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Chapter 416

There are some plots and some heartfelt words. Old Wolf wanted to talk to everyone.

It is already winter, and the weather is getting colder and colder.

This book. From summer to winter. A million words have now passed.

What is the concept of a million words? Generally speaking, it is equal to the number of words in one thousand five hundred essays.

Some people say, old wolf, you update too slowly. Read it in 20 minutes a day.

But brothers. The old wolf updates about 7,000 words every day. It is equivalent to writing ten essays a day. This speed is really not slow.

Every word and every sentence in this book was written by Old Wolf with heart.

In the recent chapters, there are poems against the plots. Those poems written by supporting actors. They were all written by Old Wolf himself. For every poem, an hour or even two hours is wasted.

Including the song Krista sang, the lyrics of that song. I thought about it for nearly an hour. Changed and changed. Just published on the website.

The seemingly simple words, the old wolf thought about it! Every word in this book. It’s all my painstaking effort!

Darryl, the protagonist of this book, was originally a small person.

But heroic righteousness. Protect your home and the people!

At present, the enemy must protect his homeland even if he is dead, and protect the safety of the people! This is like every one of us, in this world. Originally trivial. But everyone. They are all exuding a ray of light.

The plot about Lily these days. Fluctuations are great.

All kinds of comments came all over the world. Some excessive comments even implicated my family. It’s like a sharp sword!

God knows how much I endured.

Sometimes I really want to explain, explaining that Lily has not been ruined innocent. The brothers and sisters misunderstood the old wolf.

But after thinking about it, I chose not to explain, because the plot of the design hasn’t arrived yet.

Finally, tonight, the plot will turn.

That’s right, Lily’s plot is a great foreshadowing. She did not ruin her innocence.

That’s right, Lily is fine.

Of course, because there were some words in the previous chapters that caused brothers and sisters to misunderstand, I reflected on it myself, and it was indeed my fault. These words have been revised, so you can look back and read it again. At the same time, the old wolf knows that the reason why everyone has such a big opinion is because he really likes this book, so I apologize to everyone here and promise that you will never commit such things again in the future. .

Chapter 417

“one two Three!”

Mateo shouted and lifted his axe forcefully. But the axe still doesn’t move!

“b!tch, you’re super hard!” Mateo kicked Patsy: “I call one, two, three, and you just push hard! You must lift this axe up, b!tch, do you hear the super hard?”

“I heard it.” Patsy responded in a low voice. There was a gleam of spite in his eyes.

She had already thought about it, no matter what, she couldn’t let Mateo take this axe! This axe. Definitely an artifact! Must be left to Clint.

“One, two, three, hard!” Mateo almost shouted, lifting his axe vigorously.

But at this moment, Patsy suddenly raised her hand, took off her hairpin, and pierced Mateo’s neck directly!

“I want you to die!” Patsy yelled coldly, and the hairpin in her hand reached his neck in a blink of an eye!

This time. Patsy was so humiliated by him, she wanted to break him into pieces! It’s just that there has been no chance to resist!

But now, taking advantage of Mateo’s attention and being on the giant axe, Patsy knew that her chance was here. Don’t do it, don’t stop. Take the opportunity to attack him and kill him!

As long as Mateo is dead, the peerless artifact in front of him can be left to Clint.


At this moment, Mateo’s forehead was full of cold sweat! Perceiving the danger, he was taken aback, and moved back a bit in a hurry.


Patsy held the hairpin directly on Mateo’s shoulder!

“Hiss…” Mateo took a sharp breath, afraid after a while!

Fortunately, I reacted quickly, otherwise the hairpin would be tied to my neck!

Mateo’s shoulder was pricked with blood, and the blood was splashed on the giant axe.

“b!tch, do you dare to attack me.” Mateo slowly turned around, his eyes were extremely bloody red! Walk to Patsy step by step!

Patsy’s face was pale, she didn’t expect that she did not succeed in the sneak attack.


At this moment, Mateo walked up to the front with an extremely angry expression. He slapped it fiercely, and heard a muffled hum. Patsy’s body was directly slapped. Flew out more than ten meters, and fell from the Bai Yutai!


At the moment of landing, a mouthful of blood was spit out from Patsy’s mouth!

