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Chapter 291

Darryl didn’t bother to talk to Yu Mo, and sat directly on his seat.

Before sitting down this time, he checked carefully, for fear of earrings appearing on the seat again.

After sitting down, Darryl looked around, seeing the enthusiastic fans, he couldn’t express emotion. After the first day of the music scene, it is different. It’s just this scene when international superstars hold concerts.

“Zhang Yunhan!”

“Yun Han is out!”

At this moment, there was an excited cheer from the crowd, and the whole venue was boiling.

On the stage, an elegant figure appeared, a burgundy evening dress, set off a beautiful figure, the dress was studded with jewels, and the whole person looked dazzling under the light.

It is Zhang Yunhan!

really beautiful!

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help but look at it a few times, sighing in his heart.

Zhang Yunhan is in his thirties, but he is well maintained, and there is no trace of time on his beautiful and elegant face. Especially the charming figure, at first glance, it seems that he is only in his twenties.

“Hello, this is Zhang Yunhan, friends from Donghai, how are you?” Zhang Yunhan took the microphone, and after speaking, the microphone faced the audience.

“it is good!”

The audience was boiling! Some applaud, some whistle, that’s a lively!

I have to say that Zhang Yunhan’s ability to control the field is very strong, and he is completely comfortable, smiling and beckoning everyone, his movements are natural and full of aura.

Every time Zhang Yunhan said a word, the audience was cheered, and many people were in high spirits and shouted hysterically.

“Zhang Yunhan, I love you!”

“Zhang Yunhan…”

That kind of atmosphere is really shocking! Even Lily next to her was extremely excited. But she was more reserved and didn’t shout out.

On the contrary, Yu Mo, already so excited, swayed the silver light stick in his hand, and shouted along with the audience: “Zhang Yunhan… Zhang Yunhan…”

Unexpectedly, Yu Mo is still a fan of Zhang Yunhan.

Seeing the idol with his own eyes, Yu Mo felt so happy. At that time, the light stick in his hand was swung too far, causing the light stick to drop and directly hit Darryl’s head.


He pierced me with ear studs, and hit me with light sticks!

Darryl couldn’t bear it completely: “You…”

“Shut up!” Before he could speak, Yu Mo glared at Darryl and interrupted his words: “I tell you, I want to watch my idol’s concert. Don’t mess with me! Delay me from watching the concert. Yes, don’t blame me for being polite.”


Darryl didn’t bother to talk to her either.

On the stage at this time, Zhang Yunhan had already picked up the microphone, and the singing voice spread throughout the venue. I have to say that listening to her singing live is really nice.

I sang more than a dozen songs in a row. At this time, the concert has been held for an hour.

Zhang Yunhan’s voice became dumb. Now the fans were in a hurry and shouted: “Yun Han, stop singing…”

“Protect your throat!”

“Yun Han, don’t sing, we feel distressed…”

Hearing the shouts, Zhang Yunhan laughed, holding the microphone and said softly: “Then we will sing the following song together in the audience. Invisible wings.”

“Okay!” the audience yelled.

When the voice fell, Zhang Yunhan’s singing voice that day echoed in the venue. This classic old song can indeed cause the audience to sing a chorus. The atmosphere of the concert directly pushed to a climax.

Perhaps the singing is too beautiful, or perhaps hearing this song reminds people of the past. It can be seen that many people have already burst into tears. Yu Mo beside her also had tears in her eyes.

Darryl was also fascinated by it, but at this moment, Darryl’s cell phone rang all of a sudden. Take it out and see that it was from Peter.

The last time Peter was caught by Master Miaoyuan, Melba whipped him a lot. Tortured him half-dead.

During this period of time, Peter has been recovering from his injuries and has not contacted himself.

Now that he saw him on the phone, Yue was happy outside, and quickly picked up, wanting to ask how his injury was.

But the concert scene was really too noisy, and I couldn’t understand what Peter was talking about.

“Great Sage?!” Darryl shouted into the phone.

“The Great Sage!”

D*mn, this is too noisy, I can’t hear what the Great Sage said.

Preparing to hang up the phone and send WeChat to Peter. As a result, at this moment, Yu Mo snatched Darryl’s phone over and fell directly to the ground!

“Are you annoying? Other people watch the concert, you call? Do you have quality.” Yu Mo glared at him, and said angrily.

“Fcuk, what are you doing?!” Darryl called out loudly. I’m stuck, is there something wrong with this woman?

I picked up the phone and found that the screen was broken.

“Is there any reason? Tens of thousands of people at the scene are shouting, can’t I make a phone call?” Darryl’s teeth itchy.

“No!” Yu Mo said coldly: “You are close to me, if you call, I can’t hear the song anymore.”

D*mn, Darryl really didn’t want to waste his tongue with her, so he picked up the phone and ignored her.

