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Chapter 4050

Ha ha!

Darryl played around for a while and couldn’t help sneering secretly.

With this little ability, you dare to come out and engage in the assassination? What a shame to go home.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl lost his patience, urging his figure to rush in, and shot like lightning.

bang bang bang…

Almost in the blink of an eye, several men in black were all knocked into a coma, falling to the ground one by one, unconscious.

After getting these men in black, Darryl lay down on the sofa again and continued to close his eyes.

A few hours later, the sky was bright.


At seven o’clock in the morning, Wang Xiaoman pushed open the door and walked out. He was shocked when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that several men in black were lying on the floor, their eyes closed, as if they had passed out. On the sofa next to him, Darryl was lying there comfortably.


Hearing the movement, Darryl opened his eyes and smiled at Wang Xiaoman: “It’s still early.”

Seeing him so calm, Wang Xiaoman only felt confused, and pointed at the few people lying on the ground: “This… what’s going on?” When he spoke, Wang Xiaoman was inexplicably nervous.

Looking at it like this, it must be someone sent by Zheng Qiang.

“It’s all right!”

Darryl waved his hand with a relaxed expression: “These little thieves are too stupid. They broke in last night to arrest me, but they got into a fight…”

Your own fight?

Hearing this, Wang Xiaoman was even more puzzled. The people sent by Zheng Qiang couldn’t be so stupid.

“Let’s go!”

Just when Wang Xiaoman was secretly suspicious, Darryl stood up and said with a smile, “It’s almost time, let’s go somewhere.”

“Where to?” Wang Xiaoman was stunned.

Darryl said slowly: “I’ll introduce you to a new job.” The business meeting started at nine o’clock, and it was just past time.


Wang Xiaoman’s tender body trembled, and she looked at Darryl in disbelief: “Don’t be ridiculous, Zheng Qiang sent someone to my place last night, how can I still work in this place?”

Having said that, Wang Xiaoman couldn’t help but glance at the few people lying on the ground.

More importantly, how could the person sent by Zheng Qiang still be in a coma in his own home?

“Don’t panic!”

Darryl looked at her seriously: “You have to believe me. For someone like Zheng Qiang, the more you avoid him, the more he will pester you. You can only let him stop thinking about it.”

Having said that, Darryl walked over and pulled Wang Xiaoman involuntarily: “Come on, let’s drive over, I’m not familiar with this place, and I still need you to be the driver.”


Hearing this, Wang Xiaoman’s mind became even more confused, and before he could react, he was pulled out of the door.

When he got to the car soon, Wang Xiaoman reacted, his delicate face was full of anxiety: “Don’t be fooling around, Zheng Qiang is very powerful in the local area, we can’t all beat him.”

Darryl smiled slightly: “Lang Lang, the evil does not overwhelm the good.”

Hearing this, Wang Xiaoman was stunned for a moment, and was immediately stunned by Darryl’s aura. That’s right, in broad daylight, no matter how strong Zheng Qiang is locally, it’s impossible to mess around in public.

Muttering in his heart, Wang Xiaoman couldn’t help but look at Darryl.

This guy is… so unpredictable.


Seeing her in a daze, Darryl urged with a smile: “The business meeting is about to start. If you can’t catch up, your new job will be ruined.”


Wang Xiaoman was in a mess, but he still responded and started the car.

On the way, Wang Xiaoman calmed down: “You just said a business meeting? What business meeting?”

Darryl scratched his head and said slowly, “It’s the business meeting that the CEO of Ase Group participated in. I watched TV last night, and it seemed like I was in some Saint Luo Hotel.”

Estee Group?

Hearing this, Wang Xiaoman’s body trembled, and he was shocked. He stared at Darryl blankly: “You…you know someone from the Ase Group?” When he spoke, Wang Xiaoman’s voice trembled.

You must know that Estée Group is well-known in Kyushu, and it is the vane of the fashion industry. It is said that a small executive of Estée Company has an annual salary of tens of millions.

And the man in front of him, dressed in ordinary clothes, could actually know the people of the Ase Group, which is really incredible.

