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Chapter 361

“The subordinates must keep their voices low and not disturb other soldiers’ rest.” Darryl said with a smile.

Xing Yao nodded, and left the camp with black and white double evil spirits.

At this time, the faces of those little fairies were already blushing! Looking at Darryl one by one.

“Wife, why are you staring at me…” Darryl laughed: “The commander said just now, let us be quiet at night…”

“Darryl!” The fairies were embarrassed and angry. Wen Jing bit her lip and asked, “When did you release us?”

Seeing them so angry, Darryl felt relieved and said with a smile: “I can let you go now. But you have to promise me. Lead Fuyao Palace and support Donghai City.”


The little fairies glanced at each other, and the three fairies Ning Yan nodded and said: “Okay, we promise you. Let us relieve the acupuncture point, let us restore our internal strength first.”

“Good!” Darryl was overjoyed. If Fuyao Palace can fight the Apocalypse Continent together, it would be a great happy event!

Thinking in mind. Darryl raised his hand, tapped a few times on the six fairies, and unlocked their acupuncture points.


The acupuncture points are unlocked, and six powerful internal forces fluctuate. From their bodies!

At this moment, Ning Yan took a step forward, stretched out her hand without warning, and pressed Darryl’s acupoint!

Darryl had no time to react, his body couldn’t move instantly, and he looked at Ning Yan in shock and anger: “You guys…”

“As a ba5tard like you, do you still want to negotiate terms with us?” Wen Jing said coldly: “You want us to support Donghai City, you can dream.”

When the voice fell, she raised her hand with a palm, directly knocked Darryl unconscious, and then took off the token from him. With this token, you can leave the barracks enchantment.

Pretending to agree to Darryl’s request just now was just a stopgap measure. Fuyao Palace does not ask about the affairs of the world, how can it show up to resist the army of the apocalypse? Even if Earthyuan Continent is destroyed, what does it have to do with Fuyao Palace?

“San Jie!” The little fairy was anxious, and looked at Ning Yan: “San Jie, we have clearly agreed to Darryl just now, but now we are turning back, isn’t it too good…”

“What’s wrong? We Fuyao Palace. We have retired from the rivers and lakes, and will never be able to support Donghai City.” Ning Yan said irritably and kicked Darryl: “This ba5tard takes advantage of all kinds of humiliation on us, we must Bring him back to Fuyao Palace and dispose of it properly.”

When the voice fell, Ning Yan grabbed Darryl and walked out of the camp. The other sisters also followed.

Taking advantage of the darkness, several sisters took Darryl and used his token to leave the barracks. Back to Fuyao Palace.


On the other side, Xing Yao was sitting in the military tent, meditating.

Her current strength is already the third martial emperor.

She was the only one in the military tent. At this time, Xing Yao was still wearing armor, but she was sitting upright and her arrogant figure was full of expression.


A soldier ran over and knelt down with a plop: “Commander. Good news, great news!”

“Say.” Xing Yao opened her red lips slightly, only to say a word.

The soldier was extremely excited and said, “Commander, the various martial arts of the Earth Yuan Continent are picking up the stars and killing each other! It is said that they are the disciples of the Tianmen, and they are fighting each other!”

“Huh?” Upon hearing this, Xing Yao slowly opened his eyes: “Is the news accurate?”

“It’s true!” The soldier nodded heavily.

That’s right, in order to save Darryl’s parents, Mathew led the Tianmen disciples to fight against the various martial sects. Now this battle has lasted for half an hour.

“Okay!” Xing Yao laughed and said: “The order goes on, all soldiers and soldiers, set off to the Zhanxinglou! Take advantage of them to kill each other. Kill them all! Take down Donghai City in one fell swoop!”


The soldier was excited and walked out of the military tent quickly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A few seconds later, the Apocalypse Barracks, the drums of war! An army of two hundred thousand. Mighty

Go to the Star Tower!


On the other side, Fuyao Palace.

Darryl didn’t know how long he was in a coma. He seemed to have a long dream. When he woke up and opened his eyes, he found himself lying on the cold ground. There are flowers all around, as if in a fairyland.


Where is this? !

Muttering in his heart, Darryl wanted to stand up, only to find out. He was tied up by five flowers.

Darryl was immediately stunned, raised his head to take a look, and couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

In front of him, there were a few thrones at this time, and seven graceful figures were sitting quietly.

There are six of them, Darryl has already seen them. And the other one should be their eldest sister, right?

Darryl couldn’t help but look at the white holy water a few more times. She is the master of the palace, but she is also about thirty years old. The figure is tight, the temperament is charming, and the whole body is filled with an obsessive breath.


It’s really beautiful.

I have to say that Bai Shengshui is not only beautiful and charming, but also a little more mature than the other six sisters.

