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Chapter 376

The Pearl of the Orient.

After three rounds of wine, the three brothers Darryl drank almost.

Especially Lorenzo, the amount of alcohol was not good at first, and his face flushed at this time, and he couldn’t sit still.

“Haha, eldest brother, you always say that you want to practice drinking, this is only a few bottles. You can’t do it again.” Peter laughed and said, teasing at Lorenzo.

“Who said I can’t drink anymore? Come, come…” Lorenzo said, still calling the waiter to continue getting the wine.

Seeing him like this, Darryl laughed and said, “After you have done it, you should stop quarreling with Brother Wen. You can’t drink much. You have drunk a lot today. It’s time to rest.”

“No. Today I have to compete with Brother Wen.” Peter waved his hand and said.

During the day, my three brothers gathered all the seven scriptures, which is a great thing.

It’s worth celebrating.

Jingle Bell.

At this moment, Peter’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“Oh. I’m happy to drink, who is it.” Muttered, Peter took out his cell phone and saw that Li Nan was calling, and he directly answered: “Wife, what’s the matter?”

Before the voice was over, I heard Li Nan’s weak voice on the other side of the phone: “Husband…I…I don’t seem to be able to…”


Suddenly, Peter’s body shook, and his entire head buzzed!

Seeing that his face was wrong, Darryl and Lorenzo also panicked.

“what’s happenin?”

“What’s the matter, Great Sage.”

Peter reacted and said, “My wife has something wrong.” As he said, he rushed out of the box.

Darryl and Lorenzo looked at each other, Jiu Jin woke up quite a bit, and quickly followed out.

Yue Family Room.


At the moment when he opened the door, Peter saw the scene inside, and his whole body was stunned.

Li Nan was covered with blood, his eyes closed against the wall, and there was a shocking wound on his chest. This wound almost pierced her whole person.

The room was also a mess.

Obviously, Li Nan had a fight with others before.


Suddenly, Peter’s eyes were blood red and he was about to collapse. He couldn’t help but screamed, rushing to hold Li Nan tightly in his arms, tears streaming, and grief!

Peter and Li Nan have been married for several years, but their relationship is not good. Peter loves Li Nan very much. In terms of feelings, no one can replace Li Nan!

At this moment, seeing Li Nan fall in a pool of blood, Peter was almost mad!

“Wife, wife, don’t scare me. Open your eyes and look at me. I am the Great Sage…” At this time, Peter hugged Li Nan and kept begging. The voice was almost hoarse, and the whole body was trembling constantly.

Seeing this scene, Darryl and Lorenzo, in addition to grief, are also unspeakable anger.

Especially Lorenzo, instantly thought of the scene of his wife’s tragic death, and the scene before him was so similar to the situation on Changsheng Island at that time.

At this moment, everyone in the Yue family rushed over when they heard the movement. They were all stunned when they saw this scene.

Darryl’s face was gloomy, and his heart felt uncomfortable. He walked quickly over and probed Li Nan’s breath, and his face was immediately happy: “Great Sage. Don’t cry, she still has breath, hurry, hurry to the hospital.”

The voice fell. Darryl stretched out his hand and pressed it against Li Nan’s lower abdomen. The rolling internal force was instantly instilled.

As long as there is a breath, it means there is a chance to live! Although Li Nan’s breath is very weak and weak.

Peter also reacted and hugged Li Nan and went out.

“My wife, there will be nothing wrong with you, there must be nothing wrong with you.”

Out the door. From a distance, you can still hear Peter’s wailing.

Lorenzo’s eyes were red, and he looked at Darryl and said, “Darryl. The Yue family must have done this. Did you find out just now? Li Nan was holding a piece of cloth in his hand, and that piece of cloth was during the day. She used to wrap the Taixuan Zhenjing.” At this time, Lorenzo calmed down. Looking around the scene, he said coldly.

That’s right, Taixuan Zhenjing is gone…

Darryl’s body shook, and a person suddenly appeared in his mind!


That’s right, for the entire Yue family, Patsy is most likely to commit a crime!

Thinking of this, Darryl rushed out directly.


When he arrived at Patsy’s room, Darryl kicked the door open and saw that it was empty inside, without Patsy’s figure at all.

Moreover, the room is messy. Many of Patsy’s clothes and pants were scattered all over the place. There are even gold and silver jewelry, all sprinkled on the ground.

Obviously, Patsy ran away. Walk in a hurry.

“Slot you! Patsy!”

Darryl clenched his fists, slammed his fist against the wall, the anger in his heart rose!

Do you still need to think about it? Patsy. It’s her!

