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Chapter 4194

At this time, Ginger was extremely distressed when he saw his grandfather’s tragic death, and suddenly realized something.


Seeing this, the two sides fighting below were secretly shocked.

Especially those masters of various sects, looking up at the white fog in the sky, they are very depressed, and an indescribable panic arises in their hearts.

“What kind of stunt is this?”

“do not know…..”

Just when everyone was stunned, they saw that the white fog rolled up, like rolling clouds, and then a white sword shadow condensed and formed, under the cover of the thick white fog, pierced the world and went straight to Prince Aotian. come.


Seeing the white sword shadow, no one in the crowd gasped and exclaimed, “This… This is the Cloud Extinguishing Sword Art, the Cloud Extinguishing Sword Art that has been lost for more than a thousand years…”

The voice fell, and someone next to him couldn’t help but ask, “What is the Cloud Extinguishing Sword Art?”


The man took a deep breath, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and said slowly, “The Sword of Cloud Extermination was created by the sword fairy Li Taibai. Back then, Li Taibai used to be a guest at our Kongtong School. According to legend, Back then, I also learned swordsmanship with our seniors from the Kongtong School.”

“On the stone walls of our Kongtong faction’s back mountain, there are also some scattered swordsmanships from Li Taibai’s years. Among them, there is this trick. It is absolutely impossible to go wrong.”

Li Taibai is famous as a poet, and there are countless beautiful poems circulating in the world. However, the world only knows that he is good at writing poetry, but they don’t know that he is also a famous swordsman, and he is known as a swordsman in all corners of the world.


At this moment, when I heard this man’s words, there was an uproar around him.

Afterwards, everyone stared blankly at Ginger in midair, their eyes filled with inconceivability, and they couldn’t get over it for a long time.

If it is really a sword art passed down by Sword Immortal Li Taibai, it must be of extraordinary power.

What people did not expect was that this girl from the Nalan family could have such a secret skill that has been lost for many years.


At this time, looking at the white sword shadow that erupted from the layers of white fog, Prince Aotian put away his smile and frowned secretly.

A month ago, when this girl was chased and killed, her strength was only average.

Ha ha…

Soon, Prince Aotian calmed down, with a playful smile on his face, and said to Ginger: “How dare you show your ugliness in front of me?”


The voice fell, Prince Aotian used his divine power, raised his hand to condense a golden sword shadow, and attacked.

In the blink of an eye, the golden sword shadow cast by Prince Aotian collided with the white sword shadow, and an earth-shattering roar erupted in midair.

Immediately, the two sword shadows collapsed one after another, turning into an afterimage and dissipating between heaven and earth.

Speaking of which, Ginger’s Heaven Destruction Sword Art is very strong, but unfortunately, she is now facing Prince Aotian.

too strong…

Seeing this scene, everyone below was dumbfounded.

The Heaven Destruction Sword Art that Ginger broke out is already shocking, and the strength of this Wudang Sect Leader seems to be stronger.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment, Prince Aotian hovered in the air and looked at Ginger with contempt: “The sword trick is good, but it’s a pity that it’s flashy. If you want to kill me, it’s not enough.”

Hearing the ridicule, Ginger was ashamed and angry. He was too lazy to talk nonsense at that time, clenched his long sword tightly, and burst out again.

“Wu Shuang, I’m here to help you.”

At this moment, Tie Bowen shouted, his figure erupted, and he quickly rushed towards Prince Aotian.

In an instant, the two broke out together, the surrounding air suddenly distorted, and the power was amazing.

“The two of you will die together?”

Facing this scene, Aotian Prince’s mouth evoked a trace of contempt: “Then I will fulfill you.”


The moment the words fell, Prince Aotian raised his hands, the power of Yuanshen burst out again, and two golden beams tore apart the world and burst towards Tie Bowen and Ginger.

This… what power is this?

Feeling the powerful power contained in Jinmang, Tie Bowen was shocked. At that time, he wanted to dodge, but it was too late, and he has directly swept away.

Ginger raised his hand to deploy the protective film in front of him but was directly smashed by Jinmang.

bang bang…

Hearing two dull sounds, Ginger and Tie Bowen both fell.

Chapter 4195


At the moment of landing, Ginger’s delicate face turned pale, and a mouthful of blood spewed from his mouth.

