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Chapter 3601

A few minutes later, hundreds of elite soldiers returned to the forbidden area behind the Rushers and started a carpet search.


On the other side, the Huashan General Altar.

Outside the main hall, Darryl heard the chatter and laughter inside, and was stunned for a long time without recovering.

Nima, what a coincidence, as soon as I came to Huashan, I encountered someone pretending to be myself.


Just when Darryl was muttering about this, Su Hong, who was beside him, frowned and said in disgust, “What are you stunned for? Let me tell you, this is the Huashan Conference Hall, you can’t walk around at will.”

“You just wait here. After I tell the master, I will tell you to come in again, do you hear me?”

The words were full of impatience.

As soon as the words fell, Chen Rou also said to Darryl, “Don’t walk around.” The tone was gentle, and Su Hong’s attitude was completely one in the sky and the other in the ground.

Darryl didn’t take Su Hong’s contempt at all, and smiled at that time: “Thank you both.”

Su Hong was too lazy to talk nonsense, and dragged Chen Rou into the hall quickly.

Darryl kept his promise and didn’t follow up, but he couldn’t help but quietly poked his head and looked into the hall. I saw that musk was lit in the hall, and blue smoke was lingering.

In the center of the hall, sits the current head of Huashan, Su Yanlin.

Is it him…he is now the head of Huashan?

Seeing Su Yanlin, Darryl was stunned for a moment. You must know that when the ancient tomb of Lu Bu came to the world a few years ago, the head of Huashan was still Yang Baimei, but he did not expect that the head would change so quickly after a few years.

However, this Su Yanlin was no stranger to Darryl. He had met at the ancient tomb of Lv Bu at that time. He was Yang Baimei’s junior brother and the law enforcement elder of Huashan.

Judging from this situation, it was Yang Baimei who passed the position of head to him.

On the VIP chair opposite Su Yanlin, sat a well-proportioned and tall figure with a delicate golden mask on his face and a light blue silk blouse, which was extravagant.

This golden mask is exactly the same as the one worn by Darryl when he first founded Tianmen, with a vivid dragon carved on it…


Seeing this mask, Darryl frowned, and couldn’t help but curse inwardly.

Today’s liars are really willing to make a copy. They even faked the golden masks of the year. Moreover, this craftsmanship turned out to be fake.

In shock, Darryl developed some interest in this guy wearing a mask, and secretly sensed his strength, and was startled again.

Darryl clearly felt that this person was not weak, but he was actually capable of crossing the Tribulation Realm. It’s just that this person is very smart and deliberately hides his breath.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that during the time he left the Kyushu Continent, there were many people who imitated him in various places, and this one was one of them.

This person is called Liu Xudong. He was originally a disciple of Tianmen three years ago, but his mind is not right. He often does some deceiving and bullying things. Later, Gary found out about it, and after punishing him, he was expelled from Tianmen.

After being kicked out of Tianmen, Liu Xudong felt resentment and wanted to take revenge on Gary and Tianmen, but Tianmen was so powerful that Liu Xudong never had a chance. Until recently, the Sea Dragon Palace had repeatedly fought against Tianmen, and finally destroyed the main altar of Tianmen, causing Tianmen’s morale to plummet. In addition, there are many people pretending to be Darryl on the rivers and lakes, which makes Liu Xudong know that the opportunity has come.

Liu Xudong used to be responsible for guarding the Sect Master’s closed room, so he knew a lot of the internal secrets of Tianmen, and he was very familiar with Darryl’s original mask. So I found a craftsman and made it out on purpose.

After imitating the golden mask, Li Xudong sneaked into a branch of Tianmen, and stole a lot of elixir and secrets. After practicing for half a year, his strength increased greatly, and then it took more than a month to imitate Darryl’s voice.

After that, Liu Xudong swindled and deceived everywhere in the rivers and lakes. At first, he deceived some small sects and factions. However, he could not get any benefit from these small sects and small factions. Liu Xudong wanted to do a big one, and finally locked the target on Huashan.

The reason for choosing Huashan is because Huashan is remote, and even if he is exposed, the news will not spread to the rivers and lakes in a short time

Chapter 3602

Speaking of which, when he first went to Huashan, Liu Xudong was very nervous, but after seeing Su Yanlin, the other party didn’t see it through, which made Liu Xudong very excited, and his doubts disappeared without a trace.

