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Chapter 326

Hearing Jingwen belittling Darryl, Oliver’s face was gloomy.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not good, Janis hurriedly spoke and said, “Okay, well, let’s not mention this.”

With that, Janis looked at Cynthia and said softly: “Cynthia, your second wish for your birthday. It is to see Yue Wudi. Mom and Dad want to help you fulfill your wish, but we don’t know Yue Wudi Heroes.”

As soon as the voice fell, Oliver also smiled bitterly: “Yes, Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi is famous in the rivers and lakes, but no one has seen him. I don’t know what Yue Wudi looks like and how old he is.”

“I don’t care, I just met the hero Yue Wudi…” Cynthia pouted, holding Janis’s arm. Began to act like a baby.

Janis was entangled in tears and laughter. Then he turned his head to look at Oliver, and said softly: “Or, let’s send someone to the general altar of Tianmen to invite it, maybe Brother Yue Wudi will come…”

Although I haven’t seen Yue Wudi, in Janis’s heart, this Tianmen Sect Master is definitely older than herself, so those who have the following consciousness are respected as Big Brother.

“Good.” Oliver nodded.

For her daughter’s 18th birthday, of course, she must try her best to satisfy her wish.


Time flies, Huanglong Mountain. Tomb of Zhao Yun.


Darryl, who was sitting cross-legged, exhaled deeply, his eyes suddenly opened, bursting out two brilliant lights!

At this moment, he slowly stood up from the ground.


At this moment, an incomparably majestic and terrifying force diffused from Darryl’s body, shaking and distorting the surrounding air!

Promise fortune palm, practice!

Darryl showed a slight smile, excited! Come to this ancient tomb. Not only did his strength rise by three levels, but he also learned this peerless martial arts!

The power of Wuji Fortune Palm is even more terrifying than Nine Dragons Ascension!

At this time, Raquel also finished his training, dancing with joy, stood up from the ground and said: “Darryl, this Promise Palm is really too powerful. I didn’t waste so many days of research in vain!”

Darryl nodded.

Indeed, you have been in retreat here for nearly twenty days, right? But after learning this skill, it’s worth it!

“Senior Zhao Yun, Darryl is grateful. I am fortunate enough to practice this magical technique today, and I will never do evil for evil or cause harm to the world.” At this time, Darryl bowed to the crystal coffin and said firmly with a full face.

Raquel also followed Darryl, bowed to the crystal coffin, and said softly: “More seniors.”

Although you are a princess, Raquel has clear grievances. I ate Senior Zhao Yun’s golden pills and practiced his exercises. Paying respect to his body is justified.

“Okay, let’s go up.” Darryl said to Raquel, and then left here.

Before leaving, Darryl took the blood-drinking sword and destroyed the key to the [Wuji Fortune Palm] on the stone tablet.

It’s better to destroy this peerless exercise method. If it is obtained by someone with an unrighteous mind, it’s over.

At the exit of the tomb, you can see the Rat God Guard and the Bull God Guard from a distance, waiting there.

Seeing Raquel coming out, the Rat Shenwei was not overjoyed. He walked up quickly and called the princess.

Darryl couldn’t help but admire that Raquel’s twelve guards were really loyal. Always here


“Jingle Bell.”

at this time. Darryl’s cell phone rang suddenly.

He frowned suddenly, there was no signal from the tomb, and someone called when he came out. I thought. He took out his cell phone and took a look. Oliver called.

The foster father finds something to do with him…

Muttering in his heart, Darryl quickly pressed the answer button.

When the phone was connected, I heard Oliver’s voice, sounding very happy: “Xiaofeng, why don’t you call you without answering? I’ve called you more than a dozen calls, so you can count as answering. .”

“Foster father, I… I have something to do these few days.” Darryl said with a smile.

Oliver nodded: “Xiaofeng. Tomorrow is Cynthia’s eighteenth birthday, you are coming to participate, you…”

The words stopped abruptly before they were finished.

what’s going on?

Darryl saw that the phone had been turned off. I have been in the tomb for many days. Although I haven’t played with the cell phone, the cell phone has been on standby for more than ten days, and the battery has been in a hurry. Only a little bit of virtual power is left. So this call is automatically turned off before it is finished.

