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Chapter 321

Seeing Darryl’s face pale, Raquel was anxious: “Darryl, hold on…”

Darryl showed a wry smile, I am afraid that this time, he really can’t hold it. The scorpion venom has penetrated into the body.

“Yes, I remembered! There is a way to save you!” Raquel seemed to remember something suddenly, quickly stood up, walked to the side of King Scorpion, took the blood-drinking sword, and put the red eyes on King Scorpion’s head. “Dug it down.

What is she doing?

See this scene. Darryl was at a loss.

I saw Raquel walking over with red eyes, a bit of excitement on his face: “Darryl, open your mouth quickly. This thing can detoxify.”

Raquel said softly: “I once saw an ancient book in the library of the Apocalypse Continent. The ancient book records that the “red eyes” on the forehead of the Scorpion King are not eyes, but its spirit. .”

Speaking of this, Raquel continued: “It is said that as long as it eats its essence, it can cure all kinds of poisons, and it will not invade all kinds of poisons in the future. But for thousands of years, no one has ever tried it, because this kind of scorpion. The king is hard to meet.”

While talking, Raquel directly took the spirit. Throw it into Darryl’s mouth.

The moment he swallowed the spirit, Darryl only felt his whole body warm.

“After eating this thing, can it really detoxify? It won’t be more serious…” Darryl murmured.

“Your nonsense is too much.” Raquel snorted, and didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

After nearly ten minutes, Darryl’s complexion gradually improved. He only felt that the numbness on his body gradually disappeared!

I have to say that this Scorpion King’s Sky Eye really works, Darryl stood up and moved a bit, and found that the poison in his body had disappeared.

“I saved your life, thank me quickly.” Raquel said with a grin.

Darryl didn’t speak either, took out his mobile phone, turned on the flashlight, and took a picture of him. He was scared now, afraid that two monsters suddenly jumped out.

However, the flashlight shook, Darryl and Raquel, their bodies trembled at the same time!


I was shocked!

In front of the two of them, nearly ten meters away, a huge crystal coffin hung there. The crystal coffin was crystal clear with a charming luster flowing on it.

Inside the coffin, there was a person lying quietly.

This man has white beard and hair. Wearing a silver armor. A dragon is engraved on the armor, so lifelike! The man lay motionless in the crystal coffin, and did not know how long he had passed away. But it gives people the feeling that it is still mighty!

Lying in this crystal coffin is the owner of the tomb!

Darryl and Raquel walked over quickly, shocked in their hearts!

“Such a big crystal coffin and wearing a silver dragon armor, this tomb owner must have been a big man before his life.” Raquel couldn’t help but exclaimed.

Darryl nodded in agreement and looked around.

Beside the crystal coffin, a stone stele was erected. This stele is more than five meters high, and many words are densely written on it!

Raquel walked over quickly, looked at the stone tablet, and read word by word: “My name is Zhao Yun, and the word is Zilong. General Shuhan Oliver…”


Zhao Yun? This is Zhao Yun’s tomb? !

Valkyrie Zhao Zilong? !

Darryl’s mind went blank, and he hurriedly walked over. After seeing the words on the stone tablet, he was completely stunned.

May I ask who does not know Zhao Zilong in the whole world? !

Zhao Yun has fought the world all his life, no one can beat him! Changbanpo became famous in the first battle with seven in and seven out! Respected as the God of War by posterity!

This tomb is Zhao Zilong’s tomb… I’m not dreaming, right?

Seeing Darryl’s face in shock, Raquel was very surprised: “What’s the matter with you? Stupid?”

She is a princess of the Apocalypse Continent. She is not familiar with the history of the Diyuan Continent, so naturally she does not know the fame of Zhao Zilong.

And this time. Darryl was still immersed in the shock, unable to relax for a long time.

With a dazed expression, Raquel continued to read the words on the stone tablet: “I, Zhao Yun, have been a warrior throughout my life, but have never accepted a disciple. After I die, I hope that someone who is destined can inherit my life’s unique knowledge.”

After reading this, Raquel gasped and continued reading: “My tomb has a magical array. There are few people in the world who can pass the magical array. If you can see the words on the stone tablet, it means you have passed. The magic array. It proves that you are connected to me. In that case, I, Zhao Zilong, will pass you a set of exercises. This exercise is carved on the back of the stone tablet. In addition, I will give you two “Promise Golden Pills.”

