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Chapter 3410


Ah Jiuren was a big kid, and when he saw Darryl say this, he stopped talking nonsense and nodded immediately.

Darryl looked back at the leading man in black: “Let’s go, lead the way ahead.”


Seeing that Darryl was not at all flustered, the man in black couldn’t help but secretly admired, then he greeted his companions, and took Darryl two and quickly returned to the Wang family.


On the other side, the Royal Villa.

In the villa hall, Wang Qing and her father Wang Kun are welcoming a distinguished guest.

If Darryl saw it, he would definitely be stunned.

Because this distinguished guest is none other than Zhu Bajie, but at this time Zhu Bajie is no longer the suave and handsome look that he used to be. A month ago, Shennong changed his appearance and became a stable uncle.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment, Wang Kun had a full smile on his face, and said to Zhu Bajie: “Sir, you are coming to the poor house, and you are welcome. You must stay here for a few days this time.”

The voice fell, and Wang Qing next to him also said: “Yes, Master, my father just got a batch of good tea from Diyuan Continent recently, you must taste it.”

With that said, Wang Qing picked up the teapot and brewed tea herself.

Speaking of which, the Wang family has been engaged in business for generations, and rarely gets involved in the arena. Originally, there would be no interaction with Zhu Bajie. However, half a month ago, a business opponent, in order to deal with Wang Kun, secretly sent a killer to kidnap Wang Qing. At that time, Zhu Bajie passed by and saved him.

Wang Qing has been practicing since childhood, but she has never met a famous teacher. Seeing Zhu Bajie’s extraordinary performance, she proposed to be a teacher at that time.

A beautiful beauty took the initiative to apprentice, and she was still a rich lady, so Zhu Bajie naturally did not refuse. However, because of something at that time, after the apprenticeship ceremony, Zhu Bajie left.

But today, Zhu Bajie passed by Yunfeng City, and thought that there was a beautiful apprentice here, so he stopped by the Wang family.

Soon, the tea was brewed.

Wang Qing brought it over graciously and handed it to Zhu Bajie: “Master, try it.”


Zhu Bajie nodded approvingly, took a sip of the tea, and said with a smile, “Not bad, not bad!” It was wonderful to have a beautiful apprentice serving him.

Hearing Master’s praise, Wang Qing raised her eyebrows and took the opportunity to say, “Master, you are not allowed to leave so soon this time, you must teach me some stunts. You don’t know, my apprentice almost recruited people last night. “

“Devouring the Starry Sky: Sign In to God”

Thinking of last night’s experience, Wang Qing was very angry.


Hearing this, Zhu Bajie was stunned: “Who dares to bully my apprentice?”

“One is the robber Jiang Yang, and the other is more cunning, pretending to be a mountaineer.” Wang Qing bit her lip and told the general situation.

After speaking, Wang Qing hugged Zhu Bajie’s arm and swayed like a spoiled child: “Master, you must teach me some tricks.”

“Good good…”

Zhu Bajie couldn’t be bothered, so he just nodded with a smile: “I’ll teach you your stunts in a while, and make sure that next time you encounter this situation, you won’t be restrained everywhere.”


Seeing Zhu Bajie agree, Wang Qing couldn’t be more happy.

At the same time, Wang Kun next to him also said with a smile: “Mr. is willing to teach me this naughty daughter, I am really grateful. If you have any requirements, please feel free to mention it.”

Zhu Bajie smiled and nodded.


Just as he was talking, a man in black walked in quickly from outside the door, his face full of excitement: “Miss, we caught the kid you said.”


Wang Qing was stunned for a moment, and was immediately very excited. She couldn’t wait to say: “Quick, bring it in.”

When she was talking, Wang Qing’s delicate face was cold and gloomy, and the figure of Darryl appeared in her mind. This bas*** took advantage of me last night and extorted so much money from me. This time it’s in my hands. Come on, see how I treat you.

“Yes, miss!”

Hearing the order, the man in black responded and walked out of the hall quickly.

As soon as his forefoot left, Zhu Bajie also stood up and said with a smile: “Teacher, Master, please go to make it easier, come when you go.” After that, he went to the bathroom at the back.

