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Chapter 46

“Since you don’t believe me, this immortal pill, let’s do it, say goodbye.” Darryl didn’t care, turned around and left.

“and many more!”

As soon as Darryl took a few steps, Yang Long stopped him.

“You stuff, can I really break through to a general?” Yang Long asked suspiciously.

“of course.”

Darryl said much more lazily, and simply responded with two words.

Yang Long let out a sigh of relief: “Okay, I want this Immortal Pill, how much do you want?”

Darryl laughed.

This Yang Long is wealthy and he thinks that everything can be solved with money.

Okay, you have money, right? Today I will let you make a good fortune.

Thinking in his heart, Darryl stretched out two fingers.

Darryl’s original intention was to ask for 200 million.

However, Yang Long would obviously be wrong about what he meant.

“Two billion?” Yang Long blinked, then gritted his teeth and nodded: “Okay, I want two billion!”


Two billion….

Darryl was taken aback, and he bought me a fairy pill for two billion without blinking his eyes. This kid is a bit too proud.

Darryl was not a cultivator at this time, and couldn’t realize the pain of being stuck in the bottleneck at all, so he couldn’t understand Yang Long’s mood.

While stunned, Darryl couldn’t express the excitement and excitement in his heart. The Immortal Pill he refined was so valuable.

After that, what kind of company I have worked so hard to do.

Practice more immortal pills and it’s over.

As I was looking forward to it, I heard Yang Long’s tone become colder: “But I said ugly in the front. If this Immortal Pill is not effective, I will let you know the fate of deceiving me.”

Yang Long’s tone was cold at this time, and a terrible murderous aura filled his body.

Darryl smiled indifferently: “Don’t worry about this.”

Yang Long patted his hand, called his personal finances, and prepared to transfer funds to Darryl.

At this moment, Darryl smiled slightly and said, “President Yang, don’t worry, I will sell it to you before I promise 2 billion.”

“What do you mean?”

Yang Long’s face sank.

This kid is tired of life, dare to turn back?

Darryl’s expression remained unchanged, and he pointed to Yuban on the confession table next to him: “In addition to paying me two billion, I also want this thing.”

Looking in the direction of his fingers, Yang Long took a deep breath.

This finger was stolen from the Tianshan Sect. It is said that there is a big secret in the ring, but after studying for more than a year, I didn’t find the so-called big secret.

It’s useless to stay by your side anyway, and maybe it will cause trouble in the future, it’s better to take advantage of the situation to this Darryl.

Thinking in his heart, Yang Long nodded: “Okay, but it’s an antique, you can just take it.”


Actually agreed.

Darryl’s face was astonished. He thought he would refuse, but he didn’t expect to be so simply.

However, Darryl didn’t think much, walked straight over, picked up the jade pull finger and put it on his hand.

It’s not big or small, it fits well, haha.

Darryl was very satisfied, but he didn’t notice. At the moment he brought his jade pull finger, the corner of Yang Long’s mouth evoked a seemingly non-existent smile.

This ring was originally stolen by himself. But from this moment on, this Darryl stole it!

Soon, Yang Long transferred two billion over.

A divine pill, two billion in exchange, plus an antique, it made a lot of money, and Darryl left the manor contentedly.


At this moment.

Yue Family Villa.

After a day of hustle and bustle, the guests in the villa were almost gone, and some of the elders of the Yue family also left, leaving only the younger generation, still chatting in the lobby, clamoring to make trouble in the bridal chamber.

The bridegroom Wang Yan drank too much in the afternoon and was still sleeping soundly in the room at this time, so the bride Zhang Jiajia needs to entertain Wang Yan instead.

Of course the eldest brother Clint and sister-in-law Patsy are also there.

“Okay, it’s almost enough to drink today, let’s go home.” At this time, seeing that it was late, Patsy urged.

Clint was obviously not happy yet, waved his hand: “It’s rare for us to get together today while Wang Yan gets married. You go first, I’m talking with them for a while.”

“It’s all drunk like that, what else is there to talk about.”

Patsy looked displeased, but in front of several clansmen, it was not easy to embarrass Clint, so she left.

As soon as Patsy left, Clint’s gaze fell on the bride Zhang Jiajia.

The younger generation is sitting there drinking, Zhang Jiajia has been pouring tea and water, a perfect wife.

Although my younger siblings are not bad in length, they are just right in shape. I was a little drunk, but looking at Zhang Jiajia at this time, the more beautiful she looked.


Clint couldn’t help but swallowed secretly.

At this time, everyone had almost drunk. Clint stood up and smiled: “Okay, everyone had a good time today. Wang Yan is not awake yet, Jiajia has to clean up the house, so don’t make trouble in the bridal chamber. Let’s go back.”

Seeing Clint saying this, everyone nodded. No one dared to violate it. After all, he will inherit the family in the future.

“Jiajia, I really worked hard for you today.” Clint said to Zhang Jiajia as the last person left.

Zhang Jiajia smiled reservedly: “Brother is polite, this is what I should do. Wang Yan has drunk too much and can’t entertain you, so I’ll do it for him.”

Clint nodded: “It is a blessing for Wang Yan to marry a good wife like you.”

While talking, walked to the table and poured a cup of tea.

At this moment, Clint took out a small bottle from his body and poured some powder into the tea.

