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Chapter 396

Seeing Zhang Yin lowered his head and didn’t speak, Chen Qi was so angry that he kicked it over: “It’s not you, look at you, you won’t be able to pay for the two billion! Then use your wife to get it.” “

After the words fell, Chen Qi walked up to Lily and looked at her with a smile in the midst of everyone’s attention.

“Tsk tut…”

Chen Qi’s eyes were straight. I couldn’t help but admire: “I heard that Miss Lily is at the level of a goddess before I came here. When I see it now, she really deserves her reputation.”

Hearing this, Lily’s body trembled, and her heart became more panic.

“Miss Lily, like Zhang Yin, what’s the use of marrying him? Follow me in the future. I promise to love you very much, haha…” Chen Qi smiled and looked deeply. Lily, the moment she spoke. Also stretched out his hand.

Lily’s eyebrows furrowed, she took a step back, avoiding Chen Qi’s hand, and coldly said, “Master Chen, right? Please be respectful.”

When she said this, Lily was disappointed. I originally thought that Zhang Yin was a man to rely on, but he didn’t expect that he would owe 2 billion for gambling.

What’s more, he was moved by Chen Qi. As a man, he didn’t even dare to say a word.

I really missed it.

“Tsk tsk, kind of temper. I like the beauties with personality. You look angry, so charming! I’m going to order you today.” Chen Qi blinked and said excitedly.

When the voice fell, Chen Qi stretched out his hand and grabbed Lily’s wrist!

“Tsk tsk, beautiful Lily. You smell so good.” Chen Qi stepped forward and sniffed Lily lightly, his face full of intoxication.


Seeing this scene, everyone present was frying, and their expressions became more exciting, and there was a lot of discussion.

At this moment, Alexandra finally couldn’t help but walked over angrily and stared at Chen Qi: “You…what are you doing?! Let go of my daughter!”

While talking, Alexandra looked at Zhang Yin: “Are you still a man? Your wife was humiliated, and you were indifferent.”

At this time, Alexandra was really anxious and angry!

I was very satisfied with Zhang Yin, thinking that he was very considerate and kind to his daughter.

His daughter will be happy if she marries him.

But I didn’t expect that when something happened, it would be so weak. Faced with Alexandra’s accusation, Zhang Yin was ashamed, and wanted to find a place to sew in.

He also wanted to protect Lily, but Chen Qi’s background was too powerful. I really want to tear my face with Chen Qi. It is estimated to be killed here today.

“Fcuk me away!” Chen Qi cursed, and pushed Alexandra away. Then he picked up the long knife and pointed to the audience: “I’ll listen to Laozi with special codes. What happened today is My grievance with Zhang Yin. He owes the debt to repay the money. If he has no money, he will use a woman to pay the bill! If anyone comes out to stop him, he will have trouble with Chen Qi. As for the consequences, you think.” At this time, Chen Qi looked at him. Looking around coldly.

Hearing this, the surrounding guests closed their mouths one by one, not daring to look at them.

No one dare to be nosy, nosy, just to make trouble for oneself!

Lily’s face was pale at this time. I was desperate in my heart, I wanted to struggle, but I couldn’t get away.

Chen Qi laughed and pulled Lily into his arms. She smiled and said, “Beauty Lily, although you were paid to me by Zhang Yin for a price of 2 billion, don’t be afraid, I won’t treat you badly.”

When the voice fell, Chen Qi put his mouth together. She was about to k!ss Lily.

“Go away, go away!” Lily’s eyes were red, and her whole body resisted!


Why is this happening?

Thousands of guests on the court. No one came out to stop…

Lily was desperate in her heart, and her mind suddenly buzzed in a hurry!

This scene in front of me.

I seem to have experienced it before…

At this moment, some broken memories in Lily’s mind swarmed out!

A few months ago, there was a man named Huang Yanlang who opened the martial arts hall. In the presence of everyone in the Liu family, no one came out to stop him..

Lily’s memory was pieced together little by little.

Darryl…At that time, it was his husband Darryl who beat Huang Yanlang violently..

Lily was trembling all over, and the lost three years of memory crazily appeared in her mind!

Darryl, his husband is Darryl, not Zhang Yin!

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Darryl used several helicopters on Haiwang Street to sing for himself..

Live broadcast by himself, Darryl brushed hundreds of millions!