But on the phone just now, the adoptive father said that Cynthia had to go there for her birthday tomorrow.

In Darryl’s heart, Cynthia is very cute, this girl is very attractive.

Thinking about it, Darryl blew a whistle.

Suddenly, I saw the figure of a snow-white god, flying quickly from the sky.

It is Xueying.

Xueying is full of spirituality. During the past few days Darryl was cultivating in the tomb, it has been nearby and never left. Hearing Darryl whistling to summon it at this time, it was not too happy to mention it, and flew to Darryl’s side, rubbing his head against his arm for a while, then rubbing against his chest.

Darryl touched its feathers. Then jumped onto it. Immediately afterwards, he will fly to Ouyang Mansion.

As a result, at this moment, he saw Raquel stomping her foot.

“Hey, you rode a snow eagle away, what should I do? How can I go back to Donghai City.”

Raquel asked irritably.

Darryl shrugged: “You can do whatever you like. You don’t have long legs.”

“You!” Raquel gritted her teeth: “Then you won’t invite me, and sit on Xueying. Anyway, Xueying can sit several people.”

“I’m sorry, Princess Yueying.” Darryl showed a harmless smile on the livestock: “I’m going to Zhongzhou City. Ouyang Mansion. So trouble the princess, go back by yourself.”

When the voice fell, Darryl patted Xue Ying on the head, and Xue Ying screamed. Spread your wings and fly.

“Darryl, you, you wait for me!” Raquel trembled, looking at his back, clenched fists tightly. Can’t help but think of being in the ancient tomb, kneeling down and thumping his leg, calling him the emperor..

Thinking of this, Raquel’s face flushed.

On the other side, Darryl rode a snow eagle, driving high above the sky.

I don’t know why, Darryl only felt that his heart was empty, as if he had forgotten a very important thing.

Darryl couldn’t remember exactly what was going on.

In fact, the thing he had forgotten in his heart was to pick up the master’s wife. It’s just that he just came out of the ancient tomb, and a call from his foster father just now made him forget about picking up his wife.

Chapter 327

On the other side, Zhongzhou City, Ouyang family.

It was six o’clock in the evening, and the sky hadn’t gone completely dark, but the entire Ouyang family’s other courtyard was already brightly lit.

Especially in the inner courtyard, gardens, and corridors. There are beautiful fancy lanterns everywhere, not to mention how beautiful they are.

Tomorrow is the birthday banquet of the second lady, Cynthia. Everyone in the Ouyang family has a smile on their faces and nervously arranges the other courtyard.

At this moment, in the sky, a white giant eagle flew extremely fast!

“Wow… what a big eagle.”

“It’s so beautiful. Huh? Someone on it…”

“Master? It’s Master.”

“Master is back!”

Seeing Darryl on Xueying, everyone in the Ouyang family was shocked beyond words!

The snow eagle swooped down and landed in the garden.

In the blink of an eye. Xue Ying became the focus, and everyone gathered around, looking at Xue Ying curiously, but didn’t dare to approach it.

Would such a big eagle hurt people…

Xueying was also very happy to see so many people, flapping her wings non-stop.

“Haha, it’s okay, go and play by yourself.” At this moment, Darryl touched Xueying’s head and said with a smile.

Xue Ying gave a low cry, and flew into the air with his wings shaking, and disappeared into the sky in a blink of an eye.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding people exclaimed again.

This great eagle is so spiritual that he can understand people’s words.

Darryl passed through the crowd and walked towards the hall. As a result, he just walked two steps before he patted his thigh. D*mn, just take care of it. Forgot to prepare a gift.

At Ouyang’s house, the younger sister treats herself best. She celebrates her birthday and it is an eighteen-year-old coming-of-age gift. How can she not prepare gifts?

Thinking about it, Darryl took out his cell phone and dialed Mathew’s number. Let him prepare a big gift.

After the phone call, Darryl just walked to the hall. Two delicate figures walked out of the hall one after another.

It is the two sisters Cynthia and Jingwen.

These two sisters stand together, and they really have their own merits, and they are so beautiful.