At this moment, Zhang Yunhan had already finished singing the song. Holding the microphone, I looked around with a smile, and said softly, “Thank you so much for being able to sing with me. This concert is of great significance to me. I will never forget it for the rest of my life. Thank you. Your support along the way.”

The audience was surprisingly quiet, listening to Zhang Yunhan’s words.

Having said that, Zhang Yunhan smiled lightly: “Today’s concert, I added an interesting part, mainly to give back to everyone for your support. Each of you has paper and pen next to your seat. Each of you, You can write your wishes on paper. After you finish writing, you will fold it into a paper airplane and fly up. If I find someone’s, I will try my best to satisfy his wish.”


The voice fell, and the audience was completely boiling! One by one excitedly found papers and pens from their seats.

Zhang Yunhan has said, to satisfy the fans’ wishes! Although the chance of turning the wish into a plane and flying onto the stage is very low, it does not affect everyone’s enthusiasm!

It’s really going to be picked up, that’s a great honor!

It can be clearly seen that everyone present has already concentrated on writing.

Yu Guang glanced at Yu Mo. She wrote very seriously, like writing an essay, and wrote a full article.

“Husband, you should write too.” Lily urged softly as if she touched Darryl.

“Good, good.” Darryl scratched his head. My biggest wish now is if Bessie can be completely healed. But this wish was written on paper, and Zhang Yunhan couldn’t satisfy it either.

Thinking in his heart, Darryl glanced at Yu Mo and couldn’t help but remember the scene where Yu Mo pierced his butt with ear studs just now. At this moment, Darryl showed a slight smile and scribbled his wishes on the paper. After writing, fold this paper into an airplane.

After several minutes, Zhang Yunhan on the stage picked up the microphone and said softly: “Everyone’s paper airplanes have seat numbers written on them. When I count three, everyone will fly up the paper airplanes, and I will pick them up. When it comes to whose plane, the paper plane number will be read out. Then all the cameras at the scene will be aimed at that seat. The face of the lucky audience will appear on the big screen. Do you understand?”


Listening to the enthusiastic response, Zhang Yunhan laughed: “Then I count three, and everyone will fly the plane up together, okay?”

“it is good!”

There was a burst of cheers from the stage, one by one eager to try!



A smile appeared on Zhang Yunhan’s face, and his tone improved a little: “Three!”


At this moment, countless paper airplanes flew to the stage! That scene is extremely spectacular! I saw paper airplanes all over the sky, like white shooting stars, not to mention how beautiful it is!

However, some paper airplanes did not fly onto the stage because the throwing force was too small.

There was only one paper airplane, which drew a perfect parabola in the air, and then steadily landed on Zhang Yunhan’s chest.

That’s right, Zhang Yunhan didn’t move while standing there. The paper airplane flew directly to her chest, and she subconsciously grabbed the paper airplane.

Chapter 292


Seeing that the paper airplane was caught, there was a heated discussion in the audience! Who is this, so lucky!

Everyone’s eyes revealed expectations!

Zhang Yunhan slowly opened the paper airplane and said with a smile: “I will read the wish on this paper airplane first.”

Zhang Yunhan looked at the words on the paper and said slowly: “This lucky audience said: Hello Yunhan, I came to see your concert this time with my daughter. Five years ago, my daughter gave birth. I became mute after an illness. My daughter likes you very much and wants to see your concert, so I brought her here. She is sitting on my right hand. My wish is, I hope Yunhan can give it to me The daughter gave a hug.”

The audience was listening to Zhang Yunhan’s words.

After reading it, Zhang Yunhan said with some emotion: “Then all the cameras are aimed at this lucky audience. Everyone, please pay attention to the big screen to see who this lucky audience is.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Yunhan paused and said, “The audience’s seat number is: Row 3, No. 112.”


At the same time, all cameras are aimed at this seat!

The person in the seat is Darryl! On the big screen of the stage, Darryl’s face instantly!

Seeing this scene, Lily was immediately stunned! what’s the situation? When did my husband have a daughter? And the daughter who can’t speak? !


At the same time, the audience was boiling! Because there are many people who have seen Darryl and know that he is the son-in-law. But no one has heard that this door-to-door son-in-law has a daughter? !

On the stage, Zhang Yunhan showed a slight smile: “Please go to the big screen and cut to the daughter of this lucky audience. He wrote on the paper plane, his daughter is sitting on his right.”

The voice fell, and the appearance of Yu Mo appeared on the big screen instantly!

That’s right, Yu Mo is sitting on his right hand side!

“Darryl, you!” Yu Mo was about to explode, and at this time she finally realized that Darryl wanted to humiliate her!

call out.

In the blink of an eye, Darryl quickly raised his hand and pressed Yu Mo’s dumb acupuncture point. Then he smiled and said, “Daughter, how are you…”

This… this scum!

