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Chapter 381

In a blink of an eye, the figure of Master Miao Yuan and Darryl disappeared from everyone’s sight.



How could two people disappear suddenly?

The disciples of Emei stared at each other and were stunned.

They still don’t know that Darryl and Master Miaoyuan were sent away by the magical rune.

As for the transmission to where, no one knows.


the other side.

Darryl felt like he was dreaming. His body was light and fluttering, and his eyes were completely dark. After a few breaths, I finally stepped on the ground.


Feeling his feet stepping on the ground, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief. It’s fine without being teleported to the bottom of the sea…

Darryl slowly opened his eyes, looked around, and suddenly his whole body was stunned.

I was teleported to a room, this room. It’s obviously a woman’s dressing room.

In front of Darryl, a woman was changing clothes.

This woman is very beautiful. Slender waist, charming curves. At this time, her figure was seen by Darryl.

D*mn it.

I have good luck. After being sent over, I saw this picture unexpectedly.

I don’t know where Master Miao Yuan was teleported to… Just now, I was too separated from Master Miao Yuan.


At this moment, the woman in the dressing room also saw Darryl and screamed out instantly! He picked up his clothes in a panic and blocked himself.

“You, you, do you dare to take a peek…” The woman pointed at Darryl and stomped her feet anxiously.

“Sorry, sorry…” Darryl was extremely embarrassed and didn’t know how to explain, so he had to apologize at a loss.

In the next second, Darryl quickly rushed to the window, wanting to see where he was teleported to. As a result, when looking out the window along the window, Darryl was suddenly silly.

Outside is a lively street.

On both sides of the street, there are red brick buildings, and the buildings can have up to five or six floors. Gives a very old feeling. Pedestrians on the street, dressed in retro style. Men wear long gowns, mandarins, and tunic suits.

Most of the women on the street wear cheongsam.

There are no cars on the street, but rickshaws!

There is no computer, no TV. There are also two children on the street, holding newspapers in their hands, yelling..

This street seems to be… like Shanghai Beach in the 1930s!

D*mn, where is this?

Is this being sent to a film and television base?

Seeing the scene in front of him, Darryl was completely stunned, his mind buzzed and went blank.

A few seconds later, Darryl looked back at the beauty and asked curiously: “Beauty, this…which movie studio is this?”

The environment in front of you is obviously a film and television base. But I have to admit that the filming environment is really good now, everything is the same as it really is.


As soon as the voice fell, the woman walked over in high heels. A slap without warning, slammed Darryl’s face fiercely!

“Shameless!” the woman shouted through her teeth.

Olga is very angry, her beautiful face is full of endless anger! In the eyes of men, she is the goddess above her, but now, she was peeked at by this thief!

Darryl covered his face and took a step back: “Beauty, I didn’t mean it…”


Before I finished speaking, I saw a group of people rushing in, all in black coats, and a machete in his hand. The head is a bald head.

As soon as he came in, the bald head shouted: “Miss Xu, what’s the matter?”

“This shameless hooligan, peek at me to change clothes.” Olga pointed at Darryl and said angrily.


Heard this. All the people are angry. The bald head looked at Darryl coldly, and sneered: “Boy, you are so courageous, you dare to walk into the Paramount. Take a peek at Miss Xu. Do you know who Miss Xu is? Young Master Darryl’s fiancee, I think you are alive. I’m tired! Miss Xu is a daughter like you can see? Don’t piss and take pictures of yourself! Come on, goug his eyes out!”

At this moment, Darryl only felt that his head was big, and he waved his hands and explained: “Everyone, this is a misunderstanding, yes. My name is Darryl. I am Darryl who guards Donghai City and resists the Apocalypse Army.”

Now that their name has been spread across the entire Earthyuan Continent, they must know themselves.

The bald head was stunned, and looked at each other with his companion.


“What Donghae City?”

“Cut him for me!”

As everyone discussed, they raised their knives and slashed at Darryl!


Darryl sighed. I didn’t want to cause trouble either, didn’t pester them, turned around and rushed out the window.

When he reached the main street outside, Darryl ran all the way, ran several streets, and finally threw away the group of people.


Darryl stopped on the side of a street and looked around. D*mn, where exactly is this place? Is there such a retro city on Earth Round Continent?

Darryl looked to the west, and the more he looked, the more he felt something was wrong!

It’s not like a movie city here… D*mn, no, won’t it be teleported to other continents, right?

That’s right, this shouldn’t be the Earth Round Continent, nor the Apocalyptic Continent!

Darryl trembled in his heart, and was about to ask someone to ask, but at this time. Only heard a roar, coming from the street!

“Smelly beggar, dare to steal steamed buns?”

“Beat me hard!”

Following the sound, I saw the entrance of a restaurant not far away. Several shopkeepers were punching and kicking at a little beggar. The owner of the hotel stood beside him, cursing.