At this time, Cynthia, wearing a short white skirt, set off her graceful figure exquisitely. There was a ball head pierced on his head, which was indescribably cute and charming.

And Agnes, wearing a pair of black tights, her hot figure, is unforgettable.

“Brother Darryl!”

Cynthia was surprised and delighted, yelled joyfully, and suddenly plunged into Darryl’s arms.


Instantly warm and soft into his arms. Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath.

This little Nizi, who hasn’t seen her for a while, is getting better and better.

With emotion in his heart, Darryl said with a smile: “Cynthia, miss my brother.”

Cynthia nodded vigorously: “Yes, I think about it every day!”

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but touched her head. This little girl was still so lovely.

At this moment, Agnes frowned and couldn’t help but said: “Cynthia, you come down to me quickly!”

My sister is true, how can you embrace Darryl as a scum?

And this Darryl is really not a good thing, don’t you understand whether men and women give or receive kisses. If this scene is seen by outsiders, what will it look like.

“Sister. I’m happy.” Cynthia stuck out her tongue, turned around and said with a smile: “Brother Darryl, I have my birthday tomorrow, what gift would you give me?”

Darryl smiled and looked at her: “You little girl. You don’t need a gift when you meet. Don’t worry, my brother has prepared a gift, and someone will send it tomorrow. I will give you a surprise at that time.”

“Really?” Cynthia smiled and couldn’t help but hugged Darryl and kissed: “Brother Darryl is so kind to me.”


Feeling the remaining warmth on his face, Darryl smiled awkwardly.

This little girl is really unrestrained.

“Cynthia!” Agnes is very angry, what’s the matter with this younger sister? Tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday. How can you k!ss others at will? And k!ss this scum? !

Darryl ignored Jingwen, but smiled and asked, “Cynthia, what are your wishes? Tell your brother, it’s your birthday, and your brother will help you realize it.”

This Cynthia is so cute, Darryl at this time has already regarded her as his own sister.

Cynthia danced and said: “I originally had two wishes. One is to hope that Brother Darryl can participate in my birthday, but it has been achieved now. The other is that I want to meet the Sect Master of Tianmen, the hero Yue Wudi.”

After speaking, he looked at Darryl expectantly: “Brother, can you please invite Da Xia Yue Wudi…”

Hearing this, Darryl was overjoyed. It seems that for so many days, Mathew and the others have developed Tianmen well. This little girl seems to admire herself very much.


But at this time Darryl was in trouble. It was easy for the younger sister to see Yue Wudi. But I don’t have the avatar technique… Darryl and Yue Wudi cannot be present at the same time tomorrow..

Darryl thought for a long time before he said: “Great hero Yue Wudi, Shellmound can’t see the head and the end, and his brother can’t invite him, but he is the second general. The four gods of the war, the ten heavenly kings, my brother can help you please come here. it is good?”

Upon hearing this, Cynthia’s body trembled. Unspeakable excitement: “Really?”

Cynthia danced with excitement, even if he could not invite Heroes Yue Wudi, he would be the second general, the four gods of war. If the ten heavenly kings are present at the same time, that’s okay! Those little sisters would definitely envy themselves to death!

Darryl nodded and smiled: “When did your brother lie to you? My brother will contact them soon. Let them participate in your birthday banquet.”

As a result, at this moment, Agnes on one side couldn’t help but sneered and said: “It’s really bragging and not drafting. Do you think the heroes of Tianmen are very idle? Can you invite it?”

Tianmen punishes evil and promotes good, those heroes, will all gather to participate in a little girl’s birthday banquet? This sounds more unreliable than Yue Wudi’s coming in person.

With that said, Agnes couldn’t hide her disgust, and stared at Darryl: “Don’t deceive the little girl as a fool. It will be her birthday tomorrow. If you can’t do it, don’t say it, it will only give people a short shot. Promise, are you disgusting?”

This Darryl came with empty hands and no gifts. He even lied to his sister that someone would send a gift tomorrow.

That’s not a big deal. What’s even more ridiculous is that he actually said without shame that he could help the little girl invite the heroes of the Heavenly Gate?

I have seen a thick-skinned person who can blow, but I have never seen one that can blow like him.