Darryl let out a long sigh of relief and looked at several fairies. He asked: “You have turned your back, and you clearly promised me to support Donghai City. It’s all about not fulfilling your promise, why are you arresting me here?!”

“You said why catch you?!” Ning Yan slowly stood up, walked to Darryl’s side, and slapped him on the face with a slap.


The strength of this slap was not small, and Darryl only felt that his face was numb.

“Slap! Slap!”

Before Darryl could react, two slaps fell again!

“You ba5tard!” Ning Yan gritted her teeth bitterly: “In the Apocalypse Barracks. You humiliate our sisters and take advantage of us. For this alone, you deserve to die!”

The voice fell. Ning Yan slapped her wrist, and a long sword appeared in her hand and pierced Darryl’s chest directly!

Darryl was tied up by the five flowers and couldn’t dodge it at all!

Seeing that the tip of the sword is getting closer and closer. At this moment, Bai Shengshui waved his hand.

“Hold on.”

Ning Yan retracted the sword, looking at Bai Shengshui, her face was puzzled: “Sister?”

Bai Shengshui was expressionless. He said lightly: “A few days ago, Hu Sanyang begged us to kill this Darryl. He could have given him a happy way to die. But this Darryl, calling you a wife, your sin is unforgivable. If you kill him with a single sword He is too cheap for him. It has to be a bit painful for him to die.”

Speaking of this, Bai Shengshui smiled slightly: “Come here, throw Darryl into the Yellow Spring Tower.”

Yellow Spring Tower?

Hearing this name, Darryl’s heart trembled, what’s that place?

At the same time, the first fairy’s face changed, and she couldn’t help but pointed at Bai Shengshui: “Sister, is it a bit cruel to shut Darryl into the Yellow Spring Tower?”

Huangquan Tower is the forbidden area of ​​Fuyao Palace.

No one who enters this tower can come out alive!

It is said that Huangquan Pagoda was built by King Shang Zhou. During the Shang Dynasty, if someone committed a felony, they would be thrown into the tower. The prisoner thrown in will undoubtedly die! And before death, there will be painful howls, and the howls will continue for two or three days, which is terrifying!

Later, Fuyao Palace was built here, and Huangquan Pagoda was owned by Fuyao Palace.

As for what is in the Yellow Spring Tower, no one knows! Anyway, inside the tower, it must be very, very scary. Otherwise, how could the people who were thrown in, howl in pain, how could they not survive?

At this time, Bai Shengshui said that he wanted to throw Darryl into the Yellow Spring Pagoda. It could be said that Darryl was sentenced to death directly! And will die in pain!

The little fairy bit her lip tightly, she always felt that she felt a little uncomfortable to treat Darryl in this way. Although this Darryl is not serious… but he is not bad.. When he was trapped in the Apocalypse Camp, he never forgot to worry about the safety of the Earth Round Continent. It could be seen that he was still a bit righteous.

Chapter 362

Hearing the words of the little fairy, Bai Shengshui frowned, and said in a firm tone: “Little sister, what’s the matter with you? How do you speak for this cheap embryo? This cheap embryo, slander you innocent, this kind of person should not die.”

His six younger sisters have always been Bing Qing Yujie, but they were humiliated by Darryl’s wife!

The little fairy breathed out softly, and said to Bai Shengshui: “Sister, I think this Darryl. It’s not as if he is not so unforgivable. On the contrary, I think this person has a bit of chivalry.”

After that, the little fairy’s face was slightly ruddy.

Darryl couldn’t help but look at the little fairy. He didn’t expect that she could still speak for herself.


At this moment, Bai Shengshui patted the table and frowned, “Little girl. Don’t talk nonsense. This person’s glib tongue, he humiliates you, which is equivalent to humiliating my Fuyao Palace, and the sin is unforgivable! Come, throw him into Huangquan. tower!”


The voice fell. Several female disciples walked up quickly and pushed Darryl out of the hall.

“You guys…” Darryl wanted to struggle, but he was tied up by five flowers and couldn’t move at all.

After a while, several female disciples escorted him through a lotus pond and came to a desolate ancient pagoda.

This ancient pagoda has nine floors and is hundreds of meters high! On the top of the tower, three big characters were written impressively: Huangquan Pagoda!

Around this Huangquan Pagoda, weeds grow thickly.


A female disciple opened the door of the Yellow Spring Tower and immediately stepped back, her face full of fear.

Darryl clearly felt that the inside of the tower was dim, and a gloomy wind rushed toward his face!

Darryl couldn’t help but shudder, before he could react, he was pushed in by a few female disciples.


Immediately afterwards, the tower door closed tightly!

D*mn, what the hell is this?

Standing in the tower, Darryl was confused.

