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Chapter 2281

At this time, Raquel`, still wearing a mask, saw Castro looking uneasy, she snorted coldly, and said lightly: “Why are you panicking, if she wants to make a move, you can just fight it. At the critical moment, I will will come to help you.”

This Castro is really cowardly. When he encounters someone who is stronger than himself, he is afraid of being like this.


Hearing this, Castro took a deep breath, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and said with a smile: “That’s great, you must take action when you have the opportunity.”

Raquel` was too lazy to pay attention, just nodded.

Of course Raquel` knew that Castro was not an opponent of Gonggong. He just said this to deliberately want Castro to suffer.

Of course, Raquel` would not let Gonggong kill Castro. After all, he had promised Edward before, and he would also assist Castro in breaking the Beiying Imperial City.


At this moment, I saw Gonggong’s delicate body flashing, coming from the sky, looking at Castro condescendingly: “Castro, you really ate the guts of a bear’s heart and a leopard, and came to invade my Northern Ying Continent, thought about it. consequences?”

It was not loud, but it was majestic.


Castro couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, resisting the nervousness in his heart, and sneered at Gonggong: “Gonggong, don’t put on airs in front of me. If you don’t have full confidence, I won’t come.”

“I advise you to surrender early, so as not to wait until the city is broken and bring disaster to innocent people.”


Hearing this, Gong Gong’s delicate face instantly became extremely ugly, and the anger in his heart also rose.

Over the years, Gonggong has been respected as the God of Water by the world, and has a high status. Even if Yang Jian sees it, he has to give three points of courtesy. When has he been threatened like this?

“good very good.”

At this moment, Gonggong’s mouth twitched, showing a sneer, looking at Castro’s eyes with absolute contempt: “You are really kind, then I will see how you can break through the Feilongguan. “

“But before the war starts, I have to measure your strength. Take it!”

The voice fell, Gonggong’s delicate body came out gracefully, and came straight to Castro.


The speed of Gonggong was very fast, and it was in front of Castro in the blink of an eye. At that time, the internal force was urged, and a powerful breath broke out. The air within a kilometer around was distorted.

The strong breath, the suppressed people panic.

Immediately afterwards, Gonggong’s jade raised his hand and hit Castro with a palm.


What a powerful force.

Feeling the fluctuating breath of Gonggong’s outbreak, Castro’s expression changed greatly.

At this time, Castro didn’t dare to be careless at all, this palm stimulated almost all his inner strength.


The palms of the two collided, and Castro only felt an incomparably vast force coming. At that time, with a grunt, the volley was knocked back more than 100 meters.

When he landed, Castro was unsteady, and staggered back a dozen steps before he stabilized his figure. His face was pale, and his blood was surging, but he still resisted with gritted teeth.


After stabilizing his figure, Castro looked at Gonggong closely and was shocked.

The strength of this Gonggong is simply too terrifying, and he used all his internal strength to barely block her palm!


At the same time, the surrounding army of 300,000 Apocalypse was also incomparably shocked.

This Gonggong’s strength is so terrifying that he wounded His Majesty in one move, can he still break through the Feilongguan today?

Under the tension, many soldiers couldn’t help worrying about Castro.

On the other hand, the soldiers guarding Feilongguan on the opposite side were very excited and shouted excitedly one by one.

“Haha, is this the strength of Emperor Tianqi?”

“It’s a shame to dare to attack Feilongguan with this little strength.”


The sound of laughter kept coming, and Castro’s face flushed and he was extremely embarrassed.

Ma De is really embarrassing, the emperor of his dignified Apocalypse Continent was injured by a woman. If this is spread out, how will Kyushu be unified in the future?

Embarrassed at the same time, there are some calls in my heart.

Why didn’t the ‘skilled man’ sent by Edward take action?

Chapter 2282

Thinking of this, Castro looked behind him subconsciously. When he saw this, his heart was half cold, and he saw where Raquel` stood before, where is there still a shadow?