At this time, Agnes hated Darryl to the extreme.


Darryl let out a sigh of relief, why is this Agnes everywhere? I’m talking to the little girl, what’s the matter with you?

Darryl didn’t give her a good face, and looked at Agnes with a sneer: “Who told you that I can’t get it? People from Tianmen will give me a lot of face.”

Chapter 328

“Give you face?” Agnes laughed out suddenly: “What do you think you are? Tianmen wants to give you face? Give you a door-to-door son-in-law face?”

Speaking of this, Agnes laughed more loudly: “As far as I know, you don’t even count as a son-in-law now. It is said that the Liu family has been sent out for you. Just you, the heroes of the Heavenly Gate, I don’t even look at you directly. You don’t deserve to give him shoes, you know? It’s a boastful talk. Bragging.”

Hearing this, Darryl turned back and smiled: “I don’t bother to pay attention to you.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Looking at his back, Jingwen took Cynthia’s hand and said: “Cynthia, I’ll tell you again, keep a distance from this waste.”


Hongqi Street Cinema, Donghai City.

In the VIP auditorium, Lily and Zhang Yin were sitting in the last row. Zhang Yin. It was the boyfriend Alexandra introduced to his daughter.

At this moment, Lily, holding popcorn in her hand, was showing the latest premiere of a romance film on the screen in front of her.

This film is very touching. Seeing halfway through, the hero and heroine in the movie broke up, and Lily couldn’t help but tears in her eyes.

“Lily, if you want to cry, lend you your shoulder.” At this moment, Zhang Yin said softly, his eyes full of affection.

Lily squeezed a smile: “Thank you.. No need.”

Zhang Yin took a deep breath and became bolder. He naturally took Lily’s hand and said with a smile: “Lily, this movie is really moving. After watching the movie, let’s go for a coffee later. Then tomorrow we Go out and go hiking. Just this week, I have nothing to do. Let’s go out and relax.”

While speaking, Zhang Yin’s eyes flashed with scorching heat.

Seriously, I have been dating Lily for more than a week, and Zhang Yin’s heart is as uncomfortable as a cat’s claw before he has pulled his hand.

When he grabbed Yu’s hand, Lily was obviously flustered. He lowered his head and said: “I don’t want to go out to play, I think, it’s better next time.”

Zhang Yin was stunned, and said in a puzzled way: “Why?”

Lily bit her lip and said softly: “I…I’m not ready yet…”

“What are you going to prepare for climbing? Just wear a sports suit.” Zhang Yin smiled: “Lily, just follow me, okay…”

Unable to withstand Zhang Yin’s invitation, Lily had no choice but to agree.

To be honest, after so many days of getting along, Lily can feel that Zhang Yin is really good.

If you want to have good looks and financial resources, you are a good candidate for a boyfriend. Even if Lily was conservative, she still allowed Zhang Yin to hold her hand at this time and did not break free.


the next day. Ouyang Mansion, Zhongzhou City.

Today is the birthday party of the youngest daughter of the patriarch Ouyang, and the Ouyang residence is full of joy and excitement.

As everyone knows, Patriarch Ouyang loves his little daughter very much, and she has a birthday feast for her eighteen-year-old. Many people came to participate.

The parking lot outside the courtyard is full of luxury cars.

At this time, hundreds of seats have been deployed in the garden of the inner courtyard.

Today, Cynthia is celebrating her birthday. Not only the wealthy families in Zhongzhou City, but also all the big sects on the rivers and lakes are almost there.

It can be said that these arena sects, on the surface, came to celebrate Cynthia’s birthday, but in fact they were all out of Oliver’s face.

Because the Ouyang family is a well-known cultivating family in the arena. The whole family are cultivators! In particular, the patriarch Oliver, in the past few years, has become famous and respected in the arena. Even the heads of the six major factions had to sell some thin noodles when they saw him. The most important thing is Oliver’s wife Janis. He has studied the formation method and has a deep knowledge in the formation method.

Therefore, all sects respect the Ouyang family. That’s why everyone will come to the Cynthia Birthday Banquet.

At this time, at the birthday party in the backyard. The guests are almost there.

