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Chapter 426

“Our suzerain wife’s illness is due to Darryl Shui?”

“It’s so nonsense!”

Several Danzong elders shouted: “You are talking about the Darryl Shui in this room, what’s wrong?”

Darryl laughed, pointed to the two makeup mirrors on the left and right, and continued: “You Danzong, alchemy all the year round, the fire is too strong, resulting in heavy Yang Qi. The layout of this room was good, but there are two more mirrors. Everything has changed. Mirrors in feng shui can affect the aura of the environment. Two mirrors face each other, that is, the aura is opposite. These two mirrors expand the yang energy of your Danzong by dozens of times. Men belong to yang and women belong to yin. If a man lives here, he can become more and more energetic, but if a woman lives here for a long time, the yin qi in the body will expand countless times to resist the yang qi in the room. That’s why she often gets sick, and she gets cold when she gets sick. .”

At this moment, Darryl talked freely, these words. Let the whole sleeping hall be silent!

When he came in just now, Darryl could see that there was something wrong with the Darryl Shui in this bedroom. The culprit was Dan Zong’s Yang Qi and the two symmetrical makeup mirrors in the room.


The huge room is silent!

Everyone at the scene looked at Darryl in a daze, and their expressions changed one by one!

What is this kid talking about, is it true or not?

It’s too mysterious.

At this moment, the elder Jupiter came out and said coldly: “Boy, listen to what you mean, as long as you take these two mirrors away, the disease of my suzerain wife will be cured, right? But how can I listen, you are Nonsense? How can there be any feng shui in this world?”

Darryl chuckled and said coldly: “Believe it or not.”

To be honest, Darryl had a very bad impression of Danzong. He was originally unwilling to intervene, but he could see that Zi Yu was so young and tortured that he was not a man, and he moved with compassion.

Anyway, what to do, I have already told them!

Believe it or not, it’s their business.

Elsa only felt her tender body tremble. He looked towards Darryl subconsciously.

He…he…he still knows Darryl Shui?

Elsa stepped forward and whispered: “Zheng Sect, how about… you try to follow Darryl’s method?”

For some reason, Elsa believed in Darryl in his heart.


Seeing that Elsa had spoken, Zheng Chunqiu took a deep breath and said to the maid next to him: “Get these two makeup mirrors out.”


The maid next to her hurried to take the two mirrors away.

Seeing this scene, the elders of Jupiter were a little anxious.

“Sect Master, how can you believe this kid’s words?”

“Yeah, he just talks nonsense.”

Zheng Chunqiu ignored the elders, but looked at Darryl coldly: “Wait for my wife, if it doesn’t get better, you can wait to be buried with my wife.”

“Haha.” Darryl smiled faintly, without speaking.


Zheng Chunqiu had something else to say. At this moment, Ziyu, who was in his arms, let out a low hum.

At this time, Ziyu’s complexion had improved greatly, her body stopped trembling, and her whole body was awake.

What? !

Seeing the ruddy face of the wife of the sovereign, everyone present was stunned!

Elsa was full of joy and couldn’t help but approach Darryl a little bit.

Able to chant poems. Knows how to make alchemy, and even knows Darryl Shui… This man is really omnipotent!

Krista on the side cheered even more, holding Darryl’s arm: “Wow, son, you are so amazing, sister Ziyu, she really woke up. It’s amazing.”

On one side, Zheng Chunqiu was really surprised and happy. He hugged Ziyu all of a sudden, and his tears kept running: “Madam, madam.. Thank God you are all right, thank God…”

Ziyu rubbed her eyebrows, her delicate face revealed a bit of doubt: “Msang-gong, I… was I sick again just now?”

While talking, Ziyu couldn’t help being a little shy when seeing so many people in front of her.

“Yes, but you are fine.” Zheng Chunqiu burst into laughter. I looked around and said: “Elders, you go out first, I have something to talk to the head of Su.”

Hearing this, many elders in Danzong. Both turned and left the room silently.

But when they went out, many people’s eyes still glanced at Darryl in surprise.

This kid is so capable!

