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Chapter 431

“Foster father, Aunt Jiang!”

Darryl passed through the crowd and shouted with joy.

When the voice fell, I saw Oliver and the others. They were all taken aback. Following the voice, they just met Darryl’s gaze.

“Xiaofeng!” Oliver rubbed his eyes, thinking that he was dazzled. Realizing that the person in front of him is really Darryl, he is extremely excited!

Janis on one side also trembled. When she saw Darryl, her heart was full of mixed flavors. Darryl’s identity is now known in the world, as everyone knows, he is Tianmen Sect Master Yue Wudi!

Janis’s face was ashamed and red. Think of it at the beginning. Worship Yue Wudi as a teacher. This.. Shy thinking about it!

At this moment, the Master Jueyuan on one side, the real person Lingbao, etc., were also taken aback. Looking at Darryl one by one. Shocked!

Before Darryl had disappeared, the whole earth circled the continent, and there were divergent opinions!

Some people say that Darryl was caught by Tianqi Continent.

It was also said that Darryl went to the Apocalypse Continent and saved his two women and died at sea.

In short, everything is said. Unexpectedly, I ran into it here!

“Brother Darryl, you are not dead, great.” Cynthia ran over excitedly, hugged Darryl all of a sudden, his eyes were red.

In Cynthia’s heart, Darryl is not a real brother, but better than a real brother.

Darryl laughed and hugged her tightly: “Your brother, I haven’t lived enough yet, how can I die?”

Speaking of this, Darryl touched her head and said again: “Cynthia, you are over eighteen years old, how come you are like a child. You hug your brother as soon as you meet. This is easy for others to misunderstand. “

To be honest, Darryl was so happy to see the foster father’s family. Especially Cynthia, this girl is the most attractive. Seeing this at this time, Darryl couldn’t help but want to tease her.


Hearing this, Cynthia blushed immediately, but she still hugged Darryl and said nonchalantly: “I see my brother happy, what do others think and think.”

Haha. Darryl blew her little nose, and this girl became more clingy.

At this moment, the other masters of the arena also came over.

In the crowd, the head of Emei Han was proud, holding a cold sword in his hand, and walking to the front, the sword in his hand pointed directly at Darryl’s chest: “Darryl, where is my sister Miaoyuan?”

Miaoyuan master Taihe Darryl at the time. They disappeared together, everyone knows this!

Seeing Darryl now, Monica naturally wanted to ask about the whereabouts of Junior Sister.

Darryl was upset. D*mn, this Han is proud, although she is beautiful, but she is in a bad mood to see her! How can a meeting be like interrogating a prisoner?

“Where is your sister Miaoyuan, how do I know? I’m not her husband.” Darryl said coldly without saving her face.

Speaking of Master Miaoyuan, Darryl was angry in his heart. If it hadn’t been for Master Miaoyuan, how could it provoke the magic talisman, how could it be sent to Dongao Continent?

“Darryl, put your mouth clean.” Monica frowned and said coldly: “I’ll ask you again, where is my junior sister. Don’t force me to do it.”

When he said this, Monica’s eyes were cold. For a time. The atmosphere is extremely depressing!

Darryl didn’t panic at all, just about to speak, just at this moment, only one Emei disciple was seen. Came in hastily.

“Head, it’s okay!” The disciple was sweating profusely, and suddenly knelt on the ground: “Head, Junior sister Lily Jing, in the Tianji Mountains, there was a dispute with someone, as if they were about to fight.”

These days, the sects of the nine continents. All went to explore the Tianji Mountains.

The Shaolin and Emei faction in the Earth-Round Continent have just finished exploring during the day. However, each school still left some disciples to stay in Tianji Mountain to inquire about the situation.

With so many sects, it is inevitable that there will be some friction.

Monica frowned and glanced at Darryl coldly: “Darryl, I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you now. When I meet next time. I hope you can honestly tell me the whereabouts of Junior Sister Miaoyuan. Otherwise, I I can’t spare you.”

When the voice fell, Monica took Emei’s disciples and hurried towards the Tianji Mountain Range.

