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Chapter 356

Darryl glanced at the woman, then returned to the camp.

As soon as I entered my camp, I saw the little fairy sitting in it, very gloomy.

Darryl smiled and said, “My wife, I’m back.”

Haha, I don’t know why, I’m obviously very upset, but when I see this little fairy. Darryl was in a much more relaxed mood, and just wanted to tease her.

Er Qing blushed and couldn’t help cursing: “Go away, who is your wife.”

The little fairy is irritable. I am trapped in the barracks, when can I go out?

Darryl smiled and said jokingly: “How do you talk to Xiang Gong, do you want me to take you out?”

This little fairy girl looks very charming.

Heard this. The little fairy stood up immediately: “Yes!”

After that, she looked at Darryl closely: “Did you think of a way to take me out?” A pair of beautiful eyes flashed with urgency.

Although I was only in the barracks, I stayed for a day and a night. But Er Qing was going crazy.

I almost want to leave here in my dreams!

However, Darryl smiled and shook his head: “Not yet.”

This barracks, even the water source is so tightly guarded, it is impossible to take a beautiful woman out.


Erqing was not working, realizing that he had been tricked by Darryl, and stomped anxiously.

Seeing that the teasing was almost over, Darryl said, “By the way, I was outside the camp just now and saw a beautiful woman who kept wandering there… She was wearing a blue dress with a white jade token on her waist. , The same as the one on your waist.”


Upon hearing this, the little fairy trembled and said excitedly: “That’s my sixth sister, quiet!”

That’s right, the six fairies of Fuyao Palace are quiet and like to wear blue clothes the most.

With that, Er Qing stood up, very anxious: “What should I do? Six sisters must have seen that I haven’t returned a message for two days, so she came out to look for me. But I am trapped in this barracks. The barracks have enchantments. I I can’t get out at all, what can I do.”

I go.

It’s really her sister.

Darryl was stunned, then smiled and said: “My wife, don’t worry, I have a way for your sisters to meet.”

“Really?” Er Qing was very pleased, then flushed, and said angrily: “You, you…who is your wife.”

“You are.” Darryl said with a smile, and then left the camp.

When I arrived outside the camp, I saw that the six fairies were wandering there.

With a smile on his face, Darryl walked over directly.

When he arrived, Darryl’s eyes straightened, and he couldn’t help but admire secretly.


This is beautiful.

Is this Fuyao Palace so rich in beauties?

The six fairies in front of her had long hair fluttering, like a green lotus in the water, a beautiful thing. She is the kind of intellectual beauty.

“Beauty? You are Er Qing’s sixth sister, Wenjing?” Darryl stepped forward and said.

“You are Darryl?!” Wen Jing glanced back, and looked at Darryl. Suddenly he frowned and asked coldly.

At the time at Fuyao Palace, when Hu Sanyang made a murder request, he took out the photos of Darryl’s trio. Wen Jing also saw it at the time.

Now that she saw Darryl, Wen Jing was furious, and with her wrists, a long sword appeared in her hand: “Say, where is Er Qing?!”

It has been two full days since the little fairy left Fuyao Palace. Wen Jing guessed that the younger sister might have assassinated Yue

The wind failed.

So she came to Donghai City, looking for the little fairy. If you want to find a little girl, you have to find Darryl first.

After many inquiries, Wen Jing heard that Darryl had become a traitor to the Earth Round Continent and joined the Apocalypse Continent.

So she came to the Apocalypse Barracks. Look for Darryl. Unexpectedly, I really met him!

“Where is my sister! Say it!” Wen Jing’s voice was cold, and the long sword in her hand let out a low whisper.

“My wife. It’s in the barracks.” At this time, Darryl looked at Wen Jing with a smile, and couldn’t help teasing.


Does he call his younger sister his wife?

Wen Jing’s pretty face changed, and she was stunned.

In Fuyao Palace, women are superior to men. In their hearts, men are only worthy of being slaves! The disciples of Fuyao Palace also never marry forever.

This Darryl is full of nonsense!

I thought. Murderous aura flashed in Wen Jing’s eyes: “Oh, you shameless scum, dare to slander my little sister’s innocence and seek death.”

The voice fell, a powerful breath broke out from Wen Jing, and a sword pierced it!

D*mn it, just hit it.

See Wen Jing without saying anything. Darryl suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry.

What surprised Darryl even more is that this quiet, strength is too high? !