Battered beggar. She was thin, with shaggy hair and dirty, looking very young. Eighteen or nine years old.

The beggar endured the beating silently, clutching two steamed buns tightly in his hands, and ate it hungrily.

There were many people around, but none of them came forward to plead.

Seeing this scene, Darryl felt a pain in his heart.

This little beggar is too pitiful. I haven’t eaten for a few days, so hungry..

Darryl sighed, feeling a little unbearable, walked over and said to the hotel owner: “Okay, do not fight.”

The hotel owner looked up and down Darryl, with a hostile expression on his face: “What are you, begging this beggar? This stinky beggar dared to steal steamed buns in my store, and it would not be too much to kill him.

It turned out to be because of two steamed buns.

Darryl sighed secretly, took out a ring from his body and handed it to the middle-aged man’s hand: “Bantou money, I paid for him, you let your people stop.”

This ring originally belonged to Yang Long Yang Jing’s sister and brother. When I brought this ring myself, I was misunderstood as the Eastern King of Tianshan School.

It’s useless to stay on me now.

The restaurant owner took the ring and was overjoyed. This ring, with fine workmanship, is enough to buy a thousand catties of steamed buns!

“Are you all right? No one hits you anymore.” Darryl laughed and took the little beggar by the hand.

At this time, Darryl and the little beggar were very close, and only then did Darryl discover that this little beggar turned out to be a girl.

Although her face is dirty, her features are delicate and delicate, and she is obviously a beauty embryo.

“What’s your name? What about your family? How can you end up stealing things to eat?” Darryl asked the little beggar, his voice a little distressed. This girl is too pitiful.

Chapter 382

“My name is Krista Xiao.” The little beggar replied in a low voice, and then looked at Darryl, his face full of anxiety: “This son, I did steal two steamed buns, but two steamed buns are worth two copper plates. The ring you gave to the boss can buy a thousand catties of steamed buns, so get the ring back soon!”

Although she is a little beggar. But also very knowledgeable.

The ring that Darryl took out was exquisite in workmanship, and it was no ordinary thing at first glance. The two are happy, how could she receive such a great favor.

“You stinky beggar, shut up.” The restaurant owner suddenly became angry. He finally got the ring, how could he return it easily? The boss glared at Krista fiercely: “You scumbag, how can you speak here? Dare to steal my steamed buns. It would be nice if you didn’t beat you to death.”

Krista was not timid at all, staring at him closely.

“Huh? Still staring at me? I don’t think you were beaten enough just now…” The hotel owner rolled up his sleeves, his voice fell, and he was about to rush over fiercely.
See this scene. Darryl hurriedly stepped forward to block, and patted the hotel owner on the shoulder: “Okay, okay, she’s still a child, don’t worry about him, this ring is worth two steamed buns, and I won’t want to come back. “

Hearing this, the hotel owner smiled openly: “It’s pretty much the same.”

Having said that, he gave Krista a fierce look, and then took the people back to the restaurant.

Darryl turned around and looked at Krista with a smile: “Don’t steal anything in the future.”

“My son, I’m so hungry…” Krista pouted and said aggrievedly. Then he whispered: “But I came here to steal steamed buns for a reason.. This boss is so nasty that he never treats us little beggars as human beings. Last time I just stood in front of his store. After a while, I ordered someone to chase me out… and cursing, so I came here to steal the steamed buns…”


Still a principled little beggar.

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help laughing, looking at Krista and asking: “You came out to beg when you were so young, where is your family?”

Krista’s expression went down. Lowered my head and said: “I…I don’t have parents. I wandered out since I was very young. I don’t know what I can do. I can only be a beggar…”

Having said this, Krista looked up at Darryl and was very grateful: “My son, thank you so much just now.”

Darryl laughed, touched Krista’s head, and then asked: “By the way, do you know what this place is? I have been living in the mountains for a long time, and I recently came out to see the world, so I have nothing to do with this world. know..”

Hearing this, Krista smiled slightly and said, “My son, this is Haicheng, the most prosperous city in Dongao Continent.”

Dongao mainland?

D*mn, Dongao mainland? ! The seven [Tai Xuan Zhen Jing] said that there are nine continents in this world. This Dongao continent is one of them. correct. At that time, Master Miao Yuan was also teleported over, and she didn’t know where she was.

Darryl was thinking about it, so he heard Krista continue to say: “Young Master, in Dongao Continent, there are four major sects. They are very powerful and must not be provoked! These four sects are: Jianzong, Yuzong, and Danzong. , Wen Zong.”

“Sword Sect, they all use swords. Their swordsmanship is very powerful.”

“Yuzong, only women can join, beautiful people are like jade, so they are called Yuzong.”

