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Chapter 4106


Seeing this scene, whether it was Maria or the other people around, their expressions changed, and they couldn’t help worrying about Lorenzo.

This Wu Yong is a complete scum, and annoys him, afraid that he can do anything. If Lorenzo doesn’t hand over the flowers and join the trees, I’m afraid he will really kill.

“Cao Nima!” At this time, Peter was also extremely frightened and couldn’t help howling: “Wu Yong, let go of Brother Wen, what is coming at me.”

“If I frown, I will give you your surname in the future.”

Hearing the scolding, Wu Yong sneered: “Peter, don’t make a fuss, and I will play with you after I have finished talking with Hall Master Wen.”

After speaking, Wu Yong’s eyes fell on Lorenzo again: “Lorenzo, you still need a cheat book, you can choose one.” When the voice fell, the tip of the sword moved forward a little, instantly piercing Lorenzo’s heart and skin , the blood seeped out instantly.

However, Lorenzo’s expression remained the same, and he did not panic at all.

Looking at the blood oozing from his heart, Lorenzo looked indifferent, looked at Wu Yong and said, “I have been around for decades, and I have already lived enough. If you are really brave, you will kill me with one sword. If you want a secret book, there is no door.”

Having said that, Lorenzo glanced outside the cell and continued: “I’m afraid that you will end up with nothing in the bamboo basket and kill me without getting the secret book, and you will be held accountable by the Qin Tianjian in the end.”

Lorenzo knew very well that Wu Yong didn’t dare to do anything at all. After all, this was not the Wudang faction, but the Diligent Supervisor.

This shameless scum will only scare and scare people. If he really wants to do it, he will not dare to borrow his two courage.


Seeing Lorenzo’s attitude, Wu Yong couldn’t tell how depressed he was.

As expected of Lorenzo, his own thoughts were actually guessed clearly by him. If he left like this, it would be too embarrassing. No, he must find some face.

Muttering in his heart, Wu Yong tilted his head to see Maria not far away, and immediately came up with a plan.


In the next second, Wu Yong held back his anger, showed a smile, clapped his hands at Lorenzo and said: “Wen Palace Master is indeed a hero of the Jianghu generation, so bold, it really makes me feel inferior. You are right, this is Qin Tianjian. Prison, I have ten courage, and I don’t dare to do anything to you. But…”

After saying that, Wu Yong paused deliberately, and looked at Maria: “I should be fine if I touch the beauty of Su. I don’t know, what is more important than the innocence of your brother and woman?”


Hearing this, Lorenzo’s face changed, and he said angrily, “What did you say?”

Wu Yong smiled evilly and walked straight to Maria. While admiring it up close, he replied, “Palace Master Wen, I have already said it so clearly, do I need to repeat it?”

When the voice fell, Wu Yong leaned forward and sniffed Maria, his face full of intoxication: “It’s really fragrant!”

“Go away!” Maria’s tender body trembled, her beautiful face couldn’t hide the disgust, and she shouted: “Stay away from me!”

At the same time, Peter couldn’t help shouting angrily: “Wu Yong, you shameless scum, stay away from my sister-in-law, Ma De, if you dare to touch her, I will surely turn you to ashes.”


At this moment, Lorenzo’s eyes were also extremely blood red, and he said coldly: “Wu Yong, you are courting death!” Lorenzo originally didn’t want to talk nonsense, but seeing Wu Yong so insidious, he immediately became angry.

This bas***, his tricks can’t be successful, and he even wants to use Maria to threaten him, which is extremely shameless.

“Go to Nima!”

Hearing the anger, Wu Yong’s face was grim, his figure flashed and he rushed over quickly, and slapped Lorenzo’s face with a slap: “I’m a prisoner under the order, and you want to threaten me? What strength do you have now?”

With this slap, Wu Yong tried his best, Lorenzo trembled, and a bright red slap print immediately appeared on his face.


Seeing this scene, both Peter, Maria and the others were extremely angry.

However, Wu Yong still felt that it was not enough, and slapped Lorenzo again: “You care about the fame of Su Da beauty, don’t you, then Lao Tzu will deal with her in front of you.”

