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Chapter 2276

After that, Edward tried to force Raquel` to join his camp by teaching him the formula of ‘deciphering the backlash of the devil’s soul’.

At that time, Raquelpretended to agree, but Edward only taught half of the formula, which made Raquel very annoyed, but he did not dare to tear his face.

After returning to the Ouyang family, Raquel` locked herself up and devoted herself to researching ways to crack the demon soul backlash. However, half a month passed and there was no progress at all.

This made Raquel` very anxious and annoyed.


At this moment, a maid walked over quickly and respectfully said to Raquel`, “Someone sent you a letter just now.” After speaking, she handed the letter over.

Raquel` has lived in the Ouyang family for many years, and the people below no longer call the princess, but prefer to call the lady.

my letter?

Raquel` and Xiumei frowned, and when the maid walked away, she unfolded the letter.

I saw a sentence written on the letter: ‘At midnight tonight, there will be a temple break in the north of the city. It’s urgent, don’t come sooner or later. ‘ There is no signature on the back, but a white cloud is drawn.


Seeing the white cloud, Raquel` didn’t need to think about it, she knew that this letter was sent by Edward.

Edward is looking for himself, there must be nothing wrong.

For a time, Raquel` was irritable and instinctively resisted.

But if you don’t see it, you can’t bear it at all if the devil’s soul devours it.

Thinking of the pain caused by the backlash of the demon soul, Raquel`’s heart palpitated.

“Sister Yingying!”

At this moment, I heard a crisp sound, and then, two slender and charming figures walked quickly into the garden.

One was wearing a light green long dress with a high ponytail, looking youthful and beautiful.

The other one, in a bright yellow short skirt suit, with bright eyes and white teeth, is unbelievably beautiful.

It was Xiaoxi and Mihui.

Because they are similar in age, Xiaoxi and Meihui have a good relationship, and they are almost inseparable in the Ouyang family.

Seeing the two of them coming, Raquel`’s eyes flashed with panic, and she quickly put away the letter, and the matter with Edward must not be known to the people around her.

“Miss Yingying.”

At this time, when she came to the front, Meihui held Raquel`’s hand and asked, “I encountered some problems in my practice. I told Krista just now, and Krista was helpless, why don’t you help me.”

Raquelis resourceful, and Meihui admires her very much. Every time she encounters a problem, she will ask Raquel for advice.

Krista next to her also said, “Yeah, I don’t understand the problems that Meihui encountered. Sister Yingying, you know so much, so you can definitely help her.”


Facing the situation, Raquel` exhaled softly, shook her head and said, “You should find Brother Wen or the Great Sage. I also encountered some problems in my cultivation.”

Having said that, Raquel` smiled lightly, then turned and walked out of the garden.

At this time, Raquel` was constantly being devoured by the devil’s soul, and Ye Yunfei’s letter was disturbing, so how could she be in the mood to help Meihui.


Watching Raquel` leave, Xiaoxi and Meihui stood there blankly, looking at each other, each with a complicated expression.

In the next second, Meihui reacted and frowned, “What happened to Sister Yingying recently? You seem to be very busy all the time.”


Krista is also puzzled: “I also think that something is wrong with Sister Yingying, she looks very worried. I feel that something must have happened to her.”

Krista’s mind is more delicate, thinking of Raquel`’s hurried departure just now, which strengthens her guess.

“never mind.”

At this time, Mei Hui smiled bitterly and said, “I’m going to ask Brother Wen, you can play by yourself, Krista.” After saying that, Mei Hui left the garden and walked towards Lorenzo’s study.

Krista responded and walked towards the secret room where Raquel` was closed.

Krista thought about it, first secretly inquired about what happened to Raquel, and then found a way to help. After all, Raquel is the young master’s beloved woman. She has something to do and she can’t ignore it.

However, when he arrived at the secret room where Raquel` was closed, he saw that the door was tightly closed.

Krista didn’t go in rashly, but stayed aside and waited quietly.

Time passed by minute by minute.

