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Chapter 4200

Since you can’t break free, you can only die!


It all happened so fast that Gogne didn’t have time to react.

When he regained his senses, he saw that the blood had dyed Nalan Xinran’s long dress red, and her delicate face was pale and pale, and her breath was indescribably weak.


Gone was so heartbroken that he trembled and shouted, “Why are you doing this? Why are you so stupid?” When he spoke, Gone’s heart was aching.

For the first time in thousands of years, he felt such a heartache. It’s like a heart has been poached.


Nalan looked at Gone with pleasure, his tone weak, but firm: “You are a demon, I am a human, right and wrong are not at odds, I… I would rather die than let you save…”

After the last sentence fell, Nalan slowly closed his eyes with joy, and died of anger.

“Happy, glad…”

Noticing that Nalan was glad that his breath was gone, Gognie only felt that an invisible sledgehammer had hit his heart, his eyes were blood red, and his heart was cut like a knife.


The next second, Gone roared up to the sky: “Why, why…”

The heart-wrenching feeling of the beloved woman dying in front of him made him even more uncomfortable than when the demons were destroyed.


Soon, Gone reacted, gently hugged Nalan Xinran in his arms, and said softly: “Xinran, I won’t let you leave me, no…”

Saying that, Gone stretched out her hand to cover Nalan Xinran’s wound, and at the same time injected the power of the devil’s soul to stimulate her vitality.

However, Nalan Xinran didn’t move and didn’t react.

“Xinran, don’t die, please don’t die…”

Gone was completely panicked, muttered to himself, and then used other hitting methods. The result, however, is still to no avail.


Faced with this situation, Gone’s eyes were blood red, and he took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

It seems that there is only one way.

Muttering in his heart, Gonie put Nalan gladly flat in front of his eyes, then sat cross-legged, and slowly raised his hands to draw the demon soul out of his body.


At the same time, a blood mist collapsed from Gone’s body, filling the entire dilapidated hall.

Gone’s method is very simple, using his own ordinary demonic soul power, plus his own demonic blood, to make Nalan happily reborn. This method is very risky, and Gogne has never used it.

But for the sake of the one he loves, Gogne can’t care so much anymore.


In the next second, under the urging of Gone, the blood mist slowly gathered towards Nalan with pleasure, and then slowly merged into the skin… Then, the demon soul floating in the air also merged into her dantian.

Time passed by minute by minute.

I don’t know how long it took, Gone slowly opened his eyes, his face was pale, and he was indescribably weak, but there was a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Because he clearly sensed that Nalan in front of him was pleased, and the heart that stopped beating began to beat again.

Gone smiled and looked at her so quietly.


After more than ten seconds, Nalan Xinran let out a light hum and slowly opened his eyes.


At this moment, Gone was overjoyed, and quickly shouted: “Are you awake? You must cherish your body in the future, don’t be so stupid? Do you know how sad I am when you did this just now?”


Hearing this, Nalan’s body trembled with joy, and sat up all of a sudden, looking at Gone with shock and anger: “This is impossible, am I not dead? Why am I still alive?”

At this time, Nalan was happy and shocked.

Because just now, her ghost had entered the passage to the ghost world, but suddenly, her consciousness suddenly became blurred, and then she woke up.

It’s like having a very real dream, it’s incredible.

Gone smiled slightly, unable to hide his weakness: “I consumed half of the power of the demon soul, and my own blood, to help you come back to life.”

With the roar of words, Gone was shaky.


Hearing this, Nalan Xinran’s body trembled, her mind buzzing and blank.

Is this the strength of the Demon Race Supreme? Can bring the dead back to life…

And… in order to save me, he did not hesitate to consume his own demonic soul power and grind blood…

Chapter 4201

For a time, Nalan’s mind was buzzing with joy, indescribably disturbed.

“Why did you save me…”

In the next second, Nalan almost collapsed with joy, and shouted at Gone hysterically: “Why do you want to save me…why don’t you let me die…”

The father died and the family was devastated.

More importantly, the enemy was right in front of him, but he couldn’t kill him, and he was rescued in the end.

The more Nalan Xinran thought about it, the more sad and angry, the more she thought about it, the more miserable it became.


Gonie opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he just said a word but couldn’t go on.

At this time, Nalan became more and more excited, and continued to shout at Gone: “It’s all because of you that my Nalan family suffered such a catastrophe, you made me so miserable, why did you save me, why? …”


Hearing these words, Gone took a deep breath and said bitterly, “Xinran, do you really hate me so much?”

Nalan was stunned for a moment.

Do you really hate him?

It was not him, and he would not escape the siege of various sects.

But… how could he be forgiven for killing his own family and his father?

Thinking to himself, Nalan Xinran bit her lip and nodded: “I hate it, I wish you would die immediately.” Nalan Xinran almost said the last sentence through gritted teeth.

I wish you died immediately.

This sentence, like an invisible giant hammer, slammed into Gone’s heart. He looked at the woman he loved in front of him, his heart was ashes, and his heart was trembling faintly.

She…she hates me so much.

Is this what love feels like?

In a trance, the appearance of Muryen appeared in Gone’s mind, and an unprecedented sense of regret and guilt rose in his heart.

Back then, when Moyan merged with a human and gave birth to a child, she never understood as the supreme being of the demon race, and, in the end, she personally killed her.

Was Muryen at that time also as desperate as herself…

Perhaps, this is retribution, killing the most loyal subordinate by himself, and now, it is finally his turn.


Thinking of this, Gone took a deep breath, looked at Nalan Xinran, and said slowly: “Okay, you killed me to avenge your father, this time I will remove the demon soul guard.”

“I’m stubborn, I want to kill with a cruel cry, and I’ve done a lot of evil things. Now you Nalan family are even more harmed. You’ve fallen into a situation of no redemption.

After saying this, Gone removed the demon soul shield around him, smiled happily at Nalan, and then slowly closed his eyes.

Hearing this, Nalan’s eyes flickered with pleasure, and his heart was too complicated to say, and he didn’t know what to do for a while.


Seeing her hesitation, Gone opened his eyes and said helplessly: “Hurry up and die in your hands, I am willing, don’t hesitate.”

Hearing this, Nalan’s body trembled with delight, biting her lips tightly, her heart was even more complicated, but thinking of her father’s tragic death, she subconsciously picked up the long sword on the ground.


In the next second, Nalan clenched his teeth happily, clenched his long sword and stabbed at Gone’s heart.

When he stabbed this sword, Nalan Xinran felt entangled in his heart, and his hands trembled uncontrollably. Gonie smiled and looked at her quietly, without any intention of dodging.


Just at this critical moment, suddenly, there was a strong aura fluctuation outside the dilapidated hall, followed by the shout of the God King Haotian: “Goni, don’t hide, come out and die.”

“Reborn Financial Giants”

The voice is powerful and shocking.


Hearing this loud shout, Nalan’s heart trembled with joy. At that time, the sword stabbed sideways, slashed on the column, and then bounced to the ground.

At the same time, Nalan Xinran was also secretly surprised.

Oops, this God King Haotian is here so soon?

At the same time, Gone’s expression changed, and he quickly reacted at that time, and said solemnly to Nalan: “Haotian is chasing, you hurry up and hide.”

Nalan picked up the long sword happily, and his delicate face was full of stubbornness: “This God King Haotian, who helped the head of the Wudang Sect, killed so many disciples of my family, I want revenge.”

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