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Chapter 276

Raquel looked at the blood-drinking sword, smiled lightly, and took the initiative to greet him, raised his head and closed his eyes, deliberately provoking: “Darryl, want to know my identity? I won’t tell you, there is a kind of killing you. It’s me. After you kill me, you won’t know who I am for the rest of your life, and my subordinates will keep chasing you.”


Seeing Raquel’s appearance, Darryl gritted his teeth, and at the same time lost his temper.

This woman is really hard to deal with.

“Kill me. If you don’t kill me, just let me go, don’t delay each other’s time.” Raquel opened her eyes and laughed playfully.

Darryl let out a long sigh of relief and showed a smile: “I won’t kill you. I won’t let you survive or die.”

When the voice fell, Darryl took off his clothes and tore them into strips of cloth. Then he hugged Raquel and tied her to a tree tightly.

“Darryl, what are you going to do!” Raquel yelled, ashamed and angry.

Darryl ignored her, but suddenly raised his palm, and within a short time, the strong internal force whizzed away, directly breaking the two big trees next to it!

Raquel said, “What are you doing? If you dare not kill me, just use these trees to suffocate your anger?”

This Darryl, wouldn’t he be driven crazy by himself.

Darryl didn’t say a word, and he slapped out again, destroying a few big trees!


However, at this moment, Raquel only felt itchy and hot on her body, extremely itchy! Extremely hot!

“Darryl, what did you do to me?!” Raquel exclaimed.

Darryl smiled and looked at her: “I just changed your formation a little bit. In addition to trapping people, this Liuhe Universe Formation can also draw the damp and heat underground to people, making people feel giant Itchy, life is better than death.”

“Don’t frighten me!” At this time, Raquel felt nervous, but still stubbornly reluctant to admit defeat, she curled her lips and said: “Why don’t I believe it, this Liuhe Universe Array can still be changed? Don’t lie to me.”

When the national teacher taught himself this formation, he never said that this formation can be changed! Not to mention, this formation can make people itchy!

Darryl looked at her with a smile, did not speak, and waited quietly.

At this time, a damp and hot breath quickly filled the mountains and forests.

This dampness directly surrounded Raquel. At that moment, she felt a strange itch again from all over her body!


Raquel only felt that there seemed to be many individuals who were constantly tickling themselves. That feeling made her laugh out loud!

“It’s so itchy, it’s so itching, Darryl, stop it, haha, stop it!” Raquel couldn’t bear this itchy and hot feeling. She felt that every inch of her skin was covered from top to bottom. Itchy!

“Haha, Darryl, did you hear that, just let your formation stop!” Raquel stomped her feet straight, her red lips opened slightly, and she kept laughing, but the expression on her face was where smiles were. Ah, clearly dumbfounding!

Darryl stood in front of her, saw her being tortured like this, and said with a smile: “How about it? Tell me now? Why are you pretending to be me?”

Raquel’s beautiful body couldn’t stop trembling, resisting the hot and itchy sensation, biting her lips tightly, just not talking!

“Okay, I see how long you can hold on.” Darryl was not anxious, jumped up and jumped to an uncle, lying on the branch happily.

The longer the time, Raquel’s uncomfortable feeling will become stronger and stronger. In this case, no one can bear the itching.

Darryl closed his eyes, and Raquel’s silver bell-like laughter kept coming from his ears, which was particularly pleasing to the ear.

Ten seconds later, Raquel was dripping with sweat and couldn’t hold it anymore: “Darryl, haha…you can stop the formation, okay…”

Hearing Raquel’s tone, finally softened, Darryl was happy in his heart, but still did not speak. Wasn’t this woman stiff mouth just now? She must be tortured. Thinking of this, Darryl closed his eyes, lying on the treetop and whistling as if he hadn’t heard him.

Seeing this scene, Raquel put down her proud posture and completely collapsed: “Darryl, I beg you to stop the formation, okay, I beg you…”

Asking Darryl for mercy, Raquel felt 10,000 reluctance in her heart! But she really can’t stand it! At this time, her tortured body was full of sweat, and the exquisite curve was looming, and the blush on her face made people even more dreamy.

