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Chapter 4202

The last word fell, and Nalan was ready to rush out.


Seeing that she didn’t listen to the dissuasion, Gone didn’t hesitate, and shot like lightning, hitting several acupoints on Nalan Xinran’s body.

In an instant, Nalan’s tender body trembled, and she couldn’t move. She was shocked and angry at the time: “You…what are you going to do?”


Gone breathed a sigh of relief and smiled slightly: “I lost you once just now, and I can’t lose you a second time. Although you have gained half of my demon soul power, it is far from enough to kill the God King Haotian. “

As he spoke, Gone looked around, saw a secret passage behind the Buddha statue, and immediately hugged Nalan happily.

The secret passage was covered with slate and covered with dust, but it could not hide from Gone’s eyes.

Hearing this, Nalan Xinran’s delicate body trembled faintly, and a strange feeling rose from the bottom of her heart…

card wipe…

Soon, when he reached the secret passage, Gogne pushed aside the slate and saw that there was a secret room under the slate. At that time, Gogne did not hesitate and directly put Nalan into it.

“Sword Comes”


At this time, Nalan was pleased, anxious and angry, and said coquettishly, “Hurry up and relieve my acupuncture points.”

Naturally, Gone would not obey, he smiled at that time, and said slowly: “Xinran, don’t be impulsive anymore, the Nalan family still needs to rely on you to pass on, if you die, the Nalan family will really cease to exist. already.”

At this time, Gognie temporarily forgot that besides Nalan Xinran, the Nalan family also had a Ginger.


Hearing this, Nalan’s heart moved with joy, and he suddenly woke up.

The eldest brother is gone, his father is dead, and Wushuang doesn’t know where he is. If he commits suicide, the Nalan family will cut off the inheritance. Then, how will they face the ancestors?


Just when Nalan was thinking about this secretly, Gone continued: “I owe you Nalan family too much, and I know you won’t forgive me. I can only do this to wash away some sins.”

“Moreover, Haotian and I are old enemies, and the grievances must be completely resolved sooner or later.”

Speaking of which, Gone looked deeply at Nalan Xinran, with a deep affection that could not be concealed in his eyes, and said a little reluctantly: “No matter who wins or loses in the future, you must not speak up, you must protect yourself, and don’t let Haotian knows you are here.”

After the last sentence fell, Gone raised his hand to deploy a barrier at the entrance of the secret passage to isolate the movement in the secret room, and then slowly covered the stone slab.


At this moment, Nalan was excited and couldn’t help but said, “Don’t go…”

In order to save me just now, he consumed half of his demon soul power. Under such circumstances, how could he be the opponent of the God King Haotian? Isn’t this looking for death?

To be honest, Nalan had been looking forward to Gone’s death without a burial, but at this moment, for some reason, he couldn’t hate him.

However, an enchantment was deployed at the entrance of the secret passage, and Nalan’s delighted cry was not heard by Gone at all.


At this moment, in the air outside, the provocation of the God King Haotian sounded again: “The supreme demon of the dignified, the three worlds, has it become a tortoise with a shrinking head?”

God King Haotian wanted to rush in, but because he was afraid of Gone, he had to be cautious.


Hearing this, Gone’s face turned gloomy, and he strode out. When he went outside, he saw the God King Haotian floating in the air, dressed in golden armor, glowing in the sun, with extraordinary might.

Seeing Gone come out, the pupils of the Haotian God King suddenly shrank, and he sneered: “Finally willing to show up. I thought you were going to hide in there all the time.”

While saying this, the God King Haotian secretly sensed Gone’s situation.

Soon, realizing that Gone was consuming a lot of Demon Soul power, the Haotian God King immediately lost his worries.

Ha ha!

Facing the ridicule, Gone was not angry at all, and retorted: “Haotian, you are less yin and yang, you are the king of gods, but you help Aotian cause chaos in Kyushu, and provoke grievances between various sects and the Nalan family. I’m not going anywhere yet.”

“Also, if I were the king of gods, I would have sat in the position of the emperor a long time ago, but you, Ao Tian and Ao Lin, were toyed in the palm of your hand, and I would be ashamed for you.”