Because of Bessie, he and Darryl were angry… and then they were hit by a car…

Scenes from the past, like a slide, flashed in Lily’s mind.

I remembered.

She remembered everything.

Next second. Seeing Chen Qi who was about to k!ss her, Lily didn’t know where he was coming from, so she pushed him away, gritted her teeth and shouted: “Go away. Get out! Zhang Yin owes you two billion, I Pay it back for him, I have shares in the Liu family, and all of my shares are given to you. Go away and don’t touch me!”

Having said this, Lily looked at Zhang Yin, her body trembled: “I won’t marry you, I won’t!”

My husband. There is only Darryl.

No one can replace it!


In an instant, everyone on the scene talked a lot!

This…what’s going on?


With a crisp sound, Lily took off her ring, stepped on high heels, and ran in front of Alexandra.

At this time, she has already burst into tears!

“Mom… Where’s Darryl, where is Darryl!” Lily yelled softly, her eyes blurred, and she stomped anxiously!

“Daughter, Darryl and him…” Alexandra looked bitter, lowered his head not to look at Lily, and whispered: “Darryl disappeared a few days ago, and the world has spread, I…I I don’t know where he is…”

Alexandra was also in a hurry. She didn’t expect her daughter to recover her memory.


He… is missing?

Hearing this, Lily’s body trembled, and then she shook her head: “No… he won’t leave me alone… I’m going to find him, I must find him…”

“Why are you looking for him!” Alexandra stood up suddenly: “Daughter, you listened to your mother, you forgot him! Darryl has disappeared. A few days ago, his good brother Lorenzo fought against the Emei faction. The life and death of the beaten is unknown, Darryl has not returned! He may have died outside! What are you looking for for him!”

“I’m looking for him!” Lily’s tears kept running, and she cried heartbreakingly!

“I want to find him. I will follow him for the rest of my life. Even if he dies, I will follow him. I will only recognize him for the rest of my life!” Lily’s tears rushed down. She almost roared out, then pushed away from the crowd and ran out quickly.

Chapter 397


Alexandra was anxious and wanted to catch up, but Lily had already ran away.

Seeing this, everyone present looked at each other and talked a lot! No one thought that a good wedding would be like this.

When everyone was discussing quietly, no one noticed, Qin Shousheng quietly chased it out.

Qin Shousheng left the villa and got into the car. Drive to find Lily. Finally, Lily was found near the satellite square.

When he arrived, Qin Shousheng stopped the car and rolled down the window: “Lily, get in the car, I will take you to find Darryl.”

The scene of the wedding just now, Qin Shousheng was also unexpected. Lily didn’t marry Zhang Yin, so he couldn’t be more happy.

But at this time, he caught up, deliberately to please, and there was no purpose to recite. It’s just that she feels sorry for Lily, and she is afraid that she will go to Darryl alone and encounter danger.

However, Lily didn’t appreciate it at all, wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes, shook her head and said, “No need.”

Talking. We must continue to move forward.

Qin Shousheng suddenly became anxious, got out of the car to catch up, and said sincerely: “Lily, I… I have no other meaning, I really want to help you.”

Speaking of this, Qin Shousheng walked up to her and continued: “You know what, during this period of your amnesia, I feel very uncomfortable. Just now I saw that you were going to marry Zhang Yin. There is still Darryl deep in my heart. As long as you are with Darryl, you will be truly happy. I admit that I like you very much, but I also understand that liking someone is not really possessing her, and should be given to her. True happiness.”

Hearing this, Lily couldn’t help her delicate body trembling, and she looked back at Qin Shousheng blankly, feeling inexplicably moved in her heart.

It turns out that Qin Shousheng cares about himself so much?

A few seconds later. Lily couldn’t help but softly said, “Qin Shousheng, you…do you really think so in your heart?”

At this moment, Lily discovered that the person in front of her seemed not as annoying as she had imagined before.

Qin Shousheng smiled, his eyes full of sincerity: “Lily, what I say is true, as long as it can make you happy, I am willing to do anything.”

With that said, Qin Shousheng looked around and lowered his voice: “You can’t find Darryl blindly looking for it like this. I guess he is no longer in this continent.”


Is Darryl not on this continent?

Hearing this, Lily suddenly became anxious: “Then do you know where he is?”