Pass a set of exercises, and…Promise Golden Pill?

Hearing this, Darryl trembled all over, with an uncontrollable excitement in his heart! Go quickly to the back of the stele.

Sure enough, on the back of the stele, there was a set of key points of the exercises. And on the stone platform below. There is an exquisite brocade box, which has been exquisite and unparalleled after thousands of years.

Darryl first picked up the brocade box and opened it without hesitation.

The moment the brocade box was opened, a golden halo was projected. Inside, two golden pills were placed quietly, but they should be shiny and full of aura.

It is Promise Jin Dan!

“The Promise Golden Pill, it is really the Promise Golden Pill!” Darryl was so excited, his voice trembled.

According to legend, in order to be immortal, Qin Shihuang summoned many alchemists to refine the eternal life pill. As a result, the longevity pill was not practiced. But by mistake, he made the Promise Golden Core.

The Promise Golden Pill can only be taken once in a lifetime. After taking it at any level, you can improve your strength in the third level!

That’s right, if you eat a martial artist, you will become a martial artist of four. After eating a piece of martial arts, it will become a fourth stage of martial arts!

This Promise Golden Pill is definitely a rare pill in the world! However, after the fall of the Qin Dynasty. The pill of Promise Jin Dan was lost.

In “Promise Pill Art”, I just briefly introduce the Promise Jin Pill, it doesn’t record how to refine it!

Darryl didn’t expect that there would be two Promise Golden Pills in Zhao Yun’s grave.

At this time, Darryl and Raquel looked at each other, each one took one, and put the pill into their mouths on the spot.


At this moment, a powerful aura burst out of their bodies!

The two of them sat cross-legged on the ground, only to feel the growth of their strength!

In about three hours, the Promise Jin Dan was completely absorbed. Darryl opened his eyes, his face was full of joy!

Sure enough, he was promoted to three tiers in a row. At this time, he was already the fourth tier of Wuhou!

Haha! Darryl was overjoyed and threw two punches at will, feeling that his power was much stronger than before!

Excited, he couldn’t help but look at the stele. On the stone tablet, there is also recorded a technique.

“Wuji Fortune Palm!”

What a domineering name!

Darryl took a deep breath. I couldn’t wait to sit on the ground, looking at the exercise formula engraved on the stone tablet, and began to practice.

Raquel also sat beside him happily, and followed this exercise.

This Promise Fortune Palm is a very powerful skill. It’s not so easy to comprehend.

The two have carefully studied the exercises, and have completely entered the state, and can’t feel the passage of time at all.

In the blink of an eye, a few days passed quietly. However, Darryl and Raquel were still studying hard.


Tongtian Island.

Inside the hall. It’s lively!

Dozens of maids are busy setting up the banquet.

Today is a big day, the messenger of the Apocalypse Continent has arrived on Tongtian Island. The leader specially hosted a banquet.

The entire disciples of Tongtian Island were full of smiles. Because tonight. No patrols, no work, the teacher ordered that everyone can drink and eat meat tonight, and all the disciples can relax and relax!

But some people are happy and some are worried.

At this time, the wife of the leader, Kendra, was walking around at the door of the room. That very delicate face was full of anxiety and anxiety. Tonight, she is going to set a fire, and then leave Tongtian Island.

At this moment, an elite disciple walked quickly.

This elite disciple is Kendra’s confidant, and Kendra trusts him very much.

When he arrived, before the disciple could speak, Kendra couldn’t wait to ask, “Have you heard about Darryl?”

When he separated last time, Darryl promised himself that he would come to pick him up and leave Tongtian Island tonight.

But many days passed in a blink of an eye, and Darryl didn’t even contact him. Today is a day for action, and as a last resort, Kendra had to send someone to look for him.

The disciple respectfully opened his mouth and said: “Ms. Huizi, the subordinates searched the entire Donghai City, but they didn’t find Venerable Tongtian.”

Hearing this, Kendra felt even more anxious, and waved his hand: “Okay, you can go down.”

What’s the matter, Darryl, why didn’t he come to pick me up… Kendra panicked suddenly. He, did he forget me…

Two hours later, when the banquet began, he would start setting fire, creating the illusion that he was buried in flames, and then ran away.