After doing this, Clint turned around and handed the tea over: “Jiajia, I drank a lot of bars today and sobered up with a cup of tea. You will have to work hard to take care of Wang Yan for a while.”

“Thank you, brother.” Zhang Jiajia didn’t think much, took a sip of the tea.

“Okay, then you are busy, I will go back too.” Clint smiled.

Zhang Jiajia gave a hum, sent him to the outside of the hall, and then returned to clean up the table.

In just a few minutes, Zhang Jiajia felt a sense of dizziness, and then fell on the sofa unconscious.

At this moment, a figure flashed past the hall door. Clint walked in with a wicked smile.

“Good fragrance!” When he walked to the sofa and hugged Zhang Jiajia, Clint took a drunk sip. k!ss over!

At this time Zhang Jiajia had no consciousness, let Clint play with it.

Ten minutes later.

A red coupe drove up quickly and stopped at the door of the villa, followed by his sister-in-law Patsy, who walked down blankly.

As soon as I entered the hall, I heard a blushing sound.

Without the slightest hesitation, Patsy walked over quickly and opened the door.

Clint, who was in Wenrou Township, was paralyzed in an instant without being frightened by a heart attack. It was Zhang Jiajia who was lying with him. She was still in a coma at this time, but she had been defiled.

Seeing the situation in the room, Patsy was full of anger, walked over and slapped Clint severely, and pointed to his nose to curse.

“Clint, are you worthy of me? I knew that you must have been uneasy to stay.”

“She’s your younger brother and sister! How can you do such a conscienceless thing? You are a beast! Are you worthy of me!”

His wife’s anger made Clint completely panicked. He knelt on the ground and kept slapping himself: “Wife, my wife, I was wrong, I am a beast, I am obsessed with s3x, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

This Clint was originally a strict wife, but now he does this kind of thing and is caught by his wife on the spot. Can you not be afraid?

Patsy’s delicate body trembled, and her husband made such a shameless ugly thing. If it was exposed, how could he inherit the family in the future? As the saying goes, the wife of a brother should not be deceived. This is a big taboo!

Patsy bit her lip tightly: “Get up, put your clothes on.”

How dare Clint say anything, he was a little afraid of his wife originally, so he quickly put on his clothes, and then cautiously said: “My wife, what should I do next?”

“What to do?” Patsy glared at him, and she could see that Zhang Jiajia was actually still a complete body, and now she was tarnished by Clint, it was impossible not to find out when she woke up.

Patsy stomped angrily: “Clint, I’ll settle this account with you when I go home. Now you hurry…find out the gossip mirror and put it next to her.”

Gossip mirror?

What are you looking for?

Clint looked puzzled.

Patsy said irritably; “What are you doing in a daze? Go find it, only this thing can help you clear your suspicion. Now there is no way, you can only blame your trash brother, Darryl.”

Chapter 47

Clint suddenly realized, understood his wife’s meaning, and quickly took the gossip mirror.

“My wife, you are so smart.” After passing the gossip mirror to Patsy, Darryl licked his face and exclaimed.

Patsy ignored him, put the gossip mirror on the side of the bed, then walked over, opened the window, and made a false impression of entering through the window.

This is already obvious. Just want to blame Darryl.

During the day, Darryl used the theory of Darryl Shui to circumvent the clouds and mountains that everyone said, and said that Yang Jing fainted because of this gossip mirror.

Although Patsy did not believe it, she knew that many people believed it at the time, including Zhang Jiajia.

Since Darryl knew Darryl Shui metaphysics so well, he naturally had a way to use the Eight Diagrams Mirror to dizzy Zhang Jiajia.

When Zhang Jiajia woke up and found that she was defiled, and seeing the gossip mirror on the bedside, she would naturally doubt Darryl.

After setting up everything, she found that Clint was still staring at Zhang Jiajia, and Patsy said angrily: “I haven’t seen enough just now? Are you still leaving?”

After speaking, Patsy turned and walked out of the room.

Clint hurriedly chased it out, feeling up and down, and said: “Will this method work, in case Jiajia goes to the hospital tomorrow…”

Before he finished speaking, Patsy became even more angry: “Do you think that everyone is as shameless as you, and they don’t have a reputation?”

Hearing this, Clint felt that there was some truth, his expression relaxed, he stopped saying anything, and left quickly.

At this moment, Darryl is here.

The marriage of his younger brother Wang Yan made Darryl feel a little bit in his heart. At the banquet, he thought of his wife Lily from time to time.

So Darryl did not go to the company, but returned home.

Although everyone in the Liu family has looked down upon themselves, including Lily, in the three years since joining Zuzu Liu’s family, Darryl knew that Lily still had feelings for him in his heart.

When I got home, I found that my father-in-law and mother-in-law were not there.

Lily was sitting on the sofa in the living room, with her left leg resting on her right leg, she looked s3xy, but her face was a little anxious.

Seeing Darryl coming back, Lily and his face flashed with joy, and then they returned to normal, saying: “Are you back?”

Darryl said.

“It just so happened that my car was borrowed by a friend. You accompany me to a place.” Lily stood up, looking very anxious.

Darryl didn’t ask much, and left the house with Lily.

On the way, Darryl knew that Alexandra was having a dinner with a few classmates, and seeing those classmates with their children, Alexandra called Lily to sit down.

