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Chapter 4072

To be honest, although Darryl did not regain his strength, it was a piece of cake to teach Li Wei a lesson.

However, in order to hide his identity, Darryl still endured it. More importantly, there is no need to waste words with him for someone like Li Wei.


Seeing Darryl say this, Li Wei thought he was cowardly, and nodded with satisfaction: “If you are acquainted with each other, if you encounter trouble in the town in the future, just mention my name.”

When he said this, Li Wei’s face was full of arrogance.

One bad pen.

Darryl cursed secretly, but with a smile on his face: “Okay, I will rely on you more from now on.”

Li Wei stopped talking nonsense, nodded, and greeted everyone to continue on their way.


the other side. Nalan family.

The weather was good and the sun was shining brightly today. It was noon. Usually, Nalan Xinran would rest in the room for a while.

Two days have passed.

In the past two days, Nalan happily followed Shennong’s instructions, put the medicinal herbs into the food and tea in advance, and watched his father take it with his own eyes.

But….Father doesn’t seem to have changed. This made Nalan Xinran very anxious, so he decided to go to his father’s study at noon this afternoon.


At this moment, Nalan Xinran hesitated for a moment outside the study, let himself calm down with a sigh of relief, and then pushed open the door and walked in.

In the study, Nalan Hong was sitting there, closing his eyes and resting.

Seeing Nalan coming in with pleasure, Nalan Hongzheng was stunned: “Xinran, why are you here?”

Nalan smiled happily and said very naturally: “I haven’t talked to my father for a long time, so I just wanted to come and chat with you. Wushuang has been out for a few days, and there has been no news, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

Nalan Xinran knew very well that asking about his father’s body directly would easily lead to suspicion.


Seeing her mentioning Nalan Wushuang, Nalan Hong couldn’t hide his irritability: “This girl Wushuang, for the sake of a foreigner, doesn’t worry about family affairs at all, which makes me so disappointed.”

Saying that, Nalan Hong rubbed his eyebrows.

“Father!” Nalan smiled happily and comforted: “You are still angry with her, after all, she is still young and acts impulsive, and she will be better if she is older, and I think that Tie Bowen is quite good. Yes, listen to Wushuang, before in the Rakshasa, he has been trying his best to protect Wushuang…”

Hearing this, Nalan Hongzheng became more and more irritable, waved his hand and said, “Okay, okay, don’t talk about it.”

Nalan gratefully changed the subject: “Father, calm down, I won’t mention Wushuang. By the way, in half a month, I will have a wedding. You have been working so hard during this time, and I am a little worried.”

“In the future, you will leave the trivial matters of the family to the people below, and take a good rest by yourself.”

When he said this, Nalan gladly kept an eye on Nalan Hongzheng’s expression changes.


At this moment, Nalan Hongzheng was stunned: “Why did you suddenly mention this?”

Nalan gladly took the opportunity and said, “Father takes care of the family’s affairs during the day, and he has to practice at night, how can I not worry?”

Ha ha….

Nalan Hongzheng laughed: “After talking for a long time, you are worried about this. My body is tough, what could be wrong?” At this time, Nalan Hongzheng didn’t know that his daughter had secretly mixed into the meals for the past two days. pills.


Seeing him appearing to be nothing, Nalan Xinran was obviously unwilling to give up, and asked, “Don’t you think that your body has been different from before?”

Could it be that Senior Shennong’s medicinal pills have no effect?

Impossible, that is the medicinal pill developed by the senior Shennong himself, and it is impossible to have no effect at all.

While muttering in his heart, Nalan gladly wanted to ask a few more questions, but at this time, Nalan Hong was yawning and waved his hand: “Okay, it’s nothing to go out first, I want to rest.”


Nalan gladly did not dare to disobey, and responded, and walked out of the study very reluctantly.

Arriving in the garden outside, Nalan happily took out the medicinal pills on his body quietly, and couldn’t help muttering to himself, could it be that the amount of the previous medicines was too small?


