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Chapter 271

at the same time.

Shaolin Temple, in the abbot’s meditation room.

The head of Shaolin had no master, dressed in a bright red robes, sitting there quietly, comprehending the Buddhist scriptures. His junior fellow Master Jueyuan was also there.

At this moment, a disciple hurriedly walked over and stood at the door respectfully and said: “Master, Master, a benefactor came outside the door, claiming to be Tianmen Duanfeng, and saying that there is an urgent matter to see you.”

Tianmen Duanfeng?

Master Kongwu slowly opened his eyes with a solemn expression, and then nodded: “Okay, then I’ll see you.”

Having said that, he got up and went to the front hall.

Recently, Tianmen has become famous in the arena. In just half a month, it has subdued a lot of evil forces. Master Wu admires it very much, and he has long been interested in making friends with Tianmen.

Tianmen Duanfeng is one of the four gods of the Tianmen. He came to the door and naturally wanted to meet.

In just one day, not only the six major factions received the invitation from the’Tianmen Duanfeng’, but other schools and forces on the rivers and lakes were invited almost at the same time.

For example, the Beggar Gang, Peach Blossom Island, Kongtong Pie, etc…

The situation is almost the same. The heads of the various sects, as soon as they took their disciples out of the mountain gate, were poisoned by the soft fragrance. When they had no resistance, a group of people in black rushed out and captured them one by one.


the other side.

Dafeng Real Estate, President’s Office.

This company is owned by Darryl, but Carol has always been the general manager. This is the first time Darryl has come to the president’s office.

At this moment, he locked the door behind him, sat on the boss’s chair, and took out the’yin grass’ from his pocket.

That’s right, just now, Ren Feifei sent someone to send the Yincao. At the beginning, I bet with Ren Feifei that the popularity of the Evilman Valley is exhausted and will be destroyed within two days.

As a result, on the day of the bet, the top ten wicked men were subdued by the Tianmen, and since then they have changed their evil and followed the good. This matter has spread throughout the world. Knowing the situation, Ren Feifei had to fulfill her promise and sent someone to send the’Yin Grass’.

At this moment Darryl was extremely excited, as long as he took it, he could regain his strength!

“Huh…” Darryl took a long sigh of relief, without even thinking about it, taking it directly.


At the moment when the spirit medicine entered, Darryl only felt a force to quickly repair his heart pulse, and immediately after the internal force of his Dantian, he recovered little by little!

In a full half an hour, Darryl slowly stood up, and his whole person became energetic! At the same time, a powerful breath filled his body.

Haha, I took Yang grass before, and now I take Yin grass again. After the combination of Yin and Yang, not only the internal strength is completely restored, but the strength level is also raised to a five-stage general!


Once you have reached the fifth stage of the generals, you can break through to the first stage of Wuhou as long as you take the Shenxian Pill!

Excited, Darryl didn’t even think about it, he directly took out a god pill and stuffed it into his mouth.

The immortal pill didn’t work at that time. After swallowing this pill, you need to wait about an hour for the effect of the medicine to take effect. During this hour, Darryl called Carol and asked her to report on the situation of Dafeng Company.

Long time no see, Carol is more charming than before. At this time, she was wearing a professional attire, and her s3xy figure was fully demonstrated.

Seeing Darryl, Carol seemed very cautious. Putting the folder in his hand aside, standing there respectfully, he called out in a low voice: “Dad…Dad…”

Now Carol, who runs Dafeng Company, has a good reputation in Donghai City and is known as the number one strong woman in Donghai City. Whoever sees her must call sister Lu. Now that she shouted these two words, only a trace of crimson flashed across her face.

Darryl looked at her and nodded: “How is the company now?”

“Dad… The current Dafeng Company has an annual revenue of about 3 billion yuan.” Carol told Darryl.

It turns out that Carol has taken several plots of land in the past few days. Originally, the real estate in Donghai City was monopolized by Li Heihu. But now Li Heihu has gone to other cities to develop, so the resources of Donghai City are left to Dafeng Real Estate.

After listening to Carol’s words, Darryl nodded, and after a few compliments, he let her go first.

As soon as the front foot walked, Darryl let out a long sigh of relief.


The internal strength of the whole body, in this moment, suddenly rises sharply! The power of the Immortal Pill has been fully utilized at this time! In a blink of an eye, he broke through to a period of Wuhou!

Click, click!

The bones on Darryl’s body all made noises! You know, a cultivator, from a military commander to Wuhou, is definitely a qualitative leap!