“Then what am I going to do?” Darryl asked in a puzzled way after knowing the situation.

Lily gave him a white look: “If you don’t want to go, don’t worry, just send me to the place and you will go home. I won’t force you.”

Seeing her defiant look, Darryl smiled and didn’t say anything.

Soon, the two arrived at the hotel where Alexandra ate.

When I entered the box, I saw Alexandra and a few classmates chatting happily. These Alexandra’s classmates, the maintenance is OK, but compared with Alexandra, it is far worse. The children of her classmates were also present.

Alexandra smiled as soon as Lily came in, but when she saw Darryl, Alexandra’s expression suddenly changed.

I asked my daughter to come here because I wanted to give myself a face, but why did this trash follow?

Alexandra was very upset, but with so many people around, it was not easy to drive Darryl away.

“Oh, this is your daughter Lily, she’s so beautiful!”

“It is said that your daughter, on behalf of the Liu family, negotiated a cooperation with Ziyu Company. Recently, the hot star Ramona is responsible for the packaging of your daughter? It is so beautiful and capable.”

At this moment, after hearing Alexandra’s introduction, many people in the box were amazed, and their eyes were full of envy.

Alexandra was happy in his heart.

With such an excellent daughter, can she not have a face?

Darryl sat aside, his expression indifferent.

Then Alexandra’s other classmates also began to introduce their children and son-in-law.

Some are corporate executives, some have opened companies, and the most unhelpful are the doctors in charge of the hospital.

After everyone got acquainted with each other, a beautiful woman pointed at Darryl and asked with a smile: “This is…”

This beautiful woman was called Rosie. When she was in school, she liked to compare with Alexandra. Seeing that Alexandra’s daughter was so good, she was naturally unwilling to lag behind.

In fact, Rosie had already guessed the identity of Darryl. My son-in-law, who doesn’t know.

At this moment, I deliberately asked, just to embarrass Alexandra.

Sure enough, as soon as Rosie’s voice fell, the eyes of everyone around him gathered on Darryl’s body.

Alexandra’s smile also froze, a little embarrassing and gloomy.

Lily was generous, stood up and smiled and introduced: “This is Darryl. I am married to him.”

“Oh…” Rosie pulled a long tone, and then asked: “It turned out to be Alexandra’s son-in-law. Looking at the talents, I don’t know where to go?”

“Work in a company.” Darryl said lightly.

Darryl had noticed Rosie’s thoughts a long time ago, but he didn’t want to care about it.

“What company and what do you do?” Rosie asked with a smile on his face.

Darryl’s expression remained unchanged: “A little clerk.”

Ha ha!

It turned out to be a clerk.

Hearing this, the faces of others around him showed a faint disdain.

Seeing the reactions of everyone around him, Rosie was very satisfied and smiled: “The little staff is also good, even if you don’t go to work, it’s not a big deal, Lily is so good, it’s okay to raise you at home.”

A bit of mockery was evident in the words.

Alexandra’s face became more embarrassed.

It’s all Darryl, don’t you know who you are? I actually licked my face and followed it, making myself so embarrassed.

Lily’s eyes flickered, her expression was a little unnatural, and she felt regretful in her heart.

If I knew this, I wouldn’t bring Darryl.

At this time, Rosie stood up with a glass of wine and said with a smile: “It’s rare for us to get together today. I announce the good news that my daughter will get married soon. This is my prospective son-in-law Zhang Tao.”

When the voice fell, a young man sitting next to Darryl stood up and spoke very politely: “Hello aunts, my name is Zhang Tao, and I am currently the general manager of the Qianye Group branch.”


All of a sudden, everyone in the box couldn’t help but wonder.

“Qianye Group? Is it the Qianye Group that specializes in foreign trade? That’s a big company!”

“Yes, I heard that it will be listed soon. This Qianye Group is very large and has branches everywhere. It is not easy to be the manager of the Qianye Group branch!”

“When Rosie introduced just now, Zhang Tao still returned from studying abroad, right?”

“Sister Ying, you are so destined to find such a good son-in-law.”

For a while, while everyone in the box admired them, their gazes at Zhang Tao were full of appreciation.

At this moment, Rosie’s sense of superiority has been met with great satisfaction!

At the same time, his gaze also looked at Alexandra.

How about your daughter’s excellence? Although my daughter is no better than Lily, she found a good husband.

Hearing the compliments of everyone, Zhang Tao was humble and waved his hand and smiled: “In fact, it is not easy to be a general manager. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Alas, he is in charge of more than a thousand people, and a little freedom. There is no time. But fortunately, the salary is high, which is hundreds of thousands a month.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Tao smiled at Rosie: “Mom, the wedding will be held in a week. I just ordered a Mercedes-Benz S-Class as the wedding car for the day.”

Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

Hearing this, many people in the box were amazed again.

Where to find such a good son-in-law.

Rosie smiled from ear to ear, and nodded again and again: “Well, your wedding, you can figure it out by yourself.”

Zhang Tao nodded, and then said with emotion: “In fact, to me, the car is just a means of transportation. There is no need to buy a good one, but I have to admit that the more high-end car, the more comfortable it is to drive.”

When he said the last sentence, Zhang Tao tilted his head and looked at Darryl with a smile: “Right, Darryl.”

Before coming, Rosie gave special account of Zhang Tao, today’s classmates reunion, while giving herself a face, we must also give a good blow to Alexandra.

