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Chapter 4292

Under such circumstances, ten minutes passed in the blink of an eye, Zhu Bajie not only failed to subdue the wolf king, but was scratched in several places by its sharp claws, dripping with blood.


The pain from the wound came, and Zhu Bajie burst into flames instantly, scolding: “Well, you are a wicked animal, tigers don’t show their power, you treat me as a sick cat.”

When the words fell, Zhu Bajie raised his hand and waved, summoning the nine-toothed nail rake.

This weapon, Zhu Bajie, was rarely used, but he was scratched several times by a wolf king today, and he had no face left, so he couldn’t care less about it at this time.


Smelling the blood on Zhu Bajie’s body, the wolf king was also aroused by his fierceness. At that time, he howled, opened his bloody mouth, and spewed out a green flame.

Holy crap….is this a spirit flame?

Seeing the green flame, Zhu Bajie was startled.

He has survived for thousands of years and is well-informed. He knows that with the deepening of the cultivation strength of some spiritual beasts, a unique flame will form in the body. This flame is different from the strange fire, but is related to the spiritual energy of heaven and earth absorbed by the spiritual beast. So it is called the spirit flame.

However, the chances of ordinary spirit beasts being able to form spirit flames are very small, because this kind of flame is very powerful. Once it is contaminated, there will be no bones left. Therefore, ordinary spirit beasts can hardly withstand the power of spirit flames.

I just didn’t expect that the wolf king in front of him could not only withstand the power of Lingyan, but also flexibly use it in battles.

If it were allowed to live for another hundred years, the strength would be even more terrifying.

Thinking to himself, Zhu Bajie clenched the nails tightly, avoided the spirit flame, and fought fiercely with the wolf king again.

This spirit flame is extremely terrifying to other practitioners, but Zhu Bajie’s strength has reached the peak of the realm, so he is not panic at all.

bang bang…

After a few more rounds of fierce fighting, Zhu Bajie finally found an opportunity, and the nine-toothed nail rake waved a cold light and slammed it towards the wolf king’s head.

This move was quick and ruthless, and the wolf king could not avoid it.

Shit, that doesn’t work.

Seeing that Ding Rake was about to smash the top of the wolf king’s head, at this moment, Zhu Bajie thought of something and stopped quickly.

If the wolf king was killed like this, the beast soul would be gone, wouldn’t he be busy working in vain?

It’s just… This wolf king is too difficult to deal with, and it’s not easy to find a chance to catch him alive if he continues to fight.

Thinking of this, Zhu Bajie suddenly got into trouble.

Killing and not being able to kill, catching alive is very difficult, really worrying.

Got it!

Suddenly, Zhu Bajie had a flash of inspiration and suddenly had an idea.

Although this wolf king is powerful, he is still a beast.

Thinking of this, Zhu Bajie put away the rake and shouted at the wolf king: “Beast, my old Zhu won’t play with you.” After the voice fell, Zhu Bajie showed his figure and rushed towards the depths of the woods.

“First Evolution”


The wolf king’s ferocity was aroused, how could he escape, he immediately howled and quickly chased after him.

Soon, in the depths of the woods, Zhu Bajie hid behind a big tree and recited something in his mouth: “The universe is transformed into extremes, the Tao is boundless, one life is two, two begets three, and three beget all things….Clone art!”


The last word fell, a strange force surged around Zhu Bajie, and then a figure condensed.

Looking closely, this figure is exactly the same as Zhu Bajie, condensed as if it were real, as if it were real.

Yes, Zhu Bajie performed one of his unique skills, the Clone Technique. However, this kind of avatar technique, the condensed avatar, has no combat power at all, and can only confuse the enemy, so Zhu Bajie rarely displays it on the enemy.

After all, those who can become Zhu Bajie’s enemies are not mediocre. It’s easy to tell the difference, but the clone technique is not enough to deal with powerful enemies. It’s more than enough to deal with this wolf king.

Zhu Bajie thought about it, and used this clone to consume the strength of the wolf king.

Wait until the strength of the wolf king is almost exhausted, and then capture it in one fell swoop.


At this time, seeing the avatar condensed, Zhu Bajie showed a smile, without hesitation at that time, jumped up and hid in the tree again.

That is to say, the wolf king chased after him, his eyes locked on the clone at once.

