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Chapter 4166

As he said that, Kou Tianhu’s eyes became more and more gloomy: “I was able to knock you down into the abyss before, but this time I can still kill you.”


The voice fell, and many sand thieves came quickly and surrounded Gary.

Faced with this situation, Gary did not panic at all, and looked at Kou Tianhu coldly: “I’ll say it again, let Yan Fei get out and die.”

“Ha ha!”

Kou Tianhu sneered and said lightly, “Yan Fei is dead, and now I am the leader of Feiying Castle.”

Hearing this, Gary’s eyes flickered, and then he said coldly: “Very good, then you will go to hell with everyone in Feiying Castle today.”

When he said this, Gary was filled with killing intent.

These bas***s, trying to humiliate Linger, all deserve to die.

Crazy tone.

At this moment, all the sand thieves present were furious. Although you are the lord of Tianmen and your strength is strong, it would be too crazy to want to destroy the entire Flying Eagle Castle by one person.

“It’s crazy.”

In the anger of everyone, Hu San rushed out first, glared at Gary and shouted: “I want to see, how do you destroy Feiying Fort and die.”


When the words fell, Hu San exploded his inner strength, and his figure rose into the sky, clenching his long sword and slashing straight at Gary. The sword light shone in the cold light, and the power was amazing.

In Hu San’s heart, Gary fell into the abyss before, and even if he was lucky enough to survive, it would be very difficult to recover within these short two days.

Seeing Hu San burst out, Gary’s icy face did not fluctuate at all!


In the next second, Gary shouted angrily, and with a forceful wave of the long knife in his hand, he saw a cold light tearing through the night sky, directly covering Hu San!

What Gary used was the Mingjiao sword technique he learned with Lu Jiechen back then, the ‘Daily Breaking Moon Sword’.

The Sun-Breaking Moon Saber Technique is swift and fierce. Although Gary’s long sword was picked up in the hall just now, the Sun-Breaking Moon Saber Technique displayed at this time is still extremely sharp.

At that time, Hu San had no time to react and was directly hit by the knife.


In an instant, Hu San let out a scream, and the whole person spilled a rain of blood in the air, and finally fell heavily.

The moment he landed, he saw that Hu San’s whole body was almost cut off in the middle, and he was out of breath!


What a domineering knife.

Seeing this scene, whether it was Kou Tianhu or the other sand thieves present, they couldn’t help gasping for air, and looked at Gary blankly, as if they had seen a monster.

Is this kid still human? Falling into the abyss without dying, but also recovering strength so quickly?

At this time, everyone in Kou Tianhu didn’t know that Gary took the inner elixir of the flame black eagle, and not only was his injury completely healed, but his internal strength also recovered to 90%.

“Everyone obeys!”

Soon, Kou Tianhu reacted, pointed his finger at Gary, and shouted angrily, “Let’s go together, no matter how much it costs, we must kill him.”

When he shouted the last sentence, Kou Tianhu almost roared.

Hu San was his own good brother, and they were born and died together, but at this time they were killed by Gary.

At this time, Ding Peng was also full of grief and anger. Hearing Kou Tianhu’s order, he immediately rushed out and shouted: “Kill, avenge the three brothers Hu.”

swoosh swish…

In an instant, the surrounding sand thieves burst out with internal energy and rushed towards Gary together with Ding Peng!

Faced with this situation, Gary clenched his sword tightly, and without a word of nonsense, he directly attacked.

“Death, die for me!”

The mad roar came from Gary’s mouth. The moment the words fell, Gary once again used the Sun-Breaking Moon-Breaking Saber Technique, and he saw that the cold light of the sword shadow was raging, like lightning, covering the rushing sand thieves.

“The Guard is Here”


As the sword shadow raged, I heard a scream from the sand thieves. In less than two minutes, more than a hundred sand thieves fell in a pool of blood.

At this time, Gary was dyed red with blood, like a god of killing. Of course, the blood belonged to the other party.

“Linger, Linger!”

At this time, Gary killed two more sand thieves, and couldn’t help shouting: “Linger, where are you?” When he shouted, Gary was so anxious that if something happened to Linger, he would still be alone. What does it mean?