It turned out to be…Sandan Martial Saint? !

One rank higher than the little fairy Erqing.

D*mn, is this Fuyao Palace so powerful? Anyone who comes here is of the martial sage level? !

Muttering in his heart, Darryl quickly avoided the sword, and said with a grin: “Beauty, what are you doing? I am your younger sister’s mate, we are a family, how can you do something to me?”

Wen Jing was trembling even more when she heard this, and she drew coldly: “You idiot, don’t be glib with me, what the hell did you do to my little girl?”

While talking, the six fairies swung another sword. Stabbed directly on Darryl’s arm!


Darryl didn’t have time to dodge, blood flowed through his arm!

No, I can’t beat this woman. San Duan Wu Sheng, he is not her opponent at all!

Darryl gritted his teeth and endured the pain. Seeing a forest not far away, his eyes flashed, he had an idea, and he went straight in.

“Want to run.”

Wen Jingjiao shouted. Quickly chased in.

Bang bang bang.

Darryl ran into the woods, stretched out his hand while running, palm after palm. I snapped a few big trees and quickly deployed a trapped formation!

Can’t fight hard, can only rely on the formation to win.

The name of this troubled formation is called Liangyi formation.

This formation is the lowest level of trapped formation, so it is easy to deploy. But anyone who knows a little bit of formation can solve this formation!

The current Darryl is just betting that Wenjing doesn’t understand the formation!

On the other side, Wen Jing didn’t know what Darryl was doing. When the formation was formed, she realized that something was wrong. The distance between himself and Darryl was less than ten meters, but it happened that he couldn’t catch up with him. The surrounding trees seemed to move.

It really made Darryl guess right, these six fairies didn’t know anything about the formation!


Darryl looked at her and laughed at once.

Taking advantage of her carelessness, Darryl went around her back and quickly sealed her acupoint.

In a moment, Wen Jing’s body trembled, unable to move.

Chapter 357


Wen Jing was ashamed and angry, looking at Darryl coldly. It’s a shame to be defeated in the hands of a four-stage Wuhou!

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, picked her up, and said with a smile: “Don’t stare at me, it makes me and you have the same feud, I brought you and the little fairy together, you should thank me. “

After saying this, Darryl hugged Wenjing and walked towards Daying with a small tune.

As soon as he arrived at the gate of the barracks, a guard soldier couldn’t help but step forward: “Master Yue, she is…”

When talking. The soldier stared quietly at him.

Isn’t this the woman in Tsing Yi outside the barracks just now?

At that time, I was far away, I only thought that this woman was very beautiful.

Observing from a close distance at this time, how beautiful this is, it is astonishing, like a stunner in the world.

So beautiful.

Darryl responded with a smile: “This is my wife who came to visit relatives.”

After speaking, he walked in without waiting for the soldier to respond.

The soldier looked at Darryl’s back, completely stupid. This… isn’t Master Yue’s wife in the camp? Does he have two wives? And the two wives are both beautiful..

The soldier’s face was full of envy.

However on the other side. Wen Jing almost fainted, her face was flushed instantly.

“Darryl, you, you are presumptuous!”

How dare he slander his innocence in such a way that he proudly promoted the Sixth Palace Master.

Wen Jing at this time, can’t wait to kill Darryl immediately.

But she was tapped by Darryl. Completely immobile.

Soon, arrived at the camp. As soon as he entered, Darryl smiled and shouted: “Wife, see who I brought you?”

“All said, don’t call me old…”

The little fairy yelled instinctively. Before she finished speaking, she was stunned when she saw the figure holding Darryl’s arms.

In the next second, the little fairy trembled and walked over quickly, surprised and delighted: “Sixth sister?”

At this time, Wen Jing was also an unspeakable surprise: “Sister, are you really here?”

With that, Wen Jing realized that she was still being held by Darryl, and she was ashamed and angry: “You…you shameless person, let me go.”

In front of the little girl, he was held by a big man.

What a shame.

Darryl smiled bitterly, put Wen Jing down, and said helplessly: “I kindly let your sisters meet, you don’t care if you don’t appreciate it. There is a shameless sentence on the left and another scumbag. Alas, it’s really hard for a good person to do it.”

As he said, Darryl leaned against the door with his arms folded, admiring the sisters with a smile.

I have to say that these two beauties really have their own merits.

Both of them are full of immortality. But the little fairy is more lively. Like her name, the six fairies are very quiet.