It’s over, the master is gone?

For a time, Castro was like an ant on a hot pan, almost crying.

At this time, Castro did not know that Raquel` did not leave, but hid.

The purpose of doing this is, firstly, to teach Gonggong more lessons to Castro, and secondly, to find the right time to attack.

“The strength is much stronger than I thought?”

At this time, Gonggong looked down at Castro, and sneered: “It’s not bad to be able to block my palm.”


The voice fell, Gong Gong’s jade hand raised, holding a blue long sword tightly.

This blue long sword is a purple-ranked weapon of Fengchen in the Beiying Palace’s armory. According to legend, it was a gift specially made by Emperor Hou Yi for Empress Chang’e. As a result, Empress Chang’e didn’t like it very much, so she put it in the army. in the library.

When Gonggong was elected as the Grand Marshal, he took out this sword.


At this moment, as soon as the blue long sword came out, the surrounding temperature seemed to plummet!


Feeling the killing intent pervading Gonggong, Castro’s face was pale, and he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, and his forehead was constantly sweating.

Oops, this Gonggong is going to make a killing move, I’m afraid I can’t stop it.

“Castro, use all your abilities.”

Gonggong’s red lips parted lightly, and with a wave of his jade hand, the sky was torn apart abruptly. Then, a dazzling radiance ripped apart the world and burst towards Castro.

It was a sword shadow, a sword shadow that was completely condensed by internal force, nearly 100 meters long, and its power was amazing.


Seeing this situation, the 300,000 Tianqi army present gasped for air one after another. At the same time, there were some leaders who wanted to help, but the sword shadow was lightning fast, and it was too late.

Mad, this move can’t be stopped, will he die?

When Castro was terrified, he didn’t have time to think about it, so he quickly activated all his inner strength and pulled out his long sword to resist.


The blue sword shadow slashed on the long sword in Castro’s hand, and saw that the long sword shattered in an instant. Then, Castro let out a miserable howl, and was directly shaken and flew out, flying more than 100 meters away. He fell heavily into the wilderness.

At the moment of landing, Castro’s face was miserable, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and his breath was extremely weak.

When he resisted Gonggong’s power just now, Castro had already consumed a lot of internal energy. At this time, he was completely unable to resist Gonggong’s stunts.

After all, the Water God Gonggong has been famous for nearly a thousand years, and her background is not comparable to that of Castro.

“His Majesty…”

Seeing this scene, the 300,000 Apocalypse soldiers exclaimed in surprise, and then, those generals wanted to rush over, but they were afraid of Gonggong’s strength and did not dare to approach.

And Raquel`, who was hiding in the dark, sneered even more.

At the beginning of the martial arts contest, Castro killed his father and emperor, and the hatred was as deep as the sea. Now, he has been taught by Gonggong, which really relieves his hatred.

“With this little strength, you dare to speak up and attack Feilongguan?”

At this moment, Gonggong landed gracefully, his delicate face was full of contempt, and then he walked step by step.

Castro was so shocked that he secretly swallowed his saliva, wanting to cry without tears!

Madd, just died like this?

No, you can’t just die in Feilongguan. I haven’t unified the Kyushu continent yet, so I can’t die like this.

“Your Excellency!”

Seeing that Gonggong was getting closer and closer, Castro was in a hurry and rushed to the surroundings: “If you don’t do anything, I will die. I beg you to come and help.”

When he shouted this, Castro was frightened and anxious, almost crying.

Speaking of which, after becoming the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent, Castro’s mood has become increasingly arrogant, and he would never ask for help in front of so many people. die.

Dignity and face are important, but not life.


Hearing Castro’s cry, Gong Gong Xiumei locked his arms tightly, and then sneered and sneered: “Even if Daluo Jinxian comes today, he will not be able to save you.”

When he said this, Gong Gong’s face was cold, but he was secretly laughing in his heart.

This Castro was beaten stupidly, and he even fantasized about someone who was good at saving him.