Without the protection of Darryl, how could he leave Tongtian Island on his own? Even if you successfully leave Tongtian Island, where can you go…

Chapter 322

Thinking in a mess, Kendra bit his lip tightly.

Forget it, even though Darryl didn’t come, he had to leave Tongtian Island according to the plan.

Tonight is an excellent time to leave Tongtian Island. If you miss it, you won’t have such a good opportunity in the future.

eight pm.

In the hall, the banquet has reached its climax. Everyone had a good time.

Kendra also drank a few glasses of wine. He said goodbye to Master Tongtian and returned to the room on the grounds of being uncomfortable.

The Lord Tongtian didn’t even notice that it was wrong, because his wife was too strong to drink.

Back in the room, Kendra immediately put on an ordinary skirt. Then I simply dressed up. If I wear too beautifully, it is easy to attract people’s attention.

Everything was ready, she took out the torch. After being lit, he was thrown on the bed.

In an instant, the fire ignited, and the fire quickly spread to other houses due to the sea breeze.

Kendra bit his lip. Without the slightest nostalgia, he quickly ran to the trail behind the mountain.

I thought I would encounter some troubles along the way. But unexpectedly, it was much smoother than expected, and soon Kendra arrived at the beach.

Looking for a fishing boat at random, Kendra walked to the bow and drove the boat away. As the fishing boat moved slowly, the lady looked back at the blazing fire on Tongtian Island, with a smile on her delicate face.

Finally, I can finally leave here.

At the same time, Darryl’s figure appeared in Kendra’s mind.

Darryl, where are you, why didn’t you come to pick me up…I…I came to Donghai City to look for you…

Kendra’s lips were almost bleeding.

This broken fishing boat was very slow. After a night of wandering, Kendra arrived in Donghai City.

Originally, Kendra was very happy to leave Tongtian Island. But after getting on the shore, it suddenly became difficult.

I only knew that Darryl was in Donghai City. But he never asked where he lived. More importantly, Kendra lived on Tongtian Island for several years and never used a mobile phone.

It is a difficult problem to contact Darryl now. Where can I find him in such a big Donghai City?

How to do?

Standing on the coast, Kendra’s beautiful face was full of anxiety.

“Beauty, do you need help?” As a result, at this moment, a man with a yellow hair and a sleek dress greeted him with a grin.

This person is called Lai San, a local ruffian, and he is idle on weekdays, specializing in petty theft.

When Kendra went ashore before, Lai San paid attention to her.

With years of stealing experience, Lai San could tell at a glance that the bag in Kendra’s hand is absolutely valuable! And there are a lot of jewelry in the bag.

That’s right, the bag in the hands of the teacher’s wife. She was specially ordered to create it. The entire bag is made of soft gold. This kind of soft gold is rare in the world! Although it is gold, it is like cloth.

When Kendra left from Tongtian Island, he also brought a lot of jewelry. She knows that these jewelry can be exchanged for a lot of money.

Because she was walking in a hurry, at this moment a string of agate bracelets,

Also exposed outside the bag.

Lai Sanna called an excitement! Haha, isn’t this going to make a fortune!

Lai San’s gaze moved away from his bag, and he looked up and down Kendra.

Beautiful, really beautiful.

This woman has a beautiful temperament, beautiful nobility, beautiful elegance. This woman should only be in the sky.

“Gudong!” Lai San swallowed, smiled, and asked: “Beauty. Do you need help?”

“Thank you, no need.” Kendra responded without thinking.

After saying this, she followed the road. Go forward.

Kendra had already thought about it, and when he arrived in the city, he changed all the jewelry he brought into cash, and then slowly looked for Darryl.

Lai San didn’t give up at all, followed quickly, and said with a smile: “Beauty, see you just came from another place. I don’t have any ill intentions. Seeing you alone, I just wanted to help. Nothing else. .”

Kendra slowed down and turned his head to look at him: “I’m here to find someone, do you know someone named Darryl?”

Although this person doesn’t look like a good person, in case he knows Darryl.


Lai San’s eyes flashed and he said, “This Darryl you are talking about. But a student of Shangwu Academy?”

Lai San often walks around the market, and he knows a lot of the gossip. Darryl was the son-in-law of the Liu family before, and he was interrupted by Master Miao Yuan after he was the son-in-law of the Liu family. How could he have not heard of this matter?

