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Chapter 4190

Seeing her flustered look, Darryl showed a smile: “What’s wrong?”


Su Xueying’s face was flushed and she whispered, “Can you close your eyes?” How could he be seen by her current appearance.

Ha ha…

Darryl was amused by her appearance, nodded and said, “Okay!”

Saying that, he closed his eyes.

Only then did Su Xueying break free from her embrace, hurried back to the room, and changed into a long dress shortly after.

She had just gone through the madness, and the ruddy face of Su Xueying had not subsided. Standing there at this time, she was simply too beautiful.

“Reborn Financial Giants”

“Thank you just now.”

Soon, Su Xueying was the first to break the silence and smiled at Darryl: “It’s getting dark, and I don’t know when Master will come back. If you’re hungry, I’ll cook for you first.”

When she said this, Su Xueying twisted the corners of her skirt, unable to express her shyness.

Women worship heroes. After Su Xueying knew Darryl’s true identity, she always had an indescribable admiration in her heart. Even if Zhu Bajie happened before, this admiration did not dissipate.

And just now, Darryl helped her to stabilize her state of being in a state of madness, which made Su Xueying feel a different kind of feeling in her heart.


Aware of Darryl’s shy look, Darryl was stunned for a moment, then smiled: “No need, my injury is almost healed, it’s time to go, there are still many things waiting for me to do.”

“Are you leaving?” Su Xueying was stunned, surprised.

At this time, in Su Xueying’s subconscious, she was already ready to go further with Darryl, but when she heard that he was going to leave, she was a little disappointed in her heart.

Is it because he is not good enough to attract him?


Darryl nodded and said seriously: “Tianmen was besieged by Qin Tianjian before. My two sworn brothers, and now I don’t know what the situation is. I have to go back.”

“If Senior Shennong comes back, please tell me, the mountains are high and the rivers are long, and we are destined to meet again.”

After saying the last sentence, Darryl waved at Su Xueying, turned and flew into the air.


At the moment of flying high into the sky, Darryl felt ashamed in his heart.

It was good that I had enough concentration just now, otherwise I would have made a big mistake.

Darryl knew in his heart that Su Xueying was a good girl, but he had a lot of things to deal with now, and he really didn’t experience a relationship with his children.

If it is really fate, there will be opportunities in the future.

Watching Darryl go away in the air, Su Xueying leaned against the door with tenderness in her eyes, unable to calm down for a long time.

Darryl, can we really meet again?


On the other side, the Nalan family.

The fierce battle in Hibiscus Garden continued.

Under the bewitchment of Prince Aotian, the masters of the major sects, as if crazy, launched a frantic slaughter and siege against the Nalan family. The Nalan family was not afraid and fought hard to resist.

It’s just that the disparity between the numbers of the two sides is too great, and many disciples of the Nalan family were slaughtered and fell in a pool of blood.

Originally a beautiful Hibiscus Garden, the blood flowed into a river at this time, like hell.


At this moment, Prince Aotian stood on the roof of the lobby of Furong Garden, looking at the scene in front of him, very satisfied, and shouted: “The Nalan family colluded with the demons, no tolerance is allowed, everyone continues to kill, not a single one is left.”

Hearing this, the masters of various sects responded one after another.

“Kill, kill these scumbags!”

“Destroy them and leave none of them.”

In the howl, the masters of various sects joined forces to surround the last hundred or more disciples of the Nalan family in the corner of the west garden to start the final massacre.

These more than 100 Nalan family disciples, after several hours of fighting, were covered in blood and exhausted, but their eyes were still shining with unyielding.

Just facing the current situation, many Nalan family disciples became a little desperate.

No help?

Could it be that the family that inherited this year is really going to be completely destroyed today?

Not reconciled.

“Don’t hurt my people.”

At this moment, there was a scream from the sky in the distance.


At some point, everyone on both sides turned their heads to look, and when they saw it, they couldn’t help gasping for air, and were stunned on the spot.

I saw tens of thousands of Rakshasa cavalrymen coming in a mighty way on the avenue outside the gate of Furong Garden. These cavalrymen wore uniform black armor with long knives hanging from their waists. They were murderous and imposing.

