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Chapter 4076


Seeing his aloof appearance, Darryl was very angry.

This kid, he really treats me as a free errand boy…

However, although Darryl was very upset, he didn’t care, nodded and walked towards the woods next to him. Of course, he didn’t really look for Ganoderma lucidum, but planned to find a place to rest.

Soon, Darryl found a grass in the woods, lay down decisively, closed his eyes and rested.

Li Wei, these idiots, ask me to run errands every time.

Time passed by minute by minute.

Li Wei and the others waited on the mountain road for more than an hour, but they didn’t see Darryl coming back. They were all irritable.


At this moment, Li Wei stood up impatiently: “What trick is this kid doing? He won’t come back for so long.”

The voice fell, and several companions next to him also spoke.

“Is this kid tired of being called, and secretly ran back to Taihetang?”

“Just like his unpromising appearance, dare you?”

“Let’s go, let’s go and find…”

After some discussion, several Li Wei entered the woods and began to look for Darryl, shouting loudly as he looked.

Ha ha…

Hearing the shouting, Darryl opened his eyes and smiled.

The boys finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

Then Darryl stood up slowly and waited for Li Wei to approach.

At this….

After a while, Li Wei and a few saw Darryl and quickly surrounded him, all of them couldn’t hide the anger on their faces.

“Boy!” Li Wei spoke first: “Have you found Lingzhi?”

Darryl shook his head: “No.”


Hearing this, Li Wei was very angry and scolded: “Ma De, I didn’t find Ganoderma lucidum, why did you come back quickly, so we waited for you for a long time.”

The voice fell, and several companions followed.

“Mad, are you being lazy, kid?”

“You don’t see a drop of sweat on his face, he must have slept here just now.”

“I think it’s also…Mad, this kid needs to be beaten.”

Li Wei’s face became more and more gloomy when the comments of his companions came, and he looked at Darryl coldly, gearing up: “Ma De, kid, are you kidding me?”

With that said, Li Wei was about to rush over to start.

In Li Wei’s eyes, Darryl is just a messenger in Taihetang. He has no status or status. He can do whatever he wants to do.


Seeing Li Wei waving his fist and rushing in, Darryl frowned secretly, and suddenly became a little angry.

This kid really thought I was being bullied.

Thinking to himself, Darryl was about to fight back, but in the end he held back. Forget it, he couldn’t reveal his strength, otherwise, the Qin Tianjian would soon find out.

Mad, continue to endure.

Thinking to himself, Darryl pretended to be panic and took a step back: “Brother Li, don’t fight, I didn’t find Ganoderma lucidum, but I found other elixir.”

When he said these words, Darryl’s eyes flashed with slyness.

Other elixir?

Hearing this, Li Wei stopped and looked at Darryl coldly: “What elixir?”

Darryl raised his finger and pointed to the grass not far away: “There, those with pink flowers are very rare elixir. If Xueying sees us collecting so many, she will die of joy.”

In fact, those are not spirit grasses, but a wild flower called ‘Aya vanilla’, which is favored by wild bees because of its strong aroma.


Hearing this, whether it was Li Wei or a few of his companions looking over, they didn’t notice that there was a wild beehive hidden on a tree a few meters away from the wild flowers.

Speaking of which, although Li Wei often went to Taihetang to help, he knew only a handful of herbal medicines. At this time, seeing what Darryl said was serious, some were skeptical.

“First Evolution”

Darryl nodded again and again: “Of course, how could I lie to Brother Li?”

“Ha ha…”

Li Wei no longer doubted, and immediately laughed and waved his hand: “Brothers, hurry up, pick up these elixir.” Today’s harvest is quite a lot, and Xueying will definitely be very happy when she returns.

The last word fell, and Li Weidang walked over first and began to collect Aya herbs.


A few companions followed closely behind, collecting Aya herbs and putting them in the bamboo baskets on their backs.

Chapter 4077

Seeing this, a smile appeared on Darryl’s face.

