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Chapter 41

“What kind of medicine is this?”

Elisa asked curiously.

Darryl wanted to say that this is called the Immortal Pill, but after thinking about it, this is the first time he has practiced this thing by himself, and he doesn’t know if it is really effective, so he casually said: “I don’t know, it’s a friend of mine. Give it to me.”

Elisa was speechless.

You don’t know what it is, just let me eat it?

However, despite some doubts, Elisa took it and put it in his mouth.

Darryl looked at her closely, with a trace of expectation in his eyes.

One minute later, Darryl asked: “How is it?”

Elisa shook his head: “No feeling at all.”


Darryl cursed secretly.

What immortal pill can help cultivators break through the bottleneck, all special codes are deceptive.

Seeing the embarrassment on Darryl’s face, Elisa didn’t take it to heart, but he still told Darryl: “Fortunately, I have a strong physique. People.”

Having said this, the police called and Elisa was about to go out.

Darryl couldn’t stay here, so he bid farewell to Elisa.

As soon as she drove out of the community, Lily suddenly called.

“Where are you?” After connecting, Lily’s tone was panic and anxious: “Something happened at home.”

“What’s the matter?” Darryl asked with a move in his heart.

“My dad’s overseas friend, Tony, suddenly disappeared. My dad took the family’s money, all…Forget it, I won’t tell you.” Before finishing speaking, Lily hung up the phone irritably.

Lily didn’t understand what she was doing calling Darryl.

Although he has recently found a job and is a little more motivated than before, how can he help with such a big thing?

Shaking her head, Lily rushed to Liu’s villa immediately.

Darryl was hung up by Lily and didn’t care at all, but shook his head and smiled.

Then I thought of Liu Wensheng, using Liu’s money for investment.

That Tony, clearly unreliable, must be a scam.

It’s just that everyone in the Liu family fell into the eyes of money at the time, and now it’s time to let them suffer.

But… Lily is Liu Wensheng’s daughter, and she will definitely be implicated at that time.


Thinking about it, Darryl took a deep breath.

Forget it, it’s a couple, I’ll help you once.

After making up his mind, Darryl opened the phone book and dialed a number.

“Mr. Yue.”

After the other party received the call, his tone was extremely respectful.

“Xiao Kai, there is something, you need to do it for me.” Darryl said lightly.

Xiaokai’s full name is Peng Kai and he is the CEO of Shenglong Technology. On the surface, he is the boss, but the real boss is actually Darryl.

Five years ago, Darryl Investment established Shenglong Technology and gave all the power to Peng Kai for management.

In five years, Shenglong Technology has gradually expanded from a small company to one of the leading companies in the industry.

Of course, many people don’t know these, including the Yue family.

“Mr. Yue, please give orders.” Peng Kai answered without even thinking about it.

Like Xiang Riyue and Li Heihu, Chen Kai had nothing at the beginning. If it were not for Darryl’s eyesight, he would still be a small employee in a small company.

Darryl sighed lightly: “You immediately arrange to send someone to the Liu Family in Donghai City…”

A few minutes later, after quietly listening to Darryl’s instructions, on the other end of the phone, Peng Kai nodded: “I understand, Mr. Yue, I will do it right away.”


Liu Family Villa.

At this time, the entire Liu family would gather in the lobby of the villa, completely messed up, and the old grandmother sat there with a gloomy face.

Liu Wensheng stood there with a face full of shame and panic.

Around, everyone in the Liu family gathered around Liu Wensheng and condemned the deduction as if they were criticizing prisoners.

“Liu Wensheng, it’s all because of you!”

“Before you vowed to make money, but what happened?”

“I know, what Tony you said is not reliable, sure enough…”

“No matter what, you must give us an explanation today.”

The more they talked, the more angry they became, their eyes breathed fire, and they almost ate Liu Wen alive.

“Don’t worry, there must be a solution to this matter.” Lily, who stood by, said anxiously.

Can you not hurry at this time! The huge Liu family is about to go bankrupt because of his father!

Alexandra also hurriedly said: “Yes, it’s all a family, don’t be so excited for now.”

However, no one around them paid any attention to their mother and daughter.

At this time, the grandmother looked at Liu Wensheng with great disappointment: “Wen Sheng, you disappointed me so much. Tell me, what should I do with this matter?”

Liu Wensheng cried and almost came out in pain: “I didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Tony, who said he was missing, was missing. I’m trying my best to find him.”

“Liu Wensheng, how do I feel that all this is like a trap you deliberately set?”

At this time, no one in the crowd said something.

One stone caused a thousand waves of waves, and immediately everyone else agreed and screamed.

“Yes, you must have partnered with that Tony and cheated us of our money.”

“Quickly, where is that Tony?”

“It’s quite similar, Liu Wensheng…”

Liu Wensheng was crying and almost crying: “I really don’t know where Tony is. I am also a victim. Besides, how can I unite with outsiders and lie to my family?”

However, everyone did not buy it, and the more they talked, the more excited they were, almost all of them had to do it.

At this moment, a voice remembered, with a bit of panic: “Grandma, it’s not good, Bai Yiyun, the elder of the White family, is here, and there are other customers who are cooperating with us, all are here.”

As soon as the voice fell, I saw a few people walking in.

Headed by the Bai family, Chang Bai Yiyun.

“Grandma, I think it is necessary to suspend the project that our two have just cooperated.” Bai Yiyun walked forward, looked at the grandma, and said straightforwardly.