Seeing that Darryl hadn’t spoken yet, Raquel’s self-esteem was completely left behind, stomping and begging: “Darryl, Yue Wudi, Sect Master Yue! Brother Yue! I beg you, please forgive me, me Don’t dare anymore, forgive me…”

After saying this, Raquel felt that her face was red and hot like a burning cloud. She is dignified by Princess Yueying of the Apocalypse Continent, whoever sees herself must kowtow to say hello! She did not expect that she would beg for mercy from a man!

Hearing this, Darryl opened his eyes lazily: “Speak, who are you?”

“I, I am the princess of the Apocalypse Continent…”

Hearing this, Darryl’s body was shocked, and he looked at Raquel inconceivably, unable to speak for a long time.

It turned out to be a princess! No wonder the masters of the twelve gods and guards are willing to follow her instructions!

In shock, Darryl couldn’t help but ask: “Then why are you pretending to be me and arresting all the major factions?”

Raquel bit her lip, a pair of wonderful eyes flashed, and made a very aggrieved look: “I just think it’s fun. I pretend to be you because I admire you. I think your heavenly gate is very majestic. Sect Master Yue Wudi is so powerful. ..”

After finishing speaking, Raquel resisted the itch, and pleaded softly: “Sect Master Yue, Brother Yue, I will not dare anymore, will you spare me…”

Darryl frowned, “Forgive you, but you have to follow me to find those sects and explain things clearly! You humiliate those sects of the jianghus and put the blame on our tianmen. If you don’t explain clearly, my tianmen will not be successful. The public enemy of martial arts?”

“Well, I’ll go, can’t I go!” Raquel was almost crying, biting her lip tightly.

Hearing her compromise, Darryl waved his hand and closed the formation.

As a result, at this moment, I heard a sound of footsteps outside the forest! Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen figures flew in quickly!

It is the Twelve God Guards!

Seeing them, Raquel lifted his spirits and shouted loudly: “Quickly, the twelve guards, catch this Darryl for me! You must catch him for me, have you heard it!”

Raquel at this time was indescribably ashamed!

I just couldn’t stand it anymore, so I could only give in temporarily. Now that the Twelve God Guards are here, how could it be possible to spare Darryl!

Today he must be captured alive, let him kneel down and beg for mercy, and kowtow for mercy!

Chapter 277


Raquel’s voice fell, and the eyes of the twelve guards immediately locked Darryl and rushed over!

groove! Darryl cursed secretly, before thinking about it, he turned and ran!

These twelve people really can’t afford it! Ten of them are Wuhou realm, not to mention, there are two Wusheng!

Even if you fight to the death, you can’t win, so the best way is to run quickly.

Darryl swore that he had never run so fast in his life. However, no matter how fast he is, he is not as fast as the two martial sages!

In just a few breaths, the Rat God Guard jumped and stood in front of Darryl. Without warning, he directly turned his five fingers into claws and grabbed Darryl’s chest!

D*mn, is this the power of Martial Saint? He is just a random claw, but it is so terrifying! If this is caught, it will be immortal and disabled!

Darryl even had a feeling of suffocation! At that time, he didn’t dare to head-on, so he could only retreat and dodge.

At this moment, Niu Shenwei attacked from the other side, blasting towards Darryl with a punch!

This punch carries the momentum of thunder and is very domineering and tyrannical!

Darryl had already reacted quickly and avoided to the left, but he still didn’t hide, and was wiped by this punch. Just this time, Darryl spouted a mouthful of blood!

“Ah!” Darryl only felt that his mind was blank, his body was out of control, he flew out more than ten meters, fell heavily to the ground, and two mouthfuls of blood spurted out!

At this moment, the twelve divine guards had all gathered around, Darryl was about to cry without tears, suddenly a little desperate!

It’s over, do you want to become a prisoner? If this is caught, Raquel will not torture herself to death?

“Stop with your hands.” The Mouse God Wei said coldly, reaching out to grab Darryl!


However, at this critical moment, two air-breaking sounds came, and Darryl looked at it subconsciously, only two figures flew in quickly!

One man and one woman!

The man has a slender figure, a thin face, and a blue dragon tattoo on his neck!

The woman wears a dark red dress with a slender and graceful figure. This man and woman are two of the four great kings of the Tongtian Church, the Qinglong Lord and the Suzaku Lord!