Han left proudly, the atmosphere eased a lot.

Oliver laughed and walked quickly, pressing his hands on Darryl’s shoulders, feeling very excited: “Mr. Darryl, where have you been during this time? Your foster father is worried about you, do you know!”

The real person Lingbao next to him waited, and he also recovered at this time, and said hello to Darryl with a smile.

“Sect Master Yue, don’t come here unharmed.”

“Sect Master Yue suddenly disappeared before, and various speculations have been circulating in the world. It’s really a blessing to see you today.”

The first battle was to pick the stars. Darryl’s identity can no longer be concealed. Who doesn’t know about Earth Round Continent now, Darryl is Yue Wudi!

In the previous battle of the Star Tower, Tianmen defended Donghai City. Heroic righteousness! Each gate party has some admiration for Darryl.

Darryl smiled and greeted everyone.

After a few greetings, Oliver looked at Elsa. Can’t help but ask: “Darryl’er, these two are…”


At this moment, everyone’s eyes focused on Elsa and Krista.

Especially Elsa. The beautiful face, perfect figure, coupled with the non-cannibalistic temperament, is really unforgettable.



Elsa fell generously and smiled at Oliver: “Elsa, I have met my foster father.”

In her heart, it was decided that Fei Darryl would not marry. His adoptive father, of course, is also his adoptive father.


At this moment, Agnes, who was standing by, couldn’t help but snorted coldly.

This woman is called Elsa?

Beautiful people, beautiful names, but so cheap? Before he got married with Darryl Baitang, he followed Darryl and called his adoptive father. Really shameless.

Everyone exchanged greetings, and Oliver took Darryl back to the inn where he stayed.

A few minutes later.

In the lobby of the inn, Oliver ordered a large table of dishes, specifically for Darryl to wash the dust.

At the dinner table, it was fun.

There is only one person with a face full of displeasure, and that is Agnes.

Even though she already knew that Darryl was Yue Wudi, in Jingwen’s heart, she still had a bad impression of Darryl!

Agnes couldn’t accept her father insisting on betrothing herself to him!

In Jingwen’s heart, she only recognizes Bai Xiaotian for the rest of her life! So seeing Darryl today, Jingwen felt a little bored inexplicably.

Three rounds of wine.

Darryl couldn’t help asking: “Foster father, what’s the situation in the Apocalypse Continent now? It is said that the artifact was born, but where is the artifact?”

Oliver smiled and said: “We are all late. It is said that there is a kid who got the sky-opening axe in the Tianji Mountains. At that time, the Emperor Tianqi brought tens of thousands of Yulin Army, but he did not snatch it. I ran away. By the way, I heard that the kid is called Mateo.”


Mateo? !

Darryl’s body shook, and he was there, unable to recover for a long time.

Chapter 432

Darryl clearly remembered that when he destroyed the Duan family, Mateo took advantage of the chaos and escaped. Unexpectedly, this kid survived the catastrophe and got the artifact.

Oliver continued: “Xiaofeng, that mountain axe has nothing to do with us. The mountain axe was born, and the vibration was too great. It caused the Celestial Mountain Range to collapse and a crater appeared with all magma below! Except for this volcano. Outside the mouth. The Tianji Mountain Range is a ruin, without even the shadow of the artifact.”

When the voice fell, Cynthia quickly followed up: “Brother Darryl, there is magma everywhere under the crater. I was scared at the first glance.”

Darryl nodded, and then sighed: “Foster father, in fact, I didn’t come to the Apocalypse Continent to get the artifact. My main thing is to save Yuruo and his wife.”

The voice fell. Darryl couldn’t help clenching his fists: “The two of them. They must be trapped in the palace, so I must rescue them.”

Hearing his words, Oliver quickly said: “Darryl’er, you must not be impulsive. You can’t be anxious about saving people! The palace is heavily guarded and it’s not that easy to enter. But you can rest assured that the foster father will help you. It’s just this matter, we need to plan well.”


Darryl nodded, feeling very moved. After toasting a glass of wine, he asked: “By the way, my foster father, I…how are my parents?”