Kendra was very pleased and nodded and said, “Yes, yes, it is him. Do you know where he lives?”

Lai San patted his chest and said nonchalantly: “You are asking the right person. Darryl and I are also friends. We often go to his house to drink, and of course we know where he lives!”

Hearing this, Kendra was not overjoyed, and stepped forward and said, “Then can you take me to find him?”

Just waiting for your words!

A smile appeared on Lai San’s face. Obliged to say: “Of course, Darryl and I are friends, we are our own, how can I not help.”

Talking. Lai San pointed to a neighborhood in front of him: “Darryl lives there. Come with me.”

When the voice falls, it leads the way.

Kendra quickly followed up. The lady at this moment was unspeakably excited. Thinking of seeing Darryl soon, a heart trembled.

However, the wife kept her eyes on her mind and asked a few questions about Darryl along the way.

Lai San answered fluently. What I said was what I heard from my ears. After all, Darryl is a celebrity in Donghai City. During this time, he made so many things, first made famous at the lion slaughter meeting, and then made a big noise in other people’s weddings.

All these things spread in Donghai City.

At this moment, the wife was convinced that she completely relaxed her guard.

If it weren’t for Darryl’s friend, how could he know so many things about him? Soon, he followed Lai San and walked to a community.

This community has been around for a few years, and there are not many residents.

Lai San took his wife and walked to the innermost building.

Open the door of the building and lead her into the corridor.

Chapter 323

This building is very old and there is no elevator. After walking to the second floor, Lai San stopped and said to the teacher’s wife: “Beauty, Darryl lives here. Go and knock on the door.”

Kendra hummed and walked to the door.

At this moment, Lai San suddenly showed a smile. Taking advantage of Kendra’s carelessness, snatched the bag from her hand! Then turn around and run!

“You!” Kendra exclaimed. She didn’t expect that this person would suddenly snatch her bag, isn’t he a friend of Darryl! How could it be so shameless.

Kendra has always lived on Tongtian Island, and is the wife of the leader. When was someone deceived?

When she reacted, Lai San was gone.

Kendra bit her lip, her angry body trembled. But he didn’t chase it either. indeed. That bag was worth a lot, but after finding Darryl by himself, it was useless to ask for that much money.

Thinking inside, Kendra knocked on the door twice.

Bang bang…

The teacher’s wife was full of excitement. Looking forward to Darryl’s coming to open the door.

After a while, the door was opened, and a middle-aged woman leaned forward and looked up and down at her: “Who are you looking for?”

“I…” Kendra suddenly became nervous: “I’m looking for Darryl.”

Who is this woman? Is the auntie at Darryl’s house cleaner…

The middle-aged woman said impatiently: “Darryl? There is no Darryl here, you are looking for the wrong place.”

When the voice fell, the middle-aged woman closed the door directly.


Did you find the wrong place?

Kendra stood there, at a loss, anxious and angry.

It wasn’t until she realized that the person just now was a liar through and through.

Walking out of the community, Kendra felt very at a loss. Not only did he not find Darryl, but his bag was snatched away, and now he didn’t have any money on him.

“Fortunately, these two books are not lost.”

As if talking to himself, Kendra opened his red lips slightly, and took out two books from his clothes.

It is the two Taixuan Scriptures!

Before leaving Tongtian Island, Kendra sneaked into the teacher’s room and stole these two books.

Tongtianjiao went to the Apocalypse Continent, these two books. Can’t stay in Tongtianjiao!

This is Kendra’s idea. After collecting the scriptures, she walked aimlessly on the street.

I don’t know how long I have been away, and my heart is full of confusion in this unfamiliar place.

She didn’t know where to go. She had no money at this time and could only sit on a bench outside the mall. I don’t know how long I have been sitting there, Kendra is also anxious as the sky is getting late.

When Donghai City is so big, sitting here, when can I meet Darryl? It’s better to ask others if you know Darryl.

Although the chance of discovering Darryl is very small, it is better than waiting like this.

It was already evening, and the shopping mall was about to close, and many men and women walked out of it.

Kendra hesitated, walked straight to a young man, and asked: “Hello, do you know Darryl?”

Although he had just been deceived, Kendra really couldn’t help it.

I don’t have any money on my body, so I can’t sit on the bench all the time.

In any case, it is necessary to find Darryl.