Finally, Darryl stood up slowly, his face was full of joy! With a fist in his hand, Darryl saw the air in front of him, and a black crack was torn apart by this fist!

So strong!

Darrylhen is refreshed! Now his strength is a period of Wuhou. And there is pure Yang internal power! There are also two skills: Nine Dragons Ascend to Heaven, Great Breaking Heaven Skill, One Finger of the Universe.

If you try your best, even if you encounter Sandan Wuhou, you will not be afraid at all!

If the Celestial Silkworm Treasure Armor is not lost, it is even more powerful!

Thinking that the Celestial Silkworm Treasure Armor was gone, Darryl’s good mood disappeared in an instant. He sat on the boss’s chair, lit a cigarette, and took a deep breath.

It’s really weird. The Taixuan Zhenjing and the Celestial Silkworm Treasure Armor are all treasures that everyone in the rivers and lakes want. If they are just lost, can it be uncomfortable.

Darryl sighed, but at this moment, a rush of cell phone ringing suddenly sounded.

Take it out and see that it was from Mathew. As soon as I pressed the answer button, I heard Mathew’s anxious voice.

“Sect Master! No good, a group of people pretended to be our Tianmen, and arrested the six major factions and all forces in the arena.”

Matthew panted heavily, and quickly continued: “The group of people posing as us used soft incense to poison the masters of various sects, and then tied them up. Now many sects in the rivers and lakes are clamoring to find out. We have revenge from Heaven! What can we do about this.”


Someone pretended to be Tianmen.

Also arrested a lot of people from the six major factions?

Darryl was shocked all over, and the whole person was extremely shocked.

The six major factions are all well-known and upright schools that have been passed down for a long time. Anyone who proposes any one has at least a few hundred years of history, with profound background and strong strength.

Especially the elders of the six major factions, it can be said that they are all masters in the arena.

And now, they were arrested. Who are these people who pretend to be Tianmen?

At this time, Darryl was shocked and angry, but also anxiously unable to do it!

D*mn, this matter must be found out clearly.

Thinking about it, Darryl asked in a deep voice, “Do you know who these are?”

On the other side of the phone, Mathew’s expression was complicated and he responded with shame: “Returning to the Sect Master, after getting the news, his subordinates immediately started investigating, but he hasn’t found out who the other party is. But just now, let’s A disciple of Tianmen said that he saw people from the Six Martial Arts sect in the Tower of Stars and was detained there.

Chapter 272

Picking the stars? Darryl frowned.

At this moment, Mathew continued: “Sect Master, I have gathered the manpower now, and can enclose the Star Picking Tower at any time, see Sect Master…”

Before he finished speaking, Darryl shook his head: “Don’t act rashly, wait for my instructions.”

Since the other party can catch the masters of the major factions, no matter what despicable means are used, the other party is definitely not an unknown person! The ordinary disciples of Tianmen are too low in strength. If they rush forward, they may cause unnecessary casualties.

Thinking of this, Darryl said: “Summon two generals, Huhha, ten heavenly kings, and your four great war gods. Come with me.”

After all, all 16 of them were Wuhou. At that time, in case of danger, you can retreat at any time.

“Yes, Sovereign!”

Darryl hung up the phone, went out immediately, and hurried towards the direction of the star picking building.


Donghai City, Zhuxing Building.

Zhanxinglou is located in the suburbs of Donghai City. Established in the Song Dynasty, it has undergone renovations for hundreds of years. It was also a famous tourist attraction in Donghae City.

However, in recent years, Donghai City has developed rapidly, and there are many interesting attractions, and the Star Tower has been deserted.

The Star Reaching Building is thirteen stories high, with carved beams and painted buildings, and majestic! At this time, all the masters of the martial arts were detained here!

Below the Star Tower is a large square that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. The ground is paved with white marble, which is very magnificent.

At this moment, in this square, a dozen people in black stood quietly!

The breath of these people in black is extremely terrifying! They are all at the Wuhou level at the lowest level, and even two of them have reached Wu Sheng! It was them who captured the masters of the various martial arts.

In front of these people in black, there was a chair. Sitting on the chair is a superb beauty. This group of people in black obviously took orders from this beauty.

This woman is really beautiful, especially her hot figure, she almost burst her shirt, she has a special charm.

If there are students from Shangwu Academy present, you will definitely be surprised.

Because this beauty is not someone else, but a goddess recognized by the academy, Raquel.

