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Chapter 2307

Gonggong is a well-respected water god in Northern Ying Continent. She has been famous all over the world for nearly a thousand years. There are very few people who can hurt her. Now, even she can’t stand the imperial city. How can she fight this battle? !


Seeing the guards fleeing into the distance, Gonggong bit his lip, feeling anxious and indignant at the same time.

She wanted to yell at these men and let them continue fighting, but she couldn’t shout.

At this time, Gonggong also knew that the imperial city could not be preserved today, but he was not reconciled.

But soon, Gonggong calmed down. He didn’t have time to think about it at the time. He hit it with a palm. With this palm, Gonggong stimulated all the power in his body. He saw that wherever the palm of his hand passed, the air was extremely twisted, and the power was amazing.

Castro and more than a dozen generals, fully aware of the power of Gonggong, did not dare to meet them, and they all ducked back.


Taking this opportunity, Gonggong turned around and flew towards the sky in the distance.

But when they escaped, Gong Gong did not forget to turn around and shout at Wang Jiao of Guangping: “Castro, don’t be complacent, I will take this imperial city back sooner or later.”


Hearing this, Castro’s face was gloomy, he waved his big hand, and shouted angrily, “Follow me, whoever catches Gonggong alive, I am seriously injured.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The voice fell, and many Apocalypse soldiers flew into the sky one after another, chasing in the direction of Gonggong’s departure.

It’s just that the speed of Gonggong is very fast, how can those apocalyptic soldiers catch up? In the blink of an eye, he was left far behind.


Seeing this situation, Castro was furious, and said angrily: “If a woman can’t catch up, what do you want?” After saying that, Castro’s eyes flashed, and he immediately locked on Raquel`, who had been floating in the air.

“Your Excellency Raquel`.”

In the next second, Castro took a deep breath and shouted at Raquel`: “Don’t let Gonggong escape, help me get back.” Gonggong is the Grand Marshal of the Northern Ying Continent. If he escapes, there will be endless troubles.

However, Raquel` didn’t seem to hear it. She hovered there, motionless, and said lightly, “Castro, I’m only responsible for helping you break through the imperial city, but I’m not obliged to help you arrest people. So don’t make a mistake.”

Hearing this, Castro was very angry, but he had nothing to refute.

At this time, the Tianqi army completely occupied the palace, and the soldiers cheered in unison for a while, and the sound shook the sky.

Ha ha…

Castro was in a very comfortable mood and couldn’t help laughing. Then, surrounded by many soldiers, he slowly entered the palace hall.

Raquel` remained calm and walked in as well.


The moment he entered the hall, Castro couldn’t help but take a deep breath, feeling extremely emotional.

This Beiying Palace is worthy of being the place where Emperor Houyi lived. It is so majestic, I don’t know how many times bigger than the Weather Palace.

The many generals behind him were all inexplicably excited.

You must know that this is the Northern Ying Palace. For thousands of years, the Northern Ying Continent has surpassed the Kyushu in strength, and no other continent can compete with it. It can be said that attacking the Northern Ying Continent in the past was simply unthinkable.

At this time, the Beiying Palace was actually captured, which is a lifetime honor for any battle-hardened soldier.


Just when the surrounding soldiers were extremely excited, Castro suddenly turned pale, his eyes locked on Raquel, and he said with a smile, "Raquel, don’t you have anything to explain?”

The voice fell, and the eyes of all the surrounding soldiers focused on Raquel`, each with a complex expression.

Gonggong escaped just now, but Raquel` did not pursue her, which was really suspicious.


Seeing the situation in front of her, Raquel` frowned, looked at Castro puzzled and said, “Castro, what do you mean? What should I explain to you?”

This Castro has a sick mind.


Castro’s face was gloomy and cold, resisting the anger in his heart, he said coldly: “I ask you, Gonggong escaped just now, why didn’t you pursue it?”

“Do you know that Gonggong is tyrannical and is the biggest enemy of my Tianqi royal family. Once she escapes, there will be endless troubles.”