Chapter 2283

In contempt, Gonggong stopped talking nonsense, accelerated his speed, and stabbed Castro in the heart with a sword.


Faced with this situation, Castro suddenly became desperate.


However, at this critical moment, in the direction behind Gong Gong, there was a wave of breath, and then, a charming figure burst out with rapid lightning.

He was slender, dressed in black, with a mask on his face, revealing a pair of eyes like autumn water.

It is Raquel`!

Originally, Raquel` wanted to continue to hide in the dark, so that Gonggong could teach Castro a lesson, but seeing that Castro was dying soon, she was depressed and had to show up to help.

Because once Castro dies, Edward will not give her the secret recipe to solve the demon soul backlash.


Suddenly feeling the danger coming from behind, Gong Gong’s heart trembled and he quickly looked back.

Seeing Raquel`, Gonggong was secretly shocked.

Such a powerful aura, when did such a strong woman emerge from the Kyushu mainland?

Because Raquel` was wearing a mask, Gonggong didn’t recognize it for a while, but was very shocked.

Ha ha…

On the other hand, Castro was very excited, his previous nervousness and fear were swept away, his face was full of smiles, and he shouted excitedly: “Your Excellency, you have finally appeared, hurry up, deal with this Gonggong, as long as you defeat this Gonggong. With her, Feilongguan will be broken in a moment.”

Raquel` ignored it.

She wished that Castro would immediately die at the hands of Gonggong, but in order to get the secret book in Edward’s hands, she could only help him temporarily.

In the blink of an eye, Raquel` rushed behind Gonggong. At that time, the power of the demon soul exploded, and the surrounding air suddenly distorted and changed.


Is this the power of the demon soul?

Feeling the power of the powerful demon soul, Gong Gong’s delicate body was shocked, and shock and anger flashed on his delicate face. As the world-famous water god, Gonggong has a lot of knowledge and knowledge, and immediately recognized that the opponent was using the power of the demon soul.

In the next second, Gonggong shouted at Wang Jiao of Guangping: “Castro, you colluded with the demons, have you thought about the consequences?”

At this time, Gonggong was full of anger.

Previously, Edward stole the magic mirror that sealed the Demon Venerable from the ghost world, and then helped the Demon Respect to shape his body, and then launched a battle in the rivers and lakes, which made people’s lives difficult.

It can be said that Edward and the Demon Race are the great enemies of the entire Kyushu.

At this time, Gonggong never expected that Castro would find help from the Demon Race.

“Ha ha..”

Feeling the anger of Gonggong, Castro was a little flustered, but he still laughed: “Gonggong, Gonggong, you have become famous for nearly a thousand years, and you still haven’t seen the situation clearly? Let me tell you, not only did I join the demon Clan, the entire Apocalypse Royal Family has joined the Demon Clan.”

Five minutes ago, Castro wouldn’t have dared to provoke Gonggong like this. He was only nervous, but now it’s different. Your Excellency has already taken action, and he can just wait and watch the battle.

“Despicable and shameless!” For a while, Gonggong was furious.


At this time, Raquel` had reached the back of Gonggong and said coldly: “Today, the Feilong Pass will be broken, you give up.”

The voice fell, Raquel`’s demonic soul exploded, and she slapped Gonggong’s back with a palm.

With this palm, Raquel` did not exert her full strength. You must know that she and Gonggong did not have a deep hatred. At this time, she just wanted to let her recognize the reality and take the initiative to give up Feilongguan, and did not want to kill her.

“Grand Marshal be careful!”

Seeing this scene, the guards on the tower couldn’t help but speak, and they all sweated for the Gonggong.

Although they did not recognize Raquel`’s identity, they could feel that the strength of this beauty was much more terrifying than that of Castro.

“Afraid you won’t succeed?”

Gonggong reacted quickly, turning his delicate body, raising his jade hand, and colliding with Raquel`’s palms!


At the moment when the two palms collided, there was only a loud noise, and then, a tyrannical fluctuation of internal force swept the audience!