As soon as everyone left, Zheng Chunqiu stood up and hugged Darryl with a fist, with a look of gratitude: “Brother Darryl, you are really a strange person! My wife’s illness, I have traveled all over the country, no one can do it. Governance! Unexpectedly. It is because of the two mirrors! Brother Darryl, I am so grateful to Zheng Chunqiu!”

Zheng Chunqiu’s attitude is totally different from before! The person he loves most in his life is Ziyu. If his wife is gone, he doesn’t want to live anymore.

Don’t worry about Darryl, how ugly he speaks, he has saved his wife now, he is his benefactor!

Darryl’s expression was indifferent: “Your wife has been lying in the house for too long, and if she can get out of bed later, go outside more often.”

Zheng Chunqiu nodded his head again and again, and his heart was full of joy! Unexpectedly, the lady has been ill for more than a year, and now her condition has improved. This, this is a great happy event!

At this moment, Zheng Chunqiu turned his head to look at Elsa, and asked excitedly: “Headmaster Su, dare to ask Brother Darryl, is this the elder of your Wenzong?”

This Darryl is so capable, he hadn’t heard of it before.

Elsa smiled softly: “Darryl is not from Wenzong, he is me… well… my friend…”

When he said this, Elsa was full of sweetness. She is the Sect Master of Wenzong after all, she can’t say that she is pursuing Darryl.

At this moment, Krista also looked arrogant: “My son is very powerful, and he doesn’t belong to any sect.”

Hearing this, Zheng Chunqiu’s eyes shone with a little bit of splendor. Said politely to Darryl: “Brother Yue, you cured my wife, Zheng Chunqiu has nothing to do with me. If you don’t dislike it, can you join my Danzong. Be the deputy head of the Danzong?”


Krista’s body trembled, she was so excited! This Zheng Chunqiu was really willing to pay for it. In order to win over the son, he directly promised the position of a deputy suzerain. To know. Danzong’s deputy suzerain, this status is really high!

Zheng Chunqiu on one side is looking forward to it!

This Darryl could refine the antidote to the Three Poison Pill, and his pill skills must be very high.

Not only that. He also knows Darryl Shui! If this kind of talent can be recruited, that would be great!

But who knows Darryl laughed, and said every word: “You Danzong disciples are all inferior people, I don’t want to join.”

“You… Brother Yue, why are you saying this?” Zheng Chunqiu asked, a little anxious.

Brother Darryl, since he came to Danzong, he has always belittled Danzong and is full of hostility everywhere. This, why is this..

Darryl looked gloomy and said, “I have an old friend who was pushed down the cliff by your Danzong and Jianzong together ten years ago. You said, your Danzong, are you shameless and shameless?!”

Chapter 427

Ten years ago…

Zheng Chunqiu’s face turned pale when he heard Darryl’s words!

“Brother Darryl, this old friend you mentioned… but… Sword Demon, Nangong Jue…” Zheng Chunqiu swallowed and finally spoke.

“Exactly.” Darryl nodded.

At this moment, the whole bedroom is silent!

Zheng Chunqiu clenched his fists and let out a sigh of relief, and said, “Brother Darryl. Ten years ago. We, Danzong and Jianzong, indeed joined forces to attack Nangong’s peers. But… ten years ago, the Danzong lord was me. My father. Now my father has already passed away.. Back then, my father was wrong when I attacked the Sword Demon Senior! I… I can bring my father to apologize to Nangong Jue-sen! It’s a pity, Nangong Jue-sen I’m afraid I would have died under the cliff long ago…”


Darryl let out a long sigh of relief. It can be seen that Zheng Chunqiu is a good person. He was willing to apologize for his father!

Darryl wanted to tell Zheng Chunqiu that Nangong was definitely not dead. But under the valley. Stayed for ten years!

But then I think about it, now that Master has already let go of this grievance, and has lived in the valley for ten years, shouldn’t you want anyone to disturb him?

“Forget it, let’s not mention this.” Darryl waved his hand, took Elsa and Krista, turned and left: “Let’s go first.”

“Brother Darryl, wait a minute!”

Zheng Chunqiu yelled and hurried to catch up. I took out something from my body and handed it to Darryl: “Brother Darryl, your kindness, I have forgotten all my life. You saved my wife, and I owe you the favor! This is our Danzong’s flare. I don’t care about it in the future. Where are you, you are in danger, as long as you release the signal flare, I will lead the Danzong disciples to come and support!”