Mateo didn’t intend to let her go, walked in front of her, slap left and slap again!


However, at this moment, only a loud noise came from behind! Mateo looked back subconsciously and saw the giant axe behind him, and the rust on it suddenly cracked a little bit!

Just now Mateo’s blood dripped on the giant axe, as if awakened this artifact!


Mateo clearly felt that a violent force burst out of the giant axe!

Card wipe….

The rust on the giant axe cracks like a spider web! In that crack, a dazzling golden light burst out! Illuminate the entire cave like daylight!

At this moment, Mateo subconsciously blocked his eyes with his hands, and the golden light was too dazzling.


In the next second, Mateo hadn’t reacted, and he sensed violent vibrations under his feet, as if an earthquake had occurred! Numerous rubbles fell from the top of my head! The entire celestial mountain range. They are shaking violently!

It’s really a landslide!

Seeing this scene, Patsy, who was knocked to the ground, was also stupid!


Mateo couldn’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning, and then he was surprised and delighted, and rushed over quickly, only to see that the rust on the giant axe had completely peeled off, exposing the golden body inside.

This is a golden axe with nine dragons vividly carved on it! The whole axe reveals an ancient and sacred breath!

Mateo is already extremely excited! Haha, it must be your own blood dripping onto the axe, this giant axe has recognized the master!

Mateo took a long sigh of relief, slowly holding the handle of the axe in both hands, and pulled it hard. This time, the giant axe was pulled up directly!

“Haha, hahaha…” At this moment, Mateo couldn’t help laughing up to the sky: “It turns out that only by acknowledging the Lord with a drop of blood can this magic weapon be pulled out. Haha…”

When he said this, Mateo glanced at Patsy coldly.

This b!tch dared to attack himself just now! However, thanks to her sneak attack on herself, her blood accidentally splashed on the giant axe. Otherwise, I can’t carry this artifact!

Thinking of this, Mateo was extremely excited, feeling the violent power within the giant axe, his body jumped and flew directly into the air.

“Haha, with this artifact, I will be able to command the world sooner or later.”

“Lao Tzu is the supreme one in the world sooner or later!”


At this time, Mateo, under the huge excitement, was completely in a state of madness. While laughing, he waved the giant axe in his hand.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

In an instant, a series of terrifying power burst out from the giant axe, raging wildly around!


Under this extremely terrifying power swept across, the entire Celestial Mountain Range was also shaking violently!

At the same time, the internal force of this axe was continuously transmitted to Mateo’s body, Mateo’s strength. Rising crazy! In a blink of an eye, he has arrived at Wu Sheng!

Internal strength is still climbing!


At the same time, when this giant axe was mentioned by Mateo, the mountains shook the nine continents! It was a clear sky, but it was covered with clouds in an instant!

This scene is like the end of the world!

For a time, everyone in the nine continents was panicked, and everything was shocked! The various sects raised their heads one after another, looking at the gray sky, shaking their hearts!


Dongao mainland.

The general altar of Wenzong.

In the sleeping hall, Darryl was refining an antidote for Elsa.

With the continuous growth of Darryl’s strength, Darryl’s alchemy technique became more and more handy.


At this time, with the fluctuation of a pill breath, Darryl smiled slightly and opened the porcelain jar in front of him.

Inside the porcelain jar. There is a pill that is full of aura.

It is the antidote for Sandu Pill.

At the same time, a fragrance of elixir filled the whole palace.

Seeing this scene, Elsa, who was lying on the soft collapse, was stunned. Looking at Darryl blankly, his face was inconceivable, and Jiao Chu also faintly trembled!


He really knows how to refine the antidote, and he has refined it so soon!

“Darryl, hurry…give me the antidote! I beg you…” Elsa at this time. Without the high cold pride before, weakly opened his mouth and asked.

At this time, she was cold, hot, and itchy alternately. Even though she is proud of her. Can’t stand such torture!

Darryl smiled and looked at her: “Head Su, the antidote I refined for you, although it’s easy, doesn’t require any rare materials, and doesn’t take much time, but it can’t be given to you in vain. “

Hearing this, Maria smoked his feet straight and pleaded softly: “Darryl, you quickly give me an antidote. As long as you can save me, I will wash your feet and serve you. You can let me do anything. Row…”

The medicinal effect of the Sandu Pill became stronger and stronger, and Elsa was almost unable to withstand it. At this time, her body was sour and weak, and she was really weak.