“Pills are those who refine pills. They can refine a lot of powerful pills.”

“Wenzong, every disciple of Wenzong, is very literary. It can be said that they are all great writers and can write poetry. Can compose music…”

Krista kept talking. She wandered around, although she was young, but she had a lot of knowledge. At this time, because he was grateful to Darryl, he took what he knew. It’s all said.


Hear these,

Darryl couldn’t help sighing for a long time, and asked: “Then do you know how to leave this continent?”

“This…” Krista looked confused: “My son, I don’t know…”

She knew a lot about Dongao Continent, but she didn’t know that there were other continents in this world.

At this time, Krista was still struggling with what was just now. I couldn’t help saying: “My son, I feel so uncomfortable. I stole two steamed buns, but you gave your ring to the restaurant owner. The ring is too expensive and you can buy a lot of steamed buns. You only exchanged two. A steamed bun…”

Krista pouted while talking. His face was unhappy.

Darryl was amused by her persistence, and said: “The ring is still here with me, I didn’t give it to him at all.”

When the voice fell, Darryl stretched out his hand and turned over, only to see that the ring just now was in Darryl’s palm.

That’s right, just now Darryl saw that the restaurant owner was aggressive, and that was really deceptive.

Darryl used his “ghost hand” and stole the ring back. Not only that, but he also took all the money from the restaurant owner.

Seeing the ring in Darryl’s hand, Krista couldn’t help but open her mouth wide, staring at Darryl blankly, speechless.

This…what’s the situation?

I just saw with my own eyes that the son gave the ring to the restaurant owner.

Why is the ring back in his hand now?

For a time. Krista covered her mouth and asked in surprise: “My son, how did you do it…”

Darryl smiled slightly and said casually: “It’s just a little trick.”

honestly. The secret book of Guishou was given to him by the master’s wife. When I first learned “Ghost Hand”, I wanted to steal President Ye Yun’s scriptures, but I never had a chance to use it.

From beginning to end. I only used a ghost hand once, and that was to steal Nalan Xinran’s mobile phone.. Thinking of that time, Darryl couldn’t help laughing. He stole Nalan Xinran’s mobile phone at that time. I also received a video from Yu Mo. Looking back now, Yu Mo’s figure is still vivid.

“My son, you are so amazing…” Krista on one side, her face flushed a little, looked at Darryl’s gaze, full of admiration.

Darryl smiled and touched her head again: “Okay, Krista. I should go, we will have a period later, thank you for telling me so much.”

When the voice fell, Darryl waved goodbye to Krista, turned and walked forward.

The most important thing right now is to find a way to go to the Earth Circle Continent, or the Apocalypse Continent. Yuruo and the teacher’s wife didn’t know what was going on. You can’t waste time now, you must leave here quickly to find the two ladies.

As a result, as soon as he had not walked far, Darryl felt that there was a footstep behind him. Looking back, Krista had been following.

Darryl stopped and said helplessly: “Why are you following me?”

“My son…you…can you take me in?” Krista rubbed her hands, lowered her head, her face flushed: “I want to follow you…”

She was helpless, wandering around, and was bullied everywhere she went, but no one had ever helped her.

Darryl was the first to help. At this time, Krista secretly made up his mind to be Darryl’s little attendant.


Let me take you in?

I don’t know where to go.

At this moment, Darryl was a little bit dumbfounded, but seeing Krista’s pitiful appearance, he couldn’t bear to refuse, so he nodded: “Okay, but if you follow me, everything is up to me.”

Krista was overjoyed and nodded again and again: “Don’t worry, son, I will listen to you.” After saying that, she followed happily.

Chapter 383

“My son, Krista is willing to follow you forever and be your maidservant.” Krista said with a smile.

With Krista following, Darryl licked a lot of joy. Krista was like a little tour guide, walking and introducing to Darryl.

Seeing Krista’s body dirty, Darryl took her to fill up two clothes.

After buying the clothes, Darryl took Krista and looked for a place to live.

As a result, I left several inns, but there were no vacancies. Finally, I found a very high-end restaurant. Finally there is a vacant room.

Darryl breathed a sigh of relief. There was only one guest room. He was different from Krista’s man and woman. How could he live?

When I was tangled, I saw Krista walking up, pulling the corner of La Darryl’s clothes, and whispered: “My son, we, we want this room…”

It’s so late, the inn is really hard to find. If you leave this restaurant. I am afraid that even this room is gone…

Darryl had no choice but to book this room. It seems that I am going to sleep on the floor tonight.

The guest room is on the second floor, and Darryl is still very satisfied when he arrives in the room.

have to say. Although the technology of Dongao Continent is very backward, it has everything for daily use. There is also a big bathtub in the room.


Seeing the tub, Krista was not too happy to mention it, and ran over quickly, eager to release hot water.