The old grandmother’s face stiffened: “Patriarch Bai, why do you suddenly stop cooperating?”

At this time, Guo Jing, the CEO of Dading Group, came out with a teasing smile on his face: “Grandma, our cooperation has also ended, and don’t pretend to be confused. We have all received the news, you Yun Chu The group, recently, invested all its funds overseas, and lost all of its money.”

After a pause, Guo Jing continued: “Now your company’s funds have been completely cut off.”

“Yes, your group is about to become an empty shell, what else can you cooperate with us?” Guo Jing just finished speaking, the boss of another company said loudly.

Seeing this situation, the old woman trembled and forced a smile and said, “Everyone, please listen to me. The situation of our Yunchu Group is not as serious as you think. It’s a matter of cooperation…”

Before the grandmother finished speaking, Bai Yiyun shook her head and interrupted: “Grandma, you don’t need to explain, none of us are fools. For the sake of our previous cooperation, we don’t want the follow-up remuneration for this project Yes, you can give us the previous deposit first.”

“Yes, there are ours.”

“I don’t want to wait until your Yunchu Group goes bankrupt. It will be too late to come and ask for it then.”

At the same time, Guo Jing and other partners also spoke one after another, and their tone was beyond doubt.

At this time, everyone in the Liu family stopped doing it.

“Patriarch Bai, you are just like this.”

“Yeah, how can you do this?”

“When our Yunchu Group was good before, you took the initiative to come over and cooperate one by one. Now that we are in trouble, you come to collect debts. It’s like a villain…”

Faced with the accusations of the Liu family, Bai Yiyun, Guo Jing and others were also unwilling to show weakness. For a time, the two sides quarreled in the villa lobby.

The grandmother almost fainted, and finally patted the table: “Okay, don’t make any noise.”

When everyone on both sides calmed down, the grandmother took a deep breath and looked at Bai Yiyun. She said sincerely: “Patriarch Bai, Mr. Guo, since it’s here, I can’t say anything. I’m old. , Just as you give me a face, how about a few days of grace?”

Bai Yiyun and Guo Jing looked at each other, and then Bai Yiyun nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll give you three days to spare. Grandma Liu, you know Li Heihu, Chen Shishi, Wu Dedao, these people, it’s definitely not bad for us. Money, right?”

After saying this, Bai Yiyun turned and left the hall.

“Yeah, Mr. Bai is right. Grandma, when you celebrate your birthday, those big people will come to give gifts, and they will help you. Three days later, we can’t get the money, let’s see in court.” At this time, Guo Jing I put a sentence and left too.

Then the other partners also left one after another.

At that moment, the grandmother slumped in the chair, her face as gray as death.

The debts owed to these customers amounted to hundreds of millions in three days, where would I get it from? Those people Wu Dedao didn’t even know him! When I was born on my own birthday, why did they come to give gifts, I don’t know!

Chapter 42

The grandmother shook her head, what can we do, is the Liu family going to be destroyed? !

At this moment, a well-dressed young man with good temperament walked in slowly.

In an instant, the eyes of everyone in the Liu family focused on the youth.

“You are…” The old woman frowned. The person in front of her was very strange, not like she had collaborated before.

Moreover, this temperament… unlike ordinary people.

The young man smiled slightly, and the gentleman nodded to the grandmother: “My name is Peng Kai and I am the president of Shenglong Technology.”


When Peng Kai spoke, the audience was shocked.

The old grandmother couldn’t help but stood up, her eyes trembled.

Shenglong Technology, that is the super leader in the new media field, and external rumors, Peng Kai, the president of Shenglong Technology, also sees the end of Shellmound, and rarely appears in front of the media.

Such a big man actually came to Donghai City? He also took the initiative to visit Liu’s house.

This…what’s the situation? !

Peng Kai laughed as he watched Liu’s reaction. , Liu’s family in Donghai City is only a second-rate family. If it weren’t for Mr. Darryl to let himself come, he wouldn’t have dealt with the Liu family in this life.

“Excuse me, Mr. Peng, who suddenly came to our Liu’s house, what can I do?” At this moment, the old grandmother barely showed a smile on her face, and asked nervously.

Faced with the boss of a big company like Peng Kai, even the grandmother has no confidence to speak.

The gazes of everyone in the Liu family around him also looked at Peng Kai closely, with complex expressions, and at the same time they did not dare to breathe.

Could this Peng Kai also come to collect debts?

That’s not right, its own Yunchu company seems to have never cooperated with Shenglong Technology.

At this moment, everyone murmured secretly in their hearts.

Under everyone’s attention, the two men in black behind Peng Kai brought a chair from the side.

Peng Kai smiled slightly. After sitting down leisurely, he looked at the grandmother and said: “Old lady, I am here this time to discuss a cooperation with your Liu family.”


Hearing this, everyone around was in an uproar.

Many people were a little nervous at first, but at this moment they secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time there was a trace of excitement that could not be restrained on their faces.

After cooperating with Shenglong Technology, Liu’s current difficulties can be easily overcome.

The grandmother was also extremely excited, and said excitedly: “I don’t know Mr. Peng, how do you want to cooperate?”

Peng Kai showed a smile again on his face, and said slowly: “The cooperation is very simple. I know that your Liu family has all broken capital chains, so I brought one billion.”


Seeing Peng Kai’s relaxed tone, many people around him were shocked again.