Chapter 418

“I’ll give you an antidote, really let you do anything?” Darryl was amused by her appearance and joked.

Elsa bit her lip and nodded.


This Elsa’s appearance at this time is really charming.

Darryl instantly became playful, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Then you tell me to make a good friend…”

While talking, Darryl sat on the chair beside him, very leisurely.


Elsa’s body trembled, her face flushed and her lips were about to bleed.

His own dignified Wenzong suzerain. Bing Qing Yujie, a noble status, if you call his husband, the fame will be gone.

“You…you, don’t go too far.” Elsa lowered his head and whispered.

At this moment, she was really ashamed and angry in her heart, but she couldn’t tear her face apart, only hoping that Darryl could change his conditions.

After all, the title of good husband. I really can’t yell out.

Darryl laughed, with a playful look on his face: “Finally, if you don’t want to, just forget it. I haven’t eaten for a day, so I take some pills to cushion my stomach. This antidote, I’m not harmful to my body if I take it.”

The voice fell. Darryl pinched the pill and wanted to eat it by himself.

“Don’t you…”

Seeing this scene, Elsa stomped anxiously, and immediately made alchemy red. It just so happened that the toxicity of the Three Poison Pills became more and more violent. She only felt an itchy sensation from her waist, and she couldn’t help it. In a hurry, I had to bit my lip and shouted in a low voice: “Okay…good husband…”

After shouting, Elsa’s face turned red!

As the Sect Master of Wenzong, she never dreamed that she could say such shameful words. Fortunately, in this palace, there is no one else, otherwise, even if she died in pain, she wouldn’t be called.


That’s right.

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t say comfortably, the bones of Elsa’s good husband just called out.

“Good wife, come, the antidote for you.” Darryl said with a smile, and threw the medicine to Elsa.

Elsa quickly caught it, her red lips opened slightly, and she swallowed.

at this time. Darryl’s gaze was still on Elsa’s body.

I have to say that Elsa is worthy of the level of the best goddess, especially the figure, is simply perfect, no matter what angle it looks like, it’s so s3xy.


Just when Darryl was secretly sighing, he suddenly sensed the ground under his feet, and there were bursts of violent vibrations! As if the world has collapsed!

D*mn it.

what’s the situation?


Darryl was taken aback, and quickly walked out of the hall. Immediately afterwards, all Wenzong disciples came out, one by one, unable to stand still, with shocked expressions and inexplicable expressions, and looked up at the sky. ,

At this time, the sky was covered with dark clouds, and the sky was rolling!

Just to the northwest, in the direction of the Apocalypse Continent, that distant sky, a golden light rose through the sky and the earth!

At this moment, Elsa also walked out slowly, and after taking the medicine, she looked much better.

At this moment, Elsa saw the golden light in the distance, her beautiful face. I couldn’t conceal the deep shock: “Nature is born with a vision, and the earth is trembling with it. Looking at this situation, it should be that a peerless artifact has been born.”



Hearing this, Darryl’s heart was shocked, watching Elsa couldn’t help asking: “Is there really a magical tool in this world?”

Doesn’t it mean that weapons are only divided into seven ranks, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple?

Really want to have

As for artifacts, what is that level?

“It’s not an artifact, but a peerless artifact.” Elsa slowly said, “Even if artifacts such as banana fan and Dinghai Shenzhen are born, there will be no such big movements.”

Hearing this, Darryl trembled in his heart.


On the other side, the earth is round the continent.

Mount Emei, within the Emei Hall.

Han stood proudly at the door of the hall, looking towards the sky.

Behind her, the major elders of the Emei sect, as well as the elite disciples, also looked at the sky, dumbfounded.

Just now. Monica is summoning the elders to discuss how to deal with Lorenzo.

After the previous battle with the Palace of Longevity, the Emei faction won, but the situation is not very optimistic. Because Han proudly got the news, the Hall of Longevity and Huaguo Mountain. Prepare to join forces to besiege Emei faction.

However, just halfway through the discussion, suddenly the mountain shook, and everyone present was stupid.