Sitting on the chair, Raquel, in addition to that beautiful face, also gave people a noble and inviolable prestige.

At this moment, a man in black slowly walked forward and spoke respectfully: “Your Royal Highness, the master of the sect of the Earth Round Continent, has been captured by us, and they are all detained in this star-catching building. The next step is to How to do?”

That’s right, the man in black called Raquel a princess. Raquel, the daughter of the Emperor of the Apocalypse Mainland, her title: Princess Yueying.

In recent years, Emperor Apocalypse has been determined to invade the Earth Yuan Continent, and has drawn up a preliminary plan to first control the martial arts masters in the Earth Yuan Continent. Then gradually rule the entire earth circle continent.

However, this plan is easy to say but difficult to implement. A person with both civil and military skills and far-reaching wisdom is needed to go to Earthland to do it.

However, there was no one suitable for the civil and military officials of the Manchu dynasty. They were either courageous and intrepid, or empty and resourceful and lacking courage.

In the end, Emperor Tianqi decided to let his beloved Princess Yueying go to Diyuan Continent to subdue the six major factions.

Because Princess Yueying is very smart and beautiful, she can talk. She can definitely accomplish this task.

Raquel came to the Diyuan Continent and heard that the Six Schools had established the Shangwu Academy, so he entered the academy as a student to investigate the news of the Six Schools. Recently, the Emperor of Apocalypse sent a soft incense to Raquel.

This soft fragrance is a good thing, and the entire Apocalypse Continent, only a little bit, was sent to Raquel. Using this poison, at the level below Wu Sheng, as long as you smell it, you will be poisoned.

Raquel used all the soft fragrance powder, and only then captured so many masters.

“How many people were arrested in total?” Raquel asked.

One of the men in black bowed respectfully, and said, “Going back to the princess, a total of nearly a thousand people were arrested, and among them, there were more than 50 people at the Wuhou level.”

Hearing this number, Raquel stood up slowly, smiling and applauding: “Okay, Dragon Shenwei, you have done a good job, and you did not live up to this princess’s expectations.”

The twelve men in black behind Raquel are known as the Twelve God Guards. They are named after the Zodiac: Rat Shenwei, Ox Shenwei, Tiger Shenwei… all the way to Pig Shenwei.

Among them, the rat god guard and the bull god guard are both martial arts level! The rest are also Wuhou level!

The twelve guards, everyone has a unique set of unique skills, and they are very powerful! It was Emperor Apocalypse, who was specially sent to protect Raquel.

“Princess, there is something unclear to my subordinates.” At this moment, the Rat God Guard knelt in front of Raquel and said.

“Say.” Raquel replied.

The Rat Guardian scratched his head: “Princess, wouldn’t it be better to kill the masters we caught directly? Why did you bring them to the Star Picking Tower?”

Raquel smiled lightly: “What’s the use of killing these masters? There are so many masters on the Earth Round Continent, have you finished killing? It’s better to catch these masters alive and let the whole world of Earth Round Continent kill each other.”

That’s right, in fact, there is only one purpose for capturing these masters alive. That is to let the rivers and lakes of the continent round the land and kill each other!

Just yesterday, when the Shangwu Academy classmates gathered, Raquel saw the strength of Tianmen with her own eyes, which was very shocking at the time.

So she thought, catch the masters of the various sects, humiliate them, and then lay the blame on Tianmen! Let all the big sects of the Earth Yuan Continent become enemies with Tianmen, and the whole arena will be in chaos!

At that time, the masters of the Apocalypse Continent, rushed over again, and swept all the rivers and lakes of the Earth Circle Continent, wouldn’t it be good?

“Where are my mask and shirt?” Raquel asked.

A guard next to him immediately presented a black robe and a golden mask respectfully.

It is rumored that Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi would wear a golden mask every time he appeared, and even the Tianmen disciples had never seen his true face.

Raquel coiled up her long hair, put on a mask, looked at Dragon Shenwei, and lowered her voice: “How do I look? How does my voice sound? Does it look like Yue Wudi.”

The Tiger God Guard was full of admiration and hurriedly knelt down: “Princess Qizi, your current appearance is exactly the same as the rumors of Yue Wudi, too similar.”

Hearing this, Raquel coughed lightly and corrected it: “Pay attention, I am Yue Wudi now, and you want to call me the Sect Master. Call the people from all major sects over, don’t show me Horse feet.”

Tiger God Guard is a wise man, he immediately understood, and respectfully said: “Yes, Sovereign.”