Sure enough, it is rich and powerful, and it will cost one billion at any time.

What is the total assets of the Yunchu company of my own Liu family?

In shock, many people looked at Peng Kai’s eyes and immediately became hot.

With this billion, the debts of Bai Yiyun and Guo Jing can be easily repaid, and Yunchu can expand its scale.

Just now, Bai Yiyun’s group of people fell into trouble. They didn’t expect that our Liu family would return to the salty fish to turn over, and let’s fish over the dragon gate.

The grandmother is also very excited.

However, at this moment, Peng Kai’s next sentence directly brought everyone back to reality.

“These billions are all for the Liu Family to tide over the current difficulties, but there is a condition.” Peng Kai said with a smile.

The grandmother hardly thought: “What are the conditions, Mr. Peng, please say.”

“I want your 51% of the shares of all industries under the Liu family.” Peng Kai said word by word.


The old grandma’s smile froze on her face.

Everyone in the Liu family also stayed for a while.

Fifty-one percent of the shares… This is equivalent to selling all the decision-making power to Peng Kai.

In other words, the Liu family enterprise seems to be still in the hands of the Liu family, but it is Peng Kai who really holds the lifeline.

This… isn’t going to get into trouble anymore, it’s taking advantage of the fire to rob.

But this Peng Kai can be considered very courageous, with a shot of one billion.

For a time, the entire hall of the villa was deadly silent, almost audible.

“Mr. Peng…this, this condition is really a bit…” At this moment, the old grandma reacted and said with a difficult tone.

Peng Kai shook his head with the same expression on his face, and said lightly: “Old lady, you know the current situation of your Liu family better than I am.”

As he said, Peng Kai looked around and continued: “I think, apart from me, no one can help you through this difficulty all at once, so you think about it, and to be honest, I have no friendship with your Liu family. If it weren’t for Mr. Yue’s face, I wouldn’t come here in person.”

Mr. Yue?

Hearing Peng Kai’s words, everyone in the Liu family was shocked, and at the same time they frowned and thought deeply.

It’s this Mr. Yue again.

Who is this Mr. Yue?

The old grandma couldn’t sit still, and asked with emotion, “Mr. Peng, may I ask this Mr. Yue…”

Before the grandmother finished speaking, Peng Kai shook her head and interrupted: “Old lady, you should consider the immediate matter first. My time is precious, and I will give you five minutes at most.”

The old grandma stopped talking.

The situation facing the Liu family at the moment is completely exhausted. Without the money, the Liu family would be finished.

Although the conditions he put forward were somewhat unacceptable, at least it would give the Liu family a chance to breathe.

Moreover, after cooperating with Shenglong Technology, the future prospects of Liu’s enterprises are also immeasurable.

After some entanglement, the old grandmother breathed a long sigh of relief and nodded at Peng Kai: “Okay, I agree.”

“Grandma, this can’t be agreed.”

“Yes, if we agree, we will not have the right to speak in the Yunchu company in the future for the Liu family.”


At this moment, everyone in the Liu family spoke one after another, each with an extremely anxious expression.

Although the cooperation of Shenglong Technology is conducive to the development of the Liu family, without more than half of the shares, everyone in the Liu family is equivalent to working for Peng Kai.

“Enough, shut up!” The grandmother stood up with a cold face and exclaimed angrily: “That’s all for this matter, don’t talk about it.”

Seeing that the old lady was angry, everyone in the Liu family suddenly shut up, and no one dared to come out to oppose it.

Peng Kai smiled slightly and turned the money over.

Half an hour later, outside the Liu’s villa, in a luxury RV, Peng Kai dialed Darryl’s number.

“Mr. Yue, the Liu family’s affairs are done!” After the call was connected, Peng Kai respectfully spoke.

“Very good! No other business, Xiaokai, please do your own work.”


On the phone side, Darryl was in the office of Ziyu Company, flipping through the “Yin Yang Darryl Shui Jue” in his hand, and heard Peng Kai’s report with a satisfied smile on his face.

After hanging up the phone, Darryl continued to read.

I have to say that the content in this “Yin Yang Darryl Shui Jue” was so interesting that it completely attracted Darryl.

As for the “Promise Pill Technique”, Darryl was really speechless. Elisa actually said that the immortal pill he had practiced was useless. It can be seen that this Promise Pill Art is purely a lie.

At this time, the phone rang suddenly. It was from Elisa.

“Darryl, what is the name of the medicinal pill you gave me? I made a breakthrough, and I am now a fighter!” After connecting, Elisa couldn’t wait to say it, his tone was extremely excited before Darryl spoke. And excited.


Darryl was startled, and then cheered up.

Haha… It seems that this “Wu Ji Dan Shu” is not nonsense and deceptive, but true.

Excited in his heart, Darryl tried his best to calm himself down, and said to Elisa, “Well, my friend gave me a gift. I don’t know what it is called.”

“Oh!” Hearing Darryl’s answer, Elisa was a little bit disappointed, but still said: “Then you meet that friend in the future, you must ask carefully. Also, if he still has that kind of medicine, please trouble you. Can you help me get a few more?”

At the end of the talk, Elisa’s tone was obviously imploring.

D*mn it, do you think this is chocolate? How much do you want?

Darryl smiled secretly, but still agreed. Since this immortal pill is so effective, take advantage of your free time to practice a few more. Anyway, the materials for alchemy are all that can be seen on a daily basis. This immortal pill wants as much as possible. Haha!

