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Chapter 4262

An hour later, God King Haotian said goodbye to Empress Hua Zhao, left Yuyao Xianyuan, and rushed towards Yutian Palace.


At this time, Yutian Palace is here.

The court meeting had just ended, and the priests had already retreated. Inside the huge palace, Ao Lin was sitting in a golden dragon robe, closing his eyes and resting.

After becoming the Emperor of Heaven, many things have to be dealt with, which is very distressing.

Beside him, several imperial guards stood there respectfully, waiting for orders.

Yutian Divine Guard is a position that Ao Lin has just established. He is carefully selected from the guards of Yutian Palace. It can be said that he is the elite of the elite. He has a special status and only obeys the orders of the emperor.


After resting for a while, Ao Lin slowly opened his eyes, let out a sigh of relief, and then asked the imperial guard next to him, “Is there any news about the Diligent Supervisor in Kyushu recently?”

Mozu Supreme and Aotian are all hiding in Kyushu. If their affairs are not resolved in a day, they will have trouble sleeping and eating.

“Go back to Your Majesty!”

As soon as the words fell, a Royal Heavenly Guard hurried forward and responded respectfully: “In the past half month, I have not received any news from Qin Tianjian.”

Ao Lin frowned: “This God King Haotian, I don’t know what he’s doing. After so long, I don’t know how to report the situation.” When he spoke, Ao Lin couldn’t hide the annoyance between his brows.

“His Majesty!”

Just as he was talking, a divine soldier walked in quickly and respectfully said, “God King Haotian asks to see you.”


At this moment, Ao Lin’s eyes lit up, just as he was talking about him, he came back.

Thinking to himself, Ao Lin quickly raised his hand: “Xuan him come in.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The guard responded, walked out of the hall quickly, and shouted loudly, “God King Xuan Hao Tian enters the hall.”

The voice fell, and the tall and straight figure of the Haotian God King appeared at the entrance of the main hall.

“His Majesty!”

Soon, the God King Haotian approached the hall and knelt down directly to Ao Lin: “Meet Your Majesty.”

Ao Lin waved his hand: “No gift.”

With that said, Ao Lin asked impatiently: “Haotian, how is the situation in Kyushu? Before I asked you to cooperate with Master to investigate the whereabouts of Gone and Aotian, how is it going?”

When asking about these, Ao Lin’s eyes were full of expectations.


The Haotian God King sighed and said with a complicated expression: “The situation is not good.” As he spoke, he quietly observed Ao Lin’s reaction.

Hearing this, Ao Lin was stunned for a moment, frowned and said, “What’s wrong?”

At this time, Ao Lin’s face was calm, and he was not too panicked. After all, Nagone was the Supreme Being of the Demon Race, and it was not easy to deal with him.

The God King Haotian didn’t answer immediately, but subconsciously looked at the several divine guards beside Ao Lin, hesitating to say anything.

Ao Lin immediately understood what he meant, and waved his hand at the several imperial guards: “You all step back first.”

Several imperial guards did not dare to neglect, they responded and quickly left the hall.


As soon as these Heavenly God Kings left, Ao Lin couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the situation?”

At this moment, the God King Haotian was full of shame, and knelt on the ground again with a face full of shame: “Your Majesty, I am incompetent, I failed to protect His Excellency the Emperor, and I beg Your Majesty to sin.”

When he said this, the God King Haotian looked distressed.


Hearing this, Ao Lin’s heart was shocked, he stood up instantly, and looked at the God King Haotian closely: “What did you say? What happened to my master?”

The words of the God King Haotian were obvious, that something had happened to Darryl.

In Ao Lin’s heart, although Darryl is a master, he is similar to his family, and he is the closest person to him. How can he not panic when he hears the bad news about him at this time?

“His Majesty!”

The God King Haotian knelt there, bowed his head deeply, and said with a hint of tears in his tone: “One day ago, Your Excellency Di Shi found Gone’s whereabouts, and when I got the news, I immediately brought the Divine Soldier God of Diligent Sky Supervisor with me. I will rush to round up, who knows, Gone got the news, like fleeing.”

“The situation was urgent at that time, so, the Emperor Shishi didn’t wait for us to arrive, and started alone with Gone.”

Haotian Divine King said seriously, his expression was serious, but his eyes flashed insidiously.

These are all made up, there are no things at all, the purpose is to make Ao Lin’s heart chaotic.

Chapter 4263

“and then?”