Raquel nodded in satisfaction, sat down in the chair again, and raised his hand: “Okay, now bring out all the people from all major sects.”

When she said this, a smile appeared on Raquel’s face, and she couldn’t wait.

The twelve god guards all responded, and then entered the Star Picking Tower.

In a short while, nearly a thousand people from all the major sects were taken out.

Among these nearly a thousand people, there are Emei School Miaoyuan Master, Shaolin Kongwu Master, Wudang Master Tianbao real person… In addition, the beggar gang master, Daotang hall master, Taohua Island master are famous in the arena. The forces of the People’s Republic of China are also among them.

These long-established figures on the rivers and lakes are extremely weak at this time.

Not only did they hit the soft incense, but at this time, they were all hit on the acupuncture points, and they couldn’t use any internal force, no doubt like ordinary people. Moreover, their hands and feet are all tied with fine steel chains, and it is impossible to escape.

At this time, Raquel was unspeakably relaxed and comfortable, his eyes swept over everyone, and he pressed his voice and said: “It’s okay, everyone, I’m really sorry to invite you in this way. I, Yue Wudi, is here. This, I apologize to everyone.”

When he said this, Raquel sat lazily in a chair, with a rebellious and arrogant posture. Did not pay attention to these arena masters at all.


At this moment, everyone present at the big sects suffocated the fire, staring fiercely at Raquel, angrily!

He is a decent person in the arena, but now he is like a prisoner, it is unreasonable! This is unreasonable! Have you ever suffered such humiliation in your life spanning the rivers and lakes!

“Yue Wudi!”

True person Lingbao stepped forward and pointed at Raquel and said coldly: “Our major factions have no grievances and no enmity against you in the heavens. Why did you arrest us?”

Chapter 273

The real person Lingbao became more excited as he spoke, and said awe-inspiringly to Raquel: “Before you, you Tianmen, you eliminated evil in the world. I originally admired it. Now it seems that it turned out to be a false impression. Rivers and lakes!”

Having said this, Lingbao’s really popular anger attacked his heart and coughed violently.

At first, the real person of Lingbao believed that these people were not from Tianmen. After all, Tianmen is open and upright, how can it be loosened with soft incense?

But now, when he saw Raquel wearing a golden mask, he was sure that this group of people were from Heaven!

In the whole arena, besides Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi, who else is wearing a golden mask?

“You Tianmen are really mean!”

“What punishing evil and promoting good, acting for the sky, the whole special code is sh!t!”

Angrily came from everyone, Raquel smiled and said nothing.

On the contrary, the more fierce they scolded, the happier Raquel’s heart became.

She arrested the six major factions and various forces in order to blame the Tianmen, and now it seems that the effect is not bad. But it’s not enough, it needs to be humiliated a few more times!

Raquel looked at Master Miaoyuan, and said with a smile: “Master, I am not going to kill you. Why should I be so excited? I invite you to come, just want to have fun with you. “

When the voice fell, Raquel waved his hand.

Suddenly, dozens of people in black came over, holding the wine jar. Coming to the front, he poured a bowl of wine for each of these martial arts masters.

After doing this, these people in black immediately retreated to the side.


Do you really want to invite us to drink?

Seeing this scene, all the heroes present were all in shock, their complexions changed, and they looked at each other one by one. It seals our inner strength, and also wears bracelets and ankle chains. Is there anyone who invites you to drink?

At this time, with a glass of wine in her hand, Raquel looked around and smiled: “Today, I am Yue Wudi, and you are in the same way as the heads of the world. I meet you for the first time. I respect everyone.”

After speaking, he raised his head and drank.

Seeing this scene, Master Miao Yuan was too waiting for a master, his eyes were cold, no one spoke, and no one drank.

Seeing everyone motionless, Raquel smiled.

At this moment, Long Shenwei sullenly said angrily: “Our Sect Master kindly invited you to drink, but you are so ignorant to promote it. It’s really shameful. Come on, please drink these heroes of the rivers and lakes.”

In a short time, I saw a group of maids walking not far away. They came to the masters, picked up the porcelain bowls on the ground, and forcibly opened their mouths one by one and poured them down.

Most of these arena masters are long-established figures, and the status of the arena is extremely respected. At this time, all of them were forced to drink alcohol, and they were all frightened. However, at this time, the internal force was sealed, and his hands were tied with chains. He couldn’t break free at all, and he could only be angry and humiliated.


In the next second, many people sprayed out on the spot after being forcibly poured.