At this moment, I saw the direction of the Apocalypse Continent, a golden light connecting heaven and earth!

Monica said softly: “Such a vision, and the earth trembles at the same time. It seems that a peerless artifact was born. I am afraid that the world will change too in the future.”

Han proudly behind him. Elder Emei looked at each other and took a breath. What kind of artifact was born that can arouse such astronomical phenomena!


Apocalypse continent. Mingwang Mountain.

Mingwang Mountain is located to the southeast of the Tianqi Continent. This mountain range is very special. There is no vegetation. The whole mountain is covered with red rocks. From a distance, it looks like a fire.

At the top of the hill, there is a magnificent palace. Here is the main altar of Mingjiao.

Mingjiao has been passed down for thousands of years. In the history of the Apocalypse Continent, there are countless cultivators who come from Mingjiao.

It can be said that Mingjiao is one of the oldest sects in the Apocalypse Continent, and it is powerful! The masters of Mingjiao in the past are very powerful!

But today’s Mingjiao leader is a woman, Lu Lingshan.

Lu Lingshan, head of the 33rd generation of Mingjiao. She is also Lu Jiechen’s sister.

Mingjiao has a magical skill called Qiankun Wulianggong. This exercise has ten layers. The masters of Mingjiao in the past dynasties cultivated to the seventh level. And she has already reached the eighth level!

At this moment, in the Great Hall of Light.

Lu Lingshan sat on the throne, she was only thirty years old, her figure was compact, her temperament was extraordinary, and she was filled with a powerful aura. The sacred can not be desecrated!

In front of her, two men stood respectfully. The two wore red robes with a flame embroidered on their chests. It is Mingjiao’s “Heaven and Earth”.

Under the seat of the Mingjiao leader, there is an associate leader, and the heaven and the earth are perfect. And the nine sage kings.

It can be said that Heaven and Earth Shuangjue has a lofty status in Mingjiao, second only to the vice-master.

At this time, Lu Lingshan said lightly: “Why the earth keeps shaking?”

Lu Lingshan just got out of practice through practice. I don’t know what happened yet.

Tian Jue hurriedly responded: “Return to the leader, this shock seems to be over the Tianji Mountain Range…”

When the voice fell, Di Jue quickly said: “Master, such a vision. I’m afraid that an artifact has been born. Just now, the subordinates learned that the birth of this artifact has also shattered the barriers between the nine continents. All of them are broken. The barriers between the continents have almost completely disappeared. Our Apocalypse Continent and the Earth Round Continent were originally separated by a sea of ​​death. The sea of ​​death has no buoyancy, but at this time, the sea of ​​death has become normal sea water.”

Speaking of this, Dijue continued: “Also, between the Apocalypse Continent and Dongao Continent, there was originally a Mixu Canyon. The Mixu Canyon has poison barriers and swamps, and now they have disappeared…It can be said that from now on From now on, people from the nine continents can move around at will, and there will be no obstacles…”


Hearing this, Lu Lingshan was slightly shocked. What kind of artifact is it so powerful?

Chapter 419

The birth of the artifact caused nine continents to tremble!

On the Apocalypse Continent, there is a manor about 800 miles north of the Mingjiao General Altar.

This manor is a branch of Mingjiao.

At this time, in a secret room in the manor, Qin Shousheng was practicing cross-legged.

On the chair next to him. Lu Jiechen was sitting there, sipping tea leisurely.

The secret room was quiet, but Qin Shousheng was absent from cultivation and was unable to concentrate.

Qin Shousheng’s heart is full of Lily! Especially when I thought of giving her to the master, my heart tingled faintly.

after all. My favorite goddess at this time.

Perceiving something wrong with Qin Shousheng, Lu Jiechen stood up, frowned and said, “Apprentice, remember to be impetuous when practicing. For the teacher, I see that you are absent-minded, why is this?”

Originally, Lu Jiechen was sitting there, seeming to be drinking tea, but he has been observing Qin Shousheng.

Qin Shousheng scratched his head, did not dare to raise his head, and asked in a low voice, “Master, you said, where did Lily go?”