Yu Mo was so embarrassed and angry that he couldn’t send it out even if he wanted to send it out! She can’t speak at all!

“Okay, everyone,” Zhang Yunhan said softly, “Let’s bring the father and daughter to the stage, OK? The father and daughter seem to have a small age gap. This father is really young, come, Please invite them!”


Darryl was about to laugh, and touched Yu Mo: “Go, daughter, your idol invited us to the stage.”

At this moment, Yu Mo was so ashamed and angry that he couldn’t wait to kill Darryl!

But she can’t make trouble. Because this is an idol’s concert… Yu Mo held his jade hand tightly, and could only hold back his anger.

Seeing her ashamed and angry, yet she didn’t dare to attack, Darryl was so happy in his heart!

Haha, D*mn’s, I will be pierced with ear studs in a while, and a silver rod will be smashed at me.

“Go, daughter, come on stage!” Darryl said loudly on purpose.

At this time, Yu Mo was sealed in his dumb acupoint, unable to speak, angrily and anxiously.

“Come on, please invite the father and daughter.” Zhang Yunhan said again.

Yu Mo was so anxious that he couldn’t speak even if he wanted to speak! At that time, the eyes of tens of thousands of people gathered on her body, Yu Mo really had no choice but to bite the bullet and Darryl on the stage.

Lily and Nalan in the seats couldn’t help but laugh happily.

This pair of enemies really kept making trouble.

At this time, everyone’s eyes gathered on the stage, Darryl and Yu Mo stepped up, and Yu Mo suddenly became the focus of the audience.

This girl’s wine-red hair is really attractive. That perfect facial features, exquisite and graceful figure, a beautiful girl who is alive and well.

Looking at Darryl again, many fans from other places were stunned. D*mn, this kid is so young? There will be such a big daughter, what’s the joke?

Zhang Yunhan walked over with a smile, took a look at Yu Mo, then looked at Darryl: “Your daughter is really beautiful.”

Yu Mo was anxious and wanted to speak, but she was acupointed by Darryl, and she couldn’t make a sound! It’s hard to get in touch with idols, but can’t talk. It feels uncomfortable in my heart.

“This father is so young, how old are you?” Zhang Yunhan was curious in his heart, and asked Darryl, while pointing the microphone at him.

“Uh…I got married early.” Darryl said nonsense seriously.

“You look really too young, you are not like father and daughter, but like brother and sister.” Zhang Yunhan said softly.

“Yeah, too young.” The audience was also in an uproar.

“Also, looks very handsome…”

However, there were also several people who recognized Darryl and yelled and booed.

“Fcuk, isn’t this Liu’s son-in-law.”

“Yeah, when did he have a daughter?”

It was just these questioning voices that were soon overwhelmed by the noise of the surroundings. You should know that the entire concert venue was full of tens of thousands of people, and the scene was too grand and lively.

Standing on the stage, Zhang Yunhan couldn’t hear what the audience below was shouting. He stepped forward and gave Yu Mo a hug.

Being embraced by the idol, Yu Mo’s mind is dizzy. Originally, my heart was so angry that I suddenly turned into joy.

Zhang Yunhan looked at Yu Mo, then smiled and said: “Little girl, I can see that your father really loves you so much. You write all wishes on the paper airplane. So you give him a hug. “


Let me hug this ba5tard?

Yu Moqi’s delicate body trembled, and his face was full of resistance.

But there are so many spectators at the scene. If you don’t embrace Darryl, the idol will definitely be disappointed, and it will definitely be embarrassing.

At this moment, Yu Mo bit his lip, almost bleeding. In desperation, he had to walk over, hugged Darryl, and then quickly separated.

Hahahahaha! Being hugged by Yu Mo, Darryl couldn’t express his ease.

“Okay, good girl, the wish has come true, let’s go down.” At this time, Darryl said to Yu Mo with a smile.

Yu Mo glared at him, then smiled at Zhang Yunhan, turned around and got off the stage.

At this time, the concert was about to end. Zhang Yunhan saw the audience so enthusiastic, and a little bit reluctant, so he sang another song. In the whole chorus, the concert finally ended. After a long time, the audience left the scene still unfinished.

Darryl happily pulled Lily and walked out of the venue.

As a result, at this moment, Yu Mo rushed over and kicked Darryl’s a55 severely.


There was no sign of this kick, and Darryl was almost kicked by a dog to eat sh!t. He turned around and said angrily: “Good girl, how can you kick Dad?”

Yu Mo’s dumb acupoint hadn’t been unlocked yet. He was out of anger at this time. He gave Darryl a fierce look and turned and walked away angrily.

Nalan was very angry and funny again: “Darryl, look at you to make Xiao Momo angry. You two will live in the two worlds, I will persuade Yu Mo.”