Unexpectedly that young man. Looking up and down Kendra, he said, “You are looking for Darryl to go to Liu’s house.”

When the young man said this, his tone was full of mockery. Darryl is now in Donghai City, almost notorious, no one knows the whole Donghai City.

Kendra didn’t expect that he would just find someone on the street who knew Darryl.

But when she heard the young man’s words, she frowned.

Why are you looking for Darryl and going to Liu’s house?

In a daze, Kendra still asked, but the young man had already turned and left.

Later, his wife asked a few passers-by. After several twists and turns, Kendra finally asked the address of Liu’s house and rushed over.


At this moment, the Liu Family Villa.

In the hall. The grandmother was sitting there drinking morning tea.

Below the grandmother, there are a group of juniors who are chatting and laughing.

Since Lily and Darryl broke off their relationship, the old woman feels very happy.

To know. Because of Darryl’s son-in-law, the entire Liu family has become the laughing stock of Donghai City. Now, finally clarified the relationship with Darryl’s trash.

At this moment, a young junior walked in quickly and shouted: “Grandma, a woman came outside and said to look for Darryl.”

Looking for Darryl?

Hearing the name, the old woman frowned. Stand up and say, “Go, go and see.”

With that, he walked out of the hall slowly. The juniors behind them all followed suit.

It was Kendra who stood at the door of Liu’s house.

The moment they saw her, the Liu family was stunned. The beauty in front of her is graceful and unparalleled. Whether it is temperament, appearance or figure, it is the best of the best.

“you are…”

The old lady looked at Kendra and couldn’t help but ask.

Kendra smiled and asked, “Excuse me, does Darryl live here?”

“Who are you from Darryl?” the old grandma asked.

At the same time, several of the Liu family’s children next to him also quietly looked at Kendra. Especially Liu Zhiyuan’s men, their eyes straightened.

What is the relationship between such a temperamental beauty and Darryl?

Wouldn’t it be Darryl’s woman again? Ma De, Darryl, that scum, has a lot of luck.

First there was Bessie. Now another one pops up.

The gazes of the Liu family made Kendra uncomfortable, but he barely showed a smile: “I am Darryl’s friend.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Zhiyuan sneered and said, “I think it is your Darryl’s junior? She is pretty and has a good temperament. It turns out that she is an unscrupulous woman.”

Liu Zhiyuan’s remarks seemed to be the fuse, and then everyone said one after another, saying that one of them was worse than one.

“Yes. At first glance, it looks like a freak.”

“A woman like you is really disgusting.”

For a while, those people were cynic and sarcasm, and their words were extremely harsh.

Kendra trembled with anger: “You…what are you talking about…”

She only feels very wronged, all these years in Tongtian Island. No matter how big a person is, you must be respectful when you see yourself. When have you been scolded by someone pointing your nose?

“Okay, don’t say anything.” The old grandma leaned on a cane and coldly interrupted everyone’s words.

Then he looked at Kendra: “Darryl is not here. That scum has nothing to do with our Liu family.”

“That…” Qin Rong said anxiously: “Then he is in Donghai City, does he have any relatives?”

The old grandma said coldly: “He used to be the second young master of the Yue family, and all his relatives are in the Yue family.”

When the voice fell, the old grandma stopped talking, and led the Liu family back to the villa.

Before leaving, the old grandma turned her head and said to Kendra: “I tell you, as a woman, you have to be clean and self-conscious, and what good is it for you to be a junk in Darryl? You are such a fox.”

After speaking, the villa door closed fiercely.

Standing outside the villa, Kendra faintly trembled, shy and angry, almost crying.

Chapter 324

The wife of the leader only felt sore in her nose. She came to Liu’s house with hope, and she would be so humiliated.

Kendra bit his lips tightly, feeling uncomfortable in his heart. After a long delay, she left the Liu family villa and headed to the Yue family.

The old grandmother of the Liu family said just now. Darryl’s relatives are all in the Yue family.. I can only find out where the Yue family is.

Half an hour later, the Yue family villa.

Recently, the Yue family took on a project-to build a coastal plaza.

If this project is completed, at least one billion yuan will be earned. So these days, Banson and Clint are very busy. All went out to do errands at this time. Only Patsy was left at home, and she was holding the account book at this time. Count the income of the Yue family this month.

As a result, at this time, a child of the Yue family rushed over: “Sister-in-law, a woman came outside the door. He said to look for Darryl.”