“Patsy, even if you run to the end of the world, I will find you.” Darryl roared, his eyes blood red and left!

As a result, he just walked outside the villa. I saw a charming figure and walked quickly towards him.

It is Elisa!

I saw Elisa holding a piece of clothing in her hand. Under the moonlight, the dress was shining golden. It is Darryl’s Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Armor.

Just now. Master Miao Yuan handed Bao Jia to Elisa and asked her to send it to Darryl.

I misunderstood Darryl before, Master Miao Yuan didn’t want to take advantage of Darryl too much, but she was proud of her personality and refused to give it away personally.


Elisa yelled out of joy, walked over quickly, bit his lip and said softly: “Good brother…my master asked me to return the treasure to you.”

With that said, Elisa handed over the Celestial Silkworm Treasure Armor.

Darryl took it, too lazy to talk nonsense, and turned around and left.

“Good brother…” Elisa was in a hurry and hurried to catch up. He said guiltily: “Good brother, are you still angry with me? I know I was wrong. Would you forgive me?”

Darryl didn’t even look at her, and said coldly: “You go, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Know it’s wrong?

What’s the use of knowing the error now?

Can Brother Wen’s wife survive? ! The thought of Elisa’s killing of Brother Wen’s wife on Changsheng Island at that time made Darryl a little bit painful.

This incident can never be undone, and I will never forgive her for the rest of my life!

Feeling Darryl’s indifference, Elisa shuddered and said anxiously: “Good brother, I was really too much before, and had a bad attitude towards you. I caught your parents in the Zhanxing Building and I was so disrespectful to your parents… I really know that I was wrong, or, in a few days I will personally apologize to my uncles and aunts, okay?”

When he said this, Elisa’s eyes were full of expectation.

In the battle for the Star Reaching Tower, after the Apocalypse army retreated, the Tianmen disciples sent Darryl’s parents to the Ouyang family.

All the martial arts were present at that time, and Elisa knew about it. At this time, Elisa was so guilty that he couldn’t tell, he just wanted to ask Darryl’s forgiveness. As long as he is willing to forgive himself, he will immediately go to the Ouyang family and apologize to his parents..

“Good brother, please forgive me…” Elisa didn’t know what to think, and suddenly took a step forward and hugged Darryl.

She hugged her tightly, her red lips pressed against Darryl’s ear, and she begged softly: “Good brother, I beg you to stop being angry…”

Chapter 377

“Let go.” Darryl said coldly.

Being hugged tightly by her, Darryl only felt a scent hit. But the anger in my heart was not extinguished at all.

“Release.” Darryl increased his tone and pushed Elisa away: “Needless to say, there is no way back between us.”

After saying this, Darryl turned and left decisively.

“Okay… Brother…” Elisa was unspeakably lost: “Good brother, can I kneel down and apologize to you…”

“Can’t bear it.”

Three cold words came from Darryl’s mouth, and he left without turning his head.


the other side. East China Sea coast.

In the night, a woman walks quickly along the beach, her figure is charming, and her delicate face shows a trace of panic.

It is Patsy.

Originally, Patsy was thinking about staying at Yue’s house for a while, until Clint became famous in the Apocalypse Continent, and then went to meet.

But today, Patsy couldn’t help seeing Taixuan Zhenjing. She has nowhere to go now. Can only risk a person to go to the Apocalypse Continent.

“Clint, you are so lucky to marry me.” While walking, Patsy said to herself: “Wait when I go to the Apocalypse Continent to find you and see the seven scriptures. You will die of excitement.”

Patsy held the seven scriptures tightly, very happy in her heart. The rumors of the arena and the collection of scriptures can give orders to the world!

But while she was excited, she was also embarrassed in her heart. I am going to the Apocalypse Continent, but I heard that there is a sea of ​​death between the Earth Circle and Apocalypse Continent. The sea has no buoyancy, and a leaf can’t float. What can I do?

Patsy was thinking about it in her heart, suddenly her face was joyful, and she suddenly quickened her pace.

She saw some sailboats docked on the coast not far away. These sailboats were left by the withdrawal of the Apocalypse army.

When the army of the apocalypse came, it was an army of 200,000. When they left, there were only tens of thousands of people left. So many sailing ships could not be used, and they had to be abandoned here.

These sailboats were built by the Emperor Apocalypse. I don’t know what materials were used. Anyway, they can pass through the sea of ​​death.

Patsy held the scriptures tightly, picked one of the largest ships, and jumped on board.

As a result, she just went up and only heard behind her. Suddenly there was a man’s voice.