Seeing his sincere expression, Darryl couldn’t refuse, so he had to take it.

“Brother Darryl. Head Su.” Zheng Chunqiu said again: “Don’t leave yet, be sure to stay, and go to the dinner together. Be sure to stay!”

“Darryl, or… let’s stay, let’s go after the dinner.” Elsa said softly.

After all, when I came to Danzong, I was asking the elder of Jupiter Xingshi to inquire, but I found that I had misunderstood Danzong. Nowadays, facing a kind invitation, it is hard to refuse.

“All right.” Darryl nodded.

At night, the Danzong Hall was filled with a lively atmosphere.

The banquet was filled with cherished delicacies.

Zheng Chunqiu was in a good mood and kept toasting Darryl and Elsa.

The wife’s strange illness has recovered, and her heart knot has been solved. At this time, Zheng Chunqiu’s mood is indescribable!

Of course, most of them are Darryl and Zheng Chunqiu clinking glasses.

Although Elsa was the Sect Master of Wenzong, he was not good at alcohol, and was slightly drunk after only two cups. At this time, Elsa was fascinated. The amorous feelings are limitless and even more charming.

Three rounds of wine.

Zheng Chunqiu smiled at Elsa and said: “Su Master, one day ago, there was a violent vibration in the direction of the Apocalypse Continent, and there was a magical instrument that was born. You must have known it.”

After speaking, Zheng Chunqiu continued: “I just learned that the barriers between the nine continents have all disappeared. Now the nine continents can already communicate with each other. No one can tell the situation in the world in the future. . Therefore, between the two of us, we must contact each other more, and once we encounter a situation, we must support each other.”

Elsa smiled and nodded.

But this moment. Darryl stood up all of a sudden!


The enchantment of the nine continents is gone!

Darryl was shocked, and his heart was inexplicably excited! I couldn’t hide the excitement in my heart: “Head Su, Head Zheng, I still have very important things to do. I won’t accompany the two of you.”

When the voice fell, Darryl took Krista and was about to leave.

Originally, Darryl was still entangled, how to get to the Apocalypse Continent. Now I know that there are no obstacles between the nine continents. This is simply a great thing!


What is so anxious?

Zheng Chunqiu was also stunned, with a confused expression on his face.

Elsa was in a hurry. He stood up quickly and took Darryl’s arm: “Where are you going?”

In a hurry, Elsa didn’t hesitate at all, and pulled him tightly.

She only knew that if Darryl were to leave like this, she would never be happy for the rest of her life!


Darryl took a deep breath, looked at the night outside, and said seriously: “I’m going to the Apocalypse Continent. Save people.”

While speaking, Yu Ruo and Kendra already appeared in their minds.

“I, I’ll go with you.” Elsa bit her lip, as if making a major decision, she said softly.

Since you can’t keep him, you can only follow him!

Follow me like a shadow, never regret it.

On the other side, the Apocalypse Continent. Imperial city.

Castro Palace!

It was already night, and Kendra was standing there in a beautiful small courtyard in Guangping Wang’s Mansion, unspeakably lonely and lonely.

Kendra has been here since he was taken to Guangping Wangfu for a long, long time.

But in her heart, she still thought of Darryl.

The thought of Darryl made Kendra’s heart full of bitterness.

I really have twists and turns in my fate.

Finally left Tongtian Island. When I arrived in Donghai City, I didn’t see Darryl for the first time. Deceived by Patsy to go to KTV.

Later, I saw Darryl. Before I could get along more, the Apocalypse army called.

And now. I was trapped in this palace alone. Although Castro treats herself very well, she can’t be happy anyhow.

At this moment, Kendra looked up at the starry sky above his head and found the starry sky here. It’s much more beautiful than the Earth-Round Continent, and the sky is full of stars and it is so beautiful.


The beloved is not around, no matter how beautiful the scenery is. What’s the use?

“Madam, I came to see you.”

At this moment, there was a burst of hearty laughter outside the courtyard. Immediately afterwards, I saw Castro walking in, and couldn’t hide his joy.

When he arrived, King Castro looked at Kendra with a smile, and said with concern: “Madam, the night is as cold as water, why don’t you wear more clothes?”

