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Chapter 3408

It’s not good to provoke anyone, but to provoke the eldest lady of the Wang family, isn’t this self-defeating?

In less than an hour, large and small resting places in Yunfeng City were searched, but the hotel where Darryl and A Jiu lived was not searched.

Speaking of which, the Wang family has a huge influence in Yunfeng City, but they don’t have the courage to check Li Heihu’s hotel. You must know that Li Heihu’s business spreads all over the entire Kyushu. No matter how rich the Wang family is, in front of Li Heihu, it is only a drop in the bucket.

In a blink of an eye, the night passed.

The next morning, Ah Jiu woke up.

Because of taking the medicine pill, the stubborn diseases on Ah Jiu’s legs were completely eliminated, so the whole person became different.

“woke up!”

Darryl opened his eyes, slowly got up from the sofa, and said to Ah Jiu, “Go wash first, then I’ll take you to breakfast, remember that there is a famous specialty snack in Yunfeng City, you must try one when you come here. taste.”

Ah Jiu nodded.

Soon, the two of them washed up and were ready to leave.

As soon as the door opened, he saw Zhao Liang standing outside with a respectful face.

“Are you two up?”

Seeing Darryl and the two come out, Zhao Liang smiled politely: “I’ve already ordered someone to prepare breakfast, it’s in the restaurant on the roof.” After that, he was about to lead the way.

When Li Heihu left last night, he specially explained that he must treat the distinguished guests well and not make any mistakes. How could Zhao Liang dare to neglect him?

However, Darryl did not keep up, but said lightly: “No, we still have to hurry, let’s eat outside in a while.” Although the breakfast here is good, but the place is too high-end and lacks some fireworks. , Darryl prefers street food stalls.


Seeing Darryl’s refusal, Zhao Liang was very embarrassed, and said with sincerity, “Sir, is our hotel not doing well enough? Please give me some advice.”

At this time, Zhao Liang was very nervous. If the distinguished guests were not satisfied, he was afraid that he would be fired by the boss.

Ha ha…

Seeing his nervous look, Darryl smiled slightly: “That’s not true, you’ve been thinking too much, don’t worry, Li Heihu won’t embarrass you.”

Hearing this, Zhao Liang was secretly relieved.

Then, Zhao Liang thought of something and said, “Excuse me, did you go out last night, sir?”


Darryl was stunned for a moment, and said lightly, “What’s wrong?”

“Is such that!”

Zhao Liang looked complimented and responded: “In the middle of the night yesterday, the local Wang family sent people to search all major places in the city and said that they wanted to arrest a person. I got news that the person they were looking for was very similar to Mr. .”

After speaking, Zhao Liang said seriously: “If the person they are looking for is really Mr., please stay in the hotel temporarily. I will handle this matter. I still have some contacts in Yunfeng City. Don’t be afraid.”

When he said this, Zhao Liang’s eyes were full of expectations.

The person in front of him is the boss’s honored guest. If he can help him get out of trouble this time, even if he has made a great contribution, the boss will definitely reuse himself in the future…

there is this….

Knowing the situation, Darryl couldn’t help frowning secretly.

Interestingly, this eldest lady is really resolute, and she started to act so quickly.

Thinking to himself, Darryl smiled lightly and said to Zhao Liang: “You don’t have to worry about this, the person they are looking for is not me.” He could see that this Zhao Liang was so attentive, he just wanted to perform well and take the opportunity to get Li Heihu’s reuse.

“Gene Era”

If it was normal, Darryl didn’t mind giving Zhao Liang a chance, but now he was in a hurry to return to Donghai City, so he didn’t want to make trouble.

“Okay!” Seeing Darryl say this, Zhao Liang didn’t say more, nodded, and immediately sent Darryl to the door of the hotel. Originally, I wanted to give Darryl a special car, but Darryl refused.

After leaving the hotel, Darryl took Ah Jiu to a famous snack street nearby.

Although it is early in the morning, the snack street is very lively, with various food stalls, one next to the other, fragrant.


Smelling the fragrance, Ah Jiu couldn’t help sniffing her nose: “It smells good!”