This girl is so dirty, now that I can take a bath here, I’m so excited.

After the hot water was released, Krista looked down at Darryl: “My son…you…”

She wants to take a bath, but there is a difference between men and women.. The son can’t watch from the side..


This little girl still knows to be shy.

Darryl touched her forehead, teasing her deliberately: “The son will help you wash it?”

“No, no, no…” Krista blushed undecently, her head shaking like a rattle.

“Haha, it’s okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” Darryl loved it all over his face. This Krista is really cute, especially when she is shy, she really likes: “Hurry up, let’s go, son.”

When the voice fell, Darryl turned around and sat on the sofa.

Krista blushed and responded, then she took off her clothes and jumped into the barrel.

Immediately afterwards, I heard the sound of rushing water.

During this period, Darryl didn’t look back either. Now he is in a state of confusion, and his head is full of wife and Yuruo. The wife is still pregnant. Can’t stand the toss…

I don’t know how long it took, and I heard Krista shouting with a smile: “My son, I’m ready to wash.”

Hearing this, Darryl turned around, and for a moment, the whole person was stunned.


It’s really beautiful.

At this time, Krista, with her wet hair, was extremely beautiful. Compared with the seven fairies of Fuyao Palace, not much more


It is a world apart from the image of the little beggar before!

“I didn’t expect our Krista to be so beautiful.” A few seconds later, Darryl reacted and couldn’t help but smile and admire.

Being so complimented by Darryl, Krista’s delicate face showed a hint of blush.

Darryl laughed: “Okay, I won’t tease you anymore, let’s go down and eat.” As he said, Darryl turned and walked out of the room.

“Hmm…” Krista replied and hurriedly followed.

“Krista, is there anything you want to eat?” Darryl asked softly.

Krista smiled lightly, lowered her head and said: “My son, there is a small dumpling not far away, but it is delicious…”

“Well, take you there.” Darryl said with a smile.

This Xiaolongbao. Located in the most prosperous street in Haicheng, you have to wait in line if you want to eat.

Darryl waited for half an hour, and finally arrived, and ordered two drawers.

Krista has already started to swallow, but she hasn’t moved her chopsticks. Darryl smiled and asked, “Krista, why don’t you eat it.”

Who knows that Krista blushed and said: “The son eats first, Krista eats again. There is no reason for the maid to eat first…”

These words made Darryl amused: “Who said you are a maid?”

“My son, Krista is your maidservant.” Krista said firmly: “My son, Krista is willing to serve you for a lifetime.”

“It’s all right.” Darryl smiled bitterly, picked up a bun and stuffed it into her mouth: “Quickly eat, this is the son’s order.”

“Yeah!” Krista nodded then, grabbed the bun and took a bite, but tears broke down her face.

She has been living a wandering life since she was a child. She has had a meal without a meal, and almost never stays hungry for a day. Every time Krista passed by this bun shop, Krista was particularly eager. did not expect. I can actually eat it one day. Happiness came too suddenly.

Darryl only took a few bites, then looked at her with a smile, and said softly: “It’s alright, what’s the touch of a steamed bun? From now on, the son will buy it for you every day.”

This sentence. It made Krista cry more fiercely, almost with tears, after eating the meal. After eating, Darryl took her out of the restaurant.

When she got outside, Krista asked curiously: “My son, where are we going?”

Darryl looked at the street in front of him, and thought for a while: “Go back to sleep first. Krista, do you know who can help me leave this continent?”

“My son, I think there should be a way for the four major sects…” Krista said softly. Then he was full of curiosity: “My son, why are you leaving this continent?”

Darryl sighed and was about to answer her, but at this moment, he heard a commotion not far away.

From a distance, I saw a street vendor, fleeing in a panic. Pedestrians gave way! Exclamation kept coming! A street that was originally lively, people are hiding now, a huge street. It looks empty.

what’s the situation?

Darryl frowned secretly, the next second, he

The whole person was stunned!

I saw that at one end of the street, more than a thousand people came along!

These people, all in black!

The young man headed, dressed in a white tunic suit, is handsome and domineering, with extraordinary appearance! In his hand, holding a long knife tightly, the cold light shone!

D*mn it.

Why do so many people suddenly appear?

Darryl wondered in his heart, and in a blink of an eye, these people had already walked over!

The headed young man in white, holding a long knife at extremely fast speed, flashed directly to Darryl’s side, and the long knife was directly placed on Darryl’s neck!

what’s going on?

Feeling the knife on his neck, Darryl took a deep breath and forced a smile: “Brother, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” The white-clothed youth. Staring at Darryl, he said coldly: “It’s you, peeking at my fiancee to change clothes? I have been looking for you on the street for a long time, but I finally caught me. You dare to look at Sean’s fiancee, you are really looking for death. .”