In the afternoon, Darryl bought a clay pot, and all the materials needed for the Shenxian Pill, and returned to the company violently.

When I entered the office, I happened to see Han Yue coming in to report on the work.

Seeing Darryl sweating profusely and carrying a large bag of things in his hand, Han Yue was startled: “President, what are you going to do?”

While talking, he looked surprised at the clay pot that Darryl had bought.

Darryl said casually: “Nothing, I feel a little uncomfortable for the past two days, so just buy some Chinese medicine and boil it.”

Han Yue said, “Then I will help the president make medicine.”

Darryl shook his head: “No, I can do it myself. By the way, if there is nothing important for a while, don’t come in and disturb me.”

“I see, President!” Han Yue responded, put the report materials on the table, turned and walked out of the office.

When walking out of the office, Han Yue couldn’t help muttering in her heart.

What’s wrong with the president? He still needs cactus to make medicine?

After Han Yue left, Darryl began to refine the Immortal Pill.

There were a lot of materials prepared this time, and half an hour later, Darryl successfully refined two Immortal Pills.

At this time, the phone rang, and it was from Banson, the elder of the Yue family.

Since the last time he took the money to help his family tide over the difficulties, Banson had not called himself.

Darryl sat on the boss’s chair, slowly lit a cigarette, and then answered the phone: “Uncle, what’s the matter this time?”

When there is nothing wrong, I just ignore it, and think about myself when there is something wrong.

This was the Yue family’s consistent attitude towards themselves, and Darryl didn’t bother to care about it.

“Mr. Darryl, it’s a good thing this time!” Banson smiled and said.

Good thing?

What good things can you do with me.

Darryl murmured secretly.

Chapter 43

Banson smiled and said, “Your brother Wang Yan is getting married tomorrow. I’m here to inform you that I will come to the wedding tomorrow.”


Hearing this, Darryl was surprised and delighted, and almost jumped up from his chair.

“Well, I’ll be there tomorrow morning.”

Immediately, Darryl responded and hung up. Unspeakable joy in my heart.

Yes, this is indeed a good thing, not only a good thing, but also a great happy event.

Wang Yan, two years younger than Darryl, is Darryl’s younger brother.

Darryl has no blood relationship with him. He grew up in Yue’s family and was the godson of Banson. It can be said that in the entire Yue family, the one who is closest to Darryl is Wang Yan.

Thinking that when Darryl was expelled from the family, Wang Yan, who was still in college, rushed home from school that night to support Darryl.

It’s just that Wang Yan’s status as an adopted son doesn’t have much right to speak in the Yue family, so no one listens to his words.

But Darryl kept this matter in his mind.

So this wedding, you have to go anyway, and you have to prepare a big gift.

Early the next morning, Darryl drove back to Yue’s house.

To attend Darryl’s wedding, Darryl specially customized a suit last night and asked Han Yue to prepare a gift.

At this time, Darryl was refreshed, and the joy in his heart was happier than he was getting married.

East China Sea Coast Villa.

A lot of luxury cars have been parked outside the villa. Inside the villa, there are many lights and festivities.

Wang Yan’s wedding was extremely beautiful, and almost all the people in Donghai City were invited.

Those who enter and leave here are all in suits and leather shoes, carrying gifts: carved dragon blue and white porcelain, Ming Dynasty inlaid gold bowls, famous calligraphy and painting, and some even directly brought a thick pile of cash as gifts.

At this time, Wang Yan, dressed as a groom, was welcoming guests at the door of the villa with his bride Zhang Jiajia.

“Second brother!”

When he saw Darryl getting off the car, Wang Yan smiled and ran over to embrace Darryl.

“Jiajia, this is the second brother Darryl I have been telling you all the time, call your second brother quickly.”

“Hello, second brother!” Zhang Jiajia said with a polite smile on her face.

Darryl nodded and looked at Wang Yan and Zhang Jiajia.

I haven’t seen him for a long time. The older Wang Yan is, the more handsome he is. Although Zhang Jiajia, my younger brother and sister, saw her for the first time, we can tell that she is gentle and virtuous.

“Xiao Yan, grown up.” Darryl patted his shoulder, his eyes were a little red. Really watched this kid grow up. Now that he is married, time is so fast.

“This is my gift.” Darryl laughed and handed the gift over.

The hall was already full of people. The patriarch Banson was wearing a dress and was chatting with the guests with a smile.

Standing next to Darryl’s sister-in-law, Patsy, and eldest brother Clint Yun, both were in full costumes.

Seeing Darryl coming in, Banson came over and greeted with a smile: “Little wind is here.”

Darryl nodded, and just as he was about to speak, a strange yin and yang exclaim came from the side.

“Oh, isn’t this the son-in-law of the Liu family.”

This voice is exactly the sister-in-law Patsy.

At this time she was wearing a pair of black tights, her s3xy figure was vividly outlined.


Hearing the words “Going Son-in-law”, many people around were holding back a smile, secretly aiming at Darryl. For a time, many people’s eyes were cast over.

Darryl frowned secretly.

Although her sister-in-law Patsy was pretty, she was very mean. When she was still in the Yue family, she often looked for various reasons and criticized herself, saying that she was inferior to her elder brother Clint, and she was unworthy to manage the family company or something. At the beginning, he was expelled from the family because Patsy fanned the flames.