“Little girl. This ba5tard Darryl said it was your mate, you guys…” Wen Jingxiu frowned, looking at the little fairy and asked.

“Sixth Sister…” Upon hearing this, the little fairy’s face flushed suddenly, and she stomped her feet: “What do you think, how could I be with this scum.”

As soon as the voice fell, only the camp was opened,

Immediately afterwards, the two maids took the supper and walked in slowly. When they saw the situation in the camp, both of them were stunned for a moment.

A few seconds later, one of the maids couldn’t help but speak: “Master Yue, this…”

There was still a woman last night. Why did she have one more in the blink of an eye?

And also so beautiful.

Darryl smiled and said, “This is my wife too, so you can call it your wife.”

Madam too?

The maid was stunned, and then saluted respectfully: “The slave has seen the lady.”

“Get off.” Quietly, her Jiao body trembled, and he let out a cold cry.

This Darryl is a real ba5tard, even if he takes advantage of the younger sister, he still wants to take advantage of himself.

Seeing this, the two maids didn’t dare to wait any longer, and quickly retreated out.

Why is Mrs. Yue having such a big temper.

Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry while watching. Speaking quietly: “Beauty, being my wife is just a stopgap measure, otherwise, let the people in this barracks know your true identity, you will lose your life.”

Darryl said so. It’s totally kind.

However, Wen Jing was not willing to listen, her face flushed, and her angry body trembled.

“Shut up.” The little fairy glared at Darryl and couldn’t help but sip coldly: “You also get out…”

I want to talk some whispers to Sixth Sister, how can I let this ba5tard listen to her.


Darryl sighed, shrugged, and had to go out.

When he got outside, Darryl couldn’t help feeling depressed again when he thought of his parents. How to do. I have no chance to poison myself, so I can’t consume it here.

By the way, the people from Tianmen should have rushed to Donghai City. Thinking about it, Darryl immediately took out his cell phone and dialed Mathew’s number.

In a few seconds, the call is connected.

Immediately afterwards, Mathew’s respectful voice came: “Sect Master, what’s the order?”

Darryl took a deep breath and asked, “Have you arrived in Donghai City?”

“Just arrived.” Mathew responded immediately: “Our Tianmen disciple, has already arrived downstairs at the Star-catching Building.”

Tens of thousands of disciples from Tianmen started from the general altar in a unified manner, and the speed was a bit slow.

Hearing this, Darryl nodded silently: “Okay, remember, you must resist the Apocalypse army.”

As he spoke, Darryl’s tone became solemn. Continued: “There is one more important thing. The six major factions arrested my parents, as well as the two mothers and daughters of the Liu family. You found the opportunity and quietly let them go.”

When he said this, Darryl couldn’t express his aggrieved heart.

D*mn’s. Had it not been for the sake of the overall situation, I would have been torn apart with these sects a long time ago.

“Understood, the suzerain can rest assured that his subordinates will do it all.”


On the other side, Zhanxinglou.

The masters of various sects, sitting around the hall on the first floor, looked excited one by one.

In front of them, sitting the four gods of the Tianmen, the four brothers of the Duan clan.

Just now, tens of thousands of disciples from Tianmen rushed to converge.

This is a good thing.

Although Tianmen had grievances with the six major factions before, now the foreign enemies are now,

Tianmen can come here. They also sincerely welcome.

At this moment, the real person Lingbao stood up and smiled and said to the four brothers of the Duan family: “The Apocalypse army suddenly came, Donghai City is in danger, and Tianmen can rush to support in time. It is true that my six major factions do not lose sight of chivalry. I have some grievances with Tianmen, so I will write them off today.”

Tianmen has developed too fast recently.

From more than 3,000 people at the beginning, to tens of thousands of people now. And they are all elite soldiers and strong generals, with Heavenly Gate joining in, this is not a small amount of power!

“True Lingbao.” Mathew smiled and responded: “It is my duty to defend my homeland. It is my duty to resist the apocalypse army. It is my duty to resist the Tianmen disciple. But there is one thing, I need to clarify.”

Speaking of this, Mathew pointed to the second general, Huo Ha, the top ten heavenly kings behind him, and continued: “Last time, all of your martial arts were poisoned by the soft incense and scattered. You were caught in the Star Picking Tower and suffered humiliation. Master Miao Yuan was too forced to worship and marry. This was not done by my heavenly gate. Someone pretended to be us. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look. Were the one who arrested you last time?”