D*mn it. It turned out to be this…

I was transported to this continent, and I accidentally saw the woman changing clothes. Didn’t expect her fiance to be so powerful? !

Darryl could feel that Sean in front of him was a three-stage martial sage! And there are more than a thousand people behind him. The strength is about a period of Wuhou!

D*mn, is Wuhou so worthless in Dongao mainland?

In shock, Darryl smiled bitterly, and said: “Misunderstanding. Brother, it’s all misunderstanding. I peeked at your fiancee, it really wasn’t intentional.”

In fact, to be honest, Darryl didn’t want to cause trouble. If you really fight, you can do it all by yourself.

But Promise Fortune Palm, the consumption of internal power is terrible. After winning these things, what if someone comes back again? Moreover, it is really inappropriate to set up an enemy when he first arrived.


Sean sneered. In the next instant, he pointed at Darryl and shouted: “Slot you, I saw my fiancee, you said it was a misunderstanding?”

Speaking of this, Sean waved his hand: “Come on, tie this kid up for me first, and bring it to my fiancee!”


The two men behind him suddenly walked over with ropes. Bind Darryl Five Flowers.

Darryl didn’t struggle, shrugged and said, “Well, I’ll go with you.”

After all, I saw my fiancée and I should apologize.

Darryl looked back at Krista and sighed: “Krista, you go quickly and leave me alone.”

It’s really unlucky, I ran into this kind of trouble. At this time, Darryl really didn’t want Krista to be implicated.

Who knows that Krista stomped her feet when she heard this, and almost cried: “You son, don’t you want me… Krista will always follow you.. To serve you for a lifetime… Where does the son go, I will go.” where.”

Chapter 384

“My son, Krista will follow you.” After speaking, Krista took Darryl’s arm with a firm expression.

“Silly girl…” Darryl’s heart warmed immediately.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Sean gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, I’m not afraid of death, right? Take them both away!”

When the voice fell, a few people walked over and tied Krista also. A few minutes later, Darryl and Krista were taken to a dance hall.

On the song and dance hall, there are two characters written: rich!

The wealthy is the largest dance hall here. At this time the door of the rich. A lot of reporters gathered, interviewing a s3xy beauty.

This beauty is Olga who was peeked after changing her clothes. She is the top card of the rich!

Darryl clearly saw that the cameras in the hands of these reporters were all old-fashioned, with a tripod, very heavy, and when a photo was taken, a white smoke would appear.

Click, click…

With the sound of taking pictures, these reporters were all excited and eagerly interviewed Olga.

“Miss Xu. May I ask when your wedding to Mr. Darryl will be held.”

“The newspaper said that Miss Xu will also participate in charity projects recently. May I ask where to go for charity…”

“Miss Xu…”

At this time, Olga was wearing a burgundy cheongsam, which was indescribably s3xy and feminine. Facing everyone’s questions. Answer patiently with a smile on his face.

At this moment, she saw her fiance coming with Darryl from a distance, and Olga immediately waved: “Everyone, that’s all for today’s interview. I’m a little tired.”

Upon hearing this, the reporters were a little disappointed, but they didn’t say anything, and soon dispersed.

Olga is not only the top brand of wealthy families, but also the fiancee of local Sean. Sean, the eldest master of the Darryl family! No one dares to mess with Haicheng! Therefore, these reporters did not dare to be presumptuous in front of Olga.

Seeing the reporters leaving, Sean ran over at once, smiled and said to Olga: “My wife, I caught the person who peeped at you.”

Darryl Lintian is not afraid of anything but Olga. Because he likes Olga so much, he always pleases her.

Olga glared at him and said coldly: “How many times have I told you, don’t call my wife. We are not married yet.”

“Marriage is a matter of time…” Sean scratched his head.

“You are not allowed to call before you get married anyway.” Olga said irritably, and then pointed at Darryl: “Go, bring him over to me.”

After speaking, Olga stepped on high heels and walked into the rich family.

The wealthy is the most famous entertainment venue in Haicheng. Those who come here to consume are either rich or expensive! There are people with faces and faces in Haicheng who like to come to the rich. This place is a symbol of status.

Olga is the most popular top brand here and a famous socialite.

Several people in black escorted Darryl to the second floor of the rich family.

The second floor of the rich. There is a meeting room. Darryl was directly pushed forward.

At this time, there are only three people in this conference room. Sean, Olga, Darryl.

At this time Olga was sitting on the chair with no expression on her face, looking at Darryl coldly. She wore a tight-fitting cheongsam, showing the perfect curve vividly, beautiful face, painted light makeup, indescribably charming and charming.

“Little arm boy, kneel down and apologize to my fiancee.” At this moment, Sean walked up to Darryl and said coldly.

Darryl smiled bitterly and slowly said: “You two, this is really just a misunderstanding. I can apologize, but kneel… I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”

It is said that men have gold under their knees, how can they easily kneel?

