy fairy.”

Shocked, Demon Lord Gone said coldly: “I didn’t expect that over the years, your strength has reached such a state, not bad.” After the voice fell, Demon Lord Gone flashed and rushed over again!

“If you want to fight, fight, what nonsense!” Anthony snorted coldly, without fear, and directly attacked!


In the next few seconds, I saw the silhouettes of both sides, constantly shuttled in mid-air. Perhaps the Demon Lord Gone was too impatient, and there were many flaws in the fight.

Naturally, Anthony will not miss the opportunity to use these flaws to suppress the Demon Lord Gone.

“Your Highness, let us help you.”

Seeing this, the Twelve Sacred Demon Kings, who were resting for a while, rushed over with howling, and together with the Demon Lord Gone, tightly surrounded Anthony .


Faced with this situation, Anthony did not panic at all, but became more and more excited, and said with a big laugh: “You demons are like this, fighting alone is not an opponent, so you want to use the wheel to fight, but this person, old man Haven’t paid attention yet.”

The voice fell, Anthony suddenly raised his hands, and the wind surged above his head in an instant, the wind whistled, and the surrounding air also twisted, like the end of the world.

It is Anthony ‘s stunt ‘reversing the world’.

“Clang clang clang!”

In the face of Anthony ‘s stunt, Demon Zun Gone, plus the Twelve Holy Demon Kings, was in a hurry for a while, but still couldn’t get the slightest advantage!

on the other side of the battlefield.

Facing the constant charge of the demon warriors, Fairy Pipa’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, and her figure was like an elves at night, dancing up and down in the army.

However, there are too many demon warriors. The next group fell, and another group rushed up.

Facing this situation, Fairy Pipa was calm on the surface, but a little anxious in her heart.

Can not do it.

Continue like this, the other party will catch the girl doll sooner or later.


Under the anxiety in her heart, Fairy Pipa suddenly had an idea, her delicate body flashed, she rushed into the air, pulled out the Pipa on her back, and put her jade hand on it.

In the next second, a melodious and peculiar rhythm came out, and I saw this rhythm spread out, and the air within a kilometer radius suddenly distorted and changed.

“What kind of skill is this?”

“Want to kill someone with rhythm? Haha…”

Seeing this situation, many demon warriors couldn’t help laughing. In their opinion, Fairy Pipa did this like playing a family, and there was no threat at all.

The sound of laughter came, but Fairy Pipa ignored it and continued to play.

The rhythm visible to the naked eye, like ripples, quickly spread around, covering the demon warriors.

What the Pipa Fairy played was her proud stunt ‘Tianwai Xianyin’. Tianwai Xianyin has no real damage, but it can disrupt the enemy’s soul thinking.

“Ah, my head hurts!”

“Who am I, where am I…”

At this moment, under the harassment of Tianwai Xianyin, many demon warriors held their heads tightly, only to feel a splitting headache, and their minds went blank.

puff, puff…

A few seconds later, there were thousands of demon warriors who couldn’t bear the intrusion of Tianwai Xianyin, and fell to the ground in a coma. The rest who were not in a coma were also in a trance.


Seeing this situation, Rodolf, who was watching the battle not far away, was stunned for a moment. He stared blankly at the Pipa Fairy in the air, indescribably shocked.

This Pipa Fairy is worthy of being a Heavenly Immortal.

Just playing a rhythm with the lute can achieve such a terrifying effect.

At the same time, Princess Dongling who had retreated to the side was also extremely shocked. At the same time, under the constant intrusion of the rhythm, she also felt a headache and almost fainted.


It was at this time that Fairy Pipa landed suddenly, and gently patted Princess Dongling behind the back: “Quick, take advantage of the opportunity, hurry up and leave.”

When she said this, Fairy Pipa’s expression was indifferent, but she was a little anxious in her heart

Chapter 2272

She knew that the situation in front of her seemed to be beneficial to her, but if she continued to fight, it was impossible to guarantee that there would be no accidents. The best way was to let Princess Dongling leave quickly when the enemy formation was in chaos.


