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Chapter 3599

clang clang….

In less than two rounds, Maria was a little powerless. Like Lorenzo and Peter, her strength had not fully recovered. Facing the attacks of so many elite soldiers, she was simply unable to resist.

Seeing this scene, Liu Ruxue was so anxious that she couldn’t help but said to Maria, “Didn’t you let you go? Why did you come back?”

As he spoke, he responded to the divine soldier in front of him.

Maria responded: “Our Xia Yin Sect has always put chivalry first. You saved the Great Sage just now. As the Sect Master of Xia Yin Sect, I cannot leave you alone.”

Just as he was talking, he saw a divine soldier, taking advantage of Maria’s inattentiveness, he quickly charged from behind, and the long knife was as fast as lightning, stabbing at Maria’s heart.


This knife is very powerful, and the air is torn apart wherever it passes.

Maria was entangled by the magic weapon in front of her, and she couldn’t dodge at all. She felt the danger coming from behind, and her beautiful face could not hide the despair.

The strength of these divine soldiers is really too strong. Could it be that he just died like this?


Seeing the situation here, Liu Ruxue exclaimed in exclamation. She didn’t have time to think about it at the time. She used her divine power to explode the speed to the extreme, and rushed directly in front of Maria. She raised her jade hand and shook the long knife away.

After recovering her life, Maria was still in shock. It took a few seconds before she recovered and said gratefully to Liu Ruxue, “Thank you.”


Liu Ruxue sighed and said helplessly, “You can’t help me at all by rushing here, but you will put yourself in danger.”


While speaking, I saw all the magic soldiers in the audience quickly surrounded them.

In the face of a powerful enemy, Liu Ruxue felt a hint of despair in her heart at this time. What if she had divine power? With so many magic soldiers, it is impossible to win.

Maria was also nervous, but she didn’t regret it at all.

Now Brother Wen and the others are safely hiding in the secret passage, there is no danger, even if they die, it is worth it.

“Go away…”

At this moment, Liu Ruxue let out a coquettish cry, clenched the long sword tightly, and fought the gods again.

Maria also bit her lip tightly, a hint of determination flashed on her face, and stood shoulder to shoulder with Liu Ruxue to fight against the powerful enemy. However, the divine power in Liu Ruxue’s body was not her own after all. After a while, the speed slowed down, and she was a little powerless.


It was at this time that a divine soldier slashed with a long knife, creating a wound on Liu Ruxue’s shoulder. In an instant, blood sprayed, Liu Ruxue’s tender body trembled, and she staggered back.

“How are you?”

Maria exclaimed, and quickly hugged Liu Ruxue, very worried: “Are you alright…”

Liu Ruxue shook her head and said that she was fine, but her delicate face showed bitterness: “It seems that today is doomed, is this my life?”

“In my own world, I just got out of danger, I thought about coming to another world, and I can have a little chance to breathe, but I would have thought that I just got out of the wolf’s den and entered the tiger’s mouth…”

When she felt these emotions, Darryl could not help but appear in Liu Ruxue’s mind.

Speaking of which, all this was caused by Darryl. If Darryl had not brought her into the Chaos Teleportation Formation, she would not have faced such a situation at this time.

But for some unknown reason, at this time, Liu Ruxue couldn’t hate Darryl in her heart, instead she was worried about him.

Since entering the teleportation formation, he has never seen Darryl again.

I don’t know how he is.

“another world?”

At this time, Maria was shocked when she heard Liu Ruxue’s muttering, and realized something at that time: “You…you are from another world?”

Liu Ruxue nodded.

Maria was suddenly stunned, no wonder, she had never heard of it when she signed up.


At this moment, the surrounding magic soldiers rushed up again.

Liu Ruxue was already at the end of her strength, but she still bit her lip tightly, and burst out the last divine power in her body through the long sword. In an instant, a golden sword shadow burst out.

This sword instantly exhausted all Liu Ruxue’s strength, but it was also very terrifying. Feeling the power of the golden sword shadow, the surrounding magic soldiers were all shocked and retreated.