Just when Nalan was thinking about this, he saw the door of the study open, and then Nalan Hong was walking out and walking towards the back room.

Chapter 4073


Seeing this scene, Nalan gladly hurriedly put away the medicine pill, and was also suspicious for a while.

In broad daylight, what does my father do in the secret room?

Muttering in his heart, Nalan gladly didn’t have time to think about it, and quickly followed. The backyard secret room is a forbidden area for the entire family, and only the patriarch is qualified to enter. So there are no disciples around.

Soon, Nalan happily arrived at the door of the secret room. Seeing that the door was open, he walked in quietly without any hesitation. When entering, Nalan gladly put his footsteps very lightly, not daring to make the slightest sound.


After entering the secret room and seeing the scene in front of him, Nalan Xinran was shocked and froze there.

He saw that his father, Nalan Hongzheng, was kneeling there very respectfully. In the shadow in front of him, there was a person standing quietly. This person turned his back to Nalan Hongzheng, and his body was filled with a suffocating aura.

Because of the dim light and the fact that the man had his back to the door, Nalan Xinran couldn’t see who it was, but this scene shocked her.

You must know that his father, Nalan Hongzheng, is the patriarch of the Nalan family. His strength is not the top in the arena, but he is also very famous. At this time, he is kneeling in front of a mysterious person.

Who is this mysterious man? What is the ability to make a father drop his dignity….

For a time, countless question marks flashed in Nalan’s mind.

“Nalan Hongzheng!”

Just when Nalan was thinking about this in his heart, the man standing in the shadow slowly opened his mouth and said, “I passed on your formula, how has your practice been during this time?”

The voice was low, giving people an invisible pressure.

Hearing the question, Nalan Hongzheng hurriedly said: “Go back to the master, during this period of time, I have been practicing diligently and did not dare to slack off. Now I have entered the third floor, but there are some places that I don’t understand very well. I also ask the master to help me. Point one or two.”

Having said that, Nalan Hongzheng asked a few questions.

Yes, it was Gone who was standing in the shadows.

After controlling Nalan Hongzheng at the beginning, Gogne passed him a set of formulas to facilitate control. After that, every few days, Gogne would inquire about the progress.


Seeing this scene, Nalan Xinran trembled and became more and more puzzled.

What does father call this man? Owner?

Could it be… is this person who secretly controlled his father? Realizing this, Nalan bit her lip tightly, feeling unspeakable anger in her heart.

No matter who the other party is, if he dares to secretly control his father, he must not let him go.

After making up his mind, Nalan gladly summoned his long sword, walked over quickly, and shouted at Gonejiao, “Who are you? What have you done to my father?”


Hearing Jiao drinking suddenly, Nalan Hongzheng and Gone were stunned for a moment, and looked at them in unison.

At the same time, Nalan also saw Gone’s face with pleasure, and suddenly his body trembled, his mind buzzing and blank.

This… turned out to be Junior Brother Nie Zhan.

In an instant, Nalan Xinran’s mind was in chaos. He thought that someone outside the Nalan family was controlling his father, but he never thought that it was his fiancé.


At this time, Gone was also stunned, and he did not recover for a while. You must know that every time he met Nalan Hongzheng in secret, he was very cautious. He never thought that one day Nalan would happily bump into it. .

And looking at the situation, Nalan Xinran followed him on purpose.

For a while, the secret room was surprisingly silent, and the atmosphere was very solemn.


Soon, Nalan Hongzheng was the first to react and shouted angrily: “Who told you to follow me secretly? Go out.” This secret room is where he and his master discuss matters. No one can come in, not even his own daughter. .

However, how could Nalan Xinran leave? He immediately shook his head and said, “Father, I won’t leave, this time I must settle the matter.”

After speaking, Nalan glared at Gone with delight, and shouted: “Nie Zhan, I’m really blind, I didn’t even see that you are a demon in human skin, you say, why do you want to control my father? What the hell are you doing? Who is it? Come to our Nalan family, what is the purpose, tell me.”

The last sentence, Nalan Xinran almost shouted out, revealing endless grief.

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