Peter was cut with thirty-six knives, and he asked Nalan for the heart of the ocean, so he could kneel!

But now, you can apologize, not kneel, this is the principle.


As a result, as soon as Darryl’s voice fell, Sean suddenly walked forward, quickly shot, and suddenly sealed Darryl’s acupoint.

Darryl didn’t have time to react at all, and his body couldn’t move in an instant.

“Really. Who do you think you are, there is room for bargaining with us? I don’t know how to promote.” Sean said coldly, raising his foot and kicking in Darryl’s leg.


At that time, Darryl couldn’t stand steady, so he knelt in front of Olga all of a sudden.

Darryl was frightened and angry, and the anger in his heart rose steadily!

Darryl never expected that Sean would suddenly seal his acupuncture points. Force yourself to kneel!

Although he is often misunderstood by people in the Earth Circle Continent, at least he has dignity. But I didn’t expect that when I came to this Dongao Continent, I would fall to this point? !

Noticing the change in Darryl’s expression, Sean sneered and kicked it over: “Small-armed ba5tard, are you still not convinced? Hurry up and apologize to my fiancee! Or I will kill you.”

Sean was not frightening Darryl, he did what he said with his strength background.

Darryl opened his mouth and hadn’t spoken yet. At this moment, Olga suddenly stood up.



In the next second, without warning, Olga slapped Darryl’s face with two slaps.

“This kind of person is disgusting when I see him. I don’t need him to apologize at all.” Olga glanced at Darryl contemptuously. Said coldly.

He is a big star, sought after by others, but was peeked by a thief to change his clothes.

Even if I kneel down and apologize, I can’t extinguish the anger in my heart.

Sean leaned forward and said to Olga to please: “Okay, my dear, don’t be too angry. If you don’t get angry, just throw him into the river to feed the fish.”

Speaking of this, Sean glanced at Darryl: “This kid wears such strange clothes, and he makes a movie at first sight. Those kind of unruly people who don’t need to be angry with him all the time, if you become angry, I still feel distressed.”

“Sister Lu…Sister Lu, it’s not good!”

As a result, at this moment, only one shout was heard, and then someone pushed in and walked in with a panic expression: “Sister Lu. Just now I got the news that Mr. Zhang was in an accident and was assassinated.”

what? !

Suddenly, Olga trembled and looked at the man closely: “Mr. Zhang Qu…was assassinated?”


Olga was anxious, and said in a panic: “What can I do? It doesn’t matter if he is dead, but he promised to write a new song for me. He is dead, who will write my new song for me?”

Dongao mainland has four sects: Jianzong, Yuzong, Danzong, and Wenzong.

This dead Zhang Qu was a disciple of Wen Zong.

Although Wenzong is a cultivation sect. But the disciples who can enter Wenzong are particularly talented. Some disciples can chant poems and make pairs, some can write songs and lyrics, and some can be proficient in various instruments.

Zhang Qu is the leader of Wenzong.

Two years ago, Olga met Zhang Qu by chance and hired Zhang Qu to write songs for her. Zhang Qu is very talented. The songs he wrote for Olga are classics in every capital.

At this time, Olga was really anxious to learn that Zhang Qu was assassinated. Tomorrow I will sing a new song in a rich family, and today I am waiting for Zhang Qu to deliver the new song. Now that others are dead, what should I do tomorrow?

You know, for tomorrow’s new song, I have sent out invitation letters to many media. The new song will be released tomorrow, it must be known to everyone in the city! What can I do if the new song cannot be released?

At this moment, Olga was very flustered.

“My dear, don’t worry, don’t worry, let me figure out a way for you…” Sean said softly and comforted, but was also anxious.

Those who can compose and write songs are not the ones who wait for a while. Where can I find such a person?

“Otherwise… I will help you?” At this moment. A faint voice sounded, it was Darryl.

At this time, Darryl looked at Olga and said, “I can write songs, and I will help you?”


Can you write songs?

At this moment, Sean was taken aback. Immediately after that, he kicked it over: “Small-armed ba5tard, who do you think you are? Do you know the rhythm? Interrupt me again, I will kill you now.”

Olga also glared at Darryl, and said coldly: “Stop playing these clever things with me, do you want to take the opportunity to escape? I originally wanted to spare you a dog’s life, but now. I can’t spare you.”

In her heart, she believed that Darryl was talking nonsense.

As a result, at this moment, Darryl suddenly cleared his throat and hummed without warning: “Sweet honey, you smile sweetly. It seems that flowers are blooming in the spring breeze…”

what? !

Hearing the catchy rhythm, Sean was stunned. Looking at Darryl blankly.

Olga’s heart is even more inexplicably excited. She is a star, and you can hear it all at once. How nice this song is!