With that said, Nalan happily chased it. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the crowd.

Seeing this scene, Lily took Darryl’s arm and complained a little bit: “Husband, Yu Mo is a girl, why are you bullying them so much.”

Am I bullying her?

Darryl smiled bitterly: “My heart is bitter.. You haven’t seen this girl’s earrings, all of which pierced my butt. She also broke my mobile phone, and I was bullied! “

Lily couldn’t help laughing when she heard this. He nestled his head on Darryl’s shoulder.

“Wife, I…I will tell you something.” At this moment, Darryl said softly.

“what’s up?”

Darryl took a deep breath and said, “Yu Ruo was seriously injured to save me. I and her… and her… Baitang got married.”

After struggling for a long time, Darryl decided to tell the matter.

Worship and get married..

Lily’s body trembled, her smile froze on her face, and her whole body was dazed.

Darryl was a little anxious: “In order to save me, Yuruo was absorbed by the head of Kunlun… At that time, there were only a few hours of life left. I really didn’t want to leave regrets for her, nor for myself. Sorry, so…”

“I don’t want to listen to this.” Lily’s eyes were a little moist. In fact, she had already noticed that the relationship between her husband and Bessie was unusual. But when they heard that they were married, I still felt a pain in my heart.

“I want to be quiet.” Lily left a word and ran away quickly.


Looking at her back, Darryl was also a little uncomfortable.

I was considering whether to chase it, but at this moment, the phone rang.

The screen of Darryl’s mobile phone was shattered by Yu Mo. When he took it out, the screen was all cracked. It was barely visible. It was Peter.

D*mn it, when watching the concert just now, the Great Sage made a phone call and didn’t know what was going on!

Darryl slapped his forehead and quickly picked it up.

I heard that on the other side of the phone, Peter was anxious: “Darryl, come to Peter Palace!”

Chapter 293

Listening to the anxious voice of the Great Sage, Darryl was also a little panicked: “What’s the matter with the Great Sage? What’s the matter!”

On the phone, Peter shook his head: “I just saved a person, and he was hurt too badly. Don’t you know how to make alchemy? Is there any pill that can save people? Bring it here.”

“D*mn, you scared me to death.” Darryl said angrily. He was so anxious just now that he thought it was Master Miao Yuan who were looking for trouble again.

Darryl asked subconsciously: “Who is the one saved?”

Peter shook his head: “I don’t know, I ran into it in the woods in the suburbs. This person is covered in wounds, and I don’t know who made the hand. It’s too cruel. Since I have encountered it, I can’t see it without saving it. . Bring him back.”

Speaking of this, Peter said again: “But I feel that I can’t save him. He is too badly injured. Darryl, bring some pills.”

Hearing this, Darryl nodded: “Okay, I’ll go over immediately.”

Thinking about it, Darryl hung up the phone and hurriedly stopped a taxi.

“Peter Palace.” Darryl said to the driver.

Hearing these three words, the taxi driver couldn’t help but glance back. You know, Peter Palace is in Donghai City, which is very famous. After all, Peter was in Donghai City, and he was the most famous person.

It’s just that… it’s just that Peter’s power has weakened a lot recently.

Because last time Master Miaoyuan brought the Emei faction into the Peter Palace and captured Peter alive. This caused Peter to lose a lot of his men.

Now the underground forces in Donghai City are what Yang Jing and Yang Long said.

Darryl was sitting in the back seat of the taxi and was about to squint for a while, but at this time, the phone rang again.

I thought it was Peter calling again, but when I took it out, it turned out to be Lorenzo!

Under the Hall of Longevity, the military commander who is above ten thousand people is ugly and ugly! He and Darryl met in prison at first, and it was like before!

Why did Brother Wen call himself suddenly? Muttering in his heart, Darryl quickly picked up.

“Brother, something has happened!” Lorenzo shouted as soon as he was connected.

“Brother Wen, what’s the matter? Don’t worry, speak slowly.” Darryl said. I was very puzzled, and didn’t know what major event he had encountered, so he was so anxious.

Lorenzo let out a sigh of relief and slowed down as much as possible: “Three days ago, the Lord of the Hall of Longevity, we left the main altar. It seems to have gone to Donghai City. No one knows why the Lord of the Palace is going to Donghai City, and no one Dare to ask. But just today, the leader launched a distress signal flares! This signal flares will only be fired when the leader is most dangerous! He must have something wrong, you must call the disciples and search the entire Donghai City. Find the Lord of the Palace!”


The Lord of Longevity has something wrong.

Hearing this, Darryl was immediately stunned: “Okay, okay, don’t panic, I will send someone to look for it.”

Darryl hung up after speaking. Then he called Leiyun and asked him to summon his disciples to conduct a search in Donghai City.


