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Chapter 391

Speaking of this, Olga looked at Darryl and then at Krista: “The Mixu Canyon is very dangerous. Master, you only brought a maid. With your current strength, it is impossible to pass through.”

D*mn, is a Mixu Canyon so dangerous?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl took a deep breath and said seriously: “If you can successfully pass through, you don’t have to worry about it. Tell me, how do you get to Mixu Canyon?”

No matter how difficult it is, I have to go.

I can’t stay here forever.

Krista clutched Darryl’s arm tightly, with a delicate face, showing a bit of determination: “Where the son is going, I will go wherever I go, Krista is not afraid of how difficult it is.”

Seeing fortunately, Olga stayed for a while, and then smiled bitterly: “Master, even if I tell you how to get to Mixu Canyon. You can’t get there, because the entrance of Mixu Canyon is at the back mountain of Jianzong General Altar. “

Speaking of this, Olga’s eyes revealed a bit of fear: “There is the forbidden area of ​​Jianzong, and it is heavily guarded. If you want to enter, you must get the permission of Jianzong…”

Darryl remained silent, inexplicably irritable.

Mad, is it that hard if you just want to leave here?

In the next second, Darryl looked at Olga earnestly: “Good apprentice, help me figure out a solution, I can write three songs for you.”


Olga’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

I only want two songs, and Master has to write one more for myself. This is too tempting.

Seeing Darryl nodding, Olga bit her lip, thinking about it, and soon got an idea, smiled and clapped her hands: “Yes, my fiance Sean, their Darryl family and Jianzong have contacts, and they are recommended by the Darryl family. , You can enter the Sword Sect.”

With that, Olga stepped on high heels and quickly walked downstairs.

After a while, Olga brought Sean up.

Sean bitterly, he really didn’t want to recommend Darryl to Jianzong!

The assassination of Darryl failed last night. On the surface, Sean begged for mercy, saying that he would not dare anymore.

But in his heart. The hostility towards Darryl is getting deeper and deeper.

Especially in today’s performance of the new song of the fiancée, Darryl took the limelight and beat the elder Wen Zong to poems, causing the fiancée to worship Darryl more and more. At that time, Sean was jealous when he saw it in his eyes.

In this case, how could Sean help Darryl?

At this moment, Sean looked embarrassed and said bitterly at Olga: “My dear, this matter is a bit difficult to handle. Although my Darryl family has a good relationship with Jianzong, the place where our master is going is People’s forbidden land…”

Olga was displeased and stomped her feet: “I don’t care, you must help Master think of a way.”

For those three songs, I must help Master!

Sean laughed, pretending to be reluctant, and nodded: “Okay.”

After speaking, Sean picked up paper and pen, wrote a letter of recommendation, and handed it to Darryl.

“Master, when you get to the place, you say it is a relative of our Darryl family, Jianzong should be able to save face.” Sean said flatly. Immediately afterwards, Sean continued: “Wait, I will summon my subordinates. I personally send the two masters out of the city.”

“Well, then I will trouble you.” Darryl said with a smile.

When the voice fell, Darryl fulfilled his promise and immediately wrote three new songs to Olga.

In the afternoon, Sean assembled a small team and escorted Darryl and Krista away.

When parting, Olga was very reluctant and took Darryl’s hand: “Master, if you really want to enter the Mixu Canyon, be careful. Come back as soon as possible, the disciple will miss you.”

Darryl smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, Master is just curious to take a look, come back as soon as possible, and come back as soon as possible.”

“Master, it’s late, let’s hurry up.” Sean next to him couldn’t help but said, very hospitable.

However, my heart is full of discomfort.


Seeing this kid, holding his fiancee’s hand. Sean felt all kinds of discomfort in his heart.

Darryl responded

, Pulling Krista into the car prepared by Sean.

In Dongao mainland, the general travel is rickshaw. Only wealthy families can afford cars. But this kind of car. It’s a classic car with a square and square.

Sean personally drove, the car started, and slowly drove out of the city. A bunch of his little brothers followed behind on horseback.

Sitting in the car, Krista was very excited. Although she grew up in Dongao Mainland, it was the first time to ride this kind of vintage car and deal with all kinds of things in the car. They are all very strange.

“My son, this car is so interesting.” Krista couldn’t help but smile and said, staring at the steering wheel without blinking: “Just control this circle, you can run, and you can run so fast.”


This Krista is so cute.

