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Chapter 4320


Just when Darryl was looking at him, he saw Fei Xue Jade hand, pulled out a dagger, placed it in Darryl’s heart, and coldly spit out a few words: “No need to pretend, I know you are awake. “

She grew up in Li Tiandao since she was a child, and her senses are very keen. When she came in just now, she could see that Darryl was pretending to be dizzy.


Seeing through Feixue, Darryl was very embarrassed. He sat up and scratched his head: “Beauty, we don’t seem to know each other, and we don’t have any deep hatred, so there’s no need for this.”

With that said, Darryl avoided the sharp dagger and slowly stepped back.

At the same time, seeing Feixue’s s3xy curves up close is even more admirable.

This body is absolutely amazing.

Darryl’s eyes made Feixue very unhappy, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense at the time, and said coldly: “I ask you, there was a man who brought a child before, and was welcomed into the gate by Wang Huacheng, the guard here, that Is that the man you are?”


Faced with the question, Darryl did not answer immediately, but looked at Feixue and became suspicious.

This woman broke into Xuangu Pass at night and asked about the whereabouts of the child. Could it be that he was sent by the rebel army?

Thinking to himself, Darryl asked back, “Who are you?”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Seeing that Darryl dared to ask himself, Feixue’s delicate face showed a trace of impatience: “If I ask you, you can answer it, and if you talk more, I will kill you.”

The moment the voice fell, Fei Xue’s jade arm stretched out, and the dagger touched Darryl’s heart again.

At the same time, Fei Xue secretly sensed Darryl’s strength, and was immediately stunned. Strangely, this person also seemed to be a martial artist, how could he not perceive his strength at all?


Darryl took a deep breath and said with a smile: “Yes, it’s me.” Seriously, with Darryl’s strength, it’s not difficult to avoid Feixue’s dagger, but I’m a little curious about her identity, so I plan to deal with it. .

Seeing her confession, Feixue nodded silently: “It’s good to admit it, you are not too timid, and dare to pretend to be our Litian Dao. Tell me, who are you? What is the purpose of pretending to be our Litian Dao?”

The last sentence, with a sharp tone, is beyond doubt.

I see.

Hearing this, Darryl suddenly realized, and said with a smile: “So you are from the Heavenly Dao, I thought it was sent by the rebels, speaking of it, it is not that I want to pretend to be intentional, but that little guy who also There is someone called Qu or something, who thinks I’m out of the way of heaven.”

“I’m just a passerby. When the old man surnamed Qu was seriously injured, he entrusted the child to me.”

Saying that, Darryl looked at Feixue with a reckless attitude: “You are leaving the Heavenly Dao to protect the little guy, he is resting next door, take him to see King Shaoyang, I have others It’s just a matter of time to get out of here.”

At this time, Darryl was relaxed.

Although I still don’t know who Li Tiandao is, judging from the attitudes of Qu Fengyi and Ying Kuang before, they should not be bad people, and I can rest assured that I will hand Ying Kuang to them.


Darryl’s name made Feixue unable to help frown secretly.

This person is really open-mouthed, even calling the young emperor a little guy. Could it be that he still doesn’t know the true identity of the young emperor?

Thinking to himself, Feixue asked, “Who is the little guy you said?”


With a helpless expression on his face, Darryl said with a wry smile: “Isn’t this a knowing question, you came here because you ran for him, and you have to ask who that little guy is, isn’t he the younger brother of King Shaoyang, a little prince? “

little prince?

Hearing this, Feixue frowned again, and immediately understood something, Ying Kuang and Qu Fengyi concealed their identities from Darryl.

Thinking of this, Feixue secretly applauded, it is said that the young emperor is very assertive, and now it seems that what he said is true.

Immediately, Feixue thought of something, and looked at Darryl closely: “You haven’t said, who are you?” This person’s origin is unknown, and he is dressed in fancy clothes, so he must ask clearly.

I go…

Seeing Feixue’s persistent face, Darryl was speechless: “I didn’t say it just now, I’m just a passerby, and it has nothing to do with everything that happened here.”

