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Chapter 371

“Seven palace masters, can you help Darryl and help him catch up with Clint!”

Peter was very anxious and said to the Seven Fairies.

Peter had been seriously injured, but now the woman who saw Darryl was arrested by Clint. He suddenly became anxious, and vomited blood in a mouthful of wow!

Peter knew in his heart that if the teacher’s wife and Bessie were taken away. Darryl would really collapse!

Everyone present has no energy. There is only Seven Fairies who hope to catch up with Clint!

Hearing what Peter said, the seven fairies looked at each other and let out a long sigh of relief.

They all thought that the seven fairies were not injured. But who knows that when they played against Zhan Xingyao just now, they had consumed all their internal energy! After all, Xing Yao is at the level of Emperor Wu! At this time, the Seven Fairies are also holding on, how can they have the strength to chase Clint?

Clint is a section of Wuhou. There is also the mysterious power of Xuanyin, if you face the battle, Sidan Wuhou will be able to defeat him. But if he is not in love with war and wants to escape. If you want to stop him, you need at least a period of Martial Saint!

The martial sage present has been fighting for a long time at this time, and has long been out of strength!

At this time, Grand Sage Sun breathed a sigh of relief, only to feel his brain humming. Looking at Darryl in a coma, there was a burst of heartache.

On the other side, Clint rode a black panther, leaving everyone’s sight.


At this time, he was full of joy, and he was very itchy when he looked at the teacher’s wife and Bessie.

Clint had already thought about it, he was notorious now, and he might not be able to survive in the Earth Circle Continent. The best way is to seek refuge in the Apocalypse Continent.

At this time, the Apocalypse army withdrew, it should not have gone far, and he could catch up.

“Two beauties, don’t worry, I’ll take you to the Apocalypse Continent to be happy.” Clint said with a smile, turning his hand to touch the acupuncture points of the two of them. Make them immobile.

It’s so beautiful. The wife of the leader is pregnant. But it’s still so beautiful, it’s really exciting.


the next day.

Yue Family Villa.

In the hall, Banson trembled all over, looking at a Yue family disciple in front of him: “What did you say? It is Chen’er who defiled Wang Yan’s wife…he…he still murdered?”

Before the Yue family rushed to the Star Picking Tower to support.

In Banson’s heart, this was a good opportunity for Yue Family to be proud and prove himself. Once successfully helping the various martial arts and defending the Star-Catching Tower, the Yue family will go down in the annals of history and become the hero of the Earth Round Continent.

Banson was waiting for good news at home, but he didn’t expect that what he was waiting for was such a bad news.

In front of Banson, the Yue family disciple nodded with a complicated expression: “Yes, the patriarch, just now, Zhang Jiajia’s body was found on the mountain behind the star picking building, Brother Chen… Clint, he, in various martial arts In front of me, I confessed what I had done. I have guilty and escaped…”


Hearing this, Banson’s face was pale, he staggered back almost, and shouted angrily: “Beast, beast! Why did I give birth to such a beast…”

When the voice fell, Banson turned and knelt before the father’s spiritual card, crying in grief: “Father, I’m sorry, the Yue family has such a beast, and the son is ashamed of you… Father, the son has not raised that beast well, and the son should die. what!”

Banson was emotional, and while talking, he raised his slap and slapped himself in the face.


the other side.

There are hundreds of big ships on the vast sea. Sail silently.

It is the fleet of the Apocalypse army, they are returning to the Apocalypse Continent.

When it came to attack the Diyuan Continent, the Apocalypse Continent sent out 200,000 troops. But now, only less than 50,000 are left. It can be said that the loss was heavy!

At this moment, on one of the sailboats, Clint stood quietly on the deck, looking very relaxed and comfortable.

After leaving the Tower of Star Reaching, Clint caught up with the fleet of the Apocalypse Army and met the female commander Xing Yao, expressing his intention to serve the Apocalypse Continent.

At the beginning. Xing Yao also suspected that Clint might have defected. After all, there was a precedent for Darryl before.

But after she saw the two hostages brought by Clint, Xing Yao immediately let go of her suspicion.

The two hostages, one Bessie and the other Kendra, were both Darryl’s women.

At this time, the Apocalypse army failed in its expedition, so to speak. Thanks to Darryl.

Whether it is the female commander Xing Yao, or all the Apocalypse soldiers, they hate Darryl!

Therefore, seeing Clint arrested the two women Darryl, Xing Yao no longer doubted his sincerity. And Xing Yao could feel that Clint had reached the Wuhou level at a young age. It’s an individual talent. So I took him in.

Moreover, Clint is a person from the Earth Round Continent, and he knows all about the rivers and lakes of the Earth Round Continent. The Apocalypse Continent needs people like Clint.

At this time, Clint stood on the deck of the ship, took out his mobile phone, and saw that the signal gradually weakened, so he quickly called Patsy.

After a while, the call was connected.

“Wife, how is your situation there? They didn’t doubt you, right.” The moment of connection. Clint couldn’t help asking first.

He took all the charges down, but Clint was still a little worried about Patsy.

On the phone, Patsy frowned her eyebrows tightly, and said angrily: “You still have the face to ask. The whole thing is not caused by your lust. I marry you, it’s really bad luck for eight lifetimes.”

While speaking, Patsy breathed out softly. Continued: “Now all the big sects have evacuated, and all the families have also left. They don’t doubt me for the time being.”