Since the Battle of the Star-Cultivating Tower, his parents have been sent to the Ouyang family. I don’t know how my parents are now.

Oliver laughed and said with relief: “Don’t worry, your parents are very good, don’t worry about it! By the way, Xiaofeng, say something business. When you return to the mainland, you will pick a lucky day to leave you and Jingwen. The marriage is done.”


Hearing this, Darryl suddenly became embarrassed.


At this moment, Agnes was anxious and stood up angrily: “How many times have I said that, I don’t want to marry Darryl, why do you have to force me…”

When the voice fell, Agnes’s eyes were red, and she turned and rushed out of the inn.

Janis quickly stood up: “Jingwen…”

Immediately after stepping on high heels, he wanted to chase out.

The result is at this moment. Oliver stopped Janis and said coldly: “No matter what she, let her go out and calm down for a while, and then she will come back. This is the Apocalypse Continent, not our own place, she won’t run around.”

Hearing this, Janis nodded and sat down.

Darryl was embarrassed, and smiled bitterly: “Foster father, this… my marriage with Jingwen, I think it’s better to forget…”

To be honest, I don’t feel much about Agnes. It’s a bit uncomfortable for my foster father to forcefully match up like this…

“How can it be forgotten?” Oliver frowned, and his tone was unquestionable: “Your marriage, but the agreement between my parents and your dad, the words of the matchmaker, how can you change when you say it changes?”

Seeing that the foster father reacted so strongly, Darryl smiled bitterly and scratched his head, and had to shut his mouth.


the other side.

Agnes ran to the outskirts of the imperial city. It was late at night and there were no people in the suburbs. She looked around, took out a firework from her body, and set it off.


In an instant, gorgeous fireworks bloomed in the sky.

After a while, a figure hurried over. It is Bai Xiaotian.

Before, Bai Xiaotian pretended to be Yue Wudi and came to Ouyang’s house to propose marriage. After the incident was revealed, Oliver was very angry.

, Jingwen is strictly forbidden to have contact with this kid anymore.

However, her father’s strict orders inspired Agnes’s rebellion.

During this time, Jingwen often secretly dated Bai Xiaotian, even when she came to the Apocalypse Continent.

In the Apocalypse mainland, the mobile phone has no signal, so it is difficult to contact, but the two have their own way. The fireworks just now are the signal for contact.

At this time, Bai Xiaotian walked over and saw Agnes’s eyes red, and quickly hugged her in his arms: “Jingwen, what’s the matter?”

Agnes was very wronged: “Darryl came to the imperial city, my dad insisted that I marry him…”


Darryl came to the imperial city?

Bai Xiaotian was stunned, and couldn’t help but wonder: “Isn’t he missing?”

“Not missing!” Jing Wen stomped her feet. Hately said: “I am annoyed when I see him. I don’t understand, Darryl has a girlfriend, and Dad wants me to marry him. Xiaotian, what do you think I should do? Or, let’s run away. ..”


Heard the word. Bai Xiaotian’s face suddenly turned pale: “Jingwen, let’s not be so impulsive…”

Before, I had secretly eloped with Agnes several times. As a result, they were all found by the Ouyang family.

Oliver was very angry because of this. He even went to find his master Ren Feifei to complain.

Agnes stomped her feet in a hurry: “Then what do you say?”

“Jingwen, don’t worry, don’t worry.” Bai Xiaotian scratched his head in a hurry, and suddenly his eyes lit up: “Yes.”

As he said, a sly smile appeared on Bai Xiaotian’s face: “I was in a tavern outside the city with Master before. I ran into Peter and Lorenzo. They clashed with a Mingjiao expert and were seriously injured. …. We can tell Darryl of this news and draw him out!”

Agnes frowned her eyebrows lightly and couldn’t help but said: “Even if you draw him out, what can you do? You are not his opponent.”


Bai Xiaotian coughed embarrassingly, and smiled bitterly: “Of course I won’t fight him. Let’s lead Darryl to the crater, as long as he doesn’t pay attention. Let’s…”

Bai Xiaotian didn’t say the last sentence, but made a push.