Why are they here? Shouldn’t they be on Tongtian Island? Darryl was full of doubts.

“Venerable Tongtian, I’ll save you!” The Qinglong Dharma yelled, slapped his wrist, and slapped the rat guard!

“Bang!” This palm fell, the Rat Shenwei and Qinglong Law King, each stepped back, no one took advantage!

At the same time, the Suzaku French King also rushed over and hugged Darryl in his arms. His charming face was full of complexity and worry: “Venerable, how are you? Are you injured?”


At this moment, Darryl only felt that his internal organs were about to shift. While holding back the pain, smelling the fragrance of Suzaku French King’s body and feeling her graceful posture, he couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva secretly, and then smiled: “It’s okay, I can’t die.”

Hearing this, the Vermillion Bird King nodded and flew into the air with Darryl in his arms!

At the same time, the Blue Dragon King also fought and retreated, and finally left.

The two French kings took Darryl and flew for dozens of miles, and finally took Darryl to a ship.

“Sir, are you sure that the injury is OK?” Standing on the deck of the ship, the Blue Dragon King couldn’t help asking. He could see that there was still blood at the corner of Darryl’s mouth.

Darryl waved his hand: “It’s okay, it’s okay, you two will suddenly appear? Shouldn’t you be in Tongtian Island?”

The two great princes looked at each other, and then, His Majesty Suzaku said softly: “Return to Venerable Venerable, the wife sent us here specially, please go back to Tongtian Island. The two of us were in Donghai City, after looking for a long time before we found you .”

“Madam looking for me?” Darryl murmured: “Why is Madam looking for me?”

It’s been a long time since I saw you, madam miss me, right? Haha.

“The subordinates don’t know what the madam is looking for you.” Suzaku French King said softly. Generally speaking, while urging the internal force to let the ship move, the direction of travel is Tongtian Island.

Darryl nodded, and stopped asking.

Two hours later, Tongtian Island.

It was late autumn at this time, but the place on Tongtian Island was like a paradise. The exotic flowers and grasses by the sea were still full of vitality. From a distance, there was a pleasant scenery.

Outside the teacher’s wife, the French King Suzaku knocked on the door and said respectfully: “Madam, Darryl has brought it here.”


When the voice fell, Kendra’s soft voice came from the room: “Okay, Qinglong, Suzaku, you two should step back first. Let Darryl come in by himself.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The Suzaku King replied and turned to leave.

Seeing the two walking away, Darryl opened the door and walked in.


As soon as he entered the door, he saw the scene inside, and Darryl couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

Today’s Kendra, wearing a lavender nightgown, has a s3xy curve, and it is almost impossible to look away. The beautiful face, with a little pink and white, is so beautiful!

I haven’t seen each other for a while, and the lady has become more charming.

“Madam, suddenly I called back, did you miss me?” Darryl said with a grin. After the first two close contacts, he is now bolder.

Kendra’s face flushed, and he gave him a sullen look: “Darryl, I’m still the wife of the leader, you are really getting more and more presumptuous.”

This Darryl is getting more and more out of shape.

“Good, good. The subordinates obeyed.” Darryl put away his smile and couldn’t help asking: “Madam, what’s the matter with me?”

Among all the women he knew, Kendra was the most rational, and would not find himself for no reason.

Kendra snorted, got up from the bed, walked to Darryl’s side, and said softly: “I ask you, if I don’t send someone to look for you, you will never take the initiative to see me.”

Listening to her tone, Darryl laughed and hugged her backhand, hugging her tightly.

“I have experienced a lot of things these days. I almost lost my life to the hands of the six major factions. I really don’t have time to come here. Madam, don’t blame me.” Darryl whispered in her ear.

This is absolutely no lie. Some time ago, Master Miao Yuan’s heart was broken by the palm of Master Miao Yuan, and he managed to recover from the injury, and then encountered Raquel pretending to be himself. This series of things made Darryl so busy that he really didn’t have time to come to Tongtian Island.

In fact, if he were not so busy, Darryl would really come to visit his wife. Because strictly speaking, the lady is his first woman.

Suddenly being hugged by Darryl, Kendra was ashamed and happy, but pushed him away and whispered: “I, I didn’t blame you… I just… just miss you so much…”

After saying this, her face flushed!