Grand Sacred Palace.

At this time, Peter walked around the room with a sad face.

On the bed next to him lay a wounded, bloody man. This man, Peter met in the suburbs, saw that he was seriously injured, so he took him home.

When he first saw this person, Peter was shocked. He had never seen someone so badly injured!

Peter has been in the East China Sea for many years. It can be said to be’experienced in many battles’. Up to now, Peter has hundreds of scars on his body, all left by fighting. The worst of them was in a bar where Mateo was cut 36 times in order to save Lily.

But compared with this person, it’s nothing short of a big deal.

About a hundred knives were cut on this man. In addition, there are many sword injuries and axe injuries! Those wounds are arranged vertically and horizontally, and they are innumerable! At this moment he had only one last breath left, in a coma. It’s really hard to believe that he has received such a serious injury and he is not dead yet!

Just now, Peter took out the hemostatic medicine at home and applied it to him. The situation hasn’t gotten better.

It seems that he can only wait for Darryl to come, and he will make alchemy, and there must be a way.

I just don’t know if this man can hold on.


At this moment, the man on the bed suddenly woke up, a mouthful of blood came out, his face pale.

Peter smiled and hurriedly walked over: “This friend, you can be regarded as awake.”

The man looked at Peter tightly with a pair of eyes, and said weakly, “You…Who are you?”

When he said this, he was on guard.

“My name is Peter, don’t be afraid, I saved you.” Peter said, and then couldn’t help asking: “By the way, my friend, where did you come from? What happened?”

“It was you who saved me…” The man looked at him suddenly, speaking weakly, and staring at Peter: “Thank you very much. Thank you, my brother. My name is Lu Changqing, the lord of the Palace of Longevity.”


The Lord of Longevity, Lu Changqing? !

Peter’s head buzzed, and he was stunned.

The Hall of Longevity and Tongtianjiao have the same name. According to legend, the Lord of Longevity and the Lord of Tongtian are extremely powerful!

Unexpectedly, I accidentally hit and bumped, and actually saved the Lord of Longevity!

“Gudong!” Peter swallowed, really couldn’t help it: “Senior Lu, who hurt you like this?”

How terrifying is the opponent’s strength to hurt the famous Palace Master of Longevity like this? !


Lu Changqing spit out blood again. Obviously he couldn’t hold on for long. He gritted his teeth and clenched his hateful fists: “Six martial arts, the villains of the six martial arts… besiege…”

He weakly told Peter.

Although Lu Changqing spoke intermittently, Peter still understood.

It turns out that Lu Changqing has an illegitimate daughter in Donghai City. For many years, Lu Changqing has come to see her daughter every once in a while.

But this time in Donghai City, for some reason, his whereabouts were known by the Six Martial Arts.

The Six Main Schools pride themselves on being an upright sect. They regard the Temple of Longevity as a cult and they have long wanted to get rid of it. As the master of the Palace of Longevity, Lu Changqing, how can the Six Martial Arts let him go?

Not long ago, the heads and elders of the six sects, a total of more than one hundred people, blocked Lu Changqing and gathered to attack him.

If it is alone, Lu Changqing is not afraid of anyone. But facing the siege of more than a hundred masters, he really couldn’t hold on.

At that time, he was deeply injured and desperately rushed out of the siege. I ran to a forest in the suburbs, and finally fainted without being able to hold it. But never wanted to meet Peter.


Having said this, Lu Changqing was emotional, coughed violently, and vomited blood again.

“Senior, are you okay?” Peter stepped forward and asked.

“I… can’t live long…” Lu Changqing said intermittently, indescribably desolate.

“Senior…” Peter also sighed. Although he didn’t know him, but seeing a generation of strong men, he was about to fall, it was also unspeakable regret.

However, at this moment, I only heard Lu Changqing wave his hand at him: “Little brother, come here..”

Peter didn’t think much, walked straight over and crouched in front of the bed. In the end, what made him dream of at this moment was that Lu Changqing suddenly stretched out his hand and slapped Peter’s head with a palm!


Peter was frightened in a cold sweat, and instinctively wanted to avoid it. But Lu Changqing’s speed was too fast, this palm really hit his head!

Peter didn’t know why Lu Changqing made a sudden move. He thought that his head would be blown by the palm. But when the palm of his hand fell, Peter only felt a majestic force, instantly pouring into his body!

“Little brother, don’t move.” Lu Changqing’s voice is indisputable: “I am alive soon. You can help me prove that you and I are destined. Before I die, it is also my honor to meet a benevolent and righteous person like you. I don’t say thanks for the great kindness. I, Lu Changqing, have been in the world for decades, and I am a peerless internal force. I pass it on to you at this time. I hope you can do something big in the future.”


