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Chapter 4290

Yes, Zhu Bajie is going to deploy a five-element trapping array in the woods.

Speaking of which, with Zhu Bajie’s strength, it would not be a problem to kill several wind spirit wolves at the door, but because he was uncertain about the situation in the cave, Zhu Bajie decided to be cautious.

After all, to capture the soul of the beast, you need to completely suppress the opponent and be alive.

Once he made a move and accidentally killed the wolf king, the beast soul would be gone.

Zhu Bajie thought about it, first use the five elements trapped array to trap all the wind spirit wolves outside, and then the wolf king inside will definitely come out to rescue.

At that time, Zhu Bajie used the power of thunder to restrain the wolf king, and then took out the beast soul.

Swish swish!

At this time, Zhu Bajie cut down more than a dozen small trees and inserted them into the woods one by one according to their orientation.

Speaking of which, Zhu Bajie is not very proficient in the formation technique, but after getting to know Darryl, he has also learned some simple formation techniques.

This Five Elements Trapped Formation was learned while playing chess with Darryl in Shennong’s secluded place.

“It’s done!”

Soon, after deploying the formation, Zhu Bajie clapped his hands, smiled and walked straight to the cave, shouting at the wind spirit wolves guarding the entrance of the cave, “What are you doing here? Get out!”


Hearing the sound, several wind spirit wolves instantly locked Zhu Bajie, and then rushed over quickly.

Faced with this situation, Zhu Bajie took it easy, urging his figure to meet him.

bang bang bang….

In just a few breaths, Zhu Bajie easily knocked down these wind spirit wolves. Of course, he didn’t kill them, just knocked them out.

The purpose of Zhu Bajie doing this is to attract all the nearby Fengling wolves.

Because the wind spirit wolves are very disciplined, and the level is strict, just kill a few wind spirit wolves, the wolf king will not show up, only if all the wind spirit wolves here are caught, the wolf king will appear. .


Sure enough, as soon as a few wind spirit wolves were knocked down, I heard wolf howls coming from all around. In the next second, one wind spirit wolf rushed over, and there were more than 50 of them.

Oops, that’s a lot.

Seeing this situation, Zhu Bajie didn’t panic at all, instead he smiled and shouted: “Just rely on you rascals, you want to hurt my old Zhu? Dream.”

Yelling, Zhu Bajie turned around and rushed towards the five elements trapped in the woods behind.

Whoosh whoosh!

Dozens of wind spirit wolves, without the slightest hesitation, let out a howl and quickly chased after Zhu Bajie. In their hearts, this human being broke into their habitat and hurt their companions. He was torn to pieces to relieve his anger.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of wind spirit wolves chased Zhu Bajie and entered the trapped formation of the Five Elements.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment, Zhu Bajie was very proud, quickly activated the formation, trapped these wind spirit wolves inside, and said with a smile: “Beasts are beasts, you know you are reckless, although your IQ is not low, but when you meet me Lao Zhu , only to be trapped.”

“Ow, ooh…”

In the face of the salary adjustment, dozens of wind spirit wolves roared and tried to rush out, but in their eyes, they were blocked by trees in all directions, and they rushed out at all.

“Hey, you guys just stay inside.”

At this time, Zhu Bajie spoke slowly, turned around and left the woods, and then secretly turned back in the places where the wind spirit wolves could not see, jumped onto a big tree, and closely observed the situation in the cave.

Yes, these wind spirit wolves are not low in IQ. If Zhu Bajie didn’t pretend to leave, the wolf king in the cave would not show up easily.

“Ow, ooh…”

Sure enough, seeing Zhu Bajie turn around and leave, dozens of Feng Ling wolves trapped, thinking that he was really gone, sent out distress signals to the cave.


After a while, a howl that shocked the soul came from the cave, and then, a huge figure rushed out of the cave like a white lightning.

It is the wolf king.

I saw that the wolf king’s body was more than three times bigger than the ordinary wind spirit wolf, the snow-white hair was like silk, the whole body was filled with a powerful breath, and the eyes flashed with blood red light, shocking the soul.