In a blink of an eye, it got dark, and Raquel` was not seen.

Krista didn’t panic, and continued to wait outside.

Chapter 2277


Finally, until midnight, when Krista heard the door of the secret room open, she was shocked and wanted to go up to her, but she was stunned when she saw Raquel`’s dress.

I saw that Raquel` changed out of her usual long skirt and wore a black night clothes, which looked very mysterious.

At this moment, Krista quickly hid aside, muttering in her heart.

Sister Yingying is getting more and more strange. What is she going to do when she changes into night clothes at night?

While muttering in my heart, I saw Raquel`’s delicate body flashing, flying into the air, and heading towards the north of the city.

Follow along.

Seeing this, Krista didn’t hesitate, and quickly followed.

A few minutes later, Raquel` arrived at a dilapidated temple in the north of Zhongzhou City, and saw that the dilapidated temple was in a state of dilapidation.

Krista followed here, not showing up rashly, but hiding aside and watching quietly.

When Krista was very young, she followed Darryl to travel all over the world. She has rich experience in rivers and lakes. She could see that Raquel` was dressed to meet someone.

And, this man is extraordinary.

At this time, in the broken temple.

Raquel` turned around in the yard and saw that the surroundings were desolate. She couldn’t help feeling a little flustered, but she still summoned up her courage and called out, “Where’s the person? Are you here yet?”

Ha ha….

As soon as the words fell, a burst of laughter was heard, and then, a handsome figure walked out from behind the dilapidated wall in front.

Dressed in white, he is handsome and handsome.

It was Edward.


Seeing this scene, Krista, who was hiding outside the ruined temple, suddenly trembled, her mind buzzing and blank.

The person Sister Yingying wants to see is actually Edward?

What’s happening here?

This Edward is the lackey of Demon Venerable, and he is also the enemy of the son. When did Sister Yingying get involved with him?

Shocked, Krista wanted to get closer, but was afraid of Edward’s strength, so she held back.

“Ren girl is really punctual.”

When he got to the front, Edward smiled and praised: “You came as soon as I arrived.”

Raquel` was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said lightly, “What’s the matter with me this time?”

If it weren’t for the second half of the formula of ‘deciphering the demon soul’s backlash’, she would not have met Edward here.


Edward smiled and said straight to the point: “It’s not a big deal, I want you to do me a favor!”

“What’s the matter?” Raquel`’s face did not fluctuate at all.

She had long guessed that Edward would not see herself for no reason.

Edward smiled slightly: “Before I say this, let me tell you a secret. Castro took the Tianqi royal family and has already taken refuge with our demons.”

“Half a day ago, Castro had already led the army and was preparing to conquer the Northern Ying Continent.”


Hearing this, Raquel`’s body was shocked, and she stared at Edward in shock.

This Edward was so powerful that he regained Castro and the Tianqi royal family so quickly.


Muttering in her heart, Raquel` suddenly flashed her eyes, thought of something, and glared at Edward: “Edward, in the Weather Palace, did you and Castro deliberately set a trap for me?”

Raquel` was very thoughtful, and through the previous incident, she guessed the clue at once.

Because he was trapped in the palace last time, Edward’s appearance was too coincidental. The only explanation is that he and Castro planned it.


Hearing the question, Edward’s face showed a bit of embarrassment, and at the same time, he couldn’t help but admire in his heart.

This Raquel` is worthy of being Zhuge in the girls’ middle school. She is resourceful and resourceful. She guessed the truth with just one word of her own.

But Edward didn’t bother to explain, he smiled and said: “Miss Ren, you are a smart person, it doesn’t make any sense to say this now, after all, we are already on the same boat now.”

Saying that, Edward put away his smile and said seriously: “I want you to set off immediately and help Castro conquer the Northern Ying Continent, don’t worry, I don’t need you to follow the Tianqi army all the time, just help them break through the Feilongguan and the Imperial City. good.”