Chapter 4167

At this time, Gary didn’t know that Hai Linger was in the room in front of him, but the acupoints were taped, so he couldn’t respond at all.


At this moment, Ding Peng rushed to the front, glared at Gary and shouted: “If you kill my brother, you will be smashed into tens of thousands of pieces today. And I also tell you that Hai Linger has become a tiger brother. The woman, in this life, you will never want to see each other again.”

When he said this, Ding Peng’s eyes were full of resentment.

Although he and Hu San are sworn brothers, they are better than brothers, and Hu San died tragically by Gary’s sword just now, and this revenge will be avenged today. However, Ding Peng didn’t lose his mind completely, he knew how to use Hai Ling’er to disturb Gary’s state of mind.

However, Ding Peng didn’t know that Hai Ling’er was Gary’s inverse scale, so saying that directly ignited Gary’s anger.


At this moment, Gary’s eyes were red and blood red, and he shouted angrily at Ding Peng: “I want to avenge your brother, I’m afraid you don’t have the ability, Linger has three strengths and two weaknesses, I want all of you to be buried with me.”


The voice fell, Gary raised his hand and waved, and a purple flame jumped out. In an instant, the surrounding temperature suddenly rose, and the air burned with it.

It was Lu Jiechen’s unique skill, Zixiao Shenhuo. When Lu Jiechen accepted Gary as his apprentice, he valued him very much. Not only did he teach the unique skills of Mingjiao, but he even taught Zixiao Shenhuo at the bottom of his box.

Speaking of which, Zixiao Divine Fire was too powerful, Gary never used it lightly in order to avoid hurting innocent people, but when he heard Ding Peng’s provocation at this time, he immediately used it out of anger.

Hiss….what fire is this?

At this moment, Ding Peng felt the scorching temperature, his face suddenly turned pale, and his back became cold.

At this moment, Gary didn’t talk nonsense at all, he raised his hand and waved, Zixiao Shenhuo burst out directly to Ding Peng.


Almost in the blink of an eye, Ding Peng was enveloped in flames, and he had no chance to dodge at all. At that time, he let out a shrill scream, and his whole body was quickly ignited. In less than ten seconds, he was completely burnt.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Kou Tianhu or the surrounding sand thieves, they couldn’t help gasping for air, and they all trembled.

With another move, he killed a strong man like Ding Peng. How many trump cards did Gary have yet to show?


The whole place was silent, and a drop of a needle could be heard clearly. All the sand thieves looked at Gary’s eyes, full of deep fear, and did not dare to approach rashly for a while.

“Kou Tianhu!”

At this moment, Gary put away Zixiao Shenhuo, and locked Kou Tianhu with cold eyes: “Hurry up and hand over Linger, I can leave you a whole body.”


Feeling the murderous intent in Gary’s eyes, Kou Tianhu couldn’t help swallowing, panicking. However, after being extremely frightened, a bit of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes.

This Gary’s strength is so tyrannical, I am afraid that the entire Flying Eagle Fort is not his opponent. But he has been in this desert Gobi for so many years, if he accepts his fate, it is not worth it.

Anyway, it’s all dead, it’s better to fight.


Thinking to himself, Kou Tianhu raised his head and laughed with a grim expression, and roared at the surrounding sand thieves: “Brothers, today is our life and death at Flying Eagle Castle, and everyone will risk their lives, otherwise, there will be no escape. I will kill!”


The surrounding sand thieves originally wanted to retreat, but after hearing these words, they rushed towards Gary as if they had been beaten with blood.

“Come together and kill him!”

“Brother Hu is right, if we don’t fight, we all have to die…”

Being able to enter the Flying Eagle Fort as a sand thief is not good. They all know in their hearts that if they kill Gary today, the Flying Eagle Fort will be completely destroyed. Surrender, the people present are also unable to escape death.


Seeing hundreds of sand thieves rushing towards him, Gary took a deep breath, his eyes flashing with mad slaughter.

“You bas***s, robbing the caravans of the past, harming the heavens and harming reason, doing all kinds of evil, everyone will punish them. Since you still don’t know how to repent, then I will send you all to hell.” Gary howled desperately, holding his hands tightly. A long knife, rushing directly into the crowd.

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