Chapter 4291

Haha… The wolf king finally showed up.

At this moment, Zhu Bajie was indescribably excited, especially when he felt the strength of the Wolf King, he was even more excited.

He clearly felt that the strength of the wolf king in front of him had reached the stage of the Empress Wu.

It really is the strength of Emperor Wu, and when he gets his beast soul, he can leave this ghost place and go back to save Gonggong and the children.

Excited in his heart, Zhu Bajie did not rush to take action, but hid in the tree and quietly observed the wolf king. You must know that the wind spirit wolf is very spiritual, especially this wolf king in the martial emperor realm, his IQ is even higher. is not low.

If you want to get the wolf king’s beast soul, you must be careful.


Zhu Bajie’s caution was not superfluous. After seeing the wolf king rushing out of the cave, he did not rush into the woods to save his companions. Instead, he let out a low roar and looked around vigilantly.

Obviously, it is demonstrating against the enemy.

However, while Zhu Bajie was hiding in the tree, he also restrained his breath, so the wolf king could not perceive it at all.

“Ow, ooh…”

At this time, the wolves trapped in the woods howled at the wolf king one by one, telling the wolf king that the enemy had left.

Hearing the message from his companions, the wolf king relaxed his vigilance, slowly entered the woods, and came to the Five Elements Trapped Array.


Although the wolf king’s IQ is not low, he can’t see the mystery of the formation. He just thought that his companions were blocked by some trees, and immediately howled to signal them to come out.

In an instant, dozens of wind spirit wolves tried to rush out of the woods again, but what made them powerless was that no matter how hard they dashed, they could never get out.

The wolf king also seemed a little stunned, howling in his mouth, and commanding the wolves to try a few more times.

The result can be imagined, dozens of wind spirit wolves are always trapped inside.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Zhu Bajie couldn’t help but secretly laugh.

Although this wolf king is smart, he has overestimated his own abilities. The five elements that I deployed are trapped, but the essence of human wisdom, how can you, a beast, comprehend it?

Thinking to himself, Zhu Bajie didn’t hesitate, and immediately shouted: “Don’t waste your energy, just keep your hands and catch it.”

“Five Dynasties Rivers, Mountains, Wind and Moon”


The voice fell, and Zhu Bajie’s inner strength exploded, swooping down from the tree, and heading straight for the wolf king.

Seeing Zhu Bajie appear suddenly, the wolf king was startled, but he quickly adjusted his fighting stance, his eyes were blood red, and he let out a roar.


Zhu Bajie looked surprised: “You dare to fight, your courage is commendable.” He shouted, raised his hand and slapped it directly on the wolf king’s head.

Of course, because the beast soul can only be obtained by catching it alive, this palm of Zhu Bajie did not burst out with all its strength, but even so, the air around him was violently distorted, and the power was amazing.


Feeling the power of Zhu Bajie’s palm, the wolf king let out a howl. He didn’t choose to hit it hard, but with the help of the trees next to him, his huge body moved one by one and dexterously avoided it.


After avoiding this palm, the wolf king stretched out his claws like lightning and grabbed towards Zhu Bajie’s neck, very fierce and fast.

You must know that this wind spirit wolf has lived in the wild and strange realm for more than a hundred years. Because of the competition for territory, he has fought fiercely with other beasts, and has experienced many life-and-death struggles, so he has very rich combat experience.


With a slap in the air, Zhu Bajie put away his smile, frowned, and stared at the wolf king in approval: “You can actually avoid my slap, yes, it seems that my old Zhu is underestimating you, come again.”

The voice fell, and Zhu Bajie urged his inner strength to charge up again.

“Ow…” The wolf king howled unwillingly, and his huge body came to meet him.

bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought fiercely for several rounds in the woods. At first, Zhu Bajie was full of confidence but soon realized that he underestimated the strength of this wolf king.

Several times Zhu Bajie’s full blow was avoided by the wolf king.

Because the beast soul can only be obtained while the wolf king is alive, Zhu Bajie has some concerns in his heart and does not dare to kill the killer. In order to survive, the wolf king naturally burst out with all his strength.

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