Hearing this, Clint exhaled: “That’s good. I am ready to go to the Apocalypse Continent with the army of Apocalypse now. When I get mixed up in the Apocalypse Continent, I will meet you. When the time comes, we will be in the Apocalypse Continent. , I’m still prosperous and wealthy! My wife, maybe I am in the Apocalypse Continent, and I can be an official and a half. At that time, I will take you over and find you hundreds of servants to serve you every day.”

This Clint is useless, but this mouth can always make his wife happy.

But which woman can bear the offensive of sweet talk?

Even if he knew that Clint was worthless, he would get into trouble every day, but in Patsy’s heart, she still liked Clint very much. At this time, she was coaxed to be happy. But immediately afterwards, he sullen his face and coldly warned: “Clint, I warn you, Bessie and the teacher’s wife, you are not allowed to touch. You are lustful, please quickly correct me.”

This rubbish husband, he knows too well, is lustful, and can’t walk when he sees a beautiful woman.


A smile appeared on Clint’s face, and he said, “Don’t worry, my wife, you are so beautiful, how could I be tempted by other women. Wife, it’s coming to the Apocalypse Continent soon, and the mobile phone is out of signal, so let’s not talk about it.”

“You…” Patsy still wanted to speak, but the phone was hung up.

Chapter 372

On the other side, the main altar of Tianmen.

Darryl finally woke up from a coma.

When he opened his eyes, Darryl still had a headache.

Before fighting against the Apocalypse army, he almost consumed the last trace of internal strength, leaving more than a hundred scars on his body, which was really too weak.


“Brother Darryl, you finally woke up, great.”

At this time, many people gathered around, all of them were Tianmen tribes, the four brothers of the Duan family, the second general of Huoha, and the top ten heavenly kings.

Before Darryl fainted, everyone in Tianmen was terrified. Thank goodness. Sect Master is awake now.

At this time, Darryl exhausted all his energy and sat on the bed. He looked around, and his heart felt cold for the most part.

Madam and Yu Ruo were not there. I’m afraid… I’m afraid it was captured by Clint and was not saved.

Darryl’s heart was so painful that he clenched his fists tightly.

“Sect Master, how are you, is your health okay…” At this moment, Maddox couldn’t help but ask.

Darryl waved his hand, indicating that he was okay. Uncomfortable in my heart. I saw that the Tianmen brothers in front of me were all seriously injured, and one was even more miserable than one.

Thinking of the thousands of Tianmen disciples who died in action, Darryl felt sore and heartbroken.

“Mathew. Are you convicted?!”

At this moment, Darryl slowly got up from the bed, looked at Mathew, and suddenly shouted angrily.

Puff through.

Mathew shook his body and knelt down immediately: “Brother Darryl…”

Darryl watched him closely, distressed and angry: “A few days ago. I asked you to secretly let go of my parents, but did I let you and the Six Major Sects kill each other?! If it wasn’t for you to provoked Disputes, fighting with the six major factions, how can the Apocalypse Continent take the opportunity to attack? Our Tianmen will not die so many people, and the major factions will not suffer heavy losses!”

As he said, Darryl’s tone gradually became harsher: “Because of you, Donghai City almost fell, you can convict!”

At this time, Mathew was wrapped like a mummy. There are more than a hundred wounds all over the body. He was also a blessing and fateful, and even survived. But at this time extremely weak.

Darryl looked at him like this, and felt very distressed! Darryl also knew that Mathew and the six major factions were fighting each other to save his parents. But because of cannibalism, Donghai City almost fell!

Therefore, even if you can’t bear it, you must punish Mathew!

“Sect Master, I am convicted, how do you punish me, I have no complaints.” Mathew knelt there and said.

Mathew knew that he had made a big mistake. But he does not regret it.

Brother Darryl can be for the sake of justice, and for the time being to the safety of his parents, should he turn a blind eye to the brothers of his subordinates? !

“it is good.”

Darryl took a deep breath and said every word: “I’ll fine you a hundred.”


One hundred big boards.

Suddenly, the two generals, Mateo and Mateo, who were next to him, trembled.

Before fighting against the Apocalypse army, Mathew fought bravely, with scars all over his body, it would be nice to save him! Wouldn’t it be his life if he hit another hundred boards?


In the next second, everyone knelt there all of a sudden, and they began to intercede.

“Sect Master, let Mathew go this time.”

“Yes. Just because Mathew is desperately guarding the Star Reaching Tower, let him go.”

“Brother Darryl…”

Seeing everyone begging for mercy, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath. After a full silence for half a minute, he just said: “Mathew, you made a big mistake, but you are fighting bloody and defending Donghai City. I will punish you lightly. You don’t need a hundred boards, 20 boards.”

Having said that, Darryl waved his hand: “Drag it down.”

The voice falls, two

A Tianmen disciple walked over and carried Mathew out.

“Thank you, Brother Darryl.” Mathew didn’t panic at all, and shouted gratefully.

He made a fatal mistake and almost led to the fall of Donghai City. According to the rules of the Tianmen Gate, Darryl could execute himself. Now he only played twenty boards, and he had already left a lot of affection.

On the other side, the Apocalypse Continent.

Following the Apocalypse army, Clint finally arrived at the Apocalypse Continent.