Looking at everyone around him and pointing to himself, Darryl smiled indifferently.

Patsy didn’t even bother.

Darryl’s attitude made Patsy frown and express contemptuously: “Hey, when he was kicked out of the family, he was like a bereavement dog. He even went to Liu’s house to be a door-to-door son-in-law. Now people come back like a dog. I thought I was a person?”

The words are contemptuous, so mean and mean.

Banson walked over, frowned, and whispered to Patsy: “It’s at the wedding banquet, don’t you say a few words.”

Wang Yan couldn’t stand it anymore, and stepped forward: “Sister-in-law, how can you say that to your second brother? The second brother was expelled from the family because he bought shares in the oil company. It turns out that the second brother’s decision was That’s right, how many times the oil shares have now doubled…”

Patsy curled her lips and sneered, “That’s just because of his luck.”

Everyone around also snickered.

It must be a sh!t luck, a door-to-door son-in-law who was expelled from the family, relying on sh!t luck, the shares he bought at the beginning increased, so he came back to pretend to be a comparison? Think you are a successful person?

Many guests couldn’t help but laugh. I had long heard that the second young master of the Yue family was expelled from the family and became a door-to-door son-in-law, but he didn’t expect to have the face to come back.

At this time, the eldest brother Clint came over and nodded at Darryl: “Second brother, just come back, don’t pay attention to what your sister-in-law said.”

Saying that, Clint’s expression showed a trace of indifference.

Although the two were brothers, they had nothing in common since they were young. Later, Clint got married and married Patsy. The two communicated less, and even under the influence of Patsy, the gap between the two brothers became deeper and deeper.

Darryl didn’t speak, and nodded.

However, at this time, an anxious voice came!

“Quick, come on, Mr. Yang fainted!”

“how so?”

Accompanied by a few exclamations, many guests dispersed in a panic, and their expressions were extremely complex and solemn.

I saw a woman in a tuxedo lying on the floor. She looked like a woman in her thirties, she was graceful and s3xy, but her eyes were closed tightly and she lay motionless there.

“Mr. Yang?”

Seeing this scene, Banson looked panicked.

The woman’s name is Yang Jing, who is the general manager of the Black Wolf Security Group and a man in Donghai City! The Black Wolf Security Group is strong in contracting the security work of all high-end communities in Donghai City, and even the bank escort.

The so-called security group is just a name. Those who work in Anbao Group are all mixed social. It’s just called security.

When it comes to Yang Jing, one has to say that her younger brother Yang Long is the emperor of Donghai City!

Yang Jing was invited to attend Wang Yan’s wedding.

Now that Yang Jing fainted at the wedding banquet, something really was going to happen, and the whole Yue family could not shirk the blame!

At this time, Clint and Patsy also hurriedly heard the sound.

Seeing the situation, Patsy shouted anxiously: “Hurry up, is there a doctor?”

“I… everyone, let me have a look.”

At this time, a tall woman walked out of the crowd. This woman was extremely gentle, and many men looked straight.

Seeing the woman, Patsy smiled with joy: “It’s Director Xue, come on, please.”

Banson and Clint beside him were also relieved.

This beauty is called Evelyn. She is the director of the First Hospital of Donghai City. She graduated from a prestigious medical school and has excellent medical skills. People in Donghai City call it a genius doctor!

With her, everyone in the Yue family seemed to have taken a reassurance.

The expressions of the other guests around were also relieved.

Evelyn squatted down, looked at Yang Jing’s situation, and said, “Maybe there are too many people in the hall, causing chest tightness and poor breathing.”

With that said, Evelyn motioned the crowd to evacuate, and then pinched Yang Jing’s group with her fingers.

After doing this, Evelyn asked someone to get a wet towel.

Everyone didn’t dare to neglect, and followed Evelyn’s instructions to do them one by one.

But no one noticed, Darryl on one side frowned.

The reason why Yang Jing fainted is probably related to this villa, right?

The villa is surrounded by mountains and rivers, which is not bad, but there is a gossip mirror hanging at the door. At this time, the typical yin and evil house can easily let the yin qi into the body.

Yang Jing lay on the ground, without the slightest intention of waking up.

“what happened?”

“Does Mr. Yang have an acute illness, right?”

“Shhh, you don’t want to live anymore? What nonsense?”

Many people in the crowd began to talk in low voices.

Banson realized that the situation was not good, and hurriedly stepped forward and asked: “Director Xue, how is it?”

Evelyn’s face showed a trace of embarrassment, her eyebrows frowned, and then she said: “Mr. Yang’s situation is not good, I think it’s better to rush to the hospital.”

Banson nodded quickly, and then ordered people to prepare the car quickly.

At this moment, Darryl squeezed out the crowd and said lightly: “You don’t need to go to the hospital, it won’t be possible to go to the hospital. It will also delay the condition.”


Hearing this, everyone present was in an uproar, and at the same time, everyone’s gazes looking at Darryl also flickered strangely.

Director Xue is helpless. What is your son-in-law doing?

Chapter 44

Evelynxiu frowned and looked at Darryl: “You are…”

Before Darryl could respond, a voice rang from the crowd: “This kid is the son-in-law of the Liu family, one who eats soft food. Director Xue ignores him.”


As soon as the voice fell, there was a burst of laughter around him.

Darryl ignored the sneers of everyone around him, and said lightly: “I am Darryl, and Wang Yan who is holding the wedding today is my younger brother.”

