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Chapter 4142

However, Gary, relying on the power of the Overlord’s Hammer, was able to save danger every time.

Faced with this situation, Yan Fei was very angry, and finally shouted at Kou Tianhu, who was healing below: “Kou Tianhu, go and bring that woman out.”

“Yes, Chief!”

Kou Tianhu understood and responded, turned around and rushed into the room at the back of the main hall. After a while, he walked out with Hai Linger.


At this moment, seeing Hai Ling’er, Gary was shocked, surprised and happy.

He saw that Hai Ling’er’s delicate face was a bit pale, and her breath was weak, but her clothes were neat and she should not have been humiliated. When she noticed this, Gary felt a lot at ease.


At this moment, Yan Fei took the opportunity to rush down, put one hand on Hai Ling’er’s neck, his face was gloomy, and said coldly to Gary: “Stop immediately, and capture it with your hands, otherwise, I will call her Xiangxiaoyushuang… .”

When saying this, Yan Fei’s eyes flashed with madness.

To be honest, Yan Fei, as the leader of Flying Eagle Castle, holds his own identity, and Shanghai Linger is so beautiful and beautiful, he didn’t want to use such despicable means to destroy flowers.

However, he never thought that Gary’s internal energy consumption was so serious, but he could still use the power of the Overlord’s Hammer to turn the entire Flying Eagle Castle upside down.


Seeing this scene, Gary’s eyes were instantly blood red, and he couldn’t help roaring: “Yan Fei, if you dare to slam her, I will tell you to die without a place to be buried.”

When the last sentence was shouted, Gary’s voice was completely hoarse.

At this time, Gary could clearly see that Yan Fei’s hand was clasped at Hai Linger’s neck. As long as she used her internal force, Linger would die.

Seeing this, Gary was completely angry.

Burning with anger!

After many twists and turns, he and Linger finally came together. At this moment, seeing her being used as a threat by Yan Fei, my heart tingled.


At this moment, seeing Gary in mid-air, Hai Ling’er was also trembling, with unspeakable joy and worry.

She clearly felt that Gary was holding the Overlord’s Hammer, and he looked majestic, but his face was pale, and he couldn’t hide his weakness.

“Brother Wuya!”

Worried, Hai Ling’er couldn’t help shouting: “You go, leave me alone, go.”

When she was caught in Feiying Castle, Hai Linger was very desperate, thinking that she would never see Gary again in her life, but she was really overjoyed to see him at this time.

But the situation at hand was too unfavorable, so he could only hold back his emotions and let Gary leave.

Hailinger Bingxue is smart, he can see that Yan Fei can’t catch Gary, and he won’t do anything to himself for the time being.

“Do not!”

Hearing this, Gary shook his head, his eyes blood red: “Linger, what are you talking about? If I don’t save you, I won’t leave.”

Hai Ling’er suddenly became anxious: “Brother Wu Ya, don’t be impulsive…”

Before he finished speaking, Yan Fei next to him couldn’t help laughing. He looked at Gary playfully and said, “Tsk tsk, the two of you are really in love and righteousness, but it’s a pity that it didn’t happen.”

Afterwards, Yan Fei looked back at Hai Ling’er, hehe smiled and said, “Since God sent you to me, it proves that we are destined, what is good about Gary? As the master of Tianmen, is he not a lost dog now? “

“Follow me and keep you happy for a lifetime, haha, come to incense…”

Yan Fei became more and more excited as he talked, and finally put his mouth together slowly…


Seeing Yan Fei getting closer, Hai Linger was so ashamed and angry that at that time, her hands were tied and she couldn’t break free, so she spat fiercely on Yan Fei’s face.

“Shameless, you are the ugly mouse in this desert, and Brother Wuya is an eagle.” After spitting, Hai Ling’er said coldly, “Are you worthy of being compared with Brother Wuya?”

This person wants to take advantage of me in front of Brother Wuya, which is really shameless.


Hearing these words, Yan Fei’s face was hideous, and he only felt that he had been greatly humiliated and burned with anger.