Darryl was amused immediately, and touched Krista’s head: “I will buy you one someday, and let you drive it for fun.”

This old man is as slow as a snail.

In the future, I will return to Earthland and let you see the top supercars. That’s fast.

Krista shook her head. Said timidly: “My son, it’s okay for you to let me drive a carriage. I don’t dare to drive this kind of car. In the future, if the son has a car, you drive and Krista sits next to you and waits for you.”


Hearing this, Darryl laughed loudly and touched Krista’s head.

I don’t know how long it took, when night fell, and finally reached a mountain peak, Sean stopped the car and looked back at Darryl with a smile: “Master, I can only send you here. Turn over this mountain range in front of you. , All the way to the west, you can reach Jianzong.”

When saying this, Sean’s smile was cold and cunning.

Sean couldn’t wait to kill Darryl, how could he help him?

Going over this mountain range is not a sword sect at all.

The mountain in front of you. It is called Broken Tiger Cliff.

On the side that Darryl faced, the mountain was relatively slow, but on the other side was a cliff of ten thousand feet. The reason why it was called Broken Tiger Cliff was just as the name suggests. Even a tiger with vigorous movements, on the other side, one will fall off accidentally, and there is absolutely no possibility of surviving.

It can be said that this way. It’s a dead end.

Now that the night is getting deeper and the line of sight is blocked, as long as the two Darryl go over the top of the mountain and cannot see the situation clearly, they will inevitably fall off the cliff.

No matter how strong he is. Will fall to pieces.


This kid dare to take advantage of my fiancee, waiting to be thrown to death.

Thinking of this, Sean felt very comfortable.

“Then you go back.” Darryl got out of the car and said to Sean. Immediately afterwards, he took Krista’s hand and walked up the mountain.

Looking at the figures of Darryl and Krista, gradually disappearing into the mountains and forests in the night, Sean sneered and waved his hand: “Go, let’s go back.”

When the voice fell, he drove his men and quickly returned to the original road.

Darryl and Krista, overcoming obstacles all the way, gradually approached the top of the mountain. Darryl noticed that there was not even a mountain road in this mountain range, and there were so many weeds everywhere. Obviously, very few people came to this place.


Did Sean deliberately point himself the wrong way? Darryl muttered in his heart.

At this time, Krista looked at the desolate environment around her, feeling a little frightened, and couldn’t help but grasp Darryl’s arm tightly: “Master, will there be beasts here?”

Darryl smiled and teased her: “There should be… I guess, the beasts here are all cannibals. Is Krista afraid?”

Unexpectedly, Krista was silent for a long time, and said firmly: “Krista is not afraid, Krista wants to protect the son.”

“Haha.” Darryl held her hand tightly, while talking, unknowingly walked to the top of the mountain.

At this moment, Darryl was about to find his way down the mountain, but the result was too dark to see clearly.


At this moment, Krista suddenly stepped into the air, only to hear her exclaim, her body could not stand firmly, and she fell directly to the cliff!

Chapter 392

“Krista!” Darryl was taken aback, before he could think about it, he jumped, jumped directly under the cliff, rushed over and grabbed Krista’s hand.

In the air, Darryl held Krista in his arms. Darryl stretched out his other hand, trying to grasp anything that could be grasped, but as a result, what he encountered was a cliff as smooth as a mirror.

It’s a special code, Sean’s wicked pen. Refers to a dead end!

Darryl hugged Krista tightly. He didn’t know how high this cliff was. At the same time as he was falling, he could only pray in his heart not to be smashed to death.


Earth round continent.

Donghai City, Liu Family.

Inside and outside of the Liu’s villa, there are lights and colorful decorations, and outside the living room door, there is a festive “Happy” character.

Lily sat on the sofa in the living room. The mood is exceptionally good, and the eyes are filled with happiness.

After more than a month of contact, Lily is very satisfied with Zhang Yin. Zhang Yin is very considerate to her and knows how to take care of others. It will be their wedding in two days.

“Lily, have all the invitations been posted? By the way, relatives in the family, don’t forget to notify.” At this moment, Alexandra walked downstairs, with a spring breeze and a smile.

The daughter is about to marry Zhang Yin, she is not too happy.

To be honest, Alexandra was shocked when Darryl’s identity was exposed when the various sects resisted the Apocalypse army. But then it came out that Darryl and Master Miaoyuan had disappeared strangely. It is estimated that they are already dead outside now.

