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Chapter 4146

“Nalan is glad that I won’t give it to you. What do you want to say?”

When he said this, Darryl’s face was calm, but his heart was uneasy.

Darryl clearly felt that the strength of Gone at this time was much stronger than the last time we met. Obviously, he was hiding in the Nalan family during this time, and his strength was almost restored.

In this case, let alone Darryl and him one-on-one, even if Zhu Bajie helped, I’m afraid it would not be an opponent.


Hearing the ridicule, Gone’s face darkened, and he said word by word, “Darryl, stop talking nonsense to me, what this deity does, it’s not your turn to make irresponsible remarks.”

Speaking of which, Gonie wanted to kill Darryl immediately, but he held back for a while without seeing Nalan Xinran.

Darryl sneered and said nothing.


At this moment, Zhu Bajie looked at Gone up and down: “As expected of the Supreme Being of the Demon Race, the way he speaks is different, but others are afraid of you, and I, Lao Zhu, are not afraid of you.”

“Let me tell you, no matter what the purpose of you looking for that Nalan Xinran, now that you are dead, this woman has already been favored by my Lao Zhu. Do you know?”

When speaking, Zhu Bajie looked serious.

Zhu Bajie could see that Gone and Darryl had a deep feud like the sea, and there must be a fierce battle to fight in the future. In this case, you should anger the other party well. As long as the other party is provoked, it is possible to reveal flaws.

Ha ha…

Seeing Zhu Bajie provoking Gone, Darryl couldn’t help laughing.

As expected of Zhu Bajie, he dared to take the initiative to provoke Gone.


At this moment, Gone’s face was also extremely cold, and his heart was full of anger. Looking at Zhu Bajie, he said coldly, “What did you say?”

Nalan Xinran is the woman she likes.

Is this Zhu Bajie courting death?

“Aren’t your ears good?”

Feeling Gone’s anger, Zhu Bajie didn’t panic at all, and said unhurriedly: “My old Zhu has already made it very clear just now that Nalan will gladly call me my woman, my woman, why? Maybe to you?”

“you wanna die.”

At this moment, a killing intent flashed in Gone’s eyes, and he said coldly: “Nalan is pleased to be the wife of the deity, how can you be so blasphemous?” The voice fell, Gone’s figure flashed, and burst out towards Zhu Bajie.

As the figure passed, the air distorted violently.

so strong…

Seeing Gone’s eruption, Zhu Bajie was secretly shocked, and then shouted, “I’m afraid you won’t succeed?” With that, Zhu Bajie’s inner strength exploded, and he rushed up to fight with Gone in mid-air.


Darryl stood there, but his heart could not be calm for a long time.

What did Gone just say? Nalan is glad to be his wife? Isn’t it expedient for him to change his name to Nie Zhan and hide in the Nalan family? Could it be…. is it a fake show and fell in love with Nalan Xinran?

If so, that would be interesting.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl saw that the two sides were fighting more and more fiercely in the air, and immediately shouted: “Brother Zhu, I will help you.”


The words fell, Darryl’s strength exploded, and he rushed up to deal with Gone with Zhu Bajie.

Right now… in the room.

Shennong stood there, concentrating on giving Nalan the power to exorcise the demonic soul in his body, but he did not respond at all to what was happening outside.

But Su Xueying, who was standing by the side, couldn’t sit still. Hearing the fierce fighting outside, she immediately stood up and said, “Master, it seems that someone is looking for trouble, I’ll go take a look.”

When the voice fell, Su Xueying was going to check the situation.

Just before taking a few steps, Shennong stopped him.

“Don’t go out!” Shennong shook his head at Su Xueying with a solemn expression.

Su Xueying was stunned: “Why?”


Shen Nong took a deep breath, his complexion and worry could not be concealed: “The other party is not good, if you go out hastily, you will die in vain.”