Evelyn’s eyes flickered and her tone was indifferent: “Have you studied medicine?”

Darryl shook his head.

“Darryl, what are you doing? Director Xue said that people are going to be sent to the hospital. What are you going to mess with? Do you know how to see a doctor? You want to die, don’t impede our Yue family.” Sister-in-law Patsy stood up and pointed. Darryl said.

In terms of words, it is obvious that Darryl and Yue Family have been separated from each other.

Who is Yang Jing in a coma?

That is a woman of the elder sister level! There are thousands of people in the security company under him.

And her younger brother Yang Long is not even more annoying.

Something really is going to happen, let alone Banson’s bad luck, the whole Yue family will be implicated.

Banson also frowned: “Darryl, don’t be fooling around.”

Darryl shook his head and gave him a look to signal not to be nervous.

At this time, Evelyn also laughed: “Darryl, I have never studied medicine. Are you slanderous here? Are you questioning my medical skills?”

After checking Yang Jing’s condition just now, Evelyn, based on years of clinical experience, can conclude that Yang Jing is definitely suffering from a sudden illness, and the best way is to rush to the hospital.

And the poor boy in front of him, who had never studied medicine, was so ridiculous, it was ridiculous.

Darryl smiled faintly, and pointed to the gossip mirror hanging on the wall of the hall: “In fact, Mr. Yang is not sick at all, just guilty of evil spirits.”

After speaking, Darryl talked freely: “The layout of this villa is very good in feng shui. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers. It was originally a pattern of wind and water, but with such a gossip mirror, it was completely messed up. Invasion of evil spirits is the easiest to attract evil spirits…”

At the end of the talk, Darryl looked relaxed: “Just take this gossip mirror off, and then move Mr. Yang to the edge of the pond outside, and use the water in the pond to blast him, and Mr. Yang will be fine.”

Darryl Shui?

Did you commit the evil spirit?

In an instant, everyone was stunned when they heard Darryl’s counter-theory.


At this moment, I didn’t know who it was, he laughed all of a sudden, and then the audience boiled!

“Oh, that’s a real laugh. Listening to what you mean, it is because of this gossip mirror that President Yang fainted?”

“Hahaha, all nonsense!”

“Be a silly son-in-law, right?! Hahaha!”

Many people ridiculed. At this time, someone even shouted at Banson: “Mr. Yue, your cousin, have you been a door-to-door son-in-law for a few years?

As soon as he said this, everyone laughed again.

Banson’s face was blue and white, embarrassed, when did the dignified Yue Family Patriarch have been so mocked.

Sister-in-law Patsy laughed and pointed to Darryl’s nose and cursed: “Shut up, do you know how this gossip mirror came from? It’s an ancient relic from the Song Dynasty, which has been appraised by a master and has the effect of avoiding evil and exorcising evil. , Your elder brother paid a high price and bought it from an antique dealer. Give it to Wang Yan as a wedding gift. It is to hope that he will be happy and happy. If you take it down, take it down?”

Darryl didn’t even look at Patsy, and said lightly: “The thing is good, it’s just hanging in the wrong place.”


Seeing Darryl insisting on his own opinion, Patsy’s chest rose and fell sharply, and he was almost yelling at him.

Seeing the Yue family arguing by themselves, everyone around looked at the excitement with joy.

Evelyn sighed and looked at Banson: “Mr. Yue, I am a doctor, and I have already suggested it. As for how to do it, your Yue family will figure it out. Anyway, Mr. Yang really has a long and two shortcomings, but it has nothing to do with me. “

With that, Evelyn stepped aside.

Banson suddenly became entangled.

Originally, Banson also believed that Darryl must be talking nonsense, but after thinking about it carefully, with Darryl’s personality, he wouldn’t be so messy. How could he be considered a member of the Yue family? This Yang Jing is really going to happen, he There is no relationship between the two.

Thinking like this in his heart, Banson pondered, a little hesitant.

At this moment, Wang Yan walked over with an embarrassed look, and whispered to Darryl: “Second brother, if you want me, let’s send President Yang to the hospital.”

Darryl smiled slightly and looked at him: “You don’t believe me either?”

At this moment, feeling the confidence in Darryl’s eyes, Wang Yan was startled, then nodded, and then stepped on the chair under everyone’s attention, and took off the gossip mirror on the wall.

“Wang Yan, you are particularly sick? Why did you follow this door-to-door son-in-law to mess around?”

Patsy complained from the side.

Wang Yan ignored her, and the brotherhood that grew up together made Wang Yan believe in Darryl unconditionally.

“Quickly, tell Mr. Yang to help the outside pond.” After removing the gossip mirror, Wang Yan shouted at the waitresses in charge of the wedding banquet.

The waiters were stunned and hurried over to get Yang Jing out.

Seeing this scene, many people around secretly shook their heads.

It’s nothing more than Darryl’s crazy talk, why this Wang Yan’s brain is also dysfunctional?

“What’s wrong with my sister? Get out of here!”

At this moment, a cold voice came from the gate of the villa. A man wearing a black suit and matching floral shirt walked over quickly, followed by a dozen brawny men in black half-sleeves!

Under the young man’s clothes, a black dragon tattoo is very eye-catching!

Yang Long! Yang Jing’s younger brother, Yang Long! The number one man on the road!

As soon as he appeared, all the guests present closed their mouths with a respectful look.