Sure enough, hearing this, Ao Lin couldn’t sit still: “What happened to my master?”

The God King Haotian had a bitter look on his face, and said hypocritically: “Your Majesty Emperor Di Shi did not fully recover his strength at that time, so he hurriedly fought with Gone and suffered a great loss. When we arrived at that time, His Excellency Di Shi’s Primordial Spirit had already been captured by Gone. Destroyed, lying on the ground dying.”

“Nagone, however, escaped without knowing the end.”

Speaking of this, the God King Haotian blamed himself: “It’s all because of the poor arrangement of the subordinates, which caused the emperor to suffer this great disaster.”


Ao Lin’s face changed, and he was worried and anxious: “Why is this happening?”

Master is the Profound Sage of Nine Heavens, a genius of Kyushu that even the ancestors of the Great Desolation praised.

Thinking to himself, Ao Lin was furious.

Then Ao Lin asked, “How is Master now?”

“My subordinates used divine power to protect His Excellency Di Shi’s soul and let him temporarily save his life, but the situation is not optimistic.” The God King Haotian looked sad and said hypocritically: “Now Your Excellency Di Shi is still awake, But it won’t last long.”

“Your Majesty said to me that it doesn’t matter if you die, but unfortunately, you failed to help His Majesty to completely destroy the Demon Race, and I feel ashamed of His Majesty. Also, His Majesty also said that he wanted to see His Majesty when he was dying.”

Having said that, the Haotian God King pretended to wipe the tears from the corners of his eyes: “That’s why my subordinates rushed back to the God’s Domain and asked His Majesty for instructions.”

However, he was secretly sneering in his heart.

This Ao Lin is still too young, if I make up a lie casually, you will believe it and panic.

With this little concentration, how can you be a god?

“Master he…”

Hearing these words, Ao Lin felt a pain in his heart. Master was really tired, he was seriously injured, and he was still thinking about me.

Thinking to himself, Ao Lin said without hesitation: “I’ll go to Kyushu now, right, call the fairy doctor immediately, and go to Kyushu with me to save the master.”

As soon as the words fell, Aolin was about to summon the imperial guard outside the door to prepare to set off.

At this time, Ao Lin didn’t know that there was nothing wrong with Darryl. These were all made up by the God King Haotian, and the purpose was to deceive him to Kyushu.

“His Majesty!”

Seeing that Aolin was about to be summoned, God King Haotian quickly stood up to stop him and said, “Your Majesty, as the Emperor of Heaven, hastily left God’s Domain, I’m afraid it would be inappropriate. Moreover, I have already sent someone to invite Mr. Guiguzi, so there is no need to trouble the fairy doctor.”

Saying that, the God King Haotian looked serious: “Besides, Nagone has come and gone without a trace. If he gets news and comes to make a scene in God’s Domain while His Majesty is not around, it will be even more troublesome.”

The plan this time was to deceive Aolin from the lower realm of Kyushu and seek the throne of the Emperor of Heaven. How could he have brought so many people?


Ao Lin took a deep breath and couldn’t hide his anxiety. At this moment, he was thinking about Darryl’s injury, and he had no idea, so he asked Haotian God King, “In your opinion, what should I do?”

God King Haotian respectfully said: “At this time, the matter is very important, and it must be concealed. In my opinion, His Majesty does not need to bring too many people, just keep a few guards and protect them by your side.”


Hearing this suggestion, Aolin pondered for a moment, and finally nodded: “Okay, just do as you said, hurry up and prepare, let’s set off as soon as possible.”

Haotian is right, he is the Emperor of Heaven, and it is inappropriate to leave God’s Domain rashly.

Ha ha….

Seeing Ao Lin’s promise, Haotian God King was overjoyed and couldn’t help laughing in his heart.

If it succeeds, as long as Aolin enters Kyushu, the whole situation will be firmly controlled by me.

Thinking of this, the God King Haotian concealed his inner excitement and said solemnly, “Okay, this subordinate will prepare.”

A few minutes later, Ao Lin brought a few imperial guards, accompanied by the Haotian God King, and rushed to the Kyushu Continent through the teleportation array. Of course, in order to prevent the whereabouts from being discovered, Aolin deliberately took off his dragon robe and put on casual clothes.

A few hours later, under the leadership of Haotian God King, Ao Lin came to Qin Tianjian.

It was already late at night.

The entire Yutian Palace, except for the divine soldiers guarding the door and those patrolling the divine soldiers, was completely silent.

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