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Chapter 2315

The small flame in this jade bottle has such a big origin?

Under the shock, Princess Dongling’s eyes flickered, and she suddenly thought of something, and she looked at Anthony with excitement and excitement: “Senior, according to you, will this jade bottle belong to Darryl? Spirit?”

Although Princess Dongling is sometimes willful, she is very thoughtful.

When I met the Demon Lord Gone before, I learned that Darryl was dead, and Darryl had received the inheritance of the Empress Suzaku before, possessing the power of bird ancestors in the body, and possessing the ability to be reborn.

The combination of these two clues is exactly in line with the situation in the jade bottle in front of him.

In other words, in the entire Divine Realm, only Darryl was the only one whose spirits could be immortalized by a flame for a long time.


Hearing this, Anthony ‘s eyes also lit up, and he couldn’t help but pat his thigh: “Nuwa really has a quick mind, why didn’t I think of this?”

After speaking, Anthony looked at the flame in the jade bottle carefully and said with emotion: “Look at this, this flame is the boy of Darryl. This boy’s life is really big, so he didn’t die.”


Princess Dongling responded softly, then pondered.

A few seconds later, Princess Dongling looked at Anthony , bit her lip and said softly: “Senior, the sky blue pearl is gone, I can’t rebuild the primordial spirit for the time being, why don’t you help Darryl first, help him regenerate Resurrection. Okay?”

When she said this, Princess Dongling’s eyes were full of pleading and expectation.

To be honest, in Princess Dongling’s heart, she didn’t have the slightest affection for Darryl. If it wasn’t for Darryl’s fake Rodolf appearance, Princess Dongling would not have lost her innocence, and she would not have been forced to marry Darryl.

It’s just that after so much in this period of time, Princess Dongling is open to everything, and, through understanding later, Princess Dongling also knows that Darryl is not as despicable as he thought before.

But now, Darryl ended up like this because he helped Divine Realm fight against Divine Realm, which made Princess Dongling feel both emotional and distressed.


At this time, in the face of Princess Dongling’s request, Anthony scratched his head, wondering: “Girl, don’t think of me as omnipotent, before helping you reshape your primordial spirit, you need to use Tianqing The power of the beads, now this kid only has a ball of fire, how can I rebirth him?”

Princess Dongling became anxious all of a sudden, took Anthony ‘s arm, and shook it gently: “Senior, you and Darryl knew each other at first sight, and you can’t bear him to become like this.”

“What’s more, he took you to Kyushu to taste delicious food before. If you don’t care, can you still be a friend?”


Hearing this, Anthony was very helpless, and nodded with a wry smile: “Don’t talk about it, girl, I’m afraid of you.”

Speaking, Anthony scratched his head and pondered: “Darryl’s current situation is very special, the reason why he has become like this is obviously that he wanted to be reborn at that time, and he was hit a second time. “

“But no matter what, he only has a ray of fire left, and it is very difficult to be reborn. This is the first time I have encountered such a situation…”

At the end, Anthony almost scratched his scalp.


Seeing this situation, Princess Dongling’s delicate face revealed deep despair and anxiety.

If Anthony can’t do anything, let alone others.

“Have it!”

At this moment, Anthony ‘s eyes suddenly lit up, and he said very excitedly: “Thousands of years ago, Nezha, the third son of Li Jing, the king of Tota, committed suicide at that time, leaving only a trace of his soul. His master reshaped the body with lotus flowers.”

“As far as I know, there is a kind of Dharma red lotus where God’s Domain and Void are linked. This Dharma red lotus is even rarer than Nezha’s reborn lotus. As long as we find it, we may be able to bring Darryl back to life. already.”

At the end, Anthony looked proud.

Fortunately, I have learned from the past, otherwise, I will be embarrassed in front of this little girl.

is it?

Hearing this, Princess Dongling was excited all of a sudden, and excitedly pulled Anthony : “Great, I know that senior must have a way, let’s hurry to find the ‘Faye Red Lotus’.”

Chapter 2316


Anthony nodded, and immediately took Princess Dongling up into the air, rushing towards the border of the gods.


the other side.

The fierce battle between the Pipa Fairy and the Demon Race continues.