This palm seems to be fluttering, but it contains extremely strong power. Before Princess Dongling could respond, she felt a strong force coming, and the whole person flew towards the distance.

“Thank you fairy.” Princess Dongling shouted gratefully, and when the last word fell, it was already a thousand meters away.

Princess Dongling was not stupid, she knew that Fairy Pipa did this for her own safety.


Before Fairy Pipa could respond, she made sure that Princess Dongling had left safely. With a flash of her delicate body, she rushed into the battlefield again.


Seeing this scene, Demon Lord Gone was instantly furious. He never thought that Fairy Pipa would use this method to send Princess Dongling away.

At this moment, Corey Gone really wanted to chase, but was entangled by Anthony and couldn’t get out at all. In a hurry, he shouted at Rodolf: “Golad, what are you still doing? Go and chase that girl back to me. If you fail, don’t come back to see the deity.”

“Yes, Your Honor.” Rodolf’s body was shocked when he heard the order, he quickly responded, and then chased in the direction Princess Dongling flew away.

At this moment, Princess Dongling is here.

After flying for a few minutes, Princess Dongling finally landed on the ground.


At this moment, Princess Dongling was both excited and emotional.

That Pipa Fairy is so powerful that she can send me so far with one palm.

With emotion, Princess Dongling was still a little worried.

After he left, Senior Yutong and Fairy Pipa, can they escape successfully? After all, what they faced was the Demon Lord Gone and the Twelve Holy Demon Kings.

Forget it, take it one step at a time. Anyway, in my current situation, going back won’t help, but instead causes trouble.

Thinking to herself, Princess Dongling put away the azure pearl, the colorful ruyi, and the jade bottle that already contained the essence of fire, and then walked forward. At this time, Princess Dongling didn’t know where she was, but she knew exactly where she was. , I must go as far as possible, otherwise, the demons will soon catch up.

However, Princess Dongling did not notice that a figure quietly landed a few hundred meters behind her.

His eyes flickered with complexity, his expression cunning.

It was Rodolf.

Phew…. I didn’t get lost after all.

At the moment of landing, Rodolf looked at Princess Dongling who was not far in front of him. He was both excited and emotional, and then quietly followed behind.

After a while, Princess Dongling came to the edge of a cliff.

I saw this cliff, surrounded by clouds and mist, and it was almost bottomless. If I accidentally fell, it would be shattered.

In the past, Princess Dongling would not panic at all, and could easily fly over the cliff, but now that she has no primordial spirit, she has no way to pass.


At this moment, looking at the steepness below the cliff, Princess Dongling was so anxious that she almost cried.

After finally getting out of the danger, she was blocked by a cliff at this time. For a time, Princess Dongling couldn’t bear it any longer, and the tears kept coming.

“Father, Queen Mother, Dongling misses you so much, I really want to come back to you… woo woo…”

Princess Dongling has suffered a lot since being taken away by the Demon Lord Gone, but with her tenacious character, she has been holding back, and at this time, she can’t stand it anymore.

While crying, Princess Dongling clenched her pink fist tightly.

At this time, Princess Dongling really wanted to go back to help, but she knew that if she went back, she would die, but she couldn’t calm down when she thought that Fairy Yutong and Fairy Pipa were still fighting fiercely with the demons for her own sake.

It’s fine if he can’t go back to help, and now he’s blocked by a cliff.

What use are you for yourself?


Just when Princess Dongling was secretly blaming herself, she suddenly heard the sound of light footsteps coming from behind.

It’s broken, someone is following.

At that time, Princess Dongling’s delicate body was shocked, she looked back quickly, and she was stunned.

I saw a man walking slowly with a smile.

Chapter 2273

He was dressed in black soft armor and looked very imposing, but the two prosthetic limbs on his legs were very eye-catching.

It was Rodolf who pretended to be Golad.


For a time, Princess Dongling panicked in her heart. She seemed calm on the surface, but her delicate body couldn’t stop trembling!