He could see that the surrounding walls were already mottled. They all have an ancient atmosphere. It is estimated that this tower has existed for thousands of years.

In this tower, there are countless bones. Those who watched panicked! Obviously, many people once died in this tower.

Darryl’s heart thumped and thumped, feeling inexplicably scared.


However, at this moment, a dense voice came, making the scalp tight.

Darryl followed the voice and looked at it, but he just glanced at it, and he was immediately stunned!


Hundreds of spiders are oncoming! Each of these spiders is the size of a basketball, and the whole body is blood red. Obviously, these spiders are extremely poisonous!

D*mn? ! What kind of spider is this, it is as big as a basketball? !


However, before he could react, one of the spiders rushed over and bit on Darryl’s leg!


Darryl howled loudly, his heart sank.

It’s over, this spider is very poisonous at first sight, and now that it is bitten, it must be dead.


In just a short time, hundreds of spiders all rushed towards Darryl with a bite!

At this time, Darryl was tied up by the five flowers, unable to break free. In just a few seconds, hundreds of bites were taken! Darryl only felt hurt everywhere!

Don’t know the spider. Biting the rope on Darryl’s body! The teeth of these spiders are also extremely sharp, and the rope snaps directly!

Without the bondage of the rope, Darryl sank his dantian, and instantly summoned the blood-drinking sword and slashed at these spiders!

In fact, these spiders are highly poisonous. Regardless of how strong a cultivator is, as long as he gets a bite, he will be paralyzed and unconscious.

But who would have thought that these poisonous spiders would be ineffective to Darryl! No matter how many bites he bites, Darryl will not be poisoned.

Because in Zhao Yun’s ancient tomb not long ago, Darryl killed the Sky Eye Scorpion King, and after taking its spirit, it was already invincible!

Therefore, the poisonous spider in front of him, biting Darryl so many mouthfuls, just made him feel pain. It will not poison him at all!

Huangquan Tower has been established for so long. Many masters are trapped here. After being bitten by a spider, they will be poisoned, paralyzed and unable to move. Hundreds of spiders followed. He would pounce on him and kill him in one bite. In about two or three days, an adult would be eaten by these spiders.

So every time someone was pushed into the Yellow Spring Tower, screams would be heard outside, and the screams lasted for about two or three days.

However, Darryl did not invade a hundred poisons, and now the rope on his body was bitten off again. He immediately called out the blood-drinking sword and slashed!

Flop, flop!

The blood-drinking sword kept waving, only a few spiders were seen, and they were directly stabbed to death!

However, what shocked Darryl was that every time a spider died, a green bead would be dropped.

This green bead faintly shone with light.

Seeing these green beads, Darryl was extremely excited!

Inner Dan? !

These spiders actually have inner alchemy in their bodies? !

[Promise Pill Art] It is recorded in the above. Some insects and beasts have lived for thousands of years, absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and form inner alchemy in the body.

The inner alchemy contains all the spiritual energy of heaven and earth! Now when these spiders die, the inner alchemy will fall down.

This inner alchemy is a good thing! Before Darryl could think about it, he picked up a green bead and stuffed it into his mouth.

That inner alchemy’s entrance melted, and in just a short time, Darryl felt that his strength had improved a little!


Darryl was ecstatic in his heart, he only felt that his whole body was full of strength, holding the blood-drinking sword, and slashing at these spiders desperately!

Patter, patter…

Every time a spider is killed, an inner pill will be dropped.

Darryl received all orders, every time he killed a spider, he immediately picked up Neidan and plugged it into his mouth.

If there is a second person present at this time, it will definitely be shocked.

When others are thrown into the Yellow Spring Tower, they will die miserably. However, Darryl was the opposite. It’s a pleasure to kill here.

Half an hour passed.

One hour…

I don’t know how long it took, Darryl finally killed all the spiders on the first layer. At this time, he had eaten thousands of inner pills!

These inner alchemy contained the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and Darryl had already faintly felt it. He is about to break through, and he will soon rise to Wudan Wuhou!

But at the same time, he was also puzzled. This layer is a spider, what will be on the second layer?

Doing nothing and doing nothing, Darryl held the sword. Step directly onto the second floor!

This Yellow Spring Tower is a hell to others. But for Darryl, it was a paradise for enhancing strength.

Chick chick…

Chi Chi Chi…

As soon as he arrived on the second floor, there were waves of crawling sounds, and Darryl took a look. He immediately laughed.

It was a group of poisonous lizards. These lizards were all three meters long, and the skins on each of them looked like hard armor. Compared with the spiders on the first floor, these lizards are more toxic and attack more fierce.

However, Darryl didn’t panic at all. He was Wu Duan Wuhou. How could these lizards hurt him?