Feilongguan is the No. 1 fortress in the Northern Ying Continent and the No. 1 border crossing, not to mention the imperial city. As long as these two places are broken, the Northern Ying Continent will be completely occupied.

Chapter 2278


However, as soon as the words fell, Raquel` shook her head and refused, with a very firm attitude.

What Raquel` hated most was starting a war, because once a war broke out, it would be the people who would suffer. More importantly, how could she and Castro kill their father again, how could she help?


Seemingly expecting Raquel` to refuse, Edward sighed and patiently persuaded: “Miss Ren, I know that you and Castro have an old feud, but for our great cause, I hope you can let go of your personal grievances, as long as we successfully reunite Kyushu, you are a great hero, when the time comes, I will speak a few words for you in front of Your Excellency Corey.”

“Once you get the appreciation of Your Excellency Corey, you can do whatever you want. Think about it, Corey has never liked the Ouyang family, and you will definitely take action against the Ouyang family at that time, but if you make a great contribution, Corey will You won’t care about the Ouyang family, right?”

“Also, I have already written the second half of the formula for solving the demon soul backlash.”

At the end, Edward took out a golden cheat book from his body.


Seeing the golden secret book, Raquel`’s expression changed, and her eyes flashed with a bit of urgency.

However, Raquel` still did not agree.

what are they talking about?

At this moment, Krista, who was hiding outside the ruined temple, was very anxious, because of the distance, she couldn’t hear what Raquel` and Edward were talking about.

Krista wanted to get closer, but Edward’s strength was too strong, and he was afraid that he would be noticed if he made a slight movement.

In this case, Krista had no choice but to continue to hide and watch.

“Any girl!”

At this time, seeing that Raquel` has been unwilling to agree, Edward is not in a hurry, and smiled slightly: “I also said what I should say, I will not embarrass you, in fact, my conditions are very simple, I only need you to help the Tianqi army to break through Feilongguan and Imperial City.”

“You have a demon soul, this little thing is very easy for you. As long as you do it, you can come to me and get the secret.”

After saying the last sentence, Edward looked at Raquel` with a smile, waiting for her decision.

For a while, the broken temple was silent.

Raquel` bit her lip tightly, fell silent, and fell into a war between heaven and man.

To help Edward attack the Northern Ying Continent is to help Zhou to abuse her, which is completely inconsistent with her principles.

But if you don’t agree, you will have to suffer the pain of the demon soul backlash.


Finally, after a few minutes, Raquel` took a deep breath, looked at Edward and said, “Okay, I promise you, but only this time.”

Seriously, she didn’t want to compromise, but there was no other way.

Ha ha…

Seeing that she finally agreed, Edward smiled and was very happy: “Okay, then I will wait for the good news, when you help Castro break the Feilongguan, you can come back to me, and I will teach you a few more formulas, if After breaking the imperial city, I will give you all the secrets of this book.”

After saying this, Edward put away the secret book and left with a big smile.

Watching Edward leave, Raquel`’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, she sighed softly, and turned to rush towards the Ouyang family.


Seeing that both of them had left, Krista, who was hiding in the ruined temple, came out quietly.

At this moment, Krista frowned, and she felt extremely doubtful in her heart.

What did Sister Yingying say to Edward?

Krista didn’t hear a word of the conversation between the two just now, but she knew that this matter was not easy.

A few seconds later, it was determined that Raquel` and Edward had left, and Krista also left the broken temple and rushed towards the Ouyang family.

the other side.

Raquel` quickly returned to the Ouyang family, first changed clothes, then went to the front hall, and then gathered Lorenzo and Peter.

A few minutes later.

Lorenzo, Peter, Bessie, and Long Qianying were all present.

“Brother and sister!”

At this time, Lorenzo looked at Raquel` and couldn’t hide his doubts: “It’s so late, what’s the matter with you?”


When the words fell, Peter and Bessie looked at Raquel` curiously.

“Brother Wen.”

Raquel` bit her lip lightly and hesitated: “I… I’m going to leave for a few days. After I leave, you must strengthen the patrol defense of the Ouyang family, and you must not relax a little.”