“Made, what do you Yue family want to do? Why don’t you send my sister to the hospital?” When he reached the pond, he looked at Yang Jing who was still unconscious, sitting on the chair, and Yang Long shouted with a grim expression.

“Brother Yang, don’t get excited, listen to my explanation first.” Banson wiped the sweat from his forehead and said nervously.

Without waiting for his next words to come out, Patsy suddenly walked out and said courageously: “Brother Yang, originally we were planning to send your sister to the hospital, but he had to stop him. This has nothing to do with our Yue family. what.”

Speaking of the last sentence, Patsy raised her hand and pointed towards Darryl, her face full of contempt and disgust.


Yang Long turned his head, his eyes locked on Darryl, and said coldly: “The son-in-law of the Liu family? Why are you doing this?”

Darryl said indifferently: “Your sister is fine at first, but he will wake up after a while.”

Seeing what he said so relaxed, Yang Long’s eyes jumped: “Little girl, don’t pretend to be fools with me. What’s wrong with me? I’ll tell you, if something really happened to my sister, I promise you won’t To the sun tomorrow.”

Immediately, Yang Long glanced at Banson coldly: “Including your Yue family, don’t try to separate the relationship.”

Yang Long’s voice was like a cold wind in the deep winter. Everyone present heard it and felt chills in their hearts.

No one dares to question! Because with Yang Long’s power, it is completely possible!

Banson also looked aside, and smiled bitterly: “Brother Yang, I…”


At this moment, Yang Jing sitting by the pond snorted softly.


Woke up? !

Doctor Xue couldn’t cure her, but when she took off the gossip mirror, she woke up unexpectedly? !

Although shocked, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, I woke up, otherwise, the whole Yue family would really be harmed by Darryl.

Everyone thought that Yang Jing had woken up by herself, and that what Darryl said was simply irrelevant.

As for the guests, let alone talk about it, from the beginning to the end, they thought that Darryl was talking nonsense.

At this moment, Yang Long walked over with concern on his face: “Sister, are you okay? What’s the matter?”

Yang Jing clutched her forehead, seeming to be very confused: “I don’t know, but suddenly my eyes go dark and I don’t know anything.”

Hearing this, Yang Long frowned, and at the same time looked back at Darryl.

Darryl sat over, smiled slightly, and said to Yang Jing: “Mr. Yang, you have committed a sinister evil. Think about it, did you see something before you fell unconscious?”

Mad, still playing tricks?

Yang Long’s face sank again. He was about to rush to fight Darryl.

As a result, Yang Jing murmured: “Before I passed out, I was looking at a gossip mirror on the wall, and I found it interesting, and then…”


The surrounding guests, as well as everyone from the Yue family, were in an uproar, and their eyes instantly gathered on Darryl’s body.

Gossip mirror?

D*mn it, really? !

Chapter 45

Is this a coincidence, or does this son-in-law really understand?

Darryl smiled slightly, and nodded at Yang Jing: “That’s right. Although the gossip mirror is a good antique, it conflicts with the Darryl Shui pattern of this villa. The reason why Mr. Yang fainted was caused by this gossip mirror. Yes. So no matter how good Ms. Xue’s medical skills are, she cannot be cured.”

These words made Evelyn bow her head. Originally I looked down on Darryl. But now, I can see that they are really capable. Moreover, he didn’t cure Yang Jing, and Darryl’s words made him save face.

While talking, Darryl was also quietly looking at Yang Jing.

I have to say that although this woman is over thirty, she is well maintained. At first glance, she looks like she is in her early twenties. She has a hot body and is extremely s3xy and charming.

Yang Jing and Yang Long don’t look like ordinary people, their auras are very strong! Could it be…

Their brothers are also cultivators? Or, which disciple of the school?

Yang Jingxiu frowned: “Mr. Darryl, as you said, why was I the only one who fainted? Among the guests here today, I was not the only one who looked at the gossip mirror? Why are they all okay?”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone around them also reacted and questioned one by one.

“Yeah. I also watched it at the time. Why am I okay?”

“I also watched it.”

“I said it a long time ago, this kid is just playing mystery.”

Darryl ignored the surrounding questions and looked at Yang Jing with a deep expression: “This is Mr. Yang’s own problem.”

“My question?” Yang Jing asked.

Yang Long next to him became impatient: “Why is there something wrong with my sister, please make it clear.”

Darryl smiled slightly and looked at Yang Jing and asked, “I take the liberty to ask, is President Yang having menstruation today?”

Yang Jing bit her lip tightly, then her face flushed, revealing a trace of unnaturalness.

“D*mn’s, kid, are you deliberately looking for trouble? Are you looking for death?” Yang Long finally couldn’t help it, Huo Di stood up, glaring at Darryl.

This kid has been pretending to be a fool, but now he dares to ask his sister this kind of privacy question in front of so many people. It is simply tired of life.

At the same time, several burly bodyguards were also preparing to surround themselves.

“Retreat!” At this moment, Yang Jing motioned to the bodyguards to retreat, then bit her lip, and whispered a little shyly: “I…I did come today.”

Darryl nodded: “That’s right, it’s a taboo from the perspective of Darryl Shui, but it’s not a big problem, it’s all right now.”

At this moment, Yang Long finally understood something and didn’t say anything anymore.

Moreover, it is impossible for a person with the identity of Yang Long to apologize to Darryl, but took a deep look at Darryl, and then helped Yang Jing back to the villa lobby.