Qin Shousheng sighed, smiled and said: “In the Star Picking Tower, Clint’s defilement of his younger siblings really wanted to come to light. At that time, Clint jumped over the wall and arrested Bessie and the wife of the Tongtian Sect leader, and fled to the Apocalypse Continent. I thought, Darryl’s bizarre disappearance must be due to some skill he used to go to the Apocalypse Continent to look for them.”

When he said this, Qin Shousheng was full of bitterness. What kind of charm does Darryl have. Can get the favor of so many goddesses.

Lily, Bessie. And the wife of the leader, which one is not a beautiful woman at the level of a goddess?

And Lily knew that he had so many women, and still remembered him.

At this time, Lily was also silent for a few seconds. She knows the relationship between Darryl and Bessie, but who is the wife of the leader?

At that time Lily was puzzled, but she couldn’t manage that much, and asked anxiously: “You mean, do I have to go to the Apocalypse Continent to find Darryl? How can I go to the Apocalypse Continent?”

As long as there is news of Darryl, no matter how difficult it is, I can’t stop myself!

Qin Shousheng thought for a while, and said: “When the Apocalypse Continent withdrew its troops, there were many sailboats left on the coast of the Zhanxinglou. These sailboats were made by the Emperor of the Apocalypse, made of special wood, and could cross the sea of ​​death. After a while, those sailing boats were taken away by many local fishermen.”

Speaking of this, watching Lily’s eyebrows frowning, Qin Shousheng smiled and comforted: “But it doesn’t matter, as long as we have money, we can still buy one. Get the boat. I will accompany you to the Apocalypse Continent, here to the Apocalypse Continent. , The journey is far away, and your girl’s home is too dangerous. I have been to the Apocalypse Continent, and I am familiar with the Apocalypse Continent. When I reach the Apocalypse Continent, I can show you the way!”

Qin Shousheng has never been to the Apocalypse Continent. He actually knows nothing about the Apocalypse Continent.

. But he just wanted to accompany Lily more, so he lied. But he knew it very well. Darryl’s strength is so high, when he arrives at the Apocalypse Continent, if you just ask about Darryl’s name, it is estimated that you will be able to inquire about it. As long as Lily was delivered to Darryl’s hands, his task would be completed. As long as the goddess is happy, it is better than anything. Qin Shousheng liked Lily in his heart.

This one….

Lily bit her lip and hesitated.

She didn’t want to be with Qin Shousheng in her heart. There are differences between men and women, and it is very inconvenient to go together all the way.

But Qin Shousheng said that he was familiar with the Apocalypse Continent. Lily nodded repeatedly, got into Qin Shousheng’s car, and said softly: “Let’s go, let’s go quickly.”

Qin Shousheng was overjoyed and ran over quickly, drove Lily with him, and drove towards the beach.

After half an hour.

Qin Shousheng spent hundreds of thousands to find a family of fishermen and bought a sailboat of the Apocalypse Army from them.

Then Qin Shousheng prepared a lot of things, all kinds of food, and almost half of the cabin was piled up.

I have to accompany the goddess to travel far away, of course, everything must be prepared properly, and the goddess must not be allowed to suffer.

With everything ready, Qin Shousheng set sail. The sailboat was moving slowly on the sea.

Standing on the bow deck, Lily looked at the vast sea in front of her, her eyes full of excitement and anticipation.

Husband, I’m looking for you, Lily is looking for you.

Hope God. Let me have a safe journey and reunite with you smoothly.

I hope God, and bless the old man to be fair and safe. After seeing you, you are not allowed to lose weight.


the other side. Dongao mainland.

The weather today is nice and sunny.

Tiger Leaping Cliff Valley.

Darryl was holding a blood-drinking sword, and was working hard to practice the trick “Sword Drifting in Eight Desolations” taught by Nangong Jue.

I saw the blood-drinking sword in Darryl’s hands, like a dragon frightened by a dragon, shaking with sword aura. The fallen leaves on the ground are all flying, dazzling and powerful.

Darryl has practiced this trick for two days.

In two days, Darryl slept in addition to eating. It is to practice this sword technique. I have to say that this set of swordsmanship of Nangong Jue is extremely exquisite, almost containing the mystery of heaven and earth.

Darryl’s talent and aptitude were pretty good, but it took more than a day to fully comprehend the essence of it.

At this time, Darryl became more and more comfortable, already sweating profusely, but at a loss.