Chapter 2279

Raquel` has a quick mind, she is afraid that Edward will do the same thing on the face, but she will do it behind the back, so she specially warns a few words.

away for a few days?

Hearing this, Lorenzo was stunned, and he and Peter looked at each other.

In the next second, Dasheng Sun couldn’t help but said, “So suddenly, where are you going? Do you need help?”

“No need to.”

Raquel` smiled lightly, shook her head and said, “This is my own business, you don’t have to worry, I will be back soon.”

When the voice fell, Raquel` quickly walked out of the hall.

What can I say about the matter with Edward?


Seeing this situation, Lorenzo, Peter and the others were completely blinded, and they stood there in a daze, unable to slow down.

What’s the matter, so urgent.


Not long after he left, he saw a petite and charming figure and walked quickly into the hall, it was Krista.


Seeing Krista, Lorenzo reacted with concern: “It’s so late, why did you come back from outside?”

Before Krista could explain, she pulled Lorenzo and asked, “Brother Wen, have you seen Sister Yingying?”

“Just left!” Lorenzo said with a wry smile.

The voice fell, and Peter said: “She just said that she will go out for a few days, and she wants us to strengthen the defense of the family, and I will not say the specifics.”


At this moment, Krista was stunned for a moment, and then became anxious: “It’s broken, it’s broken, something must have happened.”

Saying that, Krista looked around and continued: “I followed Sister Yingying to a broken temple in the north of the city. She met Edward at that time.”

Saying that, Krista explained in detail what she saw at that time.


Knowing these circumstances, whether it was Lorenzo or Peter and others, they were all stunned.

Raquel` met Edward privately?

This is broken, that Edward is Corey’s subordinate, very despicable and insidious.

The more Lorenzo thought about it, the more wrong it became. He didn’t have time to think about it at the time, so he hurriedly shouted: “Quick, everyone set off immediately, no matter what.

When he said this, Lorenzo was full of anxiety.

He firmly believes that Raquelis a person and will not become friends with Edward. The only explanation is what method Edward used to coerce Raquel to do something.

The words fell, and Peter and others set off one after another.


On the other side, Castro brought an army of 300,000 troops, and after several hours of marching, they finally arrived outside Feilongguan City.

Because the master Edward said had not yet appeared, Castro did not rush to attack the city, but ordered the army to camp in the wilderness ten miles outside the city.

At this time it was still dark, the camp was brightly lit, and soldiers were patrolling from time to time.


At this moment, a slender figure flew from a distance and gently landed in the camp.

Wearing a black tights, the charming curves are vividly displayed, with a black mask on his face, and his exposed eyes shine like stars in the sky.

It was Raquel`.


“Stand still.”

As soon as Raquel` appeared, he immediately alerted the surrounding soldiers, who shouted and surrounded him.

At the same time, Castro heard the movement and walked out quickly.

“Who are you.”

Because Raquel` was wearing a mask, Castro couldn’t recognize it for a while, and he scolded coldly at that time: “Dare to trespass my Tianqi camp and seek death?”


Raquel` did not have the slightest emotional fluctuation, and said coldly, “Edward asked me to come.”

Hearing this, Castro was stunned for a moment, then quickly waved his hand and said, “Retreat, everyone.”

Saying that, Castro accompanied with a smiling face and flattered Raquel`: “It turns out that the ‘superior’ is here, hurry up, hurry in.”

Raquel` nodded and entered the tent at the invitation of Castro.

“Your Mightiness!”

After entering the tent and taking a seat, Castro couldn’t wait, and said to Raquel`: “My Tianqi army is ready and can attack the city at any time. I wonder if your Excellency has a detailed battle plan?”

In Castro’s heart, those who could be favored by Edward were not general.

At this time, he didn’t know that the woman in front of him was Raquel`.

“Since it’s ready, it’s good to attack the city tomorrow morning. What other battle plan do you need?” Raquel` responded lightly.

