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Chapter 4192

Grief, grief continued to invade Ginger, tears welled up, almost collapsed on the spot.

Ginger has been arrogant and willful since she was a child, and was punished by her grandfather a lot, but she knew very well that her grandfather loved her very much. After every accident, although her grandfather was fierce on the surface, she secretly helped clean up the mess.

Ginger has gained a lot from the previous Rakshasa clan and has matured a lot. When she came back this time, she originally wanted to help her grandfather share some of the family pressure, and then be filial to him.

But I never thought that before I could offer my filial piety, my grandfather was gone.


In grief, Ginger suddenly raised his head and locked onto Prince Aotian in midair, his tone was as cold as ice: “You killed my grandfather, I want to kill you…”

“kill me?”

Prince Aotian chuckled lightly, his eyes full of contempt: “A fish caught in the net, dare to speak up, not to mention whether you have the strength to kill me, even if you do, I am afraid you will not have this opportunity today, your Nalan family colluded with the demons. , it is impossible to escape death.”

With that said, Prince Aotian glanced at Nalan Hongzheng’s corpse lightly: “That’s what happens when you collude with the demons, your grandfather is like this, and so are your clansmen. But you don’t need to be sad, because you will soon be able to go down and make peace with you. Your grandfather is reunited.”

The last word fell, and many Wudang disciples below shouted.

“Your Nalan family colluded with the demons, you are an evil demon, and it is not a pity to die.”

“Yes, it is not a pity to die!”

For a time, the masters of various sects also agreed.

“Girl Nalan, you are sensible, and quickly persuade your clan to surrender together. As long as you are willing to surrender, we will let you people live, otherwise, they will be killed without mercy.”

“Yes, surrender now.”

“You only have one chance, decide quickly, everyone has no time to spend with you.”

The shouts of various middle-sect masters kept coming, Ginger’s delicate body trembled faintly, and he laughed with rage.

“You murderers.”

In a sneer, Nalan Wu’s eyes were filled with tears of grief and anger: “You all killed my people indiscriminately, and now you want me to surrender?”

“I won’t surrender. The Nalan family only needs ghosts who die in battle, and no one who surrenders.”

“and also..”

Speaking of this, Nalan’s eyes flashed with endless hatred: “All of you present, none of you can escape, I will use your blood to pay homage to the dead souls of my Nalan family. You must all die. !!!”

In the last sentence, Ginger almost screamed, his voice was shrill, and everyone present couldn’t help but feel a chill in their hearts.

Ha ha…

Seeing this, Prince Aotian in midair smiled indifferently, and then looked around the audience: “Everyone, since this girl is obsessed, don’t hesitate, eliminate demons and defend the road, cut grass and roots.”

The last word fell, and Prince Aotian gently landed on the eaves of the hall, sat cross-legged, and began to regain his strength.

Although Ginger brought the Rakshasa cavalry, Prince Aotian did not pay attention to it at all. After all, the major sects firmly believed that the Nalan family colluded with the demons. The person who is stubborn will naturally deal with it, and it is not his turn to take action at all.

Hearing this, all kinds of sect masters were too lazy to talk nonsense, and shouted one by one.

“Yes, eliminate demons and guard the road, cut grass and root.”

“That’s right, there’s no need to waste your tongue in dealing with this kind of evil demon guard!”

“Kill and leave none.”

Various sect masters shouted and rushed towards Ginger.

“Damn you all!”

Seeing a sect master rushing in, Ginger’s delicate face was not flustered at all, but a strong hatred flashed in his eyes, and a sentence kept echoing in his mind.

They killed grandfather and destroyed the Nalan family, they must kill them, kill them.


Driven by hatred, Ginger’s internal strength exploded, and with a move of his jade hand, a long sword appeared in his hand, and then he went up to him and fought fiercely with the masters of the middle sect who rushed up.


At the same time, the only remaining one hundred or so disciples of the Nalan family also howled and rushed into the battlefield again.

Chapter 4193


At this moment, Tie Bowen’s internal strength exploded, and he rushed over quickly to help Ginger fight against the enemy.