Finally, Darryl stopped and sat on the rock sweating to rest. Suddenly, he sneezed abruptly.

I didn’t catch a cold, so I sneezed suddenly.

Could someone miss me? Muttering in his heart, Darryl couldn’t help rubbing his nose.

“My son, I’m tired of practicing swords. I burnt the tea and it’s not hot anymore.” At this time, Krista walked over with a wooden teacup.

Handing the tea to Darryl’s hand, Krista took out the handkerchief and wiped the sweat from Darryl’s face.

This girl is not only good at taking care of people, but also ingenious. Using Darryl’s blood-drinking sword, she cut two trees, made a few small tea cups, and made two wooden buckets for holding water.

Darryl drank all the tea in one breath, unspeakably cheerful.

Krista wiped his sweat for a while, then started rubbing Darryl’s shoulders, and said with a smile: “My son, you are really amazing. I thought you would have to learn this trick for at least ten and a half days. I didn’t expect it to be short. You will learn it in two days.”

In the past two days, when Darryl was practicing sword, Krista had been guarding by her side. She could clearly feel that with this sword technique, Darryl became more and more comfortable.

Seeing the son learn so fast, Krista was very happy in her heart.

Darryl smiled slightly and said, “That’s right, son, I’m really handsome and smart. In the future, when Krista marries, she will find a husband like me, you know?”

These words made Krista blushing and said softly: “Krista will always serve the son if she doesn’t marry.”

Chapter 398

“Silly Xiaoxi, girls always want to marry.” Darryl touched her head, his face full of affection.

Krista smiled lightly, without speaking.

In the evening, Krista cooked two more good dishes, and Nangong Jue also arrived on schedule.

Today Krista stewed a pot of fish soup, and it was almost ten li fragrant, and Nangong had never approached. She was already drooling and laughed: “Little girl’s cooking skills are getting better and better, this fish soup is really fragrant…”

With that said, Nangong Jue directly filled a bowl and ate it with relish.

Darryl and Krista smiled similarly.

After eating the fish soup, Krista smiled and said to Darryl: “My son, you show me the swordsmanship you have practiced.”

Darryl nodded. When he walked into the field, he first started with a “sword pointing to the setting sun” start style, and then he swept the sword through the wilds and displayed it.

Chick chick…

For a time. I saw the sword energy bursting everywhere, and the power was amazing.

“I said before. I only teach it once. It doesn’t matter what he learns or not. It doesn’t matter what I want to see.” Nangong muttered absolutely, indifferent, showing that Darryl’s play was modest. Yes, I couldn’t help but observe it.

Soon, Darryl finished his display, collected his bloody sword, and walked over.

When he arrived, Darryl spoke very politely: “Senior Nangong, how am I practicing?”

Nangong Jue touched his beard and said lightly: “Just so-so, I can learn this level in two days, it’s pretty good, but compared to my realm, it’s still far behind.”

When he said this, Nangong Jue was secretly shocked.

This kid is fine. At the beginning, he practiced the first move by himself, but after learning it for a month, he actually learned it in two days.

Darryl smiled without saying a word.


At this moment, Krista came up and looked at Nangong Jue unblinkingly: “Is my son a cultivator?”

“Haha, Wizards? He’s still not a big deal.” Nangong Jue shook his head.

Krista laughed and continued: “If it weren’t for a genius, how come you learned this sword technique in just two days? Otherwise, your sword technique is average, so it’s not a unique skill.”

“What?!” Upon hearing this, Nangong Jue couldn’t sit still, stood up, blowing his beard and staring at Krista: “You girl, don’t talk nonsense. My sword skills are average? You little girl understands. What? You weren’t born when I ran the world!”

“Wow.. so powerful.” Krista’s mouth widened exaggeratedly, very shocked. But then he laughed and said: “Senior Nangong, since your swordsmanship is unparalleled in the world, you should pass on the entire set of swordsmanship to my son. Let my son understand it. See if your swordsmanship is that way. Great!”

“Don’t lie to me!” Nangong Jue slapped the stone: “How can I learn my swordsmanship?

Speaking of this, Nangong Jue’s voice suddenly stopped!

Krista was holding a cup and looked at Nangong Jue with a smile. Inside the cup, bursts of wine smelled.

“Senior Nangong, these days, I have found cherry trees in the mountains and forests. I made cherry wine.” Krista took a deep breath, her face fascinated: “This wine is really fragrant!”