As the wife of the leader, she usually stands high, when did she say such shameful things? 1 But in front of Darryl, she always couldn’t help herself, letting go of all her arrogant gestures.

Hearing Madam’s words, Darryl hugged her waist again and hugged tightly!


Due to inertia, Kendra’s whole body fell into Darryl’s arms. At the same time exclaimed.

“What’s the matter, did I hold it too hard and hurt you?” Darryl asked softly.

“I…I’m okay…” Kendra bit his lip tightly, almost bleeding from his lips: “But you hug me so hard, I’m afraid, I’m afraid of hurting the child in my stomach…”

What? !

At this moment, Darryl’s head buzzed!

Belly.. the child in the belly? !

This this..

“It’s our child.” Kendra smiled lightly, his face flushed.

Chapter 278

“I, our child… It’s true!” Darryl was surprised and happy, and couldn’t tell what it was like. He only felt a sense of happiness, and suddenly surrounded himself!

“Really, don’t believe you touch it.” Kendra blushed, took Darryl’s hand and placed it on his abdomen.

During this period of time, Kendra has been feeling unwell, and it has been a long time since he had a menstrual period. I tested it by myself at that time, and sure enough, I found out that I was pregnant.

After marrying Master Tongtian for so many years, there has never been a husband and wife, only being close to Darryl. It can be said that Darryl is her first man and the only one.

In addition, these days, she missed Darryl so much, that’s why she sent two great lords to look for Darryl.

At this moment, Darryl’s hand was placed on Madam’s lower abdomen. At this moment, his whole body was shocked!

He is now at the Wuhou level, so he can clearly feel that there is a faint life fluctuation between Kendra’s lower abdomen, although it is very small, Darryl still feels it.

Really pregnant! Really pregnant!

Darryl was so excited, he immediately raised his wife’s jade hand: “I…I’m going to be a father?”

A smile appeared on Kendra’s delicate face, his eyes bent into crescents, and he couldn’t help but leaned his head on his shoulder: “Yes, you are a father…”

Darryl was so excited that he hugged her tightly. Excited and trembling all over! For a while, the two did not speak, feeling each other’s warmth.

After a long time, Darryl took a deep breath and suddenly took Kendra’s hand and walked outside!

“You…what are you doing?” Kendra exclaimed.

Darryl looked at her tenderly: “You are pregnant with my child, what are you still doing here? I want to take you away from Tongtian Island.”

“You, you fool around!” Kendra snorted: “Darryl, don’t be stupid, even if I go with you, where can we go? Tongtian Sect disciples are all over the world, and we will be found soon! At that time, there will be only dead ends. One.”

Hearing this, Darryl was anxious: “What should you do then? You can still hide it now. In a few months, your belly will grow bigger and you can’t hide it if you want to hide it!”

When the belly is big, the leader will definitely ask, when the pregnancy is revealed, then Kendra’s situation is really too dangerous.

At this moment, Kendra said softly: “Don’t worry, I have already thought of a way.”

Speaking of this, Kendra lightly breathed a sigh of relief and whispered in a low voice: “Darryl, I will tell you one thing before I can tell you a solution.”

Speaking of this, she paused and continued: “According to reliable sources, the Apocalypse Continent is very ambitious. I am afraid that it will invade our Earth Continent soon. Half a month ago, the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent sent an envoy. I want to persuade the Tongtian Sect to return to the Tianqi Continent.”

Darryl couldn’t help asking: “What then? What did the teacher say? Is it true or not?”

Kendra nodded: “The leader agreed to submit.”


Darryl was stunned. How can this be promised? ! If you return to the Apocalypse Continent, don’t you become a traitor? !

Kendra continued: “The messenger of the Apocalyptic Continent said that as long as the Tongtian Sect is willing to submit. When the Emperor Apocalyptic ruled the Earth Yuan Continent, he will be named the leader, let the leader be the prime minister, and one person will be more than ten thousand! Moreover, the Tongtian Sect will also Respected as the god of protection of the country.”

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but smile.

D*mn, in this Apocalyptic Continent, in order to win over the Tongtian Sect, I really want to pay for it.