Walking down from the boat and stepping into the land of the Apocalypse Continent, Clint was inexplicably excited!

There are no cars, airplanes, or tall buildings on this continent. Clint felt that he seemed to have returned to ancient times all at once.

The area of ​​the Apocalypse Continent is larger than that of the Earth Round Continent. And every town is old-fashioned, and there are always good times along the way.

Xing Yao rode a sweaty BMW with a 50,000 Apocalypse army and walked for three or four days before reaching the imperial city.

When entering the imperial palace, looking at the majestic and magnificent building, Clint’s heart suddenly became extremely excited.

The Imperial Palace on the Apocalypse Continent is similar to the Imperial Palace on the Earth Round Continent. But the area is several times larger than the Forbidden City!

A team of guards. Checking around in the palace, everyone is a master!

At this time, the wife of the leader and Bessie were tied up by five flowers!

Xing Yao took Clint, the teacher’s wife, Bessie, and walked into the Qianyuan Palace.

Qianyuan Palace was the place where Emperor Tianqi summoned his officials to deal with state affairs. It was majestic, elegant and magnificent.

As soon as I stepped into the Qianyuan Hall, I saw hundreds of civil and military officials standing neatly on both sides of the hall, each with a sacred expression and a solemn atmosphere.

Sitting on the dragon chair in the main hall, there was a tall figure, a golden dragon robe, a knife-like face, no anger, and a royal majesty that made people dare not desecrate.

It is the Emperor of Apocalypse.

Next to Emperor Tianqi, sitting quietly, a beautiful figure, a gorgeous phoenix robe, showed the graceful figure to the fullest, just like a well-crafted face, with a variety of manners, showing the temperament of the world.

It is the queen.

Feeling the emperor’s majesty, Clint’s heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up.

Next second. When he glanced at the queen, Clint was stunned.


Is this the queen?

It’s so beautiful.

For a moment, Clint looked dull and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

Seeing this scene, Bessie and Kendra were also inexplicably nervous.

This is the Tianqi Palace, are the emperor and empress sitting in front of you?

Bessie and Kendra at this time. All felt that the scene before me was like a dream.

“Your Majesty.” At this moment, Xing Yao walked forward, leaning slightly.

As the goddess of war on the Apocalypse Continent, Xing Yao respected her special status, and she did not need to kneel when she saw the emperor.

Emperor Tianqi nodded, looked at Xing Yao, smiled and said: “Xing Yao, you led an army to conquer the Earth Yuan Continent, why did you come back so soon?”

Although Xing Yao was a daughter, he was the general he valued most. This time the conquest of the Earth Yuan Continent, the Emperor Apocalypse has given high hopes.

Xing Yao looked ashamed, and smiled bitterly: “Xing Yao is ashamed. This time I have lived up to your majesty’s expectations…” Immediately, Xing Yao explained the situation of the attack on Donghai City in detail.

At the end of the talk, Xing Yaoying’s angry face revealed a bit of depression: “Your Majesty, speaking of it, the failure of this conquest of the Earth Yuan Continent is inseparable from that Darryl.”


The goddess of war actually defeated the battle?

All of a sudden, the civil and military officials on both sides were in an uproar.

You know, Xing Yao is the goddess of war! Over the years, there have been dozens of large and small battles, never


And this time, conquer the land circle. A small Donghai City has not been captured, this, this is incredible.

Emperor Tianqi was also surprised, and looked at Xing Yao: “That Darryl you mentioned? Is it very powerful?”

Xing Yao lowered his head, his face was embarrassed: “Not very strong, but at the realm of Martial Saint.”

“Then… he is good at fighting? The formation is very good?” Emperor Tianqi frowned and couldn’t help asking again.


Xing Yao took a deep breath, his face faintly flushed, and said bitterly: “This person’s ability to lead soldiers is also very average.”

With that, Xing Yao continued: “But this person. The network is very wide. Many experts are called to help out.”

Emperor Tianqi nodded silently, pondered, and said: “It seems that Darryl is not an ordinary person.”

With that said, Emperor Tianqi’s eyes fell on the three Clint: “These three are…”

Before he finished speaking, Xing Yao said, “Your Majesty, this man is called Clint, he is the eldest brother of Darryl. He has a conflict with Darryl and has taken refuge in our Apocalypse Continent.”

“Clint has seen your Majesty.”

At this time, Clint hurriedly spoke, first saluted, and then said sincerely: “I am a disciple of the family from Donghai City, and I am willing to swear allegiance to Your Majesty.”


The Emperor Apocalyptic smiled and nodded approvingly: “As long as you are willing to serve my Apocalypse Continent loyally, I will protect your prosperity and wealth.”

Hearing this, Clint was overjoyed and quickly bowed down: “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

See this scene. Bessie and Kendra showed disgust in their eyes.

This Clint is really good stuff to be a running dog.

At this time, Xing Yao continued to introduce: “These two women, one is Kendra and the other is Bessie. They are both Darryl’s women, who were caught by Clint. They are dedicated to your Majesty.”


Are these two women from Darryl?

In an instant, not only the Emperor Tianqi, but also the ministers of civil and military affairs around him all looked at his wife and Bessie.

At this time, the wife of the leader is wearing a hip skirt. Although her lower abdomen bulged due to pregnancy, her figure can still be seen. How charming.

And Bessie wore a pair of jeans. The tight curve makes the man unable to move his eyes.