Chapter 4293

“Haha, keep playing with my clone.” Zhu Bajie chuckled, and then issued an order to let the clone continue to run away in the woods.


Although the wolf king is not weak in intelligence, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false, thinking that the clone is Zhu Bajie himself, howling at that time and quickly catching up.

For a time, the wolf king and the clone staged a chase battle in the woods.

Zhu Bajie hid in the tree, watching the situation closely, very leisurely.

In the blink of an eye, half an hour passed. The wolf king chased after the clone, wasting a lot of physical strength and energy, and the speed slowed down significantly.

it’s time!

Seeing this, Zhu Bajie stretched his muscles and bones, jumped down from the tree, and shouted, “Beast, the game is over.”


When the last word fell, Zhu Bajie’s inner strength exploded, reaching out and grabbing towards the wolf king’s neck like lightning.


However, at this time, there was a sound of footsteps in the woods not far away, and then, a group of people appeared in the field of vision.

I saw that these people were dressed in peculiar clothes, carrying bags one by one, and also had a lot of strange tools hanging from their waists.

It was Xu Guangyi and others from the Rat Society.

A few hours ago, Xu Guangyi passed through the place where Nalan Xinran and the Wudang faction fought fiercely, and after looting the dead bodies, he rushed to the Wild and Strange Realm non-stop, and then found it all the way according to the mark of the treasure map.


At this moment, when Xu Guangyi and others saw the wolf king, they were all shocked and exclaimed.

“I’m going… Hall Master, what a big wind spirit wolf!”

“Such a big one, wolf king.”

“It’s still in the realm of Martial Emperor. This wolf skin and inner alchemy can be sold for a lot of money on the black market.”

The exclamations of the crowd came, and Xu Guangyi was excited and excited. Before he could think about it, he pulled out a bone-penetrating nail from his body and hit the wolf king’s head.

The bone-penetrating nail is the exclusive hidden weapon of the Rat Club. The shape is the same as the nail, but it is much larger than the ordinary nail, and there are some undercuts at the tip. It is a very sinister hidden weapon.

The wolf king was exhausted by Zhu Bajie’s clone, and he was so exhausted that he couldn’t dodge at all.


Seeing this group of uninvited guests attacking the wolf king, Zhu Bajie’s expression changed. At that time, he secretly cursed and wanted to stop it, but it was too late.


In the next second, the bone-penetrating nails shot up, hitting the wolf king’s skull, and the wolf king’s huge body suddenly trembled, let out a groan, and then fell to the ground with a bang, dying out of breath.

Seeing the wolf king dying, Zhu Bajie froze there, his eyes flickering, his face turned green with anger at that time.

Damn Nima, I worked so hard for a few hours that I almost captured this wolf king alive, but until now, he was killed by these bastards.

For a few days, I finally found a Martial Emperor realm.

As a result… all efforts were in vain.

Depressed, Zhu Bajie looked extremely ugly, and looked at Xu Guangyi and the others coldly.


When the Wolf King was killed, Xu Guangyi’s subordinates were all amazed, and they couldn’t help but pat their horses.

“The hall master is amazing, one hit kills you!”

“That’s it, or it’s the hall master, haha…”

“If only I had half the strength of the Hall Master.”

The voices of praise from his subordinates kept coming, and Xu Guangyi took advantage of it very much, with a smile on his face, and then slowly walked over.

The men quickly followed.


When he got to the front, Xu Guangyi looked at the wolf king’s body and nodded with satisfaction: “The angle of the shot just now was good, and the wolf’s skin was not injured. Such a big wolf king is rare, and the fur is so beautiful, it should be able to buy it. less money.”

As he said that, Xu Guangyi waved his hand and ordered to his subordinates: “Quick, take out the wolf’s skin and take out the inner elixir as well.” As he spoke, Xu Guangyi looked at Zhu Bajie with a look of disdain.

In his eyes, Zhu Bajie is a cultivator who came to explore the wild and strange realm. Although his strength is not weak, he is not empty at all. After all, he has so many subordinates.


Hearing the order, several subordinates responded, and they were ready to pick up the wolf’s skin and take the inner alchemy.

However, at this moment, Zhu Bajie stepped forward and said coldly, “Hold on.”

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