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Chapter 2291

Seeing that the children were suspicious, Ji Hongshang showed a smile and nodded: “Sister won’t lie to you, you are all specially selected, as long as you are willing, I will accept you as disciples immediately.”

Saying that, Ji Hongshang took out a small porcelain bottle from her body, which was filled with green pills: “Have you seen these medicinal pills? This is specially made for you disciples who are beginners. As long as you take it, You can become cultivators.”

When saying this, Ji Hongshang’s evil and charming face could not hide the treacherousness.

The elixir she took out was the treasure of the Five Poison Sect, the Five Poison Soul Eater Pill. Big hair, completely lost my mind.

Ji Hongshang’s plan is very simple, give these children the Five Poisons Soul Eater Pill, and then send them to Edward. Once Edward absorbs the souls of these children, the poison will spread to him, and then he will cultivate the Heavenly Demon Punisher. , will inevitably fail.

Ji Hongshang knew that Edward was so powerful that it would be difficult to subdue him by other means. You can only use the ‘Five Poison Soul Eater Pill’.

After these children take the ‘Five Poison Soul Eater’, their body will be full of poison, but within six hours, there will be no abnormality on the surface, but if they are too scared, the poison will attack earlier.

It is precisely because of this that Ji Hongshang treats these children in a friendly manner, just to appease their fearful hearts, so as to avoid mistakes when they are sent to Edward.


At this moment, after listening to Ji Hongshang’s words, the twenty children were all inexplicably excited, and they all stared at the porcelain bottle in Ji Hongshang’s hand.

“Beautiful sister…”

Afterwards, the slightly older child summoned his courage and said to Ji Hongshang, “After taking this pill, can I really become a cultivator?”

The words fell, and the other children also looked at Ji Hongshang closely, all of them inexplicably excited.

Ji Hongshang smiled and nodded: “Of course, my sister won’t lie to you, come and eat.”

As soon as the words fell, the older child hurried over, took the first one, and swallowed it without hesitation.

The other children were also extremely excited, gathered around one by one, and took out the pills to take.

Seeing this scene, Ji Hongshang showed a smile and felt extremely happy.

Edward, ah, Edward, for the past six months, I have pinned all my hopes on you, and I am willing to be your sidekick, but what did I get in the end?

So, don’t blame me either.

Thinking to herself, Ji Hongshang smiled at the twenty boys and girls and said, “Okay, you have all taken the pills, now go to the palace with me. There is a big man in the palace who will teach you all. Inexperienced.”

After saying this, Ji Hongshang took the lead in walking towards the imperial city.


Hearing this, the twenty children were extremely excited and quickly followed behind.

Soon, when they arrived at the main gate of the palace, Ji Hongshang revealed her identity. The two guards guarding the gate did not dare to neglect and quickly let go.

Castro had specially explained that Edward’s friends were the distinguished guests of the palace, and these guards naturally did not dare to offend him.


Seeing this scene, the twenty children who followed Ji Hongshang were extremely excited and admired.

This beautiful sister is so talented that she can enter and leave the palace freely.

Excited, these children completely let down their guard.

Finally, we arrived at the Prayer Hall.

Ji Hongshang stepped forward quickly and respectfully said to Edward who was still meditating: “Sect Master, twenty virgins and virgins have been found.”

Ha ha….

Edward opened his eyes and saw the twenty children behind Ji Hongshang. He smiled and nodded in approval: “Okay, very good, Ji Hongshang, you are the person I trust the most, so I found you so quickly. coming.”

When he said this, Edward glanced at the children and noticed that they were all calm, and some even looked very excited.

For a time, Edward felt a little strange.

Aren’t these kids afraid?

Chapter 2292

You must know that the children that Li Dong caught before were all crying and making a lot of noise.

But in front of them, one by one, something good happened.


Seeing Edward’s expression, Ji Hongshang suddenly felt uneasy in her heart, but her mind was quick, she quickly thought of a way, and said with a fake smile: “Don’t worry, Sect Master, I have warned these children, they will not be noisy. It is convenient for you to practice with peace of mind.”

“good very good.”

Hearing this, Edward smiled and said with relief: “I’m still very relieved when you do things.”

When he said this, Edward completely let go of his suspicions.

At this time, Edward had never imagined that behind Ji Hongshang’s docile surface, there was a murderous intention.


Seeing that Edward no longer doubted, Ji Hongshang secretly exhaled, and then smiled: “Then master, let’s practice, the subordinates are temporarily retired.” After speaking, he withdrew from the prayer hall.

But when they got outside, Ji Hongshang did not leave, but hid in the dark, quietly observing the situation in the prayer hall.

At this time, in the prayer hall.

Edward smiled and looked at the twenty boys and girls in front of him, feeling very comfortable.