Looking for Darryl?

Patsy smiled suddenly, come here to find Darryl? No one in Donghai City knew that Darryl had been driven out by the Yue family.

Patsy didn’t want to see it, but couldn’t help being curious, so she went out.

After half an hour.

The teacher’s wife was sitting in the Yue’s living room, waiting for Darryl with anticipation.

After a while, Patsy also walked in. The moment she saw the wife of the leader, Patsy was immediately attracted by the wife of the leader.

The beauty in front of her looked strange, but she was from outside. But it looks good temperament, I am afraid it is not ordinary people. So Patsy didn’t drive her away, but curiously asked Kendra: “Who are you from Darryl? What are you doing with Darryl?” After asking these words, Patsy said again: “I am Yue. Darryl’s sister-in-law.”

Hearing that she was Darryl’s sister-in-law, Kendra couldn’t hide his excitement. He opened his mouth and said: “I…I am a good friend of Darryl.”

When the voice fell, Kendra’s face was full of embarrassment.

A good friend of Darryl?

Patsy was surprised, but she sneered secretly in her heart. Seeing her blushing, I’m afraid it’s an improper relationship with Darryl.

This Darryl is really not a thing, there are flowers and grass everywhere.

“Sister-in-law, is Darryl here?” Kendra asked expectantly.

From last night to now, I have been running around and tired, and I haven’t eaten or drank water. I was insulted by someone from the Liu family just now, and it was almost impossible to withstand it.

“He…” Patsy showed a scornful smile on her face and said, “He doesn’t live here. As far as I know, he doesn’t seem to be in Donghai City.”

Actually, Patsy was talking nonsense. She didn’t know where the scum of Darryl was.

Darryl is not in Donghai City?

This…what about this.

Kendra was in a hurry. Unspeakable grievance: “Sister-in-law… I just came to Donghai City, and my money was cheated. I really have nowhere to go…” At this time, Kendra hopes that Patsy can take him in. After all I am penniless…

Patsy heard what Kendra meant, and pretended to think, and then said embarrassedly: “Originally, my sister-in-law should make arrangements for you, but our Yue family really has no place to live. Moreover, Recently, our Yue family’s business. One day is worse than one day. I want to get you some money, but I really can’t get it out.”

Heard this. Kendra was very depressed. He bit his lip and whispered in a low voice: “I…I am not very demanding, as long as I can give me a place to eat and live, I can wait for Darryl to come back.”

By now, Kendra really had no choice.

Patsy laughed. Be very concerned, and comforted: “Don’t worry, you are a good friend of Darryl, we are a family, how can I bear to see you sleep on the street?”

Having said that, Patsy thought for a while: “Or. I will introduce you to a place to work. You should do it there first and make a little money. As soon as I have news from Darryl, I will let you know?”

“Okay…” Kendra nodded without thinking, “Thank you so much…”

With that said, the lady secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Finally there is a place to stay… At this time Kendra still firmly believes that Darryl’s sister-in-law will definitely not harm him.

“Okay, I’ll contact you now.” Patsy said, she immediately stood up, walked to the side and made a call.

A friend of Patsy’s recently opened a KTV.

Patsy is ready to move Kendra. Introduce to work in this KTV. Darryl’s woman, working in such a chaotic place, does Darryl know that she will be angry in the future?

I thought. Patsy couldn’t help laughing. Going to a corner, gently said to the phone: “Hey, I heard that your KTV has been short of people recently. I have a beauty here…”

The teacher’s wife was sitting there, not knowing what she was about to face.

After a while, Patsy finished the call. He walked back with a smile and gave Kendra the address of the KTV. Tell her that the work has been arranged for her.

After half an hour.

Kendra came to a newly opened KTV according to the address given by Patsy.

As soon as he entered, Kendra was instinctively resisted when seeing the feasting environment here. But didn’t say anything.

Darryl’s sister-in-law introduced herself here, and she should be taken care of by working here.

The manager of KTV is a woman with heavy makeup. Her name is Zhuo Ting. She is called sister Ting.

At this moment, Zhuo Ting looked up and down Kendra, from head to toe, nodded with satisfaction: “Not bad, not bad, really a rare beauty.”

Zhuo Ting’s gaze made Kendra uncomfortable. She didn’t know why Manager Zhuo looked at herself with such a look.

