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Chapter 4168

At this time, Gary was like the god of killing the world. His figure was constantly moving back and forth among the crowd of sand thieves. Every time the long knife in his hand was swung, a person’s head must fall.

“Ah… ah…”

The screams continued to sound, echoing over the entire Flying Eagle Fort, and the bright moon seemed to be stained red with blood.

In less than ten minutes, Gary was covered in blood, and hundreds of corpses of sand thieves fell in front of him, almost making a hill.


Seeing this situation, Kou Tianhu was trembling all over, dripping with cold sweat, and his heart was filled with indescribable panic and despair.

So many people can’t stop him, is this Gary still human?


At this moment, Gary killed the last two sand thieves in front of him, his eyes locked on Kou Tianhu: “It’s your turn.” At the moment of speaking, Gary walked step by step.

Feeling the murderous aura pervading Gary’s body, Kou Tianhu’s heart and soul trembled.

It’s over, it’s really going to die now.

The next second, Kou Tianhu thought of Hai Ling’er in the room behind him, his expression suddenly turned hideous, and he roared: “Ma De, I can’t live, don’t think about it, take your woman tonight and go to hell together. “


The last word fell, and Kou Tianhu was like a fierce tiger in the mountains. He turned around and rushed into the room, and slapped Hai Linger’s Tianling Gai with a palm.

If you can’t get it, then destroy it yourself.

At this moment, Gary only saw Hai Linger inside. At that time, his heart trembled, his eyes were blood red, and he shouted: “Stop!”

He clearly saw that Hai Ling’er was sitting there wearing a bright bridal outfit, but her body was punctured with acupuncture points, so she couldn’t move at all. If Kou Tianhu’s palm hit her, she would definitely die.

In the roar, Gary wanted to rush into rescue them, but it was too late.

Infinite brother!

At this moment, Hai Ling’er looked at Gary closely, with joy, distress, and farewell in her eyes…

Brother Wuya, I’m sorry, Linger can’t accompany you in the future.

After saying this in her heart, two lines of clear tears flashed across Hai Ling’er’s delicate face, and then she slowly closed her eyes.

She also knew that Gary had no time to stop the situation in front of her.

“Do not….”

Seeing Hai Ling’er closing his eyes, Gary felt a pain in his heart, and couldn’t help but shouted in the sky, and then he thought of something in a flash, and shouted: “Where is the Overlord’s Hammer?”

If someone else was present at this time, they would definitely think that Gary was crazy.


However, just before he finished speaking, he heard a roar from the treasure cave next to the main hall, followed by a golden light roaring out.

The dazzling golden light almost pierced the night sky!

It is the Overlord Hammer.

The moment the Overlord’s Hammer appeared, Gary didn’t hesitate, pointed at Kou Tianhu and roared, “Kill!”


The words fell, and the Overlord Hammer smashed towards Kou Tianhu like a cannonball.

What? This is impossible….

Seeing this scene, Kou Tianhu was completely frightened. He never thought that the Overlord Hammer was so spiritual that he could understand Gary’s orders.

When Gary was very young, he accidentally got the Overlord Hammer. In the following ten years, he has been concentrating on comprehending the power of the Overlord Hammer. Over the years, there has been a special telepathy between Gary and the Overlord Hammer. .

However, Gary had never tried to command the Overlord Hammer to kill the enemy alone. Seeing that Hai Linger was about to eliminate the jade damage, he tried it in a hurry, but he did not expect to succeed directly.


The next second, the Overlord Hammer carried the might of thunder and smashed it hard on Kou Tianhu. Hearing a tragic howl, his whole body was smashed into the air. After landing, his blood was blurred and he was dead.

“Lonely Step into a Fairy”

Didn’t you die?

Hearing the miserable howl, Hai Ling’er slowly opened her eyes, her delicate face was full of confusion.

It was at this moment that Gary rushed in quickly, opened the acupuncture point for Hai Linger, and then hugged her in his arms, his tone full of guilt: “Linger, I’m sorry, I made you suffer, I’m sorry… ..”

Feeling the familiar smell on Gary, Hai Linger finally reacted and cried out with a wow: “Brother Wuya, I really thought I was going to die…”

While crying, Hai Linger leaned against Gary’s heart.