“Okay, this method is good…”

Upon hearing this plan, Agnes burst into laughter and couldn’t help clapping her hands in praise.


On the other side, in the inn.

Darryl and Oliver talked for a long time before entering the room finally.

There are two rooms, Darryl and Krista, and Elsa himself.

Although Elsa decided to follow Darryl, she still maintained a certain sense of reason. Before she got married, she didn’t get too close.

At this time, in the room, after Krista waited for Darryl to wash, she lay on the window sill, looking at the night view of the imperial city outside, and couldn’t sleep with excitement.

At this moment, there was a walk in the corridor outside. Immediately afterwards. Cynthia’s voice came: “Sister, you are back.”


Outside the corridor, Agnes looked calm, and said to Cynthia: “I’m just going out to relax, it’s so late. I must be back.”

When she said this, Jing Wen glanced at Darryl’s room subconsciously.

Realizing that my sister seemed to be in a better mood, Cynthia couldn’t help but said: “Sister, I think Brother Darryl is very good, why can’t you accept him?”

“Bad girl. What do you know?” Agnes’s expression was a bit embarrassing, and she couldn’t help but drink. Then she changed her face and said, “Actually, I also think Darryl is very good. I should try to accept him…”


Hearing this, Cynthia was very excited: “Great. Sister, did you agree to marry Darryl brother? I want to tell my parents the good news. They must be happy.”

With that said, Cynthia turned around to inform everyone.

Agnes suddenly became anxious and took her sister’s arm: “Little sister, keep your voice down, how can you promote this kind of thing? How embarrassed my sister is.”

With that, Agnes cleared her throat and said seriously: “Yes, there is something, you can tell Brother Darryl, just say that his brothers, Peter and Lorenzo, have conflicts with Mingjiao. Seriously injured…”

Cynthia was stunned for a moment, and wondered: “Why don’t you say it yourself?”

“Stupid sister!” Agnes made an embarrassed look: “I…I said before that I would not marry him, but now I take the initiative to look for him, so embarrassed…”

When she said this, Agnes raised her voice, deliberately letting Darryl in the room hear her.


Sure enough, at this moment, Darryl opened the door and rushed out, looking at Agnes tightly: “What did you say? Peter and Brother Wen were injured?”

Chapter 433

“Where are Peter and Wen Ge? How is the situation?” Darryl was sweating and asked loudly.

“Their situation is critical.” Agnes whispered, shyly not looking at Darryl: “I know where they are, I can take you there!”

“Well, let’s set off quickly.” Darryl nodded repeatedly.

“My son! I will let you go too…”

“Darryl, I will go too…”

At this moment, two voices sounded behind him, it was Elsa and Krista.

Darryl nodded. Without saying anything, she let Agnes lead the way and quickly walked towards the crater.

Along the way, Darryl was very anxious, constantly urging Agnes to hurry up.

Jingwen was very annoyed when she was urged, but on the surface she repeatedly agreed.

Finally, Darryl and several people arrived at the crater.

Standing on the edge of the crater, Darryl was immediately shocked by the scene in front of him.

This crater is too big. There are dozens of kilometers in diameter! Unfathomable! You can clearly see the magma rolling below.

“Where are Peter and Wenge?”

Darryl asked impatiently.

Agnes pointed to the crater in front of her eyes: “It’s right there.”

Darryl couldn’t think much, rushed to the edge of the crater and looked around. Suddenly frowned. Where is the figure of Peter and Wen Ge here?

“Where are they…” Darryl turned around and asked urgingly.

As a result, at this moment, only one figure was seen, rushing over!

“Darryl! Die!”

This figure is Bai Xiaotian! He has been lying in wait here for a long time. At this moment, he suddenly rushed out and hit Darryl’s back with a palm!

This sudden situation, Darryl did not react at all!

Although Bai Xiaotian’s strength was not high, with this palm, Darryl took a step on his hind legs, stepped on the air with one foot, and fell directly into the crater!

you guys!

Agnes, Bai Xiaotian, this pair is enough for men and women, and they lie to themselves!