Now it is very good for my daughter to marry this Zhang Yin.

Lily smiled and nodded: “Mom, all the invitations have been sent, and all the relatives have notified them.”

“This time your wedding must be done gracefully.” Alexandra nodded and said with a smile: “Think about it, if there is anything else you haven’t prepared for, Mom will help you.”

Lily thought for a while, her fingers wrapped around her hair, and said, “Just the bridesmaid on the wedding day…”

Lily smiled lightly, she has many good friends. I don’t know who the bridesmaid should choose.

At this moment, Lily suddenly remembered: “Mom, or let Song Qian’s cousin be my bridesmaid. By the way, why haven’t you seen Qian Qian during this time?”

Among all the cousins, I have the best relationship with my cousin. The position of the bridesmaid is none other than her.

What puzzled Lily was that she hadn’t seen her cousin for a long time.

“Then call her home. Your sisters have not seen each other for a long time. She must be very happy to know that you are married.” Alexandra smiled without thinking.

Upon hearing this, Lily took out her mobile phone and called Song Qian’s house.

Soon, the call was connected.

Lily smiled and said softly: “Hey, aunt, the invitation is accepted, I want Song Qian to be my bridesmaid…”

Before I finished speaking, there was a surprised voice on the phone: “Song Qian? Isn’t she always at your house? I have been there for several months, and I have been busy recently and haven’t called her. Isn’t she at your house ?”


Suddenly, when she heard this, Alexandra’s body was shocked, and she was stunned.

Lily lost three years of memory. She doesn’t remember Song Qian being here a few months ago.

But Alexandra remembers! A few months ago, Victoria Song came to the house as a guest. Didn’t this girl go home long ago?

Alexandra was inexplicably flustered, so he quickly took out his mobile phone and started calling Song Qian, but prompted the phone to shut down.


On the other side, Dongao Mainland.

Broken Tiger Cliff, below the ten thousand zhang cliff.


With the sound of the wind whistling in his ears, Darryl hugged Krista, his body falling from the cliff. Seeing that he had fallen to the bottom, Darryl took a deep breath, and his internal force surged out, slapped a palm on the cliff beside him, and then moved out with the force of a counter shock.


In spite of this, the powerful falling force caused Darryl to stagger back dozens of steps before hitting his back against the mountain wall before finally stopping. Blood surged from within, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

“Master, master, are you okay.” Krista was worried and anxious again, hurriedly helping Darryl wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth. Tears couldn’t stop streaming down.

From falling to landing, Darryl had been protecting her, so Krista was not hurt at all.


Darryl coughed a few times and smiled: “It’s okay, I can’t die.”

When saying these, Darryl was full of anger.

Sean’s wicked pen, dared to play with himself. Fortunately, I have a deep inner strength. The palm that I slapped against the mountain wall just now has transferred a lot of falling power, otherwise. She and Krista are really going to be crushed.

Although he was not dead, his internal organs were also shocked.


Krista was relieved when he heard that Darryl was okay.

Darryl looked around, and in the night he saw that there was a forest in front of him, dark, and all around were towering cliffs.

The night is getting dark now, and I should wait till dawn to see how I leave here.

Adjust your internal energy first by yourself.

I thought. Darryl comforted Krista: “Don’t worry about me, you can rest first.”

Krista hummed, sat down and leaned on Darryl’s body, but did not close her eyes. She looked around without blinking, being alert to the surrounding movement. She knew that Darryl was recovering from cultivation.

How can I rest at this critical time?

Darryl closed his eyes and began to practice.

Before not knowing it, a ray of morning light fell, and it was dawn.


Darryl took a deep breath and opened his eyes. After several hours of adjusting his breath, he was all right now.

“My son, how are you?” At this moment, Krista stood up with joy on her face.

Seeing her two dark circles under her eyes, Darryl was stunned and frowned: “You haven’t rested all night?”

Krista lowered her head and said softly: “I see the son is recovering from cultivation. I just want to protect the Fa on the side. If a beast approaches, I…I can also drive it away…”

Hearing this, Darryl was very moved, and said with a smile: “You have no strength. Even if the beast comes, you can’t beat it.”

This silly girl is so sensible that makes people feel distressed.

Feeling the smile in Darryl’s eyes, Krista’s face flushed suddenly, and then she held her powder fist. Firmly said: “I will also become stronger in the future, and then I will be able to protect the law for the son.”

After that, Krista thought of something: “It’s dawn, I’ll find some water. Give the son a wash.”

