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Chapter 4074

In Nalan Xinran’s heart, he thought that he had found lifelong support, but the scene in front of him at this time broke all good wishes.

What made her even more unacceptable was that it was her fiance who controlled her father.


Faced with the questioning, Gone looked complicated, opened his mouth, but didn’t know how to respond.

To be honest, if it were anyone else, Gone would definitely kill him without saying a word, but Nalan gladly was different.

Although Gone is the supreme being of the Demon Race, he is not absolutely ruthless.

When he first decided to marry Nalan, his ultimate goal of Gogne was to control the entire Nalan family, and then slowly revive the demons. Gentle and beautiful human woman standing full.

It can be said that at this time, in Gone’s heart, Nalan Xinran has been regarded as his wife. In this case, the situation in front of him is really difficult to explain.


Seeing that Gone was speechless, Nalan Xin became angrier the more she thought about it, and immediately shouted: “You lied to my feelings, and you want to harm my father, I want to kill you.”


When the last word fell, Nalan flickered with delight, and the long sword stabbed straight at Gone’s heart.

Watching Nalan Xinran stab with his long sword, Gone’s face showed a bit of bitterness, standing there, motionless, without any intention of dodging.

Although Nalan Xinran’s sword was sharp, it was difficult to hurt Gone.

“Don’t think that if you don’t hide, I will forgive you.” Nalan bit her lip and said coldly, while speeding up.

Seeing this sword, he was about to stab Gone. Suddenly, Nalan Hong shouted, rushed over, raised his hand and hit the back of the sword.

Dang bang.

Nalan Xinran only felt a burst of force, the long sword flew out of his hand, fell to the ground, and his delicate body was also shaken back a few steps.

The moment she stabilized her figure, Nalan happily stared at Nalan Hongzheng: “Father…why did you stop me?” She clearly felt that the palm of her father just now contained 90% of her internal strength. Almost burst out.

She is his daughter, yet he actually took such a heavy shot.

At this time, Nalan Xinran didn’t know that Nalan Hongzheng’s spirit was completely controlled by Gone. Under this premise, everything Nalan Hongzheng did would be subject to the master, and the rest was not important.

Not even a biological daughter.

“Dare to be rude to the master, impudent!” Nalan Hong shouted angrily, then suddenly raised his hand and slapped Nalan Xinran’s face.


With a crisp sound, a five-fingerprint appeared on Nalan’s happy and delicate face.

Nalan covered his face with pleasure, the whole person was stunned, and the grievance could not be expressed: “Father, he has ulterior motives and controlled you, why do you still help him?”

It’s just that Nalan Hongzheng at this moment has completely lost his mind, and roared: “You bas***, you dare to be rude to the master.” The voice fell, and Nalan Hongzheng had to do it.

At this moment, Gone sighed, turned on the electricity, and directly clicked on Nalan Hongzheng’s faint point.


At this moment, Nalan Hong’s eyes darkened, and he fell to the ground in a coma.

Seeing this scene, Nalan was delighted and furious, and stared at Gone tightly: “You bas***, what have you done to my father?” Gone shot was too fast just now, and she didn’t even see what happened.


Gone took a deep breath and said bitterly: “Xinran sorry, I lied to you, I controlled your father, but it was helpless…”

Just before he finished, he was interrupted by Nalan Xinran.

“Shut up!” Nalan Xinran trembled, and shouted: “You don’t have to argue anymore, I have to kill you scum to eliminate the harm of Jianghu.” After the words fell, Nalan Xinran picked up the long sword and pointed at Ge again. Nirvana stabs away.


Gone sighed softly, and had no choice but to urge the figure to dodge back.

At the beginning, Nalan was pleased and full of confidence. After all, the opponent had no weapons in his hands, but gradually, he felt that something was wrong. No matter how fierce the move, Gone could easily dodge it.

Chapter 4075

How could this be?

For a time, Nalan Xin was secretly shocked, looking at Gone’s eyes, in addition to resentment, there was some incredible.

How could Nie Zhan’s strength be so strong?

At this time, Nalan Xinran didn’t know yet that Gogne had been hiding his strength before.


Nalan quickly regained his senses and looked at Gone in a complicated way: “Who the hell are you?”

Gone took a deep breath and said slowly: “I will not hide it from you until now. In fact, I am not a human, but the Supreme Being of the Demon Race. I am lurking in the Nalan Family, just looking for an opportunity to revive the Demon Race.”


Hearing this, Nalan’s body trembled with joy, and he almost couldn’t stand, and his mind was buzzing.

He…he turned out to be the Supreme Being of the Demon Race.

In recent years, although Nalan Xinran seldom walked around the rivers and lakes, Edward knew clearly about the chaos of the rivers and lakes with the descendants of the demon race.

For a time, Nalan Xinran was completely stupid.

In her heart, the demons do all evil, they are extremely evil beings, she never thought that one day there would be one lurking beside her, and they were the supreme beings of the demons who made God’s Domain extremely jealous.


Just when Nalan was delighted to be shocked, Gone’s eyes showed a look, and slowly said: “I didn’t mean to deceive your feelings, speaking, I really wanted to use you at first, but later I found out that I had already in love with you.”

“So, for the wedding in half a month, I am sincere. I will take care of you for the rest of my life…”

Hearing these words, Nalan Xinran was not moved at all, but shook his head again and again.

“Put away your fake face.” After a few seconds, Nalan said coldly and happily, “Do you think I will believe your words? You are a demon, I am a human, we will not be together, I would rather die than Will become your puppet, at your mercy.”

The last word fell, and Nalan happily clenched the long sword and stabbed at his heart.

Nalan Xinran has a tenacious personality. She knows that she is not Gone’s opponent. At this time, she is already determined to die.


Seeing this scene, Gone was shocked, and immediately rushed up to knock down the long sword, and then slapped Nalan Xinran on the back of the neck. Nalan Xinran didn’t have time to react at all.


At this moment, Gone sighed, quietly watching the unconscious Nalan Xinran, unable to calm down for a long time. Also a bit funny.

He is the supreme being of the demon clan, his status is detached, and he is not even afraid of the ancestors of the prehistoric land, but just now, he panicked because of a human woman. Could this be fate?

At this moment, Nalan Hong, who was next to him, woke up, and when he saw the situation in front of him, he said in a panic: “Master, calm down, my daughter is really bold…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gognie waved his hand: “You go out first. I’ll handle it!”

“Yes!” Nalan Hong responded, obediently exiting the secret room.


As soon as his forefoot left, Gogne took a deep breath and watched Nalan gladly fall into contemplation again.

The beloved woman does not accept herself, and she will die.

This situation is even more difficult than the battle with God’s Domain at the beginning…

Forget it, let’s cast soul control first.

After some entanglement, Gone mobilized the power of the demon soul and put his hand on the top of Nalan Xinran’s head…


On the other side, the Yellow Sea Continent.

On the mountain path, Darryl and Li Wei walked slowly forward, each carrying a bamboo basket.

I saw that the bamboo basket behind Darryl was empty, while Li Wei and the others contained some herbs in the bamboo baskets. As long as they found herbs along the way, Li Wei and the others would let Darryl explore the way first. , After confirming that there is no danger, Li Wei and a few went to collect them in person.

Li Wei did this naturally because he wanted to go back, so that he could show off to Su Xueying.


At this time, Li Wei became more and more tired as he walked. He found a stone on the side of the road and sat down, cursing, “I remember this one with Ganoderma lucidum. Why did I search for it for a long time, but I didn’t see any of it. It’s really evil.”

With that said, Li Wei directed at Darryl and said, “Hey, go look around, find Lingzhi and call us.”

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