Speaking of this, Krista walked to Darryl’s side: “Young Master, please try Krista’s wine!”

Darryl was stunned. He never dreamed that this girl could make wine? ! After taking a sip from the cup, Darryl was refreshed!

“Good wine!” Darryl hit his heart

A word of admiration. Drink all the wine in the glass.

“You…” Nangong Jue tickled while watching. Suddenly anxious: “Give me a taste…”

“Don’t, Senior Nangong.” Krista held the wine and took a step back: “Senior Nangong, you eat my food for nothing. You still want to drink for nothing?”

“You…you…” Nangong Jue was about to sweat. He hasn’t drank in ten years! Ten years, ten years!

Which arena children don’t like to drink? ! Over the years, he is really gluttonous! Even if you die here after a sip, it’s worth it!

“Teach, teach, I’ll give all my swordsmanship to this kid! Give me a sip.” Nangong couldn’t do it in a hurry, his beard turned up. Angrily said: “I will pass the whole set of “Tiangang Sword Art” to this kid, can’t I!”

“Okay!” Krista clapped her hands: “Senior Nangong has said everything, come and have a drink, Senior Nangong.”

Nangong jumped over and drank all the wine in Krista’s hand.

Krista has picked a lot of cherries these days and made a lot of brewing. Nangong must drink a few cups, but it is still not enough. Is preparing to drink again. Krista didn’t give it to him.

“Senior, teach my son’s sword skills first, and then drink after teaching.” Krista said with a smile.

“You girl!” Nangong couldn’t do well, but she was speechless. He breathed a long sigh of relief, and looked at Darryl unanimously: “Your kid is lucky, and you have such a good girl to serve you. That’s it, it depends on your aptitude. That’s not bad. I’ll pass on the whole set of Tiangang Sword Art. Anyway, I don’t have any disciples, so lucky you kid.

At this time, Nangong Jue was very depressed. Unexpectedly, when I was in my life, I was given a routine by a little girl.

But to be fair, the kid in front of him is indeed the material for swordsmanship. He passed the swordsmanship to him, and he was considered to be a successor.

“My son, what are you doing in a daze.” Krista was anxious on the side, and said softly: “Apprentice.”

“Oh. Oh, oh…” Darryl reacted at this time, and quickly bowed down: “Apprentice Darryl, pay homage to Master.”

Up to now, Darryl’s mind is still confused!

How could this Krista be so powerful. A few words convinced Nangong absolutely. This girl is really her own little lucky star.

“It’s all right, get up.”

Nangong absolutely raised his hand casually. Faintly said: “Here are the three of us, there is no need for so much politeness.”

As he said, Nangong looked at Darryl earnestly: “There are seven styles in the Tiangang Sword Jue. I have taught you the first style before. From now on, I will teach you the remaining six styles, the remaining six styles, One trick is more difficult than the other, you have to study hard and don’t let me down…”

Darryl nodded quickly: “Master, don’t worry, the disciple must study hard.”

Nangong nodded silently, then looked at Krista and smiled: “Little girl, besides the wine, what’s delicious tomorrow?”

Krista smiled and said: “From tomorrow on, as long as we have something in this valley, what senior wants to eat, Krista will do for you. As long as Krista can teach my son well!

“Haha, good, good…”

Hearing this, Nangong was absolutely delighted. After a big laugh, he pointed at Darryl and said, “The kid is optimistic, this is the second style! Let’s go!”


Nangong absolutely held a profound iron sword, dancing in the air, and saw that the surrounding air was cut into cracks!

“Huh! Huh!”

Along with the swing of the profound iron sword, within a hundred li, various beasts crawled on the ground, trembling all over! With such a surge of sword energy, they dare not stand up! This is fear, fear from blood!

Chapter 399


Darryl stared at Nangong Jue tightly, Darryl remembered every move and style of his.

Nangong went to bed lazily after finishing his mastery.

Darryl took the blood-drinking sword, learning the appearance of Nangong Jue, and danced in the canyon.

Time flies, half a month later.

In this half a month, Nangong will absolutely teach the whole set of Sealing Demon Sword Art.

Darryl did not live up to his expectations, the entire set of swordsmanship had seven styles. All are well integrated.

Darryl has practiced this “Tiangang Sword Art” countless times!