So Zhang Tao, in order to please his mother-in-law, naturally would not let go of the opportunity to belittle him.

This Darryl is no more than a son-in-law, and he can expose some of his family background casually, and he can be completely abused.

Darryl didn’t speak, but nodded with a smile.

However, Zhang Tao obviously did not intend to let Darryl go in this way, a gentle smile appeared on his face, and he said again: “I don’t know Brother Yue, what car is driving?”

At this moment, everyone’s gazes gathered on Darryl’s body, with contemptuous smiles on their faces.

Alexandra, who was sitting on the side, turned black in an instant.

It’s totally embarrassing for this trash to come here.

Just his broken electric car, how can you say it?

Chapter 48

“My car? Hmm… I also think that the car is just a means of transportation, so I bought a normal car, Audi R8.”

Under the gaze of everyone, Darryl said lightly.

Darryl was right, that Audi R8, among the world’s top sports cars, is completely entry-level, isn’t it ordinary?


However, everyone in the box was in an uproar, looking at Darryl inconceivably, thinking that they had misheard.

At the same time, Alexandra and Lily were almost choked by tea.

He was really embarrassed to say that the Audi R8 was lent to him by his boss, but now he says it belongs to him.

The face is so thick-skinned.

Zhang Tao was stunned.

Audi R8? That’s a sports car close to two million.

What is this kid pretending to be? !

“Alexandra, your family Lily is so kind to Darryl. Buy him such a good car.” At this moment, Rosie relaxed, smiled and said to Alexandra, seeming to be joking, but his tone was It is unabashedly mocking.

She didn’t believe that Darryl would be able to drive an Audi R8. It is expected that Lily bought Darryl to support the scene.

After all, it is a waste of soft rice.

Alexandra sternly did not respond.

At this moment, Darryl spoke and said lightly: “Lily didn’t buy the car for me, it belongs to my boss.”

Hahaha! As soon as the words came out, everyone in the box was suffocating a smile, almost without any internal injuries. A few girls couldn’t help it anymore, and they were already laughing.

Hahahaha! This Darryl is so interesting.

After a long time, the car is not his own. Haha!

Is this kid acting as a sketch?

Too special code is funny haha.

Alexandra’s face was full of black lines, and he couldn’t wait to find a place to sew in.

But before Darryl was finished, Yu Darryl turned and said, “But it’s mine now. The boss saw that I did a good job, so he gave me the car.”


What kind of boss is so generous, sending an Audi R8 to employees casually?

Everyone was taken aback, and then Zhang Tao asked with interest: “I don’t know which company Brother Yue works for? The treatment is so good?”

Darryl glanced at him and said lightly: “It’s just a small company.”

Zhang Tao didn’t believe it at all, but he didn’t plan to continue talking. This Darryl is too bragging. Zhang Tao smiled slightly, took out an exquisite gift box from behind, and handed it to Rosie: “Mom, I have been busy before and rarely visit you. Thank you for giving me your daughter for such trust. This is my little heart. , I hope you like it!”

Rosie took the gift box: “Look at you, you will all be a family from now on, so you still see it like this.”

He said so, but his face was full of smiles.

“Sister Ying, what is it?”

“Yeah, show us it!”

At this time, the few people next to him spoke curiously, with envy in their eyes.

Rosiexin opened the gift box with joy, and what caught his eye was a dazzling brilliance. When he unfolded it, it was a Chinese dress studded with jewelry.


Suddenly, there was a sound of exclamation in the whole box.

“What a beautiful dress! Are all the gems on this real?”

“Oh my God, that is the most famous brand abroad. I saw it on TV two days ago. This is what the world famous model wore during International Fashion Week.”

“This…this costs a lot of money?”

In the surrounding exclamation, Rosie smiled and asked Zhang Tao.

Zhang Tao shook his head and smiled: “It’s not much money, hundreds of thousands!”

Hundreds of thousands?

Not much money yet?

For a while, the eyes of many women in the box were straight.

Foreign famous brands, the same models as famous models.

If I could have one, how good would it be?

At this moment, even Lily couldn’t help being moved.

Alexandra’s face is also hard to see the extreme.

Feeling the envy of the people around him, Rosie was overjoyed, and at the same time he said to Zhang Tao embarrassedly: “Xiao Tao, I can’t ask for this gift, it’s too expensive, and the clothes are too revealing.”

Zhang Tao said with a smile: “Mom, how can a gift of only 100,000 yuan be expensive? Besides, this dress best suits your temperament.”

“Okay.” Rosie reluctantly said, rubbing the long skirt with his hands, the excitement on his face, and said: “Then I will accept it!”

Immediately, Rosie was very emotional: “It’s still good as the old saying goes. A son-in-law is half a son. According to me, he is more proficient than his own son. My son-in-law is reliable. He has never been like some people. I just know how to blow.”

When saying this, Rosie looked at Alexandra intentionally or unintentionally.

Alexandra felt aggrieved in his heart. He was even more annoyed when he heard the mockery in Rosie’s words!

Seeing that Darryl was okay, sitting there slowly drinking tea, his chest trembled in Alexandra.

This rubbish is still in the mood to drink tea?

Alexandra wanted to stand up and leave.

But in this case, Rosie and others will be even more jokes.

Thinking of this, Alexandra suppressed it.