“Are you going to the Apocalypse Continent?”

When the voice sounded, Patsy trembled with fright, and quickly turned her head to look, and was stunned.

I saw a man standing quietly behind her. He is about twenty years old, dressed in black, and looks really handsome.

“You…who are you?” Patsy paled with fright, and she trembled.

The man smiled: “Beauty, don’t be afraid. You board this ship, are you going to the Apocalypse Continent? I want to go too, let’s go together?”

If Darryl was there at this time, seeing this man would definitely be shocked!

Because this man, it was when the Duan family was destroyed, the young master of the Duan family, Mateo!

That’s right, he gave Lily a lot of money to give gifts, and cut off Mateo with thirty-six knives of Peter!

After the Duan family was killed by Darryl, Mateo wandered around and his strength improved a lot. Originally thinking of coming to Donghai City, looking for Darryl’s revenge. But he didn’t expect that Darryl’s current strength was really too high.

After struggling for a long time, Mateo decided not to take revenge for the time being. Go to the Apocalypse Continent first, have a good experience, and then come back for revenge.

As a result, he was about to go to the Apocalypse Continent when he saw Patsy. So stepped forward to strike up a conversation and wanted to go with each other.

But now Patsy has a guilty conscience. Holding the seven scriptures in her hand, she instinctively thought that Mateo was a little hairy thief who wanted to plot a bad idea, but she didn’t give a good face: “I don’t want to go with you, you should get out of here. I warn you, I’m from the Yue family in Donghai City, so you’d better not get crooked, or I will find someone to kill you.”

In Patsy’s heart, the Yue family is the first family in the south of the Yangtze River. When the other party hears it, he will definitely be scrupulous.

But when these words fell, Mateo’s expression was extremely gloomy in an instant!

Yue family? !

The corners of Mateo’s mouth twitched, “You are from the Yue family.”

“Yes!” Patsy thought he was scared, and her voice suddenly became emboldened.

Mateo’s fist was clenched tightly. Almost squeezed out a few words from the teeth: “Darryl, who are you.”

Patsy gritted her teeth and thought: Now the name Darryl is well-known in the world. After all, in the battle of Picking the Stars, Darryl released the palm of Wu Ji good fortune. The famous arena. Telling Darryl’s name would definitely scare him.

Thinking about it, Patsy smiled and said: “Darryl is my second brother, and I am his sister-in-law. If you know each other, you can get out of here.”

“You are Darryl’s sister-in-law.” On Mateo’s body, the blue veins were exposed, and his eyes were red!

At this moment, Mateo suddenly shot, pointing like lightning, and directly hit Patsy’s acupoint!

Patsy didn’t have time to react at all. Suddenly he couldn’t move.

“You!” Patsy clenched her teeth. She really didn’t expect that she would announce the name of Darryl, and the man in front of her would dare to do it!

“Darryl’s sister-in-law, right. She is in good shape.” Mateohong set his eyes on the boat and drove to the middle of the sea. Then he hugged Patsy to the deck of the ship, admiring Patsy up close.

There is only this ship in the vast sea. There were only Mateo and Patsy on board.

Mateo stared at Patsy like a beast.

At this time, Patsy, wearing a short skirt, with s3xy curves, showed a sultry attitude.

“Huh? What is this?”

At this moment, Mateo’s eyes flashed and saw Patsy holding a bag in Patsy’s arms.

Mateo took the bag, opened it, and was stunned.

This… is this Taixuan Zhenjing? !

Seven? !

Mateo’s mind went blank!

“Haha, God really took care of me, not only captured Darryl’s sister-in-law, but also the whole set of Taixuan Sutra!” After a few seconds, Mateo couldn’t help but laugh to the sky, indescribably excited. . Suddenly kissed Patsy’s red lips.

“Go away!” Patsy shouted loudly, but she was tapped on the acupuncture point and couldn’t move at all. She really wants to die!

Along with Mateo’s movements, he became more and more excessive, only to hear the vast ocean. There were waves of rejection.

But it didn’t take long for Patsy to hold onto it. Under Mateo’s offensive, she couldn’t hold back either.


On the other side, the Ouyang family.

In the lobby of the inner courtyard, there is a warm and lively atmosphere.

The dinner table. Full of delicious food. Six people were sitting around. Oliver has a family of four and Darryl’s parents.

Yue Tianheng and Oliver had been in friendship for twenty years, and now the two brothers have seen each other, as if they have endless words to say.

Cynthia likes Darryl’s parents very much. An uncle and aunt yelled at each other, which was lovable.