“Contribute all your inner alchemy.” Darryl mentioned the blood-drinking sword and directly killed it!

Haw, haw!

These lizards died one by one, and the inner alchemy also dropped one by one. These inner alchemy are more pure than the ones on the first floor!

After Darryl had eaten a few inner alchemy, he felt that his inner strength had grown wildly!

Chapter 363

On the other side, Donghai City, Zhexinglou.

The 200,000 troops of the Apocalypse Continent had already attacked the Star Reaching Tower at this time!

Just now, Tianmen and the Six Martial Arts were fighting each other. The Apocalypse army took advantage of the chaos and attacked, rounding the land and killing it by surprise.

No matter it was Tianmen or the various martial arts, no one had thought of it. The apocalypse army will take the opportunity to attack.

When the enemy army came, Tianmen and the major factions had no choice but to temporarily put aside their grievances and jointly resist the Apocalypse army.

But in a hurry, he couldn’t beat the apocalypse army at all! Everyone could hardly stop the brutal fight.

However, none of them flinched, gritted their teeth and resisted desperately! Because all the big sects knew in their hearts that if the Choixing Tower was lost, the entire Donghai City would fall. Once Donghai City falls, the entire land circle is in danger!

“Clang clang!”

Soldiers on both sides continued to confront each other, with the sound of weapons colliding and roaring. Reverberating throughout the mountains! There are corpses all over the wild near the Zhanxinglou!

At this time, in the fierce melee, Master Miao Yuan held the long sword too much and swung it hard!


With a scream, more than a dozen soldiers of the apocalypse fell!

Master Miao Yuan was too expressionless, and yelled at Mathew who was not far away: “Mathew, this is all your Tianmen’s fault. If you didn’t have to save Darryl’s parents, it would not give the Tianqi army a chance. take advantage of.”

With that, Master Miao Yuan’s tone was too cold: “If the Star Reaching Tower is lost, you will not be blamed for the sin of Heaven, and you Mathew is a sinner on the earth!”

“You fart!”

Mathew’s eyes were blood red instantly, and he shouted angrily: “Master Miaoyuan, your six major factions violate the morals of the rivers and lakes and grab two unarmed old couples. If it is not for the enemy, I must seek justice for their old couple. !”

At this time, Mathew was full of blood!

Mathew was injured in the fierce battle between Tianmen and the Six Major Sects. Now the Apocalypse army suddenly attacked, and under the bloody battle, Mathew’s body was almost covered with wounds!


At this moment, several apocalyptic soldiers howled and rushed towards Mathew.

Mathew held a steel knife. Without fear, he greeted him directly after a roar!

The overlord has confessed to defend Donghai City.

Even if you die here today, you can’t let the East China Sea fall!


On the other side, Fuyao Palace, Huangquan Tower.


At this time, Darryl took a long breath and ascended to the ninth and last floor.

In the Yellow Spring Tower, one layer is more dangerous than the other. In the eighth floor just now, Darryl encountered a dozen poisonous hedgehogs.

Each of those poisonous hedgehogs is two meters long!

Darryl was now at the Wuhou level, but he still couldn’t dodge and was stabbed by a poisonous hedgehog a few times.

However, he was not invaded by poison, and he was stabbed a few times, just a few times. But to be honest, the inner alchemy of those dozen hedgehogs is really a supplement.

With a smile on his face, Darryl walked up the stairs and opened the door on the ninth floor.

I don’t know what poison is in this last layer? Darryl was very curious in his heart.

As a result, the moment he opened the door, he was stupid!


I saw two behemoths rushing out at once!

Those are two beetles. A beetle that is more than ten meters long! Two sharp fangs stick out from the mouth full of venom!


Darryl’s head buzzed. A beetle more than ten meters long, this D*mn didn’t see it with his own eyes, who can believe it?

call! call!

Just when Darryl was secretly shocked, the two beetles, flapping their wings, directly rushed over!

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t think much, and immediately put the bloody sword in front of him!


However, the impact of the two beetles was really too strong. Under the collision, Darryl only felt the blood in his body churning, his body directly flew up and hit the wall hard!


A mouthful of blood spurted directly from Darryl’s mouth!

“You two are interesting.” Darryl laughed, stood up, held the blood-drinking sword tightly, and rushed over again!

Clang clang…

Darryl brandished his blood-drinking sword and made a collision with the fangs of the two beetles.

The carapace of these two beetles is simply unbreakable. The blood-drinking sword can’t be pierced!

At the beginning, Darryl was a little rushed facing these two big poisonous insects, but gradually, he became more comfortable. He found. These two poisonous insects, although the back armor is very hard. But their belly is very soft.


Finally, Darryl found the opportunity and lay on the ground all of a sudden, stabbing the beetle’s abdomen with a sword.