After thousands of hard work, Darryl’s strength also raised a realm.

Sandan Wusheng!

Of course, Krista hadn’t been idle for the past half month. While taking care of Darryl’s daily life, she also had to make delicious meals for Nangong Jue. Three meals a day, there were almost no duplicates.

at this time. By the pond.

After Darryl practiced his last sword technique, he took a deep breath and walked to Nangong Jue: “Master, after all, this is not a place to stay for long, or else. You can leave with us.”

Now that he has reached the third stage of martial arts, coupled with the Tiangang swordsmanship, he is completely capable of taking them away.

You know, in the realm of Martial Saint, every time you upgrade a rank, your strength is a leap improvement.

When the voice fell, Krista next to him also looked at Nangong Jue closely: “Yes, senior, let’s go with us.”


Nangong sighed softly, smiled bitterly, and shook his head and said, “Forget it, let’s go.”

After getting along for almost a month, Nangong Jue felt very sad. Especially this little girl’s cooking skills are truly amazing. If possible, Nangong Jue really wants to keep her by her side forever.

But after all, she is the close handmaid of the apprentice, and being a master herself, how can she be loved by others.

Darryl suddenly became a little anxious, and finally couldn’t help but ask: “Master, the outside world is great, why should you stay here? Also, Master, why are you trapped here?”

Darryl wanted to ask this question a long time ago. How can Nangong martial arts peerlessly break a leg. Trapped in the valley?


Mentioning this, Nangong breathed a sigh of relief, his face instantly cold, his eyes flashing with resentment: “The reason why the teacher ended up like this is due to Jianzong and Danzong.”

Jianzong and Danzong?

Nangong firmly clenched his fist, and slowly said: “Ten years ago, I walked the world, and swordsmanship is unmatched. Disciple, do you know the loneliness of invincibility? I really want to find an opponent and learn from each other. Thinking about it from the left to the right, I think the overlord of the four major sects should be able to play a few tricks with me. At that time, the four major sects were holding a “discussion meeting”. I rushed over.”

“On the Daohui?” Darryl was stunned.

Krista explained on the side: “You know something, son. My four major sects, every three years, will hold a discussion meeting on the Dao. This discussion meeting is actually a competition to fight for the title of the first sect. .”

Nangong nodded absolutely, and continued: “At the discussion meeting, I was alone against the head of Jianzong and the head of Danzong! Together, they are not the opponents of the teacher. That battle was the name of the teacher. Raise the world.”


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help taking a cold breath. One person played against the head of the two sects, and still won?

honestly. The overall cultivation strength of Dongao Continent is much higher than that of Earth Yuan Continent.

That Sean, a young man, had the strength of three martial sages.

It is conceivable that the heads of the four major sects are so powerful! But the combination of the two sect heads is not Master’s opponent.

One can imagine what Nangong Jue’s strength has reached.

Nangong smiled and continued: “After that battle, Jianzong and Danzong felt ashamed of themselves and wanted to kill me. After that, the two sects joined forces and led me to the area around Tiger Cliff. I was not prepared for a sneak attack, and finally cut off one of my legs and knocked me off the cliff.”

Speaking of this, Nangong definitely showed a sneer: “Jianzong and Danzong’s hypocrites, on the surface, are polite, secretly shameless! I broke a leg. No matter my martial arts, I can’t leave this abyss. I was trapped in it. It’s ten years here. It’s been ten years.”


Darryl’s anger rose upon hearing it, and he smashed the stone in front of him with a palm!

“Master, you leave here with the disciple, let’s join hands with the master and disciples. Turn that sword sect and pill sect upside down!” Darryl said with red eyes.

Anyway, I have to go through Jianzong to Mixu Canyon, and take revenge for Master.


Nangong let out a sigh of relief, with a calm look, and shook his head: “Forget it.”


Darryl’s expression was startled, and he was stunned.

Nangong Jue smiled and said faintly: “At first I also thought about revenge, day and night, but then I looked away. Speaking of it, I was young and vigorous at the beginning, and I had to pursue something first in the world. Relying on the high skill of swordsmanship and defeating the leaders of Jianzong and Danzong, it will arouse their hatred.”