Those who were sitting in the VIP seats were all senior masters from the six schools, Lingbao Zhenren, Master Jueyuan, and Master Miaoyuan.

In addition, the beggar gang leader, Miss Taohuadao. The heads of his other political forces are also among them.

Cynthia’s birthday party is simply a martial arts event.

In front of the hundreds of tables, there is a table full of birthday presents. These gifts are all odd and strange, some are for the one-meter-high jade Buddha, and some are for the sword made of pure gold…

Most of the people who came to celebrate their birthday today are people from the world. Business people, they don’t know what Cynthia likes, so they just choose expensive ones.

After all, it’s the young lady of the Ouyang family, so the gift shouldn’t be shabby.

Amidst the cheers, Oliver and Janis came out with their two daughters.

Today, Oliver wore a long robe, which gave people a very formal feeling, but did not lose its gentleness and elegance.

On one side, Janis was dressed in a burgundy cheongsam, which vividly set off her s3xy figure. At the split ends of the cheongsam, the beautiful legs are straight, which is really unforgettable.


All the men in the room had their eyes straight. The wife of Patriarch Ouyang is really charming.

But then, the eyes of the men present. It fell on the two sisters Jingwen and Cynthia.


This pair of sisters really inherited the advantages of their mothers, no matter their appearance, figure, or temperament. They are rare among people of the same age.

“Oh, this patriarch Ouyang is really blessed to have such a beautiful wife and two such beautiful daughters.”

“Yes. If anyone becomes the son-in-law of the patriarch Ouyang, it will be worth it in this life.”

“These sisters, whoever can marry me, I will wake up in my dreams.”

at this time. Some of the men sitting at the scene were discussing quietly.

Oliver laughed, arched his hands, and said with a smile: “Thank you all for participating in the little girl’s birthday banquet in your spare time. Oliver has nothing to report. I can only wait to invite you to drink a few more glasses. Haha…”

Standing aside, Janis also smiled, nodding to everyone who was familiar with her, generous and decent.

All the guests also bowed their hands in response.

“Patriarch Ouyang, today is Ling Qianjin’s birthday, we will definitely not return drunk!”

“Yeah, hahaha, no one is allowed to use internal force to force wine today!”

Oliver nodded with a smile, then tilted his head and said to Cynthia: “Cynthia, there are so many elders from the rivers and lakes here today. To celebrate your birthday, you can say something too.”

Cynthia has a look, learning from her father, holding a fist to everyone around her, and smilingly said: “Seniors, thank you for participating in my birthday banquet. I am very happy, let’s say it, today, whoever of you will be You are not allowed to go if you are not drunk.”


When the voice fell, everyone present couldn’t help but laughed.

The youngest daughter of Patriarch Ouyang is really lovely.

At this moment, Cynthia looked around, stepped aside, and whispered to Jingwen: “Sister, why hasn’t Brother Darryl here yet? Haven’t gotten up yet?”

Not only did Brother Darryl not come, none of the heroes of Tianmen were here…

Cynthia’s face was full of disappointment.

Chapter 329

Seeing Cynthia’s disappointment, Oliver and Janis looked at each other and sighed in unison.

Oliver is in the rivers and lakes, and his contacts are still very wide, but he used all of his contacts yesterday and failed to invite the heroes of Tianmen.

Tianmen is too mysterious, no one in the rivers and lakes knows the heroes of Tianmen.


at this time. He only heard a shout, and when he looked from a distance, a man came over in high spirits.

It is Darryl!

In order to celebrate Cynthia’s birthday, Darryl specially wore a Tang suit.

I have to say that after Darryl dressed up, the whole person was full of energy, handsome and energetic, and the temperament was different from before.

“Brother Darryl!”

Cynthia smiled with joy. He quickly greeted him with little stars in his eyes: “Brother Darryl, you are so handsome today.”

At this time, Darryl gently blew Cynthia’s small nose. He laughed and said: “Today, for my little sister’s birthday, of course my elder brother should be more handsome.”

However, before Cynthia could speak, Agnes snorted and said: “Human looks like a dog.”