The Beetle struggled a few times before it moved.

Seeing this scene, Darryl showed a smile on his face, and after fighting with another beetle for a few minutes, he found the right opportunity and used the same method. A sword pierced its stomach.

Click! Click!

In the next second, when the two beetles died of anger, two inner alchemy also fell out of their bodies.

These two inner alchemy are obviously bigger than the previous ones!

Darryl’s eyes were quick and quick, grabbing one by one, and directly stuffed it into his mouth.


Darryl swallowed these two inner alchemy, only feeling that an incomparably full and tyrannical force merged into the dantian, and then filled the limbs and corpses!

After entering the Yellow Spring Tower. Darryl ate more than two thousand inner pills! A layer of inner alchemy is purer than a layer!

Now that he swallowed the inner alchemy of these two beetles, Darryl sat on the ground all of a sudden, the inner strength of the dantian swish upward!

If you want to fully absorb these inner alchemy, you have to wait at least two or three days!

Darryl closed his eyes. At this time, he was already in the midst of cultivation.

On the other side, Zhanxinglou.

The confrontation between the two continents has lasted one day and one night!

This battle is really an unprecedented battle! Reaching the stars downstairs, blood is already flowing!

The people of all sects were obviously unable to resist it, but at this time they were gritting their teeth and insisting! What can I do if I don’t insist? Are you waiting for Donghae City to be occupied? !

The masters of all the martial arts know that if they fall, Earth Round Continent will usher in a catastrophe! So I can only stand together desperately!


A few Apocalyptic soldiers surrounded the second general, Huo Ha, and chopped them with a long knife in their hands.

He spit out a mouthful of blood in the mouth of the second general. They are already extremely weak! The war lasted one day and one night, and they were all wounded at this time! The body has already been overdrawn!

Two days later, Fuyao Palace, Baihua Hall.

At this moment the seven fairies were sitting together in front of them. Several men knelt there, holding fruit plates in their hands.

The little fairy picked up an orange and whispered: “Sister, when we came back, Donghai City was already surrounded by the Apocalypse army. If the Apocalypse army attacked, Donghai City might be invaded.” The little fairy frowned. Can’t help but say: “Why, let’s Fuyao Palace, send someone to support it. If we go to support, Darryl will die..”

Talking. The little fairy looked at Bai Shengshui tightly, with a glimmer of expectation in her eyes.

Darryl was imprisoned in the Yellow Spring Pagoda and would definitely die. The little fairy always felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. After all, I promised him before that Fuyao Palace would go to support Donghai City. The result was backlash.

Bai Shengshui sat there, his expression did not fluctuate in the slightest, and coldly refused to say: “The earth round continent fell, what is it with our Fuyao Palace? Don’t forget the rules of our Fuyao Palace, even if the sky falls outside, it’s not It’s about our Fuyao Palace. Little sister, are you fascinated by Darryl’s cheap embryo?”


However, Bai Shengshui’s voice just fell, and only a loud noise was heard, which suddenly came from mid-air!

This loud noise is like a thunder!

Bai Shengshui’s face changed and frowned, “What’s the matter?”

At this moment, a female disciple came hurriedly with a panic expression, and directed at Bai Shengshui: “Palace Master, no…it’s not good, the Yellow Spring Tower… collapsed…”

what? !

Huangquan Tower collapsed? !

Bai Shengshui frowned: “Nonsense!”

The Yellow Spring Tower has stood for thousands of years without falling, how could it collapse properly?

“Palace Master, it’s true…” the female disciple whispered, her face pale.

Bai Shengshui put down the tea cup, frowning and said: “Go, go and have a look.”

The voice fell, and the Seven Fairies hurried out.

As a result, as soon as she stepped out of the Hundred Flowers Hall, the Seven Fairies were stunned!

Not far away, the Yellow Spring Tower, which stood for thousands of years, really collapsed, completely in ruins! Within a hundred meters, a cloud of dust and smoke filled the area.

And in that mid-air, above a piece of dust and smoke, a figure was quietly suspended.

This figure sat cross-legged, floating in the air, eyes closed, it was Darryl!

Darryl at this time was still cultivating. But his body is constantly fluctuating in internal force, which is extremely terrifying! It was this wave of internal force fluctuations that shook the Yellow Spring Tower into ruins!

The little fairy bit her lip and looked into the air, her eyes full of shock! Jiao body trembled!

Darryl at this time, strength… so strong!

Chapter 364

Darryl…he didn’t even die? !

At this time, the face of the Seven Fairies was full of incredible!

This… how is this possible? For thousands of years, the people thrown into the Yellow Spring Tower, no matter how strong they are, they are bound to die! No one can escape!

But this Darryl not only survived, but the internal force on his body fluctuated, causing the Huangquan Tower to collapse!