But Jingwen, who was sitting there, was full of unwillingness. It was annoying enough to let Darryl live at home before. Now Darryl’s parents are here again, and they are so dirty. At first glance, it is a country dumpling. Jingwen looked more and more unpleasant, sitting there with a straight face.

After drinking three rounds, Oliver laughed, put down the wine glass, and said to Yue Tianheng: “Tianheng, there is something you haven’t forgotten? Back then, we were married. It stands to reason. Jingwen should marry Xiaofeng.”

Darryl fought in the Star Cultivation Tower and became famous all over the world. If his eldest daughter Jing Wen could marry him, it would be a blessing for Sansheng.

“The finger belly is marriage, do you remember this?” Yue Tianheng said with a smile.

Oliver looked serious: “Of course I remember, we swore at that time, not just talk about it.”

When the voice fell, Oliver beckoned to Jingwen: “Quickly, Jingwen, come over and offer tea to your uncle and aunt. After a while, you may change your name to Mom and Dad. Hahaha!”

At that time, Agnes’s face turned pale in an instant. Looking at Darryl’s parents, she was full of disgust.

Chapter 378

Jingwen stamped her feet anxiously and couldn’t help but said: “Dad, I said, I won’t marry Darryl, what I like is Xiaotian…”

With that, she turned around and ran out.

Previously in Donghai City, Darryl’s deeds of resisting the Apocalypse army had spread throughout the arena.

this matter. Agnes also knows. But in her heart, no matter how powerful Darryl was, he didn’t like it, but didn’t like it.


Oliver was very angry, and in front of Darryl’s parents, it was not easy to attack.

“My daughter has a stubborn temper, but she has a good heart. I made my brother laugh.” Oliver looked at Yue Tianheng and smiled embarrassingly.

Yue Tianheng smiled and nodded: “It’s okay, young people, they all have this personality.”

at this time. Jingwen ran to the door, looking at the vast night, feeling very aggrieved.

She didn’t understand why her father kept letting herself marry Darryl.

It seems that Darryl’s parents are going to live here for a long time.

No, this family can’t stay.

Thinking, Agnes took out her mobile phone and called Bai Xiaotian: “Xiaotian, will you take me away…”


On the other side, the main altar of Tianmen.

Darryl sat there, feeling very irritable.

Just now, Darryl Mathew and others issued an order to find Patsy.

As a result, more than three hours have passed, and there is still no clue.


At this moment, a Tianmen disciple walked in quickly and respectfully said: “Sect Master, there is a Taoist priest outside asking to see you.”

Taoist priest?

Are you from Wudang?

Muttered in his heart, Darryl waved his hand: “Let him come in.”

The disciple responded. He walked out quickly, and after a while, he brought in an old Taoist priest.

I saw this old Taoist priest, breezy and skinny, his robe was very old, but very clean, and he held a Buddha dust in his hand.

Obviously, this is a Taoist traveler who walks across the world.

When he arrived, the old Taoist arched his hands at Darryl, and said politely: “Pan Dao Yunjizi, I have seen Sect Master Tianmen.”

The tone is neither overbearing nor overbearing, very generous.

Darryl looked at him up and down, and couldn’t help asking: “This Taoist priest, what are you looking for?”

Darryl clearly felt that the strength of this Yun Jizi, but the strength of the five-stage general, was not high, but the free and easy temperament on his body was very appreciated.

“I heard that Sect Master Tianmen is generous and generous. Anyone who joins Tianmen will reward medicinal pills. And I heard that Sect Master Tianmen has a lot of Immortal Pills in your hand.” Yun Jizi smiled slightly and slowly said: “I, Yun Jizi, came here to ask for the elixir of God.”

It turns out that this Taoist priest came for the pill.

Darryl looked at him and said faintly: “In this case, you go to the registration office, and when you formally become a disciple of my Tianmen, I will naturally give you the Immortal Pill.”

With that said, Darryl waved his hand: “Go.”

However, Yun Jizi did not move, but said with a smile: “Sect Master has misunderstood, I am Xianyun Yehe, I never thought about joining any school.”


If you don’t join the Tianmen, you want a god pill?

This is deliberately making trouble.

Darryl frowned. Suddenly a little displeased.

At this time, Maddox, who was standing on the side, couldn’t help yelling: “Okay, you are a veteran, let’s get rid of it. If you join Tianmen, the lord can reward you with an immortal pill. If you don’t want to join the school, just open your mouth Are you crazy if you want a magic pill? Walk around…”

When the voice fell, Maddox walked forward and began to drive away.