The past few days have been like a nightmare.

Chapter 4169

“Okay, it’s alright!”

Gary patted her shoulder lightly and kept comforting: “I’m here, these bas***s won’t hurt you anymore…”

After coaxing for a while, Hai Linger’s mood finally calmed down.

“Come on, let’s go down the mountain!”

At this time, Gary picked up the Overlord’s Hammer on the ground, and then pulled Hai Linger out.

When he left Feiying Castle, Gary set a fire and burned everything here.


Seeing the raging fire, Gary secretly sighed. After finally eradicating these scumbags, the merchants in the past will no longer have to be afraid.

“Brother Wuya!”

On the way down the mountain, Hai Ling’er couldn’t help but ask curiously, “What did you experience after you fell into the abyss? I thought at the time, you…you are really dead.”

Hearing the question, Gary smiled slightly: “It’s a bit bizarre, I was taken away by a giant eagle…” In the next few minutes, Gary explained the situation.

Hai Ling’er was secretly amazed when she heard it, and then she thought of something and couldn’t help but say, “The golden giant eagle, is it the rumored golden-winged Cangyu eagle?”

Although Hai Linger grew up overseas, there are many ancient books in the sea shark clan. One of the ancient books records all kinds of rare spirit beasts in the world, including the golden-winged Cangyu eagle.

Golden-winged Cangyu eagle?

Gary was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but mutter, that golden giant eagle, could it be something else?

Seeing the doubt on his face, Hai Linger explained what he knew in detail, and finally said: “It is recorded in ancient books that the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle has a ferocious personality and is also very powerful. Traveling thousands of miles, although it is not ranked among the four major beasts, it is even rarer and rarer than the four major beasts.”

I go….

Hearing this, Gary was secretly shocked and couldn’t help but say, “In this way, my luck is not bad.”

With that said, Gary thought of the tragic death of the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle, and couldn’t help but regret: “It’s a pity that I couldn’t save its life at that time.”

While talking, the two of them also came to the cave at the bottom of the mountain.


Gary moved away the big stone at the entrance of the cave, and Xiaobai and Xiaohui inside couldn’t wait to rush out, snuggling on Gary’s body, screaming non-stop.

Seeing the two little guys, Hai Ling’er’s heart was about to melt, and she couldn’t help crying: “Wow, so cute.”

As she spoke, Hai Ling’er couldn’t help but reach out to their heads. It’s just that Xiaobai and Xiaohui were very afraid of life, and immediately called out, waving their sharp claws to grab Hai Linger’s hand.

Hai Ling’er exclaimed and hid to the side, not angry at all, but smiled: “How fierce.”

Ha ha…

Seeing this scene, Gary couldn’t help laughing, and then looked at Xiaobai and Xiaohui seriously and said, “Don’t be afraid, you two, she is your own, your mistress, be polite, you know? ?”

Although Xiaobai and Xiaohui were small, they were very spiritual. When they heard this, they nodded and made a chirping sound in response.

Afterward, the two little guys turned their heads to look at Hai Linger, so cute and cute.

Seeing them like this, Hai Linger liked them more and more, and came over to play with them. After a while, Xiaobai and Xiaohui became familiar with Hai Linger.

Seeing this scene, Gary showed a smile.

“Let’s go!”

A few minutes later, Gary said, “It’s time to go.”

Hai Ling’er responded and couldn’t help but ask, “Where are we going?”


Gary took a deep breath, looked in the direction of the Rakshasa clan, and said, “Let’s go to the Rakshasa clan first. The queen of the Rakshasa clan and my father are close friends. With the help of the Rakshasa clan, we can find our father as soon as possible.”

At this time, Gary instinctively believed that Darryl was also transported to this area.


Hai Ling’er responded, greeted Xiao Bai and Xiao Hui, and rushed towards the Rakshasa clan with Gary.


On the other hand, the Wudang faction.

In the room where the head was resting, Prince Aotian and God King Haotian were discussing important matters, and their faces were a little unsightly.

“Sword Comes”

In the past few days, the God King Haotian sent out the gods and soldiers of the diligent Tianjian to investigate Darryl’s whereabouts, but found nothing.

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