When the voice fell, Peter only felt that his dantian’s internal strength was moving up! In a blink of an eye, he has already broken through Wuhou, but Lu Changqing’s internal strength is still pouring into his body! One section of Wuhou, two section of Wuhou, third section of Wuhou…

Chapter 294

With the influx of internal forces, Peter felt that his body seemed to be bursting!

Lu Changqing gritted his teeth. Pass on all of your lifelong cultivation skills!

It stands to reason that the internal strength of a cultivator cannot be passed on to others. However, the exercise method that Lu Changqing cultivated was called [Moving Flowers and Picking Trees]. This exercise method is unique to the Hall of Longevity, and only the masters of the past can practice it!

The only way in the world is to transfer flowers to other people.

Lu Changqing knew very well that she might die at any time. Instead of letting this peerless internal force follow oneself like the soil, it is better to pass it to Peter, and all should be repaid!

“Senior, no, you might still be alive!” Peter shouted: “Senior, I have a brother, he is very good at alchemy, he will definitely save you.”

What Peter said was naturally Darryl.

“It’s useless, no pill can save me.” Lu Changqing gritted his teeth and said, reprimanding: “Don’t move!”

“Wow!” The surging internal force continued to flow into Peter’s body!

Peter only felt that all his meridians were baptized by that pure internal force! The level is rising rapidly!

The fourth section of Wuhou, the fifth section of Wuhou, and the first section of Wuhou!

This… this is horrible!

From a general to a martial sage instantly!


It wasn’t until this moment that Lu Changqing let out a sigh of relief and took his hand away.

Lu Changqing had been seriously injured, and just passed his life’s internal strength to Peter. The whole person was thin, as if he was ten years old all at once, like a dying old man.

Lu Changqing looked at him, and said weakly: “You have mediocre aptitude, so you can only reach a stage of martial arts. There are still some internal forces that you can’t absorb. But don’t worry, those internal forces that you haven’t absorbed will slowly get from you. The dantian spills out. In the next year, your cultivation speed will be very fast, more than ten times faster than ordinary people’s cultivation! If your talent is good, you may even break through the martial arts within the next year. Arrived at Emperor Wu!”


At this time, Peter was shocked and delighted, and at the same time he was still a little worried! Lu Changqing in front of him was obviously not good enough.

However, Lu Changqing’s face still squeezed a smile: “I have traveled all over the world in my life. Before I died, the cultivation of this body was not completely buried, haha, there is no regret, and no regret! Hahaha!”

Although his voice is extremely weak, but his momentum is full of pride!

When Peter saw him, he felt a little sad, and said, “Senior, what do you wish you still have, what I can do, I will definitely help you do it.”

Lu Changqing tremblingly stretched out her hand, and took out a purple jade token and a letter paper from her arms.

After handing it to Peter, Lu Changqing put a smile away: “Little brother…you remember…this is my token. See the token, like see the Lord of Longevity! And this blood letter, these two things , You must help me to bring me back to the main altar of the Hall of Longevity, and hand it over to the military teacher Lorenzo.”

Speaking of this, Lu Changqing’s eyes are about to open: “Remember…little brother…must be delivered to…Lorenzo…Lorenzo…Tell Lorenzo…The Palace of Longevity… Although…is called a cult by the world…but…but you must remember…Apocalypse Continent…and Earth Circle Continent, if…one day war goes…don’t…be a traitor, you must Don’t be a running dog of the Apocalypse Continent…”

Peter put away the token and envelope, and nodded solemnly: “Don’t worry, senior, I will send it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Changqing smiled and nodded, slowly closing his eyes.

“Senior, senior…”

Peter’s heart sank, and his chest pained inexplicably.


The next moment, Peter knelt on the ground and knocked three times at Lu Changqing.

Although this Senior Lu doesn’t have the name of a master or apprentice with him, Senior Lu passed on his inner strength to him, so kindness, nothing in return!

Moreover, Senior Lu’s last words, if one day go to war and don’t be running dogs, these words are really so proud!

For some reason, Peter only felt his nose sore, and tears couldn’t help but flow down.

the other side.

Darryl finally rushed to the Peter Palace.

After getting off the bus, Darryl went into the lobby violently and shouted: “Great Sage, Great Sage…”

While shouting, he quickly went up to the second floor. After pushing open the door, Darryl was stunned.

There was a person lying on the bed, no breath, Peter was standing by the bed with red eyes.

It’s over. Darryl’s heart sank, he came a step late, this person had already passed away.

That’s not right… The Peter said on the phone that he was saving a stranger. Why are you still so sad?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl walked over quickly and said: “What’s the situation?”


Seeing Darryl, Peter sighed: “A generation of heroes, just left. But those villains who think they are famous and authentic are alive!”

When he said these words, Peter’s eyes were red.

Darryl was blinded, listening in a daze. What does this great sage say?