Darryl was frightened, angry, and upset. The body keeps falling down!

Seeing that the magma below got older and closer, Darryl had no time to think about it, and quickly summoned the bleeding sword and displayed the “Tiangang Sword Art.” Chop on the volcano’s rock wall.


A roar sounded, and Darryl soared upward by the force of the counter shock!

It’s just that the temperature of the magma below is too hot, and Darryl’s internal strength is consumed greatly.


“The son…”

At the same time, Elsa and Krista also screamed out loud and rushed to the edge of the crater.


Krista stared at Agnes closely, crying and shouting: “Why are you so vicious, he is your righteous brother, so you are actually doing him a murder?”

When the voice fell, Krista was already in tears.

Agnes sneered: “I can’t help it. My father insists on forcing me to marry him. If he doesn’t die, I will never be happy.”

When the voice fell, Agnes was very excited, and suddenly rushed into Bai Xiaotian’s arms. The two smiled happily.

As a result, in just a few breathing times, the smiles of the two people slowly disappeared.

I only saw that under the crater, Darryl was waving his bloody sword. It actually flew up!

This… how is this possible? !

“The son!”

Seeing that Darryl hadn’t died, Krista was surprised and delighted, breaking her tears into a smile.

Fortunately, the predecessor of Nangong had taught the son swordsmanship so that the son could fly up.

Darryl gritted his teeth and held a blood-drinking sword. When he climbed up, he was already dripping with sweat! There is not much left to consume the internal strength of the whole body!

The temperature of this volcanic cave is too hot. The consumption of internal forces is simply rapid!


Darryl climbed up and sat on the ground all of a sudden, unable to say a word when he was tired, staring at Bai Xiaotian and Agnes!

Bai Xiaotian and Agnes were so scared when they saw him flying up!

The result is at this moment. A cold voice came from not far away!


Following the voice, I saw a charming figure walking over, with a beautiful face. It was a bit cold.

It is the head of the Emei School, Han proudly.

Behind Monica, followed by several Emei disciples.

Before Melba had a dispute with other sects, Monica arrived in time to resolve the conflict. As soon as the contradiction was resolved, Monica rushed over to take a look when he saw someone falling down here. The result just happened to see Darryl flying up.

“Darryl, where is my Miaoyuan Junior Sister?!” Monica asked coldly.


Why is it her again?

Darryl was stunned and couldn’t help frowning secretly.

At this time, Darryl wanted to answer Monica, but at this time he was very weak and could not speak at all!

Elsa and Krista, seeing Monica’s aggressiveness, guarded in front of Darryl.

Seeing that Darryl didn’t speak. Monica was angry, and walked forward and said coldly: “Darryl, I will ask you one last time, where is my sister Miaoyuan!”

“You…” Darryl wanted to speak, but as soon as he said a word, he almost fainted on the ground. Simply stop talking, close your eyes and quickly restore your internal strength.

Seeing this scene, Jingwen had an idea, stepped forward, and spoke to Han proudly: “Head of Han, as far as I know, Master Miaoyuan has already been killed by him.”

The sneak attack on Darryl just failed, Agnes was panicked.

But seeing Han proudly appearing, Agnes thought of a new poisonous scheme. That is framing Darryl! However, the head of Han killed him!


Sure enough, after hearing this, Monica’s eyes flashed and locked on Agnes: “How do you know?”

at the same time. A strong suffocating aura filled Monica’s body.


Jingwen faintly trembled, talking nonsense: “Of course I know what Darryl said to my father…”

Heard this. Darryl was about to explode, he was very anxious, and wanted to open his mouth to explain, but at this time it was a critical period for internal strength to recover. If you open your mouth and the internal force leaks out, everything must start again.

Krista finally couldn’t help it, and retorted at Agnes: “The son has never said these things, don’t spit people!”

Elsa also frowned, and said displeased: “Miss Ouyang, don’t talk nonsense about this.”

She didn’t know who Master Miao Yuan was, nor did she know what happened between Master Miao Yuan and Darryl. So I don’t know how to refute it.