The big sects looked at each other. It seemed that they were not the ones who humiliated themselves last time..


At this moment, the Apocalypse Barracks.

Darryl thought of his parents, was upset, smoked a few cigarettes outside the barracks, and returned to the camp in the afternoon.

As a result, as soon as I walked to the entrance of the camp, I heard the voice of a little fairy talking with Wen Jing from inside the camp.

“Sixth Sister. What can we do? We are trapped in the barracks, when can we leave.” The little fairy said anxiously.

In the camp, Wen Jing smiled lightly and said: “Sister, don’t worry. I was caught by Darryl before the barracks. I have already sent a message to the fifth sister. I believe it will not be long before the fifth sister will come to rescue us. , Sister Wu must kill Darryl. This ba5tard dares to take advantage of us.”

Outside the camp, I heard Wen Jing’s words. Darryl was stunned.

D*mn it!

Listening to this, there will be people coming from Fuyao Palace next?

Thinking about it, Darryl ran outside the camp and deployed a high-level trapped formation in the nearby woods. In case the five fairies assassinate themselves.

Sure enough, when it was getting dark. A beautiful figure appeared outside the camp.

It is the five fairies of Fuyao Palace.

This time the five fairies came to Donghai City to save their two younger sisters and changed their clothes on purpose.

At this time she was wearing black tights and a light gray shirt. There are two buttons on the shirt, not to mention how beautiful it is. That tight figure really makes men yearn and makes women jealous.

However, even though she changed her clothes, the five fairies still carried a token around her waist.

Darryl saw this token from a distance, recognized her as the Five Fairy, smiled, walked straight out, smiled and said, “Beauty, are you looking for your sisters? They have all become my wives.” .”

When the words fell, Darryl smiled triumphantly, and then rushed into the woods.

Darryl clearly felt that the strength of these five fairies was also a third martial sage!

I definitely can’t fight her head-on. Fortunately, I was in the woods and had a troubled formation before, but now I only need to lead her over.

The five fairies didn’t know any fraud, when she heard Darryl rule her sister called his wife, she suddenly became angry, and she yelled, “Shameless thief.”

When the voice fell, he picked up his sword to chase Darryl.

Chapter 358

The five fairies chased Darryl all the way, and finally chased into the woods, and the five fairies were trapped in the formation. Immediately afterwards, Darryl rushed in and pressed her acupoint. Then lift her up and return to the barracks.

However, what Darryl didn’t expect was that just after subduing the Five Fairies, that night, the Four Fairies, Three Fairies, and Two Fairies of Fuyao Palace. Also came one after another.

Darryl took all orders and led them to the woods, trapping them with formations.

It is worth mentioning that the three fairies and four fairies came together, but they were still caught by Darryl.

Except for the big fairy, the other six palace masters of Fuyao Palace were all spotted by Darryl and stuffed into their own camp.

On the other side, Zhanxinglou.

That night, people from all sects. Are already asleep. Darryl secretly went up to the second floor of the Star Picking Building alone.

Darryl called before and said that his parents were being held on the second floor. Now everyone is sleeping, so Mathew quietly walked up.

As soon as he reached the second floor, Mathew was stunned. Immediately afterwards, an inexplicable grief and anger surged in his heart!

He clearly saw that the Yue Tianheng and his wife were locked in a room by the stairs. There was only some straw in the room, not even a bed for resting.

However, Yue Tianheng and his wife were pale and lethargic. At the moment they are curling up in the corner, cuddling each other. The most important thing is that their old couple are covered in blood! There are countless whip marks and slap marks on the body!

This…. This is obviously treating their old couple as criminals!

Seeing this scene, Mathew’s heart surged with anger, and he walked directly over and shouted at the guard disciple outside the door: “Open the door to me!”

Do you mean it, the old couple will be treated like this if they do something wrong? ! I thought that the parents of the suzerain, even if they were arrested, would be served with delicious food. It can be seen that the old couple is so miserable, Mathew only feels angry!

The two Wudang disciples who guarded the door looked at each other: “Mathew War God, we can’t open the prison door without the orders of the heads of various sects.”

Those two disciples could also see it. Mathew seemed very angry. But without the commander’s command, I really dare not open the prison door…

“Slot you? Open the prison door for me!” Mathew, with red eyes and roaring loudly, grabbed the disciple by the collar, and then immediately after his wrist, a dagger appeared in his hand and placed it directly on it. On the disciple’s neck.