“Sect Master Yue, Poor Dao doesn’t want your Immortal Pill in vain, I can change it with something.” Yu Jizi didn’t panic at all. He shouted at Darryl: “I am unrestrained and don’t want to join any sect. I came here today just to ask for a god pill to let me step into the realm of Wuhou. I will die without regrets if I can step into Wuhou. . I can use this thing in exchange for your elixir.”

As he said, this Taoist wrestled with his wrist, a spell. Appeared in his hands.

Seeing that above the spell, there was a faint light flowing.

Seeing this, Darryl was stunned, and couldn’t help asking: “You refined this spell yourself?”

When saying this, Darryl stared at Yun Jizi closely.

That’s right, there are many magic techniques in one practice. Such as alchemy, talisman training, weapons and so on.

People who can make alchemy are quite common. But refining amulets and weapons is really rare.

Yun Jizi smiled slightly, shook his head and said, “Pan Dao has no ability to practice charms. This charm was passed to me by my ancestor.”

Darryl asked curiously: “Then tell me, what is the use of this spell? Why can I change the god pill?”

To know. The Shenxian Pill was worthless to Darryl. But for other cultivators, that is what they can dream of!

Yun Jizi looked at Darryl and said with a smile: “Sect Master Yue. My talisman is called “Shen Xing Talisman”. When you encounter danger, you can inject your internal force into this charm. You can instantly transmit it away. With this spell, you can save your life in times of crisis.”

Having said that, Yun Jizi continued: “I don’t know. Can I exchange this charm for a god pill…”

Is it so magical?

Darryl frowned, and said: “When you encounter danger, as long as you instill your internal force into the spell, it will be transmitted away in an instant?”

“Yes.” Yun Jizi nodded.

“Where will it send me?” Darryl asked.

“I don’t know.” Yun Jizi stroked his beard and said: “The sky is big and the earth is large, and it can be teleported randomly. It may be teleported to any corner of the world…”

Random delivery? !

Darryl laughed. In case of danger, he would instill his internal strength into the spell and send it to me into the sea?

Or send me to the sky at a height of 10,000 meters.. Haven’t been thrown to death yet..

The sky and the earth are big and there are too many dangerous places. This random transmission, transmission to dangerous places, has a high probability.

“Forget it, you charm, I don’t want it.” Darryl waved his hand.

Now that he has the Celestial Silkworm Treasure Armor, coupled with the strength of Wu Sheng, the possibility of encountering danger is very small. What’s the use of this broken talisman?

Then Yun Jizi was anxious, and when he tried his wrist, two more charms appeared on his hand: “Sect Master Yue, I will add two more “obedient charms”, just ask for a god pill!”

Chapter 379

Obedient character?

Darryl suddenly became interested. What is the obedient character?

Yun Jizi laughed and said, “Sect Master Yue, these two obedient charms are good things. As long as you stick the obedient charms on a person, that person will be obedient to you! The charm can last for ten minutes. !”

Yun Jizi has stayed in the Wu Duan for a long time, and still can’t break through. He wants to get the Immortal Pill in his dreams!

Seriously, two obedience talisman, plus one magic talisman. And it is all his possessions.

These two obedient symbols are quite interesting. Darryl laughed: “Okay, I’ll change with you.”


Brother Darryl really wants to change with him?

Maddox’s expression changed and he couldn’t help but whispered: “Brother Darryl, isn’t this old way a liar?”

Darryl waved his hand. This old way is just a military commander, dare to deceive the Tianmen Sect Master, unless he doesn’t want to live anymore.

Yujizi was excited in her heart, and quickly stepped forward and placed three symbols. Handed it up respectfully.

Darryl also took out a divine pill and handed it over.

Don’t mention that Yujizi was too happy, thanked him, and walked away quickly.

After he left, Maddox couldn’t help it. Asked: “Sect Master, his three spells are really rare, but it’s a bit of a loss to exchange for a god pill…”

Darryl laughed. In the eyes of others, he had lost a lot of money when he exchanged a magic pill for three talismans.

After all, the Immortal Pill is the pill that practitioners dream of.

But for Darryl, there is nothing to lose, because for him, the immortal pill is easy to refine.

Maddox stopped talking.

At this time, Darryl put the three charms in his clothes, and then said: “Maddox, when you give my order, Tianmen disciple, you must find Patsy. After you find her, you will shut her up in the Tianmen General Altar. !”

When the voice fell, Darryl left the Tianmen General Altar.

The most important thing now is to go to the Apocalypse Continent, the Savior’s wife and Yu Ruo.

I originally thought that the three brothers would go to the Apocalypse Continent together, but now, the Great Sage would definitely not be able to go, after all, Li Nan was seriously injured. He has to take care of Li Nan.