Women in the Apocalypse Continent generally wear long skirts. When have these civil and military officials seen such beautiful clothes? The clothes these two women wear are too s3xy.

At this moment, Clint took a step forward quickly. In a respectful tone, he said: “Your Majesty, these two women are both brilliantly talented. I will capture them and dedicate them to your Majesty.”

When he said this, Clint couldn’t express regret.

He was lustful. When he was at sea, he had always been thinking about the beauty of Bessie’s two women. He looked for opportunities several times and wanted to enjoy gentleness.

However, after thinking about it carefully, Clint decided to dedicate them to Emperor Tianqi. As long as you get the emperor’s appreciation, you will be prosperous and wealthy in the future, afraid that there will be no beautiful women?

Thinking about it, a smile appeared on Clint’s face.


Emperor Tianqi nodded in relief, and said to Clint: “I feel your sincerity and loyalty.”

As he said, Emperor Tianqi turned his eyes to Bessie’s body, and he couldn’t move his eyes suddenly.

I have to say that Bessie and Kendra are both the best goddesses. Even the emperor with three thousand beauties in the harem couldn’t help but marvel. These two are like fairies in the sky. Their faces and figures can be compared with the queen.

Emperor Tianqi slowly stood up, walked down the steps, and arrived in front of the teacher’s wife and Bessie.

Looking at it up close, Emperor Tianqi nodded again and again, couldn’t help but stretch out a finger, shaved Bessie’s face, and then pinched her chin. The whole person leaned over, almost touching Bessie’s ear, and said softly: “Beauty, are you willing to be my woman?”

Chapter 373


Two cold words came from Bessie’s mouth, without the slightest hesitation!


The huge Qianyuan Palace was suddenly silent! Everyone looked at Bessie!

She.. She said no? ! Don’t want to be an imperial concubine? ! Just… just rejected your majesty? !

In the Apocalypse Continent, the imperial power is supreme, and no one has dared to refuse your Majesty!

Only at this moment, the expression of Emperor Tianqi suddenly changed. You know, in front of the civil and military officials. When this Bessie refused, where did he put his face?

Suddenly, the atmosphere of Qianyuan Hall was extremely solemn. The civil and military officials did not even dare to breathe.

Finally, at this moment, only the Emperor Tianqi laughed and said: “Well, since the beauty is not willing, I will not force her. Come here. Put her under house arrest.”

When he said these words, the Emperor Tianqi smiled without a smile. He was really angry.

Since he was enthroned, who would dare to reject him? Emperor Tianqi had already thought about putting Bessie under house arrest first. Look for her again at night. Is she not good tempered? Today, no matter what, we must get her.

As the king of a country, Emperor Tianqi has no woman that he can’t get.

At this time, two Apocalypse soldiers walked over, holding Bessie on the left and the other, leaving Qianyuan Palace.

Seeing Bessie being taken away, the teacher’s wife’s heart suddenly fell.

At this moment, Emperor Tianqi slowly looked at Kendra with a smile on his face. This woman is also very beautiful, but she is pregnant. As an emperor, if you consider pregnant women as concubines, I am afraid something is wrong.

“The King Castro.”

At this moment, Emperor Tianqi slowly spoke.

Suddenly, a man in an official uniform among the hundreds of officials walked out and said respectfully: “The minister is here.”

Castro, the queen’s younger brother, is respected and respected in the Apocalypse Continent.

Emperor Tianqi looked at King Castro and smiled slightly: “I gave you this beauty.”

At that time, Castro was overjoyed and quickly bowed to the ground: “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

It is said that since ancient times, heroes love beauty. King Castro is no exception, his gaze has been moving around Kendra.

Emperor Tianqi could see that Castro liked this woman very much, so he pushed the boat along the way and gave his wife to him.

King Castro was extremely excited, even if Kendra was pregnant, he wouldn’t mind!

“Go go, take your beauty, and go back home.” Emperor Tianqi waved his hand and said with a smile.

“Your Majesty Xie!” King Castro nodded, with joy, he carried Kendra on his shoulders, left Qianyuan Palace, and walked towards the palace.

“You let me go.” Kendra’s face blushed. She had only been close to one man in her entire life, and that was Darryl. But now she is carried on her shoulders by a strange man, can she not be ashamed. But at this time, she was tied up by the five flowers, unable to struggle at all, and was anxious.

Looking at the back of King Castro, Emperor Tianqi showed a slight smile.

Since he became the throne, hundreds of civil and military officials have been loyal to him. Just because he is good at observing. Now this beauty is bestowed on Castro. In the heart of Castro, he must be very grateful to Divine Grace, and he will be more loyal in the future.

At this moment, a little eunuch walked quickly and knelt before the emperor.

“Report—” The little eunuch wiped his sweat and said: “Your Majesty, the Envoy of the Southern Cloud Continent, please see you outside the hall.”


Southern Cloud Continent?

Clint on one side was stunned.

Doesn’t it mean that there are only two continents in the world, the Apocalypse Continent and the Earth Continent?

This…. Why suddenly another Southern Cloud Continent appeared?

Thinking about it, Clint only felt that his brain was humming, and it was too slow for a long time.

the other side.

The earth is round the mainland, the main altar of Tianmen.

In the room, Darryl opened his eyes and slowly stood up.