Chapter 3600

“Come on!”

Taking this opportunity, Maria grabbed Liu Ruxue’s hand tightly and quickly headed towards the back mountain of Rushers.

“Want to run?”


The soldiers of the gods reacted and shouted, urging their figures to chase after them quickly.

Seeing the chasing soldiers getting closer and closer, Maria was very anxious and at the same time extremely worried, because she could clearly sense that Liu Ruxue’s breath was sluggish and would faint at any time.

what to do?

When passing through the forbidden area, Maria really wanted to take Liu Ruxue into the underground secret passage, but the divine soldiers at the back were chasing too closely. If they did this, not only would they not escape the danger, but they would lead the enemy to the secret passage. At that time, Lorenzo and the others are in danger.

Thinking of this, Maria could only grit her teeth and continue to flee with Liu Ruxue.


A few minutes later, Maria was exhausted and landed with Liu Ruxue. Seeing the scene in front of her, she suddenly became desperate.

I saw that there was a cliff in front of me, and below the cliff was an abyss.

Speaking of which, this abyss is not far from the Xia Yin Sect. Maria knows a little bit about it. It is said that this abyss is unfathomable and even more dangerous inside. Zong sent experts to investigate several times, but no one came up alive.

Therefore, this abyss has become a restricted area.

Seeing the abyss in front of her at this time, Maria’s mouth evoked a hint of bitterness, and her eyes were full of despair.

How did you get here? Is it really God’s will? Today is really doomed.


At this moment, the gods behind him also chased after them. Seeing that Maria and the two were blocked by the abyss, they couldn’t help but laugh.

“Run, why don’t you run?”

“Haha, I can’t run away now.”

While mocking, the gods clenched their long swords and slowly approached.


Seeing that the distance between the two sides was getting closer, Maria took a deep breath and planned to discuss countermeasures with Liu Ruxue, but when she tilted her head, she saw that Liu Ruxue’s eyes were closed and she had passed out.

Obviously, in the process of escaping just now, Liu Ruxue did not hold on.

Seeing that Liu Ruxue passed out, Maria calmed down instead. At that time, her eyes flashed with determination, and she jumped with Liu Ruxue, jumping directly into the abyss.

Maria looks gentle, but her personality is extremely tough.

Since there is no escape, it is better to give it a shot. Even if you die under the abyss, you cannot fall into the hands of these divine soldiers.


Seeing Maria jumping into the abyss, the expressions of the gods changed, and they rushed to the edge of the cliff to look down, and they saw that the clouds were misty, and there were no figures of Maria’s two women.

For a time, the gods were extremely annoyed.

“Mad, jumped off a cliff…”

“Both of them are almost exhausted, jump down and die.”

Just when the gods were discussing, they saw that the Haotian God King led other gods and rushed over quickly.

“What about people?”

Seeing them lingering on the cliff, the God King Haotian looked gloomy and couldn’t help but question.

Hearing the question, the gods and soldiers looked at each other, their faces were full of unease, and then one of them walked out cautiously and lowered his head: “Report to His Royal Highness, then… those two women jumped off the cliff just now, and we didn’t stop them.”

Jump off a cliff?

At this moment, Haotian Divine King was stunned for a moment, then roared angrily: “Then what are you doing standing here one by one? Leave it all down to me, don’t come back if you don’t catch anyone.”

At this time, the God King Haotian was about to explode with anger, but it was only two weak women who could even let them run away.

It simply lost the face of God’s Domain.


Feeling the anger of the God King Haotian, the divine soldier trembled and nodded quickly in response, then mobilized his divine power and jumped into the abyss.

The other divine soldiers also jumped down one after another.

Watching the gods jumping down into the abyss, the God King Haotian looked gloomy and his anger still remained, and said coldly to the other gods: “For the rest, immediately enter the forbidden area of ​​Rushers to search, and be sure to find the entrance to the secret passage. “

When he said this, the God King Haotian clenched his fists tightly, and his eyes flashed with terrifying murderous intent.

“As ordered…”

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