Darryl shook his head and smiled, stood up and said: “It’s too dangerous here, I’m afraid there are beasts, let’s go together.”

When the voice fell, the two walked to the woods ahead.

Passing through the woods, I saw a pool not far away, and the water was crystal clear.

“Master, there is water here.” Krista cheered and ran over first.

Darryl smiled and walked over, drank a few sips of water, washed his face again, and then began to observe the surroundings.

She and Krista are now in a deep valley. This deep valley is surrounded by cliffs, which are thousands of meters high. With Darryl’s current strength, he couldn’t fly up at all. And also to take Krista, want to fly up, nothing more than a foolish dream.


Falling down from above, I didn’t fall to death. Are you going to be trapped and die here? At this moment, Darryl was very depressed.

However, at this moment, I only heard Krista exclaimed, sounding very happy: “My son, there are fish in this pool. I will grill the fish for you later. The grilled fish I made is very fragrant.”

Darryl couldn’t help smiling bitterly, being trapped in such a place, how could he be in the mood to eat.


However, at this moment, only a burst of laughter was heard, and it suddenly came!

D*mn, this sudden laughter shocked Darryl and Krista. Following the voice, I saw a burly figure slowly walking over.

“Haha, you two little babies, it’s a bit impolite to break into the old man’s territory.”

Chapter 393

D*mn it.

There are people here?

Darryl was taken aback, instinctively on guard.

I saw that this man was ragged, with long gray hair, unkemptly draped over his shoulders, and dressed up as a beggar, but his stature was tall and he gave people an oppressive aura.

A slightly thin face. There was a long scar on his forehead, his eyes shining brightly.

What made Darryl pay attention to was that this man had broken a leg, and what he used as a crutch was a black long sword. The long sword was completely dark and had a sharp edge on one side. There is no front on one side.

This sword, at first glance, looked like the Tang sword used by Xing Yao. But if you look closely, it is much wider than Tang Dao.

Darryl swallowed. It’s really unexpected that such a crippled man suddenly appeared in such a canyon.

However, what shocked Darryl was the strength of this lame man. The strength of this person… Darryl couldn’t perceive it, he was unfathomable!

I couldn’t even perceive it.

At this moment, Krista showed her small head from behind Darryl, and shouted with courage: “Who are you? Why are you here?”

When she said this, Krista looked at the man unblinkingly, both nervous and curious.

“Haha…who am I?” The man laughed, his expression a bit bitterly resentful: “I am a person who has been forgotten by the world. But you two little babies, broke into my territory, are you looking for death?”

When the words fell, the man stared at Darryl: “You can fall from such a high place without dying. The kid is good at it. Are you a member of the Four Great Sects? Let me guess, are you Sword Sect or Dan Sect? ….”

Before he finished speaking, Darryl shook his head and said, “I am not a disciple of the four major sects.”

Darryl felt it clearly. When this man mentioned the four major sects, his eyes showed endless hatred.

Seeing this, he and the four major sects have deep grudges.

“I’m not a disciple of the four major sects, I’ll know after a try!”

As soon as the voice fell, the man suddenly raised his hand and pointed his long sword obliquely to the sky. In an instant, a powerful sword aura burst out.


In the next second, a sharp sword light came before Darryl’s eyes.


This breath is really strong! Darryl was taken aback, wanted to dodge, but it was too late, he snorted, a wound appeared on his shoulder, and blood poured out instantly.


This person is so strong.

Darryl stretched out his hand to cover the wound, looked at the man blankly, and was speechless in shock.

You know, he wears the Celestial Silkworm armor, but he can still hurt himself! This sword spirit. It’s really scary!

“You…you are the sword demon…Nangong Jue?” At this moment, Krista recognized the other party and couldn’t help exclaiming, her delicate face was full of shock.

Darryl was stunned: “Krista, do you know him?”

Krista nodded, still immersed in shock, and whispered: “Sword Demon Nangong Jue, in the entire Dongao Continent, no one does not know him. This person is known as the invincible swordsmanship in the world, and he is known as the Sword Demon for ten years. Qian suddenly disappeared. Some people said that he lived in seclusion, but he did not expect to be here.”

With that said, Krista closely looked at the long sword in Nangong Jue’s hand and continued: “Sword Demon’s swordsmanship. Before using it, there was an “obliquely pointing to the setting sun” starting position. When he picked up the sword just now, Used this trick, so it must be him!”