Kendra bit her lips tightly and was a little angry: “I’m very disappointed with the leader of this matter. Although the Tongtian Sect is not well-known, it should be sturdy! If the Earthyuan Continent falls, even if it is revered as the goddess of protecting the country. So what, is it still living under someone else’s roof?!”

Speaking of the last sentence, Kendra was a little angry: “How can you be a running dog of the Apocalypse Continent, a man standing upright? I am really disappointed with the leader.”

After listening to these words, Darryl’s heart was unspeakable.

He never expected that Kendra, as a delicate woman, would have such a sense of integrity!

Kendra laughed and said softly: “So, I don’t want to stay on Tongtian Island anymore. I don’t want to follow Tongtian Island and be a traitor together. So even if I am not pregnant with your child, I will leave. But I Go, the leader will definitely find me. So I thought of a way.”

Speaking of this, Kendra sat on a chair, picked up a teacup, and took a sip: “After half a month, Emperor Tianqi will send an envoy again to discuss with the leader how to destroy the earth circle continent. At that time, Tongtian Island. There will definitely be a banquet, drinking and having fun. When the time comes, I will look for a chance and burn the backyard with a fire. That night the disciples of Tongtian Island will be drunk, and no one will come to fight the fire.”

Kendra put down the tea cup and said in a low voice: “When the time comes, I will take the opportunity to leave. When the leader sobers up, I must think I was burned to ashes. I won’t be looking for me again.”

I go.

Hearing this plan, Darryl admired and worried: “Will this be too dangerous?”

But I have to say that this lady is also resourceful.

“I have to do it if it is dangerous. I must leave here.” Kendra’s red lips opened slightly: “Because I don’t want to be a traitor to the land, and I don’t want to stay on this island. The most important thing is that I want to be safe and sound. Gave birth to our children.”

Speaking of this, Kendra smiled lovingly and touched his stomach.

Darryl said nothing, nodded and said: “Okay, I will find a boat to meet you at that time.”

Kendra whispered an’um’, his face flushed without warning, and he whispered: “Darryl, I will be yours in the future. You, you, you can have three wives and four concubines, but you can’t leave it alone. Me! If you don’t want me… I will… I will…”

With that, Kendra’s voice became quieter, inaudible. His face was also a little red, sultry, unspeakably charming.

Darryl looked at her with a smile, and said jokingly: “How about you?”

Madam is like this, it’s so likable.

Kendra groaned: “If you don’t want me, I will take your son to jump off the cliff.”

When he said this, Kendra smiled with infinite tenderness.

Darryl laughed at once and joked: “How do you know that it is a son, what if it is a daughter?”

“You hate it, that’s not the point, okay.” Qin Rong snorted, slowly stood up, walked to the bed, and said: “Come and sleep with me.”

After speaking, Kendra lay on the bed and said: “I will tell you one more secret, a great secret.”

Chapter 279

“What’s the secret?” Darryl immediately became interested, and asked while sitting on the side of the bed, stroking the teacher’s wife’s hair.

Kendra smiled lightly, and said as if coquettishly: “You get into the bed first, let’s turn off the light before talking.”

“Uh…” Darryl swallowed, then took off his clothes, turned off the light and got into the bed.

“What’s the secret?” Darryl asked softly in the darkness. Curiosity was completely aroused.

Kendra was in the bed, gently holding Darryl’s hand, and said: “I heard that the Kunlun faction has already taken refuge in the Apocalypse Continent privately.”


Kunlun School? ! Refuge in the Apocalypse Continent? !

Darryl sighed. If this secret were to be spread out, there would probably be an uproar in the martial arts.

The Kunlun School is one of the six major factions. From the first generation to the present, it has been passed down for dozens of generations and passed on for more than a thousand years! He was a well-deserved decent man, and was admired by people in the world.

Unexpectedly… Kunlun faction also secretly defected to the Apocalypse Continent.

Kendra laughed and continued: “The reason why the head of Kunlun came back was because Emperor Apocalypse gave him a secret book called “Netherworld Dafa”.”

Nether Dafa?

Hearing this name, Darryl couldn’t help muttering secretly, this name sounded very powerful.