This devil’s subordinate, found himself so quickly?

It’s over, it’s over.

“your Highness.”

At this moment, Rodolf showed a smile and comforted: “Don’t be nervous, I will not hurt you.” As he spoke, Rodolf’s eyes flashed with complicated emotions.

When I learned that Princess Dongling’s innocence was taken away by Darryl, and the two parties were about to get married, Rodolf was hit hard, and his heart was almost ashes. In Rodolf’s heart, he thought that he would no longer have any nostalgia for the princess. .

However, when facing Princess Dongling alone at this time, Rodolf’s suppressed feelings surged up uncontrollably.


Feeling Rodolf’s attitude, Princess Dongling Xiumei frowned and said in a puzzled tone, “I know you, you are the son of King Meltra, what do you think?”

Saying that, Princess Dongling’s beautiful face could not hide the hostility and vigilance.


Rodolf kept looking at her up and down, secretly exhaling, and then approached step by step: “I said just now, I will not hurt you, princess, if you believe me, let me escort you back to Dilgog Palace. .”

At this time, Rodolf’s eyes were full of urgency.

Speaking of which, Rodolf originally wanted to take Princess Dongling back according to the order of the Demon Lord Gone, but seeing her at close range at this time, the old admiration flooded into his heart, and Rodolf couldn’t be ruthless.

He thought about it, and as the son of King Meltra, escorted Princess Dongling back to Dilgog Palace. Anyway, he changed his identity and was not afraid of being killed.


Hearing this, Princess Dongling froze there, frowning at Rodolf: “You want to escort me back to Dilgog Palace?” Although her face was full of vigilance, her eyes still couldn’t hide her joy.

“Not bad!” Rodolf nodded firmly.

Princess Dongling Xiumei frowned lightly, calmed down quickly, and her delicate face regained her alertness: “I’m not familiar with you, why do you want to help me? Or do you have other purposes?”

After going through so much, Princess Dongling no longer trusts anyone easily.

At this time, Princess Dongling still didn’t know that the ‘son of King Meltra’ in front of her was actually Rodolf, whom she once loved deeply.

“your Highness!”

Seeing that Princess Dongling didn’t believe in himself, Rodolf couldn’t help laughing and laughing, and said, “You don’t know, my allegiance to the Demon Race on the surface is actually a lie. I just wanted to infiltrate the Demon Race and collect information.”

“Although we are not familiar with each other, we have a common enemy, so you have to believe me.”

However, the more he said this, the more unbelievable Princess Dongling became, and she shook her head and said, “Forget it, I don’t need your help, you can go. As long as you pretend you didn’t see me, I’ll be very grateful.”

After saying this, Princess Dongling turned around and was about to leave, planning to bypass this cliff.


Seeing this scene, Rodolf suddenly became anxious, walked over quickly, grabbed Princess Dongling’s arm: “I really want to help you, if you walk around now, it is easy for the demons to find out.”

“You…you let me go.”

When Rodolf grabbed her arm, Princess Dongling was shy and angry, and she shouted: “Let go of me, I know you are uneasy and kind.” While speaking, she struggled.

Rodolf wanted to cry but had no tears, but in a hurry, he had to say: “Princess, calm down, I am not the son of King Meltra, but Rodolf.”


At this moment, Princess Dongling stood there in a daze, staring at Rodolf blankly, only to feel her mind buzzing.

what did he say?

He… he is Rodolf?

After a few seconds, Princess Dongling reacted and said coldly: “What nonsense are you talking about? Let me go.” This man is really crazy. He is obviously the son of King Meltra, but he says he is Rodolf.


Seeing that she didn’t believe it, Rodolf was completely anxious, so he quickly said what happened to him during this period: “I became like this because of Darryl, and the night before the war, Darryl Feng quietly brought the information of the demons, and at that time he gave the information to Xingri Xingri…

Chapter 2274

A few minutes later, Rodolf finished talking about the situation, and his face couldn’t hide his resentment: “It’s not Darryl, I won’t be hunted down by Your Majesty, and I won’t make such a bad plan to use the forbidden technique of ‘indulge the spirit’. Occupy the body of this broken-leg waste.”