“Release! Don’t make me say it a second time.” Mathew’s voice is cold!

The disciple was already scared and silly, and his cold sweat flowed down!

As a result, at this moment, a voice suddenly came from the stairs.

“Who is so bold to make trouble here?”

The voice fell, only two figures were seen, and they slowly walked up to the second floor. It is Hao Jian and Elisa.

It was Hao Jian who spoke just now.

During this period of time, all the martial arts gathered in the Zhanxinglou to resist the Apocalypse army, and Hao Jian often came to visit Elisa.

Tonight, Hao Jian came to see Elisa again, and the two were whispering in the Zengxing Building, but they did not expect that they ran into Mathew.

“Who are you, do you know who is locked inside? Just let it go as you say?” Hao Jian walked over quickly, looking at Mathew and said.

At this time, Hao Jian did not know Mathew’s identity. Thought he was just an unknown person.

Hao Jian’s tone made Mathew’s anger even more uncontrollable. He sneered and said, “Then tell me, who is being held inside?”

“Hehe, it’s the parents of Darryl, a scum from the rivers and lakes.” Hao Jian snorted and said, “Darryl has committed to the army of Apocalypse, and his sin is unforgivable. With such a son, his parents are not a good thing. Putting them in this big jail is a bargain for them!”

Hao Jian had no liking for Darryl. Speaking out at this time is even more merciless.

Elisa on the side also had a cold face, with indifference in his eyes.

Hao Jian was right. The parents who imprisoned Darryl were cheap to them. Educate such a son, they all deserve to die.


However, Mathew’s eyes heard Hao Jian’s words. Instantly blood red, walking towards Hao Jian step by step!

Mathew at this time burned with anger in his heart!

Sect Master put aside his past grievances and ordered himself and Tianmen disciples to gather with these sects. Guard Donghae City together.

Sovereign takes care of the overall situation, is a true temperament hero! But these sects slandered the suzerain for taking refuge in the enemy, and arrested his parents. What kind of tortured suzerain’s parents!

So indiscriminate, what a D*mn it!

“You…what are you doing?”

Feeling Mathew’s eyes and anger, Hao Jian suddenly panicked, and his body backed back again and again.

Mathew clenched his fists tightly and looked directly at Hao Jian: “I asked you. Just now you said, who is in the prison?”

Hao Jian swallowed and said, “They are Darryl’s parents, Darryl is a traitor, and his parents are not good things, they are a family…”


Before he finished his words, Mathew slapped it over!


Mathew tried his best with this slap, only to hear a scream from Hao Jian. The body flew out directly, flew out more than 30 meters, and hit the pillar behind, wow, a mouthful of blood came out!

Puff through.

When he landed, Hao Jian only felt that his bones were about to fall apart, and there was pain. He looked at Mathew in fright and yelled: “You…you dare to hit me…”

“Hit you? My special code will abolish you today!” Mathew’s eyes were red, and he only heard a click, a steel knife appeared in his hand, and he slashed at Hao Jian!

“Mathew!” Seeing that Hao Jian was in danger, Elisa suddenly changed her pretty face. After a soft drink, he slapped Mathew with a palm.

Mathew sneered, and directly greeted him with a palm!


In a moment, the two palms touched, Elisa only felt a tyrannical force coming, and the whole person was shaken back several steps.

Elisa’s beautiful face was instantly pale. She is just a military commander, how can she be Mathew’s opponent?

See this scene. Hao Jian endured the pain and rushed to help Elisa up: “Qin’er, how are you? Are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” Elisa took a deep breath, staring at Mathew, and was also furious: “Mathew. At the moment, the enemy is now, you even attacked the alliance, what do you want to do?! Today you can’t let this scumbag parent leave! “

Mathew smirked and clenched his fists: “It’s the alliance, but I’ll tell you specially. You catch the wind and parents can’t do it! Even if the heavenly king comes today, I will take the old couple away!”


The voice fell, a powerful breath erupted from Mathew’s body!

On the second floor of the Zhanxing Building, the air is full of the smell of gunpowder!

“Qin’er. What’s the matter?” At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps, and dozens of figures quickly came up. It was Master Miaoyuan and a group of martial arts masters.

The sound of fighting here just now awakened everyone. At this time, Master Miao Yuan saw Elisa’s injury, and was immediately shocked and angry!