Immediately afterwards, Raquel` and Gonggong were both shocked, and at the same time, they were shaken back by the volley.

Obviously, the two sides in this palm are evenly matched.

However, Gonggong’s heart was secretly shocked, because the palm of her hand just now stimulated all her internal strength, but she only fought a tie with the opponent.

Chapter 2284

At this time, Gonggong didn’t know that Raquel` didn’t have the right to explode, otherwise, Gonggong would have fallen to the ground with that slap just now.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Castro or the army of 300,000 Apocalypse, they immediately burst into jubilation.

The Feilongguan defenders on the opposite side were shocked.

This black masked woman is so terrifying?


At this time, Raquel` exhaled softly and said to Gonggong: “Give it up, Your Excellency Gonggong, you are not my opponent. Today, you can’t keep Feilongguan.”

Hearing this, Gong Gong’s face flushed, both angry and unwilling.

A person who has become famous for nearly a thousand years, is respected by the world as the existence of the water god, and can be regarded as the first strong woman in the Kyushu continent, but now she is despised by another woman, how can this be endured?

Thinking to himself, Gonggong clenched his teeth and said coldly: “If you want me to give up, you can dream. Even if I die today, I will not give up on Feilongguan.”

“A demon monster, I want to see how capable you are.”

The last sentence fell, Gonggong let out a coquettish cry, holding a blue long sword, and stabbed Raquel` directly.

“Really persistent!”

Raquel` sighed, but at that time there was no other way, so she had to fight.

clang clang!

For a while, Raquel` and Gonggong fought fiercely in midair.


Seeing this scene, both sides of the two armies were very nervous, and at the same time, many soldiers from both sides were also feasting.

Raquel` and Gonggong can be said to be the goddess among the goddesses in Kyushu, both in appearance and figure, they are all superb. At this time, the two are fighting fiercely in mid-air. The perfect curve makes the two soldiers below, one All eyes straightened.

Although Raquel` has been covering her face, as long as she is not a fool, you can see that the face of this black-clothed woman is by no means inferior to Gonggong.

In the blink of an eye, Raquel` and Gonggong fought fiercely for more than ten minutes, and the fight was on a par.

Speaking of which, Raquel` has a demon soul and is much stronger than Gonggong, but she can’t bear to hurt the other party, so she has never done her best.

In order to defend the Feilong Pass, Gonggong made every move with all his strength.

At the beginning, Gonggong was a little confident, but gradually found that no matter what he did, the other party could easily resolve it. At that time, he was a little anxious.

“With me here today, you can’t break the Feilongguan!”

In anxiety, Gonggong gave a coquettish shout, and the jade hand suddenly lifted up. At some time, the surrounding wind was surging, and he saw that in the moat outside Feilongguan, huge water columns were rolled up, which looked like water dragons from a distance.

Gonggong is known as the god of water.

clap la la…

At some point, under the urging of Gonggong, more than a dozen huge water columns came towards Raquel` and the army of 300,000 Tianqi.


Seeing the 100-meter-high water column and the power contained in it, whether it was Castro or the army of 300,000 Apocalypse, they couldn’t help but gasp.

The next second, Castro couldn’t help shouting: “Quick, the whole army retreats, quickly retreat.”

Such a huge water column, once it erupts, the army of 300,000 people is estimated to be drowned.


Hearing the order, the Tianqi army retreated.

As for Raquel`, who was suspended in mid-air, her eyes that were exposed outside were extremely indifferent. No evasion at all.

“As expected of the Water God Gonggong.”

At this time, Raquel` looked at the dozens of huge water columns that erupted, and sighed softly: “The entire moat can be attracted by you to defend against the enemy. It’s really amazing.”

“However, today’s Feilongguan was broken, it is God’s will, you can’t change it.”


The voice fell, Raquel` mobilized the power of the demon soul, and slowly raised a pair of jade hands, and saw a dark red ball of light that quickly condensed.