Just now. The moment this crippled man shot, the sword pointed diagonally at the sky. This trick was called “pointing diagonally at the setting sun”, and there was no one in Dongao Continent.

I don’t know! Can’t be wrong!

D*mn it.

This person is nicknamed Sword Demon, so domineering.

Hearing this, Darryl was shocked in his heart.

When Krista revealed his identity, Nangong Jue was also taken aback, and then smiled coldly: “Hehe. I didn’t expect that I was trapped here for nearly ten years, and someone will remember me.”

As he said, Nangong stared at Darryl closely: “Boy, when I took out the sword just now, I noticed that your inner strength is pure and different from the four major sects. Who are you on earth?”


Darryl couldn’t help sucking in the cold air, so he could detect it.

The strength of this person. It’s also terrible.

Thinking about it, Darryl said casually: “I’m just an unknown person.”

As soon as the words landed, Krista interrupted proudly: “My son is very powerful. He is not only strong, but also writes poetry. Even Wen Zong’s elder lost to him.”

“Haha, strong? I can’t even catch my sword.” Nangong definitely looked disdainful.

Darryl smiled bitterly. Indeed, he really couldn’t handle a single move. Although this person was lame, his strength was really terrifying!

Nangong was absolutely too lazy to talk nonsense, and glanced at the two Darryl: “You two, come to my site, that’s all. But I warn you, you two little babies. It’s best not to disturb me.”

Having said this, Nangong definitely turned and left.


Seeing his back walking away, Darryl couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

D*mn, this popularity scene is too strong. In the face of such a powerful existence, almost everyone can’t breathe.

“Krista, you said this Nangong is absolutely amazing, how could you be trapped in this place.” The next second. Darryl couldn’t help asking.

Krista also looked suspicious, and shook her head: “I don’t know, anyway, this Nangong Jue is very famous. There are still rumors about him outside. I think he was trapped because of a broken leg. You can’t get out here.”

With that, Krista’s eyes fell into the pool: “My son, let’s grill the fish and eat it.”

Darryl responded, holding a bloody sword, jumped into the pool, and soon stabbed a few fish up.

Krista clapped her hands in admiration, then set up a fire by the water pool and began to grill the fish.

The most important thing is that Krista also brought salt and other seasonings with him, and Krista’s skill in grilling fish was good. After a while, the fragrance of the fish was filled, and the gluttons in Darryl’s belly were hooked out.

After baking the first one, Krista handed it over and said with a smile: “My son, try my craft.”

Darryl smiled and took the grilled fish and tasted it. It was really plump and tender. He nodded in approval and said, “It’s very fragrant, so delicious.”


Unexpectedly, Krista is not only cute and cute, but also has such good cooking skills.

Krista was very happy to get the praise, and said with a smile: “My son likes it, and Krista will cook you grilled fish every day.”

While talking, Krista was stunned when she saw Darryl behind him.

Darryl hurriedly looked back, only to see a person standing behind him.

It is Nangong Jue! At this time, Nangong Jue had a pair of eyes staring at the grilled fish on the campfire, full of urgency.

“This fish, you grilled it?” Nangong looked at Krista with excitement on his face. He leaned over to the grilled fish and took a deep breath. The expression on his face was very enjoyable.

“Fragrant, the smell of grilled fish is a bit interesting.” Nangong Jue said as he swallowed again.

Chapter 394

Nangong Jue’s gaze, staring at the grilled fish closely, his face was intoxicated: “It’s been a long time since I smelled such a fragrant smell.”

At this time, Nangong Jue, the glutton in his belly, had been hooked up completely. No wonder. He has been trapped in this place for nearly ten years. For ten years, Nangong has always caught what he eats, even if he grills fish, he has never let off salt. seasoning.

Now that he smelled this smell, he couldn’t control it at all.

Krista looked at him with a smile, then took a grilled fish from the campfire and handed it to Nangong Jue: “Senior, this is the biggest one.”

Everyone says that the sword demon in Nangong is superb, martial arts superb. But when Krista saw him lame, she felt compassion.

“Good, good…”

Nangong was overjoyed. He took it unceremoniously, and ate it hungrily.

In the blink of an eye, a fish was wiped out by him.

After eating, the desire is still not exhausted, and his eyes are staring at the campfire.

Krista giggled at the way he was amused. Hurry up and continue to grill the fish.

