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Chapter 4140

But after shouting these words, Yan Fei didn’t make a move, but stepped aside and watched the situation quietly. He thought about it, let these subordinates consume Gary’s strength first, and wait for the right opportunity to make a sneak attack.


“Go together!”

Hearing these shouts, many sand thieves in the entire Flying Eagle Fort screamed like chicken blood, rushing towards Gary!

They also knew in their hearts that Gary was not weak, but with so many of them, taking turns in battle would also consume him.

Flying Eagle Castle has been entrenched here for several years, and all of them are not general, so these sand thieves are not weak.


Seeing the sand thieves rushing up, Gary didn’t panic at all, with a look of contempt on his face, and said coldly: “You people, murdering and overselling, doing all kinds of evil, today I will do the right thing for heaven.”

The words fell, Gary’s whole body burst out, and suddenly raised his hands!

“Death to all, Flame Venerable!”

The cold words came out of Gary’s mouth. The moment the words fell, the temperature of the whole body suddenly increased. Then, a group of fire condensed and swept away towards the rushing sand thief.

The Flame Venerable Master is the unique teaching of the Ming Sect of the Diyuan Continent.

In those days, Gary worshipped Lu Jiechen of Mingjiao as his teacher, and got his true inheritance. Later, Lu Jiechen and Mingjiao were destroyed one after another, but these unique skills were passed down on Gary.


In an instant, the flames broke out in the crowd, and under the terrifying flames, dozens of sand thieves screamed constantly, one by one fell from the air, and after landing, they were burned to death.


Seeing this scene, both Yan Fei and the leaders were shocked.

This kid is too strong.

With so many people, they couldn’t even stop him!

In shock, Yan Fei forcibly calmed down and shouted at the surrounding subordinates: “Don’t panic, he is alone.”

Hearing this, everyone hesitated and charged toward Gary again.

Seeing this situation, Gary’s eyes were full of contempt, he locked Yan Fei tightly, and said word by word, “I have given you a chance. Since you are obsessed, you can’t blame me.”


The voice fell, and a terrifying aura erupted from Gary’s body again. In an instant, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant.

The terrifying aura suppressed everyone present and panicked!


Immediately afterward, Gary raised his hand and waved, accompanied by a crisp sound, a pair of giant hammers appeared in Gary’s hands.

It is the Overlord Hammer!

As soon as the Overlord Hammer came out, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped a lot, and there was a bloodthirsty aura in the air.


Feeling the power of the Overlord’s Hammer, all the sand thieves present couldn’t help but gasp.

“This is the magic weapon of Megatron, the Overlord Hammer?”

“As expected of a magic weapon, this power is too terrifying.”

Feeling the fear of everyone, Yan Fei suddenly became anxious and shouted: “Why are you all panicking? His strength has not fully recovered, he is just a tiger with lost teeth, go up together and consume him…”

Hearing these words, everyone looked at each other, and then rushed up.

“Get out of here…”

Seeing this, Gary shouted angrily, and with a sudden swing of the Overlord Hammer in his hand, he saw a golden beam tearing apart the world and heading straight for the crowd.


In the blink of an eye, Jin Mang exploded in the crowd, and a scream was heard. At that time, dozens of sand thieves fell in a pool of blood and passed out.

Speaking of which, if Gary was at his peak and used the Overlord Hammer, the sand thieves present would not be able to escape, but his strength had not fully recovered. Can knock these sand thieves unconscious.

“The Guard is Here”

so strong…

Even so, the remaining sand thieves were secretly shocked and wanted to retreat.

At this time, Yan Fei shouted again: “Brothers, don’t be afraid. Although his Overlord Hammer is powerful, it consumes a lot of internal strength. He is already at the end of the force. At this time, he must be vigorous.”


Under Yan Fei’s clamor, the remaining sand thieves regained their morale and quickly surrounded Gary.