Saying that, Rodolf looked at Princess Dongling affectionately: “Princess, I know you love me, so I don’t want to hide it from you, I was wrong before, I shouldn’t abandon you, you forgive me, okay? ?”

“When I escort you back to Dilgog Palace, I will ask your Majesty for a kiss. Anyway, Darryl is dead, and no one can break us up again, okay?”

When the last sentence fell, Rodolf’s eyes were full of expectation and affection.

Yes, Rodolf still wants to return to Dilgog Palace.

After occupying Golad’s body and staying in the Demon Race for a day, Rodolf deeply understands that it is better to gamble than to live in fear in the Demon Race.

As long as Princess Dongling is willing to accept her, after returning to the Dilgog Palace, she will become the concubine, and since then, she will rise to the sky and enjoy infinite scenery.


Knowing the truth, Princess Dongling couldn’t help gasping for air, staring at Rodolf, speechless.

He is really Rodolf.

A few seconds later, Princess Dongling came back to her senses, her delicate face was changing, then she raised her jade hand and slapped Rodolf fiercely.


This slap, Princess Dongling almost used all her strength, when she heard a crisp sound, Rodolf’s face instantly became red and swollen, leaving a bright red five-fingerprint.

“Rodolf, you shameless and despicable scum, you still have the face to tell me this.” Princess Dongling’s outskirts trembled with anger, her eyes were full of resentment: “I love you so much, but how did you treat me? I was wrong at that time. Treat Darryl as you, give yourself to him, and then know the truth, do you know how uncomfortable I am? I really want to die.”

“But when I thought of you at the time, I had the courage to live again. Later, I went to the Kyushu mainland to find you, rescued you from Rushers, and then told you the truth. I hoped that you would comfort me, and then take care of me. be with me.”

“But you, knowing that I have lost my innocence, abandoned me in my heart, said that I loved me, but made me dizzy when I was not paying attention, and then handed it over to the God of Haotian. Then let him take me back to the realm of the gods. marriage.”

“It’s you who don’t want me anymore, and now you have nowhere to go, you think of me again, and you pretend you love me, don’t you feel disgusted?”

At the end of the story, Princess Dongling was extremely excited and completely lost her sense. She shouted: “Get out of here, I don’t want to see you, I never want to see you in my life, whether you live or die has nothing to do with me.”


Being scolded by Princess Dongling’s nose, Rodolf’s smile suddenly froze, and his eyes flickered somewhat coldly.

Mad, I have shown my sincerity to help you, but the bullshit you scolded is no more.

Thinking about it, Rodolf suddenly slapped him.


With this slap, Princess Dongling was almost unprepared. She groaned and fell to the ground.

The next second, Princess Dongling looked at Rodolf angrily: “You…you hit me?”

“You shameless slut.” Rodolf showed his true face and said coldly; “I have good intentions to help you, but you are treated as a donkey’s liver and lungs, how noble do you really think you are? It’s just a piece of shit that Darryl has played with. , and now putting on airs in front of Lao Tzu?”

As he spoke, Rodolf approached slowly, his eyes flickering with evil light, and he kept looking at Princess Dongling.

He thought about it, since Princess Dongling hates him so much, he should enjoy her, and then kill him directly and take the corpse back.

“You, what are you going to do?”

Seeing Rodolf approaching step by step, Princess Dongling was inexplicably panicked and shouted with a trembling tone.

“doing what?”

Rodolf smiled evilly and said word by word, “I loved you for so long at first, but in the end, I gave that kid Darryl a favor. I’m not reconciled. How does the princess feel, I want to feel it too.”

“You bastard.”

Hearing this, Princess Dongling was very angry, and she scolded her directly.

At this time, Princess Dongling felt angry and desperate.

Chapter 2275

Tears flowed down unwillingly.