Seeing all the masters of various sects rushing forward, Elisa immediately became confident and yelled at Mathew, “Mathew wanted to let Darryl’s parents go. When the disciple blocked him, he directly moved his hands.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Hao Jian nodded in agreement: “Yes, how can the parents of that scumbag let go!”


In an instant, the complexions of many masters present changed drastically, and then, their eyes quickly gathered on Mathew, one by one full of hostility.

At this moment, Master Miao Yuan took the lead to take a step forward, staring at Mathew angrily and scolded: “Mathew, what do you mean by Tianmen?”

While speaking, everyone rushed up and surrounded Mathew.

“What do you mean?” Mathew’s face was fearless, his anger in his stomach finally couldn’t be suppressed: “You are an authentic celebrity, and you act on two unarmed old couples. What do you mean by asking me?! I have a special request. You let them go!”


When the voice fell, Mathew’s eyes were blood red, and the steel knife in his hand was directly inserted into the ground, three points into the ground!

Seeing the miserable situation of Darryl’s parents, his anger rushed upward!

“Don’t let anyone go today, I’ll give you decent people, all special codes!” Mathew almost roared!

Chapter 359


Hearing Mathew’s words, everyone looked at each other.

You know, behind Mathew is Tianmen! He is in Tianmen, under one person and above ten thousand!

There was silence for more than ten seconds.

Xiaoyao’s grandfather, Sun E, finally couldn’t help but stepped forward and said to Mathew: “That Darryl has already taken refuge in the Apocalypse Continent! The parents of this running dog, forgive us not to let it go!”

The voice fell. The real person Lingbao also came out, righteously saying: “Yes, Darryl, as a person from the Earth Round Continent, but surrendered to the rebels and helped foreigners attack his compatriots. This kind of scum is unforgivable. His parents How can it be put?”

“Yes! If you can teach such a son, why should you let them go?”

The other people around, one by one, were emotional and yelled loudly.

Heard everyone’s slander against Darryl. Mathew’s face was extremely gloomy. He smiled without anger, looked around, and said every word: “You keep saying that Brother Darryl has taken refuge in the Apocalypse Continent. Then I ask you, anyone of you saw that he had harmed the whole continent alone?”

“You claim to be the right way, but when you encounter something, you don’t want to find out what is going on. You just rely on what you call “justice” to make arrogant conclusions about others! Now you are still imprisoning an innocent couple, this is what you call it. “The Right Way”?”

Sonorous and powerful, loud and loud!

All of a sudden, the masters of the audience watched Mathew tightly, and couldn’t say a word!


Mathew took a deep breath, all patience was gone: “I’ll say it again, let me go!”

“Mathew, stop talking nonsense.” At this time, Master Miao Yuan’s expression was too cold, and the long sword appeared in her hand: “We are here today. You can never take this wicked aD*mnl’s parents away!”

“Not bad!”

“If you want to take away the parents of this scum, you have to pass our level first!”

In an instant, the surrounding masters of the martial arts screamed, and at the same time, one by one also mobilized their internal forces, pulled out their weapons, and pointed at Mathew!

“Okay. Okay, very good…” Mathew had no fear on his face and couldn’t help laughing up to the sky: “You depend on the number of people, right?”

When the voice fell, Mathew red eyes and took out a charm from his clothes. Immediately afterwards, all the internal energy of the whole body was instilled into the spell, and then threw it out the window!


The spell flew into the air, and then burst out like a firework!

The sky was suddenly colorful in five colors, and the light painted a big flag: the Nine Dragon Flag of Heaven!

That’s right, this is the signal flare of Tianmen!


In just an instant, only a burst of footsteps could be heard!

Outside the Zengxing Building, the Tianmen disciples who saw the signal flare were coming like a tide!

There are tens of thousands of people, and it will be utterly impenetrable!

It was the two generals, Hengha, Mateo, and the top ten heavenly kings, who had boarded the Star Cultivation Tower.

When they arrived on the second floor of the Star Picking Building, the second general, Huo Ha and others, looked at the prison at first sight and saw Yue Tianheng and his wife, covered in blood.

This.. The parents of the suzerain are actually treated like this? !

At this moment, the second general, Hem Ha, and others, suddenly became angry!

“Brothers. Brother Darryl’s parents are suffering here, what shall we do?” Mathew’s eyes were blood red and howling loudly.

“Stop desperately to save!” Hem Ha, the ten kings roared one after another!

“What should I do if someone stops me!” Mathew’s voice is already hoarse!