Chapter 4141

Gary was too lazy to talk nonsense, and waved the Overlord Hammer to fight with everyone. As Yan Fei said, his strength was not fully recovered at this time, and the Overlord Hammer consumed a lot of internal strength. After a while, Gary’s movements became much slower.

Haha…. the opportunity came.

Seeing this situation, Yan Fei, who had been waiting for the opportunity, suddenly showed a smile and was very excited.

“Gary, die!”

The next second, Yan Fei shouted, flew up, and rushed towards Gary!


When it was almost mid-air, Yan Fei burst out with all his strength. I saw a black light flashing around him, and then, a huge black bear condensed.

I saw that this black bear was more than ten meters high. Although it came out of illusion, it was lifelike, and its eyes were extremely blood red, which was shocking.

What Yan Fei performed was one of Wangyougu’s unique skills, the Tyrant Profound Beast Art.

When the black bear appeared, the air in the entire Flying Eagle Fort was completely distorted, and everyone present felt that they were enveloped by a bloodthirsty aura.


Seeing Yan Fei sneak attack from behind, Gary’s pupils shrank and his eyes were extremely blood red.

This Wangyougu remnant is really despicable and shameless. I haven’t made a move just now, just waiting for a surprise attack.


At this time, Yan Fei’s face was grim and he roared: “If you want to destroy Feiying Castle, I’m afraid you don’t have this ability yet, go die!”

The voice fell, and the black bear transformed into a roar roared and rushed towards Gary in an instant, raised its huge bear paw, and slapped it fiercely on the top of Gary’s head.


Seeing this scene, the sand thieves below were all excited.

“The big leader is mighty…”

“The big leader has made a killing move, this Gary will surely die.”

“Yeah, the big boss grasped the timing too well.”

During the discussion, everyone looked at Gary’s eyes with a trace of pride. He was strong, so what if he had a magic weapon, and he didn’t die at the hands of the big leader in the end?


At this moment, Darryl looked at the huge black bear that erupted above his head, his face was not panic at all, and he sneered contemptuously: “Evil is invincible, you think that you can kill me by transforming a beast, you are too naive.”

When the voice fell, Gary injected his inner strength into the Overlord Hammer and greeted the black bear.


In the blink of an eye, the huge figures of Gary and the black bear collided fiercely in mid-air, and they saw that the golden light of the Overlord’s Hammer burst out like a scorching sun. Destroyed and vanished without a trace.

For so many years, Gary has devoted himself to comprehend the power of the Overlord Hammer, and he has already mastered it. At this time, even if his internal strength is severely depleted, he can easily defeat the black bear with the power of the Overlord Hammer.

After all, the black bear was just transformed by Yan Fei, and the Overlord’s Hammer was a real weapon.


Seeing that the black bear was defeated, Yan Fei opened his mouth wide, trembled all over, and his mind went blank.


At the same time, all the sand thieves present were also dumbfounded, looking at Gary in a daze, filled with shock.

The power of the Overlord’s Hammer was so terrifying that the black bear transformed by the big leader was defeated in one move.

“Yan Fei!”

At this time, Gary was suspended in mid-air, looking down at Yan Fei: “In those days when you Wangyou Valley was wiped out, it was God’s way and destiny, and today, Feiying Castle will have the same ending, and many injustices will inevitably lead to Suicide, this is the eternal truth.”


Hearing these heart-wrenching remarks, Yan Fei’s face suddenly changed, and his anger rose.


In the next second, Yan Fei locked on Gary, and said coldly, “Don’t be proud, the rivers and lakes are not the rivers and lakes of your Tianmen, and this world is not the world of your surname Yue.”

When the last word fell, Yan Fei roared and greeted his men, and continued to besiege Gary.

At this time, Yan Fei was completely irrational. He grew up in Wangyou Valley since he was a child, and regarded it as his home completely, but he was killed by Darryl. Ya came to the door.

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Thinking of Master’s death again, Yan Fei’s eyes were blood red, and he was completely mad. He cooperated with his men, and every move was extremely ruthless, and went straight to Gary’s key point.

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