“I didn’t talk nonsense.” Agnes straightened her back, looking at Han proudly: “The head of Han, Master Miaoyuan, was really killed by Darryl!”

“Darryl!” Han proudly said with a cold face, slowly raising his hand, and a strong internal force wave was released from around her!

I saw a white ice dragon whizzing in the air, hovering beside Han proudly! The loud dragon chant spread throughout the audience!

“Big Ice Dragon Palm.”

The cold words came from Monica’s mouth, and he slapped them out!


The ice dragon roared and flew directly to Darryl!

Chapter 434

“Darryl, you beast, kill my junior sister, you D*mn it!” Han shouted proudly through gritted teeth.


This big ice dragon palm, in a blink of an eye, has reached Darryl’s front! It’s about to hit him!

Agnes and Bai Xiaotian next to each other looked at each other. Smiles to each other. There is no doubt that Darryl will die! He is so weak now, he definitely can’t hold it!


And at this moment, Elsa on one side suddenly raised his jade hand and saw a protective film condensing in the air!

“Don’t deceive people too much.” Elsa’s face was very bad. Jiao Chu was trembling: “I don’t have the habit of killing people randomly, but for Darryl, I don’t mind killing you.”


The big ice dragon’s palm was slapped on the protective film. There was a loud noise, and then the ice dragon disappeared instantly!


Bai Xiaotian and Agnes are stupid. Looked at Elsa blankly!

This woman… is too scary, isn’t it? The protective film released casually blocked the big ice dragon palm? ! This…

“With me here, you don’t want to move Darryl.” Elsa quietly looked at Monica, her red lips opened, and a cold voice came from her mouth.

The voice is not loud, but it reveals an indisputable majesty, everyone present can hear it clearly!


Darryl exhaled deeply, secretly grateful.

Fortunately, Elsa was there, otherwise, the big ice dragon palm would kill him!

Krista next to her was also full of excitement. Looking at Elsa very admiringly.

When will I become as strong as her, so that I can protect my son well.

Monica was shocked and angry, shocked in his heart.

This woman turned out to be in the realm of Emperor Wu? !

With her here, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to move Darryl at all. But Junior Sister Miaoyuan’s grudges must be reported!

Thinking about it, Monica bit her lips tightly, and her delicate body shook slightly. In the next instant, she saw a purple long sword appearing in her hand.

This long sword is purple all over, with the Big Dipper carved on the hilt, and the light flowing on the blade looks extremely sharp.

It is the treasure of the Emei school. Purple Night Sword!

The Zixiao sword, a blue-tier weapon, is a symbol of the head of the Emei School, and has been passed down for nearly a thousand years!

“Accept the move.” Han proudly snorted, and stabbed Elsa with a sword!

Elsa didn’t have any patience, so she greeted him directly!

Seeing this scene, several Emei sect disciples were a little anxious, they knew that the head would definitely not be able to beat this Elsa!

“Darryl, die!”

At this moment, Melba finally couldn’t help it, and took out the long sword. Charged towards Darryl. To take this opportunity to kill Darryl. Anyway, Darryl is very weak now and has no chance to fight back.

See this situation. Krista’s pretty face changed, and she quickly stood in front of Darryl and shouted with an open hand: “You are not allowed to hurt my son.”

When she was speaking, Krista had a firm face, without the slightest timidity!

Melba stopped, and coldly scolded Krista, “Little girl, get out of here!”

At this moment. Melba wanted to push Krista away, but seeing that she had no internal strength at all, she couldn’t bear to do it for a while.

As a result, at this moment, a figure rushed over.

It is Agnes!


When she arrived, Agnes suddenly raised her hand, without warning. A slap hit Krista’s face fiercely!

With this slap, she almost exhausted all her strength!

Krista couldn’t reach the defense, and flew a few meters away, fell heavily to the ground, her face pale, and she spat out blood at the same time.

“Smelly girl, you are just a lowly slave and maid. There is no place for you to speak here.” Agnes could not hide her contempt, and scolded fiercely.

When the voice fell, Melba’s long sword also pierced Darryl’s chest for a moment. The blood is useful, dripping down the long sword!