When the voice fell, King Castro took off his coat and put it on Kendra’s shoulder, very considerate.

The eyes of King Castro were also full of tenderness. In his heart, Kendra was like a fairy in the sky, and those princesses who loved concubines were eclipsed by her.

To be honest, when he first saw Kendra, he was deeply fascinated.

At that time, when His Majesty rewarded Kendra to him, King Castro was almost exasperated.

Not only because of Kendra’s beauty, but also because of her unique temperament, which is not comparable to the women of the palace.

Even if Kendra is pregnant, he can’t stop King Castro’s admiration for her!

During this time, as soon as Castro was free, he came to accompany Kendra.

“Madam, is it cold?” King Castro asked gently, holding Kendra’s waist.

Chapter 428

At this time, the hand of King Castro had fallen on the waist of the wife of the leader.

“Master, you respect yourself… Take your hand away.”

Kendra took a step back, facing the intimate movements of King Castro, still very resisted.

In Kendra’s heart, he only had one man, Darryl.

Castro was a little disappointed and smiled embarrassingly: “Madam, it’s been so long, you still don’t want to accept me.”

Kendra lives in the palace. It’s been a while. Castro really liked her in his heart, so he never forced her.

I have to say that Kendra is so beautiful, even if he is pregnant, the prince of Castro looks more and more likes it. I couldn’t hold back it just now, so I hugged her waist, but I didn’t expect that Madam would resist so much.

Castro squeezed a smile and changed the subject: “Madam, you have been here for a while. What do you think of my palace?”

Kendra bit his lip and said softly: “This place is very nice, Lord, you are good to me, I know in my heart. It’s just…my heart is not here, or you…let me go. “

With that said, Kendra’s beautiful face revealed a bit of expectation: “Furthermore, I am still pregnant, and the child in my belly will be born soon. If I stay here forever, it will also affect the reputation of the prince. .”

Castro clenched his fists, a little anxious: “Madam, it doesn’t matter if you are pregnant, I, Castro, never care about others’ opinions!”

After that, Castro looked sincere and warmly encouraged: “Don’t worry, madam, I will not force you to do things you don’t like. If you want, after the child is born, I will treat it as my own. Treated by children, I will be the princely son or princess, I will be the biological father of the children, and I will raise them well!”

He likes Kendra too much.

As long as Kendra is willing to stay. Let him not be a prince.

Hearing his words, Kendra’s heart trembled, and he was faintly moved. She never expected that the Castro would care about herself so much.

You know, how many men in the world can treat other people’s children as their own?

Moved in his heart, Kendra said softly: “But…”

As soon as he uttered two words, King Castro interrupted with a smile: “Madam, I know you want to leave here, but the outside is too messy. Since the birth of the artifact, the nine continents have been able to communicate with each other. The Apocalypse Continent was born. A handful of peerless artifacts, this matter has spread across nine continents, and now many forces from other continents are coming near the Apocalypse Imperial City to investigate the situation. In fact, they just want to snatch the artifacts.”

Having said this, Guangping Wang Yuzhong earnestly advised: “There are so many mixed people, what should you do if you run into a bad person? Even if you don’t consider your own safety, you should think about the child in your stomach.”


All of a sudden, Kendra was there, unable to speak.

Yes, I have to think about the child in my stomach. Can’t be willful…

Thinking about it, Kendra exhaled softly and had to face the facts: “Then…then I will stay for a while…”


The Castro laughed and nodded again and again: “Madam, it’s getting late, let’s rest early.”

Keeping Kendra, Guangping Wang exulted. Quickly help her into the house to rest.

Castro was right, the current Apocalypse Continent is a mixture of fish and dragons!

The birth of the artifact caused Kyushu’s shock!

The news that the artifact was born in the Tianji Mountain Range has long been known to everyone. For a time, the sects of the nine continents all came after hearing the wind and rushed to the vicinity of the Apocalypse Imperial City to investigate the situation. After all, the Tianji Mountain Range is just outside the imperial city.

With the influx of nine continents and various sects, the already prosperous Imperial City of Apocalypse, in these short days. It’s really more lively!