As he spoke, his stomach also growled.

Ha ha..

Seeing her appearance, Darryl couldn’t help laughing: “The gluttons in your stomach have been hooked out, don’t worry, I’ll let you eat enough later.”

Chapter 3409

With that said, Darryl took Ah Jiu to the most famous breakfast restaurant.


After finding a place to sit down, Darryl shouted at the boss, “Take two of the most famous ones here!”


The boss responded, and after a while, two breakfasts came up.

At this time, Ah Jiu couldn’t wait, she picked up a handful of buns and started eating, the corners of her mouth were full of oil, and she didn’t look like a little girl at all.

Darryl looked at her with a smile: “Eat slowly, and no one will rob you.”

Ah Jiu nodded and said vaguely, “The last time I ate steamed buns was half a year ago. I forgot what steamed buns tasted like, it’s really fragrant.”

Hearing this, Darryl had a smile on his face, but his heart was full of discomfort.

Such a small child has suffered so much.


Thinking to himself, Darryl just wanted to comfort him, but at this moment, he saw a commotion not far away, and then he saw dozens of men in black, each holding a portrait in his hand, Check along the way.

Seeing this scene, many passersby gave way in panic.


Darryl could clearly see that the portraits in the hands of the men in black were acquainted with him in Jiufen. Obviously, it was the subordinate of the eldest lady of the Wang family that he met last night, who came to search him.

Realizing this, Darryl did not panic at all, sitting there motionless.

Soon, several men in black came to the front, and they were stunned when they saw Darryl. Then they compared the portraits, and they were even more refreshed.

“It’s him!”

“Good boy, I finally found you.”

Excited, the men in black called their accomplices, who surrounded Darryl.

Immediately, the headed man in black looked at Darryl coldly: “Boy, you were the one who provoke our eldest lady last night, you are not too timid.”

Since last night, these men in black have searched almost the entire Yunfeng City. They were exhausted, and their hearts were full of anger. At this time, they finally found Darryl. Naturally, they did not look good.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and said slowly, “Provoking your eldest lady? This is a mistake, I saved her life last night.”

Seeing him so calm, the man in black was stunned for a moment.

This man is very courageous, he is not chaotic in the face of danger..


At this time, the surrounding guests also hid in the distance and pointed at Darryl.

“I heard that last night, the Wang family was looking for someone everywhere, so it turned out to be him.”

“To make the Wang family make such a big move, it’s not a small thing for this kid to do something wrong.”

“Looking at his clothes, there should be no background. If he dares to provoke the Wang family, I’m afraid of trouble.”

Under the discussion, they are not very optimistic about Darryl’s fate. After all, the Wang family is in the entire Yunfeng City, but their hands and eyes can reach the sky.

Finally, the man in black at the head reacted, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense at the time, and said to Darryl: “Boy, I won’t talk to you. If you dare to provoke our eldest lady, you should know the consequences and go with us.”

“The First Minister of the Ming Dynasty”

Strong tone, unquestionable.

Darryl sat there, as steady as Mount Tai: “What if I don’t go with you?”

When the words fell, Ah Jiu also curled her lips: “That’s right, why should I go with you?” Although she was young, she had been wandering around the world since she was a child, and she had seen many scenes, so she was not nervous at all.

“Ha ha!”

Seeing this scene, the leading man in black smiled coldly: “It’s pretty tough.”

Said, the man in black first looked at Darryl, then looked at Ah Jiu, and finally said to Darryl: “Boy, I know you have some strength, if you really do it, maybe we really can’t catch you. Get up, but there is a little girl beside you.”

“Can you guarantee that when we fight, can you protect her integrity?”


Hearing these words, Darryl was stunned for a moment, and he pondered secretly.

That’s right, his strength has not fully recovered. If he really does it later, he is not afraid of these men in black, but he cannot ensure the safety of Ah Jiu.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl slowly stood up and said to Ah Jiu, “Are you full?”

Ah Jiu wiped the corner of her mouth: “I’m full.”

Darryl nodded: “When we’re full, let’s go to this Wang’s house as a guest.”

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