Chapter 4321

However, Feixue didn’t believe it at all, and was completely impatient at this time, her red lips parted lightly, and she spit out a few words coldly: “Don’t say yes, okay, I don’t have time to waste with you.”

“According to our Litian Dao rules, pretending to be a Litian Dao person will only end in death.”


When the words fell, Feixue held the dagger tightly and drew a cold light, stabbing it straight at Darryl’s heart.

Feixue seems to be delicate, but his character is very tough and he acts decisively. The man in front of him is not serious in his speech, with a hippie smile, and he pretends to be someone who is out of the way.

More importantly, this person refuses to reveal his identity, and must be removed in order to avoid leaving hidden dangers.

What the hell!

Faced with this situation, Darryl was taken aback. He quickly backed away and shot at the same time, quickly knocking out the dagger in Feixue’s hand with lightning speed.

Darryl shot quickly, Feixue didn’t have time to react. At that time, his arm was numb, and the dagger flew out and fell to the ground.

Not only that, Feixue’s delicate body trembled, and her entire body was also unstable, almost falling to the ground.

“Be careful!”

At this moment, Darryl’s eyes were quick and he couldn’t help shouting, and then he stretched out his hand to support Feixue’s thin waist.


In an instant, the two were close to each other, and Darryl smelled a heart-wrenching aroma. At that time, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath and sighed: “It’s really fragrant!”

And it feels top-notch.


Being held in Darryl’s arms, and hearing his admiration again, Feixue’s delicate face suddenly flushed red, and she was ashamed and angry at the time: “Satyr, you…you let go.”

While yelling, Feixue struggled.

You must know that Feixue is a powerful subordinate of Gu Qianqiu. His strength is the same as that of Hong Shao. He is a master of the ninth rank, and his character is arrogant and cold. Which man in the rivers and lakes dares to be so presumptuous to her? At this time, he was held in his arms by this man…

Feeling Feixue’s shame and anger, Darryl reacted and quickly let go of his hand and explained, “You’re wrong, I thought you were about to fall, so I kindly helped you, why did you become a pervert?”

He didn’t say it, but Feixue became even more embarrassed and indignant. At that time, he shouted, “Shut up, I have to kill you today.”

When the words fell, Feixue quickly picked up the dagger and charged towards Darryl again.


In the face of this situation, Darryl couldn’t help laughing and laughing, and immediately sighed: “I just hugged, why bother?” After saying that, he cast his figure and met Feixue.

bang bang bang…

The figures of the two sides were in the room, constantly shuttled back and forth. At first, Feixue relied on the sharp dagger and was a little confident, but after a few rounds, it felt that something was wrong.

This man is very strong.

Feixue became more and more frightened as he fought. Although he had the strength of a ninth-rank, he could not gain the slightest advantage against Darryl.

What shocked her, even more, was that the opponent’s moves had never been seen before.

At this time, Feixue didn’t know that Darryl didn’t belong here at all. Moreover, he possessed Yuanshen, and he was also a teacher of the Heavenly Emperor, and his background was not comparable to Feixue.


Just when Feixue was stunned, Darryl’s figure flashed, and he raised his hand and called.

This palm was as fast as lightning, and Feixue didn’t have time to dodge, so he bit his lip and met with a palm.


In the next second, the palms of the two sides collided, and a dull vibration was heard, and Feixue snorted softly, her delicate body trembled and retreated again and again, and her delicate face was also full of incredible.

powerful! It’s so powerful, it’s simply unfathomable.

When did such a number one person appear in Jianghu, Li Tiandao is also well-informed, but there is no news about this person.

Darryl didn’t take advantage of the situation to pursue him. Standing there, he said with a smile: “Don’t fight. You can’t beat me, don’t be persistent.”


Hearing this, Feixue was very embarrassed, but opened her mouth, but could not refute.

Because what Darryl said was right, Feixue was no match for fighting alone. It’s just that the bad breath in my heart can’t be swallowed.

Feeling ashamed, Feixue wanted to take action.


However, at this time, Feixue’s delicate body trembled and suddenly stopped. She clearly felt that her whole body was so tender that she couldn’t exert any strength.

What’s the matter, I was fine just now, why is my body suddenly weak?

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