“Manager Zhuo, take care of you in the future.” Kendra said softly.

Zhuo Ting showed a slight smile, and the smile was full of deep meaning: “Don’t worry, I will take care of you.”

On the phone just now, Patsy specifically confessed that the woman in front of her should make arbitrary arrangements and don’t have any worries.

Chapter 325

the other side.

Huanglong Mountain, the ancient tomb of Zhao Yun.

At this time, Darryl and Raquel were still sitting cross-legged in front of the crystal coffin, cultivating the Promise Palm with great concentration.

I have to say that this Promise Palm is really mysterious and unparalleled! Even after practicing for so many days, Darryl still didn’t fully comprehend it. It is estimated that it will take at least some time to fully learn this skill.

Darryl and Raquel were immersed in the realm of cultivation, almost completely forgot where they were.

In the past few days, Darryl has devoted himself to cultivation, but the situation is surging! Two big things happened. Let people talk about it!

The first one, of course, is Tianmen.

Tianmen adhered to the principle of “walking the way for the heavens”, and in the past few days, several evil forces were wiped out. For a time, everyone praised it.

And another major event was the emergence of a new force, Huaguoshan, on the rivers and lakes.

This power is getting bigger and bigger, and the head is named Peter!

At the beginning of the establishment of Huaguoshan, there were nearly 10,000 disciples. It can be said that the whole arena shook. Everyone wondered, how could a newly established school have 10,000 disciples?

No one knows these ten thousand disciples. In fact, they were all former disciples of the Kunlun School.

After the three brothers Darryl, Peter, and Lorenzo killed the Kunlun faction, they captured all the Kunlun disciples alive. Later, Peter wanted to form a sect, and under threats and profits, most of these Kunlun sect disciples joined Peter’s Huaguo Mountain.


Kunlun Town.

This small town, located at the foot of Kunlun Mountain, is named after the Kunlun School.

At this time, in a hotel in Kunlun Town, Peter and Lorenzo were sitting there, arranging wine and joy, and delicacies and delicacies on the table in front of them.

After the establishment of Huaguo Mountain, Peter was full of spirits, and his mood was unspeakable at this time.

At this time, Lorenzo ugly took a sip of wine and smiled and said: “Great Sage, why did you get the name Huaguoshan haha, Huaguoshan, do you want to be the monkey king?”

Although Peter created a martial art, he was very happy. But the name Huaguoshan is really funny.

Peter laughed and said, “The name Huaguoshan is still invented by Darryl. I chatted with Darryl that day, and I said that I wanted to create a sect, and Darryl casually said a Huaguoshan. At that time, I thought it was too casual. But thinking about it now, I think this name is pretty good, hahaha!”

The two brothers looked at each other and laughed.

“That’s right.” Peter patted his thigh, picked up his cell phone very speechlessly, and grumbled: “I called Darryl that day and asked him to come to Kunlun Mountain to see Hu Sanyang’s underground treasure pavilion, he said Okay, come right away. How many days have passed since I haven’t come, and now I can’t get through the phone.”

Lorenzo also sighed: “Yes, what did this kid do, and want to surprise him.”

As he said, he took out a book of Scripture.

On the green cover of the scriptures, there are four archaic characters written on it: Taixuan Zhenjing.

That’s right, this scripture was found in Hu Sanyang’s treasure house.


Ouyang family.

At this time it has entered late autumn, and the autumn wind is bleak.

However, in the other courtyard of the Ouyang family, there is a beaming atmosphere, with lights and festivities.

In three days, it will be Cynthia’s birthday. At that time, many arena masters. Will come to the birthday party.

At this time, Cynthia’s room.

There are many golden masks on the cabinet at the door, all of which are very delicate.

If a Tianmen disciple was present at this time, he would definitely be surprised.

Because these masks are the symbol of the sovereign Yue Wudi. Who doesn’t know in the arena, Yue Wudi must wear a golden mask when he goes out!

There are still several Tiandao Nine Dragons flags hanging beside Cynthia’s bed.

Yes, Cynthia is a big fan of Tianmen. She admires Yue Wudi too much, it can be said that she wants to see Yue Wudi in her dreams.

Recently, Tianmen has done several vigorous events and eliminated many evil forces.