This…if not seeing it with your own eyes. Who can believe it? !

For some reason, the little fairy was inexplicably delighted when she saw that Darryl hadn’t died.

“Palace Master!”

As a result, at this moment, I saw a figure staggering over. It is Hu Sanyang!

These days, Hu Sanyang lives in the guest room of Fuyao Palace. He has no strength and nowhere to go, so Bai Shengshui made an exception. Let him live for a few days.

Darryl was trapped in the Yellow Spring Tower. Of course Hu Sanyang had heard about it. He originally thought that he had already taken revenge, but he didn’t expect it. Not only was Darryl okay, but instead collapsed the tower? !

At this time, Hu Sanyang looked anxious, and directed at Bai Shengshui: “Palace Master, he didn’t even die, how could this be? This…what can I do?”

When he said this, Hu Sanyang gritted his teeth and looked at Darryl, his face full of resentment.

Bai Shengshui also took a long sigh of relief, looking at Darryl in the air, in disbelief.

What’s the matter with this cheap embryo? Didn’t even die?

Thinking about it, Bai Shengshui looked at Ning Yan and said coldly: “Sanmei, go and kill him.”

Hearing this, Ning Yan nodded, tapped the ground with her toes, and flew towards Darryl.


At this moment, Ning Yan gripped the long sword tightly. Under the urging of internal force, the long sword burst out with a dazzling light, its power was amazing and unstoppable!

at the same time. Darryl suddenly opened his eyes!


At this moment, Darryl showed a smile at the corner of his mouth. After three days of cultivation, he had absorbed all of the more than 2,000 inner pills in his body!

Now Darryl’s strength has risen to the second stage of martial arts!

At the level of Martial Saint, he is already extraordinary, and he can float in the air by virtue of his internal strength.

“Huh…” Darryl exhaled a long breath, only feeling refreshed!

I don’t know how much stronger my own internal strength is than before! Now seeing the three fairy Ning Yan flying over with a sword, Darryl just smiled faintly: “The third wife, don’t you want to let me go?”

The current Darryl dare to tease her openly!

He is a second-stage martial arts sage, plus Chunyang internal strength, are you afraid of her going to the palace? ! Although the Seven Fairies of Fuyao Palace joined forces, Darryl was definitely not an opponent, but if he wanted to run, Fuyao Palace still couldn’t stop it.

“You ba5tard, dare to play lip service!” Ning Yan was furious. This sword was fast and ruthless, and went straight to Darryl’s chest!

“The third wife, call your husband a cheap embryo, shouldn’t it be beaten?” Darryl said with a smile, the next moment, his internal strength turned over and he waved his hand gently!


In an instant, a majestic internal force whizzed out!

Ning Yan only felt a violent force, crushed in an instant! Almost too late to react, the whole person lost his balance and was directly shaken off.

Ning Yan fell, and at this time, she felt a big hand supporting her waist.

It is Darryl!

“Go away, don’t touch me!” Ning Yan said coldly.

“The third wife. How could I stand and watch you fall to the ground.” Darryl said with a grin while holding her waist.

“You! You are looking for death!” Ning Yan’s body trembled and bit her lip angrily. The long sword in his hand stabs towards Darryl.

However, before the stab went out, Darryl clasped her wrist!

“What are you doing, murdering your husband?” Darryl deliberately angered her.

Hearing his words, Ning Yan’s face blushed! This cheap embryo, why is it more and more excessive? Ning Yan wanted to kill him, but couldn’t beat him at all. At this time, he was firmly controlled by Darryl and could only get angry!

At this moment. The other six fairies were also shocked!

Darryl hugged Ning Yan and slowly landed on the ground. At this time, he put away his smile, and said every word: “Palace masters of Fuyao Palace, let’s talk about business. You promised me to support Donghai City before. If you have any credit, please follow me and go to Donghai City!”

Although Darryl wanted to play them a little bit, but at this time the enemy is now, business matters!

Bai Shengshui’s expression was very bad, and he said coldly: “Darryl, you ba5tard, die this heart. Our Fuyao Palace never asks about the situation of the rivers and lakes. The battle between the two continents has nothing to do with us.”

Hearing this, Darryl suddenly felt a little anger in his heart, and sneered: “Okay, you Fuyao Palace can be regarded as a big sect, but I didn’t expect that you turned back, you can really do it.”

Having said this, Darryl became more and more angry: “Although I am in the barracks. I am a little disrespectful to you sisters, but it is also for your safety! You first came to assassinate me, and then threw me to the Yellow Spring Tower. Then you turned your back. What you say, you can’t do it! You Fuyao Palace, you really don’t say anything about credibility!”

Hearing this, several fairies flushed.