“Go to death.” Melba drew out the sword and kicked Darryl.


With a spray of blood. Darryl raised his body and fell from the crater!

This time, Darryl had no internal strength. It is absolutely impossible to fly up again.

Krista burst into tears and couldn’t help but yelled: “The son…”

“You are all bad guys, you killed the son. There will be no good end.” Krista’s tears kept streaming, and she yelled hysterically, with extreme grief!

“Shut up!” Agnes stepped forward and slapped Krista’s face again. The crisp applause fell, and Krista’s face was flushed! Was beaten to fly more than ten meters!

“You two bad guys won’t have good results…” Krista was extremely sad, and shouted at the two of Agnes.

“My son… don’t die, did you hear what Krista said…” Under her grief, Krista’s voice became smaller and smaller, she stood up slowly, and walked towards the edge of the volcano crater. : “My son, I’m here to accompany you!”

When the voice fell, Krista jumped and jumped off the crater!

The son is dead, what does it mean for Krista to be alive?

The son is dead, who can hurt Krista in this world? Who can treat Krista well. It is better to accompany the son to death. In the next life, Krista will still be the son’s slave and maidservant.

Chapter 435

“Darryl! Krista!” Elsa whispered, her expression changing instantly.

She didn’t expect that, just a few breathing times, Darryl and Krista, all fell into the crater!


At this moment, Elsa burst into anger, slapped a palm, and slapped Monica on the shoulder!

With this palm, Han proudly beat back dozens of steps! Immediately afterwards, Elsa did not hesitate. Jump into the crater!

“Krista!” Elsa called out. The moment she jumped into the crater, her body fell extremely quickly, pulling Krista in a hand. Immediately afterwards, the rolling internal force was transmitted to Krista’s body.

Krista did not cultivate, and the temperature under the volcano was too hot. If she didn’t send her internal force, she would definitely die.

But that’s the case, Elsa was also desperate in her heart. She took Krista’s hand, and the two descended quickly. Below is billowing magma. Even if Elsa is a strong Wuhuang, he can’t hold it for a few seconds if he falls into the magma!

You know, the temperature of magma is thousands of degrees!

“Sister Elsa. Why are you so stupid, what are you doing when you jump down…” Krista asked with red eyes as she fell down.

“The three of us will die together.” Elsa gritted his teeth.

In this lifetime, she had already spotted Darryl. Darryl fell into this volcanic crater, he would never live alone!

On the other side, outside the crater, Monica walked towards the edge of the crater and glanced down.

I saw this crater, as if it was ten thousand feet deep, and there was magma below it. When the three Darryl fell, there was absolutely no possibility of surviving. Monica breathed a sigh of relief and said in his heart: Senior Sister Miaoyuan, Senior Sister Master has avenged you.


As a result, at this moment, Monica’s body trembled, his face was extremely pale, and a mouthful of blood came out!

Obviously, she suffered internal injuries!

Elsa shook back her palm just now. It seemed unremarkable, but he didn’t expect it to be so powerful!



Seeing this scene, Melba and several people hurriedly gathered around, all with worry on their faces.


Monica lightly breathed a sigh of relief and waved his hand: “I’m fine, the three Darryl. It should be dead here. I avenged Junior Sister Miaoyuan, and it’s not a big deal to get hurt.”

When the voice fell, several Emei disciples nodded one after another.

Melba followed the crater and glanced down, indescribably happy: “Head, it is estimated that Darryl and the three people have been burned to coke.”

“That Darryl deserves to die.” Monica said coldly, and then waved his hand: “Go.”

Several Emei disciples followed her and left the Tianji Mountains.

Agnes and Bai Xiaotian on the side were already so excited at this time, their faces were full of excitement!

“Xiaotian!” Agnes exclaimed joyfully, and suddenly rushed into Bai Xiaotian’s arms.

Darryl is finally dead!

I and Xiaotian can finally sit back and relax, and finally be together forever!

At this time, more and more people gathered around. The fierce battle between Monica and Elsa just now attracted many people to watch the excitement. But these people are all from other continents.