These words pointed directly at the sore spot of the God King Haotian.

Chapter 4203


At this time, the God King Haotian suddenly changed his face and stared at Gone: “Very well, when death is imminent, you dare to mock me? Die!”


The voice fell, and a powerful aura erupted from the body of the God King Haotian, and the figure turned into a golden beam, heading straight for Gone.

Not to be outdone, Gone went up to meet him, and in the blink of an eye, the two sides fought fiercely in mid-air.

At this moment, in the secret room inside the main hall.

Nalan happily sat on the ground, unable to move because of the acupuncture point, but was secretly anxious. That God King Haotian is very powerful, I don’t know if he has a helper or not, and Gone’s strength is seriously exhausted, and the two sides will definitely suffer a loss…

Thinking to himself, Nalan gladly tried to stimulate his inner strength to open the acupuncture point.

It’s just… Gogne’s acupuncture technique is completely different from the acupuncture technique in the Kyushu continent. Nalan happily tried several methods, all of which have failed.

Under such circumstances, Nalan Xinran could only close her eyes and pray secretly in her heart.

Gogne, don’t let anything happen to you.

Having gone through so many things today, Nalan Xinran’s mood has completely changed, and unconsciously, a different kind of feeling has arisen for Gone.

At this time, the sky above the broken temple.

bang bang bang…

The fierce battle between Gone and the God King Haotian became more and more intense, and he saw that the figures of the two sides kept moving back and forth in the air, colliding, and bursts of terrifying vibrations erupted, and the entire sky was about to be distorted.

“Sword Comes”

At first, Gone was able to deal with it calmly, but because half of the demon souls were missing, he gradually became a little weaker.

Ha ha…

When the God King Haotian noticed this, he was indescribably excited and proud. At this time, he found an opportunity to shake Gone back, and immediately laughed: “Gonie, you are also doomed today, it is meaningless to hold on, accept your fate.”

Downstairs in the last word, the divine power of the Haotian God King broke out completely, and he saw that the surrounding air was instantly stagnant.

Terrifying divine power, suppressing people panic.


The next second, the God King Haotian suddenly raised his right hand and struck Gone with a palm like lightning.

This palm was as fast as thunder, and the distance between the two sides was very close, almost in the blink of an eye, and it arrived in front of Gone.


Feeling the speed of the God King Haotian, Gone was startled and couldn’t help but scolded inwardly. He had no time to dodge, so he could only raise his hands and deploy a magic protective film in front of him.


The next second, his palm slammed hard on the protective film, and he heard a roar. At that time, Gogne only felt that a vast and unparalleled force erupted. At that time, he groaned and took a few dozen steps back in the air.

After stabilizing his figure, Gonie only felt the magic power surge in his body, but in the end he held on abruptly.

“Ha ha!”

The God King Haotian was full of smiles, looked at Gone contemptuously, and said word by word: “You haven’t recovered the power of your demon soul, and you are not my opponent at all. It’s too late to surrender now, and I will consider leaving you alive.”

The tone is arrogant and unquestionable.


Hearing this, Gone chuckled and sneered: “Haotian, you are only capable of this. When you met me in the past, you were always cautious and would only look for opportunities to make surprise attacks. Now, while I am weak, Outrageous words.”

“The dignified God King Haotian will only do this kind of deceitful deeds. I don’t know what people in the world will say about you when they know about it…”

To the end of the mockery, Gone’s eyes flickered, and he said word by word: “Even if the ancestors of the prehistoric come, I will not frown, just because you want me to surrender, are you worthy?”

Are you worthy?

Three words, like a giant hammer smashed into the heart of the God King Haotian.

“good very good!”

In the rage, Haotian God King nodded again and again, stared at Gone, and said coldly: “Since you don’t know the current affairs, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.”


The last word fell, and the Haotian God King waved his long arm, holding a long weapon that was interlaced with gold and silver in his hand.

This is a halberd, with a long handle of pure gold and a silver halberd head. The golden light and the silver light correspond to each other, and it is powerful. This halberd is called the Moon God Halberd. It was originally a treasure collected by the royal family of the gods. When he succeeded to the throne, he gave the Moon God Halberd to the Haotian God King.

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