Two days, two full days, through practice, the internal strength finally returned to its peak state. The injuries on his body were also healed.

In the previous battle in the Star Picking Tower, Darryl’s internal strength was exhausted, almost in a state of exhausted oil and light.


“Brother Darryl, your internal strength has recovered.”

At this time, Mathew gathered around. One by one was extremely excited.

Although Mathew has suffered twenty bans, he is still loyal to Darryl. At this time, he stepped forward and said, “Brother Darryl, we found out that Clint took the two sisters-in-law and took refuge in the Apocalypse Continent. , Now I have gone to the Apocalypse Continent.”


Suddenly, Darryl was stunned. My heart aches.

Clint is a good girl, of course Darryl knows about this. When he was a child, when he was the second young master of the Yue family, he often saw Clint and made troubles outside.

Thinking of his wife and Bessie being taken away by him, Darryl was upset and waved to Mathew and the others: “You go down first, I’ll be quiet by myself.”


The four heavenly kings responded and retired. In a blink of an eye. Only Darryl was left in the room.

He was sitting at the table, and his head was full of Bessie and his wife. I’m afraid I have to go to the Apocalypse Continent in person.

Bang bang…

At this moment, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

Darryl hurried over to open the door, thinking that it was Mathew and the others outside the door, but the moment he opened the door, Darryl was stunned.

There was a pretty figure standing outside the door in a light pink dress, fluttering like an immortal.

It is the little fairy from Fuyao Palace.

“Little wife, why did you come to me suddenly?”

Darryl was stunned. After reacting, he looked at Er Qing with a smile and joked: “What? Missing me if I haven’t seen you for two days?”

When he said this, Darryl was wondering in his heart. At that time, when the Apocalypse army retired in the Zhanxinglou, Fuyao Palace left.

Why did the little fairy come back?


When the voice fell, Er Qing’s face turned red all of a sudden, and she glared at Darryl with an annoyed look: “Darryl, can you be more serious?”

This Darryl always takes advantage of him every time he sees himself.

Darryl smiled and scratched his head: “Okay. No kidding, what’s the matter with the grandfather.”

“You!” The little fairy said angrily, and said, “I came to you on a special trip to give you something.”

After speaking, he took out two books from his arms. Passed it over.


Tai Xuan Zhen Jing?

And… or two? !

At this moment, seeing what Er Qing was holding, Darryl was taken aback for a moment, and then couldn’t help taking a breath.

Two Taixuan Zhenjing and one blue cover. A purple cover.

Darryl just glanced at it and knew that these two Taixuanzhen sutras were both true. Because every scripture has gone through the years. That kind of ancient breath is hard to imitate.

Just when Darryl was stunned, the little fairy said softly: “These two scriptures have been kept in the library of our Fuyao Palace. I don’t know how many years they have been. I discussed with the older sister and felt that these scriptures are right. You are useful. I sent it here specially.”

The rumors of Taixuan Zhenjing are known to all seven fairies.

But they stayed in Fuyao Palace for a long time, rarely walked out of the arena, and even less willing to participate in the disputes.

To them, Taixuan Zhenjing is just an ordinary scripture.

After the battle of Picking the Stars, the Seven Fairies had a very good impression of Darryl. I think he has the righteousness. The martial arts of the land circle continent, the appearance of the figure Darryl, is really a blessing to the whole continent.

Therefore, the Seven Fairies decided to send the scriptures to Darryl after discussion.

At this moment, Darryl excitedly accepted the scriptures and smiled at Er Qing: “Really gave it to me?”

D*mn it.

Unexpectedly, Fuyao Palace had hidden two Taixuanzhen sutras.

Even more unexpectedly, they actually gave the scriptures to themselves.

It’s so surprising!

“Don’t be happy first, we have the conditions.” Er Qing looked at Darryl solemnly, and said: “First, we are not allowed to enter our Fuyao Palace in the future. Second, we are not allowed to call our wife again?”

My own seven sisters, at any rate, were also the palace lord of Fuyao Palace, the seven fairies of Bingqingyujie, who were called by one of his wives, and their reputation and face were ruined.


It turned out to be this condition.

Darryl was amused by Er Qing’s expression, nodded and said: “Okay, little wife…Oh, sorry, it’s a little fairy.”

As he said, Darryl explained with a smile: “It’s not to blame me, I was used to it before, so I can’t change it for a while.”


Er Qing’s face became more blushing, and she stomped her feet: “This is the last time, I hope you keep your promise, goodbye.”

The voice fell, and the little fairy turned and left.

At this moment, looking at the back of the little fairy, Darryl held the scriptures tightly and said with a smile: “Little fairy walk slowly.”


Er Qing didn’t speak either, and accelerated her pace. Although this ba5tard did not call his wife, but when he called the little fairy three words, his tone was also very serious.

Chapter 374

After the little fairy left, Darryl put away the two scriptures and changed his clothes.

He has to go to Donghai City.

After Zhang Jiajia’s body was found in the Star Picking Tower, Wang Yan was distraught. At that time, it was stated that he would be buried for his beloved wife again in three days.

The misunderstanding that I was slandered was solved, and as my second brother, I should go there and have a look.

After this incident is over, you must go to the Apocalypse Continent to save Yuruo and his wife.

But Darryl thought it over. To go to the Apocalypse Continent, you can’t go by yourself, you have to hand it over to Brother Wen and Peter. After all, the two brothers accompany themselves, and feel at ease.

