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Chapter 2369

finally found the answer.

He just came out of the villa.

After spending a whole day and night.

He finally found the answer! ! !

Maya Industries’ data analysis is right!

Thousands of stunts and stunts are actually the same and come from the same source.

Just ever-changing and evolving into different ways.

There are eastern ancient martial arts forms, and western superpower forms…

but it is actually a kind of thing! ! !

Peeling the cocoon and spinning, you can discover the essence!

The result is all the same in essence!

There is also Levi who studies every practice to the extreme…

Sure enough, it will be backlashed…

The end of all exercises is backlash!

After all, it is a quick way, there is no certain foundation.

When you practice to the extreme, without a foundation to support it, you will naturally be killed by backlash.

It is estimated that these exercises are just experiments. People only need to collect data, and they will not care whether you die or not…

But the people who created these thousands of exercises are also powerful people…

Obviously a quick success The method has evolved into thousands of exercises.

got here.

Levi is more and more convinced that all this is the plan of the Gods Lab!

Therefore, these exercises are definitely not to be practiced!

He naturally cannot control all the people in the world.

But he can control a third of the Bible Organization’s control…

And their own brothers and apprentices.

It is also controllable!

After proving everything, Levi hurried out.

Just saw so many people there.

Levi was surprised.

Immediately he smiled.

“Okay, it’s better for everyone to gather together! So I don’t have to go looking for them one by one!”


Hearing Levi’s words.

Everyone was stunned.

I don’t know what Levi is going to do?

“Why did you go out? Is there any problem? Do you still need help?”

Sarah asked in surprise.

It stands to reason that if Levi retreats, it will take at least ten days and a half.

Why did it come out all day and night.

“Kunlun, I heard that you have already started to practice! Do you need my help? I can give you all of my exercises!”

Asura God of War said.

“And ours, too!”

Seven Kills, Pojer and the others also began to express their opinions. Wesley saw Levi’s strangeness

and asked curiously, “What’s wrong with you, boss? I see something wrong with your face! Shouldn’t something have happened?”

“Ah? Something happened?”

There’s something wrong with King’s Landing.

His face was so bad.

Did something really happen?

Hundreds of pairs of eyes stared at him.

Levi nodded: “Something happened! It really happened!”

“Ah? What’s the matter?”

Everyone became more nervous.

“There is something wrong with your exercises! Everyone has a problem!”

Levi even looked at the Shura God of War and Fan Sylvia and said, “Even yours has a problem!”

That’s right!

Although Shura Ares they belong to the bible organization!

But the God of Darkness only gave one or two pointers, and what they practiced is still a product of the new era.

Including plum dyeing.

She practiced a lot of things, some taught her by the dark gods, and some exercises she got herself in the new era.

Especially after being abolished this time.

Plum dyeing practice is the quick success method of the new era.

That’s why it recovers so quickly and improves so quickly.

At most, the dark gods are up for guidance and training.

It’s not her thing at all…

Dark God is very insidious, he just wants to train Sarah into a machine.

How can you take out all your cards and teach Sarah…

“Listen to me, from now on, give up the exercises you practice! The sooner you give up, the better!”

“That’s right! Everyone has to give up! Hurry up and give up!” The

words were astonishing and died endlessly.

As soon as Levi said this, the field immediately became silent.


Everyone is stunned!

Everyone looked at him in disbelief!

Chapter 2370

Forces you to give up!


Deeply puzzled!

Especially Shura God of War and Fan Sylvia.

Even more confused!

This person suddenly said – let them give up the practice of cultivation?

Why? ? ?

It was Sarah, Wesley and the others were not so surprised!

After all, Levi said before, let them practice his basic exercises!

Abandoning all their current martial arts and combat skills, etc…

I don’t understand!

It was fine before!

After all, Levi didn’t understand this era, and his thoughts were still three years ago.

But at this moment, let them give up the current practice.


Didn’t he just wake up?

Didn’t he practice hard?

How can they suddenly run out and let them give up?

Do not understand!

Everyone looked at him suspiciously!

Levi looked at everyone and said, “Let’s put it this way, I researched all day and night, and I researched everything you gave me! I found two major problems…”


Everyone read it come over.

“The first one – don’t look at your various martial arts and combat skills! In fact, it is essentially one kind of thing! It is a quick method! Not surprisingly, yours are the same as theirs… “

Levi looked at Shura God of War, Fan Sylvia and others.

It means that theirs are the same as everyone else’s.

“What? Master, do you mean that all of us here are practicing a kind of exercise?”

Xiao Feng’s eyes were about to fly out.

“Ah? Is this possible?”

Zhou Ke and others also widened their eyes.

Levi nodded: “Yeah! That’s right! It’s a quick way! It’s just evolved into thousands of exercises by experts! There are all kinds of exercises, and you can adapt to all kinds of exercises! All of you are practicing the same thing! “


“It’s ridiculous! Kunlun, how can we practice the same thing? It’s not like we haven’t played against each other!”

Shura God of War refused.

Alton also immediately said: “Yes, I played against Shura God of War! We two have completely different skills!”

“Yes, we have played against each other! I haven’t found out who has the same skills as who. “

And the place where we got the exercises is different! It seems that the unicorn was found in the Xishu area of ​​Daxia! I am the deep sea in the west! He is in the Arctic area…”

Everyone Start a debate.

Their sources, attributes, etc. are all different.

Levi insisted on saying the same thing…

Everyone was a little angry.

Sarah glared at Levi angrily.

What the hell happened to him?

“Come on! Tell me your reasons! Why do you think it’s the same?”

Shura God of War asked Levi.

“This…hey…it’s hard for me to explain to you with your strength…”

Levi wanted to explain it well.

But these people are too weak!

Can’t explain it at all!

If they could understand it themselves, wouldn’t they have discovered the problem earlier?

Why wait until now? ? ?

Levi sneered helplessly: “You are too weak! I can’t explain it to you at all! You can’t see the essence!”

Or have the technology of Maya Industry to analyze the data.

But this is also difficult.

Unable to do it for a while.

“Okay, we are too weak to explain, right?”

Shura God of War sneered.

“Then didn’t you ask two questions? Come on! The second one!”

Asura God of War asked.

“All of you will die if you reach the end of your practice! Once you reach a certain height, you will encounter backlash! You must all die!”

“So, from now on, you must give up your practice! It’s not persuasion! It’s coercion! Coercion You give up!”

Levi solemnly urged.


Everyone was dumbfounded!

But how could they believe Levi’s words?

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