Tie Bowen is nothing, he has been comprehending the power of the sunset bow these past few days, and his strength is not what it used to be.

After stabilizing his figure, Tie Bowen quickly helped Ginger up, his face full of worry: “Wushuang, how are you?”


Ginger let out a long sigh of relief and shook his head: “I’m fine.”

As he spoke, he wanted to stand firm, but his legs were weak and he couldn’t stand at all.

Grandfather’s death, Ginger was hit hard. Just now, he fought the Heaven Destruction Sword Art with anger and anger, which consumed a lot of internal strength. At this time, he was severely injured by Prince Aotian. He was very weak and had no strength to fight again.


Feeling Ginger’s state, Tie Bowen said distressedly: “You meditate to recover first, and I will deal with him.”

As he spoke, Tie Bowen looked up at Prince Aotian in midair, and was extremely shocked.

The strength of this man is beyond imagination. When it seems necessary, only the sunset bow can be used.

“it is good!”

Ginger hesitated, then said weakly, “Be careful.”

To be honest, Ginger wanted to kill Prince Aotian immediately to avenge his grandfather, but his internal strength was severely depleted, and he forcibly took action, fearing that he would not be able to help Brother Bowen, but would become a burden to him.

“Tsk tsk!”

At this moment, Prince Aotian let out a sneer and looked at the two condescendingly: “You are still kissing me and me at this time, don’t worry, when you two can’t run away, I will fulfill you and make you a couple. The mandarin duck with the same fate.”

The voice fell, Prince Aotian urged his divine power, and his figure swooped down like a flash of lightning.

“Even if I die, I’ll pull your back.” Tie Bowen shouted angrily, without hesitation at the time, he rose into the sky and greeted Prince Aotian.


The moment he was in the air, Tie Bowen raised his hand and waved, and the surrounding air suddenly became hot, and then, a longbow burning with flames was tightly held in his hand.

It is the sunset bow.

The moment the sunset bow appeared, the world seemed to be on fire, and everyone present felt that their breath became hot.

At the same time, many sect masters stared at the longbow in Tie Bowen’s hand, secretly shocked.

“What is this? Divine Soldier?”

“Two months ago, there was a vision of heaven and earth in the direction of the Rakshasa clan, and then there were rumors in the rivers and lakes that in the forbidden area of ​​the Rakshasa clan, there was the divine art of the Great Emperor Hou Yi who shot the sun back then. Could it be… is this one?”

“It shouldn’t be wrong to have such a terrifying power.”

When the people below were shocked, Prince Aotian frowned and was secretly shocked.

Sunset bow?

How did this magic soldier fall into the hands of this kid?

At the beginning, Prince Aotian sneaked into the Rakshasa clan and helped Itail to plot a rebellion and compete for the throne. He was no stranger to the Sunset Bow, and he recognized it at a glance.

“Sword Comes”

I just didn’t expect that this magic weapon would appear in Tie Bowen’s hands.

“Shameless and arrogant, die.”

Just when Prince Aotian was secretly frightened, Tie Bowen roared, and his right hand slowly opened the bowstring. Suddenly, the sun above his head skyrocketed, and the power of the fierce sun gathered crazily.

Afterward, a golden-red feather arrow condensed tore apart the world and went straight to Prince Aotian.


At this moment, Prince Aotian felt a huge shock in his heart.

This kid even realized the power of the sunset bow.

In shock, Prince Aotian didn’t have time to think about it, he quickly activated his divine power and shouted, “Emperor Sky Shield.”

The moment the voice fell, the divine power turned into streaks of golden light, and then in front of Prince Aotian, a golden shield was formed, and a golden inscription was faintly flashing on the shield.

The Emperor’s Shield is the defensive stunt of the Divine Realm royal family. It was originally used to save lives in times of crisis. At this time, Prince Aotian was not sure about the power of this feather arrow, so he cast it out in a hurry.


In the blink of an eye, the feather arrow erupted, and it was mounted on the Emperor Heaven Shield, and a roar was heard, the feather arrow turned into a stream of fire, and finally slowly dissipated.

Under the huge impact, cracks appeared in the Emperor’s Shield, but it did not shatter.

Obviously, in this duel, Prince Aotian has the upper hand.

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