As expected, Ji Hongshang was still very efficient. That Li Dong was a waste. Yesterday, only 16 were sent, and the spirit of four boys was missing. There was almost no progress in yesterday’s practice. It’s past midnight now, so I have to step up my practice.

Thinking of this, Edward waved at a boy in front of him: “You… come here.”

The boy didn’t hesitate at all, he came over happily, and said, “Sir, are you trying to pass on my unique skills?” Edward was dressed in white, handsome and stylish, and looked more capable than the teacher, so he subconsciously called Mr.

The boy didn’t realize the danger yet, and thought that Edward was going to teach him the unique skills of kung fu.

At the same time, the other children looked at Edward one by one with longing and expectation in their eyes.

Taught esoteric?

Hearing this, Edward was stunned for a moment, then laughed, nodded and said, “Yes, I just want to teach you unique skills. Come on, do it well in front of me.”

When saying this, Edward secretly applauded.

This Ji Hongshang has quite a set of tricks, and she actually lied to these children, saying that she wants to teach the secret skills, no wonder they are so well-behaved.

Edward was thoughtful, and he guessed it right at once, but he didn’t guess that Ji Hongshang’s arrangements were not only these.


Hearing Edward’s order, the boy immediately sat down in front of him.


At this moment, Edward didn’t hesitate at all, the power of the demon soul urged him, then he raised his right hand and placed it directly on the boy’s head.

A powerful force poured out from Edward’s right hand and began to frantically absorb the boy’s soul.

The boy’s body was shocked, and he only felt indescribable pain. He washed all over his body, his brain was buzzing, he couldn’t move, and he didn’t even have the strength to speak.


After more than ten seconds, the boy’s face was pale, and he died immediately, and fell to the ground. Because the soul has just been absorbed, the boy’s appearance seems to be fine, as if he is asleep.


Seeing this scene, the other boys and girls were all stunned.

Then, the older boy couldn’t help but asked Edward, “Sir, he… what’s wrong with him?”

“The exercises I taught were too strong, he couldn’t hold it, and temporarily fainted.” Edward said with a smile.

Speaking of which, Edward didn’t want to lie and lie to them, but in this way, these children would not be troubled and troubled.


Hearing this, those virgins were relieved, it turned out that they couldn’t bear it and passed out.

At this time, Edward waved at the other: “It’s your turn!”

The boy quickly trotted over, and without waiting for orders, he did a good job in front of Edward.

Edward didn’t talk nonsense, still running the demon soul, and then began to absorb the soul.

puff, puff….

Soon, two minutes passed, Edward had absorbed the souls of ten virgins and virgins, and these virgins, without exception, died of exhaustion, lying there motionless.

Chapter 2293

These children don’t know until they die, they have been deceived.


Just when Edward was about to greet the eleventh, suddenly, a virgin found something, pointed at the bodies of the ten virgins, and exclaimed: “They are black, black…”

The words fell, and the remaining boys and girls hurriedly looked at them, and saw the little friends who had fallen to the ground before, all of them were black and frightened, and they were obviously dead.

“They are dead…”

“It’s scary.”


Under the panic, these boys and girls, one by one, panicked, and burst into tears.


Edward was so arrogant that his face instantly turned hideous, and he shouted angrily, “Shut up for anything you cry.”

However, when he shouted angrily, these ten children cried even more fiercely, and even two of them ran out of the hall with courage. At this time, these children already understood that this handsome man in front of him was not trying to teach them the skills at all. law, but to their lives.

A few stinky little dolls, still trying to escape from under my nose?

At this moment, Edward was furious and stood up abruptly, about to catch the two children who escaped, but just standing up, his brows suddenly wrinkled.

Mad, something is wrong.

Edward frowned, his face very bad.

I was fine just now, why suddenly, the power of the demon soul in the body, there are faint signs of disorder?

At this time, Edward clearly felt that not only did the power of the demon soul show signs of disorder, but he couldn’t exert any strength all over his body, and he even felt paralyzed.

This is clearly a sign of poisoning.

How could this be?


Just when Edward was frowning secretly, the remaining eight boys and girls, who did not know who shouted, immediately ran out of the hall shouting.

Edward was so frightened that he endured the discomfort in his body, grabbed a little girl, and said coldly, “Tell me, who of you poisoned me?”

The little girl was terrified and cried loudly, “You bad guy, let me go, I didn’t poison it, and I don’t know who did it.”

“Ma De, if I didn’t poison, how could my demon soul suddenly become disordered?” At this time, Edward, in a fit of rage, had lost his mind and shouted at the little girl.


Feeling Edward’s anger, the little girl kept crying, shaking her head and saying, “I don’t know, I really don’t know…”


At this moment, a powerful aura erupted from outside the hall, and then, a slender figure, as fast as a shock, rushed from behind and slapped Edward with a palm!

