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Chapter 4104

“True!” Tie Bowen endured his nervousness and nodded again and again.

“You two are waiting here.”

Hearing the answer, the captain of the magic weapon had a solemn expression on his face, gave an order, and hurriedly walked into the Qintian Prison.

After a while, several gods walked out quickly, asked Nalan Wushuang again about the situation, and then began to discuss.

“What should I do? His Royal Highness is not in Qintianjian…”

“This time is no trivial matter. In my opinion, let’s convene the soldiers immediately to clear up the remnants of the demon clan as quickly as possible. When His Royal Highness the King of God returns, it will not be too late for us to report.”

“it is good…”

After some deliberation, one of the god kings looked at Nalan Wushuang and said, “You two, lead the way ahead.”

Nalan Wushuang nodded quickly, feeling nervous and excited at the same time.

These gods and soldiers who are diligent in Tianjian are also too deceived. They made up their own creations, and they even believed them.

A few minutes later, several gods summoned thousands of soldiers and left Qin Tianjian. Under the leadership of Nalan Wushuang, they headed for the town dozens of miles away.

“Fairy Wood”


At this moment, Tracy, who was guarding on the hillside behind, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw this scene, and couldn’t help but admire secretly in his heart.

This Nalan Wushuang really has a way to attract so many gods and soldiers so quickly.

With admiration in his heart, Tracy didn’t hesitate for a moment, he directly moved his figure, quickly approached the back door of Qintian Prison, and then flew in quietly.

Speaking of which, the luck of Tracy and Nalan Wushuang is very good today. The God King Haotian is not in the Tiantian Supervision. Otherwise, such a simple trick of adjusting the tiger and leaving the mountain will easily be seen through.


At this moment, Qin Tianjian is in prison.

Lorenzo and Sun Da Sheng were all tied up with five flowers, and they all looked extremely depressed and anxious.

They have been arrested for three days. For the past three days, Qin Tianjian has only detained them here without interrogation. It is precisely because of this that everyone in Lorenzo feels more uneasy.


At this moment, the prison door was gently pushed open, and then, a figure flashed in quickly.

Oops! Did Feng Zi also get caught?

Hearing the movement, Lorenzo, Peter and others all opened their eyes, but when they saw the person coming, they all frowned, unable to hide their disgust.

I saw the coming person wearing a gray robe, with a wretched smile on his face, and a bit of cunning in his eyes.

It is Wu Yong of the Wudang faction.

Nima! What is this scumbag?

Seeing Wu Yong, Peter couldn’t help but curse.

Previously at the villa in Donghai City, this Wu Yong relied on the support of the diligent Tianjian, and spoke to Maria sloppily. When it was time to start, he hid aside and became a tortoise, greedy for life and fear of death. His nature was on full display in him.

This kind of person, Peter is the most despised.

At the same time, Lorenzo, Maria and others also frowned secretly.

This Wu Yong, with a sneaky look, must be fine.

Soon, Peter was the first to react, and said to Wu Yong: “What are you doing?” Mad, if his hands and feet were not tied, he really wanted to teach this shameless man a good lesson.

Ha ha….

In the face of Peter’s anger, Wu Yong was not angry at all, and he ignored it at the time, but went directly to Lorenzo.

“Master Wendian!”

When he got to the front, Wu Yong squeezed out a smile and flattered at Lorenzo: “Everyone is a fellow in the rivers and lakes, there is no need to meet each other, just look like a bitter hatred.”

“Before cooperating with the Tiantian Superintendent to arrest you, it was the intention of our head. It has nothing to do with me. Speaking of which, you are all heroes and heroes in the arena, but now you have ended up in such a field, and I am very sorry.”


Seeing his face, Lorenzo was disgusted in his heart. He didn’t give him a good face at that time, and said coldly, “What do you want to say?”


Wu Yong sneered and said in a low voice: “Palace Master Wen is really a happy person, so I won’t play dumb. Just now, the Tiantian Superintendent mobilized a lot of troops and horses to go out. This is a good opportunity. The town school’s unique technique of ‘transferring flowers to join trees’ is passed on to me, and I can quietly release the Palace Master.”

Chapter 4105

“Of course, I’m only responsible for guarding you here. I don’t have much power. I can only let go of the Palace Master, but in any case, this is better than waiting for you to die here. Right?”