Without waiting for Lu Jiechen to speak, Qin Shousheng continued: “She has such a stubborn character, she has no innocence, she must go to search for death, I…I am really sorry for her…”

“Ha ha…”

As soon as the voice fell, Lu Jiechen laughed and sneered: “Who told you that I insulted her innocence?”


Qin Shousheng’s body was shocked, and he was immediately silly, staring at Lu Jiechen blankly. A few seconds later, he couldn’t help asking: “Master, at that inn before, you… didn’t you touch her?”

Qin Shousheng at this time. I was so surprised and happy that I was trembling when I spoke!

Lu Jiechen sat on the chair slowly, and said lightly, “I didn’t touch it.”

With that said, Lu Jiechen took a sip of tea leisurely, with a touch of arrogance in his indifferent expression.


Qin Shousheng was instantly confused, and said, “Then… Then, Master, you asked me to dedicate her to you…”


Lu Jiechen burst into laughter and looked at Qin Shousheng and said, “In that tavern, you were bullied by a group of bandits. You could kneel down and get under your crotch. How many people can do it? I admire you very much, so I want to give you a test. You have to know that to become a real strong, you must have no worries and put aside everything you love. You did it at the time, but now… you Now that you have given up that Lily, don’t forget it anymore.”

Qin Shousheng’s heart was shaken, he only felt his brain buzzing, and at the same time he was a little bit inexplicably happy.

But then I felt something was wrong. Asked: “Master, I dedicated her to you that day. I was outside the door and heard her groaning in pain…”


Before Qin Shousheng spoke, he saw only a Mingjiao disciple who hurriedly ran over: “Vice-master Qi, just now a woman broke into our Mingjiao branch. We caught it.”

Caught a woman?

Lu Jiechen frowned and greeted Qin Shousheng: “Go, go and have a look.”

Recently, the relationship between Mingjiao and other sects is strained. If it is the spies of other sects, then it is necessary to interrogate them carefully.

Having said that, he got up and walked out of the secret room. Qin Shousheng quickly followed.

When he reached the front lobby, Qin Shousheng saw at a glance the woman who had broken into the Mingjiao branch. His hands were tied, and his body was dusty.


In the next second, Qin Shousheng saw this woman’s face

Can’t help taking a breath.

The left face. Ning as fat jade, as smooth as snow, beautiful and moving!

But the half of the face on the right was pitch black as ink, like a birthmark born with him.

Isn’t this woman exactly Lily? !

“Qin Shousheng, you, you are not human, I hate you. I hate you!” Lily also reacted, tears kept streaming down her eyes.

After leaving the inn before, Lily was distraught and walked aimlessly. I never thought that before I knew it, Wu broke into here and was arrested as a spy.

What made her even more unexpected was that it was here. Met Lu Jiechen and Qin Shousheng again!

“Lily! Lily, how did your face become like this…” Qin Shousheng was surprised and happy, and ran over to untie her.

“Go away, don’t touch me.” Lily was already crying into tears, and she kept backing away, not letting Qin Shousheng come near at all.

After that, Lily stared at Lu Jiechen next to her fiercely: “You aD*mnls that are inferior to you are not going to die.”

Seeing this situation, Qin Shousheng was immediately stunned, and looked back at Lu Jiechen: “Master…this…”

Didn’t the master say that she didn’t touch her?

Why did Lily react so much.

Besides, what happened to her face?


At this time, Lu Jiechen exhaled irritably, glanced at Lily, and said coldly: “You keep saying that I insult your innocence, what evidence do you have?”


Lily was annoyed, and stared at Lu Jiechen fiercely: “In the inn before. What you did to me, you know in your heart.”

At that time, I was not dressed properly, and I was wet in the tub. Is this not enough proof?

Lu Jiechen smiled coldly: “You are wearing your clothes and soaking in the tub. Of course, your clothes are disheveled. You are in the tub, but I did it to my apprentice. It was just a test. In fact, I didn’t touch you at all. “

Speaking of which. Lu Jiechen looked at Lily: “As a woman, you don’t even know if you are innocent and if you have been violated. It is really ridiculous to just slander people so casually. Also, the skills I practiced. The law is called Qiankun Wuliang Divine Art. If you practice this skill, you can’t get close to the opposite s3x within three years. Even if a fairy is in front of me, I won’t mess around. What’s more, is it your ugly monster?”