After Nangong Jue had eaten several fish in a row, he stood up contentedly, and exclaimed at Krista: “Haha, the fish that the little girl grilled is good, not bad…”

Having said that, after a full hiccup, he turned around and left.

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry. D*mn, this person is too thick-skinned, he left after eating, without a word of thanks.

Krista didn’t care at all, and said with a smile: “My son, are you full? Or, I will bake two more, but you are going to catch fish again.”

Just now Darryl caught a total of six fish, and Nangong Jue ate four of them alone.

Darryl smiled: “No, I’m full.”

If you want to find a way to leave, you can’t stay here for a lifetime.

Thinking about it, Darryl got up and looked around, trying to find a way to leave. As a result, Darryl was very disappointed. The surrounding mountains were all smooth cliffs. There was no other way except to fly up.

Darryl sighed, despair in his heart.

The next night. Darryl had nothing to do, so he went to the mountains and forests to find food. It turned out to be lucky and caught a hare.

Krista said that always eating baked things is bad for people’s health. On a whim, he found a concave stone and simmered the hare. The meat was fragrant for a while.

The meat has just been stewed, and Nangong Jue is here again.

As before, Nangong was absolutely full of food and drink, turned around and left, very simply and neatly.

In the next few days, every time when Krista was cooking, Nangong Jue would smell the scent and leave after eating. It was a matter of course.

After going back and forth, Darryl was also used to it, and there was no dissatisfaction. Even if there is dissatisfaction, Darryl dare not say anything. After all, Nangong Jue is too strong.

That night, Krista made a roast chicken. The taste was not to mention it, as if the whole valley could smell.

Sure enough, the smell dissipated, and it didn’t take long for Nangong Jue to hurried over.

“Little girl. Give me the chicken drumsticks.” Nangong Juehe said with a smile, as expected.

In the past few days, Krista has been cooking for Nangong Jue on her own initiative. But this time, Krista tore off the chicken leg, held it in her hand, and did not give it to him. Instead, he looked at Nangong Jue with a smile: “Senior Nangong, originally you are a senior, and we can be a tribute to the younger generation. You are fine, but you have been here to eat and drink for nothing, and it seems a bit unreasonable.

I go.

Hearing this, Darryl was immediately silly. Quickly pulled Krista. Beckoned her not to talk nonsense.

This outstanding martial art of Nangong made him angry, and the consequences were serious.

“Little girl, what do you mean?” Sure enough, Nangong Jue suddenly frowned and spoke.

Krista laughed and said, “Senior Nangong, I mean it is very simple. If you want something delicious in the future, you have to change it.”

Nangong Jue sighed: “I’m in Nangong. I’m not a person who likes to take advantage. I don’t have a long body, except for a broken sword, nothing else…”

After speaking, Nangong Jue picked up his sword and thrust it heavily into the ground!


Just listen to a loud noise. The ground was cracked! The sword is firmly inserted on the ground!

“My sword is called Xuan Tiejian. It weighs three hundred and eighty-eight catties.” Nangong Jue said with a smile: “You girl, if you can lift this sword, I can give it to you.”

At this moment, Krista smiled lightly and said: “Senior, I didn’t say I want your sword. Or…you teach my son’s swordsmanship? Senior, your swordsmanship is unparalleled in the world, if you can teach it My son, maybe use swordsmanship. All three of us can escape this valley!”

“Hiss…” Darryl took a deep breath, glanced at Krista, his heart warmed. This girl really missed herself in her heart.

Krista was right. If she learns the peerless swordsmanship, sticks her sword on the rock wall and climbs up a little bit, she might be able to leave this valley.

Nangong Jue’s face darkened, she stood up slowly, and sneered: “This kid wants to learn my swordsmanship? What daydreams do you do. My “Tiangang Sword Art”, which integrates the essence of swordsmanship in the world, is how this kid can Peeping?”


Hearing this, Krista couldn’t help sighing, and Darryl couldn’t help but smile.

“My son, it seems that you have no relationship with Senior Nangong. Forget it, we eat roast chicken, Senior Nangong has no chance with roast chicken.” Krista made a very disappointed look and handed Darryl a chicken leg.

“You guys…” Nangong swallowed and licked his lips.

I have to say that the roast chicken made by Krista is really delicious. A normal person can’t stand the temptation of this kind of food, let alone a person who has been trapped for ten years.