Chapter 4051

At this time, in Wang Xiaoman’s heart, he thought that Darryl was only a small leader of the company.


Seeing her surprised look, Darryl nodded and said lightly, “I used to be good friends with the boss of Yashi Group, but we haven’t seen each other for several years.”

Darryl is right, he has been walking around the rivers and lakes all these years, and it is true that he has not seen Chen Shishi for a long time.


At this moment, Wang Xiaoman was stunned again, but soon he couldn’t help laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Darryl asked.

Wang Xiaoman’s eyes flickered with complexity, and he looked at Darryl with a half-smile but not a smile: “I read a book before and said that most men like to brag. I didn’t expect you to be more powerful than what is written in the book.”

“The boss of the Estee Group is said to be a beautiful woman, can you recognize him? Stop bragging.”

Seeing that she didn’t believe it, Darryl smiled and didn’t explain much.


On the other side, in the Zheng family villa.

Zheng Qiang was wearing a nightgown, leaning on the sofa, his face covered with ice, and he was in an indescribable embarrassment.

Next to it, several young girls are waiting carefully.

It’s already eight o’clock?

At this time, Zheng Qiang looked at the time, and immediately sat up straight. Last night, he sent someone to teach that kid a lesson, and it should have been done.

When he thought of being beaten up by Darryl in the underground parking lot last night, Zheng Qiang became angry.

The next second, Zheng Qiang took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone number: “How are things going? I didn’t see what time it was? Do you still need me to call you for this kind of thing?”

“Mr. Zheng!”

Feeling Zheng Qiang’s anger, on the other side of the phone, he replied in an uneasy tone: “You calm down, I just called and asked about the situation. The people sent… all passed out at that Wang Xiaoman’s house, And Wang Xiaoman and that kid drove away, and I’m checking their whereabouts.”


Hearing this, Zheng Qiang was furious: “Is your special code a pig? You can’t do this well? A few people can deal with a kid, and he can even let him run away. What’s the use of your special code alive?”

After scolding the last sentence, Zheng Qiang hung up the phone angrily, and said to the girls around him, “Quick, get me some clothes.” The business meeting is about to start, and Chen Shishi from Estée Group is coming, wait Be sure to receive it well.

“Fairy Wood”

A month ago, Zheng Qiang’s family, through hard work, finally negotiated several business cooperation with the Estee Group, and their influence in the local area has increased a lot.

Zheng Qiang has thought about it. He must perform well at the business meeting. As long as he has a good relationship with Chen Shishi, and catches up with the business giant of the Estee Group, He Chou will not make a lot of money in the future…

“Yes, Mr. Zheng!”

Several girls responded in unison, and then dressed Zheng Qiang intimately.

A few minutes later, Zheng Qiang left the villa and drove a luxury car towards the Saint Luo Hotel.


the other side.

Wang Xiaoman drove Darryl and finally arrived at the Saint Luo Hotel.

The San Lo Hotel is the largest and most upscale hotel in the area. The decoration is magnificent, comparable to a palace. What can be consumed here is either rich or expensive.

Today’s business meeting was held here, and I saw luxury cars in the parking lot in front of the door, red carpets on the steps, and cordons on both sides.

Outside the cordon, many local journalists gathered.

The business meeting this time is related to the local economic development. The CEOs of major enterprises have all come, and it can be said that businessmen gather here.


Wang Xiaoman parked the car, and when he saw the scene in front of him, he couldn’t help but get nervous, and said to Darryl, “This kind of business meeting is very strictly managed. We don’t have an invitation letter, can we go in?”

Wang Xiaoman is also regarded as an elite in the workplace, but this is the first time I have encountered such a scene. The old people are all bigwigs. Can you not be nervous?

“You don’t have to worry about this.” Darryl smiled slightly, with a leisurely expression: “Just give me your phone to use later.” Although he hadn’t seen each other for several years, Darryl still remembered Chen Shishi’s phone number.

For others, it would be difficult to enter this kind of business, but for Darryl, it was a matter of making a phone call to Chen Shishi.

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