The entrance is astringent and salty, where the wine is, it is clearly sea water!

In an instant, many people’s faces were blue, and they were forcibly poured into sea water to drink their dignified world famous places!

Don Su, the leader of the Beggar Gang, couldn’t help poking a few times on the ground, staring at Raquel and yelling: “Good, you Yue Wudi, the old man has no grudges with you, you are so humiliated, my Beggars are not at odds with you.

Hehe, can’t stand it just by taking a sip of sea water?

The good show is yet to come.

Raquel smiled without saying a word, and said inwardly.

At this time, Master Miaoyuan also flushed with a pretty face, and scolded in angrily: “Yue Wudi, I tell you, if you don’t kill me today, if you let me run into your heavenly gate in the future, I will see one kill another. See you Two kill one pair.”

“Tsk tsk…”

Raquel was not angry at all, stood up slowly, walked straight over, and exclaimed: “It is said that Master Miaoyuan is too upright and can’t hold a little sand in his eyes. Seeing it today, it really deserves its reputation.”

When he arrived, Raquel looked up and down at Master Miao Yuan, and said with emotion: “Master, with such a flowery and jade appearance, I really don’t know how many men will be crazy for you. How many boyfriends have Master had been with?”


Hearing this, Master Miaoyuan flushed with a pretty face, and her delicate body trembled, and said angrily: “What did you say?” This Yue Wudi dared to tease himself like this!


As a result, at this moment, Raquel suddenly came up and kissed Master Miaoyuan on the cheek.

At this moment, all the masters of the arena were dumbfounded!


Yue Wudi, Yue Wudi…he actually kissed Master Miaoyuan?

Who is Master Miao Yuan, dignified Elder Emei, sacred and inviolable!

But this Yue Wudi was so frivolous to her. I even kissed Master Miao Yuan too!

Too presumptuous, too presumptuous!

Master Miao Yuan froze there, her mind was blank!

What happened just now? !

This Yue Wudi, he…he actually kissed himself!

Slowly, Master Miao Yuan was too frightened, his face flushed, staring at Raquel, gritted his teeth and said: “Yue Wudi, you shameless and frivolous, I will kill you…”

As the elder of Emei, Master Miaoyuan has always been clean and self-conscious, and fame is more important than life.

Raquel’s behavior just now was even more uncomfortable than killing her!

Feeling the anger of Master Miao Yuan, Raquel’s face was even more smiling, and she apologized: “Oh, Master has a charming temperament. Just now, I, Yue Wudi, can’t help but offend. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. live.”

When she said this, Raquel curled up her lips, without any intention of repentance.

At this moment, Master Kongwu, the head of Shaolin, couldn’t help but sighed, put his hands together at Raquel, and said: “Yue Donor, Lao Na advises you to stop here, turn your head back, don’t make mistakes again and again. “

Hearing this, Raquel looked innocent, looked at Master Wu Wu, and asked with a smile: “Master said this wrong. I arrested you just because I wanted to invite you to drink. What’s wrong? Master Taizhen It’s so beautiful, I can’t help but k!ss it, it’s human nature.”


Master Miao Yuan was too angry, staring at Raquel and speechless.

This thief obviously treated himself lightly and said that he was very reasonable.

It’s really hateful!

Raquel laughed and said with a smile: “Master Miaoyuan, I think you are so beautiful, why don’t you have a husband? So let me help you, find a husband on the spot, and let you get married. how is it?”

As soon as this remark came out, the audience boiled!

This… This Yue Wudi, is it too ugly to speak? Want to find a husband for the teacher?

Master Miao Yuan was too angry, and cursed: “Yue Wudi, you thief, kill if you want to, don’t humiliate me again and again!”

Her Miaoyuan Master was innocent in her life and looked down upon the arena. How could she be so humiliated? !

Chapter 274

Raquel picked up the tea cup, took a sip, and said with a grin: “Master, don’t be angry. I’m also doing it for your own good. As the saying goes, men and women match, work is not tired. How can it be done without a husband. Well, today, I, Yue Wudi, will be a great matchmaker for you. The people present are all decent people and heroes, why don’t I hold a blind date meeting for you?”

Speaking of this, Raquel smiled even more happily: “Teacher, don’t worry, I will definitely find you a handsome husband.”

“You!” Master Miao Yuan was even more humiliated, almost fainting with anger. Finally couldn’t help it anymore: “Yue Wudi, I killed you as a beast!”

When the voice fell, she raised her hand all at once! But at this time she had no internal strength, and was instantly restrained by the man in black next to her.