Why is your life so hard? Not to mention being stopped by a cliff, he also met Rodolf, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Maybe because she was too nervous, Princess Dongling didn’t see behind her clearly, when her foot slipped, she fell directly off the cliff.


Princess Dongling exclaimed, her figure quickly landed, and finally disappeared into the mist.


Seeing this scene, Rodolf’s face was extremely ugly. He thought that after tearing his face completely, he could still enjoy the princess’ gentleness, but he never thought that the princess would stumble and fall off the cliff.

Forget it, go back to life.

Thinking to himself, Rodolf hurried in the direction from which he came very depressed.


On the other side, the continent of Kyushu. Weather Imperial City.

It was already late at night, but the entire palace was brightly lit.

In the Qianyuan Hall, Castro, dressed in a golden dragon cannon, sat on the dragon chair in the hall, with a somewhat pleasing smile on his majestic face.

Next to him, sat a handsome figure, dressed in a white long gown, with handsome features.

It was Edward.

In the entire Qianyuan Hall, there are only the two of them.

If there are outsiders present at this time, they will definitely be secretly surprised, because Castro’s face is full of humility and kneeling. In contrast, Edward, who is dressed in white, is more like an emperor.

“Your Mightiness!”

At this time, Castro stood up and respectfully said to Edward: “Today I have counted the strength of the army, a total of 300,000 Royal Forest Army, you can leave at any time.”

A month ago, Castro rescued the dying Edward in the ruins of Kunlun. After that, the two sides reached an alliance, and Castro brought all members of the Tianqi royal family to join the Mozu.

Edward, on the other hand, promised Castro to help him unify the continent of Kyushu.

Therefore, in the past month, Castro and Edward have formulated a detailed plan. The content of the plan is to force other continents to surrender by means of conquest.


At this moment, upon hearing Castro’s report, Edward was very satisfied, nodded and smiled and said, “Very good, your efficiency is very good, I am very satisfied, I believe that Your Excellency Corey will take good care of you when he sees you in the future. “

Saying that, Edward stood up slowly and continued, “Since it’s ready, let’s follow our previous plan to conquer Northern Ying Continent first.”

Among the Kyushu Continents, the Northern Ying Continent is the strongest. Once the Northern Ying Continent is completely conquered, the other continents will surely fall.

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

Castro responded quickly, and then showed a very embarrassed look: “That… The Northern Ying Continent is powerful, I am afraid that the 300,000 Imperial Forest Army will be difficult to defeat.”

When he said this, Castro looked apprehensive.

Although Apocalypse Continent has kept a low profile during this period of time, and its overall strength has improved a lot, but compared with Beiying Continent, there is still a lot of gap. After all, the strength of Beiying Continent is recognized by Kyushu.

Many years ago, Yang Jian led the Northern Ying army and swept the world, but Castro still remembers it fresh.

Now, with only 300,000 Imperial Forest troops, he is about to conquer the Northern Ying Continent. Castro has no confidence in his heart.

Ha ha…

Feeling the concern of Castro, Edward laughed and said soothingly: “You don’t need to panic, I have already made arrangements to attack the Northern Ying Continent. You lead the army to set off first, and before the war, I will send an expert to help.”


Hearing this, Castro was stunned.

But looking at Edward’s confident look, Castro didn’t dare to ask any more questions, so he nodded and walked out of Qianyuan Palace quickly.

A few minutes later, the King of Guangping was on a personal expedition, leading an army of 300,000 imperial forests, and marched mightily towards the Northern Ying Continent.


On the other side, the Earth Circle Continent, the Ouyang family.

At this time, it was late autumn, and the flowers in the flowerbed had withered, but the surrounding maple forest, the fiery red maple leaves, formed a unique landscape.

In the pavilion, Raquel` sat alone, with a bit of gloom and sadness on her delicate and beautiful face.

Half a month ago, Raquelbroke into the Weather Palace and was besieged by Castro. At the critical moment, Edward appeared to relieve the siege and lured Raquel to reverse the qi and blood, causing the demon soul to backlash.

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