Thinking of this, Darryl called Peter and asked Peter and Wen to go to the Yue family to wait for themselves.


Yue Family Villa.

The weather is good today, the sun is warm, but the Yue family’s children are in a heavy mood.

The deeds of Clint, a beast. It has been spread in Donghai City, and the Yue family’s name has plummeted for a while.

Today is the day when Zhang Jiajia is buried again. Many families in Donghai City have come to attend the funeral. The Emei faction also came. After all, Master Miao Yuan was too at the Yue family. After living for such a long time, the friendship with the Yue family is good.

When Darryl arrived, the funeral had already begun.

Now the children of the Yue family, whoever sees Darryl, will call out the second young master. They all knew that they had misunderstood Darryl before, and they felt very guilty in their hearts. Especially Wang Yan, the moment he saw Darryl, Wang Yan directly knelt down and wowed in pain.

At that time, Darryl felt uncomfortable. He used to have a good relationship with Wang Yan, but when Clint framed himself, Wang Yan actually chose to believe in Clint.

This matter is a knot in Darryl’s heart!

But now that the truth of the matter became clear, Wang Yan already knew what was wrong, and confessed his mistake with tears of tears. Seeing his sad look, Darryl could only choose to forgive him.

At the end of the funeral, Peter and Li Nan, as well as Lorenzo, also rushed over.

Darryl took the two brothers to the front yard of the Yue family, and the three brothers sat in the hall.

Li Nan served on the side and made tea.

However, Darryl had no intention of tasting tea at all. In a terrible mood.

“Darryl, why are you frowning?” Lorenzo took a sip of tea and couldn’t help but said, “Is it because the two younger siblings were taken away?”

“Hmm…” Darryl nodded.


Peter suddenly patted the table and shouted: “Why, your eldest brother Clint is really a beast, don’t worry, Darryl, when you go to the Apocalypse Continent, I will accompany you immediately without saying anything! To rescue the two sister-in-laws, you must slash the beast Clint with a thousand swords.”

“And me.” Lorenzo said with a firm expression on his face.

“it is good!”

Hearing this, Darryl felt warm in his heart and nodded.

As a result, at this moment, I saw a man walking quickly!

This man is very old, with gray beard, but a burly figure with extraordinary momentum. It is the Golden Lion King, Yu Zongtian!

“Hall Master, look at what this is!”

Yu Zongtian was so excited that he took out a book from him. Passed it to Lorenzo.

On the top of this book, only four words are written: Tai Xuan Zhen Jing.

Seeing this book, Lorenzo looked surprised and quickly took it. Asked: “Lion King, where did you get this book?”

While talking, read the scriptures.

Yu Zongtian smiled slightly and said: “This scripture was discovered by our disciple of the Palace of Longevity when we were cleaning the battlefield in the Star Reaching Tower.”

At this moment, Darryl looked at the scriptures, thoughtfully, and slowly said: “I know, this scripture must be the principal of Shangwu Academy, the scripture in Ye Yun’s hand.”

After speaking, Darryl sighed. Ye Yun had already died in the battle of the Star Picking Tower.

“Oh, to tell the truth, President Ye is a hero, and it is a pity that he died in the battle.” At this time, Lorenzo sighed with emotion.

While talking, Lorenzo touched his body and took out another scripture: “Darryl. I have another one here. I found it from Hu Sanyang’s secret room during the suppression of Kunlun.”


Brother Wen still has one?

At this moment, Darryl was stunned, an inexplicable excitement surged in his heart.

“Haha, I also have a surprise.”

Next second. Darryl reacted, laughed loudly, and took out several scriptures from his body. Counting carefully, Lorenzo is dumbfounded, Darryl Zi has five books in his hands? !

That’s right, Darryl has five books in his hand!

The first book was given to him by Senior Yu Zongtian when he won the first place at the Lion Slaughter Conference. Later this book. It was stolen by Elisa, but when Cynthia celebrated her birthday, Darryl took the book back.

The second and third books were brought out by the master’s wife when she left Tongtian Island. At that time, Kendra was injured in KTV and was sent to the hospital. When he woke up, he gave these two scriptures to Darryl.

The last two were given by the little fairy from Fuyao Palace just now.

In Darryl’s hands. Five books in total!

Plus this book by Ye Yun, plus this book by Hu Sanyang…

Suddenly, Peter and Lorenzo looked at each other, they were both dumbfounded, completely stunned!

Li Nan on one side only felt his legs soft and whispered softly: “This…Isn’t this the seven books, all of them are there?”

When he said this, Li Nan only felt his mind was dizzy, as if he was dreaming.

As we all know, the rumors of Taixuan Zhenjing have been circulating in the arena for a long time. As long as seven books are collected, they can give orders to the world.

But for thousands of years, how many masters of the world have died for the sake of Tai Xuan Zhen Jing, and how many people are crazy about it.

But the result is.

No one has ever gathered.

And now, all seven scriptures are here!

Lorenzo couldn’t wait any longer, so he said quickly: “Hurry up, study it. What are the secrets of these seven classics!”

When the words fell, the attention of the three brothers all fell on the seven books in front of them. It kept turning.