With that said, Shen Nong looked at Nalan who was still in a coma: “What we have to do now is to help her get rid of the demon power in her body as soon as possible, so that she can wake up, otherwise, if someone comes in, everything will be for nothing. .”


Seeing Master’s solemn expression, Su Xueying nodded and continued to fight beside her, but she was terrified when she heard the fierce battle outside.

Chapter 4147

While nervous, Su Xueying couldn’t help but worry about Darryl’s safety.


At the moment of thinking of Darryl in his mind, Su Xueying’s delicate face couldn’t help but turn slightly red.

What happened to yourself? Why should you worry about Darryl’s safety?

Muttering in her heart, Su Xueying shook her head and continued to cheer up to fight Shennong.


On the other side, high in the desert Gobi.

The golden-winged Cangyu eagle and Gary continued to move forward rapidly.


Hearing the wind whistling in his ears, Gary was indescribably anxious and wanted to struggle, but the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle’s sharp claws were like iron hoops, and he couldn’t break free at all.

Not knowing how long it took to fly, the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle slowed down.


At this moment, seeing the scene in front of him, Gary couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

I can see that there is an endless desert Gobi, the black sand next door, forming a gray-black world, and a few hundred meters ahead, stands a peak, the peak is straight into the sky, indescribably majestic.

This peak is several thousand meters high, the mountain is almost 90 degrees vertical, there is no way to go up, it is very dangerous.

As he got closer, Gary saw that at the top of the peak, there was a huge natural cave. This cave is the nest of the golden-winged Cangyu eagle.


Soon, the golden-winged Cangyu eagle brought Gary to the front of the cave, the sharp claws loosened, and Gary fell directly at the entrance of the cave.

Gary himself was seriously injured, and after that, he was caught by the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle and flew all the way.


Gary scolded secretly, “It’s over, this giant eagle took me back to its lair, and it must have treated me as food. No, I am the master of Tianmen, how could I be eaten by this flat-haired beast?”

Thinking to himself, Gary struggled to stand up, ready to fight the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle threw him at the entrance of the cave and did not follow him.

In just a short breath, the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle disappeared into the sky.

what’s the situation?

Seeing the golden-winged Cangyudiao leave, Gary was stunned for a moment, and then secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

This big guy is gone, and before it returns, find a way to get out.

After making up his mind, Gary took a step forward and looked down. He was about to cry without tears. He saw that the dodge was steep and vertical, and there was no way at all, and he was seriously injured, so it was impossible for him to fly down.

With his current injury, it will take half a day at the earliest to recover. However, in this giant eagle’s nest, how can there be half a day to wait?


Just when Gary was secretly anxious, he heard a tender cry from the cave behind him.

Hearing the cry, Gary suddenly became alert and quickly turned back to look at the cave.

I’m going…. this cry… a boy with a giant eagle in it?

For a time, Gary’s body was tense, and his face was full of vigilance.


A few seconds later, with the sound of footsteps, I saw two furry figures slowly walking out of the cave.

These are two young eagles that look like they should be about two months old.

The golden-winged Cangyu eagles are already big in size. Although they are young eagles, they are more than one meter tall when they stand up, with big round eyes and bright yellow mouths.

The two young eagles, which have not yet changed their feathers, are fluffy and look very cute.


Seeing this scene, Gary’s heart suddenly fell to the ground, and a smile appeared on his face. In his mind, Hai Ling’er immediately came to mind.

Ling’er likes these little animals the most. If she sees these two young eagles, she will be very happy.

Muttering in his heart, Gary thought about his situation, and couldn’t help sighing. He was seriously injured, and he lost the Overlord’s Hammer. Ling’er was still in the hands of the sand thieves at Flying Eagle Castle. so.


Just when Gary was feeling sad, two young eagles staggered over, first tilted their heads to look at Gary curiously, and then pecked Gary with their tender mouths.

Seriously, if they were adults, they would definitely peck out a few blood holes in Gary’s body, but it was still too small at this time, and these few strokes were not fatal to Gary at all.

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