I just want to piss you off! The more angry you are, the better, the more angry you are, the more you hate Tianmen!

Seeing Master Miaoyuan’s appearance, Raquel was so happy, she shouted: “Everyone, if you marry Miaoyuan, it will be a blessing for a lifetime.”

Speaking of this, Raquel’s tone went up a little bit higher: “Is there anyone who recommends himself and wants to marry the teacher?”

When the voice fell, everyone from each sect had a complicated complexion, and none of them dared to stand up.

Just kidding, that’s Master Miaoyuan! Who dares to tarnish the reputation of Master Miaoyuan!

Master Miao Yuan was almost annoyed, and kept yelling: “Yue Wudi, you scum, you can let your subordinates let me go! You seal my internal strength, what a hero?!”

Raquel smiled and retorted softly: “Master, you made a mistake again. I have never admitted that I am a hero.”

Haha, I’m just a little girl.

Master Miao Yuan was too angry for a while, biting his lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite.

Raquel couldn’t help laughing, and said loudly: “What? No one wants to marry Master Miaoyuan as his wife? So, whoever wants to marry Master Tai, I will let him go!”


Hearing this, the disciples of the various martial arts present were inexplicably cheered up, and they were all about to move.

Seriously, no one like me now wants to be imprisoned here!

“No one wants it?” Raquel said coldly: “If you don’t want to, you don’t want to leave in your life. If you are willing, I will definitely let you go!”

“I do.”

At this moment, a voice came out, and then a figure walked out of the Wudang crowd.

It is Lingbao real person! Suddenly, everyone’s eyes focused on him.

Raquel was very happy, and beckoned: “Mr Lingbao, you are willing to marry the teacher, right?”

“I, I would…”

At this moment, Master Miaoyuan broke out too thoroughly, shouting loudly: “Lingbao, I, Emei, will never be at odds with your Wudang!”

Real Lingbao looked embarrassed, a little bit dumbfounded.

This Master Miao Yuan is too hot-tempered, don’t you see that you are acting? As long as you can leave here, you will immediately summon the disciples of the sect to destroy this heavenly gate!

Raquel sat back in the chair happily and clapped her hands: “Well, the pairing is successful! Come on, hold the wedding ceremony for Master Miaoyuan and Lingbao real person!”

At this moment, a few maidservants walked over and pressed the real person Miaoyuan Master Taihe Lingbao to make them bend down slightly.

“Wow!” Raquel said with a grin.


At this moment, Master Miao Yuan was too delicate and trembling, and couldn’t help it anymore, and was sprayed out with a breath of blood!

It’s over, my reputation is completely ruined! Completely ruined! Even if I can leave here today, Jianghu will inevitably say that he and Lingbao have once visited the hall!

At this time, Master Miao Yuan had bloodshot eyes, unable to speak, his eyes, like two sharp swords, stared at Raquel fiercely, full of resentment and resentment.

If the eyes can kill people, I am afraid that Raquel is now riddled with holes.

Raquel was very satisfied, and smiled at Master Miaoyuan: “Master, what are you doing staring at me. If I were you, it would be too late to be happy.”

“Come on, worship Gaotang two times! The husband and wife worship each other!”

Raquel smiled, took out his mobile phone and recorded the scene in front of him.

There are no mobile phones on the Apocalypse Continent. So before coming to Diyuan Continent, she didn’t know how to play mobile phones, but Raquel was clever and smart. She could learn these technology products as soon as she learned.

A few minutes later, this grand and absurd wedding ended.

At this time, Raquel looked at the Twelve God Guards and said with no interest: “Okay, let go of all the masters of the rivers and lakes. Let Master Miaoyuan and the real person Lingbao find a place to enter the bridal chamber by yourself!”

After tossing for so long, it’s almost the same. These various big sects must hate Tianmen deeply!

When the goal is achieved, it will be accepted when it is good. After letting go of these arena masters, the disciples will definitely be summoned to enter the gate of heaven!

“Yes, Sovereign! Your subordinates will release all the masters!” Hearing the order, Tiger Shenwei agreed.


He wants to let us all go? Did you catch us on the mountain just to humiliate us?

At this moment, all the people present were dumbfounded.

At this time, the real person Lingbao looked at Raquel: “You are going to let us all go? Didn’t you say that whoever wants to marry the teacher will let him go? Why are we let go?”

At this time, the real Lingbao felt that he had been tricked.