A storm passed without risk, and the surrounding guests returned to the lobby without watching it.

Everyone in the Yue family looked at Darryl with complicated eyes, and none of them came up to celebrate.

In their hearts, Darryl was just a blind cat and a dead mouse, and it was just a mistake.

Darryl Shui is all a lie.

As long as Wang Yan’s face is full of reverence and joy.

When everyone returned to the hall, Wang Yan took Darryl’s arm and admired it: “Second brother, you are so amazing, you know all these mysterious things, you don’t know, I was also nervous to die just now.”

Darryl laughed and patted Wang Yan on the shoulder: “Stupid boy, you don’t want to think about it. Today is your day of rejoicing. Can I do anything wrong?”

At the next banquet, everything went smoothly and the guests enjoyed themselves.

When Wang Yan got married, the Yue family was very happy, and even the eldest brother Clint frequently persuaded him to drink. , Said a lot of blessings.

Wang Yan himself was too excited. He was almost dry, so before the banquet was over, he was drunk and unconscious, and was helped into the room to rest.

After the banquet, Darryl and Banson bid farewell and left.

As soon as they walked out of the villa, two men in black greeted them.

“Mr. Darryl, our Brother Long invites you to come over.”

When he reached Darryl, one of them spoke blankly, and the other made a gesture of please.

Obviously, the Long Brother they talk about is naturally Yang Long.

Even the bodyguards under him are so aggressive, which shows how powerful Yang Long is in Donghai City.

But Darryl didn’t care about this, smiled faintly, and followed the two of them into the car.

A few minutes later, came to a private estate.

Although it is far away from the sea, the decoration is not inferior to those sea view villas. On the contrary, the layout is rigorous and the atmosphere is everywhere.

The entire manor is in a retro style, with antiques everywhere.

Darryl was led into the front hall, and the two men in black retreated.

Yang Long, who was sitting in the chair, saw Darryl coming in, stood up and pointed to a gift box next to it: “This is my sister’s thank you. Take it.”

He said it was feeling, but Yang Long’s expression didn’t mean the slightest politeness at all, but it was a bit arrogant.

With Yang Long’s position in Donghai City, the entire Yue family is not in the eyes, let alone Darryl? To be honest, Yang Long may not be richer than the Yue family, but the Yue family must be afraid of Yang Long! Because the Yue family is in business, where is Yang Long? Not only do business, but also play society.

Moreover, Darryl was still the son-in-law of the Liu family, and Yang Long looked down on him even more.

Darryl didn’t care about his attitude at all, nodded, and walked over to take the box.

At this moment, Darryl noticed that a black and white finger was enshrined on the offering table next to it. The finger was like jade but not jade, giving people a sense of mystery.

Behind the finger, stood a wooden sign with a few words written on it.

Darryl recognized the two words’Tianshan’ in the front, but the back was too scribbled, and could not be seen at all. This finger, it looks like a thing, a super antique.

At this moment, Yang Long said, “Darryl, right? At Wang Yan’s wedding banquet before, my sister and I could see that you are half a cultivator, and you should have taken some special pill. So the system is much stronger than the average person.”

Darryl was startled.

Can you be seen by them if you take Qiankun Pill by yourself?

It seems that they are also cultivators, and they are from the Tianshan School.

Thinking about it, Darryl nodded and smiled: “Sure enough, it’s meticulous.”

With that, Darryl opened the gift box, and there was a flower and grass quietly placed in it.

The magic is that this plant is full of vitality with red leaves and green, as if it is still growing in the soil.

I was stunned, and I heard Yang Long speak lightly: “This is called Lingling Grass. After taking it, you can open up the meridians throughout your body and become a true cultivator.”

D*mn it!

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and at the same time he was indescribably excited.

The two sisters and brothers of Yang Long are really generous, and they just give themselves a plant for building spirituality.

But looking at Yang Long’s aloof appearance, Darryl felt very upset.

“Thanks a lot!”

With a faint thank you, Darryl asked kindly: “After taking this Spirit-Building Grass, what realm can I reach? Martial artist? Or a general?”

Yang Long laughed, his eyes flashing with contempt: “You are too naive, and still thinking of generals? You know, practicing one is not as simple as you think. I, Yang Long, practiced for seven years, and now I am only a fifth of martial arts. At the pinnacle level, how can you not be able to break through the generals, you want to reach the generals by eating a spiritual grass?”

The fifth floor of the martial artist?

Darryl laughed secretly.

I thought it was so awesome, it turned out to be the same as Elisa.

With a whisper, Darryl’s heart moved, and he took out an immortal pill from his body.

“I have an immortal pill here that can help you break through the bottleneck and reach the level of a general. I don’t know if Mr. Yang is interested.” The immortal pill swayed in front of Yang Long, and Darryl said slowly.

“God’s pill?”

Yang Long almost didn’t laugh, what a bad name.

Just such a breaking pill, can you make a breakthrough? I’ve been trapped in a Wudan martial artist for three or four years.

Each rank of the cultivator is a qualitative leap. Many are trapped in the bottleneck and cannot break through for a lifetime. I guess, I never hope to be a general in my life.

Moreover, her sister Yang Jing was also trapped in the Wudan martial arts, and it is estimated that it would be difficult to reach the martial arts.

“You save it for yourself.” Yang Long snorted coldly.

This door-to-door son-in-law can really pretend to be a god, and the whole pill is broken, and it can help people breakthrough.

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