Chapter 4107

When the words fell, Wu Yong turned around and walked towards Maria, with a wicked smile on his face: “Beauty Su, you and Darryl get together less often, you must be very lonely in your heart, hehe, let’s be happy together later.”


At this moment, Maria was ashamed and angry, and she shouted: “Go away…”

If he was sullied in front of Brother Wen’s people, he might as well just die.


At the same time, Lorenzo, Peter and others were also furious.

This Wu Yong is really a beast, he actually wants to really get his hands on Maria…

In anger, Peter’s eyes were blood red, and he howled at Wu Yong: “Wu Yong, damn Nima, if you are still a man, don’t touch my sister-in-law…”

When howling, Peter’s voice was completely hoarse, and fire almost spewed from his eyes.

“Wu Yong!”

At the same time, Lorenzo’s face was also ashen, and he couldn’t help shouting: “Don’t touch her, I will give you the secret formula.” When he said this, Lorenzo was very angry.

To be honest, Lorenzo was extremely reluctant to agree to give Wu Yong the secret book.

But there is no way, the secret book is important, but it is not as important as the innocence of the younger brother and sister. If Maria is tainted, how will she behave in the future, and how will she face Fengzi?


Hearing Lorenzo’s words, Wu Yong stopped, with a bit of abusive expression on his face: “Palace Master Wen has figured it out? It’s a pity it’s too late.”

Having said that, Wu Yong couldn’t help but look back at Maria, and smiled evilly: “This beautiful lady Su has already ignited my evil fire, and it can no longer be extinguished. Hehe…”

The last word fell, Wu Yong’s figure flashed, and when he came to Maria, he grabbed the corner of the skirt and pulled it hard.

Stab it!

Hearing a crisp sound, a large piece of Maria’s skirt was ripped off, revealing her snow-white straight legs…

Seeing this situation, Lorenzo and everyone was even angrier.

Maria’s delicate face instantly flushed red, unable to hide her anger and disgust: “Go away, if you dare to touch me, I will tear you to pieces.”

When she said this, Maria’s face was full of frost, but her heart was filled with despair.

You and Brother Wen are both under control and can’t resist at all. Is it really going to be succeeded by this shameless villain?


Maria’s reprimand, not only did not make Wu Yong restrained, but aroused his interest even more. At that time, she said with a smile: “Beauty Su’s angry appearance is fascinating, don’t worry, I will take good care of you later. of.”

While talking, Wu Yong quickly grabbed Maria.

Maria couldn’t break free, and in an instant, her heart became even more desperate.


Just at this critical moment, a cold scolding suddenly came, the sound was not loud, but it was unquestionable.


At this moment, everyone was stunned when they heard the sound.

I saw a slender and charming figure, who did not know when to appear at the door of the prison. His facial features were exquisite and charming, with beautiful curves, and his body was filled with suffocating cold.

It is ice.

After Tracy broke into Qintian Prison, after some exploration, he finally found the underground cell where everyone was imprisoned. As soon as he arrived at the door, he heard that Wu Yong was going to sully Maria.

“Girl Frost?”

At this time, when Lorenzo saw that it was Tracy, everyone was surprised and delighted.

Wu Yong also quickly withdrew his hand, his eyes fixed on Tracy, faintly flickering with fear, as an elder of the Wudang faction, how could he not know Tracy? The daughter of Darryl and Han Ao Ran, the leader of the younger generation of the Emei School, with outstanding talent.

However, Wu Yong quickly calmed down, looked up and down at Tracy and said, “You… how did you come in?”

At this time, Wu Yong did not know that most of the gods and soldiers in the Qintian Supervision were led by Nalan Wushuang to a small town dozens of miles away, resulting in a lax defense of the Qintian Supervision. In this case , the ice can sneak in quietly.


Tracy breathed a sigh of relief, and did not answer directly, but said coldly: “As a Wudang elder, but to do such despicable behavior, the face of the Wudang faction will make you lose all.”

In Tracy’s heart, Lorenzo and Maria were his relatives. At this time, he could clearly see a bright red slap print on Lorenzo’s face, and Maria’s skirt corner was ripped off…. Such a scene , how not to get angry?

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