At the same time as joining the battlefield, Tie Bo Wenqi sank into his dantian, and shouted at the Rakshasa cavalry around Furong Garden: “The black armored cavalry obey the order and help the Nalan family to defend against the enemy, there must be no mistake.”

Seeing Ginger’s heartbreak almost collapsed, Tie Bowen was very distressed.

To be honest, Tie Bowen really wanted to comfort a few words, but he also knew that in this situation, comforting would be useless. After all, so many people in the Nalan family died, and even her grandfather died so tragically…

The only thing she can do is to be her strong backing, to annihilate the enemy and avenge her anger.

“Follow the command of the general.”

The voice fell, and tens of thousands of Rakshasa cavalrymen responded in unison, and then they rode their war horses, rushed in like lightning, and fought fiercely with the masters of the major sects.


The major sects originally had an absolute advantage, but in the face of the addition of the Rakshasa tribe, the formation was immediately disrupted. Immediately afterward, many people died under the machete of the Rakshasa clan.

“Mad, the Rakshasa have joined the war…”

“These Rakshasa cavalrymen are well-trained and blessed with war horses. Ordinary disciples are not opponents at all.”

“What are you panicking about? Even if the Rakshasa cavalry is brave, there are only tens of thousands of people…”

For a while, the experts from various sects greeted their fellow sects to deal with the Rakshasa cavalry.


Seeing this, Prince Aotian, who was sitting cross-legged on the eaves of the hall, also frowned.

These Rakshasa guys are really decisive, and they joined the battle so quickly.


Muttering in his heart, Prince Aotian looked at Tie Bowen up and down, and said coldly: “You help the Nalan family, could it be that your Rakshasa clan is also colluding with the demon clan?”

When he said this, Prince Aotian had a dignified look on his face, but his heart was secretly excited.

Ha ha…

Great, the Rakshasa tribe joined in, and the situation became more complicated.

Make a mess, the messier the better.


Facing Prince Aotian’s hypocritical face, Tie Bowen took a deep breath and said coldly: “You don’t have to gossip here. Our Rakshasa clan acted upright and sat upright, and we have never been involved with the demon clan.”

“I took action because I couldn’t stand your actions. Without solid evidence, I committed an open murder and killed so many members of the Nalan family. What’s the difference between you and the robbers?”

As he spoke, Tie Bowen waved his long sword and forced the few enemies in front of him to retreat.

Ha ha!

Hearing this, Prince Aotian smiled contemptuously: “The mere Rakshasa barbarians dare to interfere in the affairs of our Kyushu rivers and lakes? Let me tell you, starting from today, the Nalan family no longer exists, and you will be stupid for yourself. decision and pay a heavy price.”

Feeling the arrogance of Prince Aotian, Tie Bowen ignored it and continued to fight the surrounding enemies.

“Pay for my grandpa’s life.”

At this moment, Ginger shook back the enemy in front of him, shouted, and rose up, the long sword in his hand went straight to Prince Aotian.

Although he was extremely saddened in his heart, Ginger still retained a bit of calmness. At this time, he could also see that the family was so miserable, and the culprit was this ‘Ye Yun’.

It’s not that he has been fanning the flames, and the major sects will not do it.

At this time, Ginger didn’t know that the person in front of him was not Ye Yun at all. The real Ye Yun, whose soul had been swallowed up, was the Aotian Prince of the Divine Realm Royal Family who occupied his body.

“Go to hell!”

In the blink of an eye, Ginger rushed to the sky, his eyes locked on Prince Aotian, and he spit out a few words coldly.

“Cloud Extinguishing Sword Art!”

The moment the voice fell, Ginger’s dantian’s inner strength exploded completely, and then, in the air around her, white mist filled the air.

The white fog spread rapidly, covering the sky and the sun.

And in this white fog, a terrifying force is rapidly condensing.

The Cloud Exterminating Sword Art is the secret of the Nalan family. It is said that the senior of the Nalan family obtained it from a wandering Taoist a thousand years ago. The secrets of this sword art are unparalleled. For thousands of years, there have been very few people who have truly understood it.

Because of her status as a young lady, Ginger has read the secret manual of Cloud Slayer Sword Art since she was five years old. The formula of thousands of words is almost familiar to me, but the profound meaning of the formula has never been comprehended.

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