Kendra said: “This “Netherworld Dafa” long ago was an evil technique that was forbidden to practice in the rivers and lakes. It is said that if you want to practice this technique, you have to absorb the essence of a woman every day! A woman who is absorbed cannot survive a day. One night. This evil technique has been lost for many years. Unexpectedly, now he is back in the arena. I’m afraid I don’t know how many women will be absorbed again and die.”

what? This technique is too insidious, right? I have to absorb the essence of a woman every day. Doesn’t that mean that every day a woman will die in the hands of the head of Kunlun?

“Hey.” Darryl sighed.

The master of Kunlun dignified, cultivated the secrets of evil arts, and became a traitor to the land of the earth. This is really a mockery.

“Darryl, you know the Kunlun faction’s rebellion, you can do it yourself, don’t say it.” At this moment, Kendra exhorted: “The Kunlun faction rebellion, this matter is the whole continent, and only me and the leader I know. If this news goes out, Emperor Tianqi will definitely suspect me in the first place.”

Speaking of this, Kendra showed a trace of worry: “The most important thing for us now is how to let me leave Tongtian Island safely, so that I can’t make extra branches.”

Darryl nodded: “Don’t worry, Madam, I will never tell about this…”

Before he finished speaking, he just felt that the lady’s delicate body suddenly threw himself into his arms, and then the red lips pressed against it.


Kunlun School.

One of the six sects, located on the top of Kunlun Mountain.

At this time, in the Kunlun School Hall, the head Hu Sanyang was sitting cross-legged, practicing with great concentration. What he is practicing is “Netherworld Dafa”!

Since obtaining this secret book, Hu Sanyang, if he has obtained the most precious treasure, has to study it every day!

This cheat is indeed powerful, after practicing, the strength will be improved! But this cheat has only one disadvantage, that is, it must absorb the essence of others every day, and it must be the essence of a woman! If you don’t absorb it, you will be poisoned into your body and die!


At this moment Hu Sanyang opened his eyes suddenly, his face pale! It seems uncomfortable. It’s time to absorb the essence of women again!

“Master, Master, hold on, I’m here!”

At this moment, a disciple walked in quickly. Behind this disciple, there was a young woman who was tied up with five flowers.

“What are you going to do, why do you catch me…” The girl was terrified and trembling all over. She was a senior, and she was arrested when she visited Kunlun Mountain during the weekend.

Hu Sanyang walked over with a smile, and saw that his right hand was slowly raised, and it suddenly landed on the girl’s head!


All of a sudden, the girl just felt that her mind went blank! I can feel the power in my body, being sucked away constantly!

Chi Chi!

In just one second, the girl fell to the ground all of a sudden, as if she was hollowed out, her face was not bloody!

Hu Sanyang’s originally pale face gradually became normal after absorbing the girl’s essence.

The disciple stood aside, shocked, and extremely excited, and said with a smile: “Congratulations, Master, the divine skill has gone further!”

He could feel that Master’s strength at this time was stronger than before.

Hu Sanyang let out a breath, a wicked smile appeared on his face. This “Netherworld Dafa” is really powerful, in just one month, I have been directly promoted from the first stage of martial arts to the third stage of martial arts!

At this time, the disciple said cautiously: “Master, this woman, do you want to kill?”

Hu Sanyang glanced at the woman, shook his head, and said lightly: “No, just tie her to the back mountain and let her fend for herself. We Kunlun faction will not kill innocent people indiscriminately.”

A woman who is absorbed by herself can’t live for a day. Even if you don’t kill her, she won’t be able to escape tomorrow.

The disciple nodded and said again: “By the way, Master, there is one more thing. Just now, Master Miaoyuan sent someone to send news. Just yesterday, the Tianmen held all the masters of the martial arts and captured the Star Tower, and then cruel I was so humiliated. Master Miaoyuan was too angry. He wanted to organize all the big sects to eradicate the Tianmen! Master, do we want to go?”

“Go, of course.” Hu Sanyang nodded: “Our Kunlun faction has already defected to the Apocalypse Continent. Of course, we must help the Apocalypse Continent and unify the martial arts! That Tianmen develops too fast, so it’s okay to get rid of them! Immediately gather disciples and follow me. Go to Donghae City.”

“Yes!” The disciple replied and left quickly.

As soon as the front foot left, a happy voice came from the entrance of the main hall: “Father, are you going to Donghai City? I want to go too!”