Darryl laughed. He also said: “You Fuyao Palace, if you still have great justice in the world, go to support Donghai City and protect the safety of thousands of people! This will not lose the chivalry of the rivers and lakes! We martial arts people. If you can’t care about the world, then cultivate a peerless skill. What’s the use of Fa? You guys can do it for yourself.”

Having said this, Darryl turned and went down the mountain!

At this time, he was really worried about the situation in Donghai City, and really didn’t want to waste time here.

The seven fairies looked at each other. What Darryl said just now kept echoing in their minds.

Yes, martial arts people, if they can’t connect with the world, what’s the point even if they have a masterful martial arts?

On the other side, Darryl left Fuyao Palace all the way, and when he reached the foot of the mountain, he was in trouble immediately.

He was promoted to the second stage of martial arts, and he could fly in the air, but the speed was not very fast. It is thousands of miles away from Donghai City. When will I fly? I don’t know how the situation in Donghae City is now.


Just when Darryl was anxious, he only felt a pulsation of the air, which suddenly came, and then, a snow-white figure flew into the sky.

It is Xueying!

When Darryl was in Tianqi Camp before, Xue Ying was playing near the camp.

Darryl was captured by the Six Fairies and went to Fuyao Palace, and Xue Ying followed him because he was concerned about the safety of his master.

Xue Ying was very spiritual, and he followed near Fuyao Palace and noticed that the master of Dao Fuyao Palace was like a cloud, very dangerous, so he guarded in the nearby woods.

Seeing Darryl coming out at this time, it greeted him happily.

“Haha, Xueying is so good.”

Darryl was overjoyed. With a leap, he gently jumped on Xue Ying’s back and touched its head.

Xue Ying yelled cheerfully, rushed to a height of one thousand meters, and flew quickly towards Donghai City.

Chapter 365

On the other side, Donghae City. Pick the stars.

At this time, near the Star Picking Tower, the ground was stained red with blood, and the disciples of the various martial arts fell into a pool of blood one after another!

Two continents have been fighting fiercely here for three days and three nights!

During these three days, there were continuous casualties in various martial arts. There were originally more than 200,000 people, but after three days of war, only 5,000 people were left!

And the Apocalypse army is here. Although half of his troops was lost, there are still 100,000 people left!

Five thousand people, against one hundred thousand people, this is a pebble hitting a rock!

The big sects on the Earth Yuan Continent can no longer hold on to it! But there are only five thousand people left, still gritting their teeth!

The major families in Donghai City also rushed to support them at this time. For example, Yang Long Yang Jing’s sister and brother, Yue family, Liu family, Qin Shousheng’s Qin family, and Hao Jian’s family, and so on. It can be said that most of the families have all come to support!

The boss of Chunjiang Huayueye. Xiang Riyue!

The boss of Heihu Real Estate Company, Li Heihu!

These people are all business giants, and their bodyguards are all fighting on the battlefield at this time!

however. Although there are so many families, the staff is too complicated.

In the eyes of the apocalyptic army with strict military discipline, these forces, like a gang of mobs, did not take it seriously.

Moreover, these families who came to support are not all of them. They are all dedicated to defending Donghai City. There are many families who just come over and do things.

For example, Liu Zhiyuan and others of the Liu family didn’t dare to take a step forward at all. They held swords in their hands and were pretending to be.

Another example is Clint from the Yue family, commanding the disciples of the Yue family to form the Big Dipper Seven Star Formation, looking at the amazing power, but not afraid to move forward. He just shrinks behind and does not fight against the Apocalypse army at all.

Therefore, the support of the major families has not reversed the situation, and the casualties are still increasing!

After another two hours of fierce fighting, there were only three thousand people left on the Earth Round Continent!

In the end, these three thousand people stood firm, and they were fighting against an army of one hundred thousand apocalypses!

This situation. The defeat was almost set, but these three thousand people did not give up in the slightest, still gritted their teeth and resisted desperately.

Each of them knows in their hearts.

If they fall, Donghai City will be over, completely over!

At this time, in the mid-air, the sun was eclipsed, as if it was stained red with blood.

Before reaching the Star Tower, the fight between three thousand people and one hundred thousand people is still going on!

In the melee, there is a figure that is extremely brave!

It is Mathew!

At this time, Mathew was already covered in blood. From head to toe, there was no one intact place. There were more than a hundred wounds, just like a blood man!

In front of him, countless soldiers of the apocalypse, one after another, surrounded him round and round, and could not kill at all.

Matthew’s hands were soft, and the long knives were cut, but he still gritted his teeth. Persevering with one last breath.

Not far from Mathew, the second general, Huo Ha, the top ten heavenly kings, almost exhausted the last bit of strength, and they could not stand firmly, but each of them looked firm, without the slightest retreat, still holding the weapon in their hands.