Cynthia simply admires the Death Yue Invincible, and only thinks that he is a great hero, a hero in the world.

At this time, Cynthia took up a golden mask and wiped it carefully.

Behind her, father Oliver. Mother Janis and sister Agnes all looked at her with a smile.

Janis looked helpless. The daughter is obsessed with Yue Wudi, and she is about to be enchanted, a good boudoir. Flags and masks were put on again.

Cynthia put on the mask and put it on her face. She smiled and asked Agnes: “Sister, how is it? Will I look like Yue Wudi after I put it on?”

Agnes couldn’t help laughing: “My sister hasn’t seen the hero Yue Wudi? Besides, your mask is not real, it’s all fake.”

When she said this, Jing Wen also picked up a golden mask and couldn’t help putting it on her face.

In fact, Jingwen is also an admirer of Yue Wudi, a hero like Yue Wudi, which girl does not worship in her heart.

Cynthia spit out her tongue playfully: “I will punish the evil and promote the good. If I have a chance to meet the hero Yue Wudi, he will definitely give me a real golden mask at that time!”

The tone is delicate, yet cute.

Hearing what his daughter said, Oliver and Janis nearby smiled at each other. The daughter has a heart to punish evil and promote good, which is a good thing.

At this time, Janis’s eyes flashed with compassion, and she smiled and asked Cynthia: “Cynthia, your 18th birthday will be in three days. Do you have any wishes.”

As soon as the voice fell, Oliver smiled and said: “Yes, after the age of eighteen, you are an adult. This birthday is of great significance to you. Tell me, if you have any wishes, Dad can do it. If it arrives, it will satisfy you.”


Hearing this, Cynthia cheered, and immediately said without thinking: “I have two wishes. The first one is to hope that Brother Darryl can come.”

It’s been a long time since I saw my brother, I missed it so much.


Oliver and Janis looked at each other and laughed.

Darryl, as his own son, is naturally coming for his sister’s birthday.

Thinking about it, Oliver nodded and said: “Okay, okay, I’ll contact you, Brother Darryl in a while.”

“Yeah!” Cynthia nodded vigorously. Immediately, with a full face of longing, he said: “My second wish is to hope that the hero Yue Wudi can also participate in my birthday.”

With that, Cynthia clasped her hands tightly, and the girl’s heart trembled.

My own sisters. They are all admirers of Yue Wudi. If the hero Yue Wudi could participate in his birthday, the sisters would be envious of themselves, right? !

Really look forward to it!

This one…

Oliver was stunned, and then smiled bitterly.

Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi, Shellmound sees the head but doesn’t see the end, he really has no contact with him…

How is this so touching?

Haven’t waited for Oliver to speak out. At this moment, Agnes on the side couldn’t help but curl her lips and said: “Sister, Yue Wudi is a hero that everyone admires. You want him to come. My sister is very supportive, but Darryl is something.”

The mention of Darryl made me feel annoyed.

Cynthia blinked her big eyes: “Darryl is our brother. Moreover, in my heart, Brother Darryl is no worse than Hero Yue Wudi, you forget, Brother Darryl is very good at alchemy.”

Until now, Yang Cynthia still didn’t understand why her sister hated Brother Darryl so much.

I think Brother Darryl is pretty good.

Agnes was full of disdain: “Bah, you admit that Darryl is the older brother, I don’t admit it.”

After a pause, Jingwen continued: “Yue Wudi and Darryl, although both have the surnames Yue, one is in the sky and the other is underground. Darryl is on the same level as Tianmen Sect Master?

Jingwen snorted, Yue Wudi was a great hero in her heart.

Comparing Darryl with this kind of hero is an insult to the hero Yue Wudi!

At this moment, Oliver couldn’t listen anymore, frowned and said displeased: “Jingwen, how can you say that to your righteous brother.”

This eldest daughter is really shameless.

At this time, Janis also secretly shook her head to Agnes, motioning her not to say anything.

You need to know that he had only begged Darryl several times in private for the matter about Taohualin before he agreed not to mention it.

Agnes didn’t see her mother’s eyes, and she was full of dissatisfaction: “Dad, I am not wrong. Yue Wudi conquered the ten evil men, destroyed Shahaitang, and conquered Shenhuotang. Which one is not a sensational event. “

As he said, Agnes looked contemptuously: “Where is Darryl? It’s just a crap by everyone.”

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