Chapter 4191

And above the front of these cavalries, two figures came quickly.

It is rare to have a tall and tall figure, handsome facial features, delicate facial features, slender curves, and indescribable youthful beauty.

It was Tie Bowen and Ginger.

Three days ago, Tie Bowen was ordered by Queen Mona to lead tens of thousands of cavalry into Kyushu to help Tianmen and Lorenzo. However, after entering Kyushu, Tie Bowen and Ginger got news that Lorenzo and Tracy went to Shellmound. Island, there is no danger for the time being.


After learning about these circumstances, Ginger and Tie Bowen discussed it and decided to return to the family to check the situation first.

After all, both grandfather Nalan Hongzheng and aunt were under the control of ‘Nie Zhan’, the situation was critical, and there was no time to delay. As a result, they saw such a bloody scene as soon as they arrived at the family.


At this time, Ginger was suspended in the air, and when he saw the scene in front of him, he was instantly furious: “Stop!”

She could clearly see that the originally beautiful Furong Garden was in a mess at this time, many family disciples fell in a pool of blood, and the ground was dyed red.

The last surviving clansmen were trapped in a corner of the garden, covered in blood and scarred.


Hearing Ginger’s coquettish drink, the masters of each sect looked at each other in dismay.

At the same time, Prince Aotian frowned secretly.

This girl is not dead yet, not only that, but she even brought in rescue soldiers from the Rakshasa clan…


The surviving disciples of the Nalan family were all excited when they saw Ginger appear.

“Miss is back!”

“That’s great, Miss came with rescue soldiers, and the family is saved.”

While excited, many people wept with joy.

“Tsk tsk!”

At this moment, Prince Aotian reacted, and looked at Ginger with a half-smile, his tone was full of contempt: “I didn’t expect that there would be fish caught in the net, girl, your Nalan family colluded with the module and wanted to sin, and the crime cannot be punished. , if you are acquainted, then you will be caught without your hands.”

When he said this, Prince Aotian glanced at Tie Bowen and tens of thousands of Rakshasa cavalrymen, and was very disdainful.

To others, the Rakshasa cavalry was very intimidating, but to Prince Aotian, there was no threat at all.


As soon as the voice fell, the various sect masters around also exploded the pot in an instant, and each and every one of them scolded Ginger.

“Girl, surrender quickly.”

“Your Nalan clan colluded with the demon clan, it’s not a pity to die one by one. Even if you move in the Rakshasa clan to save your life, it won’t change the situation.”


These masters from various sects have already lost their minds, and they have completely lost their ability to distinguish right from wrong.


Hearing the anger of the crowd, Nalan’s unparalleled body trembled and shouted: “You guys are spit-out, my Nalan family has never colluded with the demons, you guys are lunatics.”

When he said this, Ginger was angry and sad at the same time.

The family has been passed down for nearly a thousand years, and there are nearly 10,000 clan members, but at this time, only less than 100 were killed by these lunatics. Such a bloody feud will not be forgotten until death.


Feeling Ginger’s sadness, Tie Bowen took a deep breath and patted her shoulder lightly as a sign of comfort.

“Ha ha!”

At this time, Prince Aotian sneered: “I still quibble until now? Let me tell you, that Nie Zhan is the Supreme Being of the Demon Race. He was chased by the Qin Tianjian and hid in your Nalan family. These are indisputable facts, don’t they? Do you still want to deny it?”


Hearing this, Ginger was shocked, as if he had been hit by an invisible sledgehammer, and his brain was buzzing.

Nie Zhan… Nie Zhan is the Supreme Being of the Demon Race?

How could this be?

While shocked, Ginger also suddenly understood something.

No wonder he was able to control his grandfather and aunt, and even Senior Shennong was helpless. It turned out that Nie Zhan was the supreme being of the Demon Race…


In a trance, Ginger discovered something, and with a buzzing sound, his brain completely collapsed.

“Grandpa!” In the next second, Ginger came down and landed in front of Nalan Hongzheng’s corpse. Tears flowed like a dyke, and he was distraught: “Grandpa, open your eyes and look at me, I am you. My granddaughter, Wushuang…Grandpa, please wake up…”

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