But half an hour passed in a blink of an eye, and the three brothers looked dumbfounded. These seven scriptures. There is nothing special…

“D*mn, the rumors of the arena, collect seven books and comprehend the secrets, you can command the world. They are all deceptive.” Peter was impatient and couldn’t help standing up, frowning and muttering.

Li Nan on one side smiled lightly and held Peter’s hand: “Husband, why are you always frizzy. Look at how steady Wen and Darryl are. You can study and study patiently. Maybe you will be able to comprehend…”

“Okay.” Peter spread his hands. Don’t look at the great sage’s bad temper, but he listens to his wife in particular. He loves Li Nan with all his heart.

But this kid is tedious in doing things. He wanted to sit down and study the scriptures patiently for a while, only to accidentally knock over the teacup.


The tea was sprinkled instantly, drenching one of the scriptures.

“Husband.” Li Nan dragged him angrily and complained: “Look at you…”

But at this point, Li Nan’s voice stopped abruptly!

“Look, there are changes in the scriptures…” At this moment, Li Nan’s voice was excited and couldn’t help exclaiming.

As soon as I saw the soaked scripture, a faint picture appeared on the cover, which was blurry at first, and then became clearer and clearer.

Chapter 375

This immersed Taixuan Zhenjing suddenly became the focus of the three brothers.

I saw a broken map on the cover of this scripture.

There are mountains and rivers on it…

Not only that, but on this map, there are some ancient texts that have also surfaced.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was very excited, and hurriedly took the tea and splashed the other six books of Scripture wet.

Sure enough, as soon as these scriptures touched tea, the map on the cover appeared.

The three brothers hurriedly put together the seven scriptures. Suddenly. A complete ancient map appeared before my eyes.


In a moment, the three brothers couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning!

On this map, there are a few lines of ancient text, and Darryl reads the words one by one: “The vast world is divided into nine continents. The nine continents are named Tianqi, Diyuan, Nanyun… “

Upon hearing this, the three brothers looked at each other, shocked!

Are there nine continents in the world? !

Isn’t there only the Earth Continent and the Apocalypse Continent?

At the same time, Darryl’s heart was also difficult to calm. Resisting curiosity, he continued reading: “In these nine continents. There is a peerless treasure hidden. In the map, the position of the red circle is the position of this treasure.”

Speaking of this, the three brothers gathered around and, as expected, a red circle was marked on this map.

“Peerless baby?” Peter was very excited: “Then we will take the map. Go and find this baby!”

Darryl nodded, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, took a picture of the map, and said to Li Nan: “Brother sister, take these seven scriptures, find a place to dry them, and put them away.”

The woman was always more attentive and asked Li Nan to collect the seven scriptures, and Darryl was more at ease.

“it is good.”

Li Nan responded and walked to the Yue family’s yard, took out the scriptures, put them in the sun, and began to dry them.

At this moment, only two women were seen, coming from not far away.

One of them, wearing a long skirt, long glamorous and beautiful, is Miaoyuan Master.

And the other one, wearing very s3xy, black tights, the figure is simply too good, it is Patsy!

Seeing these two women, Darryl instantly put away his smile. I just feel panicked.

Darryl really didn’t have a good impression of this Master Miao Yuan.

And Patsy. Although she is Darryl’s sister-in-law, Darryl is annoying to see her! Three years ago, he used 8 million to invest in an oil company. It was Patsy who instigated it and was expelled from the family.

At this time, Patsy and Master Miaoyuan had already walked into the hall.

When she arrived, Patsy had a smile on her face and said to Darryl in embarrassment: “Second brother, my sister-in-law came here to apologize specifically to you. Before Jiajia was defiled, my sister-in-law blamed you. I’m so sorry…”

As he said, Patsy’s face showed a bit of disgust and hatred: “You big brother, you are really not a human, and he did such a brutal thing. I was really blind. I was married to such a ba5tard.”

“Okay, I don’t want to talk to you.” Darryl frowned and said coldly.

Darryl didn’t have a good impression of this sister-in-law, so he really didn’t want to say a word to her! The sister-in-law is pretty, but her heart is too cruel.

“Darryl, your sister-in-law came to apologize to you, what is your attitude?” At this moment, Master Miaoyuan on one side suddenly spoke.

Master Miaoyuan also came to Zhang Jiajia’s funeral. After the funeral, she wanted to come to Darryl and apologize to him.

After all, he had misunderstood him for so long before.

However, upon hearing that Darryl did not accept Patsy’s apology, Master Miao Yuan couldn’t help but educate.

“After all, she is your sister-in-law. I apologize to you, but you still don’t accept it? Isn’t it a bit too much?” Master Miao Yuan said coldly.

D*mn, with this sentence, Darryl almost died of anger.

At that time, she didn’t give her a good face, and said: “Master Miaoyuan, come and tell me, is there any regulation in this world that requires someone to apologize to me, and I must accept it?”

Darryl felt angry. When he said this, he took a step forward and looked at Master Miao Yuan and said, “My Celestial Silkworm Armor. Is it still on your body? Did I pick you off, or did you take the initiative to take it off?”

“You!” Master Miao Yuan’s face flushed with anger, this Darryl’s words were too much, right?

Originally, Master Miao Yuan wanted to apologize to Darryl, but now when he heard what he said, she said coldly: “You are so disgusting, you are such a cheap embryo, I will send you the treasure in a while. “

Speaking of this, she looked at Patsy: “Let’s go, there is no need to apologize to such people.”

