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Chapter 3605

Today, Darryl really came to Huashan. Under such circumstances, she just wanted to stay in the hall and cherish the opportunity to see Darryl.

Seeing her disobeying her teacher’s orders, Su Yanlin’s face sank, about to have a seizure.

This Su Hong is really getting more and more outrageous.

“Master, let me go…”

But at this moment, Chen Rou walked over quickly and shouted, and then said softly to Darryl: “Senior sister may have other things, I’ll take you to the medicine store.”

She knew that Senior Sister admired Darryl the most, and at this moment ‘Darryl’ was here, so naturally she would not leave easily.


In the face of this situation, Darryl did not appreciate it, nodded immediately, and prepared to leave the hall with Chen Rou.

Just after walking a few steps, Darryl turned his head and changed his attention. This guy who pretended to be himself came to Huashan, and he must have a plan. It is better to stay and see the situation.


After making up his mind, Darryl pretended to be in pain, yelled, and sat on the chair next to him, clutching his stomach.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chen Rou was startled and asked quickly.

At the same time, Su Yanlin also stood up quickly, with concern in his eyes: “What happened to Brother Feng?”

However, Liu Xudong and Su Hong were both indifferent.


Darryl squeezed out a smile, waved his hand and said, “It may have affected the injury just now. It’s okay, Sect Leader Su, can I rest in this hall for a while before going to get the spirit beast inner pill?”

Yes, Darryl deliberately pretended to be like this, and found a reason to stay in the hall temporarily, so that he could also investigate this fake guy and the purpose of coming to Huashan.

Hearing that he was fine, Su Yanlin breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, “Of course.”

But Su Hong, who was standing aside, was full of contempt: “There are so many things…”

Feeling Su Hong’s attitude, Darryl smiled secretly and ignored it.

At this time, Chen Rou kindly brought a cup of hot tea, Darryl thanked him, took a sip of tea, and pretended to rest.

After confirming that Darryl was fine, Su Yanlin smiled at Liu Xudong and continued the previous topic.

After chatting for a while, Su Yanlin couldn’t help but said, “Sect Master Yue, take the liberty to ask, this time you are here, but what are the important things to discuss?”

Su Yanlin knew that Darryl was a busy person, and it was impossible for him to come to Huashan if he had nothing to do.


Hearing the question, Liu Xudong sighed and said in a very painful tone: “Sect Leader Su, you must have known about the recent battle between my Heavenly Gate and the Sea Dragon Palace.”

“I heard a little.” Su Yanlin nodded. For the past six months, Hailong Palace has been fighting endlessly with Tianmen, and even the main altar of Tianmen has been destroyed. Who doesn’t know about this?

Moreover, as early as half a month ago, Huashan also sent elite disciples to support Tianmen.


Hearing the conversation between the two, Darryl, who was sitting on the chair below and pretending to rest, was shocked.

Tianmen and Hailong Palace are fighting?

What kind of sect is the Sea Dragon Palace? A recently rising power?

Just when Darryl was in doubt, Liu Xudong continued: “The Sea Dragon Palace is very strong, and I have fought several times, and my Tianmen has been killed and injured countless times, especially the leader of the Sea Dragon Palace, whose strength is even more unfathomable, so this time I went before me. Here, I want to ask Sect Leader Su for help.”

“Sect Master Yue invites me to go up and down Mount Huashan. Naturally, it is my responsibility.” Su Yanlin nodded and replied with a serious face, “I will worry about all the disciples later…”

At this time, Su Yanlin was very excited. He could have ‘Darryl’ personally come to invite him for help, which would give Huashan enough face.

At this time, Su Yanlin didn’t know that the Sea Dragon Palace had been destroyed in the Qin Tianjian a few days ago.

“Not busy not busy..”

Seeing Su Yanlin’s resolute statement, Liu Xudong quickly stood up, waved his hand and said, “Sect Leader Su, I don’t want you to come out of Huashan, I just want to borrow your blood-winged armor. I’m not afraid of your jokes, I and the leader of the Sea Dragon Palace before. I’ve played against him, but I haven’t been able to defeat him. That’s why I wanted to use the Blood Wing Armor.”

When he said this, Liu Xudong’s tone was sincere, but his eyes flashed with cunning.

Yes, the ultimate purpose of his visit to Huashan this time is to get the treasure of the Huashan faction, the blood wing armor.