So I had to go to Donghai City first, and went with Lorenzo.


the other side.

On the vast sea, a sailing boat sailed alone.

On this big ship. There are only two people. It is Mateo and Patsy.

After some rain, Mateo put on his clothes, took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it and took a deep breath.

Not far away, Patsy curled up there, tears streaming down her face, staring at Mateo, wishing to kill him.

I… I was defiled by him.

Mateo finished smoking a cigarette, threw the cigarette butt into the sea, walked over with a smile, and stretched out her hand to lift Patsy’s chin: “Beauty, don’t stare at me like this. It’s a long way from the Apocalypse Continent. This way, Let’s take care of each other, haha…”

I have to say that Darryl’s sister-in-law is really s3xy.

Especially just now, it feels so memorable.

“Get off, get out of here!” Patsy gritted her teeth, her eyes full of resentment.

At this time, Patsy, can’t wait to cut Mateo thousands of times!

“You let me roll? I not only don’t roll, but also torture you every day!” Mateo’s eyes flashed with cold light, and he slapped him with a backhand!


This slap. Mateo tried his best to hear Patsy couldn’t help but call out, a bright red handprint appeared on his face.

“You…you can’t die…” Patsy was angry and wronged, yelling at Mateo.

“Haha.. I can’t die? One day, I will let your whole Yue family die!” Mateo sneered: “I tell you, you are Darryl’s sister-in-law, and God sent it to me for atonement. Yes, understand?!”

After the words fell, Mateo stepped forward again, slap after slap in the past!

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

Every slap is crisp.

The crisp sound shocked everyone’s heart!

A slap is heavier than a slap!

Patsy kept screaming, she wanted to struggle, but the acupuncture points on her body were lit and she couldn’t move at all!

At this moment, Mateo suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed her hair, and said coldly: “To tell you the truth. My name is Mateo, the young master of the Duan family in Yunzhou.”


Suddenly, Patsy was dumbfounded and looked at Mateo blankly.

When the time when the home was destroyed, the news spread. Every family in Donghai City knows that Patsy has naturally heard of it.

“Do you know that when you destroyed my Duan family, it was your second brother Darryl who did it. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t wander around, nor would I live like a bereavement dog!”

“Since you are Darryl’s sister-in-law, ask yourself, how should I treat you?”

Speaking of the last sentence, Mateo clenched his fist tightly!


Patsy looked at Mateo blankly, unable to say a word!

The ba5tard Darryl. He caused the trouble himself, but let himself bear it for him. How could I be so unlucky.

“Darryl wiped out your Duan family, so you should seek revenge from him.” At this time, Patsy was incomparably sad and indignant, tears streaming incessantly, and shouted at Mateo: “But you have defiled a weak woman of mine. What kind of man are you!”

Mateo laughed at once: “Come on, don’t pretend to be pure with me. When I touched you just now, you didn’t see the pain on your expression. Don’t worry. Since you like that feeling, I will let you taste more. .”


Patsy’s delicate body trembled, her pretty face flushed, and she was speechless for a while. Desperate on his face.


the other side.

Darryl arrived in Donghai City and headed to the Pearl of the Orient.

Just now, Darryl called Lorenzo, and the two agreed to meet at the Pearl of the Orient, and then go to the Apocalypse Continent.

At the entrance of the Oriental Pearl, Darryl had just walked out of the taxi, but the moment he got off, Darryl frowned.

He only felt that a murderous aura came from not far away. Darryl looked at it subconsciously, only to see that not far away, Master Miao Yuan brought a few female disciples, and greeted them aggressively.


Master Miao Yuan was too cold and walked over quickly: “I ask you, where is Qin’er?!”


Darryl was stunned, and said angrily: “I have nothing to do with Elisa. How do I know where she is?”

Originally, Darryl faced Master Miaoyuan. It doesn’t have any good feelings. Seeing her attitude at this time made me feel even more upset.

Master Miao Yuan was so angry that she pointed at Darryl and shouted: “Darryl, don’t pretend to me! Last night, I asked Qin’er to give you the treasure. She hasn’t come back yet. You say, what are you doing? What happened to her?!”

When talking, Master Miao Yuan’s eyes were not only angry, but also a little anxious.

You know, Elisa is her most important disciple.

The voice fell. Several female disciples behind Master Tai also welcomed them one after another.

“Hurry up, where is my Senior Sister Zhou.”

“You must have caught my Senior Sister Elisa!”

In their hearts, they all believed that Darryl had caught Elisa.