The voice fell, and a slim and slender figure came running up and down. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, he looked youthful and energetic.

It is Hu Sanyang’s daughter, Hu Ling’er.

Seeing his daughter, Hu Sanyang showed a trace of love on his face: “Ling’er, Dad went to Donghai City to do business, not for fun.”

Hu Sanyang regards this daughter as a jewel in his palm and is very doting.

Hearing this, Hu Linger quit, walked over to hold his arm, and said while shaking, “Father, I’m going to… I heard that Donghai City is very fun, with sea and beach…”

“Okay, okay, okay, take you there, take you there…” Hu Sanyang looked helpless, and when his daughter acted like a baby, he had to compromise.

An hour later, Hu Sanyang led two thousand elite disciples from Kunlun to Shenglong Lake in Donghai City. There was news from Master Miao Yuan just now, waiting for herself at Shenglong Lake.

Xiaojia, Donghai City.

Bessie was sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching TV, which was a popular variety show. But she was absent-minded.

Since the last wedding incident, Bessie has lost the news of Darryl, and the whole person has lost his soul.

Chapter 280

At this time, Xiao Qingshan walked in. Seeing his daughter’s gloomy look, he sighed and said with comfort: “Yu Ruo, do you still think about Darryl? He is now a rat crossing the street. Drop him, such a person will never have a chance to stand up, what is worthy of your concern? Besides, he colluded with the Palace of Longevity, this is heinous!”

Bessie smiled softly, without speaking. In her heart, Darryl is the best man, the best man in the world! No matter who said bad things about him, Bessie wouldn’t believe it.

Seeing her daughter’s silence, Xiao Qingshan said anxiously: “Yu Ruo, don’t think about Darryl anymore. The weather is good today, and Dad will take you to relax.”

Bessie still didn’t speak, but shook his head.

Xiao Qingshan was a little anxious: “My daughter, even if Dad begs you?!”

How can I keep holding back at home? Sooner or later I will get sick!

“Father, please, the weather is fine outside today. Daddy will take you to the beach…” Xiao Qingshan said expectantly.


Bessie was very helpless, and said lightly: “Okay, dad, don’t say anything, I’ll go to the head office to change clothes.”

“Good!” Xiao Qingshan was very happy when his daughter agreed. After so many days, my daughter is finally willing to come out to relax..

Three hours later, Donghae City, Thang Long Lake.

Xiao Qingshan and Bessie, the father and daughter, were walking on the beach of Thanglong Lake at this time.

Bessie is no stranger to the place of Shenglong Lake. A few months ago, the outing organized by the big families in Donghai City was held here. At that time, Hao Jian asked someone to act as a fake shark, but he did not expect to attract a real shark.

It has entered late autumn at this time, but the scenery here is still pleasant. Twenty Miles Gallery, every place is still lingering.


Seeing the beautiful scenery in front of him, Xiao Qingshan felt very comfortable, and smiled and said: “You see how beautiful the scenery is, and if you come out more, your mood is different. Don’t always be bored at home.”

Bessie managed to squeeze a smile, and did not speak.

Xiao Qingshan had to say a few more words. At this moment, the phone on his body suddenly rang. I took out the phone and saw that it was from an antique dealer.

After answering the call, I didn’t know what the other party said. Anyway, Xiao Qingshan seemed to be very excited and said to the phone: “What, good, good, I’ll go back!”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and turned to look at Bessie: “Daughter, Dad has to go to Nanyang City. I heard that there are a batch of antiques, jade artifacts from the Han Dynasty court! I have to go and see it. If this is the case Once the business is done, our Xiao family can make a lot of money again!”

Speaking of this, Xiao Qingshan laughed: “Daughter, just stay here, take a good break, and have more fun.”

Having said this, Xiao Qingshan left in a hurry.

Seeing his father walking away, Bessie was also expressionless. She walked slowly along the beach, and couldn’t help but think of Darryl.

I still remember the last time I was outing, I was chased by sharks in the sea. At that time, the situation was critical, and Darryl stood in front of him desperately and wrestled with the shark with his bare hands.

The situation at that time was really thrilling, if it weren’t for him, I would have been buried in the sea.