Chapter 2280


To attack the city directly tomorrow morning?

Hearing this, Castro was stunned, and couldn’t help muttering to himself, the ‘skilled man’ sent by Edward was too cold and confident, and he didn’t even deploy the battle plan…


Seeing the change in Castro’s expression, Raquel` clenched her locks tightly, and said coldly, “Do you have any objections?”

To be honest, Raquel` really wanted to kill Castro directly.

Especially when she thought of the tragic death of her father, Raquel` couldn’t control her anger, but she finally held back.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.” Guangping Wang sneered, not daring to question any more.

Although there are some doubts about the ability of this ‘skilled person’, but considering that she was sent by Edward, there should be no problem.

The next second, Castro immediately summoned all the generals and said: “Pass my order, the whole army rests, and the city can be attacked tomorrow morning.”

“As ordered.”

The voice fell, and a dozen generals responded in unison.

A few hours later, the sky was slightly brighter.

Summoned by Castro, the 300,000 Imperial Forest Army was ready to go, and they saw the battle flags like clouds, the spears lined up everywhere, and the chilling air filled the sky and the earth.

At this moment, Feilongguan, a few miles away, is also waiting.

The tower is full of archers, and hundreds of thousands of defenders have also set up a formation outside the city. In the high sky above the tower, a graceful figure is quietly suspended there, cold and arrogant, and the whole body is filled with unacceptable desecration. breath.

It is the world-famous Water God Gonggong.

At the time when the Rakshasa tribe crossed the wild and treacherous territory, causing the Great War in Kyushu, Yang Jian and other continents temporarily put aside their grievances and fought the enemy together. In the end, Yang Jian was killed in the battle. Since then, Gonggong has returned to the Northern Continent and no longer participates in the rivers and lakes. strife.

However, Gonggong was tyrannical and was soon elected as the Grand Marshal to protect the safety of the Northern Ying Continent.

This time, Castro led an army of 300,000 Tianqi to invade the Northern Ying mainland. After Gonggong learned the news, he immediately came to Feilongguan to deploy defense.

wow wow wow…

At this time, I saw the army of 300,000 Tianqi, led by Castro, came quickly. For a time, above the wilderness, the dust was flying, shocking.

“Come, come, they come…”

“The Apocalypse army is calling.”

Seeing this scene, the guard soldiers standing on the city tower were all inexplicably panicked and talked a lot.

Speaking of which, the Northern Ying Continent is tyrannical. These defending soldiers did not need to be so nervous, but now they are guarding Feilongguan with less than 100,000 troops.

However, there are 300,000 troops in the Tianqi army, which is twice as many. How can you not panic?

“What are you panicking about?”

Hearing the following remarks, Gong Gong Xiu frowned and shouted angrily: “The Feilong Pass hasn’t fallen yet, why are you nervous? Everyone cheer up, the army of hundreds of thousands of the apocalypse is just a little more, it’s not enough consider.”

When he said this, Gonggong looked at Castro who was slowly approaching from a distance, and his eyes were full of contempt.

In her heart, the strength of Castro was average, and she didn’t take it to heart at all.

Gonggong planned to take the life of Castro directly after the war. As long as Castro died, the army of 300,000 Apocalypse would be defeated.

At this time, Castro and his army of 300,000 people had already arrived at the Feilong Pass.

hiss, is that her?

At this moment, Wang Guangping was stunned when he saw Gonggong floating in the air, and then he couldn’t help taking a breath.

He thought that the guards at Feilongguan were just ordinary generals, but he never imagined that it would be the water god Gonggong. You must know that Gonggong has lived for nearly a thousand years, and its strength is unfathomable, second only to Yang Jian.

Castro is also very confident in his own strength, but facing Gonggong, he has no chance of winning.

“Your Mightiness.”

Under the tension, Castro couldn’t help but said to Raquel` behind him: “The guardian of Feilongguan is the world-famous Water God Gonggong. I have no confidence in dealing with her.”

When he said this, Castro couldn’t hide his unease.

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