D*mn, Darryl was in a good mood, but it disappeared instantly, and he ignored her, touched Cynthia’s hair, and sat in the first row of banquets.

As the son of Oliver, Darryl certainly had to sit in the first row.

As a result, as soon as he sat down, his buttocks hadn’t been hot yet, Darryl clearly felt that there was a sharp look around him, converging on him!

It is Master Miao Yuan! She looked at Darryl’s eyes, full of killing intent. Some elders of the other six sects looked at Darryl coldly.

But Darryl didn’t panic at all.

He has now reached the fourth stage of Wuhou! And there are a few trump cards: Nine Dragons Ascension to Heaven, Great Breaking Heaven, plus the internal power of Pure Yang, and the palm of the Wu Ji created a hand that has just been practiced.

Darryl picked up a cup of tea and took a sip. without any exaggeration. With his current strength, even against the previous stage of martial arts, he is not afraid! Among the “noble decents” present, one of them counts as one. Who would dare to do it? Let him lie down today.

Thinking of this, Darryl laughed, and stared at Master Miao Yuan.

At this moment, Master Miao Yuan slapped the table too violently, and pointed at Darryl angrily and said, “Darryl, you scum, and you have the courage to come here.”

Darryl smiled softly: “This is my foster father’s home, why can’t I come here?”

Upon hearing this, Master Miao Yuan frowned too.

The story of Oliver’s acceptance of Darryl as his godson is known to all. He is in the Ouyang family, of course.

But how can the dignified Elder Emei sit in the same seat with his scum?

I thought, Master Miao Yuan’s eyes flickered with anger, and there was an urge to draw a sword.

Seeing the bad atmosphere, Oliver quickly laughed. Said: “Everyone, everybody. Today is my daughter’s birthday. Everyone should give me a face. Today we will not mention the grievances of the past.”

Upon hearing this, Master Miaoyuan gave a cold snort, resisted the urge to do it, and sat down. Since Patriarch Ouyang had spoken, he had to show some face, but the look in Darryl’s eyes was still full of hostility.

“Zhongzhou, the boss of Dading Group is here! Bring a birthday gift, the phoenix crown of the Qing Dynasty!”

The voice of the servant came one after another, and more and more guests were present.

“Here is the host of the Red Knife Hall! Bring a birthday gift, the green weapon: Blue Water Sword!”

“Morning Star Entertainment CEO is here! Bring a birthday gift, an ice crystal gem ring!”

It’s been almost an hour. Seeing that the guests are almost there. Oliver laughed, and stood on the stage and said: “Okay, okay, everyone must be happy today. Eat and drink!”

After speaking, he clapped his hands, and then more than a hundred maids walked slowly, carrying delicious food in their hands.

One dish after another is served, they are all famous dishes in Zhongzhou City, and each dish is very valuable!

The guests present all sighed.

This Ouyang family is really generous with every dish. Estimated to cost around 10,000 yuan, right?

Just as everyone started to move their chopsticks and push the cup to change the cup, the voice of a servant came from outside again.

“Sect Master Tianmen is here!”

What? !

Sovereign of Tianmen? !

In an instant, the audience was shocked, and everyone’s eyes gathered at the entrance of the banquet hall.

Didn’t expect that the Ouyang family’s face was so great that even the Sect Master of Tianmen would come to this birthday party? !

Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi. The dragon has always seen the head but not the end, and in the arena, no one has ever seen the true face. At this moment, everyone present stretched their necks and wanted to block the true face of Yue Wudi.

However, Darryl was also dumbfounded. D*mn, what’s the situation? Yue Wudi? Who is pretending to be himself?

However, these people from the Six Major Schools are itching at the roots of their teeth. Last time, Yue Wudi used soft incense to humiliate people from all major factions in the Xingxing Building. How can this matter be forgotten? !

Now that I heard that Yue Wudi was coming, these masters of the rivers and lakes clenched their fists one by one. Especially Lingbao and Master Miaoyuan are the most angry! After all, last time in the Star Picking Tower, they forced the two of them to marry each other.

At this time, Oliver and Janis. They also looked at each other, shocked on each other’s faces!