I knew this a while ago, so I didn’t say just now that I was willing to marry a teacher. If I was tricked, I also offended Master Miaoyuan!

Raquel chuckled lightly and looked directly at the real person Lingbao: “What? Let you all go, are you still upset?”

Having said this, Raquel ignored it, took out his mobile phone, and watched the video recorded just now.

Lingbao was really unpopular, trembling faintly, clenching his fists. With hatred in his eyes! My own internal strength is now sealed, otherwise, I will sacrifice my life and kill Yue Wudi!

He even regarded his six major factions as playthings!

At this time, Long Shenwei urged angrily: “Can’t you go, you’re addicted to being a prisoner, right? Go quickly, I’ll escort you down the mountain.”

While talking, the twelve guards rushed up, took a long rope, tied all these masters of the rivers and lakes to a rope, and then escorted them down the mountain.

In a blink of an eye, Raquel was left alone in the huge plaza of Xingxinglou.

At this time, Raquel was indescribably relaxed and cheerful.

Humiliated all the big sects, and at the same time framed the Tianmen.

Starting today, the arena of this continent will definitely be in turmoil. At that time, the Apocalypse Continent will send people over to unify the arena!

Excited, Raquel suddenly frowned, only to feel a fierce breath behind her! At that time she quickly turned around and looked back. At this look, her delicate body trembled suddenly!

I saw a person standing quietly behind him. This person was well-proportioned and wore a golden mask on his face.

The person here is the real Tianmen Sect Master, Yue Wudi, Darryl!

At this time, Darryl was also very angry!

Darryl saw the scenes of humiliating the six major factions just now! D*mn’s, dare to impersonate yourself?

Darryl gritted his teeth and said coldly: “Who are you, why are you pretending to be me?”

At this time, Darryl and Raquel both wore masks. So I can’t recognize each other at all.


Hearing this, Raquel turned her mind and said with a smile: “Don’t get me wrong, I really admire you, so I made a mask for myself.”

At this time, the twelve guards escorted the masters down the mountain. This square is all alone, so let’s stabilize him first..

Darryl was startled, and then chuckled: “Worship me? You treat me as a fool. You arrested all the six major factions and got me unrighteous. This is worshiping me? Don’t beat you down today? Begging for mercy, I am not Yue Wudi.”

Chapter 275

When the voice fell, Darryl slapped Raquel with a palm!

Raquel reacted quickly, leaping lightly, and ran towards the distance.

“Want to run?” Darryl snorted coldly, and quickly caught up!

While chasing them, they turned around and shouted at the Four Great War Gods: “Mathew, you hurry down the mountain and notify the martial arts that someone pretends to be my Tianmen! Be sure to resolve the misunderstanding with the martial arts!”

“Subordinates obey!” Mathew and others responded one after another.

On the other side, Raquel ran for several minutes, only to feel that the distance between Darryl and himself was getting closer and closer, and he was about to catch up!

However, at this time, Raquel didn’t panic at all, instead he smiled. Because not far away, there is a forest. This mountain forest is my own formation! Regardless of how strong you are, you will never get out of this mountain forest forever!

At this moment, Raquel did not hesitate at all, tapped the ground with his toes and jumped into the forest.

At the same time, outside the mountains and forests, Darryl stopped, did not enter rashly, but observed carefully.

This mountain forest is weird, it seems to be a sleepy formation.

Raquel sighed slightly and looked at Darryl with a smile: “I have no grievances with you, why are you chasing me?”

“No grievances?” Darryl sneered: “You pretended to be me and arrested various sects in the world in the name of Tianmen. Are you embarrassed to say that there is no grudges?”

Hearing this, Raquel’s eyes turned: “You should thank me. Now your reputation in Tianmen is completely popular in the world.”

Darryl laughed, this person is really arrogant.

At that time, I was too lazy to talk nonsense and said, “You take off the mask and show it to me. Since you dare to pretend to be me, don’t you have the courage to face me?”

Raquel was very proud, and said with a smile: “Why should I go out? Come in if you have the courage.”

With that said, Raquel deliberately provoked: “If you want to take off the mask, you should take it off first. The dignified Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi, don’t you have the face to see people?”


Darryl was very annoyed, and at the same time was speechless. This man’s lips are too strong. For a time, I was speechless.

Seeing him not speaking, Raquel was even more proud: “Unexpectedly, Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi would be so cowardly and cowardly that he would not even dare to enter a small mountain forest.”