Olga at this moment was extremely happy!

Unexpectedly, this thief would really write songs!

At this moment, Olga excitedly said to Darryl: “You…can you write the entire score for me?”

While saying this, Olga brought paper and pen from the side, her eyes full of expectation.

Darryl smiled slightly and nodded: “Yes, but I have to unlock my acupuncture points first.”

With that said, Darryl glanced at Sean, no doubt: “Also, he can’t be there.”

Hearing this, Sean couldn’t help but yelled, “Why?”

“I write songs and don’t like having extra people present.” Darryl said lightly.

Sean suddenly became angry.

Really, this little boy is really too much.

“Sean, you untie the acupuncture point, and then go down.” At this moment, Olga spoke slowly, beyond doubt.

Hearing this, Sean felt very reluctant, so he had to endure his anger and untie Darryl’s acupoint.

“Boy, you’d better not play tricks on me.” At this time, Sean said coldly and turned and went downstairs.

For a time, Darryl and Olga were left on the second floor.

Darryl moved his body, walked directly over, and sat on the chair, looking like an uncle.

Seeing that he hadn’t started writing, Olga was a little anxious, and urged: “Hey, write the song quickly.”

“No hurries?”

Darryl looked at Olga with a smile, and said slowly: “You want me to write this song, you have to promise me one condition.”


This thief, dare to bargain?

Olga’s face changed and she was very annoyed, but she still said, “What conditions?”

Tomorrow I will release a new song, so time is really running out. As long as his conditions are not excessive, he can consider it.

The smile on Darryl’s face grew thicker, and he said every word: “Kneel down and worship me as a teacher.”

Yeah, I said that I had misunderstood the previous thing, but you clung to it and made me kneel.

If I don’t find a little scene, how can I be balanced in my heart?

Chapter 385

Kneel down and worship you as a teacher?

Olga’s face changed drastically, and she glared at Darryl: “Don’t be too presumptuous…”

Darryl shrugged: “Okay, I won’t force you, you call your fiance up and tie me up again. Even if the song I wrote is rotten in my stomach, it won’t be given to you.”

Hearing this, Olga bit her lip tightly, staring at Darryl tightly, gritted her teeth with hatred. Worship this little thief as a teacher. I am 10,000 unwilling!

But… the song he sang just now is really nice.

If I can sing on the stage of the rich tomorrow, I will definitely be even more popular.

“I’ll give you three seconds.” Darryl said with a smile: “If you don’t go to a teacher for three seconds, there will be no chance.”



Olga bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite.


At this moment, Olga suddenly panicked and stomped anxiously: “I… I promised you.”


When the voice fell, Olga’s slender legs bent down and knelt in front of Darryl, demanding her lips. Softly said: “Disciple… to see the master.”

With that said, Olga worshiped Darryl as a teacher, very reluctant, and even said some humiliation.

But she really can’t help it. If there is no new song tomorrow, your image will drop drastically.

Darryl looked at Olga with a smile. The mood is very refreshing: “Okay, good apprentice, get up.”

While talking, Darryl couldn’t help but look at Olga, let alone Olga’s figure is really good.

“You, write that song soon.” Olga urged anxiously.

Darryl laughed, picked up paper and pen, and wrote the whole song. After writing, he handed it to Olga.

Olga was full of joy, and after taking it, she couldn’t help sing a few words.

“Sweet~ You smile sweetly~ like flowers blooming in the spring breeze~”

It sounds good.

sounds amazing!

Don’t mention Olga too happy. I didn’t expect that this little thief could write such a good song. No, it’s not the little thief, he is now his master.

“How’s it going, my dear? Did this kid write a song?” At this moment, Sean called out and walked up quickly.

Olga happily praised: “This song written by Master is really beautiful. I don’t have to worry about it when I will be on stage tomorrow.”



Sean was stunned, and his mind suddenly became a little confused.

After a few seconds, Sean couldn’t help saying: “My dear. You…you call this kid Master?”

Olga nodded and said sincerely: “Master is a very talented person. It seems that we have all misunderstood him before.”

Such a good song, even Wenzong people, may not be able to write it.

Hearing this, Sean suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. This little

Zi is obviously a pariah, where is there any talent. Maybe he copied this song. My fiancée, calling this kid Master, sounds really awkward…

Darryl sighed and said to Olga, “Tier, the little girl who has been following me, you should also let it go.”

“Let it go, let it go.” Olga said repeatedly.

After a while, Krista was brought up.

Krista was immediately overjoyed when she saw Darryl, and ran over to hold Darryl’s arm.

“My son, you’re fine, it’s great.” Krista’s eyes were red. She was locked in a dark room just now, and she was scared and worried about Darryl.

Darryl smiled and comforted a few words: “Okay, it’s just a misunderstanding, it’s okay now.”