After a pause, Nangong looked desperately at the sky, looking very calm: “Later, I figured it out, what if Jianzong and Danzong were destroyed? When is the so-called wrongdoing, this matter. I have put it down. Besides, I’m lame now, and leaving here, I will inevitably be made fun of by the world. It’s better to stay in this canyon forever. With the sky as the cover and the earth as the bed, I am happy, so happy? Haha, hahaha!

Speaking of this, Nangong Jue burst into laughter. Perhaps it was a breeze that blew his eyes red.


Darryl didn’t want to say anything, but sighed secretly.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Nangong waved his hand and said hoarsely.

“Master, I…” Darryl stood there, staring at him blankly.

“I’ll let you go!” Nangong Jue shouted loudly, with a firm voice!

“Then…then let’s go Master.”

After more than ten minutes of silence, Darryl finally spoke.

Seriously, he really wanted to take Nangong Jue out. After all, as soon as he and Krista left, the master was alone again.

But he also knew Nangong Jue’s temperament. Decided not to go out, no matter what you say, it will not change.

Nangong nodded silently and stood up: “Little ba5tard, hurry up and let me go. Man man, I must be more decisive in doing things. I’m tired and I’m going to sleep.”

When the voice fell, Nangong turned around. Walked to the cave not far away, that cave was his resting place.

Darryl clenched his fists, his nose was a little sour.

At this time, Krista was also uncontrollable. Tears flowed out, looking at Darryl: “My son, do we really want to leave?”

I feel so reluctant..

Darryl exhaled and nodded helplessly.

Master didn’t want to leave, he was anxious to go to the Apocalypse Continent, so he still had to leave.

Upon hearing this, Krista wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and shouted at Nangong Jue’s back: “Senior Nangong, I will definitely come back to see you.”

With that, he walked towards the cliff with Darryl.

When he arrived, Darryl said, “Krista, hold me tight.”

Krista responded and hugged Darryl tightly.


In the next instant, Darryl took a deep breath, holding the blood-drinking sword tightly, his internal strength burst out and flew upwards!

When the ascending power gradually disappeared, Darryl used a sword technique, and the sword energy blasted on the mountain wall, with this counter-shock power, rising again!

Darryl took Krista and climbed to a very high place, only to see below the valley, Nangong came slowly, looking up at them, a smile appeared on his face, a trace of wrinkles appeared.

“Little ba5tard, it’s okay, just come back and see Master.”

Nangong Jue’s voice came, and at that moment, Darryl could no longer control his emotions, his eyes blurred instantly, and tears poured down.

Chapter 400

“Master, I will come back to see you. Disciple is gone.” Darryl gritted his teeth and stopped looking at Nangong Jue. He jumped and climbed up!

I don’t know how long it took, Darryl only felt a little bit of loss of internal strength, and finally, when he was about to be unable to hold on. He reached the top of the mountain.


Standing on the top of the mountain, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, indescribably excited. Looking at the vast world in the distance, it feels like a world away.

D*mn, fortunately, met the master and learned his peerless swordsmanship. Otherwise, I am afraid I will be stuck here for a lifetime.

“My son, we are here.” Krista was also very excited. Cheers for joy.

Darryl nodded, then glanced at the deep valley below, and said: “Let’s go.”

With that, he went down from the gentle slope on the other side. Krista bounced and followed.

When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, where he had separated from Sean before, Darryl burst into an unknown fire. Sean, the kid, deliberately pointed the wrong way and brought himself here. To be honest, Darryl wanted to return to Haicheng, so he went to Sean to settle the account.

However, Darryl still held back. The most important thing now is to go to Jianzong quickly, go through the Mixu Canyon, and head to the Apocalypse Continent.

Of course, when you arrive at Jianzong, you must give a sigh of relief for Nangong. The master can take this kind of grudges lightly, but if you are an apprentice yourself, you have to find a place for him if you say anything.

Thinking of this, Darryl took Krista and asked all the way to Jianzong.

Later, it was too tired to walk, so Darryl simply rented a car.

When it was getting dark, Darryl drove the car. Pointing to the woods ahead: “Krista, let’s take a rest here. Sleep in the car tonight.”

“it is good.”

Krista nodded obediently, laid a layer of mattress for Darryl, and then asked: “My son, are you tired from driving? I’ll squeeze your feet later.”

Upon hearing this, a warm current rose in Darryl’s heart.

“Not tired.” Darryl laughed, fell on his seat, closed his eyes, his head was full of Bessie and the teacher’s wife, and couldn’t sleep at all.