“Then kill!”

The second general Humha roared wildly, the long sword appeared in his hand, and went straight to the masters of the martial arts to kill!

Originally, Hem Ha Er, these people had let go of their old graces in their hearts.

Resent, plan to defend Donghai City with the various martial arts. However, when they saw that the parents of the suzerain were treated in this way, their eyes were red, and they completely lost their minds!

“Crazy, these people are crazy!”

Master Miao Yuan trembled too angrily, pointed to the oncoming Mathew, and yelled: “You fellows, Tianmen is too arrogant, take them all down today!”

When the voice fell, Master Miaoyuan pulled out the sword and greeted him directly!


at the same time. The masters of the martial arts also rushed up directly, and the two sides instantly scrambled together.

Outside the Zhanxinglou, the disciples of the various major sects also fought with the disciples of the Tianmen.

For a time. The sound of swords and screams continued to resound, and the whole building of Star Picking was completely chaotic!


the other side.

Apocalypse army barracks.

According to Xing Yao’s plan, Donghai City should be captured within three days. But I didn’t expect that the martial arts sects on the Earth Yuan Continent would all come to Donghai City for support, making it difficult to capture Donghai City. The whole camp was demoralized.

However, Darryl’s camp. But there is no gloomy atmosphere, there is another style.

In the camp, the six beautiful fairies were all spotted by Darryl. They were packed in one camp. The six fairies heard the voice of Raquel and Yanyan from time to time, and every Apocalyptic soldier who passed by had an expression. complex.

If it is not certain that this is a barracks, these soldiers. I thought I was in the emperor’s harem.

And the soldiers who have seen the six fairies are even more envious of Darryl!

Six beauties, each of them closed the moon and shy away from flowers, sinking fish and geese! And the temperament is different, even the emperor’s harem beauties, it’s nothing more than that.

However, at this time, Darryl was sitting in the camp with a dumbfounded expression, his expression very depressed.

In front of Darryl, six fairies were standing there, glaring at Darryl one by one.

The little fairy and Darryl had been in contact for a longer time, and her emotions were not particularly agitated.

But the other five fairies were so embarrassed and angry that they couldn’t wait to cramp Darryl! This ba5tard, use despicable means to catch himself. Even more annoying, he actually told the people in the barracks that his six sisters were all his wives.

At this time, facing the murderous eyes of several fairies, Darryl smiled bitterly: “Several beauties. I have already said that I did this for your safety. You have also seen the strength of the Apocalypse army. Don’t say you are my wife. Your lives are not guaranteed..”

Hearing this, Wen Jing’s delicate body trembled, and couldn’t help but drink: “You still said…”

“Fine, I won’t say anything. Wives.” Darryl said with a shrug.

“You!” Wen Jingqi’s chest fluctuated violently, looking at Darryl coldly: “When are you going to let us go?”

Now a few fairies. I didn’t even think about how to kill Darryl, I just wanted to leave this barracks as soon as possible.

Darryl smiled bitterly: “If I could let it go, I would have let it go long ago.”

With that said, Darryl Yufeng turned: “But then again, you Fu Yao Palace is going to kill me. Why should I let you go?”

In a moment, Wen Jing’s face flushed, and she was speechless for a while.

At this time, Darryl smiled and looked at the little fairy: “Little wife, honestly, why did you promise Hu Sanyang to take my life?”

The little fairy bit her lip and said softly: “Because our eldest sister, three years ago, took the Baolian lantern from Kunlun school, we owe Hu Sanyang a favor…”

Little Fairy had been in contact with Darryl for the longest time, and she found that although Darryl was not serious on the surface, he was not as heinous as she imagined.

“Sister, what are you telling him.” Wen Jing couldn’t help stomping her foot.

The other four fairies also frowned.

Chapter 360

Darryl laughed and said to the fairies: “You Fuyao Palace, you really shouldn’t help Hu Sanyang that scum.”

As soon as the voice fell, the three fairy Ning Yan couldn’t help but said: “You said Hu Zhangmen is a scum, I think you are the scum. The Kunlun faction has no grievances and no enmity with you. What are you doing to destroy Kunlun?”

“No grievances and no enmity?” Darryl couldn’t help laughing: “Wife, you don’t know something. Hu Sanyang secretly took refuge in the Apocalypse Continent, and my brothers and I destroyed his Kunlun faction. It is just for the heavens.”


Hu Sanyang turned to the Apocalypse Continent?