After speaking, Master Miao Yuan took Patsy too much and left.

Walking to the door, Patsy’s gaze happened to see Li Nan. And the seven scriptures drying under the sun.

In the evening. Darryl, Peter, and Lorenzo came to the Oriental Pearl Hotel.

There are only three of them in the Pearl of the Orient. Wu Dedao ordered that Pearl of the Orient will not accept guests tonight.

The three brothers sat at the dinner table, talking about the wine. Get drunk tonight and set off for the Apocalypse Continent tomorrow.

On the other side, Yue’s guest room.

Li Nan was sitting on the bed, holding a piece of cloth, carefully wrapping up the seven sutras.

The three brothers were drinking together, and she didn’t want to go, so she stayed at the Yue family. Waiting for the three brothers to come back.

In the afternoon, the seven scriptures were dried, and Li Nan put them away. You must take good care of such an important thing.


As a result, at this moment, the door of the room was suddenly opened, and a beautiful figure walked in.

It is Patsy.

“sister in law…”

Li Nan was taken aback, although she didn’t have a good impression of Patsy. But Patsy is Darryl’s sister-in-law after all. Li Nan smiled and greeted, “Is there anything wrong with my sister-in-law?”

“I’m sure something is going on here. What am I doing in your room?” Patsy said with a sneer. Compared with the gentle and virtuous person in the daytime, his attitude is completely above and below ground.

While talking, Patsy’s gaze fell on the scriptures in Li Nan’s hands.

At this moment, Patsy walked to the front with a cold face, reached out to Li Nan, and yelled, “Bring it!”

Of course Patsy has heard of these seven classics! This is a good thing! Collecting seven books, you can command the world! This kind of thing, no matter how much it costs. Get it too!

Li Nan was shocked and shook his head with a firm expression: “I can’t give it to you.”

When he said this, Li Nan slowly backed away, his delicate face also showing a bit of anger.

The sister-in-law of Darryl is really too cunning.

It turns out that she apologized to Darryl before, it was all fake!

This kind of woman is really hateful and terrible.


Patsy sneered, walked over quickly, and slapped Li Nan’s face with a slap without warning!


With this slap, Patsy tried her best and listened to Li Nan snorted.

He staggered back a few steps, and slammed into the wall, with a bright red palm print on his face.

“You… don’t go too far.”

At this time, Li Nan, covering his face, faintly trembled, unspeakable anger.

As Peter’s wife, Li Nan can be regarded as a social mess, and he has seen all kinds of formations.

But today, it was the first time I was beaten by a woman.

Li Nan wanted to resist, but was powerless.

Because Patsy is a cultivator and his realm is not low, she is not an opponent at all.

“Haha, I’m too much? My husband was supposed to be the heir of the Yue family, but you were forced to escape from Donghai City, leaving me a woman, alone here? You are not too much?” Patsy said coldly, hating Got to gnash your teeth!

As he spoke, Patsy’s expression was unspeakable with resentment: “With these seven scriptures, how can Darryl and He De, have such a valuable treasure?”

Hearing this, Li Nan couldn’t help but sneered: “What do you mean, your husband was wronged? It’s really ridiculous. He defiled his younger brothers and sisters and killed others. He admits it. For a person like him, it’s not enough to die a hundred times. Pity.”


As soon as the voice fell, Patsy slapped it over again.

“I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you, give me the scriptures quickly.” Patsy said coldly. Pounced and started to snatch the scriptures.

“I want a scripture, dream.”

Li Nan kept the scripture in his arms, gritted his teeth, with a firm expression: “Even if I die, I won’t give it to you.”

“Okay, OK…”

Unable to grab it for a while, Patsy was completely angry: “I see how long you can survive.”

The three Darryl were drinking. Discuss things, and will not come in a short time.

When the voice fell, Patsy rushed up, raised her hand, slap after slap.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

Every slap is crisp and heavier.

While beating, Patsy drank softly: “Give it or not? You a b!tch. Darryl’s thing, you are such a baby, do you two have a leg? Give it to me…”

Li Nan gritted his teeth and hugged the scriptures in his arms. Hearing this, his body trembled, “No matter what you say, I won’t give you the scriptures…”

There was a stalemate for a while. Both of them were sweating.

Patsy had no patience at all, her eyes flashed with killing intent: “This is what you forced me.” She didn’t expect that Li Nan seemed to be delicate, but she was not weak. She slapped her so much that she was still dead. Hold on and don’t let go.

When the voice fell, Patsy had an extra sword in her hand and pierced it directly.


This sword pierced Li Nan’s heart directly.

The blood poured out all at once.

At this moment, Li Nan only felt a chill in his heart, and all of his energy was taken out of the air. The Jiao body shivered and fell to the ground, and the scriptures in his hands also fell.

Patsy quickly picked up the scriptures and looked at Li Nan coldly, contemptuously: “Fast woman, I have to force me to kill you.”

Having said this, Patsy put away the long sword and quickly left the room.

Speaking of which, this was Patsy’s first murder, but she didn’t panic at all, let alone regret it.

Now she just wanted to take the scriptures and hurriedly go to Tianqi Continent to meet Clint.

At this time, in the room.

Li Nan felt his body getting colder and colder, looking in the direction of the door, and muttering weakly: “Great Sage, Great Sage…”

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