Seeing Darryl tossing and turning, Krista gently patted Darryl as if coaxing a child, patting and humming a ballad.

“This dream is so real, there are tears in the corners of my eyes, but they still survive when I wake up~”

“Do you know that, because your heart is broken, you escaped into the empty door~”

“In this life, you are the sweetheart~”

The melody of this song is very nice, coupled with Krista’s tone. Darryl was fascinated and couldn’t help asking: “Krista, what song is this?”

This song is not only beautiful in melody, but also in beautiful lyrics. Especially the last two sentences, in this life, you are the sweetheart.

Krista smiled and said: “My son, this was taught to me by my mother when I was very young. I don’t know the name of this song either.”


Krista was talking, only to hear the sound of footsteps. In a blink of an eye, several people rushed out of the woods, each with a knife in his hand, surrounding the car. This group of people, this is obviously the dress of the bandits.

When he arrived, the boss looked at Darryl and Krista, and slashed on the car!

“Come here. Take out the money.” The boss said coldly. This group of them is obviously not the first time that they have robbed the road, one by one, they are well-trained.

Darryl laughed. The robbers in front of them are not very powerful, and the leader at the head is only a five-stage general. Who gave him courage to rob the road?

“The son…” Krista tightly pulled Darryl’s arm, a little panicked.

Darryl secretly patted Krista’s hand: “Not afraid.”

Immediately afterwards, Darryl rolled down the car window, looked at the boss, and said lightly: “We have nothing valuable, if we can. You can help me.”


What did this kid say?

Several bandits looked at each other, and then the boss frowned and said, “What do you mean, kid?”

“What I mean is, leave the valuable things on you, and then you can roll.” Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, coldly said.

The boss suddenly became angry and yelled: “Are you crazy, right? It’s a big tone, brothers.”

The voice fell. They rushed over first, and the other bandits also rushed forward.

Darryl sighed helplessly. Since you have to die, you can’t blame me.

At this moment, Darryl held the blood-drinking sword and pushed the car door open, and the blood-drinking sword was flying in the air!


In an instant, a terrifying sword aura burst out, directly engulfing several bandits.


Accompanied by a scream, several bandits had no time to react, and they all fell!

Darryl looked indifferent and shook his head. A few small thieves, it is not worth using Tiangang swordsmanship at all.

“The son is great.”

At this moment, Krista calmed down, couldn’t help but cheer, and the next second his eyes fell on the blood-drinking sword in Darryl’s hand. Very surprised: “My son, your sword…”

Seeing the blood-drinking sword, the blood of those bandits was quickly absorbed. Immediately, a flash of blue light faded away.

The blood-drinking sword will be upgraded after sucking human blood. The weapons are divided into seven grades, red and orange. Yellow, green, blue, blue. purple. Each level is divided into five sub-sections.

In the previous bloody battle in the Star-catching Building, the blood-drinking sword didn’t know how much blood was stained, and the current level was already the fifth stage of the green stage. Just one step away, you can reach the blue level!

Darryl smiled and explained to Krista: “This is a sword that can be upgraded. By the way, search them to see if there is anything that can be used.”

After speaking, he walked over first.

Krista responded, and together with Darryl, searched the clothes of several bandits.

“My son, see what this is.” At this moment, Krista took out something from the boss and said in surprise.

I saw that it looked like a piece of white jade, shining brightly.

Darryl stretched out his hand to take it, took a closer look, and suddenly frowned.

This thing is like jade but not jade, with cold tentacles, and magically, it will glow in the dark. Such a peculiar thing, it must be a good thing!

Darryl didn’t think much, he put it away, and then found a lot of money on several bandits.

At this moment, Darryl felt very comfortable. I thought it was just a few small thieves, but I didn’t expect that there were a lot of things on his body.


On the other side, the Apocalypse Continent.

In the vast sea, a sailing boat came slowly.

On the sailing boat, there were two figures standing, it was Qin Shousheng and Lily.

After three days and three nights of sailing, they finally reached the Apocalypse Continent. Both of them were excited at this moment.

“Lily, here we are.” Qin Shousheng said excitedly, then adjusted the sails and slowly drew to the shore.

Lily clasped her hands tightly, her delicate face could not hide her excitement.


Finally arrived at the apocalypse continent.

Husband, where are you, Lily is looking for you.

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