“You…” Lily was speechless after hearing this.

It seems that at that time, I did not fall into the red, nor did I feel uncomfortable.

Lu Jiechen’s words just now, the last three words ugly and eight strange, like a needle, pierced Lily’s heart.

After leaving the inn, Lily’s face became like this. Half of his face was as black as ink.

From being beautiful and ugly overnight, Lily only felt wronged, and tears flowed down: “Even if you didn’t defile me, you made me like this. I am not a human, nor a ghost. , I hate you, I hate you!”

“Shut up, please.” Lu Jiechen stepped forward and slapped Lily’s face with a slap!


This slap slapped Lily back several steps.

“You give me some peace, this is my Mingjiao site, you are ugly, you are making a lot of noise here, where can I put the face of my Mingjiao deputy leader?” Lu Jiechen said coldly.

“Master, I beg you not to beat her…” Qin Shousheng knelt down and stood in front of Lily.

“Master… Then I was outside the inn and heard Lily’s painful groan, that murmur…” Qin Shousheng asked through gritted teeth. Every time he thinks of that low groan, his heart is cut!

Chapter 420

“Lily’s low groan that night?”

Lu Jiechen sat on a chair, took a sip of tea, and replied, “Your master, I, the immeasurable magical skill I cultivate is a peerless exercise. Although this magical skill is invincible in the world, it has its drawbacks. For example, within three years, you can’t touch a woman. In addition to this. Cultivating this magical technique, every month, the body will produce a lot of toxins. The toxins must be excreted. If they are not excreted, these toxins will wreak havoc in my body and make me worse than death.”

Speaking of this, Lu Jiechen put down the tea cup and continued: “So every month, I will catch a woman. The toxins are discharged into their bodies. The process of detoxification is very painful. This is the night when you were at the door. A low groan heard outside.”

At this moment, Lu Jiechen stood up with a smile: “On her ugly face. It is the poison that I discharged into her body. This poison is the poison that penetrates into the meridians, and it cannot be solved even if the genius doctor is alive.”

Lu Jiechen walked up to Lily, leaned in her ear, and continued to whisper: “The women who were detoxified by me before, think they are too ugly, and many have committed suicide. Ugly monsters, you will always look like this throughout your life Up.”


At this moment, Lily’s grievances all turned into tears.

Even if the innocence is still there, what’s the use. Now that I look like this, I dare not look in the mirror.

“You…you are shameless…I hate you!”

Lily’s delicate body trembled and couldn’t help cursing.

Qin Shousheng’s heart trembled too. Hearing Lily’s face, he had been like this all his life, and he couldn’t like it anymore.

At that time I couldn’t help asking: “Master, then why don’t you catch other women? You want to do this to Lily…”

Lu Jiechen smiled coldly: “I’m acting with Lu Jiechen. Do whatever you want, do whatever you want. What? Your kid is questioning Master?”


Facing Lu Jiechen’s fierce gaze, Qin Shousheng felt a chill in his heart and lowered his head.

Lu Jiechen’s eyes were cold: “Disciple, I had expected that if you dedicated your beloved woman to me, one day you would regret it. This woman is your weakness, and I want to ruin her. Now she looks so ugly. , You don’t want to worry about her again! This ugly monster is not worth your mind! My good apprentice, from today on, you forget this woman, you have to remember that you have no weakness, you are invulnerable, understand?! My disciple of Lu Jiechen, can’t have weaknesses!”

“I hate you, I hate you!” Lily’s tears have wetted the skirt of her clothes.

Even if you are not defiled.

But how can I go to see my husband now that it looks like this? The appearance of himself. It is thousands of times uglier than an ordinary woman. How to compare with Bessie and Kendra. It’s better to die.

Lu Jiechen frowned, too lazy to talk nonsense, and shouted angrily outside the lobby: “Come here, drag this ugly woman down for me.”

When the voice fell, two disciples came up to take Lily away.

“Don’t touch me!”

However, at this moment, Lily’s tears kept streaming, and she ran a few steps quickly, bumping her head on the pillar.


A loud noise, echoing around for a long time!

Seeing this scene, Qin Shousheng would have been crazy if it had been left before. But now, seeing Lily’s face, he can no longer like it anymore.