The scene where Darryl killed the shark, covered in blood, is still vivid now! Thinking back to this, Bessie felt warm in her heart. But his face was full of melancholy. Darryl, I have come to Shenglong Lake again, but where are you again…


But at this moment, a burst of laughter suddenly came from behind her!

Bessie followed the voice and saw only a man and a woman not far away, walking slowly, talking and laughing.

This man and woman are Master Miaoyuan and Hu Sanyang, the head of Kunlun! The two of them are here, discussing how to destroy the Tianmen.

Seeing the two of them, Bessie’s face showed a trace of boredom.

This Master Miao Yuan is targeting Darryl everywhere!

At the wedding banquet that day, she also shattered Darryl’s heart with a palm. So seeing her, Bessie was particularly disgusted, and didn’t want to say hello to her! So at this time, Bessie was hiding behind a big rock, not allowing Master Miao Yuan to see herself too much.

“Head Hu, this Tianmen is really hateful!” Master Miao Yuan didn’t see Bessie, she said to Hu Sanyang.

“Teacher, don’t worry, our Kunlun faction will definitely help you get rid of the Tianmen!” Hu Sanyang said with a smile: “By the way, the teacher, Yue Wudi captured the masters of the various sects alive that day. Then how did he humiliate you?”

Master Miao Yuan held her hands tightly, and couldn’t help but think of the scene that day. Yue Wudi actually forced himself to marry Lingbao real person!

This is a shame, a great shame!

Her Miaoyuan Master is too arrogant, when has she suffered such humiliation? So she must destroy the Tianmen!

Master Miao Yuan was too embarrassed to speak out, and he just sighed, “Don’t mention this.”

“Well, don’t mention it, don’t mention it…” Hu Sanyang said repeatedly.

“I can’t spare these two surnames Yue!” Master Miao Yuan seemed to be talking to himself too much.

“Two surnamed Yue?” Hu Sanyang was stunned. “Apart from Yue Wudi, which other surnamed Yue makes the teacher too unhappy?”


Master Miao Yuan let out a sigh of relief, and said, “Head Hu doesn’t know anything. In addition to this Yue Wudi, there is also a man named Darryl who has colluded with the Hall of Longevity. Not only that, he also tarnished his younger brothers and sisters, and annoyed his grandfather. It is simply indignation between man and god, and the sin is unforgivable!”


Hu Sanyang frowned and said, “I’ve heard of this person. It is said that Darryl’s skill overwhelmed the audience at the Lion Slaughter Conference. He was a talent.”

“It’s a talent, so what can he do? He’s doing something rebellious, D*mn it!” Master Miao Yuan said coldly.

Hu Sanyang laughed and said, “Master, then just kill Darryl directly, isn’t it enough? Just treat it as an eradication of the rivers and lakes.”

Listening to his words, Master Miaoyuan bit his lower lip too much, a little helpless: “Head Hu doesn’t know something, this Darryl is very lucky. I killed him several times without success.”

“Master, since you hate Darryl so much, then I will arrest him and leave him at your disposal!” Hu Sanyang volunteered and said it. He has now joined the Apocalypse Continent, with a guilty conscience. So now, he wants to have a good relationship with the big sects so as not to doubt them.

“Good! Good, good!” Master Miao Yuan was too happy and couldn’t help but said: “Then I will wait for the good news from Head Hu!”

If you can get rid of the scum like Darryl, it will definitely be a great thing! If Darryl died, Grandpa Yue could die and stare at him.

Hu Sanyang smiled slightly: “Master, please wait here, I will catch Darryl.”

At this moment, Bessie behind the rock, listening to the conversation between the two, was too anxious!

That Hu Sanyang is going to catch Darryl! Can’t let Darryl get into trouble again, absolutely can’t!

Thinking about it, Bessie quickly took out his cell phone and dialed Darryl’s number.

As a result, after playing it several times, they all prompted the other party to shut down.

Why the phone still can’t get through! Bessie was almost crying! Since the last time Darryl made a big fuss at the wedding, his phone call has been unable to get through!

Bessie didn’t know that Darryl’s phone couldn’t get through at that time because Darryl was trapped in the peach blossom forest.

But now the phone can’t get through because Darryl spent the night on Tongtian Island last night, and the phone turned off without charging.

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