Each of the nine continents has its own cultural background. At this time, gathered in the imperial city, a variety of cultures are intertwined, forming a unique landscape.

at this time. A hundred miles away from the imperial city, dozens of people were walking along a avenue. These people are in the dust.

Headed by Lorenzo and Peter.

Behind the two brothers are the disciples of Huaguoshan and the Palace of Longevity. The four great masters of the Longevity Palace are all there, and Nalan Xinran, Yu Mo and others are here.

Like other sects, Lorenzo discussed with Peter because of the birth of the artifact, and decided to visit the Apocalypse Continent. But the most important thing is to look for the missing Darryl.

Not only the Huaguo Mountain and the Hall of Longevity. Many sects in the Earth Round Continent have all come to the Imperial City of Apocalypse at this time. Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Tianshan, Xiaoyao, Peach Blossom Island, Beggars… almost all powerful forces are here.

However, Peter and Lorenzo are not pleasing to the eyes of those sects. I don’t want to go with them.

At this moment, Peter rode a tall horse, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and couldn’t help but speak: “Brother Wen, can you find Darryl? Also, what is the artifact that was born? “

Lorenzo looked speechless and smiled bitterly: “I’m not interested in that artifact, as long as I find Darryl. This kid has suddenly disappeared and I don’t know what he is doing.”

As they said, the two brothers sighed.

After walking for a long time, it is finally time to reach the Imperial City of Apocalypse. In front of the imperial city, there is a tavern. At this time, there were many guests in the tavern, all of them from various continents.

“Brother Wen, there is a tavern in front.” Peter called out, very excited. I was really tired and thirsty after a long journey before.

“Brothers, let’s go. Let’s have a sip of tea.” Lorenzo turned around and ordered to the disciple behind.

When the voice fell, the many disciples behind him also cheered.

Entering the tavern, Peter and Lorenzo. Find a position by the window and sit down.

After asking for tea from the shop Xiaoer, Lorenzo couldn’t help looking around, and he saw the guests around him, the styles of clothes were very different, and some were wearing suits. Some wear ancient robes, and some wear Tang-style gowns, which are like a hodgepodge of ancient and modern.

There were a few people sitting not far away. The head is a woman, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans. Gentle and charming. It is Ren Feifei, the president of the Jiangnan Alchemy Association. Sitting next to him were several of her apprentices.

Ren Feifei also saw Lorenzo and others, but the two sides did not have friendship or said hello.

“Brother Wen, see who it is.” At this moment, Peter shouted.

Looking in the direction pointed by Peter, two people were sitting on the table by the door. It is Qin Shousheng and Lu Jiechen!

Today Qin Shousheng went to the suburbs to practice and killed a few wild beasts. Now I am tired and thirsty, so I’ll have a few cups of tea.

“Qin Shousheng?”

At this moment, Peter was both pleasantly surprised and unexpected, and walked over at once: “Qin Shousheng, where is Lily?”

The matter of Lily’s regaining her memory before has spread throughout Donghai City.

Some people say that seeing Qin Shousheng and Lily go out on a boat together, it should have come to the Apocalypse Continent. Unexpectedly, I really met Qin Shousheng here!

“You…” Qin Shousheng panicked: “Wh… what Lily…”

He was really afraid of Peter. Not only him, but all the children of the rich family in Donghai City, are afraid to see Peter. Because Peter is a mixed society, who doesn’t know that he is ruthless in Donghai City?

“I’m asking you, where is Lily?” Peter asked in an angry tone: “What kind of confusion is pretending to be a special code?”

Chapter 429

Hearing Peter’s bad tone, Lu Jiechen on one side frowned secretly and couldn’t help but look at Qin Shousheng: “Apprentice, do you know this person?”

Qin Shousheng hurriedly responded: “Master, these two people, one is named Peter, the head of Huaguoshan. The other is Lorenzo, the head of the Palace of Longevity. These two sects are very strong in the Earth Yuan Continent. of…”


Lu Jiechen smiled contemptuously, and looked at Peter Xia Sun and Lorenzo.

Wusheng realm, this is also called strong?

Peter was already impatient and kicked over: “Qin Shousheng, leaving Donghai City, do you think you are better than you? Can’t you hear me? Are you extremely deaf? I ask you where Lily is!”