When saying this, Wu Yong looked at Lorenzo closely, waiting for his response, with anticipation flashing in his eyes. You must know that moving flowers and connecting trees in the Hall of Longevity is one of the most domineering stunts on the rivers and lakes.

In particular, this kind of exercise can increase the speed of cultivation. Back then, when Lorenzo was in charge of the Hall of Longevity, his strength was only a military commander, but after cultivating it, he broke through Emperor Wu in just a few months.

Speaking of which, Wu Yong had coveted the secret of ‘transferring flowers to join trees’ as early as a few years ago, but he never had the chance, so naturally he would not miss it at this time.

At the same time, Wu Yong also kept an eye on the movement outside and was extremely cautious.

After all, this is Qin Tianjian, not Wudang. If something leaks out, he will have to peel off his skin if he doesn’t die.

This shameless man.

Understanding Wu Yong’s intentions, Lorenzo didn’t respond, but sneered, and couldn’t help but curse inwardly.

For an unprincipled scum like him, he still delusionally wants to get the cheats?

Go dream.

“Master Wendian!”

Seeing that Lorenzo didn’t answer, Wu Yong was not in a hurry, and patiently persuaded: “I know you don’t want to hand over the cheats, but look at your situation, the cheats are not as important as your life, this is the Tiantianjian, even if you With the ability to reach the sky, without my help, it is impossible to escape!”

“Besides, once you escape and find Darryl, you will have a chance to rescue others. Did you just accept your fate like this?”

Hearing these words, Lorenzo sneered.

At this moment, Maria next to him couldn’t bear it any longer, and said coldly to Wu Yong: “Just a villain like you, you also want to get the secret book of Changsheng Palace, don’t be foolish.”


Hearing Maria’s words, Wu Yong not only was not angry, but said with a smile: “Beauty Su looks so beautiful when she is angry.”

While talking, Wu Yong looked Maria up and down.

It has to be said that this Maria is worthy of being the goddess of the rivers and lakes, even if she is tied up with five flowers and is so embarrassed, her aloof and elegant temperament is still fascinating.


After watching for a few seconds, Wu Yong couldn’t help secretly swallowing his saliva.

Mad, if there were not so many people here, I would really like to enjoy the tenderness of this beautiful Su Da beauty right away.

Feeling Wu Yong’s gaze, Maria was ashamed and angry.

At this time, Peter couldn’t bear it anymore, and cursed at Wu Yong: “Wu Yong, even a villain like you is worthy of negotiating conditions with Brother Wen? Go out and pee and take care of yourself, you are qualified to study in the Hall of Longevity. Town faction secrets?”


Hearing Peter’s scolding, Wu Yong’s face changed and his face flushed with anger.

This Peter is really looking for death, he is already a prisoner, and he dares to be so arrogant.

The more Wu Yong thought about it, the more angry he became. He wanted to go over and teach Peter a lesson, but in the end he held back. The purpose of today is to get the secret book of moving flowers and connecting trees, and the rest can be tolerated.

Wu Yong thought about it, and after he got the secret book, he would torture Peter.

After making up his mind, Wu Yong took a deep breath and calmed down. He smiled at Lorenzo and said, “Palace Master Wen, you are a smart person. You only have one chance. You should consider it carefully.”


At this moment, Lorenzo took a deep breath, and without looking at Wu Yong, he said coldly, “Go away, I, Lorenzo, act upright and aboveboard, and will never do such shameless deeds with a villain like you.”

A villain like Wu Yong, Lorenzo is too lazy to say a word.

Lorenzo knew very well in his heart that Wu Yong said he was beautiful on the surface, but he was not trustworthy at all.

More importantly, moving flowers and connecting trees is the secret of the Hall of Longevity. Even if he dies, he cannot pass it on to outsiders, let alone a shameless villain like Wu Yong.

“good very good!”

Hearing this, Wu Yong’s face flushed red. At that time, the dog jumped off the wall in a hurry, and said fiercely: “Well, you are ugly and ugly, you are very principled, right? I don’t believe it anymore.”

When the words fell, Wu Yong drew out his long sword and pressed it directly against Lorenzo’s heart: “If you don’t hand over the secret book, I will give you a cold heart.”

When the last word fell, Wu Yong’s eyes were full of killing intent.

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