However, Alexandra had already decided to pay attention, and when he went back, he had to divorce Lily and this waste anyway.

Go through the formalities tomorrow.

Lily also felt that Rosie was a little too much, but looking at Darryl beside him, Lily was very helpless.

If someone’s husband can give his mother a face, let’s forget about it.

At this time, Rosie smiled and said, “Darryl, what do you think of the dress Zhang Tao gave me?”

Darrylhou didn’t look up, and said lightly: “It’s okay.”


It’s hilarious.

Can you afford it?

At this moment, many people in the box snickered secretly, their expressions deeply contemptuous.

D*mn, are these people interesting?

Is it fun to compare to?

The surrounding laughter made Darryl a little helpless.

Stand up calmly and walked straight out of the box.

Hahaha! how? This kid has no face to stay?

Without the object of mockery, it would be boring.

Both Rosie and Zhang Tao are a little lost.

Alexandra secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

This trash has finally gone, otherwise, I don’t know when Rosie and the others will ridicule it.

Lily wanted to chase out and have a look, but felt the atmosphere of the box, so she gave up the idea.

As a result, no one thought that Darryl would be back in three minutes!

Alexandra stomped angrily when he pushed open the private room.

“What are you doing back?” Alexandra said coldly: “You still think I am not embarrassed enough, do you?”

Lily stood up, frowned her eyebrows, and whispered to Darryl: “You can just wait for me in the car, why are you here again?”

Darryl smiled and said nothing. Holding a gift box in his hand.

This gift was originally given by Banson at the end of Wang Yan’s wedding banquet during the day.

Banson meant that Darryl was expelled from the family back then and joined the Liu family. At that time, none of the Yue family attended Darryl’s wedding. Because of this, Banson had been troubled, so he made up a gift specially.

Darryl was not welcome, so he accepted.

Speaking of which, Darryl didn’t know what was in the box. But… Banson sent it, isn’t it bad, right?

Putting the gift box in front of Alexandra, Darryl returned to his seat: “Mom, Lily and I have been married for three years, and I haven’t given you a decent gift. I specially compensated for this.”


This kid went out just now, did he take a gift specially?

Everyone in the box looked at the box curiously. Exquisite workmanship, lifelike carvings.

It’s just that a packaging box is so high-end, isn’t the stuff in it more expensive?

For a time, many people thought this way in secret.

However, some people hold different views.

What kind of expensive gift can he give away as a soft-boiler?

This is simply coming back to behave and save face.

Thinking of this, everyone agreed that Alexandra would definitely not dare to take it apart in public.

This trash son-in-law acted, and Alexandra just walked down the steps, refusing to dismantle the platform by himself.

“Brother Yue, in just a few minutes, I took out a gift. Wouldn’t it be bought at a stall in the night market?” At this moment, Zhang Tao returned to his senses and said with a big smile.

Darryl smiled indifferently and ignored it.

“Alexandra, let us see what gift your son-in-law gave you.” At this moment, Rosie sneered secretly and said to Alexandra.

Others also spoke.

“Yeah, show us it.”

“I don’t know if it will be better than Zhang Tao’s.”

Under the urging of everyone, Alexandra bit his lip tightly, very hesitant.

Alexandra also didn’t believe that what a gift Darryl could give, if there was a stall in it, wouldn’t he become a laughing stock in the eyes of his classmates?

But… this box is really exquisite.

Finally, Alexandra could not withstand the urging of everyone and opened the box.

In an instant, everyone in the box opened their mouths when they saw the contents of the box.

Alexandra was stunned.

Lily was shocked.

The smiles on Rosie and Zhang Tao’s faces also froze instantly!

Chapter 49

In the box is a string of dazzling necklaces.

The few gems on the necklace are as big as a dove egg, and shine brightly under the reflection of the light.

The long dress Rosie received, with diamonds and gems on it, is simply sand compared to this one!

None of the people present are fools. Just the size of the jewelry can tell whether the two gifts are lighter or heavier.


“Such a big gem, a few million dollars, right? Isn’t this necklace worth tens of millions?”

“Just him? Can give such an expensive gift? How is it possible?”

“Yes, I think it’s a fake.”

In the doubts of several people around, Zhang Tao felt that his mind was blank.

If others can’t see it, how can Zhang Tao fail to see it? Qianye Group, where he works, also runs the jewelry business.

The gems on the necklace in front of me, no matter the surface gloss or the clarity of the texture, are not fake, and even the quality seems to be much higher than the gems I have seen before!

Isn’t he a son-in-law?

How…. How can you come up with such an expensive gift?

At this moment, Alexandra also gradually recovered, looking at Darryl complicatedly: “How much did you spend on this necklace?”

Alexandra has a lot of jewels, but none of them are as big as the gems on them, so Alexandra is not sure whether the things in his hands are true or not.

“A friend gave it to me.”

Darryl looked at Alexandra and responded.

Hearing this, Alexandra’s expression became complicated.

From a friend?

Then it’s definitely not true. What kind of friends can he have with a useless thing?

Thinking, Alexandra was about to throw the necklace into the trash can next to it.

“Let me see!”

At this moment, the daughter of a classmate of Alexandra came over.

The daughter of this classmate has studied the professional knowledge of firm gems for two years.

So when she saw her opening, everyone present held their breath.