Peter was faintly angry. This Qin Shousheng used to talk to him in Donghai City. He nodded and bowed. I haven’t seen him for a few months now, this kid has stiff wings and is pretending to be deaf and dumb here.

Qin Shousheng dodged his eyes and said, “How do I…how do I know where she is?”

Because I have guilt in my heart. These words are obviously lacking in confidence.

As soon as the voice fell, Lu Jiechen next to Qin Shousheng glanced at Qin Shousheng: “Disciple, I am a man of Mingjiao, dare to be a daring, if you do, why don’t you dare to admit it? What are you afraid of? That ugly monster is dead, you Tell them the truth.”

Hearing this, Peter was stunned: “What is ugly, what is dead? You speak clearly?!”

“Hahaha…” Lu Jiechen laughed loudly: “To tell you the truth, that Lily has been disfigured by me. She is so ugly and boring to live, so I threw her into the sea.”

While talking, Lu Jiechen took a sip of wine, his face full of carelessness.

But these words were a bolt from the blue for Peter!

He…he killed Lily? !

That is the wife that Darryl Mingzhong is marrying!

Suddenly, burning with anger!


Peter’s eyes were blood red for an instant, and he suddenly patted the table. A giant axe suddenly appeared in his hand!

“Am I going to slot you, you die for me!”

When the words fell, Peter’s mind went blank, and he slashed over with an axe!

He had a bad temper, and he learned that Darryl’s woman had been killed by others, how could he bear it!

Seeing the axe falling, Lu Jiechen’s mouth evokes a trace of contempt: “I don’t know the height of the earth and the thick thing, dare to throw it wild in front of me.”

The moment the voice fell, a powerful breath burst out from Lu Jiechen! Raised his hand slightly.


Lu Jiechen’s palm seemed to be an understatement, but he accurately slapped it on the back of the axe. As soon as he heard a dull collision, Peter felt a powerful force coming, and the whole person shook back several steps, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. !

At this time, Peter’s strength has reached the fifth stage of martial arts! Just one step away. You can be promoted to Emperor Wu, but facing Lu Jiechen, he can’t stand it with a single move!


At this moment, Lu Jiechen slowly raised his hand, and a group of purple-red flames jumped out of his palm, tumbling up and down, and in a moment, the surrounding air was instantly distorted by the high temperature.

Feeling the extremely hot temperature, everyone else in the tavern whispered and avoided them in the distance.

Lu Jiechen looked arrogant and looked at Peter coldly: “With this ability, you still want to avenge that ugly monster?”

When the voice fell, Lu Jiechen waved his hand. A group of purple flames slammed directly at Peter!

I saw that wherever the purple flame passed, the air was burning!

“The Great Sage!”

See this scene. Lorenzo’s face changed drastically, and he couldn’t help screaming, holding a folding fan, and waving in the air, forming a protective barrier to stand in front of Peter!


The purple flame slammed against the barrier, and a loud noise erupted. The heat of horror swept away, and the entire tavern was on fire.


The protective barrier shattered in an instant, and Lorenzo and Peter were directly shocked and flew out. They flew more than ten meters away, and the two landed heavily, spouting blood one after another!


“Hall Master!”

The disciples of Huaguoshan and the Hall of Longevity drew knives one after another. Surrounded quickly.

However, Lu Jiechen didn’t panic at all, just smiled, picked up the flask, and poured himself a glass of wine.

The eyes of everyone in the entire tavern were focused on Lu Jiechen. Silence!


This person is so strong!

At the same time, Ren Feifei, who was watching quietly, also stepped on high heels, trying to stand up and stop.

Although she and Peter are not very familiar, they are from the same continent after all. It would be wrong to watch them being suppressed by people from other continents and stand by.

As a result, as soon as Ren Feifei stood up, she was held by Bai Xiaotian next to her.

Bai Xiaotian is Ren Feifei’s best apprentice, and basically he will follow Ren Feifei wherever he goes.

When Cynthia celebrated her birthday last time, Bai Xiaotian pretended to be Yue Wudi and proposed to Oliver. The result was dismantled in public.

After this happened. Oliver’s impression of Bai Xiaotian plummeted. Once let out a word, saying that his eldest daughter Jing Wen can only marry Darryl. It will never be possible to marry Bai Xiaotian!