After all, Elisa killed Lorenzo’s wife before. And Darryl and Lorenzo, but they worshiped their brothers. Therefore, Darryl could not escape Elisa’s disappearance.

However, they didn’t know that Elisa gave Darryl a treasure last night, wanting to pray for Darryl’s forgiveness, but was rejected and in a bad mood. She turned off the phone and sat on the beach in a daze, while the sea breeze was blowing.

Darryl laughed angrily and said, “Master Miaoyuan, did you forget to take medicine when you went out today, and your disciple is gone, and you are looking for someone from me? What is the reason? I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you now. I still have a very important thing. Good dogs don’t get in the way, get out of the way.”

Having said this, Darryl pushed away the two Emei disciples and left in strides.

“Darryl, stop for me!”

After two steps, I heard Master Miaoyuan’s tender drink coming from behind.

In the next second, Master Miao Yuan’s body flashed, and he rushed towards Darryl: “If you don’t hand over Qin’er today, don’t want to leave.”

Chapter 380

“I’ll say it again, Elisa is not here with me!” Darryl had no patience, and said coldly.

“After Qin’er gave you the treasure, the person was gone. You didn’t catch her, who was it?” Master Miao Yuan gritted his teeth and raised his palm, calling to Darryl!


This palm contains all of Master Miao Yuan’s skill, in an instant. The surrounding air is distorted.

Master Miao Yuan knew that he couldn’t beat Darryl now. But she was already a hot character, thinking that the whereabouts of the disciple Elisa was unknown, and in a hurry, she had to keep Darryl behind and ask clearly what she said.


Master Miaoyuan, is your brain sick?

Feeling the internal force fluctuation behind him, Darryl cursed secretly, and immediately turned around, urging his internal force to greet him with a palm.


Suddenly. When the two palms touched, they heard a dull vibration. Immediately afterwards, Master Miaoyuan’s face was too pale, and the Jiaoyuan took a few steps back!

Before Darryl was still the fourth section of Wuhou. With full burst, Master Miaoyuan was not his opponent. Now that Darryl had reached the second stage of martial arts, Master Miao Yuan couldn’t beat it even more.

But Master Miao Yuan didn’t have the slightest fear. He secretly adjusted his internal strength, took a step forward, and said coldly: “Melba, you guys have a “plum blossom sword formation”.”

“Yes, Master.”

Hearing this, several female disciples of Melba pulled out their long swords one after another, moved quickly under their feet, and directly surrounded Darryl.

The Plum Blossom Sword Formation is a small formation of the Emei School, which is coordinated by five disciples. After being formed, it looks like a plum blossom from a distance.

But this formation was like a joke in Darryl’s eyes.

“Master Miaoyuan, you are not over, right?” Darryl said coldly.

Darryl really didn’t want to get entangled with her. At this time, Darryl only wanted to reunite with Lorenzo, and then go to the Apocalypse Continent.

But at this time, this Miaoyuan Master had to block the way too much. Darryl couldn’t help but stretched out his hand, concealing his ears with lightning speed. Click directly on the acupuncture points of Master Miaoyuan!

Those Emei female disciples wanted to step forward and surround Darryl, but they hadn’t walked two steps before they were also spotted by Darryl.

For a time, Master Miaoyuan and a dozen of Emei disciples couldn’t move at all.

The sound of fighting just now also attracted a lot of people watching the excitement. At the door of the Oriental Pearl, hundreds of passers-by were surrounded, looking at Darryl and Emei disciples with great interest.

“Look, Emei disciples have been acupunctured…”

“Yes, Master Miao Yuan has been acupointed…”

“She is Master Miao Yuan.. I heard that Master Miao Yuan in Emei is very beautiful. When I saw him today, she was not only beautiful, but she also had a good body…”

There were more and more people watching. Several young people with yellow hair also took out their mobile phones and took photos of Master Miao Yuan.

Master Miao Yuan’s too angry body trembled, her red lips opened, and she coldly shouted: “Darryl! You…you relieve me!”


Seeing that Master Miao Yuan was too angry, Darryl was happy in his heart. At that time, I was very playful and said to the onlookers: “Everyone, is Master Miaoyuan too beautiful?”

“Beautiful!” There were a few booing in the crowd.

Darryl laughed, thinking in his heart, this Master Miao Yuan. You have been against me all the time, and today you will be disgraced.

Thinking of this, Darryl began to talk nonsense: “Everyone may not know, Master Miao Yuan has been pursuing me. She once said that as long as I am with her, she can be a cow or a horse for me.”


The voice fell, and there was a discussion around!