It was Ji Hongshang!

To be honest, if it was before, Ji Hongshang would never have dared to raid Edward, but when she heard the movement of the Prayer Hall just now, Ji Hongshang knew that Edward was successfully poisoned, and her attention at this time was right in front of her. The little girl was completely defenseless. How could Ji Hongshang miss such a good opportunity? !


Rushing to the front, a powerful aura burst out from Ji Hongshang. .

“Ji Hongshang?”

Feeling the movement behind him, Edward was taken aback, instinctively turned his head, and when he saw Ji Hongshang, he immediately burst into anger and shouted coldly.

At this time, Edward was not only angry, but also a little surprised.

He never thought that Ji Hongshang, who had always been loyal to him, would suddenly attack.

“Sister, save me!”

At the same time, seeing Ji Hongshang, the little girl cried out as if she had grabbed a life-saving straw: “This gentleman is a bad guy, he killed them.”

The little girl has a naive personality, and she still thinks Ji Hongshang is a good person.

Facing the little girl’s cry for help, Ji Hongshang’s face did not fluctuate in the slightest, her eyes only locked on Edward tightly.


In the blink of an eye, Ji Hongshang was in front of Edward, her charming and charming face couldn’t hide the coldness: “I don’t want to do this either, but you disappoint me, since you can’t help me deal with Darryl and the Ouyang family, I had to do it myself. So I’m going to get rid of you.”

As she spoke, Ji Hongshang burst out with all her strength, and shot it out with one palm.

Chapter 2294

“you wanna die!”

Seeing Ji Hongshang’s slap in the face, Edward was furious and wanted to fight back, but he still had the little girl in his hand, so it was too late.


This palm slammed into Edward’s body, and a dull vibration was heard, Edward’s body trembled, and he was knocked back ten steps.

At the same time, the little girl also flew out, hit a pillar, and passed out.

Speaking of which, if it was before, it would be difficult for Ji Hongshang to hurt Edward, but after combining the power of the ancient poisonous scorpion’s inner alchemy, her strength has grown by leaps and bounds, and Edward has been poisoned, and the power of the devil soul has appeared. The signs of disorder, Ji Hongshang had the opportunity to take advantage of it when the body was at its weakest.


At this time, Edward struggled to stand still, his face was extremely gloomy, and he glared at Ji Hongshang: “Ji Hongshang, you dare to betray me?”

Ji Hongshang smiled charmingly: “My good suzerain, I didn’t want to betray, but who told you to promise to help me kill Darryl, but you delayed it again and again? Now that I have enough strength to deal with the Ouyang family, I was also stopped by you. I’m not reconciled.”


Hearing this, Edward was extremely angry, and wanted to kill Ji Hongshang immediately, but the power of the demon soul in the body became more and more disordered and could not be used at all.

In this case, Edward had no choice but to try to suppress the disorder in his body.


Seeing Edward’s expression, Ji Hongshang showed a charming smile, and said proudly: “Sect Master, don’t waste your energy, you can’t solve the poison I gave.”

Swish! ?

Hearing this, Edward was furious and at the same time extremely shocked!

Is the poison from Ji Hongshang? What kind of poison is this so powerful, I didn’t even notice it at all!

At this time, Ji Hongshang walked slowly, smiling like a beautiful snake, took out a porcelain bottle from her body, and looked at Edward with a smile: “Sect Master, at this point, I will tell you the truth. Our Five Poison Sect’s treasure, the Five Poison Soul Eater Pill.”

“The Five Poison Soul Eater Pill is made from ninety-nine to eighty-one types of poisonous insects. Except for our Five Poison Sects, no one in the world can solve it.”

“I know that this kind of poison won’t kill you, but aren’t you practicing the stunt of slaying the devil? I think, if the devil soul in your body is completely disordered, the consequences will be serious, right?”


Hearing this, Edward was furious and glared at Ji Hongshang, wishing she could cramp and peel off her skin.

The young master of his dignified Bai family, by his own power, rescued the Demon Lord from the ghost realm, and his achievements are unparalleled. His current strength is even better than the Kyushu, but he was planted in Ji Hongshang’s hands today. inside.

What made him even more unacceptable was that he trusted Ji Hongshang so much.

This is simply a disgrace!


Seeing that Edward’s face was changing and he was very angry, Ji Hongshang said proudly: “Sect Master, are you thinking about how I poisoned me, hee hee, let me tell you the truth.”

Saying that, Ji Hongshang pointed at the corpses of the ten children next to her, her eyes flashing cruelly, and continued: “Before I brought them, I made them take the Five Poison Soul Eater Pill, and you absorb their souls. I was poisoned before I knew it, how about it? Didn’t you expect it?”