In the next second, Yan Fei suddenly raised his hand and slapped Hai Linger fiercely: “I don’t know how to lift up, I really take myself seriously, and tell you, in the eyes of others, you are a sea shark who is high above the sea. Clan princess, but in my eyes, she is a female captive.”

Chapter 4143

After being slapped, Hai Ling’er let out a low voice, but her delicate face showed no fear.

“f*** you ma.”

Seeing this scene, Gary went crazy, his eyes were blood red, and he howled at Yan Fei: “Yan Fei, if you do something to an unarmed woman, are you still a man? One? Come on…”

Seeing the five fingerprints on Hai Ling’er’s face, Gary only felt that his heart was broken. At that time, he was about to rush over, but he was stopped by countless sand thieves in front of him, so he couldn’t rush forward at all.

“Ha ha!”

Hearing Gary’s clamor, Yan Fei sneered: “One-on-one with you? Gary, are you mentally ill? On my territory, what qualifications do you have to negotiate with me?”

The last word fell, and Yan Fei waved his hand.

Hai Linger guessed right, Yan Fei never thought of killing her, so he did this just to distract Gary.


After receiving Yan Fei’s signal, countless sand thieves regained their strength and rushed towards Gary.

Seeing this, Gary clenched the Overlord’s Hammer and fought with everyone again, but he was always thinking about Hai Ling’er, so it was inevitable that he would be distracted.

Soon, Kou Tianhu, who was waiting for an opportunity, roared when he found an opportunity, and slapped Gary’s back with a palm.

“Brother Wuya, be careful!”

Seeing this scene, Hai Ling’er’s delicate body trembled, and she couldn’t help exclaiming.

Feeling Kou Tianhu’s surprise attack from behind, Gary’s expression changed. At that time, he wanted to dodge, but it was too late to use up too much power!


The next second, Kou Tianhu slapped Gary with a palm, and a dull sound erupted.

This palm contained his ten successes, and when he heard Gary groan, his figure fell directly and smashed onto the platform in front of the main hall.


After landing, Gary staggered to his feet, his face was pale, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Gary endured the severe pain, looked around coldly, and finally his eyes fell on Hai Linger, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Could it be… is it really impossible to rescue Ling’er?

At this time, Gary clearly felt that his dantian was injured by Kou Tianhu’s palm. Although it was not very serious, in this situation, it would be difficult to rescue Hai Linger.

“it is good..”

Seeing this scene, Yan Fei was extremely excited, and praised Kou Tianhu: “This palm is good, kill him quickly, kill Gary, this leader will definitely reward him!”

“Yes, Chief!”

Hearing this, Kou Tianhu and the surrounding sand thieves responded in unison, then rushed towards Gary.

“Want to kill me? Come on, come on…” At this time, Gary, under the heavy damage, completely lost his mind. At that time, he screamed desperately, holding the Overlord’s Hammer tightly, and went straight to meet him.

Thinking that Hai Ling’er fell into the hands of the other party, and her innocence would be tainted at any time, Gary almost went crazy.


There were too many sand thieves in Flying Eagle Castle, and Gary was injured again. After a few rounds, Gary’s speed became slower and slower.

puff puff…

Soon, Kou Tianhu and several sand thieves found an opportunity, and the long knives slashed at Gary.

In an instant, blood swarmed out, almost dyeing Gary’s whole body red.

“Brother Wuya!”

Seeing this scene, Hai Ling’er was heartbroken, she couldn’t help but exclaimed, tears streaming down her face: “You go, hurry up, leave me alone…”

Hai Ling’er kept crying, her tears were like broken pearls, and she couldn’t stop it at all.

Seriously, Hai Linger and Gary have gone through so many things over the years, and they have long since looked down on everything, even if they die, they will die together, but at this moment, Gary is covered in blood, Hai Linger I really can’t bear to watch it any more, let alone see him die.

After all, there is hope for survival.


Listening to Hai Linger’s cries over and over again, Gary’s mind suddenly became clearer, and then turned to look at Hai Linger with a smile: “Linger, I’m really useless…”

Before he could finish speaking, Kou Tianhu rushed up quickly and shouted, “It’s long-winded, go to hell.” During the shouting, Kou Tianhu slapped Gary’s back with his palm.

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