The last sentence, Castro almost roared out.

Hearing this, Raquel` suddenly understood that it was because of this.

Chapter 2308

The next second, Raquel` showed a meaningful smile and said lightly, “Castro, don’t play your prestige in front of me. You know my identity best. I’m here to help today, and I’m not under your command at all.”

“Also, as I have said before, I am only responsible for helping you attack the imperial city, and I am not obliged to help you arrest people.”

“So, if you want to punish me, it’s not enough.”

When the last sentence was finished, Raquel`’s delicate face was full of fearlessness and disdain.


At this moment, Castro’s face flushed red and he was burning with anger.

Crazy, this Raquel` is so crazy, how dare to be so rude to me in front of so many people.


At the same time, many soldiers and soldiers around were also very shocked and angry, and couldn’t help but talk about it.

“This Raquel` is so arrogant.”

“Yeah, just resisted the decree just now, and I dared to contradict Your Majesty at this time…”

During the discussion, a general walked out quickly, pointed at Raqueland shouted: "Raquel, you are so bold, you dare to be so presumptuous to His Majesty, you can be arrogant if you don’t rely on your own strength.”

“Yes, you did make great contributions in the previous battle of Feilongguan, but in today’s battle, without you, we still broke the imperial city, so don’t stand in front of your majesty.”

The voice fell, and the other generals around nodded one after another.


Faced with this situation, Raquel` was not angry at all, but chuckled lightly: “Tsk tsk, you are really powerful, anyway, the imperial city has been captured, and my mission has been completed, so I say goodbye.”

When the voice fell, Raquel` turned around and was about to walk out of the hall.

In Raquel`’s heart, she didn’t want Beiying Imperial City to be forced as soon as possible, but the situation is now a foregone conclusion, and it cannot be changed.

As long as the backlash of the demon soul in the body is completely resolved, there will be no need to look at Edward’s face in the future.


However, before he took two steps, he heard a cold scolding from Castro.

Raquel` stopped and looked back at Castro: “Is there anything else?”


Castro took a deep breath, and there was a bit of meaning in his smile: “Raquel`, don’t you want to know, how did I break through the imperial city?”

When he said this, Castro had a smile on his face, but his eyes were full of gloom.

This Raquel` secretly helped Beiying Palace to find reinforcements. This matter is not counted, how can she easily let her leave?

Castro knew in his heart that with his strength, he was not qualified to challenge Raquelat all, but no matter what, he was Edward's person, so Raquel didn’t dare to do anything to Castro easily.


Hearing this, Raquel` Xiumei frowned slightly, showing a bit of interest: “I want to hear what you want to say.”

His face was calm, and his heart was also a little curious.

You know, Raquel` has been pondering just now, how the soldiers of the apocalypse should cooperate with each other and break through the south gate first…


Seeing the change in Raquel`’s face, Castro laughed and said slowly: “Speaking of this matter, it all depends on a letter. Last night I sent people to secretly monitor several exits of Beiying Imperial City. He caught a man named Hongda, who was carrying a secret letter asking for help and was going to send it to Rushers.”

At the end, Castro looked at Raquel` closely: “Do you know about this?”


At this moment, Raquel`’s body trembled, and she was shocked.

The secret letter he wrote by himself last night was actually intercepted by Castro?

Looking at this situation, Castro sent someone to pretend to be a disciple of Rushers, and then they infiltrated the Beiying Imperial City. No wonder, the South Gate was attacked so quickly…

Shocked in her heart, Raquel` looked calm on the surface, shook her head at Castro and said, “How would I know about this?”

“have no idea?”

Castro sneered: “According to my observation, the handwriting of that letter is almost the same as yours. Do you dare to say that you did not write it?”


In the face of Castro’s questioning, Raquel`’s face changed, and she suddenly panicked.

At the same time, the generals present also exploded.

“what’s going on?”

“Raquel` secretly wrote a secret letter to Rushers?”

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