Saw Lily falling in a pool of blood. Qin Shousheng was just indifferent.

At this moment, the Apocalypse Continent, the imperial city.

Just when the artifact was born, nine continents were shaken. The palace of the Apocalypse Continent. The shock is the strongest.

Amidst the shaking of the mountain just now, the buildings in the imperial city seemed to be collapsing, and everyone was terrified.

At this time, although the shock eased, the people of the imperial city still had lingering fears.

At this time, inside the palace hall.

On the dragon chair. Emperor Tianqi sat upright, his face gloomy.

The civil and military officials below all had complex expressions. The violent shock just now made them all bewildered, and they hadn’t recovered yet at this time.


At this moment, an eunuch hurried in, with a respectful tone. At the same time, there was a bit of panic: “His Majesty, the Tianji Mountain Range to the north of the imperial city, the mountain… the mountain… has collapsed…”


The Celestial Mountains collapsed? !

Suddenly, the whole hall exclaimed.

Emperor Tianqi also changed his complexion, and his heart trembled inexplicably.

At this moment, a person slowly walked outside the hall. His face was anxious. It is the teacher of the apocalypse!

“Your Majesty, it’s not good.” The national teacher took a deep breath and walked to the main hall: “I just learned that the barriers of the nine continents are all broken. The sea of ​​death, the sea level is rapidly falling, and it is about to dry up! And In the marshland in the Mixu Canyon, the poison barrier mist is also slowly disappearing…”

Having said this, the national teacher’s eyes flickered: “Your Majesty, if I am not mistaken. In the Tianji Mountains, there must be a peerless artifact! It is this artifact that caused the earthquake!”

Peerless artifact?

Hearing this, the following civil and military officials. One by one looked at each other, unable to conceal the inner shock.

Emperor Tianqi was so excited that he stood up and shouted: “Quickly. Let the Imperial Forest Army escort you and follow me to see.”


A few minutes later, tens of thousands of Yulin Army quickly assembled and escorted the Emperor of Apocalypse. Go to the Celestial Mountains.

The Imperial Forest Army was in order, and a woman was at the forefront. She is riding a sweaty BMW.

It is Xing Yao!

The princes and princesses of Emperor Tianqi also followed.

I saw that among these princes and princesses, Raquel was in a yellow princess dress, unspeakably beautiful. Even though she was wearing a long skirt, she still couldn’t hide her figure. This Raquel’s figure is truly the best.

And beside Raquel, there was a slender figure, wearing a purple dress, s3xy and charming.

This woman…is Bessie!

At the time, Emperor Tianqi put Bessie in the harem and put him under house arrest. After planning to retreat, he kissed Fangze.

But at a critical moment, Raquel saw Bessie, and she insisted on taking Bessie away. Raquel knew Bessie, and he continued her life at the beginning. Knowing that Bessie’s relationship with Darryl is unusual.

How could Darryl’s woman let his father go to sleep?

At the beginning of Zhao Yun’s tomb, he fell into a phantom formation, kneeling in front of Darryl, calling him Emperor Father. Raquel will never forget this scene. If Darryl’s woman was asleep by her father. Isn’t Darryl’s seniority really the same as his father?

Emperor Tianqi, as the Ninth Five-Year Sovereign, has power in the world, but he has no choice but to reluctantly cut love with Raquel, the most beloved daughter.

Until now, Bessie has been with Raquel and has been in the palace for almost half a month.

At this time, between Bessie’s beautiful eyebrows, there was a trace of sorrow. In her heart, she was especially worried about the master’s wife.

I was rescued by Raquel, but the wife of the leader is still in Castro Palace! I don’t know how she is.. She is still pregnant..

Every time he thinks of the teacher’s wife, Bessie feels extremely uncomfortable.

At this time, the Yulin Army had already escorted Emperor Tianqi to the Tianji Mountain Range.

From a distance, the hundreds of civil and military officials, as well as tens of thousands of imperial forest troops, were all stunned!

I only saw that the Tianji Mountain Range in front of me had completely collapsed! An extremely huge ruin was formed!

And above the ruins, a figure holding a two-meter-long giant axe was quietly floating there.

It is Mateo!

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