“This…this is true, and each one is top-grade.” After the girl took the necklace and looked at the light, she was originally suspicious, but at this time she exclaimed.

“Moreover, looking at the design of this necklace, it is the style of the European royal family. I conservatively estimate that this necklace is worth about 30 million yuan. If it is really a European royal family, it would be incalculable.”

Having said this, the girl took a deep look at Darryl, full of curiosity.


This necklace is worth thirty million?

And it’s a conservative estimate? !


Zhang Tao had already seen that the necklace was genuine, but deliberately didn’t say it. At this moment, after hearing the girl’s identification result, his expression became more complicated.

Rosie opened her mouth wide, speechless.

“Darryl, you…. Did you really give me this necklace?” Alexandra was surprised and delighted, looking at Darryl, everything was uncomfortable.

At this time, Alexandra didn’t care where Darryl came from this necklace. He just wanted to know if Darryl would really give it to himself.

A necklace worth thirty million.

I can’t even think about it.

Darryl smiled slightly: “This was originally given to you. Mom, as long as you like it.”

My uncle is really generous.

However, compared to the three billion that he rescued the Yue family, this necklace worth thirty million was nothing.

“Like, like!” Alexandra nodded and trembled with excitement.

With joy, Alexandra directly put the necklace on his neck.

From beginning to end, Lily remained silent, but the look in Darryl’s eyes was full of question marks.

What friend would give him such an expensive gift?

It was five million before, and now it’s a necklace worth thirty million.

It seems that I have to find an opportunity to ask him carefully.

This class reunion, Alexandra completely became the focus. Everyone wants to talk to her, and everyone is realistic now.

On the way home, Lily couldn’t help but asked Darryl, “Who is that friend? What is it called?”

“Which friend?” Darryl asked in a daze.

Lily was anxious: “This is the one who gave you the necklace.”

Darryl suddenly said, “Oh, he, the friend who lent me five million before.”

Lily was speechless: “Don’t talk to me, I ask who he is?”

At this moment, when the car arrived at the door of the house, Darryl scratched his head, pretending to remember something, and said: “Oh, the boss has not done anything about me. You go home first, I have to go back quickly.”

Lily was helpless and had to get out of the car.

Darryl didn’t say much, with a kick of the accelerator, the car left in no time.

Seeing Darryl driving quickly to disappear into the intersection, Lily frowned, and then turned back home.


Yue’s Seaview Villa.

In the master bedroom, Wang Yan just woke up drunk and opened his eyes in a daze, still feeling a bit of a headache.

Wang Yan had forgotten how much he drank at the wedding banquet in the afternoon.

But Wang Yan was happy.

The long-distance race with Zhang Jiajia for two years finally yielded results. What made Wang Yan even more happy was that his second brother, who had not seen him for a long time, also came to congratulate himself.

Thinking of this, Wang Yan showed a warm smile on his face and walked out of the bedroom.

“Jia Jia?”

When he arrived outside the lobby, Wang Yan called out, but he had a bad premonition without getting Zhang Jiajia’s response.

Afterwards, seeing the door of the opposite guest room open, Wang Yan hurried over.

When he arrived at the door, Wang Yan trembled like a lightning strike, and saw a scene that he would never forget in his life.

My newlywed wife lay there uncovered, and the bed was in a mess!


Wang Yan looked up to the sky and roared, his eyes were instantly congested!

collapse! The moment when a man breaks the most is this.

“No matter who you are, Wang Yan, Wang Yan, swears that you will be broken into pieces.”

Wang Yan clenched his fists, his nails sinking into the flesh. Searching for evidence like crazy.

Because the villa was just bought and used as my wedding room, I haven’t installed a camera yet.

Wang Yan searched around and returned to the room without any clues.

While she was getting dressed for Zhang Jiajia, Zhang Jiajia finally woke up.

“Husband.” Seeing Wang Yan, Zhang Jiajia yelled and fell into Wang Yan’s arms.

“You are awake!” Wang Yanqiang smiled and responded gently.

Zhang Jiajia gave a hum, and then sensed the abnormality of her body and saw the blood on the bed. Zhang Jiajia’s face flushed, and she blamed: “Why are you in such a hurry, while I sleep…”

Without saying the latter words, Zhang Jiajia was already shy.

At this time, Zhang Jiajia thought that Wang Yan had touched herself.

When the two were in love, Wang Yan couldn’t restrain himself several times, and was stopped by Zhang Jiajia when it was critical.

Zhang Jiajia insisted on keeping the best of herself on the wedding night, but Wang Yan couldn’t help her and had to agree.

Therefore, Zhang Jiajia was not angry, but rather sweet.

Wang Yan was full of bitterness and was guilty of death!

“Wang Yan, what’s the matter with you?” Zhang Jiajia frowned and asked.

Wang Yan showed a slight smile and shook his head: “It’s nothing, it may be that I drank too much.”

While speaking, Wang Yan’s eyes a little dodged.

Zhang Jiajia was thoughtful, and the more Wang Yan was like this, the more suspicious she was. Suddenly, her eyes flashed, and she suddenly trembled when she saw the gossip mirror.

Wang Yan was stunned, following his wife’s gaze, he was also stunned.