“Jingwen, let’s leave here first.” Bai Xiaotian was also extremely excited, holding Jingwen’s waist, turning around and leaving.

As a result, at this moment, only a few familiar figures walked up not far away. The head is a woman, wearing dark blue jeans. Extraordinarily s3xy. It was Ren Feifei and several of her disciples.

Originally tonight, Ren Feifei came out to gather medicine. I heard that there are many elixir near the Tianji Mountain Range, which are good materials for alchemy. Unexpectedly, here, I saw Bai Xiaotian.

“Xiaotian, what happened? Why are you here?” Ren Feifei asked softly.

“Master, I… I came here for a date with Jingwen…” Bai Xiaotian’s complexion was complicated, and she started talking nonsense, bowed her head not to stare at Ren Feifei: “Just now, Darryl was killed by the head of Emei, and people fell in Below the volcano, there are no bones.”


Hearing this, Ren Feifei’s body trembled and felt an inexplicable pain in her heart.

Darryl could be regarded as his own disciple. Hearing this bad news from him, Ren Feifei was a little hard to accept. He immediately asked: “The head of Emei, why do you want to kill Darryl?”

At this moment, Agnes, who was next to him, couldn’t help but replied: “That Darryl killed Master Miaoyuan. The head of the cold wants to avenge Master Miaoyuan, and the whole thing is like this…”

With that said, Jing Wen continued hypocritically: “Xiaotian and I are low-powered. I wanted to help Darryl. But I was powerless…”

Hearing this, Ren Feifei took a long sigh of relief, staring blankly at the crater in front of her, unable to speak for a long time.


Under the crater.

Darryl’s body fell quickly, the crater was very deep, as if it were ten thousand feet deep! Darryl’s internal strength did not recover much at this time, and Melba was stabbed with a sword again, weakly unable to do so, at the same time he fell. He couldn’t express the despair in his heart.

It’s over…

Did you die like this…

Not reconciled, not reconciled!

Darryl let out a long sigh of relief, slowly closing his eyes, waiting for death to come.


The result was that at this moment, Darryl suddenly trembled all over!

His body originally landed quickly, but seeing that it was about to fall into the lava, the speed at which Darryl’s body fell suddenly began to slow down!

Darryl could feel the depths of this crater. Full of aura, that rich aura, as if supporting Darryl, made his descending speed slower and slower!

Where did Darryl know that this volcanic cave had no magma before. This cave was used to place a mountain axe before! The mountain axe is here, sleeping for countless years, so the aura here is extremely rich!

Later, Mateo took away the axe, which caused the world to shake, and magma gushed out here. But even so, the aura of this cave is still very strong!

Darryl’s body slowly descended, and at this moment, his energy was shaken with a flurry of light!

Darryl clearly saw that there was rolling magma around, but not far away, there was a high platform of white jade. Erected in magma.

This Baiyutai is really big and big, three hundred meters long and one hundred meters wide! This white jade platform is like jade but not jade. I don’t know what material it is, in this hot and hot magma, it didn’t melt at all!

This white jade platform is the high platform on which the Heavenly Axe is placed! That’s right, the sky axe was opened before. Just fall on this white jade platform!


Darryl’s incomparable excitement and previous despair also disappeared without a trace. He controlled his body and landed firmly on the white jade platform.

Unexpectedly, the catastrophe survived!

Darryl was extremely excited. At this moment, before Darryl could catch his breath, he saw two figures above his head, falling quickly!

It is Krista and Elsa!

Although Elsa was in the realm of Emperor Wu, she took Krista with her, and coupled with the surrounding high temperature, she couldn’t control her figure smoothly.

Seeing this scene, Darryl didn’t have time to think about it. He leaped forward and flew up with all his strength. He hugged Elsa’s thin waist with his left hand, and Krista’s waist with his right hand, and brought the two girls to the Baiyu Stage.

Puff through.

The moment his feet landed, Darryl was extremely weak, and he sat there cross-legged, a mouthful of blood spurted out!

Darryl’s internal strength hadn’t recovered much, but now he was urging his internal strength again. At this time, his blood surged and he was extremely weak.

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