Peter smiled bitterly: “Darryl, who do you guess this senior is?”

“Who?” Darryl asked curiously.

Peter took a deep breath and said, “Lord of the Palace of Longevity, Lu Changqing.”


He is the Lord of the Palace of Longevity?

Darryl’s head buzzed, and the whole person was stupid.

Just now Lorenzo called and said that the Lord of the Longevity Palace might have had an accident in Donghai City.

At that time, Darryl still thought it was impossible. After all, the Lord of Longevity was a super master in the rivers and lakes. Who could hurt him, but he did not expect that something really happened…

A few seconds later, Darryl calmed down. At this moment, he suddenly felt that a tyrannical aura suddenly came from Peter, and Darryl’s expression stiffened again: “I’m going, Peter you…you.” .. A section of Martial Saint?!”

D*mn? ! A piece of martial arts? !

Peter didn’t have the slightest excitement, smiled bitterly, and slowly said: “This senior passed on the internal strength to me.” As he said, he told the story again.

After listening, Darryl was also very sorry. A generation of heroes was besieged to death by more than one hundred people from the six major sects. It was a bit sad to say it.

But Peter had such an adventure, Darryl was really happy for him in his heart! At that time, he quickly took out his cell phone and called Lorenzo. Tell him about it.

On the other side of the phone, Lorenzo scandal heard of the Lord’s death, and was silent for more than a minute.

Later, I really couldn’t help but cried out: “Darryl, you let Peter, be sure to send me the letter from the lord of the palace. I want to see the letter the lord wrote to me… I’m in the longevity hall. Zong Tan is waiting for him.”

“Well, brother Wen, don’t cry…” Darryl said to the phone, listening to his sad choking, Darryl felt a little uncomfortable.

“Darryl, you also come with Peter.” Lorenzo wiped away his tears and said to the phone: “I caught a woman and I want to give it to you. You must be very interested in this woman.”

Chapter 295

what? Caught a woman to give it to me?

At this moment, Darryl was stunned. He was curious and couldn’t help asking: “Brother Wen, who did you catch?”

Lorenzo sighed softly: “Brother, don’t ask so much. You’ll know when you get to the main altar. Come here, I’ll be waiting for you on Changsheng Island.”

When the voice fell, he hung up.

Darryl scratched his head, and looked at each other with Peter, the two of them prepared, and then set off for Changsheng Island.


At noon the next day.

The weather is good today, and there are calm waves on the East China Sea.

In the sea not far away, fishing boats are working hard there, and all are thriving.

A week ago, the evil force of Tian’s goalkeeper Shahaitang was subdued. These fishermen are extremely grateful, so every fishing boat has a Nine Dragon Flag of Heaven!

At this time, on the prosperous sea, a big ship with red sails was particularly conspicuous. This big sailing boat is much larger than the surrounding fishing boats.

At this moment, on the deck of this sailing ship, there were two people standing side by side, Darryl and Peter.

Facing the endless beautiful seascape in front of them, both of them had no intention of watching them, their expressions were very solemn and solemn. Behind the two of them, there is a good coffin.

This coffin was built by someone sent by Peter yesterday, and lying in it is the deceased Lord of Longevity, Lu Changqing.

Changsheng Island is thousands of miles away from Donghai City. The journey is too far, and this coffin must be built.

God is still showing face, there are no big storms along the way. After a day and two nights of driving, from a distance, I saw a magnificent island in the middle of the sea.

It is Changsheng Island!

The big ship slowly approached the shore, and Darryl clearly saw that there were hundreds of people standing side by side on the coast. These people were all disciples of the Palace of Longevity, dressed in uniform. The headed one in his twenties, with braids on his head, is very eye-catching.

Darryl and Peter quickly disembarked, and the man with braids hurriedly greeted them.

“Excuse me, the two are Hall Master Darryl and Peter?” The braided man asked respectfully.

Darryl nodded, and said: “Yes, that’s right.”

It’s really not easy to come to the Palace of Longevity. It’s really too far.

The braided man bowed: “The military division, the four French kings, and elders have been waiting for a long time at the’Guanhai Terrace’. Please come with me, both of you.” After that, he walked forward first.

Darryl and Peter looked at each other and followed behind him.

At the same time, a dozen disciples of the Palace of Longevity carefully lifted the coffin and followed.

I have to say that the environment of Changsheng Island is really beautiful.

There is a coconut grove beach by the sea, and several mountains on the island are lush and green. Many seabirds and other rare birds live in them. It feels like a paradise.

After walking for about fifteen minutes, Darryl and Peter came to the’Guanhai Terrace’.

The Guanhai Terrace is a huge high platform. It is as big as three or four football fields. Standing on the observing platform, the sea area far away is a hundred miles away, with unobstructed views. If an enemy invades, it will be discovered immediately.