So Bai Xiaotian hates Darryl, and he hates it to death!

This Peter and Lorenzo were Darryl’s friends, if they both died here. That’s really happy!

“Master, this Peter and Lorenzo, I don’t know how high the world is, and they have to provoke others. They take the blame. Let’s not mix up.” Bai Xiaotian whispered, only he and Ren Feifei could hear them.


At this moment, Lu Jiechen raised his hand again, and a powerful wave swept out instantly. I saw that the disciples of the Palace of Longevity and Huaguoshan were all forced to take a step back!

“A bunch of rubbish, I want to avenge that ugly monster.” Lu Jiechen said coldly, took out a few silver coins from his clothes, and threw them to the boss: “This is your compensation.”

When the voice fell, Lu Jiechen got up and left.

“Ah!” But at this moment, Peter didn’t know where his strength came from, and he suddenly stood up again, picked up the axe next to him, and hacked it over again!

“You pay for my sister-in-law’s life!” Peter’s eyes were red, almost roaring out!

“Fcuk!” Lu Jiechen said coldly and slapped it over!


The strength of this palm is not small, Peter’s body, like a kite with a broken wire, flew directly more than ten meters away, spitting out four or five mouthfuls of blood in the air!

“Ah!” Peter bounced as soon as he landed, and rushed over again!

“You are really shameless.” Lu Jiechen’s eyes were cold, suddenly raised his hand, grabbed a chopstick, and flew towards Peter.


Wherever the chopsticks passed, the air was cracked and went straight to the center of Peter’s forehead!

If the chopsticks go through, even the gods can’t save him! At that time, Peter, as if he hadn’t seen the chopsticks, still raised the axe! Peter knew that as long as he didn’t dodge, this axe could definitely cut Lu Jiechen’s body!

Even if he died here, he must be cut with an axe to avenge Lily! This is the thought in Peter’s heart!

Chapter 430

“The Great Sage!”

Lorenzo yelled, hurriedly rushed forward, and threw Peter to the ground.

“Clang! Clang!”

Two loud noises came! With a sound, chopsticks penetrate the wall! Another sound was Peter’s axe slashing to the ground!

“You are not stupid! Peter!” Lorenzo ugly sweating profusely, could not help but shout.

When can I change the temper of the Great Sage! I would rather die here, but also have to chop Lu Jiechen with an axe. How can this work!

“Brother Wen. He killed Darryl’s wife, he killed Lily!” For some reason, Peter burst into tears, pointing to Lu Jiechen’s roar, heartbreaking.

Lorenzo was also so angry, but he was calm, he just wanted to leave here quickly, and then gather the people. Go back and get revenge. He kept comforting Peter.

“I killed that ugly monster, so what?” Lu Jiechen furrowed his brows, rushed over his body quickly, and clicked on the acupoints of Lorenzo and Peter.

Not only that. In just two breaths, the disciples of Huaguoshan and the Palace of Longevity were also spotted on the acupoints. Lu Jiechen’s speed is too fast, no one can react!

Nalan Xinran and Yu Mo’s acupoints were also spotted. Lu Jiechen’s gaze couldn’t help falling on the two of them. Unexpectedly, there are many beautiful women in this land round the mainland. Especially that Nalan Xinran, who is simply an iceberg goddess.

“Apprentice, come here.” Lu Jiechen waved his hand.

Qin Shousheng ran over quickly, his waist straight. Haha, my master is so powerful, I will really walk sideways in the future!

“This kid always bullied you before, right?” Lu Jiechen said coldly, pointing at Peter.

Qin Shousheng nodded. Actually, it’s not a bully. The whole Donghai City, all the children of the rich family, who saw Peter. It must be well-behaved..

“Go, slap him twice.” Lu Jiechen said lightly.

“Huh?” Qin Shousheng broke down in a cold sweat, and took a step back subconsciously: “Master, I, I…”

He dare not! Although Peter was tapped, he used to live in Donghai City and was really afraid of Peter!

“Go!” Lu Jiechen increased his tone.

At this moment, Qin Shou grew out of a sigh of relief, summoned his courage, and ran over quickly, slap after slap, and slap Peter’s face!

