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Chapter 4198


Feeling Ginger’s worry, Tie Bowen felt warm in his heart and said weakly, “I’m fine, but I just use up too much internal energy…” As long as she’s fine, no matter how badly she suffers, it’s worth it.

Hearing this, Ginger breathed a sigh of relief, and a smile appeared on his face.

Brother Bowen is fine.

However, in the next second, when he saw Nalan Hongzheng’s corpse not far away, Nalan’s nose was sore with joy, sadness came from it, and tears followed: “Grandpa… Grandpa is gone…”


Seeing her like this, Tie Bowen sighed inwardly, and said weakly: “Wushuang, people can’t be resurrected from the dead, don’t be too sad, I will always be with you in the future.”

Hearing this, Ginger nodded.


the other side.

Gone took Nalan Xinran and flew all the way high, finally getting rid of the God King Haotian behind him.

At this time, seeing a broken temple in front of him, Gone didn’t have time to think, and landed quickly.


Entering the ruined temple, Gone let go of Nalan Xinran, and couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Finally got rid of that Haotian.

To be honest, although Gone was injured, if he burst out with all his strength, he would still be able to fight against the God King Haotian, but considering Nalan Xinran’s safety, he had to temporarily avoid his edge.

At this moment, Nalan happily leaned against the pillar and stared at Gone, unable to hide his hatred.


Gone just pretended he didn’t see it, sat cross-legged, and said, “The God King Haotian is very strong and has a very strong tracking ability, so we are only temporarily safe.”

“Take advantage of the opportunity, hurry up and meditate to recover.”

When he said this, Gone’s tone was gentle.

However, Nalan Xinran didn’t appreciate it at all, and said coldly, “Don’t be so pretentious in front of me, you caused my Nalan family to be torn apart, and my father died because of you. I can’t wait to peel your skin and drink your blood. ..”

Finally, Nalan’s happy and delicate face was full of resentment.


Feeling her hatred, Gone smiled bitterly and sighed: “Okay, since you hate me so much, then kill me, I will never fight back.”

“The Guard is Here”

After that, Gogne slowly closed his eyes and remained motionless.

Faced with this situation, Nalan Xinran was stunned for a moment, and muttered inwardly.

He is the Supreme Being of the Demon Race. He is not only powerful, but also very cunning and despicable. How could he honestly sit still and wait for death? There must be some deceit.

While thinking about it, Nalan gladly clenched his long sword and stared at Gone, full of vigilance.

It’s just… a few minutes have passed.

Gonier sat there, still motionless.


Seeing this situation, Nalan frowned with joy, and couldn’t tell the complexity in his heart.

Could it be… he really wants to die?

Thinking to himself, Nalan Xinran didn’t know what was going on, and suddenly his heart softened. You must know that during this time, although Gognie controlled the Nalan family and did a lot of despicable things, he was always polite to himself, and never went beyond half a step.


Soon, Nalan calmly calmed down and shook his head.

What happened to yourself? The opponent is the Supreme Being of the Demon Race, or his own great enemy, how can he be merciful to him?

Thinking of this, Nalan bit his lip with pleasure, and said coldly to Gone: “Seeing that you have some conscience, I will leave you a whole corpse, go to die.”


The last word fell, and Nalan was gladly urged by his inner strength, and the long sword drew a cold light and stabbed directly at Gone’s heart.

With this sword, Nalan gladly mobilized all his inner strength, and the air suddenly ripped apart wherever he passed.

However, at the moment when the stab in Gone’s heart, Nalan Xinran only felt a powerful force coming back.

At this moment, Gone opened his eyes instantly, and asked with concern: “How are you? Are you all right?” When he spoke, Gone was very embarrassed.

I have the power of the demon soul to protect my body, but I forgot to remove it just now.

As he spoke, Gognie was about to go up to check on Nalan Xinran’s situation, but he was scolded by Nalan Xinran before he took two steps.

“You stop!”

At this time, Nalan was pleased, with a pale face on his delicate face, and said coldly: “Despicable and shameless, I know you are cheating.”