In an instant, the six fairies all had complex expressions. Who would have thought that Hu Sanyang, the dignified head of Kunlun, would actually be a running dog?

And then immediately. Ning Yan slowed down, and said indifferently: “Whether he joins the Apocalypse Continent, what does it have to do with our Fuyao Palace?”

Fuyao Palace has been hidden for nearly a thousand years, and never asks about the world.

In their hearts, even if the earth circle continent is destroyed, it has nothing to do with them.

Darryl let out a sigh of relief and looked at Ning Yan: “My third wife, I can do everything possible to let you go. But you have to promise me one condition.”

“What conditions?” Ning Yan almost blurted out and asked.

Darryl grinned and said: “This condition is very simple, it’s just you, be my wife, haha.”

When the voice fell, the expressions of the little fairies changed, and they almost yelled in unison: “You are looking for death!”

This ba5tard. More and more presumptuous!

Don’t talk about taking advantage of the mouth, I really dare to hit the wrong one and pay attention to it!

Darryl didn’t panic at all, because the six of them had been hit on the acupuncture points, unable to use their internal strength. Although they are very angry, they are not afraid of them doing it. Darryl smiled and said: “Just kidding. See you all being excited.”

With that, Darryl’s expression became serious, and he said word by word: “Get back to business. I can let you go. But after I let you go, you will come to Donghai City to resist the Apocalypse army, how about you Fuyao Palace?”

Darryl could clearly feel that the strength of Fuyao Palace was very strong! You know, the six beauties in your camp are all Wu Sheng! If they are willing to resist the apocalypse army. The crisis in Donghai City will definitely be resolved sooner.


Let us Fuyao Palace and participate in the resistance against the Apocalypse Army?

At this moment, the six fairies were stunned, and each of them frowned.

Seeing them hesitate, Darryl continued: “I know that you Fuyao Palace does not ask questions about Jianghu. But now the situation is different, the Apocalypse Continent is eyeing you, if you join, you will definitely be able to repel the Apocalypse army!”

Hearing this, the fairies glanced at each other without speaking. They are really unwilling to help.

“Master Yue. Commander Xing Yao is here!”

However, at this moment, the voice of the maid rang outside the camp.

The voice fell, and the tent was opened. Xing Yao wears a golden armor. Slowly walked in.

Behind her, black and white Shuangsha followed.

Darryl quickly stood up and saluted: “The subordinates have seen Commander Xing Yao.”

While speaking, Darryl was very nervous, and he didn’t know why Xing Yao suddenly came to him.

Xing Yao nodded, and his gaze slowly swept across the fairies.

This female commander. What a strong strength! At least the Emperor Wu level!

Suddenly, the hearts of several fairies were secretly shocked.

Xing Yao watched for a few seconds, turned his head to look at Darryl, and asked with a smile but a smile: “Darryl, these are all your wife?”

Just today, the whole Tianqi camp went crazy, saying that Darryl had six wives, all of whom were in his camp, all of them were as beautiful as a god.

Xing Yao happened to pass by here, so he came in and took a look.

“Yes, it’s all my wife.” Darryl smiled and nodded.

As he said, Darryl hurriedly signaled to Er Qing six: “What are you doing in a daze? See the commander in a hurry.”

A few little fairies live in Fuyao Palace all the year round. They just nodded at Xing Yao.

Xing Yao couldn’t help but glanced at Darryl. His six wives. The long ones are not only beautiful and charming, but they are not the general ones, they are all of the martial sage level.

Ordinary man. If you can marry one, you will burn high incense, but how can Darryl Hede marry six?

Xing Yao stared at him. Darryl’s heart must be mentioned in his throat.

She won’t find out, these fairies are not my wife, right?

Darryl muttered in his heart. Quickly waved at Ning Yan: “Oh, why do I feel so tired, third wife, come and rub my shoulders for me, second wife, come help me squeeze my legs…little wife, come over and give it to me. Beat your back.”

All of a sudden, Ning Yan was very embarrassed.

This… this Darryl is too much!

But in front of Xing Yao, they were not easy to have an attack. The little fairy first walked to Darryl’s side and squeezed his shoulders.


Darryl laughed: “Commander Xing Yao, I really made you laugh.”

Seeing this scene, Xing Yao smiled softly: “Darryl, you are so lucky. But I need to remind you. This is the barracks, you and your wife, please keep your voice down and don’t affect other soldiers’ rest.”

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