In the middle of the sky, the Twelve Holy Demon Kings cooperated with the Demon Lord Gone to surround Fairy Pipa. Under the fierce battle between the two sides, the surrounding sky was extremely distorted, dark clouds were rolling, and thunder was roaring, as if the end of the world.


Facing the siege of the enemy, Fairy Pipa’s delicate face seemed calm, but her heart was indescribably anxious.

This Demon Lord Gone is so shameless that he even joined forces with his subordinates to deal with me.

Speaking of which, if she was fighting alone, Fairy Pipa would not be afraid of the Demon Lord Gone at all, but with the Twelve Holy Demon Kings, it would be completely different. Being suppressed to death, she had no chance to rush out at all.


And the Demon Lord Gone was also secretly annoyed. He took action himself, and the Twelve Holy Demon Kings helped. After dozens of rounds, he still couldn’t take her down. When the news spread, the reputation of the Demon Race was greatly reduced. How to conquer God’s Domain?

What made Corey Gone even more anxious was that Anthony slipped away just now because of his inattentiveness.

This Anthony must have gone to find Princess Dongling, and he cannot be allowed to succeed.

“Pipa Fairy.”

Thinking of this, Corey Gone became more and more anxious, and shouted coldly at Fairy Pipa: “Do you think you can hold us back by yourself? You are too naive.”

“Not only can you not escape today, Anthony and the daughter of Jiutian God, don’t even try to escape from my palm.”


The voice fell, Demon Lord Gone suddenly raised his hand, and in an instant, a terrifying Demon Soul power condensed, as if in mid-air, forming a huge blood-colored skull, directly blasting at Princess Dongling.

Wherever the skull passed, the sky was stained with blood, which was extremely terrifying.

Seeing this situation, the Twelve Holy Demon Kings hurriedly retreated. They all knew in their hearts that at this time, one of His Excellency Demon Lord’s stunts, ‘Gore Demon’s Fall’, was unparalleled in power. Once touched, he would be injured.

At the same time, Fairy Pipa also changed her pretty face and was secretly surprised.

The next second, Fairy Pipa didn’t have time to think, and quickly raised the Pipa in her hand to resist.


The huge skeleton carried endless power and slammed into the pipa fiercely. I saw the pipa fairy tremble, her face paled instantly, and her body was blown away by the volley.

“Ha ha….”

Seeing this scene, Demon Zun Gone was full of pride, and sneered at Fairy Pipa: “Fairy Pipa, the deity said that you can’t escape, so you should give up.”

Fairy Pipa bit her lip tightly and did not respond. She knew that if she continued to fight, it would be more and more unfavorable to herself. At that time, she stopped fighting and held the pipa tightly in her jade hand, urging Xianli to play a few rhythms.


These rhythms are the tunes created by the Pipa Fairy during this period of time. They are called “Mortal Sounds”. They contain incomparably mysterious power and are considered the Pipa Fairy’s trump card.

Originally, Fairy Pipa didn’t want to come up with the stunt of pressing the bottom of the box so quickly, but now she is being pressed step by step by the Demon Lord Gone, and there is really no way to do it.

I have to say that the power of this mortal sound is really amazing. Just looking at the fluctuation of the rhythm, the surrounding air is extremely distorted in an instant, and the demon warriors who hear these rhythms are also dizzy.

The twelve holy demon kings hurriedly covered their heads to resist the power of the rhythm. Even so, their bodies trembled and they could not stand firm.

Even the Demon Lord Gone subconsciously urged the Demon Soul to resist the power of the rhythm.


At this moment, Fairy Pipa didn’t have time to think about it. Taking advantage of the influence of the rhythm on the Demon Lord Gone and his subordinates, the delicate body flashed and flew directly to the distant sky.

In the blink of an eye, Fairy Pipa’s slender and charming figure disappeared into the clouds, and when the Demon Lord Gone reacted and wanted to stop it, it was too late.


At this time, the Demon Lord Gone, his face was extremely gloomy and gloomy, his eyes were blood red, and he almost spewed out fire.


Afterwards, the Demon Lord Gone looked around and roared angrily: “There are so many people, they can’t catch a Pipa Fairy, they are all waste.” First let the Anthony rush out of the siege, and then let the Pipa Fairy run away. Now, it’s hard for anyone to calm down about this matter.

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