Nangong Jue watched Darryl eat the chicken drumsticks with relish, and couldn’t help it. He quickly grabbed the chicken drumsticks and shouted: “Okay, I will teach you this kid a sword technique.”

While talking. Nangong couldn’t help but took a bite of the chicken leg, and continued to Darryl: “But I only teach you one trick, no more tricks will work.”


In the end, he didn’t resist the temptation of chicken legs.

At this moment, Darryl was so excited, but on the surface he was very grateful. Quickly said: “Thank you senior.”

Krista next to her was also unspeakably happy, and passed the roast chicken in her hand, and said: “Senior, you say what you say, don’t regret it.”

Although Nangong is definitely only a preaching move.

But after two days of contact. Krista also figured out his temperament. This Nangong peerless senior is very gluttonous.

As long as he teaches the first move of the son, he will have a way to teach him the second move and the third move…

quickly. After Nangong Jue filled most of the roast chicken into his stomach, he called Darryl to the open space next to him.

“You are optimistic. The trick I taught you is called “Swordsmanship and Bahuang”. I only teach it once. If you don’t learn it, it depends on your ability. Even if you can’t learn it, it’s because you are dull. Don’t bother me to teach you anymore. Did you hear that?” While talking, Nangong Jue picked up the sword and demonstrated the first sword technique.

Although he broke a leg, he was unaffected when he showed his sword skills.

Darryl’s spirit was twelve minutes, watching Nangong Jue’s movements closely, and he didn’t let the slight changes pass.

To be honest, since becoming a cultivator, Darryl has practiced so many exercises and has never been so absorbed as he is now.

no way.

Because Nangong Jue said, he only taught it once, and he didn’t dare not be serious.

Chapter 395

On the other side, Donghai City, Zhangjia Villa.

Today is the day when the young master Zhang Yin and Lily got married. The wedding of the two was held in this villa.

Outside the Zhang’s villa, it was called a lively, red happy character, a luxury car with firecrackers, and it was full of joy.

Inside the Zhang Family Villa. There is a small garden. At this time, many people gather in the small garden and there are many banquets.

Many wealthy families in Donghai City came to this wedding.

At this time, beside the main wedding table in the garden, there were several chairs, sitting with Zhang Yin’s parents and Alexandra. The faces of the three of them were filled with smiles.

Especially Alexandra. It can be said to be ecstatic. The daughter finally had a good home, and she was happier than anyone else.

Zhang Yin’s family has more than 100 million funds, and his daughter can follow him and be prosperous and wealthy forever.

Thousands of guests were sitting on the grass next to it. Looking closely, there are many familiar faces, Liu Zhiyuan, Bai Zhan, and Qin Shousheng are all there. Even the old grandmother of the Liu family came to the wedding.

The faces of most VIPs were filled with smiles. After all, today is a great day. But there was only one person with a sad face, and that was Qin Shousheng.

To be honest, Qin Shousheng has liked Lily for a long time. Now that Lily is going to marry, how can he feel comfortable in his heart?

In order to please Lily on Haiwang Street, Qin Shousheng showed Lily’s name on the lanterns in the whole street.

Although this romance was later upset by Darryl, it did not affect Qin Shousheng’s obsession with Lily.

Later, Lily lost her memory, and Qin Shousheng was extremely excited, thinking that he had a chance, and did not sleep for two days of happiness.

But when Qin Shousheng was about to pursue Lily, the goddess was with Zhang Yin. At this time, Qin Shousheng came to attend Lily’s wedding, and his whole heart was empty. It was really painful!

The guests are almost there, twelve o’clock noon. The host finally stepped onto the stage, took the microphone and looked around.

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned to the host.

“Well, guests, get ready for your applause, let’s invite the bride and groom on stage!” The host held the microphone and shouted loudly.

Bang bang bang!

The voice fell, and accompanied by a burst of firecrackers, I saw Zhang Yin and Lily walking out side by side in the villa.

Zhang Yin at this time, wearing a white suit, was unspeakably handsome. Zhang Yin was so happy to finally marry the charming Lily as his wife!

However, everyone’s eyes focused on Lily’s body. There were waves of admiration.



In an instant, many male guests looked at Lily blankly, their eyes straightened!

At this time, Lily, wearing a snow-white silk wedding dress, showed her tight figure perfectly, and her delicate face was slightly suffocating.

“As expected to be our famous goddess in Donghai City, this Lily is so beautiful!”

“Yes. Zhang Yin is really blessed to marry such a good wife.”