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

The sound was crisp and echoed in the tavern!

Peter’s anger really couldn’t be controlled, but he couldn’t move at this time!

After a dozen slaps, Qin Shousheng vented his anger. The master and apprentice left the tavern swaggeringly.


the other side.

The imperial city of Apocalypse not far away.

At this time it was approaching dusk, but the streets were still very lively! Look around. It’s really crowded!

On the street, there are stalls and snacks sellers, shouting one after another.

Among the bustling crowd, half are the people of the imperial city, and the other half are people from various continents.

Not only that, but also some Janitor Guard patrols.

After all, there are too many people gathered here. For the security of the imperial city, the Imperial Guard had to strengthen its manpower.

At this time, three figures appeared in the crowd at the south gate of the imperial city.

It was Darryl, Elsa, and Krista.

At that time Elsa made up his mind to follow Darryl. Resolute attitude. Darryl declined but had no choice but to agree.

The three of them did not encounter any emergencies along the way, and arrived at the Imperial City of Apocalypse smoothly.

Elsa at this time. Wearing a lavender cheongsam, that tight figure, and the graceful appearance, as soon as he entered the city gate, it attracted the attention of many passersby.

“Wow, so beautiful…”

“Is the fairy going down to earth?”

Exclamation came from time to time, especially when I saw the eyes of many people, they were all looking at themselves. Elsa was a little shy.

Although she is the Sect Master of Wenzong and has a respectable status, she has been in the general altar for a long time and rarely goes out. She has seen such prosperous scenes there.

Krista next to her looked very relaxed.

“Sister Elsa, look at these people, they are all complimenting you for your beauty.” Krista smiled and took Elsa’s hand. Can’t help but jokingly said.

Although the time spent with each other was short, Krista and Elsa quickly became acquainted with each other after contact along the way.

Krista was impressed by Elsa’s beauty and generosity.

And Elsa really likes Krista’s smart and lovely personality.

The two women get along very well.

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help but smiled at Krista: “We Krista is also a beauty embryo, and when we grow up, she may be even more beautiful than your light smoke sister. If anyone marries you, it would be really burnt. It’s so fragrant.”


Hearing this, Krista’s face instantly turned red, like a ripe apple, very cute and charming.

After that, Krista asked her lips and whispered: “I won’t marry someone, I will serve the son forever.”

When she said this, Krista was still very shy, and she didn’t look at Darryl.

The three of them walked all the way talking and laughing. At this time, Darryl’s face was very relaxed, but his heart was secretly anxious. I can see the palace immediately, and I don’t know what happened to Yuruo and his wife.

just. It’s getting dark right now, and it’s too dangerous to visit the palace at night. After all, there are many master guards in the palace, so we should find a place to live first. Think about the countermeasures.

The three of them searched for the inn while visiting the imperial city at night. As a result, I found several inns and the rooms were full.

It’s no wonder that there are many people from different continents. All came to the imperial city, and every inn was full. It is really difficult to find a place to live.

He didn’t know which inn he came out of, Darryl couldn’t tell the loss. D*mn, don’t even have a place to live?

“Master, otherwise don’t sleep tonight, look at the street, it’s getting more and more lively!” Krista said with no sleepiness, pulling Darryl’s arm.

Indeed, at this time there are more and more people on the street.

At this moment, Darryl only saw not far away, and a large group of people approached, about thirty or forty. Darryl raised his head and took a look, suddenly stunned.

These people are all familiar faces! The Lingbao real person of Wudang School, Master Jueyuan of Shaolin School, Sun E, the head of Xiaoyao, Monica of Emei…

What makes Darryl even more delighted is that foster father Oliver is also there!

Beside him, followed by Janis, Jingwen and Cynthia. The mother and daughter are walking arm in arm.

In their appearance, they were obviously wandering around, feeling the unique style of the Imperial City of Apocalypse.

After a while, Janis has become more and more feminine. She wears a black long skirt and looks charming and charming.

Agnes is also more beautiful, a yellow suit exuding a charming atmosphere.

And Cynthia, after her eighteenth birthday, has become a little more mature, a bit less immature, youthful, and eye-catching.

Seeing this group of acquaintances, Darryl was so happy, he had to say hello one step forward.

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