The ball of light became bigger and bigger, like a bloody sun.

In the next second, the ball of light quickly spread around, forming a huge protective film, blocking the dozen or so water columns surging.

At this moment, everyone present clearly felt that the blood-red protective film contained an extremely powerful and scorching power.

Chapter 2285


Seeing this scene, the defenders of Feilongguan all exclaimed and started talking.

“What kind of skill is this?”

“A protective film, just want to block the power of the Grand Marshal’s waterspout?”

“Don’t say that, this red protective film looks weird.”

At the same time, Castro and the 300,000 Imperial Forest Army also held their breaths, each with a complicated mood.

Gong Gong’s stunt is so amazing, and this black-clothed woman just cast a protective film, can it be successfully blocked?

In particular, Castro was almost impatient.

If this expert is not the opponent of Gonggong, the plan to attack Feilongguan this time will fail, so in the current situation, we must make a decision as soon as possible.


Just when Castro was secretly anxious, the scene in front of him suddenly made him speechless in shock.

boom boom boom…

I saw more than a dozen huge water columns slammed into the huge protective film, accompanied by loud noises, the protective film was not broken at all.

Not only that, the scorching high temperature contained in the protective film instantly evaporated a lot of water, forming a white mist.

In the mist of water, Raquel` was quietly suspended in mid-air without taking any damage.


How can this be?

At this moment, Gonggong’s delicate body trembled, staring at Raquel`, his heart was so shocked that he couldn’t say a word.

In order to attract the water of the moat, he had tried his best, but at this time, he was easily blocked by the other party with a protective film.

At this time, Gonggong didn’t know that what Raquel` was urging was the power of the devil’s soul.


At the same time, the defenders of Feilongguan were all staying there, speechless in shock.

At the same time of shock, many people also felt a little bit of timidity in their hearts.

Even the Grand Marshal is not an opponent, how can we fight this battle?

Ha ha….

At this moment, Castro reacted, his whole person was extremely excited and excited, and shouted at Raquel`: “The master is really powerful, even the famous Gonggong is not an opponent, this move just now is really exciting. Vision.”

At the same time, the 300,000 Apocalypse army behind them also cheered and the momentum was overwhelming.

Raquel` didn’t seem to hear Castro’s compliment, and there was not the slightest fluctuation in her charming eyes.

“The demon girl, die.”

At this moment, Gonggong reacted, his delicate face was full of unwillingness and determination, he snorted and slapped Raquel` with his palm.

At this time, Gonggong has lost his mind.

As the water god who is famous all over the world, he was defeated by a mysterious woman under the watchful eyes of the public.


This Gong Gong is too persistent.

Seeing Gonggong erupting again, Raquel` couldn’t bear it, sighed secretly, and then greeted him with a palm.

With this palm, Raquel` still did not use all her strength.


The two palms touched, and there was a muffled sound, and the figures of Raquel` and Gonggong were shocked, and then took a few steps back at the same time.

“You…why didn’t you kill me?”

Stabilizing her figure, Gong Gong’s decisive face showed a bit of puzzlement. With the palm of her hand just now, she clearly felt that the other party did not exert all her strength, otherwise, she would have been killed.

Raquel` breathed a sigh of relief and said lightly, “I don’t want your life, you go, you can’t keep Feilongguan today.”


Gonggong frowned, and then showed a sneer: “You want to break through the Feilongguan, but you are not willing to kill me, and you are still wearing a mask. Could it be that you are someone I know? Don’t you want me to see your true face?”

When he said this, Gong Gong’s eyes were full of suspicion.

Yes, Raquel` wore a mask on purpose, just because she didn’t want people to recognize her. After all, it was not her heart’s desire to help Edward attack the Northern Ying Continent.

Moreover, she is also Darryl’s woman. Darryl has done so much for Kyushu and is recognized as a hero of Kyushu. If people know that Darryl’s woman helps Zhou and the demons to wage war, then Darryl’s image will be completely destroyed. .

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