Oliver took a deep breath and used all his connections without inviting Yue Wudi. Now Yue Wudi suddenly visited. Suddenly surprised and delighted: “Quickly, please come soon!”

At this moment, Cynthia, who was sitting on the side, was already excited and about to jump up: “Is the hero Yue Wudi here? Great…”

Janis told her yesterday. Could not contact the heroes of Tianmen. She was so disappointed at first, her birthday wish was so shattered.

But he didn’t expect that God gave himself a surprise. The hero Yue Wudi is here!

At this moment, the “Yue Wudi” slowly walked into the field.

His dress is Yue Wudi’s classic dress, wearing a large black robe, he can’t see his figure at all. With a golden mask on his face, he can’t see his appearance.

“Yue Wudi” walked forward step by step, with his hands behind his back, calm and relaxed!

Everyone’s eyes are focused on him!

Darryl looked at him and couldn’t help laughing inwardly. D*mn, is your reputation so famous now? You can meet someone who imitates yourself everywhere. The last time Raquel pretended to be herself, today she met another one.

But to be honest, this kid imitated quite a bit.

“Yue Wudi!” At this moment, many masters in the room couldn’t sit still, and stood up one by one, looking at “Yue Wudi coldly.”

Real person Lingbao shouted loudly: “Yue Wudi, I didn’t expect you to have the courage to come to the birthday party. Last time you were in the Star Picking Tower, and you arrested all the major sects and humiliated you in every possible way. I will avenge you!”

Speaking of this, the real person of Lingbao took a deep breath and said, “Today is the second birthday of Miss Ouyang, so I will not embarrass you now, but when the birthday party is over, our account will be settled slowly.”

Speaking of this, the real person Lingbao was still very pleased, and he glanced at Master Miaoyuan.

Master Miao Yuan was too full of killing intent, and looked at “Yue Wudi” coldly.

Last time in the Star Picking Tower, Raquel pretended to be Yue Wudi, and not only made Master Miaoyuan’s master Tai Baitang get married, he also kissed Master Miaoyuan’s face!

Master Miao Yuan always gritted his teeth at the thought of Yue Wudi kissing himself! Today, if you don’t give Yue Wudi this color blank, he kneels down and begs for mercy, it is difficult to solve the hatred in my heart!

Chapter 330

“Sepi!” Master Miaoyuan almost squeezed these two words from the gap between his teeth.

The “Yue Wudi” smiled softly and said: “Master Miaoyuan, last time in the Star Picking Tower, I kissed you and humiliated all the big sects. It was purely a misunderstanding. I didn’t expect Master Lingbao and Master. . Still brooding.”


Upon hearing this, Master Miao Yuan’s too angry body trembled. “You don’t follow this set. Sooner or later, I have to settle the bill with you. When the birthday party is over, I will kill you as an idiot!”

With that, Master Miao Yuan sat down too much, her pretty face gloomy.

Darryl on one side looked at “Yue Wudi” with interest. Full of curiosity.

This kid pretends to look alike. But what good is it for him to pretend to be Yue Wudi?

At this time, “Yue Wudi” walked straight over and politely hugged his fists at Oliver: “Patriarch Ouyang. I heard these days. You have been sending people to invite me. So I am here today.”

“Sect Master Yue!” Oliver laughed and said, “Sect Master Yue, my little daughter Cynthia, admires you very much. I didn’t expect you to come to her birthday party!”

“Yes.” Janis on one side couldn’t help but step forward, and there was some admiration in her eyes: “Don’t talk about my daughter, even me, I adore you very much.”

Janis is right to say this. She had heard that Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi was proficient in various formations. It would be a great honor if Yue Wudi was willing to teach himself the formation!

“Heroes Yue Wudi!” At this moment, Cynthia happily ran over and was about to embrace “Yue Wudi”.

At this moment, Darryl slowly stood up from his seat and stopped Cynthia.

Then he looked at “Yue Wudi” and said with a smile: “Excuse me, are you really the Sect Master of Tianmen? Aren’t you pretending to be?”


When this sentence fell, everyone looked at Darryl!

No one knows why he suddenly said this sentence.

“Mr. Darryl.” At this time, Janis stepped forward. Anxiously said: “Don’t talk nonsense. Can Sect Master Yue have a fake?”