Hearing this, Edward’s face changed: “Okay, very good… You planned very well, but have you ever thought about it, even if my demon soul power is disordered, you can’t kill me, because I am a demon Descendants of the race..”

At this time, Edward was extremely angry, but just after scolding a few words, his body suddenly trembled, and his face suddenly turned blue and white.

First, he was poisoned by the five poison soul-devouring pills, which caused the demon soul to become disordered. Now, Edward was attacked by the anger of anger, and he could no longer control the power in his body.


Hearing this, Ji Hongshang looked thoughtful: “What you said is not unreasonable, you are a descendant of the demon race, it is difficult for me to kill you, but what if I absorb the power of your demon soul? ?”


At this moment, Edward’s heart was shocked, panic and anger.

Yes, Ji Hongshang can’t kill herself completely, but she can absorb the power of her demon soul.

Chapter 2295

“I’m going to kill you… ah…”

Under the anger, Edward howled wildly, and wanted to rush to kill Ji Hongshang, but the power of the demon soul in the body was completely violent and completely out of his control.


Under the violent power, the entire prayer hall was shaking violently, and I saw that the power of the terrifying demon soul escaped from Edward.


A few seconds later, Edward couldn’t bear it anymore, his figure fell to the ground with a bang, and passed out.

At the same time, a violent force broke out from his body.

Seeing this situation, Ji Hongshang didn’t have time to think, and immediately sat cross-legged, and began to integrate the power of the demon soul that Edward had scattered.

Speaking of which, Ji Hongshang was not a descendant of the demon race, so it was impossible to absorb Edward’s demon soul power, but she had previously integrated the inner elixir of the ancient poisonous scorpion, and the ancient poisonous scorpion had survived for nearly 10,000 years. , At that time, there were many demons domesticating poisonous scorpions, so the ancient poisonous scorpion and the demons have a deep relationship. In this case, Ji Hongshang can naturally integrate the power of the demon soul.

Of course, Ji Hongshang didn’t know the origin of the ancient poisonous scorpion and the demons, and she just decided to do it temporarily, which was a mistake.


I don’t know how long it took, Ji Hongshang absorbed the power of the devil’s soul, the face that was originally coquettish, looked more evil and charming, and the whole body was full of tyrannical aura.

At this time, Edward was completely fainted, his face was pale, and his whole body was weak.

He is a descendant of the demon race. Although Ji Hongshang absorbed the power of the demon soul, it is difficult to die.


At this moment, Ji Hongshang was about to stand up when she suddenly saw something in Edward’s arms. She was very curious and pulled it out.

I saw that it was a golden book, and this book was exactly what Edward was going to give to Raquel`.

Ji Hongshang opened it and looked at it, and was immediately overjoyed.

Very good.

I was still worried that after rushing to absorb the power of the demon soul, what should I do if something bad happened, but I didn’t expect that Edward had a secret formula for ‘solving the backlash of the power of the demon soul’.

With this cheat book, I don’t have to worry about the backlash of the demon soul.

Thinking to herself, Ji Hongshang was indescribably happy, so she quickly put away the secret book.


At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside, and soon, dozens of royal guards were seen rushing in.

The one at the head, dressed in silver armor and majestic, is the commander of the palace guards, Peng Yunhai.

After Castro became emperor, he had cultivated a lot of power over the years, except for Nie Yunxiao, who was able to take charge of himself alone, this was Peng Yunhai.

Speaking of which, the Prayer Hall is a forbidden place. Peng Yunhai and these guards were not qualified to break in directly. It was just that Edward’s demon soul was disordered, and the breath was completely violent. The surging breath attracted the air around the Prayer Palace. Severely twisted.

In this situation, Peng Yunhai felt the movement, and immediately brought his subordinates to take a look.

After all, Edward was Castro’s guest. If he made a mistake, it would be difficult for him to do business.


Entering the Blessing Palace and seeing the scene in front of him, both Peng Yunhai and the guards behind him were all stunned, shocked and angry.

I saw that more than a dozen children fell to the ground, their faces were black, and they had been dead for a long time, while on the other side, Edward lay there, pale and unconscious.

Beside Edward, Ji Hongshang stood there beautifully, looking absolutely stunning, her charming curves almost aroused infinite reverie, but the whole body was filled with a suffocating terrifying aura.


Finally, Peng Yunhai reacted, stared at Ji Hongshang and asked in a rage, “Sect Master Ji, what’s going on? What’s wrong with Your Excellency Edward?”

As the commander of the palace guards, Peng Yunhai’s natural way, what Edward has done these days, so he doesn’t pay much attention to the corpses of those children on the ground.

Peng Yunhai only cares about Edward’s life and death.

You must know that Edward is His Majesty’s honorable guest, and if something happens to him, he cannot escape responsibility.

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