Li Wei, this bas***, in order to behave in front of Su Xueying, he used me all over the place, and he was completely regarded as the younger brother in the lead. This time, when I got the opportunity, I had to teach you a good lesson.

At this time, Li Wei and the others were still happily collecting Aya herbs. During the collection, the fragrance of the pollen of Aya vanilla filled the air, and in the beehive not far away, countless wild bees were about to move.


Soon, thousands of wild bees flew out of the hive and flew towards Li Wei and the others. These wild bees depended on the nectar of Aya vanilla to survive. Now Li Wei and others have almost stripped the surrounding Aya vanilla, and these wild bees instantly All were enraged.

“What’s going on?” Li Wei couldn’t help muttering when he heard the beep, then looked back subconsciously.

my mother…

Seeing this, Li Weiwei paled in shock, and before he could greet his companions, a dozen wild bees threw him in the face.


This kind of wild bee sting is very painful. More than a dozen wild bees attacked together. Li Wei screamed miserably on the spot, fell to the ground with his face covered, and kept rolling.

At this time, the surrounding companions relaxed and saw thousands of wild bees, like a black mist, their legs were weak. At that time, they wanted to escape, but it was too late.

“Whoops, my face…”

“It hurts to death…”

“Where did so many wild bees come from?”

For a time, Li Wei and the others were crying and howling.

In less than ten seconds, Li Wei’s face was stung like a pig’s head, and his voice was hoarse. Seeing Darryl standing not far away, he couldn’t help shouting, “Ma De, did you do it on purpose?”

Darryl looked innocent: “Brother Li, I didn’t know there were so many wild bees here.”

Saying so, Darryl’s heart blossomed with joy.

Ha ha….

Tell you to bully others, the taste of wild bees is not good.

At this time, Li Wei, with nowhere to vent the evil fire in his stomach, shouted: “Shao special code nonsense, don’t be stunned, quickly find a way to drive these wild bees away.”


Darryl scratched his head, looked very embarrassed, and smiled bitterly: “Brother Li, there are so many wild bees, how can I drive them away? In this way, I’ll go back and call someone, you guys just persevere first.”

When the last word fell, Darryl turned around and ran.

A bunch of idiots, still want me to help? What are you daydreaming about, I have gone back to rest, you can enjoy it slowly here.

In the blink of an eye, Darryl disappeared on the mountain trail.

Li Wei wanted to stop it, but it was too late. Watching Darryl walk away, Li Wei scolded secretly, and had to ask his companions to find a way to deal with the wild bees, but there were trees around and no water, so there was nowhere to hide.

I don’t know how long it took, the wild bees finally receded, Li Wei and several people were stung all over their faces, all of them got fat, and they all lay on the ground half-dead, almost dying.


At this time, Li Wei looked at the time and found that more than an hour had passed. Only then did he realize that he was brushed by Darryl, and his heart was very angry.

Good boy, dare to play with me, wait until I go back and see how I teach you.


On the other side, Darryl hummed a little tune and returned to Taihetang.

Su Xueying was cleaning up in the hall, and when she saw Darryl coming back alone, she was stunned: “Why are you back alone?”

With that said, Su Xueying looked at Darryl’s empty bamboo basket and frowned, “Didn’t you go to collect Ganoderma lucidum? Why don’t you have one?”

Ha ha…..

Darryl smiled lightly: “The herbs collected are all stored in Li Wei’s bamboo baskets. Speaking of which, Li Wei and the others are really diligent and good people. I’m afraid you are too busy by yourself, so let me first. came back.”

Hearing this, Su Xueying froze for a while, frowning secretly.

People like Li Wei know how to bully others, when did they become so good?


Just when Su Xueying was thinking about this, Darryl stretched his waist: “I’m really tired after walking on the mountain road for a long time. I’m going to take a rest first.”

Having said that, Darryl put down the bamboo basket and went to the backyard room to rest.

Su Xueying didn’t think much about it and continued to work in the hall.


An hour later, several of Li Wei came back, panting and dirty, their faces stung into pig heads, and they looked indescribably funny and embarrassed.

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