In this fierce battle, the martial arts have suffered heavy losses! The same goes for Tianmen. From the tens of thousands of disciples at the beginning, to now, there are only more than 30 people who can stand up!

Not far from the battlefield, Master Miaoyuan and the real person Lingbao had already retreated from the battlefield. Their injuries were not minor, and they were sitting on the top of a mountain not far away, practicing cross-legged, regaining their internal strength.

While regaining his internal strength, Master Miao Yuan and the others looked at the battlefield with anxious expression on his face.


at this time. In the center of the battlefield, there was a howl of pain!

Mathew took another knife!

At this time, there are more and more enemies around Mathew! An apocalyptic soldier walked around Mathew’s back, holding a spear in his hand. Stabbed Mathew’s lower abdomen all at once!


The spear directly penetrates Mathew!

The blood swarmed out all of a sudden!


Mathew only felt the strength of his whole body, instantly

Being evacuated, the whole person is extremely weak, and he kneels on the ground all of a sudden.

But at the same time, a few more apocalyptic soldiers rushed forward, and the long swords in their hands stabbed Mathew together!

“Pump! Puff!”

Mathew’s mouth is full of blood! He seemed to be stabbed into a hornet’s nest!


this moment. Mathew didn’t know where his strength was, and he sank his dantian, and pulled out all the spears from his body! At the same time, the other hand suddenly swung out, and the Apocalypse soldiers who stabbed him were smashed into the air!

“Ah!” Mathew roared, and staggered to his feet. Although his face was pale, he faced the Apocalypse soldier in front of him. “Ahhh!) Still not afraid!

“Come on! What else do you guys have, come on!” Mathew howled desperately with red eyes!

The soldiers of the Apocalypse Continent looked at each other one by one! A trace of dread rose in his heart.

This… isn’t this person afraid of death?

Can you stand up after suffering such a serious injury? !

Master Miaoyuan, real life Lingbao and other martial arts masters, seeing this scene, all of them were shocked!

Is this Tianmen? ! In order to defend Donghai City, I would rather spare my life and be wounded all over the battle, rather than step back!



Seeing Mathew’s body covered in blood, Maddox and the other three brothers, their expressions changed drastically, exclaiming in unison!

While shouting, Maddox wanted to rush over to relieve Mathew. But there were too many enemies around, and before they rushed a few steps, they were intercepted by other Apocalypse soldiers, and they couldn’t rush at all!

At this time, Mathew was seriously injured. Has been surrounded by Apocalypse soldiers. His eyes were blood-red, he was completely mad, and roared up to the sky, “People of the Apocalypse Continent, you will listen to me! With my heaven gate, you can never enter the East China Sea!”

The voice fell. The steel knife in Mathew’s hand swept out at once, and once again chopped down a few Apocalypse soldiers!

Mathew at this time had exhausted his last bit of strength, and he could still stand here at this moment. It is completely supported by one breath!

“Don’t be bluffed by him, he is already weak. Let’s go together!” At this moment, there was an angry shout from the enemy.

In the next second, dozens of Apocalypse soldiers armed with long spears yelled and rushed.


Mathew had no strength. To avoid dodge, a dozen spears all pierced Mathew’s body at once.

At this time, Mathew couldn’t hold it anymore, and the blood came out!

“Duanfeng God of War!”


Seeing this scene, everyone’s heart was jerked. The eyes of the Duan brothers were blood red and blood red, they screamed wildly, and finally couldn’t help their tears, and they kept streaming!

Mathew tried his best to dry the blood on his mouth, and smiled weakly: “Brothers. I may not be able to do it, you must guard the East China Sea.. Protect the people in the East China Sea.. Don’t shame Brother Darryl, don’t give Tianmen is ashamed!”

After the words fell, Mathew screamed out from the sky: “Defend the homeland and die on the battlefield, I Mathew, die without regrets!”


This heroic spirit is so powerful!

“I don’t allow you to die!”

However, at this moment, a loud and long roar came, and then, a white eagle suddenly appeared on the horizon!

On the big eagle’s back, a figure stood proudly.

Tears flickered faintly in his eyes.

It is Darryl!

“Brother Darryl…”

“Brother Darryl is here!”

At this time, the second general, Huo Ha, waited for people, shouting!

But the masters of the martial arts not far away frowned.

“Darryl, you traitor, you dare to show up!” Master Miao Yuan gritted his teeth too, and pointed at Darryl and shouted: “Now Donghai City is about to fall, you running dog is very happy, right?! I was seriously injured today. , Or else, you must be killed as a scum!”

This traitor, Darryl, even dared to appear! Especially the masters of the six major factions, bitterly gritted their teeth one by one. Until now they thought that Darryl was a running dog of the Apocalypse Continent!

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