Chapter 4199

After speaking, Nalan raised his neck happily, closed his eyes, and said coldly, “Kill me!”

Since he couldn’t kill him, it would be better to die than to be humiliated at his hands.


Seeing her like this, Gone couldn’t help laughing and laughing, and said with a wry smile: “You misunderstood, I forgot to take off the body protection of the Demon Soul, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

However, Nalan Xinran didn’t believe it at all: “Don’t pretend, I won’t believe anything you say. Anyway, I’m in your hands now, and I can kill or slash you at will.”

Hearing these words, Gonie’s heart was indescribably bitter.


The next second, Gogne looked at her seriously and said word by word: “You are the woman I like, how could I hurt you? I know that what I did before made you very angry, but I tell you I swear, from now on, I will do my best to protect you, to avenge the death of your Nalan family disciple.”

“Haha…” Hearing this, Nalan couldn’t help but chuckle: “Do you think I would believe it? You are a demon, do all evil, cruel and easy to kill, when will you have a conscience?”

“Don’t treat me like a three-year-old.”

In the face of the ridicule, Gogne didn’t get angry at all, but sighed: “Whether you believe it or not, I will do it.”

“Don’t say it…”

Nalan Xinran shook his head, and on his delicate face, he couldn’t hide the disgust: “I won’t believe your nonsense…” Nalan Xinran almost collapsed at this time.

The enemy is right in front of him, but he can’t kill him, but the other party is deeply in love with him.


For a time, Nalan Xinran was in a mess, and then her delicate body trembled, a scorching heat came from her body, and her face was instantly covered with beads of sweat.

It’s over, I’m going to go crazy.

Feeling the situation in the body, Nalan was pleasantly surprised.

She clearly felt that the inner force of the dantian was running around in the meridians uncontrollably, which was clearly a sign of going crazy.

“what happened?”

At this moment, seeing Nalan Xinran trembling in the suburbs, Gogne’s heart trembled, and he quickly asked, “Is the internal force disordered? It’s all my fault…”

Saying that, Gone secretly blamed himself.

Speaking of which, Nalan Xinran was originally injured, and he was shocked by the power of his demonic soul just now, which will inevitably lead to confusion.

At this time, Gone was ashamed and went forward to help Nalan Xinran. However, before he got close, Nalan happily avoided him.

“You…you get out…”

Nalan gladly staggered back and leaned against the pillar, with disgust and hostility in his eyes: “I don’t need your help, you get out…” When he spoke, Nalan gladly wanted to stabilize the situation in his body.

However, the more anxious she was, the more disordered her dantian’s inner strength became.

Soon, with the disturbance of internal force, Nalan Xinran only felt like a flame was ignited in his body, and the burning sensation spread from his dantian to his whole body.

The burning pain was unbearable for anyone.


In less than a few seconds, Nalan Xinran couldn’t hold it anymore, and her delicate body collapsed to the ground, trembling uncontrollably.

Seeing this scene, Gone was very distressed, and he was too quick to pick her up and said softly: “Xinran, don’t be afraid, with me, I will help you clear the meridians and stabilize your inner strength.”

Although Nalan Xinran has always hated her, but Gognie loves her so deeply, how could she just watch her pain and ignore it?


As he spoke, Gone was running the power of the demon soul, ready to help Nalan to channel his inner strength.

However, Nalan Xinran was very resistant, biting her lip, enduring the pain again and again, struggling and berating: “You get out… let me go, let me go, I don’t want your help, don’t…”

It’s just that she is very weak now, and the struggle at this time has no effect on Gone.

Hearing her scolding, Gone also turned a deaf ear, put his palm on her back, and began to channel his inner strength. . . .


Unable to break free, Nalan was pleased and angry, and then a hint of determination flashed in his eyes.


In the next second, Nalan Xinran held the long sword tightly in her jade hand and turned it hard, the long sword pierced her heart. In an instant, blood donations spewed out, and Nalan Xinran was completely weak.

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