Darryl smiled coldly and slowly said: “Aunt Jiang, I have a good relationship with Yue Wudi. He is my good brother. The person in front of me is not Yue Wudi.”


The voice fell, and there was a burst of laughter around!

Haha, did you hear that right? This Darryl actually said that Yue Wudi was his good brother? Hahaha! Is he worthy?

“Auntie Jiang, blast out this counterfeit.” Darryl said with a sigh.

Janis bit her lip, and lightly scolded Darryl, “Mr. Darryl, don’t be rude.”

This righteous son is good everywhere, but there is one point, his personality is too arrogant. Also like to brag.

How could he know Yue Wudi? Are you still good brothers with Yue Wudi? This is too bragging.

Thinking about it, Janis was angry and funny again.

Agnes on one side also walked out quickly and looked at Darryl coldly: “Darryl, you can brag about it in private. Now there are so many people in the rivers and lakes. Do you want to be shameless?”

Speaking of this, Agnes even picked up a glass of wine and sprinkled it directly on Darryl’s face: “You are really disgusting! Last night, you didn’t mean that you could invite the second general of Tianmen, the Big Four. God of War, and the Ten Heavenly Kings? Why didn’t you see anyone? Didn’t you dare to blow this cowhide when you saw Sect Master Yue coming? Are you disgusting!”

D*mn, Darryl was sprinkled with wine and almost exploded at the time. Is there something wrong with this special Agnes?

Darryl was about to get angry, but at this moment, the “Yue Wudi” stepped forward and said to Darryl: “Is it Yue Wudi? It’s not you who have the final say, you are something.”

My slot!

Pretend to be me, but you can’t be confident?

Darryl was about to endure to the limit. Just about to speak, I heard Oliver’s voice in a low tone: “Mr. Darryl. Sit back to your position and stop messing around.”

Seeing the foster father had spoken, Darryl stopped talking and sneered. Just sit back. He wanted to see what the fake Yue Invincible was going to do.

At this time, “Yue Wudi” looked at Oliver and said with a smile: “Patriarch Ouyang, there is no expensive gift in the rush this time, so he specially prepared a few jars of apricot blossom wine. These fine wines are all. I hope that patriarch Ouyang will not dislike it.”

Speaking of this, “Yue Wudi” clapped his hands.

In an instant, some big men in black slowly walked into the banquet hall, each holding a wine jar.

You can see that there is sealing mud on the wine jar. The red paper pasted on it has faded. Obviously, these wines have been stored for at least a hundred years. As we all know, the longer the wine year, the better. These apricot blossom wines are definitely the treasures of the wine.

Oliver looked overjoyed, laughed, and said: “Sect Master Yue is really polite. I am very satisfied that you can come to the little girl’s birthday party. Now you have brought these wines again. How embarrassed me.”

While talking, he greeted the maid, opened these fine wines, and each guest had a bowl.

At the same time, Oliver also invited “Yue Wudi” to take a VIP seat.

Then Oliver picked up the wine bowl. Tantian became angry, and said loudly: “Everyone! It’s a lot of face for everyone to participate in the birthday banquet of the little girl today. I am here, Oliver, to everyone!”

Patriarch Ouyang spoke. Everyone at the scene picked up their wine glasses and drank them all in one fell swoop.

The banquet kicked off. These arena masters, and business tycoons, all opened their arms and drank.

This occasion. It is a good opportunity to make contacts. Whether you are a quack or a business owner, you are not too well-connected. So everyone toasted to each other, it was a lively event.

Three rounds of wine.

“Yue Wudi” sitting in the VIP table. Suddenly stood up, held the cup, and smiled at Oliver: “Patriarch Ouyang, today, for Ling Qianjin’s birthday, I toast you a cup.”

Having said this, “Yue Wudi” drank it all in one fell swoop.

Oliver laughed and drank.

Riding on the Jiuxing, “Yue Wudi” looked around, with a smile in his eyes, and said loudly: “On this special day, I have one more thing. I want to ask for Patriarch Ouyang. I don’t know if Patriarch Ouyang can give it. I am kind of thin.”

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