“Hey, it’s a pity that Darryl, who came to the door for three years, but has never been able to achieve a positive result with Lily…”

“Shhh…you are crazy, mention this at the wedding…”

“Hehe, what are you afraid of, Darryl has been missing for several days, and the rivers and lakes have gone crazy…”

The few wealthy children sitting in the VIP table couldn’t help whispering. As they said, their gazes, watching Lily closely, their saliva almost flowed out.

Qin Shousheng, who was sitting by the side, felt even more uncomfortable in his heart, with his fists clenched tightly!

Why, why this Zhang Yin can be favored by Lily! Qin Shousheng’s eyes were red, and he kept shouting in his heart!

But no one paid attention to him, at this time the wedding had reached its climax. Zhang Yin and Lily walked to the wedding stage hand in hand.

The host smiled, looked at the new couple, and said with a smile: “This couple are really talented and beautiful. Haha, let us…”


As soon as the host said a word, he heard a loud noise at the gate of the villa!

Looking from a distance, I saw more than a hundred strong men kicking open the door of the villa! These more than one hundred people, armed with weapons, all black suits!

The head was a long-haired man with earrings, about 30 years old, with a cold look on his face.


What’s the situation?

Suddenly. The audience boiled for a while, and everyone looked at the more than one hundred brawny men!

“This… isn’t this Young Master Chen from Qingzhou City next door, Chen Qi?” At this moment, someone recognized the identity of the man with earrings, and couldn’t recognize it. Suddenly, there was a low voice around him.

Qingzhou City is just three hundred miles away.

Chen Qi’s family is covering the sky in Qingzhou!

“Master Chen, brought so many people here. What do you want to do…”

“I don’t know, it’s not a trouble..”

For a while, many people in the room whispered and looked at Chen Qi.

“Chen…Chen Shao, why are you here…” At this moment, Zhang Yin also reacted. At this moment, he was very worried, and cautiously greeted him with a smile: “Why don’t you come without notice? ?”

Chen Qi lit a cigarette, spit out the circles of his eyes, and vomited all on Zhang Yin’s face. Immediately afterwards, Chen Qi sat on the chair with a big grin, and said with a smile, “Zhang Yin, you are okay as a little-armed ba5tard, but you have no skills, but you have married a wife who is like a flower.”


When the voice fell, Chen Qishang suddenly drew a knife and pierced it directly on the wedding stage!

Everyone present was shocked by this action, and the whole villa was silent.

Chen Qi looked at Zhang Yin coldly. Continued: “Zhang Yin, today is your happy day. I didn’t plan to come, but you owe me a gambling debt of 2 billion, and you don’t plan to pay it back? Lao Tzu came to ask for the debt. Broke your wedding, Do you hate me in your heart?”


Two billion? Gambling debt? !

Hearing this, everyone present was shocked.

In shock, everyone looked at Zhang Yin with complex eyes. I have long heard that Zhang Yin is a gambler. But I didn’t expect to bet such a big bet? Two billion owed? Zhang Yin’s entire family property is only 100 million, right? These two billion can not afford to kill him!

“Master Chen… Brother Qi, you… You can give me a few more days.” Zhang Yin was sweating profusely. Pleading bitterly.

That’s right, two months ago, Zhang Yin went to Qingzhou City to play and lost all the money he had. Later, for the sake of face, he borrowed 100 million from Chen Qi, but he lost instantly. At that time, he wanted to make a profit, but the loan amount reached 2 billion. I lost all the money I borrowed.

Zhang Yin dare not talk about this. Now that people come to ask for debts, Zhang Yin only feels his head is buzzing.

Faced with Zhang Yin’s bitter pleading, Chen Qi smiled coldly: “Master Zhang, how many times have I forgiven you before? Do you think I will give you a chance?”

As he said, Chen Qi’s expression was cold, and he said every word: “I now give you two choices, either, take the money out, or give your new wife to me.”

Those who are familiar with Chen Qi know that this young master Chen is notoriously lecherous.

Before coming, Chen Qi had thought about it. Zhang Yin, the newly married wife, was the goddess of Donghai City. Zhang Yin certainly couldn’t pay the two billion gambling debts, so he asked him to pay with his newlyweds.

Lily could clearly feel that Chen Qi’s gaze was looking at herself unscrupulously.

The surrounding guests looked at each other, and none came out to stop them.

After all, they are all afraid of Chen Qi. In addition, it is only natural to pay off debts…

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