At this time, thousands of people stood neatly on the viewing platform. All disciples of the Palace of Longevity!

In front of these thousands of disciples, there is a high platform. On the high platform is a dragon chair with a person sitting on top.

It is Lorenzo.

At this time, Lorenzo was dressed in a white gown, holding a feather fan, and his body was full of elegance.

On both sides of him, there are four great Dharma kings: Golden Lion Dharma King and Silver Wolf Dharma King. Red Snake and White Horse Karmapa.

It is worth mentioning that the Red Snake King and the White Horse King are a couple.

Darryl saw the Golden Lion Dharma King Yu Zongtian at first glance. Behind Yu Zongtian, two slender figures stood quietly.

It was Yu Mo and Nalan gladly.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was very surprised. Needless to say, Yu Mo, she is Yu Zongtian’s granddaughter, but Nalan is happy…

It turns out that she is also from the Palace of Longevity.

Today, Yu Mo and Nalan are both wearing plain-colored long skirts, which are beautiful and graceful, giving people a feeling of immortality.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes focused on Darryl and Peter.


At this moment, the dozens of disciples of the Palace of Longevity slowly put down the coffin, and then silently retreated to the side.

At this moment, the entire Guanhaitai was silent. Just before, everyone had heard that the lord of the palace had passed away.

Lorenzo, who was sitting in the center, stood up all of a sudden, looking at Darryl, his voice was choking: “Brother, in the coffin…”

Darryl sighed secretly: “Brother Wen, the body inside is the body of the Lord Lu.”

Lorenzo shook his body, then walked quickly over, and when he reached the coffin, his hands trembled. Slowly open the lid of the coffin.

In the coffin, Lu Changqing lay quietly inside, with wounds all over his body, and his eyes closed tightly. The wounds on his body looked shocking.


At this moment, Lorenzo collapsed completely, knelt on the ground all of a sudden, and burst into tears: “Hall Master…”

Heartbroken crying!

In the Palace of Longevity, Lorenzo and Dianzhu Lu have the best relationship! Over the years, Lu Changqing has treated Lorenzo like his own brother. Now seeing him die tragically, Lorenzo really can’t accept it!

Lorenzo cried bitterly, cutting through the sky, and the atmosphere of the entire Guanhaitai was extremely painful and depressing.


It was at this moment that the four great princes and the hall masters from various quarters knelt down in an instant, crying one after another!


The voice of grief and anger resounded throughout the Changsheng Island.

The cry was really depressing. I don’t know how long it took. I saw a woman slowly walking out of the crowd and helping Lorenzo up: “Msang Gong, don’t cry…”

This woman is Lorenzo’s wife, gentle.

As the name suggests, she is really gentle. It’s not pretty, but she is kind-looking, and she is very gentle at first glance. At this time, seeing Lorenzo crying like this, Wen Wan was heartbroken, and she hugged Lorenzo.

It was not until this time that Peter stepped forward and handed the token left by Lu Changqing and the letter of blood to Lorenzo: “Brother Wen, these two things, the lord has urged you to hand it in. In your hands.”

Lorenzo nodded silently, took it with both hands, then wiped away his tears, turned and returned to the stage.

Then Lorenzo opened the blood letter and read it out gently: “Wu Lu Changqing, the twenty-seventh generation of the Palace Lord of the Longevity Palace, was besieged by the six major factions today. Knowing his fate, he will write down his last wish.

Lorenzo made little voice because of his grief.

But at this time, the audience was silent, and everyone could hear clearly. Everyone’s eyes focused on Lorenzo, listening to him read the last words of the palace lord.

Lorenzo breathed a sigh of relief, and continued to read: “After my death, Lu Changqing, the military teacher Lorenzo, took over as the lord of the palace, the four great Dharma kings, and the 180,000 disciples of the Hall of Longevity, must obey the orders of Lorenzo. !”

When he read this, Lorenzo’s eyes turned red again. He endured his grief and continued to read: “There is one last thing, all the disciples of the Palace of Longevity, must obey orders! As we all know, the Earth Round Continent and the Apocalyptic Continent, I am afraid one day , Will meet each other in battle. All disciples of the Palace of Longevity must not be traitors or surrender to the Apocalypse Continent! If there is a violation, I, Lu Changqing, will not look down!

Reading here, Lorenzo couldn’t bear it, and he shed tears again, choked up and said: “Lu Changqing has an excellent brush…”

Puff through.

After the words fell, Lorenzo knelt down again and shouted with tears: “Hall Master, don’t worry, as long as I stay in Lorenzo, I will never let the disciple of the Palace of Longevity be a running dog in the Apocalypse Continent! I swear to heaven. , Will lead the Hall of Longevity well!”

Brilliantly loud and proud!

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