The mountain forest where Raquel is located is indeed a formation, Liuhe Qiankun formation! This formation was taught to her by the national teacher of the Apocalypse Empire, and it was extremely mysterious.

Raquel is very confident in this formation, except for herself, anyone who comes in will be trapped inside and will not get out for a lifetime!

At that time, the purpose of deploying this formation was just in case, if the plan to capture the big sects failed, they could hide inside.

As a result, the arrest of the six major factions was successful. But he was chased by Yue Wudi and fled here.

“Zhuzha, Sect Master Yue, you are really a counselor.” Raquel said with a smile: “Don’t you want to take off my mask? You don’t even dare to come in this mountain forest, and you want to take off my mask? In the next life. “

Darryl did not speak, but silently observed. This mountain forest is a very clever formation.

After observing for two minutes, Darryl nodded. If he guessed right, this formation is called Liuhe Qiankun Formation. There is a record on 【Bai Qi Shen Formation】 that this formation is a middle-to-higher difficulty formation. It is not difficult to crack this formation.

Thinking of this, Darryl strode into the forest!

“You really dare to come in!” Raquel happily said with a grin: “Unexpectedly, the dignified Sect Master of Tianmen, IQ is a bit insufficient. Entering this formation, you can hardly move! I won’t accompany you, you are there. Stay here.”

After speaking, Raquel turned around and ran away.

Five from the left, three from the right, Qianqikun nine…

Raquel muttered the formula silently, and ran towards the exit. In this formation, if you don’t follow the formula, it’s hard to move an inch! Yue Wudi didn’t know the formula, so he wanted to catch up with him, it was a foolish dream.

As a result, Raquel didn’t expect that she was about to walk to the exit, and she saw a dark figure suddenly appeared in front of her. She looked up and suddenly screamed in fright!

I saw that Darryl was not far away, blocking his way!

“You…” Raquel bit her lip tightly, her face full of shock!

This Yue Wudi… how could he catch up? ! impossible!

“It’s just a Liuhe Universe Formation, just want to trap me?” Darryl said coldly.

Hearing this, Raquel only felt that his mind went blank!

He also understands this formation?

This… how is this possible.


Just when Raquel was secretly frightened, Darryl had no warning, and suddenly took off, taking off the golden mask on her face!

Surprise, make people defenseless!


However, at this moment, Darryl saw her exquisite appearance and couldn’t help taking a breath, his whole body was stunned!

Ren… Raquel? !

Is she impersonating me? !

Darryl has been dumbfounded! I have to say that Raquel is talented and beautiful.

At this time, her long hair was curled up and she was wearing a black robe. Although she concealed her figure, her charming temperament was enough to make a man fall!

Raquel was ashamed and angry. Taking advantage of Darryl’s daze, she stretched out her hand and took the opportunity to tear off Darryl’s mask!

This time, it was Raquel’s turn to be stunned!

“Darryl? Why are you?”

In a moment, Raquel’s body trembled, and she couldn’t say a word! In her heart, to be able to create Tianmen, and make Tianmen famous in the world in just a few days, she must be an indomitable figure!

But never thought it would be Darryl!

For a time, there was silence in the mountains and forests! The two looked at each other, and no one spoke.


After a few seconds, Darryl finally took a deep breath and looked at Raquel closely: “Say, why are you pretending to be me?”

When the classmates of Shangwu Academy were gathering before, Darryl’s first impression of Raquel was that this woman was beautiful and had a high emotional intelligence. But who could have imagined that this woman had such a cruel heart that she would arrest the martial art of Jianghu, and then lay the blame on Tianmen!

The most important thing is, who is this Raquel? The twelve guards are all masters, so why are they willing to serve her? ! Among them, the rat god guard and the bull god guard are still martial arts level! Such masters are generally very temperamental and will not easily obey orders.

“I’ll ask you again, what exactly are you, why are you pretending to be me?” Darryl asked again coldly.

Hearing the questioning, Raquel smiled and asked: “Why should I tell you?”

“I don’t like nonsense, I’ll ask again, do you say it or not?” Darryl clenched his fist and stared at her tightly!

Raquel was not afraid at all, but smiled: “What if I don’t say it?”

Knowing that Darryl is Yue Wudi, Raquel was really shocked, and couldn’t help but look at him up and down at this time.

Darryl frowned, only to hear a click, and the blood-drinking sword appeared in his hand and placed it directly on Raquel’s neck: “I will ask one last time, why are you pretending to be me!”

The voice fell, and a powerful breath filled Darryl’s body!

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