Chapter 3606

Speaking of this blood wing armor, it is still from the ancient tomb of Lu Bu.

Back then, the ancient tomb of Lu Bu descended on Mount Hua, and experts from various sects in Kyushu flocked to them, but in the end, only Darryl, Zhu Bajie and others found Lu Bu’s real spiritual hall. Although there were some twists and turns, in the end, Darryl obtained Lu Bu’s peerless secret book ‘Blood Battles in Eight Directions’. Moreover, Diaochan also gave Fang Tianhua halberd to Darryl.

However, in the ancient tomb of Lu Bu at that time, in addition to Lu Bu’s peerless secrets and weapons, there was also a blood-winged armor. This armor was exactly what Lu Bu wore when he fought in the Quartet. It is said to be able to withstand the attacks of the peerless gods.

It can be said that, compared to Fang Tianhuaji, this blood wing armor is also a treasure in the world.

In the ancient tomb of Lu Bu, this blood-winged armor was scrambled by more than a dozen sects, but it finally fell into the hands of the Huashan faction.

Now that many years have passed, this blood wing armor has always been the treasure of the Huashan faction.


At this moment, when they heard the purpose of Liu Xudong’s visit this time, whether it was Su Yanlin or Darryl, their hearts were shocked.

Especially Darryl, who was squinting at Liu Xudong at this time, very complicated.

This kid is really brave. He actually wanted to deceive the Huashan faction’s blood-winged armor. Speaking of which, after Darryl left the ancient tomb of Lv Bu, he was taken away. People have mentioned it, so I have some understanding of the blood wing armor.

At the same time, Su Yanlin was also stunned, and did not regain his senses for a while.

You know, the blood wing armor is the treasure of the Huashan faction. The entire Huashan Mountain is more important than life. Over the years, I don’t know how many people from all walks of life have come here on purpose to see the Blood Wing Armor, but Huashan has rejected them. Therefore, at this time, I never thought that as soon as the ‘Darryl’ in front of him opened his mouth, he would take this treasure.

“Sect Master Yue…”

At this moment, Su Yanlin recovered and said embarrassedly to Liu Xudong, “The Blood Wing Armor is my treasure of Huashan. It is no trivial matter at this time, please allow me to think about it.”

When he said this, Su Yanlin looked embarrassed.

To be honest, if it was someone else’s word, Su Yanlin would definitely reject it, but the one in front of him was the famous Kyushu hero. It would be inappropriate to directly reject it.

“it is good….”

Liu Xudong also guessed that the other party would not agree easily, so he nodded with a smile: “I understand.” When speaking, Liu Xudong’s eyes flashed with confidence.

Even if Su Yanlin didn’t agree, he still had other ways to get the Bloodwing Battle Armor. In short, this time, when you come to Huashan, you must not come back empty-handed.


Seeing this, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Su Yanlin did not agree, otherwise it would be troublesome.

However, seeing the change in Liu Xudong’s expression, Darryl also guessed something, knowing that this person must have plans for the next step. Therefore, we must expose his fake identity as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Darryl made a weak look and stood up slowly.

“Brother Feng.”

Seeing this situation, Su Yanlin hurriedly asked, “How is your situation now?” In his heart, when the disciples of Dan Zong came to ask for help, they had to take good care of them.

Darryl smiled: “Thank you for your concern, Sect Leader Su, I’m alright, better than just now.”

Saying that, Darryl’s eyes fell on Liu Xudong, with a sincere look on his face: “Sect Master Yue, I’m taking courage, I want to ask you to help me.” When Liu Xudong was called Sect Master Yue, Darryl felt very awkward.


Liu Xudong frowned, feeling very unhappy in his heart, why is there so much trouble with this Dan Zong disciple, I’m not familiar with you, what can I do for you?

At the same time, Su Yanlin and Su Hong both looked at Darryl in confusion.

Soon, Liu Xudong reacted and said indifferently, “What do you want me to do?” Originally, Liu Xudong didn’t want to talk to Darryl, but thinking about his current status, he had to be tolerant, so he hid his unhappiness in his heart.

Darryl thought about it for a while, and said seriously: “The disciple’s meridians are injured and urgently need a panacea to recover. I often hear that Sect Master Yue’s accomplishments in the art of medicinal pills are unparalleled in Kyushu. I beg you to refine a healing medicine for me. , so that I can recover.”

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