Wang Qing responded and watched Zhu Bajie leave.

After a while, Darryl and A Jiu were brought in.

Chapter 3411


As soon as he entered the hall, Darryl saw Wang Qing at a glance, and greeted with a smile: “Don’t come and be safe, I didn’t expect us to meet so soon.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ah Jiu couldn’t help but whisper, “She’s going to catch you, she’s so pretty.”


Seeing that Darryl was still able to laugh at this time, Wang Qing’s face flushed red, and she was very embarrassed.

At the same time, Li Xue, who had been standing beside him, came out at this moment, pointed at Darryljiao and shouted, “You liar, I didn’t expect to be caught so quickly by us.”

“Let me tell you, those who are sensible should kowtow to our young lady to make amends, or else you will cry later.”

Resolute attitude, no doubt.

Wang Kun sat there with a gloomy face, and didn’t even look at Darryl.

In his eyes, Darryl and A Jiu were little characters in the world, and they were not qualified to ask him to interrogate him.


Facing Li Xue’s attitude, Darryl sighed and said slowly: “What you said is really inexplicable. Last night, if it wasn’t for me, you would have been defiled by that Jiang Yang robber. In other words, I am your benefactor. How did you become a liar?”

Li Xueqiao blushed and couldn’t help pouting: “You are obviously a cultivator, but you pretend to know nothing, and you deliberately don’t give us acupuncture points, what are you not a liar?”

At the same time, Wang Qing also spit out two words: “Shameless.”

When she thought of the scene where the other party gave her acupoints last night, Wang Qing was shy and angry. This bas*** just didn’t understand the acupoints, and took advantage of her for nothing.


Facing the accusation, Darryl looked innocent and smiled bitterly: “What you said is even more wrong. From the beginning, you all called me ‘poor and sour mountain people’, and did not regard me as a cultivator at all. I had no choice but to cooperate with you, how could it be all my fault in the end?”


Hearing this, Li Xue was furious, but could not refute it.

Wang Qing is also angry.

Because Darryl was right, at the beginning of last night, they regarded Darryl as a nearby mountaineer. After all, his clothes were too ordinary and too shabby.

But…. this is not the reason why he is playing tricks.

Soon, Wang Qing was the first to react, and she was too lazy to talk nonsense at the time, so she said coldly to Darryl: “Stop talking nonsense, and quickly take out the documents.”

This bas*** took advantage of me and deceived me tens of millions. He must not be allowed to succeed.

Although 50 million is not a lot of money for Wang Qing, it cannot be given to someone who is disgusting.

Wang Qing had thought about it. First, she had to go back to the handprint she had printed last night, and then she would teach him a lesson.


At this moment, Darryl scratched his head and said with a smile: “I can’t give it to you even more, you promised me last night, how can you go back on it?”

To be honest, fifty million is nothing to Darryl, but it will not be easily returned to Wang Qing.


Seeing that Darryl was not cooperating at all, Wang Qing lost his patience and shouted tenderly, “If you don’t take it out, then I’ll have to cut off your hands, and don’t even look at where it is.”

With that said, Wang Qing was about to call the men in black outside to do it.


However, at this time, Zhu Bajie came out of the bathroom at the back and said with emotion: “This high-end toilet is convenient and comfortable.”

With that said, Zhu Bajie smiled at Wang Qing and said, “Good apprentice, have you finished handling your affairs? After finishing, Master will teach you your unique skills.”

At this time, Zhu Bajie’s attention was completely on the beautiful apprentice, and he hadn’t noticed Darryl yet.

What the hell!

Darryl saw Zhu Bajie at a glance, and was stunned. Why is he here?

“It’ll be ready soon.”

Wang Qing smiled and responded, “Master, wait a moment, I’ll finish teaching this bas***, let’s start.”

Saying that, Wang Qing looked at Darryl with a smug look on her face: “Stinky bas***, don’t think that you are strong, and my Wang family will not dare to do anything to you. Tell you, my master is very powerful, you better be honest.”

To be honest, seeing Darryl’s strength last night, Wang Qing was a little afraid, but at this time, the master was there, so she was not afraid at all.

However, upon hearing Wang Qing’s words, Darryl did not panic at all, but instead smiled.

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