On the side of the bed, the gossip mirror was placed there. And the window next to it also opened…

“Just… didn’t you touch me?” After a few seconds of silence, Zhang Jiajia said in a difficult tone. If the husband touched him, how could he open the window? I don’t have anything on myself, others will see it when I open the window!

Besides, if my husband touched himself, what would he do with that gossip mirror? Darryl has said that the gossip mirror cannot be hung in this villa!


Wang Yan took a deep breath, bearing the sore spot of blood dripping from his heart.

Zhang Jiajia’s body shook, then bit her lip, stood up and slammed into the wall in front of her.

“Jiajia, don’t…” Wang Yan was taken aback, grabbed Zhang Jiajia in time, and held Zhang Jiajia tightly in his arms. He was very heartbroken and assured at the same time: “Don’t worry, I will find out who it is You are fair.”

Zhang Jiajia didn’t respond, but started crying.

While Wang Yan asked for comfort, his eyes fell on the gossip mirror next to the bed again.

At this moment, a terrible guess suddenly appeared in Wang Yan’s mind.

Is it the second brother?

No…impossible, second brother is not that kind of person!

But…what’s the matter with the gossip mirror that appeared in the guest room?

He obviously put the gossip mirror into the warehouse.

The second elder brother Baitian said the theory of Darryl Shui, and only he would be interested in this gossip mirror.

Who would it be if it wasn’t him? !

During the day, Yang Jing fainted because of the gossip mirror. Now the wife’s fainting must be because of this gossip mirror.

Second brother, why did he treat me this way? !

“Jiajia, just now… you were tarnished just now, do you really have no impression at all.” Wang Yan asked with clenched fists.

Asking his wife to recall the strange man, Wang Yan felt uncomfortable.

Zhang Jiajia bit her lip and whispered softly: “I only remember, that man.. Been kissing me, at first I felt a bit painful. Later…”

Chapter 50

“It hurt at first, but then I thought it was you, so I started to obey…”

Having said this, Zhang Jiajia was uncomfortable. At the same time, seeing the gossip mirror, Zhang Jiajia began to doubt Darryl in her heart.

Wang Yan didn’t speak, and hugged her tightly, his clenched fists could almost pinch blood. It is a matter of wife’s fame, this matter will naturally not be publicized.

The best way is to investigate secretly by yourself.

However, Wang Yan did not expect that the conversation between himself and Zhang Jiajia would be heard clearly by the two maids outside the door. At this moment they looked at each other!

At the wedding banquet during the day, Zhang Jiajia saw that the two maids were very tired, so she let them rest first.

So when Clint was defiled, the two maids were sleeping in the hut outside without knowing it. It wasn’t until Wang Yan yelled to the sky just now that the two maids woke up.

At this time, the two maids quietly returned to the hut. After all, if you hear something you shouldn’t hear, you can’t be discovered.

In the morning of the next day, Zhang Jiajia’s defilement spread in the Yue family.

The eldest brother Clint had a guilty conscience, and as soon as he heard the news, he and Patsy hurried over.

On the surface, they were visiting and condolences Wang Yan, but in fact they were secretly inquiring about the news.

“Brother, I heard that something happened here last night, what’s the matter?” Clint went straight to the subject as soon as he entered the living room.

Patsy went into the bedroom and pretended to comfort Zhang Jiajia.

Wang Yan didn’t want to say anything, but when he saw that he couldn’t hide the matter, he said the matter with a lot of resentment.

“This shameless pen Darryl! He actually did this kind of thing.” After listening to Wang Yan’s words, Clint was very angry, and began to curse bitterly.

Wang Yan exhaled, “Eldest brother, second brother is just suspicious, not necessarily because of him.”

“Third brother, do you still believe him now?” Clint said gloomily.

At this time, Patsy came out from the bedroom: “Now that the evidence is conclusive, who would it be if it wasn’t Darryl? Only he understands the role of the gossip mirror. According to my speculation, he must have wanted to steal the gossip mirror. As a result, Seeing that my younger brother and sister drank too much, evil thoughts arose…”

At this time, Patsy was full of contempt and disgust, and continued: “And I heard that this rubbish has been in Zuzu Liu’s family for three years, but he didn’t even touch his wife’s hand. After holding back for so long, I suddenly saw an unsuspecting one. Woman, isn’t it…”

“Third brother, don’t worry, eldest brother will definitely help you seek justice in this matter.” Clint took the opportunity to speak.

Patsy nodded: “Yes, you can’t make this ba5tard cheap.”

Wang Yan’s face was ugly.

Originally, Wang Yan still had a glimmer of hope for Darryl in his heart, after all, he had the best relationship with his second brother. but. . But now the evidence is solid! At this time, hearing the words of Clint and his wife, my heart was completely shaken.

Wang Yan did not speak, but silently nodded.

Seeing Wang Yan’s reaction, Clint and Patsy couldn’t hide their smiles.

the next day. Ziyu Company, President’s Office.

Darryl held the Zhuling Grass in his hand.

Yang Long said that as long as he eats this grass, he can become a cultivator.

Unexpectedly, she saved that Yang Jing by herself, and she was quite acquainted. This grass can be sold for a lot of money, right?

Darryl thought while eating.

Soon, Darryl felt a stream of heat, slowly converging in his body, and then began to spread towards his whole body, the feeling was really indescribable.