“Darryl, dare to talk nonsense again, I will kill you sooner or later!” Master Miao Yuan was too delicate and trembling, almost exploding in anger. She was innocent and arrogant all her life, how could she be slandered?

There was a smile on Darryl’s face. He took out a spell from his clothes, and put it directly on Master Miaoyuan’s waist with a thunderous force.

It is the “obedient talisman”.

No one noticed Darryl’s move. I only saw Darryl stretch out his hand, touched Master Miaoyuan’s hair, and said: “Master Miaoyuan, you are pursuing me, so don’t hide it. You privately. Don’t you call my husband? ..”

“Darryl!” At this moment, Melba finally couldn’t help it, she bit her lip tightly: “Do you dare to slander my master!”

“I didn’t slander her.” Darryl shrugged and looked at Master Miao Yuan with a smile: “Come on, call her husband to listen.”

“Darryl. You must die!” Melba shouted loudly. How can the master use these two words when he is noble and noble throughout his life? At this time, with so many onlookers, Darryl dared to insult Master’s reputation!

But what made Melba dream of was that Master Miao Yuan opened her red lips slightly, and then lightly spit out two words: “husband…”


Master Miao Yuan’s voice was very small, but at this time everyone heard clearly!

The discussion around is coming like a tide!

Those Emei disciples were also stupid, especially Melba, and couldn’t say a word at this time! She never dreamed of it. The aloft master actually called her husband Darryl…this…

“Look, I didn’t lie to you? Your master has been pursuing me.” Darryl said with a smile, and then raised his hand to unlock the acupuncture points of Master Miaoyuan.

“Come, come, beat your husband’s legs.” Darryl was very playful, and ordered at Master Miaoyuan.

At this time, Master Miao Yuan’s waist was still stuck with the obedient talisman. She walked slowly to Darryl’s side, bent her knees, and knelt in front of Darryl. Gently beat his leg.

This action completely made everyone stupid!

No one on the rivers and lakes knows, Master Miao Yuan is too high-spirited and has never bowed his head for a lifetime! Now he kneels down in the street and beat Darryl his leg? !

The disciples of Emei looked at each other, all of them dumbfounded.

Darryl’s heart burst into laughter, took out his mobile phone, and recorded the scene.

As a result, the recording was happily, only to see Master Miaoyuan’s waist, the obedient talisman suddenly fell off.

This spell lasts only ten minutes.

After Master Miao Yuan was so sober, he found himself kneeling in front of Darryl, surrounded by onlookers, his face looked like frost at the time!

“Darryl, you ba5tard, I will kill you!”

Master Miao Yuan shouted too low, stood up from the ground, and hit Darryl with a palm!

This palm is so fast that I can’t dodge it! Hit Darryl directly!


D*mn, even if Darryl is already at the martial sage level. When he was slapped, he grinned in pain. But at this moment, Darryl shot the electricity, and also clasped Master Miaoyuan’s wrist.

“Master Miaoyuan, you called my husband just now. Why do you want to murder your husband now?” Darryl said with a smile.

“You are looking for death!” Master Miao Yuan was too angry.

As a result, at this moment, I only heard a buzzing sound, suddenly sounded!

I saw a dazzling light bursting out of Darryl! In this light, there is a strange spiritual power. Instantly enveloped Darryl and Miaoyuan Master too.

That’s it!

Seeing this ray of light, Darryl’s head buzzed!

The Taoist priest before gave himself three talismans. A magic talisman. Two obedient characters.

Darryl carried these three charms with him. Just now I used an obedient talisman on Darryl’s body. There is one magic rune and one obedient talisman. Just now Master Miaoyuan’s palm hit the magical rune! Now the magic rune has been urged!

It’s over, the magic talisman is sent randomly, I don’t know where I will be sent to!

This Master Miao Yuan can really add to the chaos! I wanted to go to the Apocalypse Continent to save Yuruo and his wife. This is great, the magic talisman is urged, I don’t know where it will be sent to!

If you are lucky, it may be transported to a safe place. If you are unlucky, being teleported to the depths of the sea, or 10,000 meters high in the sky, it is really mortal!

With a cold face, Darryl clasped Master Miaoyuan’s wrist. Don’t worry about where you are sent, I will take you with you!

“You let me go!” Master Miao Yuan said coldly. She wanted to get rid of Darryl, but her strength, how could Darryl be so strong, her wrist was firmly clasped.

At this moment, only the light of the magic talisman surrounded the two people, Darryl and Master Miaoyuan. Then, the two felt that they were dark in front of them, and they were instantly teleported away.

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