“Ha ha..”

At this time, Liu Xudong was sitting on the VIP seat with a calm and mature attitude. He smiled at Su Yanlin and said, “When I was going up the mountain just now, I saw the disciples of your school, all of them full of energy and talent. I believe that in the near future, Huashan will definitely be able to become one of the best sects in the arena under the leadership of Sect Leader Su.”

It has to be said that Liu Xudong was very careful with his measures. His remarks seemed polite, but there was still a bit of pride in his tone.

People who don’t know it really think it’s Darryl’s deity.


Hearing Liu Xudong’s compliment, Su Yanlin smiled awkwardly, and said very humbly: “Liao Zan, Sect Master Yue, we Huashan are one of a kind, and it is already very good to have a seat in the rivers and lakes, and to be one of the best. The sect, I don’t even dare to think about it.”

Saying that, Su Yanlin couldn’t hide the admiration and admiration on his face: “It’s Sect Master Yue, who founded Tianmen back then and Megatron Kyushu is the real hero.”

“Ha ha…”

Hearing this compliment, Liu Xudong was very useful and couldn’t help laughing, as if he really thought he was Darryl.

At this moment, Su Yanlin thought of something and said with a smile: “Sect Master Yue, I, Huashan, have always been on good terms with Tianmen. Speaking of which, when the ancient tomb of Lv Bu appeared in the world, it was thanks to you that you restrained the audience and prevented Gu Gu. The treasures in the tomb were snatched away by other sects.”

“So, when you come to Huashan, it’s like returning to your own home. Why don’t you take off the mask and feel more at ease.”

When he spoke, Su Yanlin’s eyes were full of anticipation.

Ever since I met Darryl at the ancient tomb of Lü Bu, I never had the chance to see him again. A few years later, when Darryl suddenly arrived, Su Yanlin was very excited. At this moment, he wanted to see Darryl’s true face again.


Seeing this, Darryl, who was standing outside the gate of the main hall, suddenly held his breath and stared at Liu Xudong.

This guy has the guts to pretend to be me, dare to show his true colors?

He didn’t dare, if he really had the guts, he wouldn’t imitate the golden mask.

Darryl’s guess was good. Liu Xudong didn’t dare to take off the mask at all. After all, his appearance and Darryl were not even close to each other. If he took off the mask, wouldn’t it be exposed?

Therefore, hearing Su Yanlin’s suggestion at this time, Liu Xudong’s heart was shocked, and he was a little nervous at that time.

“Ha ha…”

But in the next second, Liu Xudong calmed down and said to Su Yanlin with a smile: “I still don’t take off the mask, to be honest, I just came back from the God’s Domain recently, in order to practice a technique in the God’s Domain, the result appeared The accident caused my face to be injured, so I’ll still wear a mask.”

I see..

Hearing this, Su Yanlin nodded and stopped insisting.


At this time, Darryl, who was eavesdropping on the outside, smiled secretly. This kid is quite good at making up lies. Well, I’d like to see, how long can you pretend.


“Master, here we come.”

At this moment, Su Hong and Chen Rou, who had already entered the main hall, finally found a chance to speak and bowed to Su Yanlin.

Afterwards, the two women greeted Liu Xudong again, very politely and respectfully: “I have seen Sect Master Yue.” Chen Rou was quiet and introverted. When greeting, she did not dare to look into Liu Xudong’s eyes.

After all, this is the famous Kyushu hero.

However, she didn’t know that the Darryl in front of her was fake, and the real Darryl was just outside the hall.

Su Hong, who was next to him, had an extroverted personality. At this moment, he was indescribably excited. Looking at Liu Xudong wearing a golden mask in front of him, he was extremely excited and excited.

You know, Darryl has always been her idol and hero. How can you be unhappy when you see a real person now?


At this moment, Su Yanlin was the first to react and explained to Liu Xudong with a smile: “Sect Master Yue, don’t mind, these are my two disciples, one is Su Hong and the other is Chen Rou.”

Liu Xudong nodded and made a very gentleman’s appearance: “The two girls are not only young and beautiful, but also have excellent qualifications, not bad…

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