After half an hour, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

He really became a cultivator now, and what Darryl did not expect was that because he had taken the Universe Pill sent to Sun and Moon before, his physique was stronger than others, and now the spiritual energy of the Spirit Grass was completely absorbed by him. . Not only has he become a cultivator, he has also reached the realm of a second-dan martial artist.

Ordinary people have just become cultivators, and they are all martial arts masters. I actually skipped a paragraph and became a second paragraph directly, haha.

Darryl happily left the company and went to the Liu Family Villa.

Just after attending my brother’s wedding, I feel that the newlyweds are really happy. I miss Lily inexplicably.

But at this moment, a family meeting is being held in the Liu’s villa.

In the past, in order to block the funding problem, Liu’s shares were acquired by Peng Kai of Shenglong Technology to 51%.

Now the funding problem has been resolved, but the Liu family owns only 49% of the shares left. With such a small number of shares, the dividend is very low.

At this time, in the Liu’s villa, the grandmother called everyone together.

“During this period, more than half of the profits of our Liu family have fallen into the pockets of Shenglong Technology. This is not the way to go, do you have a good way?”

At this moment, the old grandma was sitting there, looking around the crowd, and said in a deep voice.

Everyone in the Liu family below, with solemn expressions, remained silent.

It has become a fact that the power of the Liu family is now in Peng Kai’s hands.

Then Peng Kai is not an ordinary person, and the grandmother wants to regain the decision-making power from him, which is idiotic.

At this moment, Liu Zhiyuan turned his eyes and stood up: “Grandma, I have an idea.”

“Okay, what can Zhiyuan do? Say it!” The old woman’s face was joyful.

Last time, Liu Zhiyuan was punished because of Ramona’s program, and now he cannot participate in family affairs. However, the situation is very special now, which is related to the life and death of the Liu family, so the grandmother doesn’t care about this.

More importantly, it was because the grandmother loved Liu Zhiyuan too much.

The attitude of the old grandma made Liu Zhiyuan exhale and raise her eyebrows, and slowly said: “Grandma, our Liu family’s property, now Peng Kai has 51% of the shares, so our Liu family depends on Peng Kai’s face alive. We want to turn over It’s not easy. It’s better to give up.”

“give up?”

The old grandma frowned, and the faces of everyone in the Liu family around also changed.

Liu Zhiyuan said again: “Don’t we still have 49% of the shares in our hands? Let’s sell another 20%, and the money we get, let’s start another company or invest in something else. The new company has grown bigger, won’t our Liu family be brilliant again?”


Hearing this, everyone around was in an uproar, and many people were bright.

The old grandmother also smiled and nodded approvingly: “It’s still Zhiyuan’s bright mind. This is a good idea, not bad…”

At this moment, I don’t know who said: “The method is good, but who can I sell these shares?”

Many people in the Liu family sighed as soon as he said this.

Liu Zhiyuan smiled slightly and said, “Actually, this is not difficult. I have a friend who has enough ability to buy 20% of our shares.”

The old grandmother lifted up her spirits and quickly asked, “Who is that?”

At the same time, the gazes of everyone around him once again focused on Liu Zhiyuan’s body, each with a stunned expression.

Liu Zhiyuan enjoyed being watched, and was a little proud: “My friend is a martial arts center, and his name is Huang Yanlang.”


Huang Yanlang?

Hearing these three words, the entire hall of the villa exploded!

Who is Huang Yanlang? In recent years, a well-known Kung Fu master has won the championship for three consecutive times in authoritative Kung Fu competitions. The Shangwumen Boxing Gym he founded has dozens of branches across the country, even in Donghai City. Several.

Such a person really has enough strength to buy 20% of the shares of the Liu Family Enterprise.

At this moment, everyone in the Liu family couldn’t help but compliment Liu Zhiyuan in shock.

“I didn’t expect Zhiyuan to have such a friend.”

“Look at Renjia Zhiyuan’s contacts, it’s different.”

“I have to say, Zhiyuan does have a set of making friends, haha.”

Under the admiration of everyone, Lily sat there with a calm face. She felt that the Liu family still had a good job, not to sell shares. But now that everyone wants to sell shares. She is not easy to interrupt.

“Zhiyuan, in this case, you should call Mr. Huang Yanlang as soon as possible.” At this moment, the old grandmother said with a smile.

Liu Zhiyuan nodded and immediately took out his cell phone and dialed the phone.

The call is connected quickly.

In order to show off his connections, Liu Zhiyuan deliberately turned on the speakerphone.

“Brother Huang, I’m Zhiyuan, I want to talk to you about a business, are you interested?” Liu Zhiyuan said to the phone with a smile.

Huang Yanlang laughed over the phone: “Haha, what’s the relationship between us? Brother Liu asked me to cooperate, of course it’s okay.”

Listening to these words, Liu Zhiyuan’s face was full of smiles: “Okay, come to Liu’s villa, let’s meet and talk.”

“Okay, I happen to be in Donghai City, and I’ll be right there.” Huang Yanlang was very happy on the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Zhiyuan said to the grandmother: “Grandma, say yes, I will come over in a while.”

The old grandma was very happy. She still smiled and nodded her head with her favorite grandson, “Well, if we wait for the talk with Huang Yanlang, Zhiyuan, you will be the great hero of our Liu family. At that time, grandma will definitely reward you. .”

Liu Zhiyuan’s heart was full of joy: “Thank you, grandma.”

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