He could clearly feel that Krista was really worried about herself.

at this time. Olga walked over on high heels and couldn’t help but look at Darryl and asked, “Master, are you also from Wenzong?”

In Dongao Continent, basically a little talented, all joined Wenzong. Master Wen Zong should be a member of Wen Zong who can write such a beautiful song?

But at this moment, Krista was stunned.

No.. Did you hear me wrong?

Olga…she called Master Master?

Although Krista is a small person, she wanders around and is knowledgeable. She knows the beauty in front of her, but she is the top brand of the most powerful and powerful, with countless fans and high above! Such a character, in a blink of an eye, became the master’s apprentice..

It’s incredible…

Thinking about it, Krista couldn’t help but look at Darryl, admiring more and more in her heart.

Darryl waved his hand and said with a smile: “Your master, I am not from Wenzong. I have lived in the mountains for a long time, and I only came out recently.”

It turned out to be so.

Olga was stunned. Then he respectfully said: “In this case, I will let the people below clean up a room and come out, and Master will live in this rich family temporarily.”

I’m going to perform on stage tomorrow, so I have to practice the new song as soon as possible.


Seeing that it was getting late outside, Darryl nodded.

After a while. Under Olga’s arrangement, Darryl and Krista were placed in a luxurious room on the second floor.

As soon as he arrived in the room, Krista couldn’t wait to walk up, and asked Darryl: “Young Master, why did the Miss Xu just call you Master?”

Until now, Krista still feels unbelievable.

Darryl smiled slightly: “I taught her to sing, of course she will call you my master.”

“My son, do you know how to write songs?” Krista asked in a low voice.

Darryl smiled without saying a word. Stroked her hair.

Before going to bed, Krista helped Darryl fetch footwashing water, taking care of her in every possible way.

Darryl was very emotional. Thinking back to the time when he was a door-to-door son-in-law in Liu’s family, he served Lily to wash her feet. After that, he thought that one day he was served like this.

I have to say that Krista is really good at taking care of people, and behaved. Lovable.

Wait on

After Darryl washed, Krista was tired and fell asleep shortly after lying there.

Darryl didn’t feel sleepy. I’m full of thoughts about how to get out of here. I really couldn’t sleep, so I just sat there meditating and started practicing silently.

It was already late at night, and there was silence all around.


Just when Darryl was about to enter the cultivation state, suddenly, the door of the room was quietly pushed open.

The next second, a figure flashed in, holding a long knife in his hand, and the cold light flickered in the dark.

Darryl opened his eyes instantly, and when he saw the incoming person, he was startled.

It is Sean.

D*mn, this kid touched in late at night and wanted to assassinate himself?

Thinking of this, Darryl didn’t move, quietly waiting for Sean to approach.


On the other side, the Earth Garden.

The general altar of Emei School.

Inside the hall, the head of Emei Han is proud. Sitting on the phoenix chair, her charming figure is fully displayed, but there is a hint of chill on her face.

In front of her, several people stood quietly. It is the elders of the Emei school.

Under the majesty and majesty of Han Auran, the atmosphere in the entire hall seemed very depressing.

At this time, Monica glanced around, and said lightly: “Is there no news about Junior Sister Miaoyuan yet?”

Three days ago. There was news from the Emei disciples stationed in Donghai City that Master Miaoyuan and Darryl fought against each other, and then disappeared bizarrely.

Upon hearing the news, Monica didn’t feel anything at first, until the next day there was no news from Master Miaoyuan. Monica issued an order to send Emei disciples to search the entire rivers and lakes.

Now that three days have passed, there is still no news of Master Miaoyuan.

When the voice fell, Master Miao Ling came out too, and said complicatedly: “Senior Sister Master, in the whole arena, we have sent people to ask from all sects. There is no news from Sister Miao Yuan.”

Master Miao Ling is one of the elders of Emei, only half a year younger than Master Miao Yuan. He is gentle and humble. In the world, his reputation is not as high as Master Miao Yuan, but his popularity is very good.

After speaking, the Miao Lingshi continued: “According to our investigation, that Darryl has also disappeared, and he is still missing.”


how so.

Hearing this, Monica frowned and fell into deep thought.

Master Miao Yuan is the younger sister she values ​​most, although she is not particularly strong, but she has good abilities.

When I was in retreat, I temporarily handed over the entire Emei faction to her. For several months, she took care of the Emei faction in an orderly manner.

She didn’t allow Master Miaoyuan to be too involved.


At this moment, a disciple walked in quickly and said in a flustered expression: “Enlighten the head, the master of the Palace of Longevity Lorenzo, leading tens of thousands of disciples of the Palace of Longevity, are gathering at the mountain gate. Thrown to avenge his wife!”


In an instant, the expressions of several elders in the hall changed.

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